Oct 26 09:11

The Wrong Way to Fight Progressive Indoctrination in Public Schools

When it comes to exposing the illegitimacy of the administrative state, Columbia Law School constitutional scholar Philip Hamburger’s work has been invaluable. This past weekend, in a Wall Street Journal op-ed, he turned his attention to another pernicious progressive project: the conversion of the nation’s public schools into ideological-indoctrination factories that peddle woke, race-obsessed anti-Americanism.

Oct 26 09:11

Rationality Is Not a White Male Thing

George Orwell famously said that “there are some ideas so absurd that only an intellectual could believe them.”

Oct 26 09:00

NYC Commuters Blast Climate Protesters Blocking Highways: ‘Why Can’t I Go to Work?’

New York City commuters confronted climate-change protesters who blocked rush-hour traffic on crucial highways on the east and west sides of Manhattan on Sunday.

Oct 26 09:00

Texas Governor Signs Law Banning Students from Competing against Opposite Sex in Sports

Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed a bill Monday mandating that transgender athletes participate in school sports teams corresponding to the biological sex listed on their birth certificate.

Oct 26 08:56

Centuries-old mystery of Fountains Abbey is finally SOLVED: 'Bowling alley-shaped' strip of land next to monastery is revealed to be the foundations of an 'industrial scale' 850-year-old medieval tannery

Archaeologists have discovered evidence of a massive medieval tannery at Fountains Abbey, one of the largest ruined Cistercian monasteries in England.

The researchers, from the National Trust and the University of Bradford, used ground penetrating radar to identify the remains of the tannery – where hides of animals are treated to produce leather – at the 12th century abbey near Ripon in North Yorkshire.

Oct 26 08:55

The find is of particular significance because of its size – the researchers said it indicated an industrial scale operation requiring hundreds of people. The two buildings dedicated to tanning operations at Fountains Abbey are marked in red. The one on t

GOOD Morning Britain's Laura Tobin was left feeling a little sheepish as she accidentally rode a ewe live on air during today's show.

The weather reporter was giving her daily update as she fed sheep at a farm when the blunder happened, seeing her fly across the screen.

Oct 26 08:45

Biden “Whisper-Shouts” Again In Awkward Speech Full of Gaffes and Lies [Video]

Joe Biden is in New Jersey promoting his Build Back Better boondoggle. He made an appearance at a pre-school and then delivered a speech that was full of gaffes and lies.

Oct 26 08:44

Fifty Years of Chinese Subversion at the U.N.

Fifty years ago today, Taiwan’s foreign minister made a prediction about the Chinese Communist Party that’s held up spectacularly well.

Oct 26 08:44

Greene Fined a Third Time for Violating House Floor Mask Mandate

Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R., Ga.) has been fined a third time for violating the House floor mask policy, the House Ethics Committee announced on Monday.

Oct 26 08:37

Biden Gets Touchy With Pre-Schoolers...Straddles Young Boy in Awkward Appearance [Video]

Joe Biden really likes little kids but gets too close and touchy every time he’s in a room with them. This made for an awkward appearance today in North Plainfield, New Jersey, where he’s promoting his Build Back Better boondoggle.

Oct 26 08:37

Terry McAuliffe Embraces Stacey Abrams’s Stolen Election Conspiracy Theory

Terry McAuliffe, the Democratic nominee for governor in Virginia, held an event on Sunday with Stacey Abrams, who ran for governor in Georgia back in 2018.

Oct 26 08:17

Joe Biden Admits to a Classroom of Kids That He Hides from Reporters to “Avoid Answering” Questions [Video]

Joe Biden was visiting a classroom in Plainfield, New Jersey, when he admitted that he hides from reporters to “avoid answering” questions.

Oct 26 08:17

Biden’s Average Approval Rating Drops to New Low amid Inflation, Immigration Worries

Amid growing public concerns over inflation and immigration, President Biden’s average job approval rating has slumped to a new low.

Oct 26 08:16

Inside abandoned zoo with remains of great white SHARK floating in tank with razor sharp teeth intact

PHOTOS have revealed the insides of an abandoned zoo which was once home to the remains of a great white shark floating in a tank.

Spooky footage showed the huge four metre predator nestled deep in the once bustling grounds of the Wildlife Wonderland Park in Victoria, Australia - which had been closed since 2012.

