Aug 18 05:50

Afghanistan Fallout Could Lead to Three Million Migrants Trying to Reach Europe

German humanitarian development worker Sybille Schnehage has predicted as many as three million Afghan asylum seekers could head to Europe in the near future.

Ms Schnehage, who has been involved in humanitarian aid work in Afghanistan since the 1980s and has been working with the Katachel association in the Kunduz region for over 20 years, told German broadcaster WDR on Sunday: “We can assume that up to three million Afghans will make their way to Europe in the foreseeable future.”

The aid worker continued: “I always ask people: Why don’t you go to Saudi Arabia? They are Muslims. This is your culture. The answer is always: No, Germany is better.

“So, we absolutely have to support the Afghans to build a future in rural areas. If not, the consequences for Germany and Europe are foreseeable.”

Aug 17 11:02

The West Has Failed, Finnish President Says on Situation in Afghanistan

According to Sauli Niinistö, the Taliban* takeover is potentially fraught with another wave of refugees coming to Europe, as well as Afghanistan once again becoming a safe haven for terrorists.

Finnish President Sauli Niinistö sees the Taliban's rapid conquest of Afghanistan as a sign of failure on the part of the West, which did not succeed in building a democratic government and a democratic society in the country.

"The lesson we must learn from this is that it is quite difficult to introduce a completely new social structure and social thinking to another place. It takes many generations", Niinistö said in an interview with national broadcaster Yle.

Aug 17 10:49

EU foreign policy chief: Taliban ‘WON THE WAR,’ we’ll have to talk to them – and acknowledge mistakes

Aug 16 06:57

Denmark abolishes all Corona measures

Danish parliament recently decided in Copenhagen that all Corona measures should be ended from October 1. There will therefore no longer be a mask requirement and the test regime will be abolished. The Danes will then no longer have to provide evidence of whether they are vaccinated or unvaccinated, or whether they have tested positive or negative.

Aug 16 06:16

Israel recalls Poland envoy over 'anti-Semitic' property claims law

Israel's charge d'affaires in Warsaw has been ordered to return home to Tel Aviv after the Polish president approved what has been described as an "anti-Semitic" law curbing World War II-era property claims.

Aug 16 05:52

Poland submits to EU demands, leaving Orban & Hungary isolated

The EU’s financial imperialism wins again, pummelling Poland into submission and leaving Hungary’s Viktor Orban out on his own

Aug 15 06:34

Israel furious after Poland’s president approves law denying victims of Holocaust property claims

Polish President Andrzej Duda has approved a law effectively stopping victims of the Holocaust and communism from reclaiming property taken from them. The move triggered uproar in Israel, which said it “will not accept” the law.

The law was approved by Duda on Saturday, and sets a 30-year statute of limitations on property claims against the state. Duda told Polish news agency PAP that he hoped the law would put an end to false claims by “reprivatization mafias,” and would close off an era of “legal chaos.”

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Aug 15 06:20

EU risks COLLAPSE as threat 'bigger than Brexit' strikes Brussels project to 'its core'

Poland and Hungary are now showing distinct autocratic tendencies, and this is a challenge to the EU and threatens it to its core, Maximilan Popp warned. In Poland, a challenge made by deputy prime minister Jaros?aw Kaczy?ski could destroy the shared democratic values of the EU and "threatens Europe at its core". Der Spiegel's deputy head of foreign affairs warned: “In the case of Poland, it really is about everything.

Aug 15 06:13

Blinken Dresses Down America’s Polish Colony — Must Adhere to “Shared” Values to be Determined by the US

“We are deeply concerned that Poland’s parliament passed legislation today severely restricting the process for Holocaust survivors and their families, as well as other Jewish and non-Jewish property owners, to obtain restitution for property wrongfully confiscated during Poland’s communist era,” Blinken said in a statement on Wednesday.

He urged Polish President Andrzej Duda not to sign the bill into law “or that, in line with the authority granted to him as President, he refer the bill to Poland’s constitutional tribunal.”

Aug 14 08:05

Swiss police rejecting the Great Reset

Aug 14 06:25

France the World Leader for Freedom

Aug 13 08:12

Greece's Free Again Movement: Pushing Back Against Mandates

Greece's Free Again Movement: Pushing Back Against Mandates - powered by

Aug 13 07:59


A Swedish politician who suggested that the UN’s “code red” climate report was “scare propaganda” was subsequently forced to resign from her political party.

Earlier this week, the United Nations released a hysterical report that enjoyed wall to wall media coverage warning of ecological apocalypse if ordinary people didn’t radically change their lifestyles.

Hundreds of the same individuals who amplified that message are preparing to board fleets of CO2-belching airliners to lecture the rest of us once again at an upcoming climate summit later this year in Scotland.

One woman who dared express a modicum of skepticism was Ingrid Vesterlund of the Centre Party.

