Apr 16 08:46

Santa Cruz County to reopen beaches

Apr 16 08:28

Tucker: How long will the lockdowns last?

The arguments for a prolonged national lockdown are starting to sound strained. #FoxNews #Tucker

Apr 16 08:19

Yelp - The Sick Company of the Tech industry

Apr 16 08:04

BIG NEWS: New Study Finds 28 Million Americans Likely Infected by Coronavirus — Puts US Mortality Rate at 0.1% Just Like the Seasonal Flu

A new report by Justin Silverman and Alex Washberne on COVID-19 and featured in The Economist finds that the coronvirus is widespread in the US.
The authors argue that 28 million Americans have or have had the coronavirus.

Apr 16 07:49

Bill Gates' Vaccine Crime Record

Indian doctors blame Gates for a devastating vaccine-strain polio epidemic that paralyzed 496,000 children between 2000 and 2017. In 2017, the Indian Government dialled back Gates' vaccine regimen and evicted Gates. Polio paralysis rates dropped precipitously.

By Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.

"Vaccines, for Bill Gates, are a strategic philanthropy that feed his many vaccine-related businesses (including Microsoft's ambition to control a global vac ID enterprise) and give him dictatorial control over global health policy--the spear tip of corporate neo-imperialism.

Gates' obsession with vaccines seems fueled by a messianic conviction that he is ordained to save the world with technology and a god-like willingness to experiment with the lives of lesser humans.

Apr 16 06:57

Jim Rickards: Worst Recession in 150 Years

Apr 16 04:54

California’s Massive $125M Illegal Immigrant Stimulus Is Partially Funded By Mark Zuckerberg

On Wednesday, California Governor Gavin Newsom announced a massive cash payout for illegal immigrants in California that would consist of a “public-private partnership.”

The gross total of the illegal alien stimulus will amount to $125 million, of which $70 million will be paid for by taxpayers who are legal United States residents.

The other $50 million will consist of private funds from various pro-mass migration special interests, under the banner of the “California Immigrant Resilience Fund.”

Apr 16 04:53

Mexico Downgraded To Just One Notch Above Junk On Imminent "Severe Recession"

While Mexico scored a dramatic, if mostly symbolic, victory in its "Mexican standoff" with Saudi Arabia over the weekend, when the oil producer who famously hedges its output every year in preparation for the worst received an exemption from the uniform 23% production cut, its economy sadly remains in shambles as it enters a deep recession, the Mexican peso recently plunged to all time lows (and is headed in that direction again), the coronavirus epidemic is ravaging its population, its industrial base is frozen with its biggest client - the US - on indefinite hiatus, and generally things are going from bad to worse.

None of that has escaped Fitch, which moments ago downgrade Mexico from BBB to BBB-, the lowest rating above junk (outlook stable) because as the rating agency writes, "the economic shock represented by the coronavirus pandemic will lead to a severe recession in Mexico in 2020."

Apr 16 04:52

30 Companies You Didn’t Know Were At Risk Of Bankruptcy

The year 2019 will be remembered as the year with the highest retail bankruptcies ever. And more drops are expected in 2020 as well. According to a report from S&P Global Ratings, retail liquidations is reaching its peak. You may be really shocked by businesses that have made this list.

When you enter a retail store and you are welcomed with a big smile, your only belief is that the business is booming. However, the truth is usually somewhere out there. Step in and see if your favorite business made this list.

There are some big names like Burger King, J.C. Penney, Payless and others. Read on…

Apr 16 04:46

Peter Schiff: Nobody Should Be Bailed Out!

Venture capitalist Chamath Palihapitiya made waves when he said during a CNBC interview that the government should not bail out companies impacted by the coronavirus shutdowns.

“On Main Street today, people are getting wiped out. Right now, rich CEOs are not, boards that have horrible governance are not,” he said.

“What we’ve done is disproportionately prop up poor-performing CEOs and boards, and you have to wash these people out.”

Apr 16 04:45

Small Business Bailout Fund To Run Out Of Money Today

With millions in small business owners still waiting for their bank to get back to them on the status of their business continuity loan/grant application, it appears that some applicants have been more equal than others, and according to the Journal, the small-business loan program also known as the Paycheck Protection Program - which now finds itself at the center of a clash between congressional Democrats and Republicans - is expected to run out of money later Wednesday.

Negotiations between Congress and the White House, which reportedly resumed Wednesday over replenishing the small-business loan program designed to support businesses hit by the coronavirus pandemic, will take on a new urgency after the program is expected to exhaust its initial allocation of $350 billion as early as the close of business today. As of Wednesday morning, the Small Business Administration said it had approved about 1.3 million applications, totaling more than $289 billion in loans.

