Jan 21 10:04

UK Might Dispatch Hundreds of Troops to NATO Countries Near Ukraine, Reports Say

London is considering the possibility of sending hundreds more troops to allied countries neighboring Ukraine as a "deterrent" to Russia, thereby beefing up the UK's contribution to NATO's operations in the region, The Times reported on Friday, citing defense sources.

The alliance members have reportedly held high-level talks about bolstering their military presence in the Baltic States and Poland right after UK Foreign Minister Liz Truss warned Russian President Vladimir Putin to "step back from Ukraine before he makes a massive strategic mistake", as quoted by The Times.

Currently, the United Kingdom leads a NATO battle group of 1,200 troops in Estonia, where it has tanks, armoured vehicles, air defence systems, and intelligence assets, according to the media. Poland hosts 140 UK troops as part of NATO's mission too.

Jan 21 07:22

Boris Johnson blows apart mandate narrative

Jan 21 06:14

UK Dispatches 30 Elite Troops to Ukraine Amid Escalation Fears, Reports Suggest

The United Kingdom has sent a group of around 30 elite troops to Ukraine to train the country's armed forces on anti-tank weapons transferred to Kiev by London amid concerns about the escalation of the Ukrainian crisis, Sky News reported.

According to the media, members of the Ranger Regiment, which is part of the newly created army's Special Operations Brigade, arrived in Ukraine on military flights that also delivered about 2,000 anti-tank missile launchers to the country this week.

Jan 20 11:31


Jan 20 07:32

Boris Johnson Ending Nearly All Lockdown Measures in Wake of His Poll Numbers Imploding

Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced Wednesday that the UK is ending vaccine passport mandates, mask mandates and work restrictions.

This is a beautiful sight to behold.

Jan 19 09:19

England scraps all covid measures...

Jan 19 09:07

Tony Blair and Boris Johnson: A simple morality tale about western values

Two weeks ago, American entrepreneur Elizabeth Holmes was found guilty of criminally defrauding investors out of $700m. She faces up to 20 years in jail.

In sharp contrast, Tony Blair has just been awarded one of the most coveted honours to which any British citizen can aspire - the Queen has made him a Knight Companion of the Most Noble Order of the Garter.

Of course, it is right that Holmes should be punished. Her wrongdoing cost investors a great deal of money. But her actions did not lead to bloodshed.

Jan 19 09:03

'The modelling has manipulated fear... it is pretty despicable': Furious Tory MPs say No10's use of SAGE projections is a 'national scandal' as they accuse 'Professor Lockdown' of seeking publicity for 'hysterical forecasts'

Furious MPs today slammed No10 for its 'despicable' reliance on 'hysterical' Covid forecasts which have repeatedly driven the nation into living under economically-crippling curbs.

In a heated Westminster Hall discussion about coronavirus, Conservative Bob Seely called the use of modelling a 'national scandal'. He argued the projections, peddled by SAGE, created a 'climate of manipulated fear'.

Echoing Winston Churchill's famous wartime speech, Mr Seely said of the modelling: 'Never before has so much harm been done to so many by so few.'

Jan 19 08:51

Vladimir Putin 'is now plotting a full-scale invasion': British defence chiefs and White House warn Ukraine is facing a 'nightmare scenario' as Russian troops mass along border and armoured divisions head to Belarus

Vladimir Putin will opt for the 'nightmare scenario' of a full invasion of Ukraine as tensions rise towards tipping point, UK defence chiefs fear.

The region has been on a knife-edge since the end of last year when Moscow moved as many as 100,000 troops, as well as tanks and missiles, close to the border.

The White House warned yesterday the situation was 'extremely dangerous' and that Moscow could launch an attack 'at any point'.

Jan 19 08:49

Polish Radio: Britain, Canada deploying more troops to Ukraine

Canada has deployed a small contingent of special forces operators to Ukraine to assist the government in Kyiv and help deter Russian aggression, the website reported, citing Canada’s Global News.

Earlier UK Defence Secretary Ben Wallace announced that a small contingent of British troops would be sent to Ukraine to help train soldiers there amid tensions with Russia, according to

Jan 19 08:47

'British are unstoppable!' Army and RAF dispatched to see off Russia threat – Putin braced

RAF planes carrying "self-defence" weapons were deployed to Ukraine on Monday night to help with the 100,000 Russian troops amassed at the border, the UK Defence Secretary said.

Britain supplied Ukraine with short-range anti-tank missiles as Ben Wallace warned fears of "loss of life on all sides" are on the rise. The decision to stand up for Kiev was described as "wise".

Mr Wallace confirmed a small team of British troops would also be sent to Ukraine to provide training.

The Kyiv Independent journalist Illia Ponomarenko tweeted: "The British are just unstoppable these days.

"Once again, the UK finds itself on the right side of history – because it is wise enough not to be lured into going the easiest way, which is always the fastest lane straight to hell."

Jan 19 08:34

UK Supplies Ukraine With Thousands of Light Anti-Tank Missiles

The United Kingdom has supplied Ukraine with several thousands of light anti-tank missiles, UK Minister for the Armed Forces James Heappey told the LBC radio broadcaster on Wednesday.

The minister noted that Ukrainians are a proud sovereign nation and they are ready to fight for every inch of their country.

London said on Tuesday that the UK military had airlifted a batch of light anti-tank weapons to Ukraine for self-defence.

Earlier this week, the US and British officials made statements about increasing arms deliveries to Ukraine, including shoulder-launched anti-aircraft missile systems. Russia criticised the move, saying it will make the situation even worse. The West has been speculating about Russia's alleged plans to invade Ukraine, a claim Moscow has strongly denied.

Jan 19 07:58

Six Russian Landing Ships Sail Past Britain Sparking Speculation They Are Bound For Ukraine

Six Russian landing ships have sailed past Britain sparking speculation they are bound for an impending ‘full-scale invasion’ of Ukraine – as Kiev warns President Putin has ‘nearly completed’ the build-up of troops along the border.

Russia’s Baltic Fleet vessels the Korolev, Minsk and Kaliningrad were today sailing south past the UK followed by Northern Fleet warships Olenegorsky Gornyak, Pyotr Morgunov, and Georgii Pobedonosets which passed the Great Belt Bridge in Denmark on Monday.

The ships, which can each carry up to 25 armoured personnel carriers, were deployed three days ago but it remains unclear if they are heading for Ukraine.

The region has been on a knife-edge since the end of last year when Moscow moved as many as 100,000 troops, as well as tanks and missiles, close to the border.

Jan 19 07:04

UK’s Johnson scraps ‘Plan B’ Covid measures amid Omicron spread

Speaking on Wednesday, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced the end of Covid-19 measures as the latest data suggested the wave of infections driven by the Omicron variant was past its peak. The scrapping of the ‘Plan B’ restrictions means that Covid-19 passes will no longer be required in England and that people will not be asked to work from home whenever possible.

