Sep 24 11:22

Texas secretary of state's office begins a 'full forensic audit' of the 2020 general election in four counties after Trump raised 'big questions' about results in a state he carried

Texas election officials said Thursday night that they were auditing the 2020 results in four large counties hours after former President Donald Trump, continuing to falsely claim the election was stolen, pressed Republican Gov. Greg Abbott for a ballot review.

Sep 24 11:19

Now The New Yorker turns on Biden: Slams his 'jumble of aspirations and haze of uncertainty' after NYT and WaPo attacked him

The New Yorker published a piece Friday describing the Biden presidency as a 'haze of uncertainty' and a 'jumble of aspirations' that are far from what is politically possible to achieve.

Sep 24 11:16

EXCLUSIVE: Better than living under a bridge: Inside the ramshackle refugee camps in Chile where thousands of Haitians lived before marching to US border to camp in fetid conditions under Del Rio bridge

When thousands of Haitian nationals embarked on the treacherous journey to the US border through South America, they set off with hopes of finding better living conditions than the ones they left behind at ramshackle refugee camps in Chile.

Sep 24 11:06

Digging up the stories of our past: Professor uncovers prehistoric burials in a fascinating study of Ancient Britain

Some 33,000 years ago, a man was ritually buried in a cave on the Gower peninsula in South-West Wales. His body was stained with red ochre and he was surrounded by pieces of mammoth tusk with holes drilled through to be worn on a necklace, and ivory bracelets.

Sep 24 11:06

Meghan returns to her signature red carpet style: Duchess ditches laid-back California look for 'dramatic' celeb-worthy hair and makeup with an 'intense' smokey eye, defined brows and a sleek bun, experts say

Meghan Markle has returned to her 'signature red carpet style' as she kick-started her three-day trip of New York with Prince Harry, a makeup artist has revealed.

The Duchess of Sussex, 40, debuted a 'dramatic' look for her first public trip with the Duke, 37, since moving to California last year, according to Laura Kay.

Sep 24 11:05

Boys, both 14, are locked up for 12 and 13 years after knifing 13-year-old to death in a park after Snapchat row as girl, 14, who lured him to his death is sentenced to three years in a young offenders institution

A 14-year-old girl who lured an autistic teenager to a park where he was stabbed to death has been jailed for three years while two other teenagers, also 14, have been sentenced to 13 and 12 years for murder.

The two boys, now aged 14, were said to harbour 'grievances' with their former friend Olly Stephens, whom they had met only online, in the lead-up to his death at Bugs Bottom field in Emmer Green, Reading, on January 3 this year.

Sep 24 10:35

Squalid Del Rio camp starts to be cleared as DHS chief finally admits 2,000 migrants have been released into the US but fails to address where up to 3,000 missing migrants are located

Aerial photos of the Haitian migrant camp in Del Rio along the Texas border taken less than a week apart show the drastic reduction in size.

Sep 24 10:33

'Those people will pay': Biden warns that Border Protection agents will face 'consequences' after he alleges they 'strapped' migrants and their horses were 'running them over' - but fails to say how he will solve crisis

President Joe Biden on Friday vowed the border agents on horseback who chased migrants trying to cross the Southern border will 'pay' and face the consequences of their actions.

Sep 24 10:31

Brian Laundrie is charged with bank card fraud for 'withdrawing or spending $1,000 on debit card that wasn't his' after Gabby Petito's death: Cops continue to hunt van life girl's fiancé in Florida nature reserve

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has issued an arrest warrant for Brian Laundrie following the death of Gabby Petito after he fraudulently used a Capitol One Bank debit card that was not his.

Sep 24 10:30

Solar *is* nuclear (Picture)

Sep 24 10:30

Utah Police Department which shared bodycam footage of cops stopping Brian Laundrie and Gabby Petito say they'll launch independent probe into encounter after Petito was found dead

Moab City Police Department announced that they will launch an independent investigation into their officers' handling of a domestic dispute between Brian Laundrie and Gabby Petito a month before she was found dead.

Sep 24 10:24

‘There Certainly Is Not An Open Border’: Fox’s Doocy Takes It To Psaki In Tense Exchange About Border

Things got tense in the briefing room, Thursday, when Fox News reporter Peter Doocy pressed White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki about loose COVID policies at the southern border, which he described as “open.”

Sep 24 10:21

China 'must be prepared to make the FIRST nuclear strike' in response to growing US presence in the region and AUKUS strategic partnership, senior diplomat declares

China must be ready to use nuclear weapons and should abandon its 'no-first-use' policy to push back against new alliances forming in the Pacific, a senior diplomat has said.