Apr 16 04:45

Over 25% of Michigan Workforce Filed For Unemployment

Michigan is one of the hardest hit states when it comes to Covid19 layoffs. Let's take a look at the stats.

Apr 16 04:44

Bracing For Impact: US Banks Set Aside $27 Billion For Credit Losses From The Coronacession

According to Rabobank (paraphrasing the Simsons Cartoon Guy), this may be the worst recession ever, although judging by bank earnings - now that most big banks have already reported results - that realization will take some time to filter through.

As of this morning, the Big 7 US banks - JPM, Citi, BofA, Wells, US Bancorp, Goldman And PNC, have already set aside some $27 billion in credit loss provisions, a number which is 4x greater than the total provisions set aside a year ago, and the most since the financial crisis. Alas, the number won't be nearly sufficient by the time the corona-cession is over.

Apr 16 04:20

Americans have paid an extra $46 billion in tariffs since the start of the China trade war, according to new data

The US government has continued to collect tens of billions in tariffs, according to new data, despite an agreement to defuse a tit-for-tat trade dispute between the US and China that was announced this fall.

Additional tariff revenue increased by $46 billion from the start of the trade war in February 2018 through November 2019, the free-trade advocacy groups Tariffs Hurt the Heartland and The Trade Partnership said Thursday.

Apr 16 03:58

An example of banking philosophy

An example of banking philosophy was first published in 1941 by Louis Even and in reading it, one will quickly realize that the plan of the Financiers to seize the people's wealth and the farmers' land has been going on for a long time. But today, one can clearly see that this plan has been fully realized. The people owe all of their country's wealth to the Bankers through national debts, and a majority of the farmers of developed countries have disappeared; those remaining must work night and day to pay interests to the Bankers. Let us all read again this important document that enlightens us all on the real reasons for poverty in the world.

Apr 16 03:50

Newsom Announces $125 Million In COVID-19 Funds For California's Illegal Residents

California Governor Gavin Newsom (D) announced on Wednesday that illegal immigrants over the age of 18 would be entitled to $500 each during the coronavirus pandemic.

Apr 16 03:48

Bailouts Secured: Bezos Wealth Soars By $24 Billion As 17 Million Americans Lose Their Jobs

As the middle class gears up to once again unknowingly bail out the world via way of inflating the money supply, the rich are doing what they do during bailouts: getting richer.

In fact, just a week after 17 million Americans filed for unemployment, Jeff Bezos saw his net worth increase to $138.5 billion as Amazon's stock hit all time highs on Tuesday, according to Bloomberg. The stock move was helped along by massive fiscal and monetary stimulus hitting the stock market.

Amidst historic unemployment numbers, banks are now claiming that loan losses fueled by job cuts could rival those from the 2008 financial crisis. Among the weakest sectors cutting employees first is the very sector that Amazon has disrupted: retail.

Apr 16 03:46

US Mint Halts All Production Over Virus Fears As Gold & Silver Coin Demand Nears Record Highs

Just as the premium between physical and paper precious metals prices was starting to fade a little, the US Mint has decided to temporally halt all production at its West Point facility in New York because of the risk to employees from COVID-19.

Apr 16 03:46

GOP Tax Cuts in Coronavirus Relief Bill Give 82% of Benefits to Millionaires and Billionaires

A new report suggests that a tax cut quietly inserted into the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act will add almost $170 billion to the deficit over the next ten years and overwhelmingly benefit the ultra-wealthy.

Apr 16 03:33

Bending the Inflation Curve

Apr 15 23:30

“So far, no transmission of the virus in supermarkets, restaurants or hairdressers has been proved.”

RTL Today joined a press conference of virologist Hendrik Streeck on Tuesday and here we provide a recap of his key statements.

Apr 15 22:35

Protesters in Lansing, Michigan are out in full force after Gov. Whitmer extended and expanded strict social distancing rules

“A lot of people feeling like their liberty has been infringed upon,” reporter Rod Meloni says as protesters in Lansing, Michigan are out in full force after Gov. Whitmer extended and expanded strict social distancing rules.

Apr 15 22:32

'Overstepping her executive authority': Four Michigan sheriffs defy governor

A group of sheriffs announced they will not enforce some of Democratic Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer's executive orders on the same day thousands rallied against state-mandated shelter-in-place orders outside the state Capitol in Lansing.

Sheriffs Mike Borkovich, Ted Schendel, Ken Falk, and Kim Cole of Michigan's 101st District released a press statement Wednesday afternoon detailing what they said was their decision to place their oath to the Constitution above the Whitmer's wishes.

Apr 15 16:52

What Happens When The Pandemic Ends?

Apr 15 15:44

If you owe the bank a payment it can steal your coronavirus check

“At a time when people are desperate to buy food, the idea that anybody would grab (the $1,200 payments), let alone the banks they trust with their money, is appalling.”