Jan 18 14:24


Jan 18 08:33

Kremlin 'Concerned' by 'Extremely Dangerous' Prospect of Delivery of Stingers to Ukraine

British defence chief Ben Wallace announced Monday that London is supplying Kiev with weapons for "self-defence" and small numbers of trainers to teach the Ukrainian army how to use them. US officials and lawmakers, meanwhile, have warned that they would back a Ukrainian "insurgency" with anti-armour and anti-air weapons if Russia invaded.
Russia is concerned by the "extremely dangerous" statements coming out of London and Washington regarding new weapons deliveries to Ukraine, and believes such steps will only serve to increase regional tensions, Kremlin spokesman Dmitri Peskov has said.

Jan 18 08:13

Britain Says It Is Supplying Anti-Tank Weapons to Ukraine

Britain said on Monday it had begun supplying Ukraine with anti-tank weapons to help it defend itself from a potential invasion, during a stand-off with Russia which has massed troops near the Ukrainian border.

Western countries say they fear Russia is preparing a pretext for a new assault on Ukraine, which it invaded in 2014.

Moscow denies any plans for an attack, but has said it could take unspecified military action unless the West agrees to a list of demands, including banning Ukraine from ever joining NATO. Talks last week ended with no breakthrough. Kyiv has asked Western countries for arms to help it protect itself.

"We have taken the decision to supply Ukraine with light anti-armour defensive weapon systems," British Defence Secretary Ben Wallace told parliament, saying the first systems were already delivered on Monday and a small number of British personnel would provide training for a short period of time.

Jan 18 08:12

FLASHBACK - The Balfour Declaration: Britain's fatal mistake in Palestine

More than a century after Lord Balfour made his declaration, there is little agreement about what former British Prime Minister David Lloyd George’s foreign secretary or subsequent governments intended to do with Palestine.

It should not be such a mystery. Britain wanted Palestine for its own empire, for simple geostrategic reasons born of World War I. Towards that end, the British government sought to exploit the Zionist movement - not to create a Jewish state, but to partner with Zionist settlers in managing Palestine over the predictable opposition of the Palestinian Arab majority.

If one were to compare Palestine to the French mandate in Lebanon, the Zionists were the Maronites of British Palestine: a compact minority community that would openly advocate for a British mandate at the Paris Peace Conference and cooperate with the British in governing the territory.

Jan 18 08:02

The UK has recorded 5 times more Deaths in 12 months due to Covid-19 Vaccination than it has Deaths due to every other Vaccine combined in 21 years & Twitter doesn’t want you to find out…

The UK Medicine Regulator has confirmed that over a period of twelve months the Covid-19 Vaccines have caused five times more deaths than the total number of deaths due to all other available vaccines combined in the past 21 years.

(Please note this article is a reprint of the same article found here – – We have republished due to the fact that Twitter and its Fact Checkers added the original link to the “unsafe” list in an attempt to censor and bury the following information)

A Freedom of Information Request was made via email to the Medicine and Healthcare product Regulatory Agency (MHRA) on the 6th August 2021 in which a Mr Anderson asked the MHRA the following questions –

How many Deaths have there been from all Covid-19 vaccines?
Are there any other reporting AI system monitoring systems like the Yellow Card scheme?
Are Covid-19 Vaccines still in trials?

Jan 18 07:39

British aircraft avoid Germany on Ukraine weapon supply run

Two British C-17 transport aircraft carrying weapons to Ukraine went around German airspace.

Tens of thousands of Russian troops are positioned close to the Ukrainian border, according to the UK Defence Secretary, “Their deployment is not routine, and they are equipped with tanks, armoured fighting vehicles, rocket artillery, and short-range ballistic missiles”. This build-up has resulted in Ukraine requesting assistance from allies, with two British transport aircraft heading to Ukraine with anti-armour weaponry.

Jan 18 07:38

UK sends ‘defensive weapons’ to Ukraine, invites Russia for talks

The United Kingdom has begun sending light arms to Ukraine, Britain’s top military official said, though he claimed the weapons “pose no threat to Russia” after repeated allegations that Moscow is planning to invade its neighbor.

“We have taken the decision to supply Ukraine with light anti-armour defensive weapon systems,” Defence Secretary Ben Wallace told lawmakers on Monday, adding initial shipments had already arrived in the country hours prior.

Despite the growing enmity, Wallace said he invited his Russian counterpart, Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu, to meet in London sometime in the coming weeks to work through the issue, adding “the current gap is wide but not unbridgeable,” and that he remains “hopeful that diplomacy will prevail.”

Jan 18 07:33

UK to task military with stopping migrant boat crossings: Reports

The United Kingdom’s Royal Navy will be put in charge of efforts to stop boats carrying migrants and refugees arriving on the country’s shores via the English Channel under plans signed off by embattled Prime Minister Boris Johnson, according to UK media reports.

The Ministry of Defence is to take over command of the operation from the UK’s Border Force agency within weeks, several British media outlets reported on Monday. Border Force sits within the UK’s Home Office department.

Jan 18 06:40

British troops are sent to Ukraine: Hi-tech weapons and 'training personnel' are dispatched amid fears of Russian invasion but Berlin BANS the RAF planes from German airspace and repeats vow to 'do everything to avoid escalating the crisis'

Britain last night sent troops and hi-tech weapons to Ukraine in a bid to thwart a feared Russian invasion.

In a clear signal to Vladimir Putin, two RAF transporters flew badly needed missile systems to Kiev's forces. Troops were aboard the planes and will remain in Ukraine to teach their counterparts how to combat Russian tanks.

Defence Secretary Ben Wallace said the deployment came 'in light of the increasingly threatening behaviour from Russia'.

Jan 17 14:38

Prince Andrew suspected of ‘intimate relationship’ with Ghislaine Maxwell

In an ITV documentary scheduled to air Tuesday, Paul Page, who protected the Duke of York from 1998 to 2004, alleges that Maxwell was so close to Prince Andrew that she was allowed to enter and exit Buckingham Palace at will.

While working in the Royalty and Specialist Protection Command unit, former officer Page stated that a colleague of his “remembered her coming in four times in one day,” as she regularly visited the prince when he was living at the palace.

Maxwell visited Buckingham Palace in 2001, according to Page, the same year that Jeffrey Epstein accuser Virginia Giuffre alleges Prince Andrew had sex with her at the British socialite’s London townhouse.

Jan 17 08:48

Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries signals the BBC licence fee will be SCRAPPED after 2027 and clobbers the broadcaster with a £2bn funding cut by freezing levy for two years as part of Operation Red Meat campaign to distract from Partygate

Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries today signalled the BBC licence fee will be scrapped after 2027 as part of the Prime Minister's policy blitz dubbed Operation Red Meat that aims to deflect from the recent Partygate row.

Ms Dorries indicated that she wants to put in place a new funding model for the broadcaster when the current licence fee deal expires in five years' time.