Sep 24 10:21

Photographer Who Took Horseback Border Patrol Photos: ‘I’ve Never Seen Them Whip Anyone’

The photographer who snapped the photos of Border Patrol agents on horseback while trying to apprehend Haitians illegally crossing into the U.S. has spoken out about how the media inappropriately described what he had captured.

Sep 24 10:20

CNN's Chris Cuomo accused of sexual harassment by former boss

A former boss of Chris Cuomo has accused him of sexually harassing her at a 2005 work party in front of her husband and friends — the on-air personality later characterized his actions as a "hearty greeting."

Sep 24 10:19

CDC director OVERRULES her own agency's advisory on COVID-19 vaccine booster shots: Rochelle Walensky says people at risk because of their jobs should receive third doses

The director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) overruled her own agency's advisory panel in a rare move late Thursday night and added a recommendation for COVID-19 vaccine boosters for people at risk because of their jobs.

Sep 24 10:16

Revealed: $750,000 in cash was found scattered throughout the rubble of Surfside condo collapse that left 98 dead, and is now set to go to victims

Rescue workers have discovered about $750,000 in cash throughout their search through the rubble of the June condo collapse in Surfside, Florida.

Sep 24 10:15

Play Outside (Picture)

Sep 24 10:15

Protesters tell Al Sharpton 'we don't want your racism in Texas' - forcing him to cut short his tour of Del Rio bridge - as camp clears but more migrants are still marching to the border

Al Sharpton's press conference at the Haitian migrant camp in Del Rio, Texas descended into farce on Thursday, as hecklers cut him short, accusing him of exploiting the crisis.

Sep 24 10:13

[Video] Dr. Bryan Ardis - Hospital Protocols Are Murdering Americans by Prescribing Remdesivir

Dr. Bryan Ardis - Hospital Protocols Are Murdering Americans by Prescribing Remdesivir Which Causes Renal Failure...

Sep 24 10:04

The holocaust alliance’s void-for-vagueness definition of “anti-Semitism”

Commenting on current Zionist attacks on English, Scottish and US politicians, Fernando Guevara says "using the IHRA concept of anti-Semitism, the guilt-by-suspicion standard of proof, and a large trawling net… every analysis of anything remotely connected with Zionist interests can be moulded into anti-Semitism.">>

Sep 24 10:01


Sep 24 09:56

Elon Musk and Grimes split after three years together: SpaceX billionaire says they are 'semi-separated' and will continue to co-parent their one-year-old son X Æ A-Xii

Elon Musk and Grimes (real name Claire Elise Boucher), who have a child together, have broken up after three years.

Sep 24 09:54

JUST IN: Marjorie Taylor Greene Slams Green New Deal, AOC, Biden In House Floor Speech

Sep 24 09:53

Where will woke-ism end??? (Picture)

Sep 24 09:53

A THIRD of Americans who said they were hesitant to get the COVID-19 vaccine in 2020 had received at least one dose by April 2021, study finds

More than two-thirds of Americans who were hesitant to get the COVID-19 vaccine had received at least one dose or were willing to vaccinated by spring 2021, a new study suggests.

Sep 24 09:52

Payback time (Picture)

Sep 24 09:52

'It's a perfect storm': Costco limits purchases of toilet rolls, cleaning products and water as supply chain crunch and inflationary pressures hit America

Costco announced on Thursday it was reinstating limits on purchases of key staples like toilet paper, paper towels and bottled water, spurred by a dire combination of supply chain problems, labor shortages and inflationary pressures.

Sep 24 09:49

Life in Amerika (Cartoon)

Sep 24 09:44

Energy companies bust – live updates: Avro and Green Energy go bust as Octopus and Bulb tell customers not to panic

Meanwhile an Octopus Energy spokesperson said: “Customers should not worry. The government’s energy price cap is doing its job and protecting them against price spikes.

Sep 24 09:44

Shocking moment 2 teen robbers rammed by armed cops after 110mph chase – before being SPARED prison

A PAIR of teen thugs who sped at 110mph in a police chase after robbing two men with a fake gun have escaped a jail sentence.

Shocking police dashcam footage showed the officers' car hurtling along a residential road to keep up with the robbers.

Sep 24 09:43

Tom Felton collapse: Harry Potter star stretchered off Ryder Cup golf course after health scare

HARRY POTTER actor Tom Felton was today stretchered off the Ryder Cup golf course after falling ill.

