Jun 18 08:13

The truth (Picture)

Jun 18 08:09

What the f*ck (Picture)

Jun 18 08:08

Enid Blyton fans slam English Heritage 'insulting' re-appraisal of children's author's work as 'racist and xenophobic' as group stands by move (and gives Benjamin Franklin and Rudyard Kipling the same treatment)

The prolific English children's writer has enchanted millions of young readers for a century with tales of adventure, ginger beer and buns, selling 600million books in 90 languages.

But Ms Blyton, whose novels have been among the world's best-sellers since the 1920s, has been linked to racism in updated English Heritage information about the blue plaque on the Chessington home where she wrote her first stories while working as a nursery governess between 1920 and 1924.

The updated description on the EH website and app says: 'Blyton's work has been criticised during her lifetime and after for its racism, xenophobia and lack of literary merit. In 2016, Blyton was rejected by the Royal Mint for commemoration on a 50p coin because, the advisory committee minutes record, she was "a racist, sexist, homophobe and not a very well-regarded writer".'

Jun 18 08:01

Fans who had AstraZeneca vaccine won’t be allowed into Bruce Springsteen’s New York concerts

Anyone who has had the AstraZeneca vaccine will be barred from attending Bruce Springsteen’s comeback shows in New York next week.

The intimate five-night run at the St James theatre will be the first Broadway show to reopen since last March and will require attendees to show proof of vaccination, reports The Telegraph.

However, the list will be limited only to jabs approved by the US Food and Drug Administration - Moderna, Pfizer-BioNTech and Johnson & Johnson.

Any potential concert-goers who received their Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine overseas will be left with the prospect of being turned away at the door should they book tickets.

Jun 18 07:45

When Woke Makes You ...

Jun 18 07:36

Humiliation fetish (Picture)

Jun 18 07:33


The newest wrinkle on pandemic corruption is how most of the medical and public health establishment refuses to accept natural immunity, obtained through COVID infection, as equivalent to or even better than the artificial immunity obtained from vaccines.

The reason is simple. The more that natural immunity is accepted, the more reason there is to reject getting one of the experimental COVID vaccines. Half the US population from kids to adults likely have natural immunity, even though most never suffered any serious ill effects from being infected.

And there clearly is an ongoing bulldozer over facts run by President Biden all the way through the entire federal and state public health system to coerce Americans to get vaccinated.

Their efforts could fail if most of those with natural immunity acted rationally and decided not to take any of the increasing risks from the experimental vaccines.

Jun 18 07:30

Royal Caribbean discovers that vaccines cause outbreaks, after eight vaccinated crew members test POSITIVE for COVID

Royal Caribbean’s Odyssey of the Seas was scheduled to leave Port Everglades on July 3rd. The cruise was halted after eight crew members tested positive for COVID. Strange enough, all eight COVID-positive crew members were “vaccinated” for COVID, proving yet again that these spike protein bioweapons do not stop people from testing positive for COVID or transmitting infection. Royal Caribbean has discovered that the VACCINATED cause outbreaks, and vaccines are not magic elixirs that prevent infection at all times.

Jun 18 07:08

Texas would never (Picture)

Jun 18 07:02

Never ending rat race. (Picture)

Jun 18 06:56

You cannot make this up (Meme)

Jun 18 06:51

Do(n't) kill yourself (Picture)

Jun 18 06:48

Wait, that makes sense... (Picture)

Jun 18 06:16

Stand your ground. (Picture)

Jun 18 05:09

Guess who got vaccinated! (Meme)

Jun 17 20:41

Foo Fighters: Former fans ‘throw albums in bin’ after band announce ‘no vaccine, no gig’ policy

A small group of Foo Fighters fans are throwing a tantrum after the band announced a gig exclusively for those who are fully vaccinated.

On Tuesday (8 June), the rock group announced that they will play New York’s Madison Square Garden on 20 June for fans who have been vaccinated against Covid-19. Fans must have received their second dose at least 14 days before the concert takes place, as the event will be mask-free.

The band confirmed that children under the age of 16 will be allowed to present a negative Covid test in lieu of receiving their vaccination.

The news was met with outrage by a few self-proclaimed fans, who have declared their intention to abandon the band as a result.

“I’ll never buy another ticket to a @foofighters concert,” tweeted comedian Josh Denny.

Jun 17 19:11

72-minute video: Need to Know news for lucid analysis and commentary on current events (June 17, 2021)

Professor Emeritus Jim Fetzer, Joe Olson, and I discuss current events here on BitChute (censored on YouTube).

