Oct 26 11:26

A Zucker Born Every Minute: Facebook Stock RISES As Company Reports Quarterly Profits Soared 17% To $9.2BILLION Despite Slew Of Devastating Whistleblower Claims

Despite an avalanche of damaging whistleblower claims and revelations based on internal documents, Facebook on Monday reported soaring profits for the latest quarter.

Oct 26 11:23

Corona (Picture)

Oct 26 11:23

Prince Andrew lawsuit 'will cast cloud over Queen's Platinum Jubilee': Royal experts warn monarchy 'could be damaged when it should be rejoicing' when key moments in rape case are heard days before celebration

The Queen's platinum jubilee is set to be dogged by her son Palace Andrew's court drama, in what a royal expert has described as 'grim news' for Buckingham Palace.

Oct 26 11:21

White Privilege! (Video)

Oct 26 11:21

Princess Mako bows out of Japan's royal family as she marries commoner - and APOLOGISES for 'trouble' their engagement caused while condemning press coverage that left her with PTSD

Princess Mako of Japan has given up her royal title to marry her commoner boyfriend in a move that has sharply divided public opinion.

Oct 26 11:18

Florida Cops Who Thought They Were Surveilling Brian Laundrie After He'd Already Vanished To Swamp Admit They Mistakenly Watched His MOM Instead And Blame Her Baseball Cap For Confusing Them

Police in Florida admitted Monday that investigators who believed they had surveillance on Brian Laundrie last month were actually trailing his mother, Roberta Laundrie.

Oct 26 11:17

Biden touts 'lynchpin' alliance with Southeast Asian leaders as China threat to Taiwan looms - and hints at future trip to the region to show support

President Joe Biden on Tuesday hinted at an in-person visit to the Southeast Asian region as the United States looks to counter the growing Chinese influence in that sphere of the world.

Oct 26 11:15

Why China IS as responsible for climate change as anyone: Shocking data shows country is the world's second-largest cumulative polluter since 1850 - despite Beijing insisting the West is to blame

China bears responsibility for climate change even when historic emissions are taken into account, new figures have shown, despite Beijing's long-standing attempt to blame the West's industrial revolution for the crisis.

Oct 26 11:08

Democrats Want GOP Lawmakers Reportedly Involved in Capitol Riots Expelled From Congress

On Monday, the US media claimed that the organisers of the Capitol riots took part in "dozens" of planning meetings with members of Congress and White House staff ahead of the 6 January event.

Democratic lawmakers have reacted angrily to reports that some of their Republican colleagues helped to plan the protest in the run-up to the 6 January Capital riots, demanding that they should be expelled from Congress.

New York Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tweeted on Monday that "any member of Congress who helped plot a terrorist attack on our nation's capitol must be expelled".

Oct 26 11:07

Judge Rules O’Keefe’s Schemes Can Be Portrayed to Jury as ‘Political Spying’

A federal judge has dealt conservative figure James O’Keefe a legal blow, ruling that his group’s undercover operations against a Democratic consulting firm can fairly be described at an upcoming million-dollar trial as “political spying.”

Making matters worse for the right-wing star, the judge cited O’Keefe’s own book as evidence against him.

In 2016, Allison Maass, an operative for O’Keefe’s Project Veritas group, took an internship at Democratic firm Democracy Partners under a fake name. While staffers at the firm thought Maass was working to elect Democrats in the 2016 campaign, she was secretly recording them and relaying undercover video and notes on the group to Project Veritas. Project Veritas eventually released the video, prompting Democracy Partners founder Robert Creamer to “step back” from the Hillary Clinton campaign.

Oct 26 11:06

Biden memes keep getting better…

I like the Star Trek one!

Oct 26 11:06

Cops probing Brian Laundrie's death say water-damaged notebook found near his body at Florida swamp 'may be salvageable', sparking hopes it could hold key to solving Gabby Petito's murder

A water-damaged notebook found near Brian Laundrie's body may be 'salvageable', cops say, raising hopes it could yield clues to help solve Gabby Petito's murder.

Oct 26 11:06

Asst. Director Who Handed Alec Baldwin Prop Gun Terminated from Previous Film After Firearm Incident: Reports

Rust assistant director David Halls, who handed Alec Baldwin a prop gun moments before the fatal on-set shooting last week, was reportedly terminated from a previous film after a situation involving a firearm injured a crew member.

Halls was the assistant director on 2019's Freedom's Path when a gun unexpectedly discharged on the Arkansas set. A crew member from the sound department reportedly jumped back from the blast and incurred an injury, the film's producers told Deadline and CNN.

"Halls was removed from set immediately after the prop gun discharged. Production did not resume filming until Dave was off-site," producers told both outlets. "An incident report was taken and filed at that time."

