Jun 15 10:36

Mayor de Blasio says NYC will hold TICKER TAPE PARADE for frontline workers - as NewYork-Presbyterian hospital tells employees to get vaccine by September 1

NewYork-Presbyterian says it is requiring all of its employees to get vaccinated against COVID-19.

Jun 15 10:35

#kids (Video)

Jun 15 10:34

Reserve your spot in the great outdoors! National Parks including Yellowstone are making people BOOK because they are becoming so overcrowded as lockdowns are lifted

With lockdowns lifted, Americans are heading for the great outdoors but in doing so some of the country's National Park are becoming overrun with visitors.

Jun 15 10:34

Circulating away (Picture)

Jun 15 10:31

Pakistani Immigrant Family Forced to Flee Washington to Avoid State 'Transitioning Their Autistic Son Into Their Daughter'

A Muslim Pakistani immigrant father who checked-in his 16-year-old autistic son to a Seattle hospital in a "terrible state of distress" was shocked to be told that his son was transgender and ended up hiring a lawyer who advised him to nod along with the state's assessment just to get his kid back so he and his family could flee the state.

Jun 15 10:26

UK Medical Freedom Alliance Demand Devi Sridhar to Make Public Apology For Misleading Claims About Covid-19 Vaccine Safety for Children

The UK Medical Freedom Alliance (UKMFA) have sent a letter of complaint to Professor Sridhar after she made claims on BBC Newsround – misleading claims including that the Covid-19 vaccines are 100% safe, that the benefits of the vaccine to children outweigh any risks, and that children should get the jab to protect their parents.

In a statement, the UKMFA said that they decided to write the open letter because the “simplified and biased message” is “deeply irresponsible” and “amounts to propaganda". They requested that Professor Sridhar retracts their message in its entirety and issues a public apology for failing to include the important facts of the risks of children receiving the Covid-19 vaccine.

Jun 15 10:25

Legal Notice for ‘Contempt of Court’ and ‘Crimes against Humanity’ served to Dr Tedros of the WHO

The Indian Bar Association has served a legal notice for contempt of court and crimes against humanity to the director general of the World Health Organisation, Dr Tedros Adhanom Gebreyesus, and the chief scientist at the WHO, Dr Soumya Swaminathan.

The IBA, a private bar association headquartered in Mumbai, served the notice due to the WHO continuing to spread disinformation about the drug ‘Ivermectin’, despite having full knowledge of a judgement passed by the Honourable High Court of Bombay at Goa on the 29th May 2021.

Jun 15 10:24

It works for me..(Picture)

Jun 15 10:19

CIA officer forced to retire after suffering mysterious Havana Syndrome that has left him with permanent headache says it's an 'act of war' by Russia against the US

A CIA officer who was forced to take early retirement after suffering from 'Havana Syndrome' feared to have been caused by a secret Russian microwave weapon claims the condition is an 'act of war' against the US.

Jun 15 10:18

Newly unearthed video 'proves live bats WERE kept at Wuhan lab' despite WHO investigator tweeting 'they DO NOT have live bats' as footage also shows Chinese researcher talking about 'accidents'

The Wuhan Institute of Virology did keep live bats on site despite one of the WHO's chief investigators dismissing it as a conspiracy theory, it has been claimed.

Jun 15 10:16

Follow Up on Arkansas Trooper Who Ran a Pregnant Woman into a Concrete Divider!

Jun 15 10:16

PICTURED: Man, 30, who shot dead a Georgia store cashier who told him to pull his mask up

A cashier was shot dead and an off-duty deputy was wounded after a male customer pulled out a gun and opened fire when told he had to pull up his face mask in a Georgia grocery store on Monday.

Jun 15 10:15

Omg we have them........ (Picture)

Jun 15 10:14

Top Republicans demand CRIMINAL charges for whoever leaked files showing billionaires including Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos paid no tax

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is demanding a criminal investigation into the leaking of confidential tax information, insisting that whoever was responsible be imprisoned.

Jun 15 10:14

In 2020 Kansas City, Missouri (a 55% White City), 85% of Known Homicide Suspects Are Non-White

Kansas City, Missouri is 55 percent white and 30 percent black. Our friends at the Kansas City Police Department put together one of the more thorough analysis of homicide available in all the nation on yearly basis.

The 2020 Homicide Report was especially revealing, noting of 176 victims:

72 percent were black
20 percent were white
But what was astonishing about 2020, was the race of the suspects in these homicides: 123 are black, 12 are Hispanic and 25 are white.

Which means, 85 percent of known homicide suspects in 55 percent white Kansas City, Missouri in 2020 were non-white.