In an interview with a local newspaper in Luleå, Vesterlund criticized alarmist media coverage of the IPCC report, commenting, “It’s obviously a disaster whether it’s sun, rain, wind, wind, sea or water – everything is a catastrophic situation right now.”

Aug 13 07:41

Media, Holocaust bills test Poland’s ties with US, Israel

Poland is looking at a more difficult relationship with two allies, the United States and Israel, after lawmakers approved separate bills — on foreign ownership of media and affecting the property rights of Holocaust survivors’ families — which the Polish government had been warned to drop.

The European Union also slammed the media bill on Thursday as undermining media freedom, adding to pre-existing strains between Warsaw and Brussels from the EU’s perception of democratic backsliding in member nation Poland.

The bills passed the lower house of the Polish parliament on Wednesday, and still require approval of the president, who supports the right-wing party that has governed the country since 2015.

The two proposals threaten to further isolate Poland, whose geographic position in Central Europe has often left it at the mercy of stronger neighbors. Poland’s membership of the EU and NATO and its relationship with the U.S. are considered key guarantees of the country’s security.

Aug 13 05:02

Secretary of State Blinken dresses down Polish NATO “allies”

Excerpts from today’s Radio Poland report. Before the advent of the public relations industry the sort of relationship the U.S. and NATO maintain with Poland would have been described as that of a master to a satrapy, vassal, fiefdom, conquered province. Now the hapless Poles are referred to as NATO allies and Transatlantic partners.

Note that the Polish president is being ordered by the U.S. secretary of state not to sign a bill passed by the nation’s parliament and the parliament is being ordered not to pass a bill regulating control of an “independent” news station owned by American parties; that U.S. ownership and control over the output of Polish news media enhance(s) our collective (NATO) security.

Aug 13 05:02

NATO’s spy planes intensify flights over Black Sea threefold — Russian commander

NATO’s reconnaissance aircraft intensified flights in the airspace over the Black Sea almost threefold this year, Commander of the Russian Southern Military District’s 4th Air Force and Air Defense Army Nikolai Gostev said on Thursday.

"NATO countries have been displaying a genuine interest in the Russian southern borders lately," the commander said in an interview with the Southern Russia Military Bulletin newspaper.

"Compared to last year, the intensity of NATO reconnaissance aircraft flights over the Black Sea has increased almost threefold. For the sake of comparison, the aircraft of our Western ‘partners’ performed 270 reconnaissance flights in 2019, about 530 in 2020 and over 560 since the start of this year in the southern area of responsibility," the paper quoted the commander as saying.

French warplanes and also tactical aircraft of the NATO allied forces joined the flights of US spy planes and drones, he said.

Aug 12 05:23

Polish parliament approves Holocaust anti-restitution law

The Polish parliament approved legislation designed to end claims for property restitution and compensation for property confiscated by the country’s Communist regime in the 1940s and 1950s, including that of Holocaust survivors.

Polish President Andrzej Duda now has 21 days to sign the legislation into law or veto it.

“I condemn the Polish parliamentary legislation that was approved today, which harms the memory of the Holocaust and the rights of its victims,” Israeli Foreign Minister Yair Lapid said on Wednesday.

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"We want MONEY!!!!!"

Aug 12 04:56

Why Poland just enraged Joe Biden and how the US is considering turning its back on Warsaw

THE BIDEN administration has announced its deep concern over the passing of a controversial media reform bill in Poland, which many have seen as an attack on a US-owned independent TV station. Why is Warsaw worried?

A contested media reform bill was passed in Warsaw on Wednesday amid widespread protests over the proposal. The bill aims to tighten media ownership rules under Poland's broadcast media law, by preventing stations from being majority-owned by investors outside the European Economic Area. But critics argue the bill is intended to silence an independent channel known to be critical of Government policy, and the move has been met with criticism from the US.

Aug 12 04:56

Polish Deputy Prime Minister Dismissed in Move Threatening Ruling Coalition

Polish President Andrzej Duda has dismissed Deputy Prime Minister Jaroslaw Gowin, in a move that might cause the ruling coalition to fall apart, a Sputnik correspondent reported on Wednesday.

The decision to fire the deputy prime minister was made at Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki's request. After the announcement, the Polish right-wing party Agreement party, led by Gowin, left the ruling coalition.

The official reason behind the move was disagreements over the economic development program. Gowin, in particular, opposed tax cuts.

Gowin told reporters that his departure would entail the collapse of the ruling coalition. With Gowin’s party out of the alliance, Poland's ruling party Law and Justice (PiS) is losing a majority in parliament.

Aug 11 07:52

Swiss Police Threaten To Stop Enforcing COVID-19 Rules

Police in Switzerland have threatened to stop enforcing COVID-19 rules over fears that the measures are disproportionately undermining the fundamental rights of citizens.

