Nov 27 08:26

Turn off the TV

Nov 27 07:36

Russia-Ukraine border: Why Moscow is stoking tensions

When Russia wanted the US to sit up and take notice last April it sent tanks towards the Ukrainian border. The show of force worked: President Joe Biden called Russia's Vladimir Putin and in June the two men met in Geneva.

But whatever they agreed about Ukraine at their summit, something has since gone awry.

In recent weeks, Russian tanks have been moving west towards Ukraine once again, prompting fresh, even starker warnings from US intelligence circles that a cross-border offensive could be on the cards.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Right. NATO forces are clustered at the Russian border, US and UK ships plow the Black Sea, Nuclear-capable bombers fly along the borders, and Russia is stoking the tensions?

Nov 26 13:20

Yes, the media is a domestic enemy…

The media created this monster, concealed the facts when the narrative would not support their puppet, and the very same ones will now revert to committing acts of terror on the American populace recognizing that street protests are so 2020. Its a mostly peaceful running over and gunning down. There’s a great reset, as we’re consistently reminded, and the same Power Elite wants us to own nothing, somehow liking it. Except for those who don’t, those who stand the most to lose, the very same lumpenproletariat that Marx defined as needing elimination before Revolution could begin the next phase of human development. Never mind that such a feat has consistently led to the greatest atrocities in history. It is the resistance to progress which must be crushed, clinging ever so bitterly to our God, Guns and Religion. This monster is the vanguard by which they seek to take complete control. -- Make no mistake, Americans. The mass media is your enemy.

Nov 26 13:08

Everything the media told you about Kyle Rittenhouse was wrong

Most of this information was publicly available long before the trial, overlooked or ignored in favor of red herrings about race and the misdeeds of the former president. If Rittenhouse sues for defamation, it won’t come as a shock.

Nov 26 11:14

Independent Journalists Debunk Wicked Mainstream Media Lie that BLM Supporter Darrell Brooks’s Parade Attack was Accidental

A sixth victim died on Tuesday following the horrific attack by an anti-Trump Black Lives Matter supporter at the annual Waukesha Christmas Parade.

Witnesses said on Tuesday that as the vehicle barrelled through the parade it picked up speed.

** 18 Children were injured and sent to hospitals in the demonic attack.
** 62 individuals were injured in total
** 6 have died including a child on Tuesday

8-year-old Jackson Sparks died in the hospital on Tuesday after the BLM driver’s assault on the Waukesha Parade.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Nov 26 11:00

The case of Kyle Rittenhouse proves that the MEDIA is the ENEMY of the people!

Nov 26 10:45

South Africa Claims Found New COVID Variant, Mainstream Media Already Calls New Strain ‘Worst Ever’ Despite Lack Of Data

An alleged new variant of COVID-19 is found in South Africa amid media claims of rising cases ahead of the Christmas holiday season. In a statement Thursday, the South African Health Ministry said the new variant was first found in Hong Kong and Botswana among airline passengers from the rainbow nation.

Scientists have said the new variant has a “constellation of new mutations,” but it’s unclear how infectious it is. This comes after the Delta variant went into “self-extinction” in Japan due to multiple mutations.

“Everyone that gets infected with the same viruses that transmitting and have the numbers to transmit to the population…and that it is at the moment what we should be focusing at,” stated Professor Tulio De Oliveira, Director of South African Centre for Epidemic Response and Innovation. “Not really on the origin of the variants, we will never know if the origins originate in South Africa, neighboring country or someone that arrived by plane.”

Nov 26 08:26

Censorship exists to prevent intellectuals from challenging existing institutions

Censorship is a hydra that rears a beastly new head in every era. For “corrupting the minds of the youth of Athens,” Socrates, Western philosophy’s founding moral philosopher, was sentenced to death.

The unthinkable crime of translating the Bible into English was punishable by excommunication in Medieval Europe – John Wycliffe escaped by the skin of his teeth.

Victor Hugo, whose epic Les Misérables has become a universal symbol of freedom, couldn’t even live in his beloved France for fear of what Napoleon III, whom he hated and denounced publicly, might do to him, writes Alex Horsman at LibertasBella.

Writing Elmer Gantry earned Sinclair Lewis an invitation to his own lynching in Virginia; Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini put out a hit on Salman Rushdie for penning The Satanic Verses; in 2017 hundreds turned out to preempt Ben Shapiro’s speaking engagement at the University of California.

Nov 26 08:16


On the eve of Thanksgiving, media outlets urged Americans to perform COVID tests and check the vaccination status of Thanksgiving dinner guests before allowing them into their homes.

Yes, really.

During a segment on CBS Mornings, psychologist Lisa Damour was asked how nervous Thanksgiving hosts should bring up the subject of vaccination status when welcoming friends and family.

“It might be a difficult conversation before people step into your house to say, ‘whoa, wait a minute, where’s your card, what’s your status?’ before you walk into my home,” the host of the show said.

“This is tough because people are all over the map on this,” responded Damour. “They’re also all over the map with their risk tolerance. But the rapid tests have made this a lot easier. Whatever people’s vaccination status is, we can actually confirm safety on the spot.”