The Cabinet minister has hit the Corporation with a two-year licence fee freeze and her allies have warned ‘the days of state-run television are over’, as tensions between the Government and the BBC continue to rise.

Ms Dorries tweeted this morning: 'This licence fee announcement will be the last. The days of the elderly being threatened with prison sentences and bailiffs knocking on doors, are over.

Jan 17 08:31

UK Authorities Concerned About Anti-Vaxxer Movement as it Tends To Extremism, Report Says

The coronavirus pandemic has spawned all sorts of conspiracy theories, which in turn have galvanised anti-vaccination movements around the world with protests staged against safety restrictions, obligatory vaccines and COVID-19 passports. Quite often these demonstrations turn violent.

British authorities are concerned about its home-grown anti-vaxxer movement as it has tended towards violent extremism, The Observer reported, citing a government source. According to the insider, Prime Minister Boris Johnson is receiving updates from police and counter-terrorism officials about individuals prepared to "undermine national health security".

"It’s a growing concern and it is being monitored at the highest level. No 10 is among those getting reports direct: the PM is seeing them in his inbox. The consensus is that we didn’t win [the disinformation war] as cleanly as we need to do next time," said the Whitehall source.

Jan 16 08:53

Triple & Double Vaccinated accounted for 4 in every 5 Covid-19 Deaths in England over the past month despite most vulnerable getting Booster in October

The latest figures published by the new UK Health Security Agency on Covid-19 cases, hospitalisations and deaths show that the vaccinated population still accounted for 4 in every 5 Covid-19 deaths over the past four weeks even though those who are deemed to be the most vulnerable to Covid-19 received their “booster” jab in September and October.

The ‘Covid-19 Vaccine Surveillance Report – Week 50’ was published by the UK Health Security Agency (formerly Public Health England) on Thursday, 16th December 2021, and it shows that the vast majority of Covid-19 cases between November 15th and December 12th were among the fully vaccinated population.

Jan 16 07:10

EXCLUSIVE: Give me back my police protection: Prince Harry threatens legal action against the government and demands return of Met security because 'it is not safe for the Sussexes to return to visit' with only private bodyguards

Prince Harry is taking legal action against the Government over its decision to remove his UK police security, The Mail on Sunday can reveal.

Lawyers acting for Harry, who stepped down from Royal duties two years ago, have written a ‘pre-action protocol’ letter to the Home Office, indicating that they will seek a judicial review if the Sussexes are not provided with continued security while they are in Britain - which they make clear he is happy to pay for.

If the case proceeds, it will lead to a battle in the High Court between Ministers and Prince Harry.

Jan 16 06:35

British Government Used "Propagandistic" Fear Tactics To Scare Public Into Mass Compliance

The British government used “propagandistic” fear tactics to scare the public into mass compliance during the first COVID lockdown, according to a behavioral scientist who worked inside Downing Street.

Simon Ruda co-founded Number 10’s ‘Nudge Unit’, which was initially set up to encourage positive behavioral changes in the British public without the need for coercion or legislation, but was weaponized during the pandemic to create scaremongering.

“In my mind, the most egregious and far-reaching mistake made in responding to the pandemic has been the level of fear willingly conveyed on the public,” wrote Ruda.

“That fear seems to have subsequently driven policy decisions in a worrying feed-back loop,” he added, noting that such actions amounted to “state sanctioned propaganda.”

The behavioral scientist said that an obsession with daily case numbers came to dominate thinking, serving to spread even more fear.

Jan 15 08:45

COVID Week 19 vaccine surveillance report 4 2 PDF

Breaking: The UK government admits that vaccines have damaged the natural immune system of those who have been double-vaccinated. The UK government has admitted that once you have been double-vaccinated, you will never again be able to acquire full natural immunity to Covid variants - or possibly any other virus. So let's watch the "real" pandemic begin now! In its Week 42 "COVID-19 Vaccine Surveillance Report", the UK Department of Health admits on page 23 that "N antibody levels appear to be lower in people who become infected after two doses of vaccination". It goes on to say that this drop in antibodies is essentially permanent. What does this mean? We know that vaccines do not prevent infection or transmission of the virus (indeed, the report elsewhere shows that vaccinated adults are now much more likely to be infected than unvaccinated ones).

Jan 15 07:14

A fridge too far: Downing Street 'held wine-time Fridays EVERY week' throughout the pandemic: Now staff are accused of taking a suitcase to Tesco Metro to fill up with booze and having a drinks fridge delivered in December 2020

Downing Street held 'wine-time Fridays' every week throughout the pandemic which Boris Johnson attended, with staff even investing in a £142 drinks fridge to keep their beer, prosecco and wine cold, it has been claimed.

Government aides were encouraged by the prime minister, who regularly oversaw the gatherings, to 'let off steam' at the regular drinks which would often continue until the early hours, at a time when Britons were banned from socialising indoors, sources told The Mirror.

Staff took turns to stock up on drinks at the local Tesco Metro with a wheely suitcase to fill up the 34-bottle fridge which was delivered through the back door of Downing Street on December 11, 2020, extraordinary pictures have revealed.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Could you wreck a nation and still stay sober?

Jan 15 07:13

GUY ADAMS: The photographs that raise tantalising questions over Labour peer Lord Mandelson's 10-year friendship with paedophile Epstein

During his five decades in public life, Lord Mandelson has delighted in the company of many rich men.

Indeed, it was after being bewitched by his wealthy colleague Geoffrey Robinson that he had to resign from the Cabinet — on the first of two occasions he was forced to leave government.

It was no surprise, either, that as a man who was castigated by Labour colleagues when he once said he was 'intensely relaxed about people getting filthy rich as long as they pay their taxes', he has happily mixed socially with financier Nat Rothschild, who arranged for him to spend a lavish weekend in the company of the Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Another one about to bite the dust?

Jan 14 07:16

UK tells Yemeni asylum seeker he can return home safely despite war

A Yemeni man has been told by UK authorities he can return home to his country because officials “do not accept that there are problems in Yemen”, in a refusal of his asylum claim, filed in June 2021.

The UK's Guardian newpaper reported that the asylum seeker, a 36-year-old accountant who is married and has two children, has various physical and mental health problems, but the refusal letter said that there is “a substantial public health programme in Yemen”.

The United Nations and charities operating in the country have repeatedly stated the country's health system has "collapsed" under the weight of years of civil war and the Covid-19 pandemic.

Jan 14 06:49

Facebook could be forced to pay £50 to 44 MILLION users in UK if landmark legal action succeeds: £2.3bn lawsuit claims US tech giant made billions by only granting access to site in exchange for 'highly valuable' personal data

Most British Facebook users could receive a £50 payout if a landmark legal claim launched against the social network over 'unfair' terms and conditions is successful.

Competition law expert Dr Liza Lovdahl Gormsen has brought the class-action lawsuit against Facebook's parent firm Meta at the UK's Competition Appeal Tribunal.

The director of the Competition Law Forum has accused the technology giant of abusing its market dominance, and is seeking a minimum of £2.3billion in damages.