Oct 26 08:15

I wanted to be cool so I got my eyebrows laminated – now I look like Mr Bean with two slugs on my forehead

Sarah was shocked by the results of the brow lamination that she got to 'keep up with the kids'

Oct 26 07:58

HAPPENING NOW: Thousands of NYC Workers March in Anti-Mandate March Shouting “F Joe Biden!” [Video]

Thousands of NYC workers have gathered to march across the Brooklyn bridge at an anti-mandate March organized by the Fire Department of New York. Most of the marchers are FDNY employees who are at risk of being fired if they don’t get the COVID jab.

Oct 26 07:57

“Don’t touch me”...Kyrsten Sinema Ambushed in Airport by Climate Activist [Video]

A climate activist ambushed Senator Kyrsten Sinema at the airport, telling her it’s getting “hotter and hotter” in Arizona. This is the second time leftist activists have followed Senator Sinema in the DC airport. She was ignoring the woman but at one point said, “don’t touch me,” as she followed closely.

Oct 26 07:57

She Creeps Me Out

Oct 26 07:57

MI Protesters Shout “NO AUDIT, NO PEACE!” As Guests Leave Fundraiser Hosted By MI RINO Senate Leader Mike Shirkey [VIDEO]

In 2016, Trump shocked the nation when he won the formerly blue state of Michigan. In 2020, the country was shocked again after believing Trump handily won the state where he was even more popular with blue-collar voters that used to vote for Democrats. When Michigan residents woke up, they discovered a massive dump of absentee votes were counted in the wee hours of the morning, giving Biden an alleged victory by 150K votes.

Oct 26 07:53

Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbott signed a bill into law on Monday that effectively bans biological males from being able to compete against biological females in public schools.

WILDLIFE photographers have captured some of the most astonishing animal moments of the year, including a great white shark attacking a diving cage and an elephant ramming a tourist bus.

Oct 26 07:53

“I’m trying to get to work!”...NYC Commuters Furious With ‘Climate’ Goons Blocking Traffic [Video]

New York City commuters were furious this morning when climate goons blocked traffic so they couldn’t get to work. One angry man got out of his car and yelled at the climate protesters who just looked at him with a blank stare. He ends up walking down the highway to get to work (video below).

Oct 26 07:53

HAS AMERICA BEEN SCAMMED? Who Is Ray Epps? What’s His Connection To Oath Keepers? And Why Did He Try So Hard To Convince Trump Supporters To Go Inside The Capitol On Jan 6th? [VIDEO]

Has America been scammed? Have Trump supporters been framed to look like domestic terrorists, while Democrats walk away from the biggest voter fraud scam in American history?

Oct 26 07:52

Texas Governor Greg Abbott Signs Bill Into Law Banning Biological Males From Female Sports In Schools

Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbott signed a bill into law on Monday that effectively bans biological males from being able to compete against biological females in public schools.

Oct 26 07:52

“We’ll treat you BETTER here”...Gov DeSantis Recruits Unvaccinated Out-of-State Law Enforcement With HUGE Incentive [Video]

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis says Florida is “actively working to recruit out-of-state law enforcement” officers who are quitting out of noncompliance to vaccine mandates.

Oct 26 07:43

“They took the votes away”...Tone Deaf Terry McAuliffe Claims Georgia Election was Stolen from Stacey Abrams

Virginia voters see through the political tactics of shady Terry McAuliffe, and it’s showing in the polls. What was once a sure thing for McAuliffe is now in question. The race for governor of Virginia is a dead heat thanks to self-inflicted wounds by McAuliffe and a strong grassroots campaign from Youngkin.

Oct 26 07:41

“Tell Biden we are coming”...Thousands of Illegals Use QR Code on Facebook to Join Caravan While ‘Border Czar’ Harris Plans Trip to Paris

Fox News reporter Griff Jenkins is following the caravan of thousands coming to America’s border. He reports the caravan is very organized as people can sign up using a QR code on Facebook. It’s being reported that smugglers are making millions every day bringing people from all over the globe to try and cross the US border.

Oct 26 07:41

NYC could shut down on Nov. 2nd

Oct 26 07:41

HYSTERICAL! Donald Trump Jr. Shares “greatest correction in the history of journalism”...Mocks Far-Left Washington Post For Fake News Story

Better known as the right arm of the Democratic Party propaganda machine, the Washington Post isn’t exactly known for its fair or honest reporting.

Oct 26 07:40

CDC Director: Unvaccinated Police, Government Workers To Be Sent For "Education And Counseling"

Appearing on Fox News Sunday, the CDC Director Rochelle Walensky declared that the Biden regime is planning to provide vaccine hesitant police and other government workers with “education and counseling” to make them “comfortable” about taking the shots.