Want to learn more about false flags and conspiracies? For ~25 years I’ve learned from Professor Fetzer’s academic work; he offers 24 free video presentations from the False Flags and Conspiracies 2020 Virtual Conference.

Context: American Revolution 2.2 2020: PATRIOTS vs. LOYALISTS

I’m a professional historian with degrees from Berkeley and Harvard, helped craft and deliver ~300 policy briefs for Members of Congress on ending poverty that led to two UN Summits for heads of state, have written ~1,000 articles since 2009 with ~50 million page views that include published research, and was recognized by two Los Angeles Mayors as among the very best high school teachers among ~20,000 teachers in Central L.A.

Jun 17 18:16

Skynews Australia Reported the Wuhan Institute of Virology Maintained a Reservoir of Bat Viruses and Related Vaccines which Compliments TGP’s April 2020 Reporting

Skynews Australia came out this past week with a report showing that the Wuhan Institute of Virology maintained a reservoir of bat virus samples and related vaccines. This piece complimented our reporting from April of 2020.

Jun 17 18:16

BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Did Opportunists In the US Cede to China Crypto-currency Like Others Did Biowarfare Technology?

Did Opportunists in the US cede China crypto-currency like they did biowarfare technology?

Jun 17 17:14

[Video] Dr. Pierre Kory: Suppressing Ivermectin Cure For Big Pharma Profits

In a public statement, Dr. Pierre Kory, Chief Medical Officer of the FLCCC Alliance, said that the U.S. is "going to commit $1.2 billion of taxpayer money in order to enrich Merck for a drug that is not yet available, which has already been the source of a whistleblower complaint, and which has already failed in hospitalized patients. We already have a drug {ivermectin} which is low cost, safe, widely available which has been proven to work in many phases of disease—not only as outpatients but in all patients." Kory also said that Merck's actions on February 5, 2021 —when they issued a statement that there was no evidence to support the efficacy of ivermectin— and called into question the safety of "one of the safest drugs known in history" was a lie that is causing "an incalculable loss of life."

Jun 17 15:42

Formula One of the SKIES: World's first flying race car that can go from 0–62 mph in just 2.8 seconds takes flight for the first time ahead of its race debut later this year

The Mk3 Airspeeder craft completed its maiden flight over the skies of the South Australian desert

Jun 17 15:36

Chinese astronauts arrive at ISS rival Tiangong space station hours after launching from China, marking five years since the the nation last sent humans into space

China sent three astronauts to space on its Long March-2F rocket this morning
They launched from the Jiuquan launch centre in northwest China's Gobi desert

Jun 17 15:36

Flue jab! Girl, 18, is butt of social media jokes after she locked herself out of house and got stuck inside her CHIMNEY

An 18-year-old got trapped in her chimney while trying to get into her Henderson, Nevada home
The teen had locked herself out of her house near Horizon Drive and College Drive by the College of Southern Nevada

Jun 17 15:24

Farmers Blame The Feds: The “Government Stole Our Water!”

Farmers in the United States have reached a breaking point. They now say that what the government has done has been so disastrous that they are willing to stand off with the Feds.

Jun 17 15:08

Radar-Equipped Drones May Protect U.S. Navy Ships From Mach 10 Hypersonic Missiles

Hypersonic missiles and drones have emerged as two of the most devastating weapons in modern warfare.

So the U.S. Navy has an idea that is almost poetic in its irony: use drones to stop hypersonic anti-ship cruise missiles.

Or more specifically, use drones to detect hypersonic missiles targeting American ships, thus giving those ships more time to shoot down or jam rockets coming in at speeds as fast as Mach 10.

“Hypersonic cruise missile threats operating at lower altitudes pose a unique challenge,” warns the Navy research announcement.

Jun 17 15:05

DOJ Warns Red States Can't Void Federal Gun Laws - Gives Blue States Grants to Void Federal Immigration Laws

The Department of Justice under Biden-appointed Attorney General Merrick Garland on Wednesday threatened Missouri that they cannot void federal gun laws -- just two months after changing DOJ policies to share $250 million in annual grants with states which void federal immigration laws.

Jun 17 14:31

As amber-list holidays for double-jabbed Britons look likely to be back on - here are the bargains up for grabs, from £26 flights to Barcelona to a swish hotel in Malta for £77 a night

Skyscanner has flights going from London to Athens in August for £32 return
In Italy, Hotel Villa Anthea in Garda is offering stays for just £120 a night

Jun 17 14:30

Formula One of the SKIES: World's first flying race car that can go from 0–62 mph in just 2.8 seconds takes flight for the first time ahead of its race debut later this year

The 'octocopter' craft — called the Mk3 Airspeeder, and designed and built by former McLaren, Jaguar, Rolls-Royce, Boeing and Brabham engineers — will fly at speeds of between 93 and 155 miles per hour (150 to 250km/h) depending on the terrain, organisers have said.