Jan 13 11:59

Iraq war: Secret memo reveals Bush-Blair plans to topple Saddam Hussein

George W Bush told Tony Blair he did not know who would replace Saddam Hussein in Iraq when they toppled him and that he “did not much care”, according to an explosive top secret account of the meeting seen by Middle East Eye.

The former US president was blithe about the consequences of launching an invasion at a crucial meeting with the British prime minister at his Texas ranch in 2002, almost a year before the war was launched.

“He didn’t know who would take Saddam’s place if and when we toppled him. But he didn’t much care. He was working on the assumption that anyone would be an improvement,” the British memo, written by Blair's top foreign policy adviser at the time, reads.

Bush believed - but the memo says he would not say publicly - that a “moderate secular regime” in post-Saddam Iraq would have a favourable impact both on Saudi Arabia - a close US ally - and Iran.

Jan 13 11:44

Prince Andrew stripped of military titles and charities amid sex abuse lawsuit

Britain's Prince Andrew has been stripped of his military titles and charities, Buckingham Palace announced on Thursday, a day after a judge ruled a sexual abuse civil lawsuit against the Queen's son could proceed.

Andrew will also no longer use the style "His Royal Highness" in any official capacity, a royal source told CNN on Thursday.

"With The Queen's approval and agreement, the Duke of York's military affiliations and Royal patronages have been returned to The Queen. The Duke of York will continue not to undertake any public duties and is defending this case as a private citizen," the palace said in a statement.

Jan 13 06:38

Top Tories Call on BoJo to Resign After Wednesday 'Partygate' Apology

The Conservative prime minister is under pressure over a number of scandals, with the latest pertaining to allegations that "parties" with booze were held inside Downing Street in 2020, when England was under strict COVID rules.

Senior UK Conservative Party members have urged Prime Minister Boris Johnson to step down after he apologised for attending a May 2020 party held in the garden of his official residence on Downing Street during a coronavirus lockdown.

Scottish Tory leader Douglas Ross mentioned his "difficult conversation" with Johnson following the PM's apology in the House of Commons, pledging that he would write to the 1922 Committee to register his lack of confidence in Boris Johnson.

Jan 13 06:07

Russia capable of neutralising NATO by launching Zircon missile on UK

Russia's state-of-the-art weapons forced the United States to seriously think about changing its nuclear doctrine. It is the Zircon hypersonic missile that gave Moscow an opportunity to mess up all the plans of the potential enemy, the analyst believes.

"Russia can neutralize NATO with the help of conventional weapons too. One salvo of conventional Zircon missiles from a submarine is capable of destroying all power plants in the UK. All of the UK will be de-energized within 15 minutes. That's all,” the political scientist said on ITON-TV YouTube channel.

According to Kedmi, Russia may not use nuclear weapons in the event of a threat. In order to neutralize NATO forces, Moscow can resort to its hypersonic weapons. Russia may strike a blow on the main ally of the United States — Great Britain. The expert believes that if Russia takes the UK out of the game in a retaliatory attack, all other members of the alliance will fall down like dominos.

Jan 12 13:59

286% More Deaths of Vaccinated Than Unvaccinated Says UK Government Data

Jan 12 11:48

Judge rules sexual assault lawsuit against Prince Andrew can move ahead

A federal judge in New York on Wednesday denied a motion to dismiss a lawsuit against Prince Andrew filed by Virginia Giuffre, a woman who alleges she was sexually trafficked to the royal when she was underage.

"Ms. Giuffre's complaint is neither 'unintelligible' nor 'vague' nor 'ambiguous,'" Judge Lewis Kaplan wrote in the ruling. "It alleges discrete incidents of sexual abuse in particular circumstances at three identifiable locations. It identifies to whom it attributes that sexual abuse."

Giuffre alleged in the lawsuit that the late financier Jeffrey Epstein trafficked her and forced her to have sex with his friends, including the Prince, and that Andrew was aware she was underage (17) in the US at the time. She alleges the Prince sexually abused her at Epstein's private island in the US Virgin Islands, at his mansion in Manhattan and at his former girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell's home in London.

Jan 12 08:41

BoJo Apologizes For Attending "Partygate" Garden Party But Refuses To Resign As Public Pressure Builds

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson hasn't exactly had an easy ride since taking over from his predecessor Theresa May in late 2019, just months before the COVID pandemic engulfed the world. And since the dawn of the pandemic, BoJo and his senior advisors have been repeatedly accused of hypocrisy. The issue at hand is that the British government famously imposed some of the most complicated restrictions on movement and businesses during the first year and a half of the pandemic.

As millions of Britons struggled to comply with onerous restrictions like the "rule of six", over in Downing Street, BoJo and his team sometimes acted like the rules didn't apply to them. First there was Dominic Cummings, BoJo's (deeply unpopular) senior advisor, who ended up quitting way back in November 2020 after he was caught breaking the lockdown rules that he helped to craft.

Jan 12 07:40

Palpable rage, tears, and a rancid tang of last days of empire: HENRY DEEDES watches MP tell how his mother-in-law died  alone during lockdown and concludes Boris cannot hide forever

For the past 18 months, this government has ridden out storm after storm. Yesterday, something felt very different. In the political cauldron hung a rancid tang, the whiff of dry rot, a sense of the last days of empire.

In this hotbed of confected anger, the atmosphere spat and bubbled like magma and genuinely seethed. Those invited to speak on the matter of the latest and most damaging Downing Street party scandal did not hold back.

Boris did not turn up to this very public roasting and his no-show only gave MPs even more cause to screech their outrage. At one point tears flowed.

Jan 11 06:55

BOOGA BOOGA! How Putin could black out Britain: Top military man warns Russian sabotage could wreck undersea cables that supply our internet and $10 trillion of financial deals a day

Thousands of feet under the ocean lies a global network of internet cables responsible for carrying 97 per cent of international communications.

In a digital age, these physical cables, sheathed in steel and plastic, are central to how we function. If they were to be disabled, it would not just prevent us accessing the web on our phones and laptops — it would disrupt everything from agriculture and healthcare to military logistics and financial transactions, instantly plunging the world into a new depression.

According to experts, this doomsday scenario ranks alongside nuclear war as an existential threat to our way of life.

Jan 11 06:48

HOSPITAL 'PRISON' BREAK Whistle Blower John O'Looney Narrowly Escapes With His Life From UK Hospital

In this episode of Un-breaking The News we speak to Dr. Sam Dube who recounts the heroic rescue story of whistle blower John O'Looney from a hospital in the UK that refused to let him out.

John O'Looney recently exposed the pressure he was receiving from medical officials to falsify death certificates in order to inflate the number of Covid deaths.