Apr 15 15:34

No, We Are Not “All In This Together”…

The pandemic along with the economic collapse is going to separate people into clearly definable categories, and many of these groups will be in direct conflict with each other...

Apr 15 14:10

From Panic-Buying to Lockdowns: Truckers, Railroads Face Supply Chain Turmoil

Panic buying in late February and March was followed by a sudden shift in consumption in mid-March away from restaurants, schools, college campuses, office buildings, other work locations to supermarkets, warehouse clubs, and ecommerce. For weeks, brick-and-mortar retail supply chains failed to keep up, and bare shelves in some product categories became a common sight. But the supply chains at the other end of the spectrum ground to a halt, stuck with goods that had no place to go.

Apr 15 13:46

Dr. Anthony Fauci Plotted ‘Global Vaccine Action Plan’ with Bill Gates Before Pushing COVID Panic and Doubts About Hydroxychloroquine Treatments

Can you say criminal conspiracy folks?

Dr. Anthony Fauci, who has become a beloved doom prophet fomenting mass hysteria among the American public amidst the coronavirus pandemic, once worked with technocratic oligarch Bill Gates on his “Global Vaccine Action Plan.”

Activist reporter Mike Coudrey drew attention to this fact on his Twitter account in a post from Sunday:

Dr. Fauci served a leadership role on the “Global Vaccine Plan” through partnership with the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation.

Naturally, he’ll push back against the Hydroxychloroquine + Azithromycin treatment and instead opt for a patented vaccine.

Apr 15 13:28

Dr. Fauci Says Sports Could Return This Summer if Fans Are Excluded

This guy is certifiable. He needs to be fired and be put on a 72 hour hold so he can be examined for mental illness,disease or dementia!

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the head of the National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases and a prominent member of President Trump’s coronavirus task force, says that sports leagues could resume play this summer if “no one comes to the stadium.”

Apr 15 12:38

COVID-19 and the War on Cash: What Is Behind the Push for a Cashless Society?

Yet there are other, more devious, reasons for this re-engineering of society away from physical cash: a cashless society—easily monitored, controlled, manipulated, weaponized and locked down—would play right into the hands of the government (and its corporate partners).

Apr 15 10:49

#FireFauci Should be the Rallying Cry for a Generation

I’m done mincing words. I’m done giving people the benefit of the doubt. Whenever I do that The Davos Crowd and their highly placed agents make me look like a virtue-signaling fool.

Fire Anthony Fauci now.

Apr 15 08:47

Why the Coronavirus Could Raise Wages

Apr 15 07:10

Coronavirus USA Update: States Could Open Before May 1, Trump Says It's 'Very, Very Close'

President Donald Trump backed down from the legal falsehood he enjoys total authority over states to now declare he's willing to work with governors as they reopen their states for business in the coming months.

Gone was Trump's bluster Monday when he said he has the "total authority" to compel states to reopen their economies for business, even as reporters assailed his statements at the White House coronavirus briefing. Legal experts assert the Constitution doesn't give Trump the power to override public-health measures implemented by states.

Apr 15 06:40

Trump Campaign Shelves 2020 Ad Blitz Touting Black Unemployment And Stock Market Due to Pandemic

Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale's strategy of touting black unemployment, the stock market and the evils of socialism is having to be thrown out the window now that unemployment is surging, the stock market plunged and the Trump administration is sending $1,200 checks to every American and bailing out Wall Street with trillions of dollars.

Apr 15 06:38

16 million people just got laid off but U.S. stocks had their best week in 45 years

This was the best of weeks, and it was the worst of weeks.

To start with the “worst:” we learned that 6.6 million more people filed for unemployment for the first time, for a three-week tally of more than 16 million and taking the jobless rate up to 10% or more, even as it likely underestimates the number of people who haven’t been able to get through to overburdened state unemployment systems.

The “best” part may have been just as unsettling. Stocks had their best week in over four decades, with the Dow DJIA, +2.39% up 12.67%, the S&P 500 SPX, +3.05% gaining 12.1%, and the Nasdaq COMP, +3.94% up 10.59%.

In fact, two sectors of the S&P 500 charted their strongest week ever. The chart above shows the sector performances, with data from Dow Jones Market Data. The real estate sector was only launched in 2016; historical data before that is back-tested. All the other sector data dates back to 1989.

Apr 15 06:36

Despite Coronavirus-Caused Cutbacks, Israel Expects to Get Full $3.8 Billion From U.S.

Israel's Jerusalem Post newspaper reports that "nearly all the experts" it consulted believe that Israel will get at least $3.8 billion from the U.S. in the coming year despite economic devastation to the U.S. economy caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

Apr 15 06:35

White House Leaks Draft Plan to Reopen American Economy

As President Trump declared that he would leave the process of reopening the economy up to the states (with input from federal officials, of course), the Washington Post was releasing a 'leaked' report outlining a plan drafted by CDC and FDA that's essentially a guide for local officials about how to go about reopening the economy.