A group representing police officers in the Alpine country wrote a letter to the Swiss Federation of Police Officers (FSFP) warning of potential insubordination within the force over the enforcement of draconian laws.

“If the measures were to conflict with the general opinion of the population, disproportionately limiting their fundamental rights, many police officers would no longer be willing to apply them,” the group wrote in the letter.

While the letter was received favorably by lockdown skeptics, the FSFP attempted to dismiss it by claiming it only represented a small number of police officers.

Aug 11 07:52

Coal Prices Jump To Near Decade High In Europe On Supply Crunch

Coal prices in Europe have soared to a nine-year high due to a combination of increasing demand and supply constraints.

Prices for front-year coal futures on ICE Futures Europe breached the $101 per ton mark, hitting levels not seen since 2012, according to Bloomberg.

This summer, demand for coal power generation has surged amid record heat waves across Europe and natural gas prices surging. Coal has become a much cheaper form of power generation since Russia has tighten gas markets and caused a supply storage crunch.

Aug 11 07:50

Italy To Extend Vaccine Passports To Public Transport & Schools

Despite massive protests against the measures, Italy is set to extend its vaccine passport system to public transport and schools from September 1st.

Potentially exacerbating growing public contempt towards the draconian rules, authorities announced that the list of venues where the passport would be required is to be extended.

From the start of next month, teachers will be out of a job unless they take the vaccine and get the pass, while university students will be unable to attend classes without it.

The unvaccinated will also be banned from using long distance public transport, meaning that holidays, travel for work and visiting relatives will become impossible for many.

As of last week, venues such as museums, stadiums, theaters gyms, and indoor seating spaces at bars and restaurants all required vaccine identification.

Aug 11 07:22

Latvia Declares State of Emergency Along Its Belarus Border

Latvia declared a state of emergency Tuesday at its Belarus border, authorizing the border guards but also armed forces and police to use physical force to return migrants to the country from which they came.

Latvia, like neighboring Lithuania, has faced an influx of mostly Iraqi migrants in the past few months coming in from Belarus. Their borders with Belarus are also the European Union's external border.

Aug 11 07:21

Lithuania to build fence on Belarus border to stop migrants

Lithuania's parliament has voted to build a fence on the Belarus border to stop Iraqis, Afghans and other non-EU migrants entering.

More than 4,000 migrants have entered EU member Lithuania illegally from Belarus this year - a record number.

Lithuanian officials accuse Belarus of flying in migrants who then head to the border - a claim Belarus denies.

Lithuania's help for Belarusian opposition activists has angered Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko.

Relations deteriorated further in June this year after Belarus forced a Ryanair flight heading to Lithuania to divert to Minsk and arrested a Belarusian opposition journalist and his girlfriend on board. The EU strengthened sanctions a month later.

Aug 11 07:20

NATO chief flags Baltic tensions ahead of Zapad military drill

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said the alliance would keep a close eye on “hybrid activities” by Belarus against alliance member Lithuania, as the former teams up with Russia for the Zapad 2021 military drill next month.

In an Aug. 9 tweet, Stoltenberg said he had discussed Belarus’ behavior, including what he called “migratory pressure,” with Lithuanian President Gitanas Nauseda. “NATO is closely monitoring the situation and considering how we can further assist our ally and maintain safety and security in the region,” he wrote.

Lithuanian officials and Western analysts for weeks have flagged the Belarusian regime’s seemingly coordinated push of illegal migration into the tiny European Union member, including from Iraq, Iran and Syria.

Aug 10 09:45

[Video] Belgium rises up

Tractors are spraying sewage on police lines!

Aug 10 06:25

European Parliament calls on EU to prepare revolution in Belarus

The European Parliament’s largest faction, the conservative European People's Party (EPP), on Monday urged the EU to prepare a revolution in Belarus, noting that "the Belarusian regime will fall."

The EPP proposed to show readiness to "punish the regime" by imposing sanctions as well as to "support the ongoing struggle of the people of Belarus."

"The regime will fall and the victory of the Belarusian people is inevitable, it is only a question of time. The European Union must prepare for the victory of the democratic revolution," the faction’ leader Manfred Weber stated on Monday in Brussels ahead of the first anniversary of the last presidential elections in Belarus.

The deputies offered to implement the scenario of a change of power in Belarus similar to the Ukrainian one. Furthermore, they called for the prosecution of President Alexander Lukashenko and leading government authorities as part of "future democratic reforms."

Aug 10 06:21

Why No Delta In Sweden?

Aug 09 08:14

Iceland is experiencing its largest Covid-19 wave to date despite nearly 100% of all adults being vaccinated

However around 2 weeks after the vast majority of Iceland had been double vaccinated something unexpected, or expected depending on which side of the fence you are on, occurred. A huge wave of Covid-19 infections spread across the country. A wave so large that it is almost twice as large as the two previous alleged waves of Covid-19 to have struck Iceland.

