May 31 06:02

Naftali Bennett: The right-wing millionaire who may end Netanyahu era

Bennett said on Sunday both the right and left would have to compromise on such ideological matters.

Born in the northern Israeli city of Haifa to immigrants from San Francisco, Bennett is a modern-Orthodox religious Jew. He lives with his wife, Gilat, a dessert chef, and their four children in the affluent Tel Aviv suburb of Raanana.

Like Netanyahu, Bennett speaks fluent American-accented English and spent some of his childhood in North America, where his parents were on sabbatical.

While working in the high-tech sector, Bennett studied law at Jerusalem's Hebrew University. In 1999, he formed a start-up and then moved to New York, eventually selling his anti-fraud software company, Cyota, to U.S. security firm RSA for $145 million in 2005.

May 30 06:27

Israel's Brutality on Palestinians Continues

May 30 06:17

Caitlin Johnstone: Israel narrative management is getting incredibly desperate and brazen

More people are becoming conscious of the Palestine issue and politicians and pundits can no longer get away with painting themselves as progressive-minded humanists without acknowledging the brutal nature of Israeli occupation.

The National Director Emeritus for the Anti-Defamation League has announced on Twitter that he is cancelling his subscription to The New York Times, claiming that a front-page story featuring the photos of children killed in Israel’s assault on Gaza this month constitutes “blood libel” against Jews.

“I am cancelling my subscription to NYTimes,” tweeted Abraham Foxman. “I grew up in America on the NYT - I delivered the NYT to my classmates - I learned civics - democracy and all the news ‘fit to print’ for 65 years but no more. Today’s blood libel of Israel and the Jewish people on the front page is enough.”

May 29 06:28

Emergencies Ministry Plane With Russians Evacuated From Gaza Departs Cairo, Embassy Says

A Russian Emergencies Ministry plane carrying 64 Russian citizens evacuated from the Gaza Strip departed Cairo for Moscow, the Russian Embassy in Cairo told Sputnik.

Russian citizens, mostly women and children, arrived from the Gaza Strip on Wednesday evening at Cairo International Airport. From the border with the enclave, they were accompanied by employees of the Russian embassy in Egypt, who also provided them with assistance at the airport.

"We are sincerely grateful to the Egyptian authorities for their responsive attitude to the appeal regarding taking Russian citizens through Egyptian territory and the comprehensive assistance provided. This again confirms the high level of mutual understanding and cooperation between our countries," the Russian Embassy wrote on its Facebook page.
On May 20, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed an order on the evacuation of Russian and CIS citizens from the Gaza Strip at their request.

May 29 06:27

Facebook slammed for advertising properties in illegal Israeli settlements on Instagram

Facebook is being criticised for letting companies advertise the sale of property in illegal Israeli settlements on Instagram, amid continued outrage at the social media giant's alleged censorship of Palestinian accounts in recent weeks.

Images posted online showed an Israeli company advertising properties in the northern occupied West Bank settlement of Beit Aryeh-Ofarim on Instagram, the social media platform owned by Facebook.

Facebook, like other social media companies, is facing mounting pressure over its policing of pro-Palestinian content in the wake of the recent deadly escalation in Israel and Palestine, which has left some 292 people dead.

Twitter, TikTok, Instagram and Facebook have all been accused of banning, blocking or restricting accounts that published photos of the Israeli bombardment of civilians in the besieged Gaza Strip.

May 29 06:26

Meet the 90-year old Jewish American woman protesting for Palestine

It is a cool Friday evening and Shatzi Weisberger is sitting on a plastic folding chair in Grand Army Plaza in Brooklyn minutes before the start of a Shabbat rally, called by Jewish New Yorkers in protest at the continued US support of Israel's occupation of Palestinians.

Around her hundreds of people make their way into the plaza; some with toddlers in tow, others lean and stretch on the paving, drawing slogans on to posters or arranging last-minute banners just as the event "Rise up Shabbat" is about to begin.

Weisberger is well prepared. With a Palestinian Keffiyeh loosely draped around her neck, she clutches on to her walker with her right hand, and with her left, holds a placard that reads: "This 90-year-old Jew says Zionism is genocide!"

May 29 06:25

IDF brags of waging 'first AI war,' lending credence to view that Gaza serves as testing ground for Israel's fighting techniques

The 11-day flare-up between Israel and Hamas was dubbed the "first AI war" by Israel's military, which bragged about using advanced computing technologies to sift through the staggering amount of intelligence it collects on Gaza.