Nov 26 07:46

This Thanksgiving, Joy-Ann Reid Has Much to be Thankful for

Why such a sourpuss, Joy-Ann? On the whole, life and MSNBC are treating you pretty well. And yet, over the last 10 years, you have complained pretty much nonstop about how badly you, and “people who look like [you],” are treated in America.

I will take on faith, Joy-Ann, that your life up to age 16 — spent in the racist hellscape that was 1980s Denver, Colorado — was practically a maelstrom of cross burnings, Night Riders and segregated water fountains.

Let’s focus on the recent past.


You were admitted to Harvard with SAT scores that would have gotten an Asian kid disowned by his parents.

You manage to keep your show at MSNBC with ratings that would get a white person canceled.

People try harder to laugh at your excruciating jokes than they would for a male of any race.

Plus, I have it on good authority that no one at MSNBC has pestered you about touching your hair.

Nov 26 07:44

Here’s a List of Leftist Liars Whose Hands Are Stained with Waukesha’s Blood

It turns out that propaganda has consequences. Who could’ve imagined?

Those consequences manifested themselves in the form of Darrell Brooks, a career felon and Black Lives Matter radical who allegedly mowed down nearly 50 people at a Christmas parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin on Sunday night. He’s been charged with five counts of homicide. At the time of this writing, 10 children remain in intensive care at Wisconsin Children’s Hospital.

A cursory search of his social media profiles shows that he was propagandized by the left-wing media. One of his most recent posts? A link to an NBC news article about Kyle Rittenhouse’s acquittal. He said he wasn’t “surprised [one] bit” about the verdict, presumably because news outlets like NBC have been force-feeding their far-Left audiences utter nonsense about “white supremacy” in America for years, and they turned up the dial after Rittenhouse walked on Friday.

It’s time to name and shame the worst offenders.

Nov 26 07:22

Updated: the Demonization of Thanksgiving


MSNBC Reminds Americans that Thanksgiving is the Day We Should Hate Ourselves for our Sins Against People of Color

As I told you, Thanksgiving has been turned into a disreputable White Supremacy event. A few dumbshits doubted me, so here is MSNBC letting you know how right I was.
This demonization of Americans on “mainstream TV” on Thanksgiving day is clear proof that Americans have lost their country.

Nov 25 21:28

Washington Post Deletes Tweet Stating 'Waukesha Tragedy' Was 'Caused By A SUV'

The Washington Post on Thanksgiving deleted their disgraceful tweet stating the "Waukesha tragedy" was "caused by a SUV."

Nov 25 10:12

Zuckerberg Faces MASSIVE Lawsuit In Georgia

A voting integrity group headed by former GOP Senator Kelly Loeffler is demanding transparency regarding $5.6 million donated by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to the Georgia Secretary of State’s Office last year, which was spent on the 2020 presidential election.

Zuckerberg and wife Priscilla Chan spent $45 million in Georgia throughout the 2020 election cycle, which included the January 2021 Senate runoff. A watchdog group reported in June that it noticeably boosted Democrat turnout in the Peach State.

Nov 25 10:12

Watch: The Carlson Interview That Creamed Fake News Ratings

Tucker Carlson's interview Monday night with Kyle Rittenhouse on Fox News surpassed competing shows on CNN and MSNBC by a large margin.

The interview with the freshly acquitted Rittenhouse brought an audience of more than 5 million viewers, Mediaite reported.

Competing primetime shows Anderson Cooper 360 and All in With Chris Hayes drew 792,000 and 1.2 million viewers, respectively.

Nov 25 10:11

RFK Jr.’s book exposing Fauci is #1 bestseller on Amazon despite ‘total media blackout’

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.’s book The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health is currently the #1 bestseller on Amazon despite “a total media blackout,” the book’s publisher told Tucker Carlson Tuesday night.

“It’s the bestselling book in America, and you won’t read about it in any newspaper,” Tony Lyons of Skyhorse Publishing told the popular FOX News host. “If you try to advertise on … any of the online platforms, they send you a notice that you can’t advertise it there. It’s just really crazy that this can happen in America.”

Nov 25 09:56

'This Is Now Becoming A Pattern': Jordan Slams YouTube Covid-19 'Censorship'

Nov 25 09:55

See What Sen Ted Cruz said to Facebook Executive at Senate Hearing

Nov 25 09:46

Five Trump-Russia 'Collusion' Corrections We Need From The Media Now

Five years after the Hillary Clinton campaign-funded collection of Trump-Russia conspiracy theories known as the Steele dossier was published by BuzzFeed, news outlets that amplified its false allegations have suffered major losses of credibility.

The recent indictment of the dossier's main source, Igor Danchenko, for allegedly lying to the FBI, has catalyzed a new reckoning.

In response to what the news site Axios has called "one of the most egregious journalistic errors in modern history," the Washington Post has re-edited at least a dozen stories related to Steele. For two of those, the Post removed entire sections, changed headlines, and added lengthy editor's notes.