According to Iceland’s Covid-19 data, as of the 6th August 2021 there are over 400 infections per 100,000 inhabitants over a 14 day incidence. The first alleged wave peaked at around 250 infections per 100,000, and the second alleged wave peaked at just under 300 infections per 100,000.

Aug 09 05:31

US Army to Keep 6 Sites in Europe, Nixing Transfer Plan

The U.S. Army in Europe and Africa said Friday it will retain six sites that were previously scheduled to be returned to Germany and Belgium amid growing demand for facilities on the continent.

A seventh site, in Germany, will be transferred to the Air Force, it said.

The sites were originally announced for closure in 2015 and, in one case, 2010. But the decision was reassessed as demand for facilities outgrew construction and renovation.

The sites being retained in Germany are the Barton Barracks, Ansbach; Pulaski Barracks, Kaiserslautern; Coleman Barracks, Mannheim; Weilimdorf Warehouse, Stuttgart and Amelia Earhart Center, Wiesbaden.

In Belgium, the Army is holding on to the Daumerie Barracks, it said.

Aug 09 05:30

The NATO Conquest of Eastern Europe

Aug 09 04:58

France, Italy Swept By Mass Protests Against COVID Health Pass

France saw its largest protests yet against the country's health pass, as thousands swept across major Italian town demanding an end to the infamous green pass.

On Saturday, Protesters took to the streets in France and Italy in opposition to COVID rules that they say infringe on their civil liberties but which officials argue are needed to curb the coronavirus pandemic. The protests come as European countries double down on efforts to get wide portions of their populations vaccinated in the face of the spreading delta variant — and in a bid to avoid further lockdowns.

Demonstrations against France's health pass and mandatory vaccines for health care workers entered their fourth weekend, with Saturday seeing the largest rally yet, Deutsche Welle reported. An estimated 237,000 people turned out nationwide, according to the Interior Ministry. The figure exceeds the attendance a week ago, which saw 204,000 protesters.

Aug 06 06:05

NATO is ‘provoking conflict’ in Black Sea, top Russian diplomat warns, saying confrontation could be on cards over naval drills

Russia's Foreign Ministry has hit out at a series of military exercises staged by the US and its partners in the sensitive Black Sea region, off the coasts of both Russia and Ukraine, warning of the potential risk of escalation.

Yuri Pilipson, the director of the Ministry's Fourth European Department, told RIA Novosti on Thursday that recent NATO manoeuvres risked creating tensions. "It is quite obvious that this kind of 'training' provokes, rather than prevents, conflict situations," he said.

The diplomat added that Russia will do whatever it takes to ensure its national security, and views the buildup of troops in the region as a threatening gesture. "We have repeatedly warned that the escalation of military-political conflict directly on our borders carries with it a confrontational charge."

Aug 05 10:23

Travel warning for millions of Brits who have had AstraZeneca vaccine

Five million double-jabbed Brits who received the Covid-19 AstraZeneca/Oxford vaccine have been issued a travel warning as the government prepares to provide an update on changes to the UK travel list.

More than 13 European destinations are refusing to accept certain batched of the vaccine which were made in India by Serum.

As many as 17 destinations are set to be added to the green list today and up to five million Brits will not have their vaccination status recognised across Europe.

It will mean some Birts may have to isolate for up to a fortnight despite a new vaccine "passport" being offered to people arriving in the UK from the US and the EU.

Portugal, a popular destination for Brits, has now scrapped quarantine rules for fully jabbed Britons.

Aug 05 07:20

‘Fever Swamps of Liberal Twittersphere’ Rage Against Hungary over Tucker Carlson Visit

Hungary is bearing the brunt of the anger of the “fever swamps of the liberal Twittersphere” after FNC’s Tucker Carlson announced he would be hosting his show from Budapest this week.

The Central European country is led by a popular national conservative-led government which has already earned the lasting ire of the left-liberal establishment in the European Union for refusing to implement the bloc’s mandatory migrant redistribution quotas, denouncing billionaire plutocrat George Soros as “one of the most corrupt people in the world” and calling out the European politicians and institutions which “serve” him, and implementing a generous system of tax breaks and financial support for parents to encourage family formation — explicitly as an alternative to mass immigration.

Aug 05 07:19

European Court Orders Austria to Halt Deportation to Afghanistan

The European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) brought an injunction against the Austrian government to stop the deportation of an Afghan national, claiming the security situation in the country is currently too unstable.

Austrian had rejected the Afghan’s asylum claim and planned to deport him before the European court’s ruling.

The Austrian Interior Ministry denied the ruling is a blanket ban on all deportations to Afghanistan, but the Austrian newspaper Kronen Zeitung noted that the court’s reasons were not specific to the individual asylum seeker’s case but were based on a general concern about security in Afghanistan, which has caused several other countries to stop deportations to the country.

