Sep 24 06:01

BAZ BAMIGBOYE: Ian Fleming, a dead tramp, Hitler and two Mr Darcys... the perfect recipe for a war thriller

With plenty of national pride and extreme prejudice against the enemy, a casting coup has brought together two Mr Darcys for a Second World War thriller based on an incredible but true story.

Colin Firth and Matthew Macfadyen play two wartime heroes tasked by Winston Churchill to come up with an outlandish plan to hoodwink Hitler.

Sep 24 06:00

Democratic Rep. Ted Deutch rejects Rep. Rashida Tlaib's characterization of Israel as an apartheid state

"I firmly believe our country must oppose selling weapons to anyone, anywhere, without human rights law compliance. The Israeli government is an apartheid regime—not my words, the words of Human Rights Watch and Israel's own human rights watch organization B'Tselem," she declared.

Sep 24 05:59

Amputations will return to Afghanistan under Taliban rule: 'Cutting off of hands is very necessary for security'

Taliban figure Mullah Nooruddin Turabi told the Associated Press during an interview that executions and hand amputations will return under the group's rule in Afghanistan.

"Cutting off of hands is very necessary for security," Turabi said, stating that it had a deterrent impact, according to the outlet, which also reported that he said the Cabinet is examining whether to mete out punishments publicly and will "develop a policy."

Sep 24 05:48

BIDEN’S POLL NUMBERS Tank In A BIG Way Over Border Chaos He Created By Dropping Trump Policies

The numbers are in and Joe Biden is losing in a big way. Several polls are showing Biden’s numbers tanked to 46 percent in September following the Afghanistan crisis and the invasion at the southern border.

Sep 24 05:46

TEXAS SOS Hughs Orders FULL FORENSIC AUDIT of November 2020 Election In Two Largest Democrat and Two Largest GOP Counties

Earlier today, President Trump sent a letter to Texas Governor Gregg Abbott asking for a “full forensic audit of 2020 election” of the red state:

Sep 24 05:42

Me: The f**k is that?!? (Picture)

Sep 24 05:41

FOX REPORTER FOR THE WIN: Fact Checks Jen Psaki On Latest Lie About Biden’s Open Border Policy

Fox News reporter Bill Melugin fact-checked Jen Psaki after she lied about Biden’s border policy.

Sep 24 05:09

'This Is Our Space! You're White!' Black Activists Order White Students to Leave 'Multicultural' Center at ASU

Video out of Arizona State University on Thursday shows a pair of black activists ordering two white students to leave a "multicultural" center for being white.

"You're white!" one of the female black activists screamed at two white ASU students who were quietly studying. "Do you understand what a multicultural space-- it means you're not being centered!"

"This white man thinks he can take up our space... he thinks he can get away with this!" one of the activists said.

Sep 24 03:59

VIDEO: Woman Tears Down LGBT Propaganda Ads in NYC Subway

A woman filmed tearing down OkCupid LGBT propaganda ads plastered all over a subway in New York is being hailed as a hero on social media.

Sep 24 03:48

Slavery Reparations Were Never This Close

A scandal-contracted school board has now started research into whether it would be suitable to give reparations to black people after it previously overlooked a landmark desegregation ruling.

Loudoun County in Virginia voted 6-3 to support the initiation of the study Tuesday after it was suggested by supervisor Juli Briskman.

Sep 24 01:15

Rep. Matt Gaetz: Why Is An Israeli Consulate Official Involved In An Effort to Extort My Family Of $25M?

Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz (R) on Thursday questioned why Israeli consulate official Jake Novak was reportedly involved in the $25M extortion scheme targeting him and his father.

Gaetz questioned if "the government of Israel" itself was behind the plot.

Sep 23 18:24

BREAKING: House Committee Investigating Jan. 6 Issue Subpoenas for Steve Bannon, Dan Scavino, Kash Patel and Mark Meadows on Night Before AZ Audit Results

The House Committee investigating the protests on Jan. 6 issued subpoenas for Steve Bannon, Dan Scavino, Kash Patel and Mark Meadows.

Sep 23 18:23

NEVER FORGET: FOX News Reporter Trey Yingst: “Thousands” of US Green Card Holders Are Stranded in Afghanistan by Joe Biden …(And Democrats Don’t Care)

Joe Biden left Afghanistan with thousands of Americans and US allies stranded in-country and with $83 billion in military arms to the Taliban.