Nov 25 09:43

Whistleblower Nurse Says Politicians Receive Saline Instead of mRNA Jab. Crisis in Slovenia

A crisis has hit the eastern European country of Slovenia, with a whistleblower nurse telling the public that politicians and other high ranking citizens receive saline instead of the mRNA experimental medication.

In a video on Facebook, which has been deleted by YouTube, the woman claiming to be the head nurse of the University Medical Center in Ljubljana, which takes care of receiving and managing the jab bottles for politicians, resigned and gave a press conference on the scandal.

During the conference she showed codes on the bottles where each contains 1, 2 or 3 digits, and then explained the meaning of those numbers.

Note: Daily Telegraph understands from our sources in Slovenia the original video has now been removed from Facebook.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Nov 25 09:32


Nov 25 09:17

New York judge extends ban on keeping New York Times from publishing material about Project Veritas after conservative group accused feds of 'leaking' secret communications

A New York trial judge on Tuesday extended a ban keeping The New York Times from publishing or seeking certain materials concerning the conservative activist group Project Veritas.

Justice Charles Wood of the Westchester County Supreme Court said his temporary ban imposed on November 18 will now run until at least December 1, a deadline for Project Veritas to respond in writing to The New York Times' bid to end it.

The judge granted the extension at a nearly two-hour hearing in White Plains, which was part of a defamation lawsuit that Project Veritas filed against The New York Times last year.

Nov 25 08:37

Media Refers to Black Extremist's Deadly Ramming Rampage in Waukesha as a 'Parade Crash,' 'Accident'

The black extremist charged with five counts (and growing) of intentional homicide for ramming his SUV into a Christmas parade merely took part in a "crash," according to headlines from CBS, CNN, the AP and other propaganda organs.

Nov 25 08:36

Ann Coulter: This Thanksgiving, Joy-Ann Reid Has Much To Be Thankful For

Why such a sourpuss, Joy-Ann? On the whole, life and MSNBC are treating you pretty well. And yet, over the last 10 years, you have complained pretty much nonstop about how badly you, and “people who look like [you],” are treated in America.

I will take on faith, Joy-Ann, that your life up to age 16—spent in the racist hellscape that was 1980s Denver, Colorado—was practically a maelstrom of cross burnings, Night Riders and segregated water fountains.

Let’s focus on the recent past.


You were admitted to Harvard with SAT scores that would have gotten an Asian kid disowned by his parents.

You manage to keep your show at MSNBC with ratings that would get a white person canceled.

People try harder to laugh at your excruciating jokes than they would for a male of any race.

Plus, I have it on good authority that no one at MSNBC has pestered you about touching your hair.

Nov 25 06:59

Washington Post: 'Waukesha Tragedy' Was 'Caused By A SUV'

The "Waukesha tragedy" was "caused by a SUV," according to the Washington Post.

Nov 24 12:00

SUV driving mass-murderer at Waukesha parade was a Trump-hating, deranged extreme Leftist, so there is ZERO honest media coverage of the tragedy

Police are refusing to identify the “person of interest” they are holding, but somehow the AP knows about it. Sure. So they’re checking to see what he was fleeing from first, and meanwhile he’s out on a few hundred bucks bail – this horrible criminal who hasn’t learned one lesson from jail or prison, or the authorities that just set him free, temporarily. -- Stay tuned for no more news about any of this, because it just doesn’t fit the mass media narrative for gun control, Leftist violence toleration, or forced vaccination.

Nov 24 10:23

Sheffield United Star John Fleck Collapses on Pitch During Tuesday Match and Rushed to the Hospital – TV Live Feed Cut when Announcer Asks If He’s Had COVID Jab

Sheffield United star John Fleck collapsed on the pitch during Tuesday night’s match and rushed to the hospital. Play was halted for 11 minutes as Fleck was treated on the field. The soccer star was given oxygen on the field and then taken off the field in a stretcher. He spent the night in the hospital.

The live feed was cut after one of the announcers asked, “I think everyone wants to know if he’s had the COVID vaccine?”

Nov 24 10:21

Trump Lawyer Demands Pulitzer Board Retract Awards Given For ‘Russia Collusion’ Coverage

An attorney for former President Donald Trump recently wrote a letter to Pulitzer Prize Board demanding that corporate media outlets that promoted the debunked ‘Russia collusion’ narrative be stripped of awards they were given for reporting on the issue.

The letter specifically demanded that the Pulitzer board strip The Washington Post and The New York Times of the 2018 Pulitzer Prize for National Reporting.

WaPo in particular has had to issue corrections on at least 14 reports so far in their coverage of the Steele dossier.

Nov 24 07:25


The 'news' over last years have again and again demonstrated the notorious unreliability of woke 'western' media.

Andrew Sullivan @sullydish - 21:27 UTC · Nov 12, 2021
2016 election. Rittenhouse. Covington. Russian collusion. Vaccines. Bounties on US soldiers. Lab-leak theory. Jussie Smollett. The Pulse shooting. The Atlanta shootings. Hunter Biden laptop. Inflation. Steele Dossier.
The MSM got every single one wrong.