Felton - who turned 34 yesterday - is said to have collapsed at the 18th hole while playing in a celebrity match.

Sep 24 09:34

30 Times Americans Shocked The Rest Of The World By Sharing Their Outrageous Medical Bills

Living in the United States has a lot of perks, from the incredibly friendly people and astounding nature to the universities and the great job opportunities. However, one of the biggest drawbacks that Americans have to deal with is the healthcare system. More specifically, just how expensive going to the hospital can get, whether you have health insurance or not. Things can get so ridiculous the entire system starts to look very dystopian.

Sep 24 09:34

Judge Rules Against Federal Prosecutors...Orders Release of January 6th Videos

Americans should be asking why the feds don’t want to release ALL of the footage from January 6th. If this had truly been an “insurrection,” why wouldn’t they want everyone to see what happened? Just as the feds claim something is “classified material” when they don’t want the truth to come out, they also use this same tactic with the videos from January 6th. Is it because THEY want to shape the narrative and don’t want the truth to come out.

Sep 24 09:34

WATCH: Peter Doocy Catches Nasty Jen Psaki Flatfooted Over Question About Illegal Women “saying they’re pregnant” To Stay In America

Joe Biden’s condescending press secretary Jen Psaki was unable to answer essential questions from Fox News’ Peter Doocy about the dangerous crisis on our open southern border, so instead of answering his questions, she foolishly resorted to mocking him as a way to deflect from the crisis her boss has caused.

Sep 24 09:33

Customer Wouldn’t Pay For Renovation So Contractor Destroys It All

When you hire someone to fix things in your home, you are putting trust in a complete stranger. While you are paying them and it’s their job, you still are letting in a person you know nothing about in your home. They may do a half-hearted job or they might steal something from your home, you really never know.

Sep 24 09:33

In Response To The Controversial Heartbeat Act In Texas, Uma Thurman Shares Her Abortion Story From Three Decades Ago

Debates on abortions and talks about the implemented Texas anti-abortion law is taking an even further toll. On September 21st, the Washington Post released a piece written by actress Uma Thurman where she shared her story of having to undergo an abortion in her late teens. She revealed the situation that took place years ago, and in this way, expressing her support for women who had to go through the same difficulties.

Sep 24 09:33

Message to Lying Media and Democrats: A Rein is NOT a Whip...One Photo Tells The Truth [Video]

The media and Democrats have been pushing the false narrative that Horse Patrol Agents were whipping illegals trying to cross the border. Not true…

Sep 24 09:32

“We are losing our Country!”...Trump Calls Out Sen Lindsey Graham for Not Fighting

President Trump released a blistering message directed at Senators Mike Lee and Lindsey Graham. He said what everyone has been saying since the 2020 election…Republicans don’t fight. Trump called out Senator Graham for not fighting for him and said he should be “ashamed” for not fighting.

Sep 24 09:32

Lunch debt (Picture)

Sep 24 09:31

Heartbreaking Letter from Jan. 6 Prisoner in Solitary Confinement! DC Gitmo Violates International Codes on Torture

onathan Mellis, a detainee from January 6th, wrote us from solitary confinement last week.

Mellis has been detained without bond since his arrest in February. In May, U.S. District Judge Emmet Sullivan denied his request to be released from custody for a week so he could attend his father’s funeral.

Here is the direct letter from Jonathan Mellis addressing the American people:

“My name in Jonathan Mellis. I am a January 6 Capitol detainee being held in the DC jail. In the last 7 months I have experienced and witnessed the most inhumane and hateful treatment of my 34 years of life.

Sep 24 09:29

Must Watch: Tucker Carlson Raises Questions About Jan 6th Security Footage Showing Black-Clad Operatives Leading the Charge into The Capitol Building; “How Many Federal Agents Were Involved?” – (Video)

Recently released security camera footage from the US Capitol captures the moment that the crowd first broke into the building on January 6th.

Instead of showing a raucous gang of violent, MAGA-clad white supremacists busting through the doors and windows, like the media claims, the ones leading the charge didn’t look anything like Trump supporters.

Sep 24 09:25

Don Lemon accused of sexual assault

Sep 24 09:20

South Carolina Supreme Court Unanimously Upholds Confederate Monument Protection Law

The South Carolina Supreme Court on Wednesday upheld a state law prohibiting anyone from moving a Confederate monument or changing the historical name of a street or building without the Legislature’s approval.

Sep 24 09:18

The Karen destroyer (Video)