Apr 15 04:57

‘Beyond predatory’: Trump Treasury Department gives banks green light to seize $1,200 stimulus checks to pay off debts

“The Treasury Department is pointing out opportunities for banks and debt collectors to steal Americans’ relief checks out from under them.”

President Donald Trump’s Treasury Department has given U.S. banks a green light to seize a portion or all of the one-time $1,200 coronavirus relief payments meant to help Americans cope with financial hardship and instead use the money to pay off individuals’ outstanding debts—a move consumer advocates decried as cruel and unacceptable.

“These payments are supposed to help individuals and families put food on the table during this crisis, not enrich debt collectors.”
—Maura Healey, Massachusetts Attorney General

Apr 15 04:53

COVID-19: JBS Shutters Greeley Beef Plant, National closes Tama

Two of America’s largest beef packing companies have announced plant closings due to COVID-19. The two plants have a combined harvest capacity of 6,500 cattle per day.

JBS USA announced Monday it will shutter its Greeley, Colo. beef facility through April 24 following an outbreak of COVID-19 among its 6,000 plant employees and the community. National Beef Packing Co. announced Saturday it will close its Tama, Iowa, facility until April 20.

The Greeley facility, which has a 5,400-head per day harvest capacity, will wind down over the next two days with a diminished staff to ensure existing product in the plant can be utilized, the company said in a statement. United Food and Commercial Workers union officials reported at least 50 people employed at the plant have tested positive for COVID-19, and two employees died last week from complications with the virus.

Apr 15 04:46

Have Jobless Claims Peaked Yet?

Apr 15 04:43

REVEALED: More than 80 per cent of a Republican tax provision hidden in the coronavirus relief act will go directly to millionaires and billionaires - as it is branded a 'rotten, un-American giveaway'

Nearly 82 percent of a Republican tax provision hidden away in the coronavirus relief fund will go to the nation's millionaires and billionaires.

Analysis by the Joint Committee on Taxation (JCT) discovered the tax suspension overwhelmingly benefits high earners.

JCT determined that only less than three percent of the benefits will go to Americans earning less than $100,000 per year.

Comparatively, 82 percent of the benefits of the provision will be received by those who earn $1 million or more annually.

Suspending the limitation is set to cost taxpayers $90 billion this year alone.

The investigation was prompted after reports surfaced that Trump, Jared Kushner, and others in his inner circle could also be key beneficiaries.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Feigned "righteous indignation" is always easy for a party out of power.

But please understand; were the Democrats in power in terms of cobbling this "Frankenbill" together, the outcome would have been precisely the same for their cronies, and that's the problem.

People in power are always, always going to attempt to create legislation in this country which benefits themselves, and their monied friends; that's just the way it works here, as it does in many other countries around the world.

Apr 15 04:27

Former agriculture secretary issues stark warning that a 'cascading series of events' is disrupting the US food chain amid coronavirus pandemic as meat producers plan to cut jobs and products

A 'cascading series of events' is disrupting the US food supply chain in a way which could impact millions of Americans, a former agriculture secretary warns.

Concerns about the future availability of food are mounting amid the coronavirus pandemic as outbreaks force processing plants to close and supply is redirected away from major consumer sources such as restaurants and schools that were shuttered with widespread stay-at-home orders.

Former Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack explained the extent of the supply chain disruptions in a CNN interview on Monday, warning that they will likely worsen as the pandemic rages on.

'You start ending school lunch programs, universities shut down, food service shuts down ... at the end of the day you've basically got a tremendous amount of the overall supply of food having to be redirected,' he said.

Apr 15 04:24


Economists have often said the total collapse of the economic system will occur when total debt exceeds that of a nation’s gross domestic product. That milestone will be reached later this year.

Thanks to the government’s overreaction to the coronavirus outbreak, the economy is destroyed, people are banned from making a living, and the national debt has skyrocketed putting the United States on an accelerated path to ruin. The Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget now projects that, as a result of the government’s demands that the economy be closed while people go on an indefinite house arrest, debt held by the public will now exceed GDP by the end of this fiscal year. By 2023, the debt will top the record 106% of GDP set after World War II, according to report by the Fiscal Times.