When All The Media Narratives Collapse
In case after case, the US MSM just keeps getting it wrong.

To those U.S. centric stories one must add all the false claims made about foreign countries - see Syria and Belarus for recent example. One then finds that the media do not report but, as Sullivan writes, "make the news fit the broader political fight".

Nov 24 07:22

Why the Media Hates Trials…

Nov 24 06:50

Tucker Carlson says liberal media will NOT probe the motives of Waukesha parade massacre because it will prove that woke bail and prison reforms are to blame

Tucker Carlson said the liberal media will not probe the motives behind the Waukesha parade massacre because it will prove their woke bail and prison reforms are responsible after it was revealed the suspect was recently released on a $1,000 bail after a domestic dispute.

Liberals are calling to abolishing federal prisons - which would release criminals such as sex traffickers and murderers - and quashing ‘excessive bail’ just a day after Darrell Brooks, 39, drove his red SUV into a Christmas parade, which injured 62 and killed six.

'The media and local authorities have decided to speak for [Brooks],' Carlson said on Tuesday.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

It also undermines the "white oppressors black victims" narrative the media has been pushing.

Nov 23 21:19

Media Refers to Black Extremist's Deadly Ramming Rampage in Waukesha as a 'Parade Crash'

The black extremist charged with five counts (and growing) of intentional homicide for ramming his SUV into a Christmas parade merely took part in a "crash," according to headlines from CBS, CNN, the AP and other propaganda organs.

Nov 23 14:48

73-minute video: Need to Know news for lucid analysis and commentary on current events (November 22, 2021)

Professor Emeritus Jim Fetzer, Joe Olson, and I discuss current events here on BitChute (censored on YouTube).

This is my best “shot” to explain, document, and prove the “Covid” + “vaccine” narrative are Crimes Against Humanity: a 4,700-word essay I sent to ~100 teacher colleagues.

Want to learn more about false flags and conspiracies? For ~25 years I’ve learned from Professor Fetzer’s academic work; he offers 24 free video presentations from the False Flags and Conspiracies 2020 Virtual Conference.

Context: American Revolution 2.0 2020: PATRIOTS vs. LOYALISTS

Nov 23 13:17

'Patriot Purge': Fox News Defectors Blame Tucker, But Is Something Else At Play?

Two Fox News contributors quit after Tucker Carlson's new special 'Patriot Purge' was published on the network, according to The New York Times. However Fox staffers alleged that the two contributors were not in the plans for 2022 contracts and they're using Tucker's January 6 stance to increase their value for other, less conservative networks.

Ben Smith, a former employee of Buzzfeed, now a writer for The New York Times, reported that Jonah Goldberg, a former National Review writer, and Stephen Hayes, a former Weekly Standard writer, have resigned from the network after the special broadcasted on Fox's online subscription streaming service Fox Nation. Both have regularly appeared on the network since 2009.

Nov 23 13:04

"Wait, What?" Even Reuters Tripping Out On 55-Year Delay To Release Pfizer Vax Data


Following its publication, we expected the usual constellation of conflicted neerdowell 'fact checkers' to shoot it down - or at least, spin what was going on.

To our surprise, that wasn't the case. In fact, Reuters - whose founder and former CEO sits on the board of Pfizer, looked into the matter and was apparently shocked:

Nov 23 11:01

'But CNN said ... ': Waukesha police chief dismantles narrative that rampage suspect was in a police chase that led to the ramming of parade-goers

The Waukesha, Wisconsin, police chief shot down reports and suggestions that parade terror suspect Darrell E. Brooks was fleeing from police when he rammed revelers during Sunday night's Christmas parade and said that it appears Brooks intentionally ran them down with intent to inflict carnage.

Several news outlets including CNN and the Washington Post suggested that Brooks — who has a decades-long criminal rap sheet including arrests for drugs, battery, sexual abuse, domestic abuse, and more — didn't mean to run into a parade and may have accidentally killed at least five people and injured dozens more while trying to flee from police.

Nov 23 10:07

Watch: Florida Gov Ron DeSantis Doubles Down On ‘Brandon Administration’ When Confronted By Reporter

In an interview late Monday, Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis defended recently calling President Joe Biden’s administration the “Brandon administration.”

The reference is to the slogan “Let’s Go Brandon,” a viral anti-Biden meme that has taken the nation by storm.

DeSantis made his remarks during an interview with Florida affiliate WPEC CBS12.

Gov. DeSantis: ‘A lot of your folks in the national media, they get very sensitive to it’
Reporter Jay O’Brien asked DeSantis about his recent use of the phrase “the Brandon administration” and if the governor thought it was appropriate.

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O’Brien asked, “Do you feel that that is the proper level of exchange between a governor and a president?”

Nov 23 10:04

Anti-Trump ‘Lincoln Project’ Advisor Calls Critical Race Theory ‘New N-Word For Republicans’

A senior adviser for the Lincoln Project recently said that critical race theory was now the “new n-word” for Republicans.

The advisor, Tara Setmayer, made the comments on “The View.”