The unnamed producers also told CNN that Halls "was very remorseful for the events, and understood the reasons he was being terminated."

Oct 26 11:05

Sailing ship captures a narco sub

Consider it a win for 18th century technology over late 20th century criminal innovation.

A three-masted sailing ship belonging to the Ecuadorian Navy last week captured a so-called narco sub, a homemade low-profile vessel (LPV) designed to transport illegal narcotics, in the Pacific Ocean off Colombia, according to a statement from Ecuador's military.

It said the barque Guayas, used to train naval cadets in seamanship, interdicted the narco sub, in international waters between the exclusive economic zones of Colombia and the Ecuadorian islands in the Pacific.

Three Ecuadorian nationals and one Colombian were taken into custody, the statement said, though it did not give any details on what narcotics might have been aboard the narco sub, which was powered by three outboard engines.

Oct 26 11:05

Time To Pardon The Thanksgiving Turkey? Supply Chain Crisis Sees Price Of Popular Bird Rocket By 27% In A Year, With Pumpkin Pie, Potatoes And Grapes Also Soaring In Price

This year’s Thanksgiving feast is biting back as the ongoing supply chain crisis causes some holiday favorites to balloon in price, with turkeys now 27 per cent more expensive.

Oct 26 11:04

So easy to trigger a Lib…

Oct 26 11:03

'I was better than LeBron James!' Troubled ex-NBA player Delonte West hurls homophobic slurs at cops and claims he's the greatest basketball player ever in disturbing video from his public intoxication arrest in Florida

Ex-NBA player Delonte West unleashed a homophobic tirade at police and claimed he's a better player than former teammate LeBron James in shocking new footage from his public intoxication arrest in Florida last week.

Oct 26 11:03

Nowadays (Picture)

Oct 26 11:02

All I want for Christmas is a discount: Retailers slash Black Friday deals as supply chain chaos drives up costs - California ports to FINE shippers over container backlogs as terminals 'run out of space'

Retailers are warning that they will offer fewer discounts this holiday season as supply chain chaos continues to spur shortages and raise prices across the country.

Oct 26 10:58

EXCLUSIVE: Former Tinder CEO Greg Blatt Had Valued The Dating App At $12BILLION - Which He Used To Lure Talent Away From Other Tech Companies - A Year Before 'Intentionally Lowballing Its Worth', Internal Emails Claim

Greg Blatt, the former CEO of Tinder, valued the popular dating app at nearly $12billion in 2016, a year before he allegedly schemed to devalue the company to just $3billion to cheat them out of billions of dollars in stock options, according to internal emails obtained

Oct 26 10:57

Reopen the asylums…

Oct 26 10:56

Texas Governor Greg Abbott bans transgender student athletes from competing as the gender they identify with in school sports: New rules mean they must compete as sex listed on their birth certificate

Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed a bill Monday that bans transgender athletes in public schools from competing alongside the gender with which they identify, mandating that they must compete as the sex listed on their birth certificate.

Oct 26 10:56

Catfish of the year (Picture)

Oct 26 10:56

New Jersey assistant teacher is suspended ‘after saying “We don’t negotiate with terrorists” to Muslim boy, 17, who asked for more time to complete math assignment’

A New Jersey assistant teacher was suspended for allegedly calling a Muslim student a 'terrorist' after he asked for more time on a math assignment.

Oct 26 10:41

This Isn’t the Big Telescope Debut NASA Imagined

JWST, an enormous $9.7 billion observatory with 18 mirrors coated in gold, is scheduled to launch into space this December. It’s the scientific successor to the Hubble Space Telescope, which completely altered our view of the universe. Scientists around the world are ready to see JWST go; the telescope has been over budget and behind schedule for years. But rather than focusing on that long-awaited triumph, they’re caught up in a controversy over the 20-year-old naming decision.

Oct 26 10:36

Novak Djokovic 1, Dan Andrews 0

Oct 26 10:36

Bedtime stories go woke! Waterstones shelves are bulging with feminist fairytales and memoirs such as 'How To Be A Better White Person' to teach children about white privilege and racism

From Little House On The Prairie to Dr Seuss, bedtime reading for children is rapidly becoming a battlefield with classic stories slapped with 'trigger warnings' for 'harmful content' or popular authors such as Enid Blyton 'cancelled'.

Oct 26 10:35

'Guns Don't Kill People Alec Baldwin Kills People': Don Jr. Is Slammed For Selling $27.99 Tees Mocking Actor For Accidentally Shooting Dead Cinematographer On Rust Set

Donald Trump Jr has incurred a torrent of criticism for selling T-shirts mocking the death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins after she was accidentally shot by Alec Baldwin on set last week.

Oct 26 10:35

Defence Secretary Ben Wallace slams Donald Trump's peace deal with the Taliban saying it 'couldn’t have been more helpful to the regime in achieving its victory' in taking over Afghanistan

The Defence Secretary today blamed Donald Trump for the speedy collapse of Afghanistan into the hands of the Taliban.