"For the first time, artificial intelligence (AI) was a key component and power multiplier in fighting the enemy," a senior officer in the Israel Defense Forces' (IDF) Intelligence Corps said, as cited by Israeli media.

The elite intelligence Unit 8200 used programs called "Alchemist," "Gospel" and "Depth of Wisdom," to further boost an already overwhelming superiority that IDF has over militants in the blockaded Gaza enclave. AI-powered analysis was applied to vast amounts of data collected through satellite imaging, surveillance cameras, interception of communications and human intelligence, according to the Israeli military.

May 29 06:21

Israeli soldiers shoot Palestinian dead during clashes in occupied West Bank, health officials say

Israeli troops shot and killed a Palestinian protester during clashes in the occupied West Bank, the Palestinian health ministry has said, as tensions remain high despite the ceasefire between Israel and the militant group Hamas.

Earlier on Friday, hundreds of Palestinians gathered outside the town of Nablus in the northern West Bank to protest the illegal construction of Israeli settlements in the area.

The demonstrators, some of whom had their faces covered with masks and scarfs, reportedly threw stones at the soldiers and set tires alight.

Israeli troops responded to those actions with tear gas, rubber bullets and live fire, killing one man, the Palestinian Ministry of Health said.

May 29 06:13

Quds Force chief: Israel must now think about leaving Palestine

The head of the Quds Force of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) says it is time for the Israelis to think about leaving Palestine and redeem their homes in Europe and the US.

General Ismail Qa'ani's remarks at a ceremony in Tehran Saturday on the 40th day since the passing away of his deputy Brigadier General Mohammad Hejazi came in the wake of the recent 11-day Israeli war on Gaza which marked an unprecedented show of force by the Palestinian resistance.

"In the first three days of the Palestinian war with the Zionist regime, we fired as many missiles at the occupied territories as the entire 22-day war. This is the power of the Resistance Front," General Qa'ani said, referring to the war that began on December 27, 2008.

May 28 18:43

Conservatives Are Leaving The Pro-Israel Plantation

Conservatives and Christians are leaving the Republican Party's pro-Israel plantation and Ben Shapiro is struggling to wrangle them back in.

May 28 12:08


The truth is that far from being the poor victim it likes to portray itself as, Israel is in fact the most aggressive and belligerent nation in the region, having invaded pretty much everyone it shares a border with.

The following maps show just who is wiping who off of the map!

Webmaster's Commentary: 

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WRH Exclusive
May 28 09:58

We can defeat the corporate media’s war to snuff out independent journalism

Jonathan Cook highlights "mainstream" media's efforts "to shape the values and worldview of its readers, over time limiting the range of possible thoughts they are likely to entertain", and how new technology "has offered us new tools in our struggle and… redrawn the battleground".>>

May 28 07:21

UN rights council orders unprecedented open-ended probe of Israel

Body votes for permanent inquiry on alleged violations; Netanyahu pans ‘shameful decision,’ says council has ‘anti-Israel obsession’; envoy Erdan calls it ‘appalling, antisemitic’.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Sorry but does being pro-Palestinian human rights automatically count as "Antisemitic"?!? Erdan has trotted out that dead horse just once too many times, and the world, in looking at the horror of what Israel has done in Gaza, particularly the bombing of multi-family residences; hospitals; and schools this time, screams for an investigation.

I mean, if Israel has nothing to hide, why would they fear such an investigation?!?

May 28 07:16

Israel strips healthcare access for Palestinian activists in East Jerusalem: report

At least 11 Palestinians, including campaigners, their relatives and ex-detainees, were affected by the move.

Several Palestinians in occupied East Jerusalem have lost access to healthcare after Israeli authorities "suspended" their healthcare and state welfare provisions, Haaretz reported on Thursday.

At least 11 Palestinians, including campaigners, their relatives and ex-detainees, were affected by the move.

A wife of one of the Palestinians was informed she would not be able to see the outcome of a pregnancy-related blood test.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Blocking health care, is definitely part of Issrael's multi-faceted "Final Solution" for the Palestinians, and is a vicious, and vile move, which only goes to emphasize the utter, ruthless apartheid under which Palestinians live 24/7.

May 28 07:11

7 cops questioned over shooting of Sheikh Jarrah girl in back with sponge round

Police Internal Investigation Department suspends 3 officers for 1-2 weeks; clip shows girl, 16, shot as she enters her East Jerusalem home and a stun grenade is then thrown inside.