‘The View’ Goes Off The Rails

“So Democrats are very bad at arguing and Republicans are very good at fueling and manufacturing outrage,” explained Setmayer, discussing the GOP’s criticism of CRT.

“The View” co-host Sunny Hostin chimed in, “So it’s the new southern strategy.”

“Absolutely!” Setmayer replied.

“So it’s all based on race,” Hostin asked.

Nov 23 09:10

Marxist Fake News: Thanksgiving Is For White Supremacists

Sen. Ted Cruz slammed MSNBC over the weekend after it issued an essay on the "real story" of Thanksgiving, which claimed the national holiday was a day of "genocide and violence."

".@msnbc corporate message: Thanksgiving sucks," the Texas Republican tweeted. "Come for the lies; stay for the anti-American hate."

Nov 23 09:06

How many times must Facebook be caught censoring the truth?

In 2019, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg stood at Georgetown University and pledged to “fight to uphold as wide a definition of freedom of expression as possible,” promising in uncertainty to “err on the side of greater expression.” He went on, “I don’t think most people want to live in a world where you can only post things that tech companies judge to be 100 percent true.”

Such declarations seem almost quaint now, if not outright lies.

In the wake of the 2020 election, COVID-19 and every remotely controversial event that has followed, Twitter, Facebook and Google — America’s premier speech platforms, which house and shape our national discourse — have taken the decidedly opposite approach, limiting the free flow of information, dialogue and any opinion that runs counter to what the Silicon Valley speech gods and their army of partisan fact-checkers have singlehandedly determined as fact.

Nov 23 08:57

The Dangerous Experiment on Teen Girls

Social media gets blamed for many of America’s ills, including the polarization of our politics and the erosion of truth itself. But proving that harms have occurred to all of society is hard. Far easier to show is the damage to a specific class of people: adolescent girls, whose rates of depression, anxiety, and self-injury surged in the early 2010s, as social-media platforms proliferated and expanded. Much more than for boys, adolescence typically heightens girls’ self-consciousness about their changing body and amplifies insecurities about where they fit in their social network. Social media—particularly Instagram, which displaces other forms of interaction among teens, puts the size of their friend group on public display, and subjects their physical appearance to the hard metrics of likes and comment counts—takes the worst parts of middle school and glossy women’s magazines and intensifies them.

Nov 23 08:35

UPDATE: It Was Intentional! Christmas Parade Killer Darrell Brooks Charged with 5 Counts of Intentional Homicide – The Media Was Wrong Again

Multiple people were killed and injured after a person driving an SUV plowed through a Christmas parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin on Sunday evening.

As The Gateway Pundit reported earlier the suspect’s name is Darrell Brooks and he was recently released on bail.

The suspect Darrell Brooks is a sex offender and has a long record.

Nov 23 08:32

American Pravda: Giants Silenced by Pygmies

Glenn Greenwald and The Intercept

During the height of the NSA disclosures a few years ago, Glenn Greenwald probably ranked as the world’s most famous journalist, and his entire career had seemed something out of a left-liberal storybook.

Nov 23 08:18

"Wait, What?" Even Reuters Tripping Out On 55-Year Delay To Release Pfizer Vax Data

Last week attorney Aaron Siri of Injecting Freedom reported that the FDA is going to take 55 years, or until 2076, to disclose all of the data and information it relied on before approving Pfizer's Covid-19 vaccine.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) headquarters in White Oak, Maryland, August 29, 2020. REUTERS/Andrew Kelly
Following its publication, we expected the usual constellation of conflicted neerdowell 'fact checkers' to shoot it down - or at least, spin what was going on.

To our surprise, that wasn't the case. In fact, Reuters - whose founder and former CEO sits on the board of Pfizer, looked into the matter and was apparently shocked:

Nov 23 08:04


MSNBC took five minutes out of its race baiting coverage of the Rittenhouse case to remind its extremist viewers (there can’t be many left) that Thanksgiving is coming up and that it is a celebration of… you guessed it, white supremacy.

Tiffany Cross, who earlier had called Kyle Rittenhouse a “murderous white supremacist,” handed over a segment of her show to Gyasi Ross who declared that the holiday is part of the “pathology of white America” believing that they have improved the country.

“But I’m still trying to find out what indigenous people received of value,” Ross proclaimed, adding “Instead of bringing stuffing and biscuits, those settlers brought genocide and violence.”

He further declared “That genocide and violence is still on the menu as state-sponsored violence against Native and black Americans is commonplace. And violent private white supremacy is celebrated and subsidized.”

Nov 23 07:46

Nolte–NBC Finds a Bidenflation Silver Lining: Fewer Thanksgiving Guests if You Don’t Buy a Turkey!

Proving just how out of touch the elite media are, the far-left Today Show offered some tips on mustering through Joe Biden’s record inflation this Thanksgiving: Cancel the Turkey. This might chase away all those expensive guests!

“Perhaps forgo the turkey,” NBC’s Vicky Nguyen suggested. “Some people think turkey is overrated. It tends to be the most expensive thing on the menu. Maybe have an Italian feast.”