Jan 10 11:43

Treat Covid like the FLU: Ex-chief of the UK's vaccine taskforce calls for 'new targeted strategy' to manage the virus and says population-based jabs should be scrapped after boosters as daily cases fall by almost TWENTY PER CENT on last week to 146,390

Coronavirus should be treated like the flu and Britain's mass jabs programme should be scrapped after the booster campaign is complete, the ex-chief of the UK's vaccine taskforce has said.

Dr Clive Dix, who was chairman of the government agency from December 2020 until April, called for a return to a 'new normality' and a volte-face on the approach throughout the pandemic.

He said the country needs to learn to manage the disease rather than focus on halting the spread of the virus amid hope the Omicron variant is even less severe than the flu.

Jan 10 08:46

'Mothers-In-Arms' Slam Blair's Knighthood For Afghanistan, Iraq Wars, While They 'Got to Bury Sons'

A petition to strip former British Prime Minister Tony Blair of his knighthood, posted on a week ago, has already gained more than a million signatures. Blair has been accused of causing “irreparable damage to both the constitution of the United Kingdom and to the very fabric of the nation’s society” due to his role in the Iraq War.

Five women brought together by grief met in Coventry Cathedral on Saturday to each light a candle for their sons, killed in Afghanistan, and voice their fury over the bestowing of knighthood on the man they blame for their loss – Tony Blair.

Carol Valentine, Hazel Hunt, Caroline Whitaker, Caroline Jane Munday-Baker and Helen Perry refuse to be reconciled with the fact that the former UK Prime Minister was made a Knight Companion of the Most Noble Order of the Garter by the British monarch, Queen Elizabeth II, in the New Year Honours List.

Jan 10 07:44

Tony Blair to receive UK knighthood for war crimes in Iraq: Analyst

Tony Blair is scheduled to receive a controversial knighthood for the "war crimes" he instigated during his tenure as the UK's premier, says a British political commentator.

The former British prime minister is set to be made a Knight Companion of the Most Noble Order of the Garter for his hawkish role in the 2003 invasion of Iraq.

London-based Rodney Shakespeare said in an interview with Press TV that granting the most senior British order of chivalry to Blair despite his infamous involvement in alleged war crimes during the US-led invasion of Iraq is a great surprise.

"This is astonishing. The invasion of Iraq was predicated upon a deliberate lie -- that weapons of mass destruction existed when they did not. Blair openly upheld the lie," he said.

Jan 09 06:33

Labour ex-Cabinet minister Lord Mandelson grins at Jeffrey Epstein's birthday party in photo 'taken a YEAR after billionaire financier was charged with soliciting woman for prostitution'

Former Labour Cabinet minister Peter Mandelson was pictured with Jeffrey Epstein in his Paris home a year after the billionaire financier had been charged with sex crimes.

The previously unseen photograph, which has been published by The Sun, shows Tony Blair's former spin chief with Epstein as he blows out candles on a birthday cake.

The photo was reportedly taken inside Epstein's apartment in Paris's Avenue Foch in August 2006.

Jan 09 06:32

How the BBC's lack of checks left children at risk of abuse for years after Jimmy Savile was exposed

The BBC put children at risk of sexual abuse for years after the crimes of Jimmy Savile were exposed, The Mail on Sunday can reveal.

A leaked report reveals that TV actors, presenters and production staff on some of the Corporation's biggest shows were allowed to work with children without first undergoing criminal records checks to discover if they had child abuse convictions.

The report, compiled by management consultancy firm KPMG in 2018, identified flaws in the way staff on soap operas and dramas were being vetted and warned that children could suffer 'emotional or physical harm'.

Jan 08 08:26

UK Military Chief: Russia Cutting Underwater Communication Cables Will Be Considered Act of War

The warning comes ahead of the upcoming Russia-NATO Council gathering, which will deal with Moscow’s proposal on security guarantees that were put forward last month amid Western media and officials’ allegations about a possible Russian “invasion” of Ukraine.

Admiral Sir Tony Radakin, the UK’s new chief of the defence staff, has warned that any attempt by Russia to disrupt crucial underwater communication cables could “potentially” be considered an act of war.

Speaking to The Times, the head of the British Armed Forces expressed concern about what he described as “a phenomenal increase in Russian submarine and underwater activity over the last 20 years”, something that Radakin argued could “put at risk and potentially exploit the world's real information system”.

Jan 08 08:19

UK army deployed to hospitals

Military medics have been tasked with aiding the NHS after at least 24 hospital trusts declared critical incidents, amid staffing shortages that risk compromising their ability to care for patients and provide priority services.

The Ministry of Defence confirmed on Friday that 200 military personnel will be deployed for the next three weeks to fill gaps caused by staff having to self-isolate due to a Covid infection or coming into contact a positive case.

The bulk of the force will be stationed in London hospitals, with the city having been hit particularly hard by the Omicron outbreak, pushing medical services beyond their limits. It comes as the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) told the government that it can no longer deny the NHS is facing a “staffing crisis.”

Jan 08 07:44

Lawmaker Calls for ‘Paedophile’ Lord Ahmed of Rotherham to Lose His Title

British lawmaker Alexander Stafford MP has called for Lord Ahmed of Rotherham to be stripped of his title, calling the convicted child molestor’s peerage “an insult to his victims”.

Nazir Ahmed was elevated to the House of Lords as a life peer in 1998 on the recommendation of then-Prime Minister Tony Blair, representing Labour until 2013, when he resigned from the leftist party ahead of an internal investigation into comments he made blaming a Jewish conspiracy for his 2009 conviction for dangerous driving over an incident that left a 28-year-old father of two dead.

He continued to sit in the Upper House as an independent until late 2020, however, when he resigned before he could be expelled for another scandal that saw the House of Lords Conduct Committee and Commissioner for Standards accuse him of “sexually assaulting” and “emotionally and sexually” exploiting a member of the public who came to him for help.

Jan 08 07:22

UK Preparing "High Impact" Sanctions On Russia Over Ukraine

On Thursday, British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss warned Russia that the UK is working on "high impact" sanctions Western powers could implement over allegations that Moscow is plotting to invade Ukraine.

"We will not accept the campaign Russia is waging to subvert its democratic neighbors," Truss told Parliament, as reported in Reuters. "They have falsely cast Ukraine as a threat to justify their aggressive stance."

Jan 07 08:40

British Warship Collided With Russian 'Hunter-Killer' Submarine, Claims UK Defence Ministry

The "collision" news comes amid ongoing claims by Western media outlets and officials that Russia is preparing "an invasion" of Ukraine, allegations that Moscow rejects as unsubstantiated.

The UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) has claimed that a Russian "hunter-killer" submarine collided with a Royal Navy warship, which was on a patrol mission in the North Atlantic a couple of years ago.

A spokesperson said that "in late 2020 a Russian submarine being tracked by HMS Northumberland [Type 23 frigate] came into contact with her towed array sonar", adding, "the Royal Navy regularly tracks foreign ships and submarines in order to ensure the defence of the United Kingdom".