Oct 26 10:35

'Rust' crew members used guns with live ammunition hours before fatal shooting.

Crew members on the set of "Rust" used guns with live ammunition and engaged in a pastime called "plinking" hours before Halyna Hutchins was killed, founder and CEO of The Wrap, Sharon Waxman, told CNN's Don Lemon Monday night, citing information from an individual with knowledge of the set.

Oct 26 10:35

Investigation finds harsh tactics commonly used by police officers on children across US

The panic as he was led outside into the cold March darkness with his mother, Domonique Wilson, and his older brother, arms raised, to face a wall of police officers pointing their guns.

Oct 26 10:34

Dad in Ohio shoots son because he wouldn’t stop playing guitar, court docs say

A 79-year-old Blue Ash man is accused of shooting his son because he wouldn’t stop playing the guitar, court records show.

Oct 26 10:28

Gun that killed Halyna Hutchins used for leisure shooting by crew the morning of the accident: report

Crew members on the movie "Rust" reportedly used the firearm involved in the death of Halyna Hutchins the morning of the fatal accident.

According to a search warrant executed by the Santa Fe County Sheriff's office, obtained by Fox News, Armorer Hanna Gutierrez Reed handled the prop gun, leaving it among others on a cart outside the set location they were filming. Assistant director Dave Halls then retrieved the gun and handed it to actor Alec Baldwin announcing that it was a "cold gun," a term used to indicate that a prop gun is safe to handle and not loaded with live ammunition.

However, somewhere along the line, there was a miscommunication and a live round was put in the weapon that discharged when Baldwin pulled the trigger, killing Hutchins and wounding director Joel Souza. TMZ previously speculated, after sources close to the set reported that the guns were sometimes used for off-time target practice, that the hobby contributed to the live-round mixup.

Oct 26 10:27

John Oliver says 'f---ing let' police officers who resist vaccine mandates quit

"Last Week Tonight" host John Oliver took aim at police officers who have yet to get the COVID-19 vaccine, encouraging them to "f---ing" quit if they don't want to comply.

"The police are supposed to be keeping the public safe," Oliver said. "That is the point of their jobs. Yet some don't seem to give much of a s--t about that."

The liberal host singled out the Chicago and New York Police Departments as falling under that category. CPD officers, he noted, resisted uploading their vaccination statuses to a portal. Over 20 officers are on a no-pay status for refusing to comply and face possible termination, the Chicago Sun-Times has reported.

Oct 26 10:27

When You See No Way Out (Picture)

Oct 26 10:27

Judge Rules Loudoun County Teen Sexually Assaulted Female Student In Girls’ Bathroom

Ruling on a the case that has seized national attention and reinvigorated debate over parental rights in public education, a Virginia juvenile court judge concluded Monday that a transgender teenager sexually assaulted a female student in a Loudoun County high school in May.

Oct 26 10:26

City repairs curb reported damaged 28 years ago — 16 years earlier than scheduled

Tyrone Bay resident Calvin Hawley finally has some curb appeal back on his street.

Oct 26 10:25

Va. Parents Blast ‘Tone-Deaf’ Obama Over Education Complaints Amid Sexual Assault Allegations

Virginia parents ripped into former President Barack Obama as he was campaigning on behalf of Democratic gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe over the weekend over what they termed as “tone-deaf” remarks regarding complaints about school curriculum and alleged sexual assaults that did not get reported.

On Saturday, Obama took aim at McAuliffe’s GOP rival, Glenn Youngkin, for his campaign’s focus on the highly emotional topic of education, dismissing them as not serious and based on “fake outrage.”

“We don’t have time to be wasting on these phony trumped-up culture wars, this fake outrage that right-wing media peddles to juice their ratings,” Obama said, going on to accuse Youngkin of avoiding “serious problems that affect serious people” while saying that outrage over the actions of various school boards isn’t justified, Fox News reported.

At that, Virginia parents and parental advocates fired back at those remarks, labeling the 44th president “tone-deaf” and “clueless.”

Oct 26 10:25

Democrats to Biden: Start pushing back more aggressively against Trump

As former President Donald Trump maintains his grip on the Republican Party and further spreads conspiracies about the 2020 election, some Democrats and progressive activists are urging President Joe Biden to speak out more forcefully against his predecessor.

Oct 26 10:25

Best Buy and Home Depot drop security cameras linked to Uyghur surveillance

According to TechCrunch, Best Buy, Home Depot, and Lowes will no longer be selling security cameras from Lorex and Ezviz after the outlet reported on the brands’ parent companies’ involvement in supplying the Chinese government with surveillance tech.