And then came the kicker…

“If you tell everyone you’re not having a turkey,” she chirped, “some guests may drop off, and that will save money too.”

Nov 23 07:40

The Power of TV: Nudging Viewers to Decarbonise their Lifestyles An evidence-based guide for broadcasters

Societal-level behaviour change is needed to tackle climate change. It turns out that the majority of global future emissions reductions depend on us reducing our demand for high-carbon activities and materials and taking up new low-carbon technologies, according to the International Energy Agency. From changing what we buy and what we eat, to changing the technologies we use to heat our homes and travel, reaching Net Zero is conditional on large numbers of people taking up green behaviours and products

Nov 22 19:44

Kyle Rittenhouse On Suing Media: 'I Have Really Good Lawyers Who Are Taking Care Of That Right Now'

Kyle Rittenhouse told Tucker Carlson on Monday that he does plan to hold the media "accountable" for smearing him and he has "really good lawyers" working on it right now.

"A lot of people watching...would like to see you help make this better by holding some of these liars to account. Do you plan to do that?" Tucker asked.

"I have really good lawyers who are taking care of that right now," Rittenhouse responded while smiling from ear to ear.

Nov 22 13:35

MSM Silent As Mass Protests Taking Place Worldwide In Reaction To COVID Tyranny

As we reported this week, despite many countries across the planet achieving vaccination rates as high as 100%, covid cases are still spiking. Because the state’s only tools are force and coercion, as the seasonal spikes inevitably hit, governments across the world are ushering in more tyranny.

But after nearly two years of being locked down, shut in, covered up, driven to poverty and watching the police state thrive, many of we the people have had enough. They are mad as hell and they’re not gonna take it anymore.

Nov 22 12:56

Journalists Fleeing Mainstream Media

Nov 22 11:27

Kyle Rittenhouse | Murder or Self-Defense?

Nov 22 09:11

Must Watch: SNL INSULTS All Republicans

Saturday Night Live criticized Kyle Rittenhouse's not guilty decision with Cecily Strong representing Fox News host Judge Jeanine Pirro who calls him a "loveable scamp."

In the show's cold open, Strong's Pirro celebrated the teenager's acquittal by naming him a "lovable scamp put through a nightmare of a trial just for doing the bravest thing any American can do: protecting an empty, used car lot in someone else's town."

Nov 22 09:07

Project Veritas Protected From Fake News By Court Orders

A judge in New York ordered The New York Times to stop issuing information from internal memos taken from Project Veritas, a conservative investigative group under probe by the FBI, in a move that has prompted conversations about press freedom and privacy rights.

Earlier this month, The New York Times wrote parts of sensitive conversations between Project Veritas operatives and their lawyers — which the group said should be protected under attorney-client privilege.

Nov 22 08:53

Washington’s rhetoric, actions make war with Russia almost inevitable

US urges EU countries to take measures to prevent Russia from taking military action in Ukraine – NYT

American intelligence officials are warning allies that there is a short window of time to prevent Russia from taking military action in Ukraine. This is reported by The New York Times….

Avril D. Haines, the director of national intelligence, traveled to Brussels this week to brief NATO ambassadors about American intelligence on the situation and a possible Russian military intervention in Ukraine.

Haines called on European countries to work with the United States to develop a package of economic and military measures to deter Moscow.

Nov 22 08:47


The week before Kennedy was assassinated the news media, national and local to Dallas, went into overdrive about two subjects:

1. How many people hated the Kennedys and wanted to do them harm

2. How “reckless” Kennedy was in not strictly following security protocols (a similar charge was made about his son’s adherence to aviation safety and who died in a highly mysterious plane accident just as he was about to enter political life.)

Just hours before Kennedy was murdered in cold blood, this bizarre script was read in the two and a half minutes before Kennedy took the stage for a breakfast talk in Fort Worth.

Just think of how strange this is.

Who would write such a script? Who would order it to be read before a presidential appearance?

Just a few hours after this live newscast Kennedy was assassinated by a “lone nut” just like the one described in the local Texas newsfeed.

Nov 22 08:47

Washington Post: Facebook's Algorithms Found That Most Hate Speech on Facebook Was Anti-White and/or Anti-Male, But That's GOOD Hate Speech

Reading the revealing second half of a long Washington Post news section article so you don’t have to:

Facebook’s race-blind policies around hate speech came at the expense of Black users, new documents show

Researchers proposed a fix to the biased algorithm, but one internal document predicted pushback from “conservative partners”

By Elizabeth Dwoskin, Nitasha Tiku and Craig Timberg
Today at 8:00 a.m. EST

… Yet racist posts against minorities weren’t what Facebook’s own hate speech detection algorithms were most commonly finding. The software, which the company introduced in 2015, was supposed to detect and automatically delete hate speech before users saw it. Publicly, the company said in 2019 that its algorithms proactively caught more than 80 percent of hate speech.

Nov 22 08:27

Russia set to launch winter invasion of Ukraine, US media claims

Russia is growing more inclined to invade Ukraine now that colder days are approaching, a weekend American media report has claimed. Western officials have accused Russia of staging a military buildup along Kiev’s eastern borders.