Up to four teams and 10 aircraft will compete in the Formula One–style series, with the uncrewed cars controlled from the ground by pilots with aviation, motorsport and eSports backgrounds.

The aim is to have human pilots in the cockpit by 2022.

Jun 17 14:29

Flue jab! Girl, 18, is butt of social media jokes after she locked herself out of house and got stuck inside her CHIMNEY

The teen had locked herself out of her house near Horizon Drive and College Drive by the College of Southern Nevada
The Henderson Fire Department was called to the scene by a neighbor

Jun 17 14:28

‘They’re Not Going To Listen To Kamala Harris’: Rubio Slams Kamala Over Guatemalan Immigrants

Speaking on Fox Business Thursday, Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) bashed Vice-President Kamala Harris’ trip to Guatemala earlier this month, remarking that he couldn’t recall a “more disastrous series of meetings” for an American vice-president or vice-president. He added that when Harris warned the Guatemalan people not to attempt to come to the United States, they wouldn’t listen to her, as she had spent her presidential campaign saying that the United States would welcome immigrants.

Jun 17 14:23

City of San Jose mandates videotaping of all gun purchases

Gun-rights advocates, like the Sacramento-based Firearms Policy Coalition, criticized the new ordinance, calling it unconstitutional. -- “It is outrageous that Mayor Liccardo wants to use ‘Big Brother’-style omniveillance to record gun owners’ every move, violating the privacy of millions, especially at-risk firearm purchasers,” the coalition wrote in a statement.

Jun 17 14:04

Religious Freedom Advocates Celebrate After SCOTUS Sides With Catholic Group On Gay Couple Foster Parents

Chelsea Patterson Sobolik, policy director for the Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, celebrated the decision as a “huge victory” for religious liberty.

Jun 17 14:03

It Has Begun: Want To Work? Get The Jab…

The Houston hospital that required its employees to take the experimental gene therapy shot has “paved the way” for others to do the same. Several employees sued Houston Methodist hospitals for mandating the “vaccine” but a federal judge dismissed the lawsuit which will embolden other employers to require this shot.

Jun 17 13:58

Religious Freedom Advocates Celebrate After SCOTUS Sides With Catholic Group On Gay Couple Foster Parents

Chelsea Patterson Sobolik, policy director for the Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, celebrated the decision as a “huge victory” for religious liberty.

Jun 17 13:57

‘They’re Not Going To Listen To Kamala Harris’: Rubio Slams Kamala Over Guatemalan Immigrants

matter what she says and they say now the perception is out there in much of central America that the United States under Joe Biden is very lax,” he added. “And that’s an incentive for people to take this journey. It’s a dangerous journey; they shouldn’t do it, but they’re not going to listen to Kamala Harris when she says, ‘Don’t come.’ They’ve got a year and a half of her running for president saying we’re not going to turn anyone away.”

Jun 17 13:56

Boris said 'being PM is too much hard work and like pulling a jumbo jet down a runway every day' and he 'can't wait to have fun and make money'

Boris Johnson could step down as Prime Minister in four years, it was claimed
The suggestion he has already planned his exit was made by Dominic Cumming

Jun 17 13:54

Charles Barkley Announces He’ll Be Leaving ‘Inside The NBA’ In Two Years, Blames ‘Jacka**es Trying To Get You Canceled’

can say goodbye to the greatest NBA studio show of all time, and make sure to thank cancel culture for it.

Jun 17 13:53

Muslim Parent Warns: ‘Network Of Political Islam’ Joining ‘Far-Left’ To ‘Create A Trojan Horse To Basically Hijack Our Schools’

Speaking on Fox & Friends on Tuesday after the incendiary viral comments of Abrar Omeish, a young female Muslim board member of Fairfax County School Board, at the Justice High School graduation, a former Wall Street Journal correspondent and

Jun 17 13:52

Inventor Of Internet To Auction The Web’s Source Code As An NFT

“The auction for the World Wide Web NFT — titled ‘This Changed Everything’ — will be run by Sotheby’s in London from June 23-30, with bidding starting at $1,000,” reported CNBC. “The proceeds of the auction will benefit initiatives that Berners-Lee and his wife support, Sotheby’s said.”CNBC also noted that the auction of the internet’s initial source code “will be the first time Berners-Lee has been able to capitalize financially on what is widely viewed as one of the greatest inventions of our time.”