Jan 07 08:02

Petition calling for Tony Blair to lose knighthood climbs towards 1 million signatures

The petition calling for Tony Blair to lose the knighthood awarded to him in the Queen's New Year's Honours is nearing 1,000,000 signatures.

Set up on Saturday (January 1), it calls for the appointment - a Knight Companion of the Most Noble Order of the Garter - not to be given to the longest-serving Labour prime minister.

As of 7.30pm on Thursday (January 6), the number of signatories was at 902,563 and rising at speed.

Knighthoods are offered in the Queen’s gift, without advice from the Government.

But hundreds of thousands have backed the creator of the petition, Angus Scott, in saying that they believe 68-year-old does not deserve the title and it should be rescinded.

Tonight (Thursday) Angus added an update to the petition in its sixth day, saying that "families of soldiers who died in both Iraq and Afghanistan are pleading for their message to be heard by both the Government and the Palace".

Jan 07 07:50

Spy chief reacts to China’s mockery of MI6 & CIA

MI6 head Richard Moore tipped his hat to Chinese state media for giving his agency “free publicity,” after Xinhua News produced a satirical video poking fun at London and Washington’s intelligence services.

Entitled ‘No Time to Die Laughing’, the oddball ‘James Bond’ mock-up centers on two ‘MI6’ spies – Agents 0.07 and 0.06 – who are seen discussing the agency’s fixation on China as a “top priority” over a sitcom-like laugh track. Responding to the “leaked video” on Thursday after it was posted by Xinhua, Moore thanked the outlet for its “interest” in the MI6, as well as “the unexpected free publicity.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Jan 07 07:28

UK accused of reviving 'targeted killing' policy against Islamic State in Syria

The UK has been accused of reviving a “targeted killing” policy after its air force killed an arms dealer linked to the Islamic State group (IS) in a drone strike in Syria at the end of October.

The Ministry of Defence (MoD) announced on its website more than a month after the attack that the crew of the Royal Air Force's Reaper drone had “tracked a known terrorist in northern Syria”.

"And at a safe moment, when the individual was alone in a field, carried out a successful attack,” it added in a statement.

According to a report by the Syrians for Truth and Justice (STJ) group, the arms dealer was a man known as Abu Hamza al-Shuhail.

Jan 06 13:22

UK Government Admits Evidence For Face Masks Stopping Virus Spread in Schools “Not Conclusive”

The UK government had admitted that the evidence for the efficacy of face masks stopping the spread of COVID-19 in schools is “not conclusive.”

Schools were ordered once again to instruct pupils to wear face masks in classrooms to stop the spread of Omicron, despite warnings that the face coverings are damaging learning.

Now authorities have been forced to acknowledge that proof face masks prevent the spread of the virus is statistically insignificant.

“The government’s own study in the autumn did not provide proof of a statistically significant impact,” reports BBC News.

“Schools where face coverings were used in October 2021 saw a reduction two to three weeks later in Covid absences from 5.3% to 3% – a drop of 2.3 percentage points.”

Jan 06 07:40

'Blair's an untried war criminal': Labour MP defies Starmer and attacks ex-PM's knighthood as more families of troops killed in Iraq say they will hand back their sons' medals and petition to block honour races past 750,000 signatures

Furious relatives of fallen troops have vowed to hand their medals back in disgust at Tony Blair’s knighthood as a petition to strip the former prime minister of the honour passed 750,000 signatures.

A group of military parents have started discussing a protest in London to return their Elizabeth Crosses, which are given to the next of kin of those killed in action.

They are enraged that Mr Blair has been knighted having started the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan that left their children among more than 600 British servicemen dead.

Jan 06 07:38

'Truth Needs to Come Out': BoJo Urged to Release Secret Docs on Wars Under Tony Blair

The call comes amid a public uproar caused by last week's news that former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair had been knighted by the Queen in the New Year Honours List. An online petition to block Blair's knighthood has already topped 700,000 signatures.

A group of UK mothers, who lost their soldier sons during the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, has called on Prime Minister Boris Johnson to release all secret documents pertaining to these conflicts that occurred when Tony Blair was at the helm of the government.

The legal bid is being led by Rose Gentle, supported by five more mothers, including Carol Valentine, Hazel Hunt, Caroline Whitaker, Caroline Jane Munday-Baker, and Helen Perry.

Jan 06 07:24

If chivalry isn’t already dead, knighting Tony Blair should kill it once and for all

Many Brits have believed for some time now that the honours system in the UK is rotten to the core. The public is sick to death of Z-rate celebrities and multimillionaire sport stars receiving what we call ‘gongs’ for simply doing their jobs. Many are also fed up with political apparatchiks and lickspittles making their way onto the lists.

However, there has been nothing like the furore caused by former UK prime minister Tony Blair receiving a knighthood in the 2021 New Year’s Honours List. In this dishonourable roster, Blair received the highest form of knighthood – a Knight Companion of the Most Noble Order of the Garter.

Within three days of the announcement, a massive 670,000 people had signed a petition calling for Blair to have his knighthood rescinded. Moreover, an opinion poll taken over the last few days has revealed that 63% of Brits are opposed to calling Blair ‘Sir,’ with only 14% in favour.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Remember the Downing Street Memo?

Jan 06 07:05

Tony Blair: Iraqis 'disgusted' at knighthood being offered to war architect

Iraqi campaigners and politicians have expressed their "disgust" at the decision by the British government to award a knighthood to former Prime Minister Tony Blair, citing his involvement in the 2003 invasion and subsequent occupation.

The anger comes as a petition launched in the UK calling for the former Labour leader to have the honour withdrawn reached over 700,000 signatures.

Blair has been accused of war crimes over his role in the invasion of Iraq, which toppled longtime ruler Saddam Hussein and led to hundreds of thousands of deaths, widespread internecine violence and ongoing instability in Iraq and beyond.

Jan 06 06:19

The Picture of Dorian Johnson

HAVE you noticed how haggard Boris Johnson looks these days? Doubtless the cares of becoming a new father (again) are partly to blame, although the wisdom of doing so at the age of 57 and while Prime Minister is debatable. Added to that it has hardly been the easiest of times these past two years, what with Covid (both getting it and governing throughout it). However, isn’t something else perceptible behind those tired eyes – a kind of desiccation of the soul?

Jan 05 07:36


In what appears to be a cynical PR stunt, the UK government is considering plans to allow women who feel threatened on the street to call upon surveillance drones that would arrive in minutes and shine a bright light on any potential attacker.

What could possibly go wrong?

“Women in fear of an attack will be able to use a phone app to summon a drone, which could arrive within minutes armed with a powerful spotlight and thermal cameras to frighten off any potential assailant,” reports the Telegraph.

Trials will take place on campus at Nottingham University at a cost of £500,000 during which the tech will be used to “protect students and staff.”

The scheme will be submitted to the UK government’s Innovate research program, and could eventually see helicopters being replaced by drones as a front line tool of law enforcement.