Sep 23 14:49

Police dept. faces backlash after seeking whereabouts of man accused of stealing diapers — but the department gets the last word and comes out on top

Another user added, "Dude, whoever you may be and if by chance you see this, you're a good dad. Doing whatever is necessary to take care of your kids when the situation called for it."

That particular user's remarks garnered more than 1,900 likes in support.

Sep 23 14:48

Biden admin bans border agents from using horses after false reporting from Del Rio, Texas

The article stated: "The agent swung his whip menacingly, charging his horse toward the men in the river who were trying to return to an encampment under the international bridge in Del Rio after buying food and water in Ciudad Acuña, Mexico."

Sep 23 14:47

New York Gov. Hochul threatens to replace unvaccinated healthcare workers with foreigners

New York Gov. Kathy Hochul delivered a very unforgiving threat to unvaccinated healthcare workers. The Democratic governor told New York hospital and nursing home employees to get vaccinated against COVID-19 before the state's Sept. 27 deadline or be replaced — potentially by foreign workers.

Sep 23 14:46

House Approves Extra $1B For Israel: AOC Caves, Changes Vote to 'Present,' Then 'Cries' On House Floor

The Democrat-controlled House on Thursday voted to approve an additional $1 billion in funding to Israel on top of the nearly $4 billion they get every year.

Sep 23 14:42

R. Kelly DID NOT testify in his sex trafficking trial as defense calls record company executive as final witness before resting its case as closing arguments begin

Beleaguered R&B star R. Kelly told a judge on Wednesday that he will not testify in his own defense at his federal sex trafficking trial, meaning he will avoid a potentially damaging cross-examination.

'You don't want to testify, correct?' US District Judge Ann Connelly asked the singer. He laconically responded: 'Yes, ma'am.'

Sep 23 14:41

Spot turns watchdog! Hyundai is using Boston Dynamics’ four-legged robot to patrol its motor plants in South Korea

BMW Hyundai has a new site safety officer at one of its Kia assembly factories in South Korea — Spot, Boston Dynamic's famous and oft-dancing robotic dog.

In fact, the 'Factory Safety Service Robot' has been upgraded with applied artificial intelligence, autonomous navigation and various remote sensing technologies.

Sep 23 14:40

Top Oversight Republican Demands Hunter Biden’s Art Dealer Detail Ethics Rules

This investigation, which includes your gallery’s role? ?in Mr. Biden’s plans, is meant to prevent fairly obvious opportunities for an ethical or national security breach?,” Comer wrote.

This is the second letter Comer has sent to the gallery owner this month requesting documents relating to the sale of Hunter’s art pieces.

The scandal-plagued son of President Biden has embr

Sep 23 14:40

Fed Inflation Projections For 2022 Are Highest Since 2007

The central bank recently revealed that it may taper its aggressive monetary stimulus. Although the Federal Open Market Committee — which determines the central bank’s monetary policy targets — will continue to pursue a near-zero interest rate, a September 22 statement indicates that policymakers will “soon” decrease their $120 billion monthly asset purchases.As The Wall Street Journal reports, the move may be a response to the Fed’s median forecast for core inflation reaching its highest levels since the Financial Crisis:

Sep 23 14:39

Johnny Depp Sounds Off On Cancel Culture: ‘No One Is Safe’

Outside of tabloid reports, the world hasn’t heard much from Johnny Depp since his very public divorce from Amber Heard led to a barrage of bad press and career damage.

That changed during a Sebastian International Film Festival in Spain Wednesday, where he was honored with a lifetime achievement award for outstanding contributions to film.During a question-and-answer session, the one-time highest-paid actor in the world addressed cancel culture and his own fall from grace in Hollywood.

Sep 23 14:36

Biden Admin Takes Horses Away From Border Patrol Agents In Del Rio After They Defended Border

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki announced on Thursday that the Biden administration is taking horses away from U.S. Border Patrol agents in Del Rio, Texas, where the agents used horses to ride up on migrants illegally entering the U.S. and force them to clear the area.

Sep 23 14:35

House To Vote On Measure Codifying Roe V. Wade Decision Into Federal Law

House of Representatives is expected to vote on the Women’s Health Protection Act on Friday with the expectation that it is likely to fail in the split Senate.