Jun 17 13:50

Religious Freedom Advocates Celebrate After SCOTUS Sides With Catholic Group On Gay Couple Foster Parents

Religious freedom advocates celebrated after the Supreme Court on Thursday sided with a Catholic group that rejects same-sex couples as foster parents.

Jun 17 13:00

The Only Privacy the Feds Protect is Their Own

Stated differently, under the common law, and long-standing, 200-year-old federal practice, the target could challenge the subpoena. But since 1986, that has not been the case. This so-called Privacy Act, in reality, is a pathway to invade privacy. The only privacy this statute protects is the government’s.

Jun 17 12:41

Yes, Jim is back.. (Picture)

Jun 17 12:39

Joe Biden Says He Gave Putin a List of 16 Areas of “Critical Infrastructure” That Should be “Off Limits” From Cyber Attacks (VIDEO)

Joe Biden’s incompetence and senility is going to get us all killed.

Jun 17 12:39

... Holy sh*t (Picture)

Jun 17 12:39

Dr. Fauci claims he has ‘always’ been open to COVID-19 lab leak theory — but social media says that's false and has the receipts

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the White House's chief medical adviser, says that he's "always" been open to the idea that COVID-19 escaped from a lab — and social media users are calling out what they say is his bluff, pointing out contradictory remarks he's made during the pandemic.

Jun 17 12:38

Newsmax 'Reviewing' Host's Racist Tweets About How White People Being in the Military 'Made a Big Difference With Morale'

In today’s episode of The Fragile Whites Say the Darndest Things, Greg Kelly, a host on Newsmax—which is basically Fox News’ illegitimate love child that it only claims during tax season—posted then later deleted a pair of racist tweets about how the existence of white people in the military and government made him feel all warm and fuzzy inside. The network said those tweets are now under “review,” which I put in quotations because Newsmax investigating the racism of one of its hosts is like Tyler Perry personally conducting an investigation into the wig quality in his movies.

Jun 17 12:38

Supremes fire back at Philadelphia's attack on Christian foster care agencies

In a unanimous ruling that demolished a move by the city of Philadelphia to "cancel" Christian foster care agencies that refused city demands to violate their biblical standards and refer children to unmarried or same-sex couples, the Supreme Court on Thursday confirmed the protections for religion under the First Amendment.

"The Free Exercise Clause of the First Amendment, applicable to the states under the Fourteenth Amendment, provides that 'Congress shall make no law … prohibiting the free exercise' of religion," wrote Chief Justice John Roberts in a dispute that attracted multiple opinions – all ending with the same result.

Jun 17 12:38

...Just Amazing.... (Picture)

Jun 17 12:10

Homelessness Is Becoming A Crisis Of Epic Proportions In The United States

During the pandemic, the federal government has borrowed and spent trillions and trillions of dollars, and the Federal Reserve has pumped trillions and trillions of dollars into the financial system, and yet the suffering of those at the bottom of the economic food chain has gotten much, much worse. -- Something is very wrong with that picture. -- No matter what our leaders do, the homelessness crisis in this country just seems to keep escalating.  Vast numbers of our fellow citizens will be sleeping on the streets tonight, and many more will soon be joining them.

Jun 17 12:02

Unions (Picture)

Jun 17 12:02

CNN’s Jeff Zeleny: We Haven’t Seen Joe Biden Answer Questions “Without His Aides Screaming at Him to Stop” (VIDEO)

You know it’s bad when CNN is complaining about Joe Biden.

Jun 17 12:01

Biden Campaigned on Ending the Death Penalty. His Justice Department Wants To Execute the Boston Marathon Bomber Anyway.

The Department of Justice (DOJ) is asking the Supreme Court to let the federal government execute Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, undermining President Joe Biden's campaign promise to eliminate the death penalty.

Jun 17 12:01

Seriously? (Picture)

Jun 17 11:55

We Should Be Shocked By What Inflation Is Doing To Home Prices, Because We Have Never Seen This Before

If you are shopping for a home right now, I really do feel sorry for you.  Home prices in many areas of the country have officially crossed the line into “absurd” territory, and they just keep going higher.  Thanks to wild spending by the federal government and the economic malpractice that has been happening at the Federal Reserve, we now have way too many dollars chasing way too few goods and services.  Inflation is showing up in every sector of our economy, but it is not showing up equally in all sectors.  One area where inflation threatens to spiral completely out of control is in home prices.  Right now we are seeing the wildest bidding wars in U.S. history, and in many, many cases buyers end up paying way over listing price.