Jan 05 06:57

The damning truth about Tony Blair's war: His own defence secretary reveals in new memoir an order to burn memo on legality of Iraq invasion. So how can the former Prime Minister be worthy of honour, asks SIMON WALTERS

He was defence secretary as Britain edged towards war – which means Geoff Hoon had a front-row seat for the most controversial moments in Sir Tony’s premiership. His new memoir reveals astonishing insights about the conflict in Iraq... and raises more troubling questions about his former boss’s knighthood.

Downing Street’s orders to ‘burn’ legal advice

Mr Hoon, then defence secretary, says No 10 ordered him to ‘burn’ secret legal advice from Sir Tony’s attorney general, Lord Goldsmith, which said the Iraq war could be illegal.

When the claim first emerged in 2015, the former PM said it was ‘nonsense’ – but Mr Hoon insists in his book, See How They Run, that the order was delivered by Sir Tony’s No 10 chief of staff Jonathan Powell. Mr Hoon defied the order and made sure the advice was locked in a safe at the Ministry of Defence.

Jan 05 06:55

Tony Blair's Defence Secretary Geoff Hoon says he was told to BURN secret memo that said Iraq war could be illegal in incendiary revelation that will fuel campaign to strip former PM of knighthood

The campaign to strip Tony Blair of his knighthood was boosted last night by devastating allegations from his own defence secretary.

Geoff Hoon says he was ordered by Downing Street to burn a secret memo that said the 2003 invasion of Iraq could be illegal.

When the claim emerged in 2015, Sir Tony said it was 'nonsense'. But Mr Hoon, who was in charge of defence when the war started, insists the allegation was true and he has now given a sensational blow-by-blow account of a No 10 'cover-up'.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The petition to strip Blair of his knighthood is close to 600,000 now.

Jan 04 06:58

One MILLION Brits in Covid isolation as back-to-work chaos looms: Pupils could be turned away at schools, commuters face rail chaos, uncollected rubbish overflows and scores of businesses may SHUT

Children all over the country are returning to school today and risk being turned away at the gates if they or their teachers test positive for the virus as commuters returned for the first time since Christmas.

Heads fear up to a quarter of their staff could be struck down in January and have been told to merge classes where necessary but teaching unions insist a return to online teaching at home will be inevitable for some this term despite Education Secretary Nadhim Zahawi insisting face-to-face teaching will be the norm.

Students have been told to be tested between two to three times per week either at on-site facilities at their school or by testing themselves at home. Secondary school students must also wear masks in the classroom.

Jan 04 06:53

UK warned it would recognize Palestine if Israel annexed West Bank, book reveals

The United Kingdom’s ambassador to the United States warned the Trump administration in June 2020 that if Israel went forward with plans to annex large parts of the West Bank, London would officially recognize the State of Palestine, a new book has revealed.

The message was passed along by Karen Pierce in a meeting she held with then-US president Donald Trump’s Mideast peace envoy Avi Berkowitz and Iran special envoy Brian Hook on June 12, 2020, Israeli journalist Barak Ravid wrote in his book “Trump’s Peace.”

Berkowitz and Hook were dispatched to meet with Pierce by then-senior White House adviser Jared Kushner. While the Trump administration was being inundated by calls from world leaders warning the US against allowing then-prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu to go forward with plans to begin annexing parts of the West Bank on July 1, 2020, it was the response from the UK that went further and was most surprising to the Americans, the book claimed.

Jan 03 08:08

Petition to strip Tony Blair of knighthood racks up 400,000 signatures

Hundreds of thousands of people have signed an online petition calling for the removal of knighthood from Tony Blair. The former UK prime minister “should be held accountable for war crimes” instead, it says.

More than 400,000 signatures were left under a petition urging the UK prime minister to ask the queen to rescind the order in less than a day after it was launched.

Angus Scott, the author of the petition, says the former prime minister “caused irreparable damage to the constitution of the United Kingdom and to the very fabric of the nation’s society,” while he was in power between 1997 and 2007.

The petition specifically accuses Blair of “causing the death of countless innocent, civilian lives and servicemen” by dragging the UK into “various conflicts.”

“For this alone he should be held accountable for war crimes,” it says.

Jan 03 08:05

Delingpole: BoJo Trolls Britain with ‘F*** You’ Honours List

Arise, Sir Tony Blair, Knight Companion of the Order of the Garter…

They’re taking the piss, aren’t they?

A few years ago, the notoriously crooked Prime Minister Harold Wilson produced what was infamously known as the ‘Lavender List’ of thoroughly undeserved gongs for outrageous cronies.

But Prime Minister Boris Johnson has gone one better and trolled the nation with what history will surely remember for evermore as the Fuck You Honours List.

A gong for Rockefeller stooge and climate con promoter Sir Paul Nurse.

A gong for darker-eyes-than-the-pits-of-hell pandemic king Chris Whitty.

A gong for slippery Big Pharma creature Patrick Vallance.

A gong for egregious jab pusher Jonathan Van Tam.

A gong for the heroically useless, promoted-way-above-her-station chief of the UK Health Security Agency (whatever that is: something evil, that’s for sure) Jenny Harries.

Gongs for Big Pharma black hats Rod MacKenzie and Sean Marrett.


Jan 03 08:03

Moscow responds to revelations of British political interference in Russia

Britain has created a network of affiliates in Russia to influence civil society through a system of grants worth millions of dollars annually, Moscow claimed on Sunday.

The sums London spends on “influencing civil society organizations … and steering Russia’s [political] course in a direction favorable for the UK … boggles belief,” Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova insisted, citing a freshly leaked trove of documents shedding light on the activities of British diplomats in Russia.

UK officials have been spending money on attempts to destabilize the political situation in Russia by “sponsoring” increased protest activity, Zakharova outlined as she accused London of focusing its attention on “increasing social tensions and polarization” within the country.

Jan 02 07:32

'It makes a mockery of our sons' deaths': Military mothers describe Tony Blair's knighthood as the 'ultimate insult' as more than 100,000 sign petition demanding for honour to be taken back from the former Prime Minister

Military mothers have described Tony Blair's knighthood as the 'ultimate insult' while social media users have branded the former-Prime Minister a war criminal and more than 100,000 signed a petition for his honour to be taken back.

The mothers, who lost their children in Afghanistan, have spoken out against Sir Tony's knighthood and have threatened to return Elizabeth Crosses which are given to bereaved families to show their disgust.

One military mother, Carol Valentine, told the Mirror that Sir Tony's knighthood is the 'ultimate insult', after her son Simon was killed while he cleared land mines in Afghanistan in 2009.

Dec 31 07:59

UK Inches Closer To Eliminating Private Car Ownership

UK Government Transport Minister Trudy Harrison recently spoke at a mobility conference, addressing the future of personal mobility. In her comments, she said it was necessary to ditch the "20th-century thinking centred around private vehicle ownership and towards greater flexibility, with personal choice and low carbon shared transport." That’s right, she said the quiet part loud and showed the hand of a growing number of government officials.