Sep 23 14:34

Marvel Studios Could Drop The ‘Men’ From ‘X-Men’ Over Concerns Title Is Not ‘Inclusive’: Report

They are some of the most recognizable names in the Marvel cinematic universe (even if they aren’t necessarily part of the MCU itself just yet), but the X-Men are now under criticism from Marvel Studios’ new president of Physical, Post Production, VFX, and Animation, Victoria Alonso for having a non-inclusive team moniker.

Sep 23 14:23

White van spin! Heart-stopping moment driver narrowly misses car as he skids across junction after losing control on wet road

An out-of-control white van narrowly avoided careering into another car and nearby houses after it skidded 360 degrees across a junction on a wet road in North Essex.

Conor Smith, 29, was driving home with his brother at around 7pm in Stebbing, near Dunmow, on Sunday when a white van spun across the road and missed their car by mere inches.

Sep 23 14:17

Amateur freedivers discover 53 perfectly-preserved Roman gold coins while cleaning rubbish on the seabed off the coast of Alicante – in what is one of Europe's greatest hoards yet

Amateur freedivers have found one of Europe's largest hoards of gold Roman coins while on holiday off the coast of Spain.

Thought to have been hidden from barbarian invaders around 1,500 years ago, the stash was discovered by two brothers-in-law cleaning rubbish from the seabed in Alicante.

Sep 23 14:03

Not in my back yard! Singer Rag 'n' Bone Man accuses property developers of 'bully tactics' over plans to build dozens of houses NEXT to his £1m Sussex home

He asked residents in the affluent market town to support his opposition to the project, which is planned for the the Snatchells Farm site and includes 12 affordable homes

Sep 23 14:02

Scotland effectively decriminalised drugs yesterday in a major shake-up of policing. Officers will now be advised to issue only a ‘recorded police warning’ to anyone they catch in possession of illicit substances, including Class A heroin and cocaine. SNP

Eco-activists who have caused chaos to drivers could be banned from the entire motorway network.

Government lawyers were last night examining whether to apply for sweeping powers that could see protesters locked up if they set foot on the trunk roads.

Sep 23 14:01

Boris says he wants to 'reach out' to France after AUKUS pact row… but will Emmanuel Macron take his call in the wake of 'Franglais' jibes?

Boris Johnson has insisted he wants to 'reach out' to France over the AUKUS security pact row, despite ridiculing Emanuel Macron's reaction in 'Franglais'.

The PM said he is determined to 'sort something out' after admitting he and Joe Biden had been 'taken aback' by the extent of French fury.

Sep 23 13:58

How real life ‘Papa Smurf’ was left with blue skin & white beard from bizarre home remedy until his death

A REAL life "Papa Smurf" was left with blue skin and a white beard after drinking liquid silver right up until his death aged 62.

Paul Karason died in an Oregon hospital on this day eight years ago after a heart attack - but the incredible pictures of his unique looks continue to circulate onlin

Sep 23 13:58

Ryder Cup 2021: Whistling Straits course guide – pars, yards and hole-by-hole strategy for Europe vs USA

TEE time is nearly here for the most ferocious contest in golf.

The 43rd Ryder Cup will get underway in Whistling Straits, Wisconsin with 24 players locking horns for Europe and USA.

Sep 23 12:20

'Literally erasing women': ACLU is slammed for altering Ruth Bader Ginsburg quote about abortion rights to remove female pronouns and replacing 'woman' with 'person'

The American Civil Liberties Union has been slammed over a tweet which altered a famous quote from the late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg about abortion rights, replacing the word 'woman' with 'person' and swapping female pronouns with 'they.'

Sep 23 12:19

BLM co-founder SUES LAPD for 'terrorizing her' by surrounding her home after receiving swatting call saying she was being held hostage

A Black Lives Matter activist is suing the Los Angeles Police Department after she was targeted in a ‘swatting’ incident in which heavily armed officers surrounded her home last year because a prankster claimed there were hostages held inside.

Sep 23 12:19

Students at Pennsylvania university are warned they could be punished if they fail to use the preferred pronoun for their classmates - regardless of intent

Students at a Pennsylvania university could face disciplinary actions if they don't respect their classmates' preferred gender pronouns.

