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Here are the 5 Steps to Optimize Your Magento Application for Better Performance

Following are the top 5 optimization that can help you to achieve the best Magento application performance:

Use Varnish
Magento 2 comes with a built-in Varnish solution that offers a perfect performance with ultimate best results.

In the previous versions of Magento 1, users had to install modules like “Phoenix” or “Turpentine” to integrate Varnish with the Magento platform. With Magento 2, Varnish integration is provided by default that concludes best Magento 2 page load speed optimization and performance.

Update the Magento Version
Magento regularly releases new version updates, focusing mostly on the platform’s security bugs and Magento optimization. There, the most basic and essential tip for improving Magento 2 speed optimization is to update your Magento store to the latest version.

If you are still using Magento 1, Its strongly recommends you to migrate from Magento 1 to Magento 2 to experience a better, more reliable, secure, and faster ecommerce solution.

That’s for sure you will witness better optimization performance after migrating Magento 2.

Speed up Magento 2 via Memcached or Redis
Both are the crucial memory caches that speed up Magento 2 large-scale web applications with dynamic databases along with complex design patterns. They reduce the load of database requests on servers and deliver cached data if an external data request allows it.

Options for either Redis or Memcached integrate a high-speed backend cache with full cache tag support, and no need for additional low-level file system cache. As a result, particularly on high traffic Magento stores, the performance is excellent and stable.
Here is the Magento Memcached configuration guide and Magento Redis installation tutorial on Cloudways.

A Little Help From CSS/JS Minification
Merging and minifying CSS and JavaScript files can make the Magento web page very light and have a dramatic impact on the load speed. Instead of sending 50 to 100 requests, the browser only needs to send just two. On top of that, minification benefits the process with a smaller size of individual files.

Speed up Search Results With ElasticSearch
Elasticsearch provides full-text searching at a very high speed. It offers the fast web content search capability because of the indexing service running on the server instead of searching the entire database for the match.

Elasticsearch is valuable in keeping your Magento store search precise and faster. This enhances the user experience and makes sure that customers can make good use of their time in your Magento store.