Apr 15 04:21

Rabobank: "The Fed Just Carved Central Planning Into The Bedrock Of The US Financial System"

Let’s recall that we return from the long Easter Weekend to a world where the Fed has begun a USD2.3 trillion liquidity injection into the US economy. A special purpose vehicle (SPV) will purchase 95% participations in loans through the Main Street Lending Program from banks, who would retain 5%. The Main Street New Loan Facility (MSNLF) is aimed at new loans originated by eligible banks, while the Main Street Extended Loan Facility (MSELF) is aimed at Main Street loans that increase the size of existing loans to businesses. A Paycheck Protection Program Liquidity Facility (PPPLF) will lend to all depository institutions that originate PPP loans to small businesses, with those loans as collateral. The Municipal Liquidity Facility (MLP) will purchase notes from states, large cities and large counties at the time of issuance.

Apr 15 04:10

COVID-19 crisis: Donald Trump names six Indian-Americans to Great Economic Revival Industry Groups

Trump has roped in over 200 top American leaders from various industries and sections to create nearly a dozen and half different groups, who will advise him and offer recommendations on how to revive the American economy, which has hit an unprecedented ebb in just a few weeks due to the deadly coronavirus.

Apr 15 04:06

Step Aside Washington: Ex-US Envoy Says ‘China Filling the Void' in Global Response to COVID-19

On Tuesday, Donald Trump announced that the US will sending funds the World Health Organisation (WHO) while a review is conducted to cover the WHO's "role in severely mismanaging and covering up the spread of coronavirus”.

Speaking to Business Insider, former US officials who served under three different administrations slammed President Donald Trump for his response to the coronavirus outbreak which they claimed had enabled China to boost its global clout.

“Trump's ineptitude is exposed, but more than that, the US is not there to help others. We are not a global power in this pandemic, and people will remember that. When there's a void, there's always something to fill the void. China is filling the void”, Cynthia Schneider, who was the US ambassador to the Netherlands from 1998 to 2001, told the news outlet.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

These days, I am NOT "Proud to be an American."; in fact, I am rather chagrined at this reality on so many levels, I really don't know where to start.

Mike and I would love to be citizens of a country not consistently engaging in war crimes around the world, and with a leadership which could actually lead intelligently; unfortunately, we are both too old, and too broke, for that ever to happen.

Apr 15 04:00

US Airlines, Treasury Department Reach Deal For Billions In Bailout Aid

After weeks of negotiations over the shape of the Treasury's bailout package of US airline carriers, moments ago the Treasury Department announced it had reached an agreement in principle with the country's airline to access billions of dollars in aid as the government attempts to shore up one of the industries hardest hit by the coronavirus pandemic, various sources reported.

As part of the deal all major US carriers including Alaska Airlines, Allegiant Air, American Airlines, Delta, Frontier, Hawaiian, JetBlue, United, SkyWest and Southwest will participate in the payroll support program, providing fresh hope that the US airline sector will survive despite several recent stock sales by Warren Buffett which were seen as a nail in the coffin of the sector.

Apr 15 03:47

LEE CAMP: Four Reasons the Ruling Elite Love This Crisis

Leviathan monumental shocks currently pound citizens around the world. Shocks to our lives. Shocks to the economy. Shocks to our reality. Shocks to our families, our careers, what we used to view as our “normal.” The pain of these shocks hits us in many ways, not the least of which is being forced to have sex while 6 feet apart.

Welcome to the Shock Doctrine.

Apr 15 03:33

Meanwhile, WW3 May Be Brewing While We're Distracted

Authored by Brandon Tourbeville via The Organic Prepper blog,

Those who are paying close attention to the pandemic may have missed that another potential killer is brewing across the ocean. In Syria today, there is the real and looming threat of a third world war. Not only is Syria fighting Western-backed terrorists on its territory, there are many more players involved on Syrian soil – from the Russians and Iranians to the Americans, Turks, and Israelis and, with the recent Turkish actions, all of those players could very well come to blows.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I would strongly hope that Russia's Putin can disabuse Trump of the notion that a war right now would be "good for business", and get him another cycle in the White House; the possibilities for an accidentally started, major fire fight in Syria grows exponentially stronger by the day.

Apr 15 03:28

US Flexes Military Might Near Russian Forces In Provocative F-35 Flight Over Syria


The U.S. military flew their new F-35 stealth jet over Syria’s skies this past week, as they display their strength in front of the Russian Armed Forces who are only a few kilometers away from the American troops in the eastern Euphrates region.

In a tweet on Monday, the Special Ops Joint Task Force-Operation Inherent Resolve (OIR) in Syria and Iraq released three photos showing the F-35 above Syria, likely in the Al-Hasakah or Deir Ezzor governorates.

“A USAF F-35A Lightning II fighter jet flies near the ATG in Syria, April 10, 2020. Coalition and partner forces continue to strike at extremist organizations in Syria despite COVID-19, reflecting the world-wide unity to see an enduring defeat delivered against Daesh,” the U.S. military account posted.