The likelihood of a potential Russian assault on Ukraine is “increasing as the weather gets colder,” CBS News reported on Saturday, citing the customary unnamed US intelligence “sources.” Quite why Moscow would choose the coldest months of the year, with the shortest days, is left unclear.

“An incursion is weather-dependent, but could happen in a matter of weeks, barring intervention from the West,” it continued.

Nov 21 11:17

Is The Rittenhouse Verdict Exactly What Progressives Wanted?

Looking at the Rittenhouse case, many have said it was not Rittenhouse that was standing trial. What was standing trial was the concept of self-defense. The eddies, waves, and currents are going to continue through progressive disinformation and temper tantrums. The Rittenhouse verdict is exactly what they wanted. It allows them to fuel the fire and convert opinion to alleged Gospel. It’s going to backfire though. After all, we do have rights, and they’re on our side. Cut through all the noise and garbage and ask “Do we have a right to self-defend?” And that answer is a big “yes!”

Nov 21 09:01

Must Watch: Dershowitz Discusses The REAL Criminals In Rittenhouse's Case

Attorney and Harvard Law School professor Alan Dershowitz slammed CNN and the New Yorker as "the real vigilantes" in the Rittenhouse case for "convicting" him before the trial. Dershowitz made these remarks before the jury found Rittenhouse not-guilty on all counts.

During an interview with Breitbart's Joel Pollak on the SiriusXM show, Dershowitz said he believed that the 18-year-old should be acquitted on murder charges for fatally shooting two and injuring a third during the mayhem in Kenosha last year.

He also denounced left-wing media for trying and convicting Rittenhouse in the court of public view, while supporters of Rittenhouse faced Black Lives Matter protestors outside of the courthouse on Tuesday during jury deliberations.

"CNN and some of the other TV stations have become vigilantes," he said. "They're the

Nov 21 07:30

Instagram Faces Massive Probe Over Impacts On Children

Instagram is facing an investigation by a bipartisan group of state attorneys general over the app’s effect on young people, despite its parent company, Meta Platforms, attempts to shrug off months of scandals.

The attorneys general of New York, Florida, California and several other states announced Thursday they’re investigating “the techniques utilized by Meta to increase the frequency and duration of engagement by young users and the resulting harms caused by such extended engagement.”

Nov 20 10:18

10 heinous lies about Kyle Rittenhouse debunked: Devine

Of all the willful lies and omissions in the media’s coverage of the Steele dossier, Brian Sicknick, the Covington kids, Jussie Smollett, the Wuhan lab, Hunter Biden’s laptop and so on, nothing beats the evil propaganda peddled about Kyle Rittenhouse.

They try to make the Rittenhouse case about race, but it’s about class, punching down at the white working-class son of a single mother because they don’t see him as fully human, and it makes them feel good.

They lie about him because they can.

The central media narrative is that Kyle Rittenhouse is a white supremacist whose mother drove him across state lines with an AR-15 to shoot Black Lives Matter protesters. All lies.

“A white, Trump-supporting, MAGA-loving Blue Lives Matter social media partisan, 17 years old, picks up a gun, drives from one state to another with the intent to shoot people,” was typical from John Heilemann, MSNBC’s national affairs analyst.

Nov 20 08:28

Appeals court rejects New York Times bid to resume Project Veritas coverage

A New York appeals court judge rejected the New York Times' request to lift an order temporarily blocking it from publishing or seeking documents related to the conservative activist group Project Veritas.

Friday's order from Justice Leonard Austin of the state Appellate Division in Brooklyn means the Times cannot use the materials until a Nov. 23 hearing on whether the prohibition should continue for a longer period.

The Times was appealing a Thursday order from another judge that it called an unconstitutional prior restraint, a view shared by some First Amendment advocates.

Nov 20 07:18

BEX ALERT - MSNBC’s Johnson: Rittenhouse Verdict ‘Warning’ to White BLM Supporters — ‘Race Traitors’ Can Be Shot

MSNBC guest host Jason Johnson said Friday on “The ReidOut” that Kyle Rittenhouse’s not guilty verdict meant all white Americans who support Black Lives Matter can now be shot.

Johnson said, “Kyle Rittenhouse killed two white men protesting on behalf of black lives and got away with it. As a single most important thing to understand about today’s ruling, by allowing him to go free and potentially commit other crimes, this jury sent the final and loudest warning to white America about the dangerous rise of White Nationalist terror in this country. One I suspect will be ignored by leaders, politicians, and the press. Kyle Rittenhouse killed Joseph Rosenbaum and Anthony Huber and faced no consequences because those men were race traitors. White men that have the audacity to protest police shooting Jacob Blake, a black man in the back seven times in his own car.”

Nov 20 07:13

How Bill Gates bankrolls the media outlet that claims it’s not backed by billionaires

It likes to tap its readers for donations by claiming it’s funded by them, not the mega-wealthy. But, in reality, billionaires have forked out millions to support the UK’s premier right-on, left-of-centre newspaper.