Oct 26 10:20

Detectives find loose and boxed ammunition and a 'fanny pack with ammo' on Rust set where Alec Baldwin accidentally shot and killed cinematographer Halyna Hutchins, 42, as he rehearsed drawing a gun

Detectives have recovered loose and boxed ammunition and a 'fanny pack w/ammo' from the set of Rust where Alec Baldwin shot and killed cinematographer Halyna Hutchins.

An inventory of seized items was released by authorities but did not specify the type of ammo nor whether it included live or dummy bullets or blank cartridges.

The items included three revolvers, two boxes of 'ammo,' 'loose ammo and boxes', spent casings as well as 'a fanny pack w/ammo', according to the inventory delivered to Santa Fe County Magistrate Court.

Oct 26 10:20

Hiker lost on US mountain ignored calls from rescuers because he didn’t recognize the number

A man who became lost for 24 hours while hiking on Colorado’s highest mountain ignored repeated phone calls from rescue teams because they came from an unknown number, authorities say.

Oct 26 10:19

Loudoun County judge finds boy 'in a skirt' GUILTY of sexually assaulting female student in girls' bathroom: Victim's vindicated parents demand apology from NSBA for labeling them 'domestic terrorists' for trying to protect their daughter

A Loudoun County judge has found a teenage boy 'in a skirt' guilty of sexually assaulting a 15-year-old female classmate in the girls' bathrooms at their school, siding with the victim's outraged parents who were shamed for protesting against trans bathroom rules after the incident.

The teenage girl's father Scott Smith was dragged out of a meeting on June 22 after hearing teachers from the woke Loudoun County school board claim they'd received no reports of sexual assaults involving students in the bathrooms, when less than a month earlier, his daughter had reported just that.

Superintendent Scott Ziegler sent an email to parents on the day it happened to say the school was investigating, but told the room on June 22: 'To my knowledge, we don’t have any record of assaults occurring in our restrooms.'

Oct 26 10:19

Kamala heckled aggressively…

Oct 26 10:19

NYC’s Largest Police Union Sues City over Vaccine Mandate

The largest police union in New York City sued the city Monday to block enforcement of the vaccine mandate for municipal workers recently imposed by Mayor Bill de Blasio.

Oct 26 10:19

Amazon's warehouse workers in Staten Island file petition for union election

A coalition of Amazon warehouse workers in New York City have officially filed a petition for a union election with the National Labor Relations Board on Monday.

Oct 26 10:19

Thirteen Australian Women Pulled Off a Plane to Have Their Genitals 'Invasively Examined' at Doha Airport!

Thirteen Australian women were pulled off a plane to have their genitals 'invasively examined' at Doha Airport after a foetus was found in the terminal bathroom.

Oct 26 10:13

Bioethicist Claims Allowing Circumcision Is Sexist

Many bioethicists and progressive politicians want to outlaw infant circumcision — even though it is an essential aspect of Jewish faith and almost as important in Islam. In a few instances, the “intactivist” campaign has taken on explicitly anti-Semitic tropes.

Oct 26 10:12

Loudoun County Father Calls on NSBA to Apologize Directly to Parents over ‘Domestic Terrorism’ Letter

The father of a girl who was allegedly sexually assaulted in a Loudoun County, Va., school called on the National School Boards Association to apologize directly to parents for comparing them to domestic terrorists.

Oct 26 10:12

Domestic violence support services admit feeling powerless to protect wives of cops; over 80% of cops charged with domestic violence are never investigated

Domestic violence workers say they come in “waves” — women who, three or four at a time, step forward for help escaping a special class of abuser experts deem particularly high risk: police officers.

Oct 26 10:12

Dads work to change tone of high school after massive fights and nearly 2 dozen arrests

A group of dads has come together in an effort to change the tone on their children’s school campus.

Oct 26 10:10

Ron Johnson Calls On DHS to Reveal Number of Illegal Immigrants Released into U.S.

Senator Ron Johnson (R., Wis.) is demanding that the Department of Homeland Security share with Congress any internal administration communications related to its decision to release hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants into the U.S., according to a new report.

Oct 26 10:10

Boring Regulation Fixes Are the Way Out of the Supply-Chain Crisis

When something causes nationwide problems, it’s tempting to look for a nationwide response. The current supply-chain crisis is indeed causing nationwide problems, and many have looked to the Department of Transportation and other federal authorities for a solution. There don’t seem to be any on offer.

Oct 26 10:10

America Can’t Fix Its Doctor Shortage without Fixing Federal Financing

The United States is facing a critical shortage of doctors. Our health-care system produces fewer physicians per person than virtually every other developed country. Of the doctors we do train, most opt for high-paying specialties instead of pursuing careers in primary care. The result has been a persistent gap in primary-care access despite soaring levels of spending, now exacerbated by the COVID-19 crisis.