The three photos showed up close and far away shots of the F-35A as it flew over the skies of eastern Syria.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Are there still Foggy Bottomites who sincerely believe that a war with Russia over Syria, is a "good thing" with which to "misdirect" the attention of the American people, between Covid 19 and the economic collapse of this country?!?!?

Absoflippinglutely unbelievable!!!!!

Apr 15 03:25

Flattening The Curve Or Flattening Bellies? Africa's COVID-19 Dilemma

Authored by Michael Gyekye via The Mises Institute,

African governments have joined the global lockdown bandwagon as they press for an urgent halt to the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. With more than ten thousand cases and hundreds of deaths to date, many on the continent believe that they are confronting the threat of an apocalyptic humanitarian catastrophe, potentially sparked by the virus's penetration of slums in congested cities and the mass onslaught on scattered and poorly supplied health facilities. The lockdowns also come as declining commodity export revenues and dwindling stocks of imported goods threaten Africa's fragile economies with imminent collapse and paralysis.

A worse dilemma could have hardly confronted African governments at this moment: although permitting normal economic and social life could spark an acute health crisis, keeping people indoors also risks a devastating economic malaise. The choice of the former by policymakers is a palpable gamble.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

There appear to be no good choices here, only combinations of lousy ones which, at the end of the day, may not help the situation much at all.

Apr 15 03:22

Turkey Plans To Send Fresh Wave Of COVID-Infected Migrants To Europe, Report

Authored by Paul Joseph Watson via Summit News,

Voice of America reports that Turkey’s President Recep Erdogan is planning to send a fresh wave of migrants to Europe, with officials fearing many of them will be infected with coronavirus.

Intelligence has been produced showing how Turkish authorities have moved migrants from inland areas to the shore, where smugglers are waiting to ferry them to Europe.

Greece’s coastguard, Air Force and Navy have stepped up patrols against what they see as another organized effort to unleash thousands of migrants as a political weapon.

Back in February, President Erdogan announced that Turkey would be re-opening its border and encouraging millions of migrants to invade Europe.

During the incursions, Christian churches were trashed and thousands of precious olive trees were chopped down as part of an economic attack.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I have to ask; what the hell is Edrogan thinking here, and what bright "prize" does he see for himself and Turkey, from attempting to do this?!?

Apr 15 03:06

Searching for Truth in What We Are Being Told About Covid-19

If Covid-19 was truly a pandemic worthy of such hysteria – a pandemic the West has claimed over the years was all but inevitable – why has the current international order dominated by the West failed so utterly in dealing with Covid-19?

Trillions for Endless War, Nothing for Pandemic Preparations?
Literally trillions of dollars have been dumped into the US-led war in Afghanistan alone – saying nothing of the trillions more spent on occupying Iraq, waging war in Libya and Syria, aiding Saudi Arabia in the destruction of Yemen, and the myriad of “soft-power” interventions unfolding across the rest of the globe.

These are trillions of dollars that could have instead filled hospitals with top-of-the-line ventilators as well as filled warehouses with much cheaper and portable ventilators that could be deployed when and where needed.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The answer to these questions are very simple; wars create staggering profits for those monied elites who manufacture the essential goods, and provide the services, for war.

Preparing for a health catastrophe (IF, in fact, this is really as bad a pandemic as the corporate media is hyping)?!?

Not that much profit here; care will be rationed, and people will suffer, and die, needlessly.

Please don't ever think, for one millisecond, that the elites anywhere, give a rat's anus about the rest of us, except as tax slaves, and war fodder: that's it.

Apr 15 02:46

Is Putin Laying A Petroleum Trap For Trump?

But the U.S. contribution was, and is, illusory—President Trump is in no position to promise cuts in U.S. oil production, and as such remains unable to meaningfully contribute to the global oil production reduction scheme. Void of any substantive final agreement, global energy markets will continue to suffer as production far outstrips demand. For U.S. oil producers, who have already seen a 2.5-3 million barrel per day decrease in production, the results will be catastrophic, driving many into bankruptcy and helping push the U.S. economy into a tailspin that will lead to a depression potentially worse than that of the 1930’s.

Trump’s only recourse may be to turn to Russia for help in offsetting needed U.S. oil production quotas, which appears to have been the Russian plan all along.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Putin is most usually one hundred chess moves ahead of any of his counterparts in the world; it will be interesting how this plays out.

Apr 15 02:34

Over 200,000 Michiganders Sign Petition to Oust Governor Whitmer

Michigan citizens have been flooding a petition at calling for the removal of Governor Gretchen Whitmer, accusing her of gross negligence and failures in handling the coronavirus pandemic.

The “Recall Governor Whitmer” petition alleges the governor’s measures, such as “closing and banning various non essential business’s [sic] and activities while leaving others open,” are actually “causing more Michiganders to get sick.”