The Interior Ministry noted that the ban on that individual’s deportation to Afghanistan would last until the end of August, but other cases will be looked at on an individual basis.

Aug 05 07:14

U.S. F-16s arrive in Poland for anti-Russian maneuvers

U.S. Air Force and Illinois Air National Guard Airmen and aircraft arrived in Poland to participate in Aviation Detachment Rotation 21.3, a bilateral training exercise with the Polish to enhance partner interoperability, maintain joint readiness, and assure our regional allies.

F-16 Fighting Falcon aircraft assigned to the 480th Fighter Squadron, 52nd Fighter Wing, Spangdahlem Air Base, Germany, arrived Friday at the 32nd Tactical Air Base, ?ask, Poland….

Aug 05 06:38

Mass protests sweep Europe | Rallies against COVID restrictions continue in France, Germany, Italy

Aug 04 11:01

ITALY : SOON Unvaccinated BANNED from Voting

Aug 04 07:28

Cars, funerals and home improvements: EU to crack down on large cash payments

Cash payments over €10,000 for transactions such as car purchases, home improvements or funeral bills will be banned under EU rules expected to come into force within three years.

The EU legislation is being considered in an attempt to clamp down on cross-border money laundering on a wider European basis.

Aug 04 07:24

ESA’s future Jupiter probe successfully completes critical test

The European Space Agency’s (ESA) Jupiter Icy moons Explorer, known as JUICE has successfully completed tests that simulate the hostile environment of space.

According to the ESA, the spacecraft underwent rigorous thermal tests that simulated the extreme coldness of space and the warmth of the Sun at ESA’s test centre ESTEC, in The Netherlands.

Aug 04 05:58

A new turf war with Strasbourg pushes Warsaw further down the road towards Polexit from the EU

Poland’s continued determination for judicial independence has now put it at loggerheads with another of Europe’s courts, adding to its long-running dispute with Brussels over its law reforms.

Poland has set itself on a collision course with the Strasbourg-based European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) and the outcome of this clash could determine whether the country eventually exits the EU.

The country’s justice minister, Zbigniew Ziobro, a leader of an arch-conservative, eurosceptic junior partner in Poland’s ruling coalition, has asked Poland’s Constitutional Tribunal to examine whether Article 6 of the European Convention on Human Rights breaches the Polish Constitution.

The article in question states that “everyone is entitled to a fair and public hearing within a reasonable time by an independent and impartial tribunal established by law.”

Aug 03 09:11

From Russia With 50% Less Supply: European Nat Gas Prices Explode To Record Highs As Putin Turns The Screws

That giant sucking noise is billions of "excess euros" being wired to Russia as Putin flexes his muscles showing Europe just how "transitory" record nat gas prices can be.

Natural gas prices in Europe hit a new record high as a slow at first, then much faster tightening of Russian supply looks set to cause a storage crunch on the continent.

As Bloomberg's Stephen Stapczynski observes, Russian gas flows via the Yamal-Europe pipeline that runs across Belarus and Poland to Mallnow, Germany suddenly dropped over the weekend, leaving Europe out of time to refill inventories ahead of the winter. As the chart below shows, the amount of gas entering Germany at the Mallnow compressor station has plunged by almost half, signaling Russia is flowing less through the Yamal-Europe in what may be a Kremlin shot across the European bow, and a reminder who literally keeps the lights open during the winter.

Aug 03 06:33

European man has message for America...

Aug 02 05:22

Foretaste of war in the Baltic

The leaders of a group of 15 Hampton Roads-based Navy ships are set to command even larger formations in line with the Navy’s latest thinking on how sailors and Marines should work together — and did so in an annual NATO exercise in the Baltic Sea.

That exercise involving Expeditionary Strike Group 2, known as ESG-2, was meant to test NATO’s ability to operate in the close quarters of those waters. The strike group’s commanding officer, Rear Adm. Robert Katz, directed 40 ships, 60 aircraft and 4,000 personnel from 18 nations.

Jul 30 07:09

In the European Union it is now illegal to grow your own food

For as long as Europe has existed the family plot or garden provided sufficient food to feed even large families. The domestic garden gives a household almost total independence from reliance.

In the 1950s and our family of seven lived in a cottage with a typical garden. Bodowen was heated by locally cut firewood. Our family was well fed from our small garden’s fruit and vegetable harvest. For meat, the local gamekeeper provided much for our table. You name it and we grew it; root vegetables like potatoes, cabbages, peas, lettuce and an abundance of fruit.

It was no big deal, most people did likewise and even our village school had its own food gardens too. In fact, this is the way it still is in large parts of Europe from the Baltic States to Hungary, Ukraine and back to Portugal.