Sep 23 12:18

Reined In: White House BANS Mounted Border Patrol Agents Over Haitian Migrant 'Whipping' Controversy

Jen Psaki revealed Thursday that Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas told civil rights leaders that his agency will not continue to allow agents to operate on horseback at the border in Del Rio.

Sep 23 12:18

Richmond Unveils 12-Foot Bronze Statues Of Emancipated Slaves Near Site Of Torn-Down Monument Of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee In Victory For BLM

A new monument to Virginia's African Americans who fought for emancipation was unveiled in Richmond just two miles from the site of the bronze statue of Confederate Army General Robert E. Lee that was taken down after Black Lives Matter protests.

Sep 23 12:16

Weekly unemployment claims rise 16k to 351k despite 10MILLION job openings, with retail and hospitality industries DESPERATE for staff

The number of Americans filing new claims for jobless benefits rose by 16,000 last week despite a massive shortage of workers in key industries, including retail, hospitality and education, leaving 10million positions open across the country.

Sep 23 12:16

Now N.Y. Times compares Biden to Trump over border crisis and Afghanistan debacle after Washington Post slammed him over freedom of the press

A slew of critical news coverage from the mainstream media and record-low approval polls are the latest evidence the United States is souring on President Joe Biden.

Sep 23 12:14

Dems' $3.5trillion reconciliation bill poses 'existential threat' to US economy, US Chamber of Commerce warns

The US Chamber of Commerce president warned Americans on Wednesday that progressives' hefty $3.5 trillion reconciliation bill poses an 'existential threat' to the national economy.

Sep 23 12:14

Biden White House wants to release information about what Trump and his aides were doing during Jan 6 Capitol attack to House committee

President Joe Biden's White House will likely comply with requests for information about what former President Donald Trump and his aides were doing during the January 6 Capitol attack - setting up a legal battle with the ex-president.

Sep 23 12:12

Fifty Companies Condemn Texas Abortion Law for Threatening Employees’ ‘Economic Stability’

More than 50 companies have signed a statement condemning a new Texas law that bans abortion after a fetal heartbeat can be detected.

Sep 23 12:11

“We are losing our Country!”...Trump Calls Out Sen Lindsey Graham for Not Fighting

President Trump released a blistering message directed at Senators Mike Lee and Lindsey Graham. He said what everyone has been saying since the 2020 election…Republicans don’t fight. Trump called out Senator Graham for not fighting for him and said he should be “ashamed” for not fighting.

Sep 23 12:07

EXCLUSIVE: Anti-woke British actor Laurence Fox will play Hunter Biden in upcoming film from conservative filmmakers chronicling the president's son's 'partying lifestyle and dodgy business practices'

Laurence Fox, 43, will play Hunter Biden, 51, in 'My Son Hunter,' an upcoming independent film 'exposing Biden family corruption', .

Sep 23 12:07

Biden’s Approval Rating among Black Voters Falls after Private-Sector Vaccine Mandate

President Biden’s net approval rating among unvaccinated black voters has dropped a stunning 17 points since he announced plans to implement a federal vaccine mandate for companies with more than 100 people, according to a new Morning Consult poll.

Sep 23 12:07

Judge rules against Federal Prosecutors — Orders release of January 6th videos…

Federal prosecutors released a new collection of Capitol surveillance videos from Jan. 6 after a judge ordered them to do so, rejecting the Democrat’s argument that making the clips public could threaten the security of the complex.

US District Chief Judge Beryl Howell ordered the videos released in response to a request from a media coalition (including BuzzFeed News) that is petitioning judges on a rolling basis for videos that prosecutors have relied on in Jan. 6 cases. Howell’s decision isn’t binding on other judges in the US District Court for the District of Columbia presiding over Capitol riot prosecutions, but it gives the media coalition a favorable ruling to point to in future fights.

Sep 23 12:06

Petty Woolworths Shopper's Spiteful Act After Checkout Worker Doesn't Say 'Have A Nice Day' As He Left The Supermarket

A spiteful Woolworths shopper has decided to retaliate after the checkout worker didn't say 'have a nice day' as he left the store.

Sep 23 12:06

FedEx Teams Up With Tech Startup Aurora To Test SELF-DRIVING Deliveries Between Dallas And Houston - But With A Safety Driver For Now

FedEx has teamed up with self-driving technology company Aurora to test driverless deliveries between Dallas and Houston, but for now with a safety driver.