Launched three weeks ago by John Powell, the petition has picked up steam in past days following the governor’s extension of a stay-at-home order and raising penalties for non-compliance to a $1,000 fine and/or six months in jail.

In just the 24-hour period between Monday and Tuesday, the petition garnered more than 50,000 new signatures as citizens rush to express their displeasure with the governor, bringing the total number of signatories past the 200,000 mark.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This woman has made an absolute hash of the state's response to Covid 19.

The Republicans could probably run a mule against her, if she is not on Biden's ticket, and win the gubernatorial election, hands down.

And what in the name of Sam Hill is Biden thinking, if it is THIS woman who represents his values and world view?!?

Could there possibly be a less lame, less despised by her own state, candidate out there he might be considering?!?

Because if he is getting this choice this horrifically wrong, what does that say about his choices, potentially, as President of this country after November's elections, if Biden wins?!?

Apr 15 02:20


Back in 2007, film director Aaron Russo said during an interview with Alex Jones he was told by Nicholas Rockefeller the ruling elite planned to microchip every human on the planet. Rockefeller had tried to recruit Russo, who made a name for himself producing the popular Hollywood films Trading Places and The Rose, and later the documentary Freedom to Fascism.

Russo describes the ruling elite plan for total control of humanity in the following clip.

Following the introduction of the coronavirus—or what we are told is a virus—and weeks of nonstop media hype and horror film level theatrics that have produced mindless hysteria on the part of the public and demands the government do something to stop the alleged spread of a “novel” virus, the concept of an “immunity passport” was introduced by billionaire “philanthropist” Bill Gates, the COVID Credentials Initiative, and others.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Should this be allowed to move forward, I predict that there will be a brisk business, and lots of money, for people with a specialized skill of "de-chipping", while not killing the client in the process.

Apr 15 02:17



President Trump, with the support of Congress, is poised to preside over an unprecedented explosion of government spending that already is set to shatter deficit records and could grow further if plans for more coronavirus relief bills — nearing a potential total price tag of $5 trillion — become reality.

Even accounting for inflation, no modern administration has seen such levels of spending, covering everything from FDR’s New Deal to recession-era rescues in the early part of the Obama administration.

Via: Roll Call:

Just a few months ago, fiscal hawks bemoaned the return of trillion-dollar deficits.

What a difference a pandemic makes.

Apr 15 02:15


According to a memo released by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis last week, the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) wrestling organization has been deemed an “essential business,” which means that it is allowed to continue to operate despite the state’s shutdown orders.

Orange County Mayor Jerry Demings told reporters on Monday that the organization will continue to host live television broadcasts from its Orlando training facility at Full Sail University in Winter Park. ESPN has speculated that this April 9 ruling could set a precedent for other professional sports in the state to continue.

Demings said that although the WWE was not designated as essential in the previous stay at home order that took effect on April 3, he was able to change the governor’s mind about the decision over the past week and convinced him about the social and economic importance of the wrestling league.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Folks, I could laugh here; but the problem would be.... stopping.

Apr 15 02:13


North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) is leading Pentagon efforts to turn the fight against the coronavirus into a US military PR campaign, apparently, given it's issued an order for Pentagon public affairs as well as the Canadian Army to make photos of US troops engaged domestically in assisting containment efforts widely available.

According to The Washington Times, all military public affairs units have been ordered to release photos which “reassure the American public they don’t have to worry about homeland defense” during the COVID-19 era. “Showing the U.S. and Canada are fully capable of providing homeland defense for their countries, despite COVID-19, serves to help deter any one who would seek to take advantage of the situation,” said the April 8 order.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Sorry, folks, but characterise me as "un-reassured" by these phony baloney photo ops.

Had the US military been better on their toes, we would not be seeing such a stunning infection rate among our military, and we don't even know when that is going to either peak, or bottom out.

Apr 15 02:09


Gates’ obsession with vaccines seems fueled by a messianic conviction that he is ordained to save the world with technology and a god-like willingness to experiment with the lives of lesser humans.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

These, taken together, are pretty damning indictments of a guy who is promising us both a vaccine for covid-19, and "National Security Passes", indicating we have been vaccinated, which means only then can we travel, or accept employment anywhere.

This guy has one hell of a lot to answer for, both personally, and professionally.

Apr 15 02:05


The Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) has deployed the first high-energy laser weapon system overseas to combat drones for a 12-month field assessment.

During the field assessment, ARFL will evaluate if the directed energy weapon system can be a game-changing capability to defend high-value assets from drone swarms or drone attacks.

Several systems the AFRL will be evaluating over the 12 months include the Raytheon High Energy Laser (HELWS), Raytheon High Power Microwave (PHASER), and the AFRL Tactical High-Power Operational Responder (THOR) drone killer.