Jul 28 12:10


Jul 28 06:11

Ancient Romanian gold mine awarded UNESCO world heritage status, complicating ongoing legal battle with Canadian company

The United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has awarded Romania’s Rosia Montana gold mine world heritage status. However, the move may complicate an ongoing lawsuit with a Canadian company.

During the latest session of the UN body’s World Heritage Committee, the Rosia Montana mine was awarded the special UNESCO status because of its historical significance, dating back to the second century.

According to the International Council on Monuments and Sites, the historical mine “contains the most significant, extensive and technically diverse underground Roman gold mining complex currently known in the world.”

Romania’s president, Klaus Iohannis, praised UNESCO’s listing of the site in a Facebook post on Tuesday, and proposed that Rosia Montana “should become a model for enhancing the value of heritage through the sustainable development of the area.”

Jul 28 05:34

Can Turkmenistan Become A Serious Gas Player In Europe?

The Caspian Sea is one of the world’s largest and oldest oil and gas producing regions.

During the Cold War, the hydrocarbon-rich area was Soviet-controlled as the vast majority of the reserves were located in the Soviet Union. Since the breakup of the communist state, international companies have flocked to the newly independent countries such as Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan. Of the littoral states, Turkmenistan has by far the largest reserves when it comes to natural gas. Geographic isolation and animosity with Azerbaijan long prevented the export of gas to customers in Europe.

Jul 27 09:11

[Video] Police join protests in Italy

Jul 27 09:05


Furious Crowds Chant out "TERRORISTS" outside Rai International Studios during Anti WAX Passport Rallies. Rai is Italy's BBC equivalent. It's fair to say Italy has finally woken up.

Jul 27 04:57

The US-German Hybrid War Against Poland Is Intensifying

Poland has come under intensified Hybrid War attack by the US and Germany after its hoped-for Baltic Pipe’s construction has been delayed by their Danish ally, the influential Washington Post published a scathing editorial imploring American decision makers to push back against Poland’s plans to regain control of a US-owned anti-government broadcaster, and it became official that the US and Germany cut a deal with Russia over Nord Stream II.

Jul 27 04:48

Questions Arise as More Than One in Five Danes Infected With Delta COVID Have 'Corona Pass'

Given the new circumstances, rules for the validity of the passport should be changed, experts have argued. However, despite the apparently poorer protection, the country's medical authorities have urged their compatriots to fully vaccinate themselves, emphasising that even a single shot can still contribute to a milder experience with the disease.

More than one-fifth of the new, more contagious delta variant of coronavirus has been found in vaccinated Danes issued a so-called “corona pass”, the State Serum Institute (SSI) has warned.

22 percent of those infected with the delta variant had a valid corona pass after the first shot when they were found infected.

Jul 27 04:45

Apocalyptic hailstorm batters northern Italy; traffic halted, people injured & crops destroyed (VIDEOS)

Hundreds of cars piled up on a major Italian highway on Monday after being damaged by a massive hailstorm which left several people injured, brought down trees, and caused damage in several regions.

Videos online show hail, which reached the size of a tennis ball, bombarding the ground amid strong winds and rain in a truly frightening sight.

Jul 26 10:20

‘Draghi Like Hitler’: Protesters slam Italian PM for introducing Covid health pass, call it discriminatory (VIDEO)

Protests against the Italian government’s plan to introduce health passes were held in more than 80 locations on Saturday, where people denounced the measure as discriminatory.

Around 3,000 rallied in Rome and 5,000 in Turin, the capital of the northwestern Piedmont region, while smaller protests were held elsewhere across the country, Italian media said. Overall, demonstrations were reported in more than 80 cities and towns.

People took to the streets to denounce the plan of the government led by Prime Minister Mario Draghi to introduce a health pass, known as the ‘Green Pass’. The document serves as proof that a person has received at least one dose of a Covid-19 vaccine, has tested negative for Covid-19 in the last 48 hours, or has recovered from the virus.

Jul 26 10:05

EU to Discuss Disconnecting Russia From SWIFT Before Making Decision

The European Union will first discuss extensively the legal side of disconnecting Russia from the SWIFT financial messaging system before making the decision, if such a measure were on the table, Portuguese Foreign Minister Augusto Santos Silva said on Monday.

"Any decision on the part of the European Union must be surrounded by appropriate rules. Therefore, if any decision is made, of course, it will first be widely discussed legally in the European Union," Silva said at a joint press conference after the meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov.

Lavrov said that proposals to ban Russia from using SWIFT as part of a new sanctions package have been floating around for some time, but he did not know for sure what steps the West and the company itself will take regarding the issue. The Russian foreign minister also stressed that the country's relevant authorities have been preparing for such turn of events.

Jul 26 08:09

Millions Protest Vaccine Passports Across Europe

Massive protests across Europe in Spain, Italy, France, Greece and the UK are sending a clear message... millions of people will not just accept vaccine passports. This is the new global protest movement. Ben Swann reports from Madrid, Spain.