Jun 15 10:14

Hmm.. (Picture)

Jun 15 10:12

Is the Critical Race Theory Instigating Racism in America?

Last week, Andrew Gutmann, the father of a student at a New York City private, wrote an op-ed for The Hill, lamenting "the explosive adoption of critical race theory" throughout the United States. What's behind the problem and why does it trigger so much controversy in the country?

Critical race theory (CRT) is increasingly influencing the nation's education, according to Andrew Gutmann, a father from New York whose open letter to the Brearley School went viral last month. He refers to thousands of letters from parents expressing devastation over their kids, some as young as five years old, being taught to feel guilty solely because of their skin colour. Arguing that an "anti-racist" education stokes division in American society, Gutmann notes that it's not only conservatives raising the alarm about the CRT but also self-described Democrats and liberals.

Jun 15 10:08

See also: sex workers (Picture)

Jun 15 10:02

Do the sums (Picture)

Jun 15 09:56

'Pipe down': Piers Morgan tells Harry and Meghan people are 'sick of their yapping', warns Biden isn't tough enough on China and Russia and that America misses Trump's 'forceful personality that cuts through the bureaucracy'

Piers Morgan has warned Harry and Meghan that the public are 'sick of their yapping' and said they 'can't have their royal cake and eat it' as the couple sign lucrative media deals and give high profile interviews, while demanding privacy.

Jun 15 09:55

Minimum wage: Dignity (Picture)

Jun 15 09:53

New Alzheimer's treatment could decrease number of harmful proteins that smother brain neurons by up to 59%, study finds

A new Alzheimer's treatment may be able to remove proteins associated with cognitive decline related to the age-related brain disease, a new study finds.

Jun 15 09:51

'I can't survive on $79,000 a month!' Socialite Libbie Mugrabi reopens $100M divorce battle with ex-husband David because anti-depressants 'affected her judgment' when she signed deal

A socialite whose $100 million divorce battle fascinated the New York press for years reopened her case on Monday, insisting that he had not complied with the terms.

Jun 15 09:48

80-minute video: Need to Know news for lucid analysis and commentary on current events (June 14, 2021)

Professor Emeritus Jim Fetzer, Monique Lukens, and I discuss current events here on BitChute (censored on YouTube).

For ~25 years I’ve learned from Professor Fetzer’s academic work; he offers 24 free video presentations from the False Flags and Conspiracies 2020 Virtual Conference.
Context: American Revolution 2.2 2020: PATRIOTS vs. LOYALISTS

I’m a professional historian with degrees from Berkeley and Harvard, helped craft and deliver ~300 policy briefs for Members of Congress on ending poverty that led to two UN Summits for heads of state, have written ~1,000 articles since 2009 with ~50 million page views that include published research, and was recognized by two Los Angeles Mayors as among the very best high school teachers among ~20,000 teachers in Central L.A.

Jun 15 09:47

Pretty sure… (Picture)

Jun 15 09:37

California Dumps a Trillion Gallon of Fresh Water in Ocean – Declares Water Shortage

California continues to dump trillions of gallons of fresh water in the ocean. It’s been raining cats and dogs in the LA basin and warnings of dams breaking from the pressure of so much water have become a weekly news item.

Roughly 350 billion gallons of water came pouring into the region’s biggest reservoirs over the past few days, boosting storage to levels not seen in years.

Yet only liberals would declare a water shortage in the face of all this! California used to feed the world but now the central California farming region is a disaster after spending years dumping good, fresh water into the ocean to protect a non-endangered bait fish.

Jun 15 09:36

Savage .. lol (Picture)

Jun 15 09:35

Single Is Not That Bad (Picture)

Jun 15 09:35

JPMorgan's CEO Jamie Dimon Says His Bank Is Stockpiling Cash Because There's A 'Very Good Chance' Inflation Is Here To Stay After Rising 5% To Highest Level In 13 Years

JPMorgan's longtime CEO Jamie Dimon says America's largest bank is currently 'stockpiling' cash because there's a 'very good chance' inflation is here to stay after being driven to its highest level in 13 years.

Jun 15 09:33

'I made a mistake': Marjorie Taylor Greene apologizes for saying vaccination passports are same as yellow stars worn by Jews in Nazi Germany before they were taken to gas chambers

Marjorie Taylor Greene on Monday apologized for likening mask mandates to the Holocaust, admitting there was 'no comparison' and saying she was 'very sorry'.

Jun 15 09:32

Gratitude! (Picture)

Jun 15 09:31

The blue state exodus: How Americans fled New York and California for Republican states of Arizona, Idaho and the Sun Belt to escape lockdowns and skyrocketing crime

The pandemic saw people leave Democratic blue states in droves and head towards sunnier climes in the red states of the south to escape the strict lockdowns and spiraling crime.