Harrison went on to praise not only public transportation but also bike share services, e-scooters, and ride sharing platforms. All of these are supposed to tune down how much carbon the UK is emitting into the atmosphere. As with all choices, this comes at a cost, particularly for those living in rural areas.

Dec 29 08:29

The British Want America To Go to War and Used The Beatles as Ammo

Almost every US ally claims to be a friend because of America’s military. It’s really not shared values or even interests. Other nations like being defended by a superpower, so they need not spend much on their militaries.

The result is that America has a couple score spoiled, entitled, and obnoxious "allies" who under-invest in their militaries, whine if the US looks anywhere else, demand constant "reassurance" that Washington will forever protect them even if they do nothing for themselves, and insist that it is in America’s interest to create a permanent defense dole for the indolent, disinterested, irresponsible, and greedy among them – which of course is most of them.

Dec 28 08:26

Brexit: ‘the biggest disaster any government has ever negotiated’

ABritish cheesemaker who predicted Brexit would cost him hundreds of thousands of pounds in exports has called the UK’s departure from the EU single market a disaster, after losing his entire wholesale and retail business in the bloc over the past year. Simon Spurrell, the co-founder of the Cheshire Cheese Company, said personal advice from a government minister to pursue non-EU markets to compensate for his losses had proved to be “an expensive joke”.

“It turns out our greatest competitor on the planet is the UK government because every time they do a fantastic deal, they kick us out of that market – starting with the Brexit deal,” he said.

Spurrell predicted in January that Brexit would cost him £250,000 in sales. “We lost £270,000, so I got one thing right,” he said, describing the post-Brexit EU trade deal as the “biggest disaster that any government has ever negotiated in the history of trade negotiations”.

Dec 27 13:58

British Security Minister Includes Russia, China Among ‘Hostile Nations’

UK Minister of State for Security and Borders Damian Hinds has listed Russia, China and Iran among "hostile nations," citing cyber activity concerns and alleged disinformation campaigns.

"The three countries that I mentioned to you have physical human capability, they have a big cyber presence, they're able to deploy at scale," Hinds told The Telegraph on Sunday, claiming that China, Russia and Iran "are involved in multiple ways" in terms of spies on the ground, cyber attacks, soldiers on standby, and disinformation campaigns.

The minister added that North Korea is a fourth hostile state.

Dec 27 13:42

Children with disabilities offered ‘do not resuscitate’ orders amid pandemic

The UK’s efforts to ‘protect the NHS’ from being overwhelmed during the Covid-19 pandemic reportedly extended to asking families of disabled minors whether they should be resuscitated in the event their heart stopped beating.

The so-called ‘do not resuscitate’ orders, known as DNACPRs, were offered to families of children with autism and other learning disabilities amid concerns about pressure on the UK’s socialized National Health Service, The Telegraph reported on Sunday.

The media outlet cited interviews with families that were presented the opt-out for resuscitation during routine medical appointments. For instance, the mother of a 16-year-old boy with Down’s syndrome said that a clinic employee offered her the option of a DNACPR for her son during a checkup.

Dec 27 13:41

UK Mulls Door-To-Door Vaccination Squads

The UK is considering a plan to send door-to-door vaccinations squads to the homes of unvaccinated Britons in an effort to reach an estimated five million people who haven't taken the jab, according to the Daily Mail.

The initiative has been discussed by the Department of Health, NHS England and No. 10 over the past week as part of a nationwide drive to send vaccine teams into areas which have the lowest vaccination rates - and are floating it as an alternative to lockdowns and other restrictions, as well as a solution to 'encourage' vaccination in rural areas or households where people cannot easily travel to a vax center.

Dec 27 12:53

UK Reportedly Has 'Exit Strategy' for Its Troops From Ukraine if ‘Conflict’ With Russia Escalates

The US and EU have accused Russia of massing troops on the border with Ukraine in what Kiev claims is preparation for an invasion. Russia, which insists it is at liberty to move military personnel anywhere within its territory, on 17 December published its proposals on mutual security guarantees with the US and NATO.

British troops deployed in a training and advisory role in Ukraine will be swiftly evacuated in the event of an alleged "Russian invasion", the Daily Express reported.
Commanders of the British Armed Forces have already drawn up such contingency plans, according to sources cited by the outlet.

Currently, over a 100 British personnel, predominantly stationed at Yavoriv, Lviv region, are believed to be deployed in the country together with Polish, US, and Canadian forces.

Dec 27 11:02

Now Boris Johnson’s crazies want to outlaw BDS (Boycott, Divestments and Sanctions)

Stuart Littlewood highlights the case of British Conservative MP Robert Jenrick – an Israel flag waver whose behaviour is "riddled with impropriety" – who has pledged to outlaw BDS, which peacefully campaign to end the illegal Israeli occupation and compel Israel to respect international law and human rights.>>

Dec 26 09:38

British Navy Frigate On Hand to Track Russian Ships in North Sea - Reports

The HMS Westminster frigate of the UK Royal Navy is currently in the North Sea, ready to watch for Russian submarines, The Telegraph reports.

The frigate, which was last upgraded in 2014 and is equipped with the Sea Ceptor surface-to-air missile system, is being held at "very high readiness" in the Shetland Islands, the newspaper said on Saturday.

According to The Telegraph, HMS Westminster is ready to track Russian ships and submarines allegedly returning home to Severomorsk for the Orthodox Christmas, which is celebrated on January 7.

The outlet further noted that the ship's main role over the holidays will be to use the array sonar it is fitted with in order to listen for submarines in the area.

Dec 26 09:30

Your $1.7 billion of gold is now ours, UK tells starving Venezuelans

The recent decision, CNN reported, “ruled that recognition of heads of state and government was solely the responsibility of the British government, which had recognized [opposition leader Juan] Guaidó as Venezuela’s Constitutional interim President.”

Like most duplicitous corporate media, CNN pushed the narrative that Nicolas Maduro isn’t actually Venezuela’s elected president (he “claimed” the “widely disputed” election). But, as I wrote in March, he is president, and “Venezuela’s election process has been recognized as transparent and effective, with former US President Jimmy Carter in 2012 calling it ‘the best in the world.’ On the other hand, the Venezuelan opposition, as well as Western nations, have interfered with and attempted to sabotage elections.”

Dec 22 08:09

EXCLUSIVE 'When are we going to stop "went to Eton" as a qualification to run the country?': Ricky Gervais slams Covid rule-breaking Tories for acting like 'Charlie Sheen' while people were unable to attend funerals

Ricky Gervais has slammed Covid rule-breaking Tories for acting like 'Charlie Sheen' while people were unable to attend funerals or visit loved ones in hospital during lockdown.

The After Life star, 60, compared Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his party to the former Hollywood hellraiser while questioning whether they have the adequate credentials to run the country.

In his latest vlog Ricky stated the government's inability to stick to their own rules is 'the worst thing' he's witnessed during the pandemic.