Jul 25 07:04

Bosnia’s peace envoy imposes ban on genocide denial

The top international official in Bosnia and Herzegovina has banned denial of genocide in the Balkan country to counter attempts by Bosnia’s Serbs to deny the scope of the 1995 massacre in Srebrenica, Europe’s only post-World War II genocide.

The killings of more than 8,000 Bosniaks by Bosnian Serb forces in Srebrenica was declared a genocide by the International Court of Justice and the International Criminal Court for Former Yugoslavia. But Bosnian Serb officials and neighbouring Serbia have refused to accept this.

Jul 24 07:07

French police exempt from "Covid pass"

Jul 23 08:31

New ‘Diplomacy’: Why Are Ambassadors of NATO Countries Inspecting Ukrainian Armed Forces at the Front Line?

Interfax-Ukraine reported that the Danish ambassador to Ukraine paid a two-day visit to the front line of his host country’s war in the Donbass region. The press report phrased its account of the event like this: “On July 19-20, a delegation of the Kingdom of Denmark, led by Ambassador Ole Egberg Mikkelsen, visited the area of the Joint Forces Operation (JFO), and also met with representatives of Luhansk Regional Military-Civil Administration.” On the latter score, that is the part of Lugansk still under control of the Ukrainian government.

The Danish delegation, for all the world as though its members were military attachés, or military advisors, met with Deputy Commander of the Joint Forces Eduard Moskaliov and toured an observation post of a Ukrainian armed forces unit that is assigned to the Joint Forces Operation, until recently the Anti-Terrorist Operation. (National Anti-Terrorist Operation would have provided a more accurate acronym.)

Jul 23 05:19

Another Uprising: Thousands Protest as Italy Mandates Health Pass, Will Restrict Unvaccinated From Many Activities

On Thursday, Italy joined France and became the second European country to impose Soviet-style restrictions on its citizens.

Italy mandated their version of a vaccine passport today, called the ‘green pass.’ This gross violation of freedom sparked a wave of massive protests across the country.

Just like the tens of thousands of French citizens who have been demonstrating in the streets for the past week, the Italian people were immediately outraged.

Large crowds stayed well into the night and chants for freedom and “no green pass” rang out loudly.

Protesters plan to continue the demonstrations throughout the weekend.

Jul 23 04:11

Czech Republic Enshrines Its Own Second Amendment Into Law

The Czech Republic, makers of what many consider the greatest firearms in the world, has enshrined its own Second Amendment into law in defiance of the gun grabbers running the European Union.

Jul 22 05:20

Viktor Orban’s LGBTQ referendum could spell the end of Hungary’s membership of the EU, or the end of his premiership

Brussels and Budapest are betting big in this high-stakes political poker game. The clash between conservative East and liberal West is coming to a head in what could be another blow against the EU's dream of ‘ever closer union.’

Hungary’s relationship with the European Union took another turn for the worse today, as Viktor Orban, the Hungarian prime minister, announced he would be putting his controversial child-protection laws out to a referendum. According to LGBTQ rights groups and some other EU member states, these laws, which came into force last week, are really part of a wider nefarious campaign against homosexuality and trans rights in the country.

Jul 21 13:32

It’s a revolution?

Jul 21 12:03

18,928 DEAD, 1.8 Million Injured (50% SERIOUS) Reported in European Union’s Database of Adverse Drug Reactions for COVID-19 Shots

As many countries around the world now begin another round of lockdowns, and take steps to cut off citizens from social life if they do not consent to receive one of the deadly COVID-19 shots and carry around some kind of identification that marks them as “vaccinated,” (See: Mapping Tyranny: The Countries Where Vaccination Is Mandatory) the death tolls following these injections continue to rapidly increase.

Yesterday we reported about an alleged whistleblower with the U.S. CDC who is claiming that there have been at least 45,000 deaths reported within 3 days of receiving the injections, and that this information is being suppressed. See:

Attorney Files Lawsuit Against CDC Based on “Sworn Declaration” from Whistleblower Claiming 45,000 Deaths are Reported to VAERS – All Within 3 Days of COVID-19 Shots

Jul 21 05:30

NATO conducts 14-nation naval war games in Black Sea

NATO conducts 14-nation naval war games in Black Sea

Two days after completing the two-week, 32-nation Sea Breeze 2021 war games in the Black Sea, on July 12 the U.S. and its NATO allies launched the similarly-named Breeze 2021 exercise in the Black Sea, hosted by Bulgaria.

This year’s iteration of the regular military exercise included over 2,000 military personnel and 30 ships from 14 NATO nations and NATO Enhanced Opportunities Partners: Albania, Belgium, Britain, Bulgaria, Georgia, Greece, Italy, Latvia, Poland, Romania, Spain, Turkey, Ukraine and the U.S..