Jun 15 09:31

'Even North Korea Is Not This Nuts': North Korean Defector On Graduating From Ivy League University

North Korean defector Yeonmi Park, who escaped from North Korea at age 13 and recently graduated from Columbia University, says the dominant anti-white "woke" ideology in America is crazier and more oppressive than the state ideology in her home country.

After detailing to Fox News how she was taught in school from an early age in North Korea to hate "American bastards," Park said that at Columbia University "literally every professor was saying that the problems we have in today's world is because of white men."

"How they colonized Africa, how they colonized Asia... that's how they messed up everything, and they are the one who is to be blamed," Park continued. "And I couldn't believe it -- am I sitting in a North Korean class room or in America? I couldn't believe it, why people are hating their own people that much?"

Jun 15 09:30

That's True Bro. (Picture)

Jun 15 09:30

'Fox has been muzzling me': Moment reporter goes rogue on air and announces she's been SECRETLY recording her bosses and will reveal all with Project Veritas

A local Fox reporter has gone rogue and announced live on air that she's been secretly recording her bosses and will reveal all through right-wing activist group Project Veritas.

Jun 15 09:17

White Americans soon More Demonized Than Jews In Nazi Germany?

After 55 years of special privileges and special pleading for black Americans, where do we stand? Integration has failed.

Black Americans, or more correctly, those who speak for them, want black-only towns, black-only college dorms, black-only dining halls, and a black national anthem. Except for the black anthem, that’s what they had a half century ago prior to “affirmative action.”

How is it that when blacks demand segregation, it is not racism? asks the leading political economist and author, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, a regular at The Herland Report.

As Lawrence Stratton and I demonstrated in our book The New Color Line, racial quotas were strictly prohibited by the 1964 Civil Rights Act. Nevertheless, the law was stood upside down and quotas were imposed.

As a result many young whites, especially males, had their careers foreclosed. Less qualified people took their place in universities, in employment and in promotions.

Jun 15 09:14

Well (Picture)

Jun 15 08:46

Mysterious 'skyquake,’ which rattled San Diego, may have been caused by an aircraft flying off the coast at 1,100 MPH

A sonic boom was heard over parts of California and Mexico Tuesday
The loud noise hit residents living 17 miles outside of San Diego County

Jun 15 08:42

"Self" Checkout (Cartoon)

Jun 15 08:41

Jaw-dropping video shows species of moray is the first-known fish to feed on land without water thanks to their secondary 'mouth' like the creature in Alien

Snowflake morays can slither onto land and grab a tasty crab with this 'pharyngeal' jaw

Jun 15 08:40

Healthcare costs (Picture)

Jun 15 08:40

Sign here! 7,000-year-old letter seal found in Israel could have been used to sign for deliveries

A 7,000-year-old clay impression was discovered in Israel 's Beit She'an Valley

Jun 15 08:39

Unravelling the mystery of Germany's 'Stonehenge': Archaeologists discover 130 dwellings around an Early Bronze Age monument – indicating there was once a community living at the ritualistic site

The archaeological site is near to the village of Pömmelte, 85 miles from Berlin
The woodhenge consists of seven rings of palisades, ditches and raised banks

Jun 15 08:37

Ashli Babbitt Attorney Terrell Roberts Drops HUGE Clue to Identity of Her Killer (VIDEO)

Tucker Carlson: Mr. Roberts, let me ask you, there are reports online, that’s incredible I don’t know if they’re true, that the Capitol Hill police officer who shot Ashli Babbitt, I’m not going to mention the name, was the same officer that left his loaded handgun in a public men’s room on the Capitol. Do you believe that is the officer, it seems like a very reckless person, who shot and killed Ashli Babbitt on January 6th?

Attorney Terrell Roberts: That’s my belief. That’s my belief.

Jun 15 08:37

Well, not that shocked (2 Pics)

Jun 15 08:37

Brits in six areas hit with new Covid rules to halt travel in or out to stop Delta variant spread

SIX new Delta variant hotspots have been hit with travel restrictions to stop the spread of the mutation.

Residents in Birmingham, Blackpool, Cheshire East, Cheshire West and Chester, Liverpool City Region and Warrington must "minimise travel".

Jun 15 08:36

'I'm not giving up': Pro-Trump homeowner faces $500 per day fine over expletive-filled anti-Biden signs

A pro-Trump homeowner may face fines of $500 per day over her expletive-filled anti-Biden signage if her New Jersey town government gets its way.