Oct 26 07:31

Ron DeSantis Fights Back Against Tyrannical Fed Gov: “I will not let the heavy hand of government force Floridians to take a shot. That violates their constitutional rights…”

Thomas Massie is right. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is the best governor in America. He’s fighting against tyrannical mandates by the government. DeSantis recently outlined his intent for a special legislative session to pass state laws protecting workers from getting fired as a result of their vaccine status.

Oct 26 07:30

Texas Isn’t Letting Biden Destroy Our National Security: Nat. Guard Protects Border While Construction of Border Wall Continues

Despite the Biden administration’s failure to keep the border closed and secure, Texas has decided to do something about the crisis.

Oct 26 07:29

Lisa Boothe on Vaccines: “I’m doubling down as a giant middle finger to Joe Biden’s Tyranny”

Fox News contributor Lisa Boothe went off on the vaccine agenda on Dan Bongino’s show, calling it a “fight for freedom.”

Oct 26 07:24

Military coup underway in Sudan

Oct 26 07:23

Odysee Has a TOS Worse Than YouTube

Oct 26 07:18

Janis Bowdler appointed to serve as Treasury Department's first counselor for racial equity

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen has announced the appointment of Janis Bowdler to serve as Treasury's very first counselor for racial equity, a role that involves coordinating the department's attempts to promote racial equity, according to a news release.

Oct 26 07:17

Relatives of American hostages, detainees held in foreign countries press President Biden to 'bring our fellow Americans home'

The relatives of 26 American hostages and detainees being held in countries around the globe have signed a letter to President Joe Biden in which they question the administration's

Oct 26 07:15

Horowitz: It’s time for candidates and politicians to boycott Pfizer’s toxic PAC donations

This is Pfizer's country. We merely live in it.

Many of us have forgotten that the impetus behind the infamous 2005 Kelo v. New

Oct 26 07:06

Fate Of Anti-War Journalism Lies in Upcoming Assange Hearings

Within just a few days, the United States will once again make its case in a UK court that it has a right to extradite WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange to be tried under the Espionage Act, in what remains this century's most dangerous attack on global press freedom.

These hearings, taking place on October 27 and 28, are an attempt to appeal the decision that Judge Vanessa Baraitser made earlier this year to not extradite Assange to the United States because it is likely he will commit suicide if subjected to the inhumane conditions of the U.S. prison system. However, while this decision was focused on his health, these hearings are really about what the Assange case has always been about: the United States' determination to silence anyone who exposes the crimes of the U.S. empire.

Oct 26 07:03

Florida governor calls for special session to block mask and vaccine mandates

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis called for a special legislative session on Thursday, October 21, to put a ban on mask and vaccine mandates. The move is in response to the series of mandates imposed by President Joe Biden’s administration.

Oct 26 06:55

‘Mad scientists playing God’: Florida’s DeSantis calls for Fauci to be fired for ‘dangerous & cruel’ experiments on dogs

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has joined the chorus of US lawmakers lashing out at White House medical adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci for funding ‘hazardous’ virus research and ‘despicable’ experiments on dogs.

At issue are Fauci’s decisions as director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), a unit of the National Institute of Health (NIH), to invest US taxpayer funds in gain-of-function research at China’s Wuhan Institute of Virology, as well as allegedly cruel drug research using beagle pups.

Calling the gain-of-function research “very hazardous” and “unethical,” DeSantis said on Monday that the US has to “shut that down,” adding, “You can’t have mad scientists running around playing God like this.”

And then come to find out what else is Fauci and NIH doing? They’re doing cruel experiments on puppies. What they were doing with those puppies is flat-out disgusting, it’s despicable. That needs to stop.

Oct 26 06:52

What Baraitser Thought About the Plot to Kill or Abduct Assange

Lawyers for Julian Assange may try at the U.S. appeal hearing later this month to introduce weightier evidence that the Central Intelligence Agency seriously discussed killing or abducting the imprisoned journalist.

The lower court hearing before Judge Vanessa Baraitser in September last year already heard sworn testimony from a former partner and former employee of the Spanish security company UC Global that a U.S. intelligence agency had talked about poisoning or kidnapping Assange. This testimony is already evidence in the case.

In the wake of the Yahoo! News report in which that testimony was confirmed and substantially expanded, Assange’s lawyers may want to submit details from that report to demonstrate that fears of abduction and murder haunted Assange, leaving him in a mental state so fragile that Baraitser ruled against sending him to the U.S. — and possibly to an American dungeon where he’d be likely to take his life even before he got there.