Jul 20 15:45

As a Parent, The Speed That Western Society And Culture Is Descending Into Hysterical Self-Hatred Makes Me Worry For My Children

These pressures manifest as a cultural self-hate which (amazingly) enjoys unanimous support from the American state, the education system, the media and global big business. Thus, we have the riots and statue removals related to Black Lives Matter, a somehow global movement based on events from a specific corner of one nation. -- Not satisfied with just that, we now have critical race theory (CRT) being implemented in many American schools, where it seems they will raise their children to celebrate an endemic, incurable guilt. Educating on a basis of blame or penance cannot be a good thing, for anyone.

Jul 19 09:15

French police join the protestors!

Jul 19 09:10

A Furious Hungary Threatens To Veto Europe's Green New Deal

Yesterday, to much fanfare the EU unveiled an absurd set of climate change and emissions targets for 2030 which will transform every corner of its economy. As part of the plan, every industry would be forced to accelerate its shift away from fossil fuels in order to cut pollution by at least 55% from 1990 levels by 2030. To achieve that, the bloc will bring new industries such as shipping into what’s already the world’s largest carbon market; ban all new combustion-engine cars by 2035; impose new costs on dirty home heating; and force the aviation industry to emit less and pay more.

At least the EU was honest: “Nothing we presented today is going to be easy. It’s going to be bloody hard,” European Commission climate chief Frans Timmermans said.

Of course, Europe's "green new deal" won't come cheap.

Jul 19 07:50

“Illegal and Unconstitutional” – Ruling on Covid-19 Lockdowns by the High Court in Spain

Spain’s Constitutional Tribunal has judged that the first COVID-19 confinement in the country was illegal and unconstitutional and that the “fundamental rights” of Spanish citizens were violated by government measures against the sanitary crisis, even though they had been approved by successive votes in Parliament.

Vox and the Partido Popular; two political parties in Spain, both called on the government to step down after the decision.

The decision was made public by the court on Wednesday after a 6 to 5 vote by the Tribunal’s supreme judges, who have theoretically opened the way for all those who were fined for not complying with the severe confinement rules to ask for a refund of their money.

Jul 19 06:03

France Says No!

Jul 19 05:58

At Least Two Dead in Bavaria as Rains Continue to Pound Germany

Two people died in southeastern Bavaria overnight after a flood hit Berchtesgadener Land district, its governor said on 18 July.

The area declared an emergency on Saturday night after heavy rainfall was reported. The storm that lashed Bavaria and Saxony exacerbated the extreme weather crisis that has left dozens dead across Germany.

"We have two dead… We know that one person died of a natural cause, which in some way may be related to the storm," Bernhard Kern told a news conference in Bad Reichenhall.

Jul 19 05:49

Rail service disrupted & new evacuations ordered in Europe as death toll from floods tops 180

The death toll in Europe shot past 180 on Sunday, while more parts of the continent were hit by disastrous floods caused by heavy rainfall.

At least 155 people were killed in Germany’s western Rhineland-Palatinate region and neighboring North Rhine-Westphalia. The military was deployed to help rescue workers save people from rooftops and recover vehicles trapped in the floodwater.

Another 27 died in Belgium, where around 11,000 families were left without power in the Liege area. In Wallonia, some 20 villages were left without drinking water and rail infrastructure was damaged.

European Commission chief Ursula von der Leyen, on Saturday, visited the towns of Rochefort and Pepinster, where houses were destroyed by the water. “My heart ached as I met people who have lost their homes, the savings of a lifetime,” she wrote on Twitter.

Jul 19 05:47

The ECB's New Inflation Plan Is Like The Old Plan. But Worse...

Why old? The “new” framework is remarkably similar to that unveiled in May 2003.

Why absurd? The main rationale put forward for the framework is to work around a problem of the “zero bound”. That problem, however, is of the ECB’s own making.

Why unfit for purpose? Chief Christine Lagarde tells us that the review has been undertaken to make sure that “our monetary policy strategy is fit for purpose both today and in the future”. But she considers no critique of that strategy and advances no rebuttal of any. She does not explain why she expects better results from a plan that so similar to the strategy that's been pursued during the past quarter century.

Jul 19 05:46

Pegasus Spyware Used Against Journalists 'Completely Unacceptable' if True, Von der Leyen Says

Earlier, an international investigation by over a dozen news outlets concluded that the Israeli cyber firm NSO Group had sold “authoritarian governments” around the globe its hacking software to spy on journalists, politicians, and various activists.

The spyware scandal involving Israel's software firm and tens of thousands of smartphone numbers was "completely unacceptable" if true, European Commission chief Ursula von der Leyen said.

"What we could read so far, and this has to be verified, but if it is the case, it is completely unacceptable and against any kind of rules we have in the European Union," von der Leyen said at a press conference in Prague.