“THOR is a directed energy game-changer,” said Dr. Kelly Hammett, AFRL’s Directed Energy director.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Three years ago, the US military had already invested millions in systems like this;

The Air Force has invested $26.3 million dollars in high energy lasers for fighter jets.

One has to wonder to what number that previous figure has escalated in 2020, and also why the US government seems so pathologically incapable of preventing wars through intelligent, moral, hard-won negotiations at this point in its history.

Apr 15 01:56


From CTech, "Israeli Companies Can Cash In On $10 Million Check from Trump":

Israeli companies hit by the coronavirus (Covid-19) crisis are eligible for loans and grants not only from local programs but also from the U.S. businesses aid program. Any company that has operations in the U.S. and employs workers there can apply under the $2 trillion CARES Business Assistance Program that was passed at the end of March. The company does not have to be registered as an American company but only has to have a U.S. subsidiary that pays salaries to U.S. employees.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

With homeless,hungry Americans sleeping in our streets, and particularly their at-risk children and teens, you have GOT to be kidding me, right?!?

No, folks; this is about as serious as is a heart attack, particularly for those folks who have been laid off or furloughed, because entire sectors of our economy have collapsed, and most probably cannot be restored, particularly not right before a Presidential election looming for Trump in November.

This "plan" is simply a continuation of the following mantra, to which every monied "alleged public servant"in the US Congress says to themselves upon gaining consciousness each morning; "The strong take; the weak surrender, and THAT... is the way the world has to work", sure and smug in their entitlement.

Apr 15 01:44


American tech corporations Apple and Google issued a joint statement on April 10, announcing their plans to integrate a new Bluetooth-based coronavirus contact tracing technology into the iOS and Android operating systems.

“In the coming months, Apple and Google will work to enable a broader Bluetooth-based contact tracing platform by building this functionality into the underlying platforms. This is a more robust solution than an API,” the announcement stated, adding that it will “enable interaction with a broader ecosystem of apps and government health authorities.”

In theory, apps based on this new functionality will act as an “alarm,” warning you if your smartphone was in close proximity to a device tagged as “infected”—belonging to someone tested positive for the coronavirus. But there’s a catch.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I don't know about you, but this almost makes me ready to ditch my "smart phone", and go for something a little more retro, if I could possibly find it.

Apr 14 23:32

Get Ready for an Unacceptable New Normal

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

At times like now, ideas lying around dormant on the shelf become reality.

Economic and other crisis conditions are times when most people can be convinced to accept unacceptable policies they’d likely reject otherwise.

During and after 2008-09 economic crisis conditions, Americans were brainwashed to accept force-fed austerity, frozen wages, and loss of benefits when economic stimulus and other government help were needed.

Economic recovery was for the nation’s privileged class exclusively.

Apr 14 23:27

Coronavirus stay-at-home orders stir protests nationwide amid fears of economic collapse

At least 15,000 cars and trucks are expected to descend on Michigan’s state capital on Wednesday to protest what they’re calling Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s tyrannical new guidelines to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus in the state.

Apr 14 21:45

Cashless Society and the End of Freedom

Apr 14 15:59

$130 Billion Tesla Tells Its Landlords It'll Be Paying Less Rent

While some companies may be wasting time asking for rent concessions as a result of the coronavirus lockdown, Tesla, which is now valued at about $130 billion as of Tuesday morning's trading, is telling its landlords its going to be paying less in rent.

The company sent out an e-mail to landlords as part of a broader push to find cost savings during the coronavirus lockdown, according to the Wall Street Journal. In it, they unilaterally decided they would be paying less in rent.

The e-mail read: “The rapid world pandemic that is now affecting our country has led Tesla to make strategic decisions to ensure the company’s long term success and growth. As a result of the increasing restrictions on our ability to conduct business, we would like to inform you that we will be reducing our monthly rent obligations effective immediately.”

Apr 14 15:57

Boeing Tumbles After Customers Cancel Record 150 MAX Orders In March

The US planemaker reported a total of 150 MAX cancellations in March, including 75 previously reported from Irish leasing company Avolon. New cancellations came from buyers including 34 of 135 aircraft ordered by Brazil's GOL.

Boeing, facing a 13-month-old freeze on deliveries of the MAX and now disruption to deliveries of larger planes due to the coronavirus epidemic, said it had delivered 50 planes in the first quarter, nearly a third of the 149 seen a year earlier.

Net cancellations in the month totaled 119 thanks to 31 orders for wide-body passenger planes and military aircraft. The company also delivered 20 jetliners in the month. For the entire first quarter, net orders sank to a negative 307 planes (i.e., cancellations), a sharp turnaround for a company that just over a year ago was aiming to increase output of its planes to meet strong demand.

Apr 14 15:38

The Safe Haven Problem