Sep 23 12:04

Afghan evacuee, 20, is charged with sexually assaulting minors at US Air Force base and another, 32, is indicted for 'choking his wife'

An Afghan refugee being housed at a United States Air Force base is being federally charged with sexually assaulting minors, while another faces assault charges for allegedly choking his wife.

Sep 23 12:04

US vows to back European countries as blame for soaring energy prices shifts to Russia

The US yesterday vowed to back European countries suffering from soaring energy prices as blame for the crisis shifted to supply restrictions from Russia.

Sep 23 12:03

Let them keepsake! Two diamond bracelets that Marie Antoinette entrusted to a friend before her execution are set to fetch £3MILLION at auction

Two diamond bracelets that belonged to Marie Antoinette who entrusted them to a friend for safekeeping before her execution are tipped to sell for £3million.

Sep 23 12:03

Colorado State University student, 24, who made comments about how he 'liked to kill people' is arrested after cops find cache of loaded weapons and nearly 1,000 rounds of ammunition in his truck

A Colorado State University student who allegedly made threats towards staff and and other students was arrested when cops found a cache of loaded weapons and 1,000 rounds of ammunition in his truck on campus.

Sep 23 12:01

Titans of war left to rust: Eerie pictures show abandoned tanks, fighter jets and warships rotting away in military bases around the world

Rows upon rows of tanks, the last Soviet-made locomotive and a one-of-a-kind invention are among the rusting objects captured in eerie images of abandoned military equipment from around the world.

Sep 23 12:01

Man, 55, is shot dead while bringing food to the the homeless in Oakland as gun violence surges in the city

Robert Herron, 55, was delivering donations he'd amassed with girlfriend Lisa Chavez in East Oakland on August 20 around 9.30 am when a man he had never met shot him several times.

Sep 23 11:59

Scrimshaw whale tooth that JFK displayed on his Oval Office desk and Jackie Kennedy later gifted to a US general is up for sale for $30,000

A prized scrimshaw whale tooth which was displayed on John F. Kennedy's desk at the Oval Office has emerged for sale for $30,000.

Sep 23 11:58

World Leaders Must 'Blow Out The Candles Of A World On Fire' And Tackle Climate Change Together, Boris Johnson Says - As He Takes Kermit The Frog To Task And Insists: 'It IS Easy Being Green'

Boris Johnson told UN leaders overnight they must 'blow out the candles of a world on fire' and tackle climate change together in a powerful speech in New York.

Sep 23 11:58

Yemen's 'Well Of Hell' Is Explored For The First Time: Shunned By Locals Who Fear It's Home To GENIES, Climbers Rappel Down The 100ft Wide, 200ft Deep Hole In The Desert To Find Its Real Inhabitants - Snakes

A team of cave divers have made what is thought to be the first descent to the bottom of Yemen's 'Well of Hell,' a 100-foot wide hole in the desert whose origins are unknown.

Sep 23 11:57

Back to woke school! Liberal Canadian PM Justin Trudeau can't seem to pronounce LGBTQ2+

The world's wokest leader Justin Trudeau had a very difficult time using the acronym 'LGBTQ2+' during a press conference.

Sep 23 11:56

EXCLUSIVE: Parents of three-year-old launch $20M lawsuit against Disney Cruise Line after crew 'failed to intervene' when their daughter was 'excessively groped and sexually abused onboard by older girl in Princess Leia costume'

The parents of a 'traumatized' three-year-old girl are suing Disney Cruise Line for $20million claiming crewmembers failed to intervene as the youngster was sexually abused in an on-board youth club, can exclusively reveal.

Sep 23 11:55

Shouldn't you be dealing with a pandemic? Dr Fauci reveals he is 'taking notes' for his planned memoirs but insists he is not writing them and claims he is media shy in new Disney + documentary

Dr Anthony Fauci has revealed he is making notes for his memoir, but insisted that he was fully focused on combating the COVID-19 pandemic despite a new documentary being made of his work.

Sep 23 11:55

Anti-viral drug remdesivir reduces risk of hospitalization in high-risk COVID-19 patients by 87% when given early

Remdesivir reduces the risk of hospitalization and medical visits due to COVID-19 in high-risk patients, new data suggest.