If you want to know what the ‘woke’ set are thinking – on issues from climate change to trans rights – The Guardian’s the newspaper to read. While its print sales have been in decline, falling over the past decade from 248,775 a day to 105,134 in July this year, The Guardian is one of the most visited news websites in the world.

Nov 20 06:44

Taibbi: The Rittenhouse Verdict Is Only Shocking If You Followed The Last Year Of Terrible Reporting

Kyle Rittenhouse was found innocent on all six felony charges today, already causing a great exploding of heads in the pundit-o-sphere. Unrest wouldn’t be surprising. How could it be otherwise? Colleagues in national media spent over a year telling the country the 18-year-old was not just guilty, but a moral monster whose acquittal would be an in-your-face affirmation of systemic white supremacy.

It used to bother me that journalists were portrayed in pop culture as sniveling, amoral weenies. Take William Atherton’s iconic portrayal in Die Hard of “Thornburg,” the TV-news creep who gasps, “Tell me you got that!” with orgasmic awe when an explosion rocks the Nakatomi building. I got that — I’d seen that face on reporters.

Nov 20 06:42

Fake News: Inflation Is Simply Rich people Complaining

A controversial New York Times writer has once again ignited criticism online after insisting that the "inflation hysterics" principally affect the rich, ignoring reports of the highest inflation increase in three decades.

"All the stuff you see about inflation in the news is driven by rich people flipping their s*** because their parasitic assets aren't doing as well as they'd like,'" Sarah Jeong, a former Times editorial board member, tweeted on Tuesday.

Nov 19 18:04

MSNBC Agitprop: 'Kyle Rittenhouse Trial Was Designed to Protect White Conservatives Who Kill'

MSNBC on Friday published a propaganda piece on Joy Reid's "Reidout Blog" stating the Kyle Rittenhouse trial "was designed to protect white conservatives who kill."

"Kyle Rittenhouse trial was designed to protect white conservatives who kill - The shooter's homicide acquittal coddles conservatives and may lead to even more violence," read the headline from Ja'han Jones, a racial agitator who works for a network set up to coddle anti-white libtards who shill.

Nov 19 15:47

Hate Hoaxer Bubba Wallace Attacks Rittenhouse: 'Let The Boy Be Black And It Would've Been Life'

Disgraced hate hoaxer Bubba Wallace, who had 15 FBI agents rush to his aid over a fake complaint about a garage cable being a "noose," reacted to Kyle Rittenhouse being found not guilty on all counts by claiming America is racist against black people.

Nov 19 15:27

Gun Control Activists, Anti-Gun Politicians In Full Meltdown After Rittenhouse Verdict

Gun control groups and Second Amendment organizations are weighing in on Kyle Rittenhouse’s full acquittal today, and as you can imagine, the reactions are very different depending on where they stand on the right to keep and bear arms in self-defense. -- Gun control groups like March for Our Lives are “enraged” over the jury’s verdict, and are doing their utmost to continue to spin the narrative that Kyle Rittenhouse was a white supremacist who valued property over human life.

Nov 19 14:15

MSNBC’s Reid: “13th Juror Was The Judge” In Rittenhouse Trial

Kyle Rittenhouse may have been acquitted by a jury of his peers in the shootings of three men who were attacking him during the riots in Kenosha, Wisconsin last year, but those who’ve spent the past year demonizing the teen as a white supremacist, racist, insurrectionist aren’t just going to accept that verdict. They’ve got too much invested in that narrative to do anything like that. Instead, far-Left pundits like Joy-Ann Reid are already railing against the injustice of the justice system.

Nov 19 11:09

Children Having Heart Attacks is Perfectly Natural

We live in a sick and demented society. This article does not mention the vax, not even once.

Children have never had heart attacks before, but the media and government are just going to pretend this is normal – just like it is now officially normal for professional athletes to collapse and die from heart attacks while playing.

People deserve this because they went along with it.

Nov 19 08:02

Why Is Immigrant Mass Murderer Billy Chemirmir's Trial Getting So Much Less Coverage Than Kyle Rittenhouse's?

John Binder, writing at Breitbart has a very good report on the opening day of the Texas murder trial I told you about here:

Binder addresses Chemirmir’s immigration status. I wonder if the sensational case will be mentioned by any other national outlets.

It would be so helpful if readers spread the news of this horrific case far and wide!

Nov 19 08:01

Kyle Rittenhouse and 'White Male Supremacy'

Kyle Rittenhouse shot three white men in Kenosha, Minnesota last year. Nonetheless, his case is the largest racial controversy in the country today, drawing far more media attention than the Ahmaud Arbery case or the civil suit against Unite the Right organizers in Charlottesville.

Mr. Rittenhouse — whom the police once identified as “Hispanic” in a separate, traffic case — was protecting property and people in Kenosha during a riot by Black Lives Matter supporters. He shot his attackers on the second night of disorder. The National Guard is on standby in Kenosha because trouble may result after the verdict. If the Guard had been used last year, Mr. Rittenhouse probably would not have had to go to Kenosha.