Seven police officers were questioned under caution on Wednesday and three of them were suspended over an incident last week in which a sponge-tipped bullet was shot into the back of a Palestinian teenage girl in East Jerusalem as she was obeying a cop’s order to go back into her home?

In footage first aired by Kan news, Janna Kiswani, 16, and several of her relatives can be seen stepping out of the door of their home in the flashpoint neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah on May 18, as a protest was held nearby.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Assassinations, an attempted cold blooded murder of Palestians; Hey, it's just another normal day for Israeli police!!!
Of course, actions like this are easy, when "the others" are so demonized, as to lose any vestige of their humanity, in your eyes, isn't it?!?

Their only problem was the whole incident got caught on camera, as the footage here indicates.

May 28 07:09

Israel’s War of Provocation

On September 28, 2000, Ariel Sharon led a group of Likud politicians, surrounded by a thousand armed police, up the Temple Mount, home of the Al-Aqsa Mosque: an unprecedented provocation at one of Islam’s holiest sites. The next day, as thousands of Palestinians protested, Israeli police opened fire on the protesters, and, the day after that, the second intifada was born.

Sharon knew what he was doing, and, importantly, he knew where he was doing it. According to several scholars, including Patrick Tyler in A World of Trouble, Sharon’s ascent of the Temple Mount was well planned and intentionally provocative.

May 28 07:09

Israel arrested at least 250 Palestinian citizens in the last two days

Israeli police have arrested at least 250 Palestinian citizens of Israel within the last two days, while activists say attacks by Jewish Israelis against the community go unpunished.

According to the Palestinian Authority's news agency Wafa, Israeli forces arrested 250 Palestinian citizens of Israel on Monday and Tuesday, in a campaign of detentions that is still ongoing.

Hassan Jabreen, the head of Adalah, a legal centre for the protection of Palestinian citizens of Israel, told local news outlet Arab 48 that the Israeli police have been "terrorising" citizens via the campaign that comes from "purely political" motivations with no legal basis.

In Wadi Ara and Kafr Manda, Israeli police arrested dozens of youths and raided homes. Arrests also took place in Negev and Umm Al-Fahm.

May 28 07:08

'Feeble coexistence': Palestinians in Israel are crying out for equality

Last Friday, hours after a ceasefire went into effect between Israel and Hamas, ending 11 days of hostilities that killed more than 260 Palestinians and wrecked swaths of Gaza, the Old City of Acre on Israel’s northern coast tentatively reopened to visitors.

For the best part of two weeks, this Palestinian ghetto trapped inside a much larger modern Jewish city of the same name had been the scene of what the Israeli media termed "riots". It had been effectively declared a no-go zone by the police.

As in other Palestinian communities across Israel, youths in Acre erupted in angry protest earlier this month, incensed by scenes of Israeli brutality in occupied Jerusalem and devastating missile strikes on Gaza that only underscored their own experience of marginalisation and systematic mistreatment inside a Jewish state.

May 28 07:08

Israel: Expect fewer assassinations and less noise from Mossad's new leader

With the naming of David (Dedi) Barnea as the new chief of Mossad, Israel’s foreign espionage agency is expected to undergo some changes - though notably not in the nature of its missions, operations, and priorities.

The main changes will reflect the different styles, traits, and characters of the outgoing Yossi Cohen, who will retire next week, and his successor.

Barnea intends to position Mossad again as a clandestine, under-the-radar organisation, with much less of the fanfare and PR that has characterised the five and a half years of Cohen’s term. It is also clear that the agency under Barnea will be less politicised, and its new boss is certainly set to be less close to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Born in 1965, Barnea lives north of Tel Aviv in the Sharon region. Like Netanyahu, he did his military service in the elite Sayeret Matkal special operations force.

May 28 07:07

Israel-Palestine: Apartheid cannot be defeated without armed resistance

The day after the Gaza ceasefire took effect, an acquaintance who works for an international NGO told me that his western colleagues were opining that Hamas had harmed the cause of Sheikh Jarrah residents by igniting the recent military confrontation.

Their argument was that the Palestinian cause could best be served through peaceful means, such as demonstrations and calls for boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS), while military action costs the Palestinian world sympathy and solidarity.

In a recent Guardian article, reporter Chris McGreal asked the question: “Boycotts and sanctions helped rid South Africa of apartheid - is Israel next in line?”

May 28 07:07

Students across the UK demand an end to university complicity in Israeli apartheid

On the 28th of May, university students across the country are gathering in unity with the Palestinian people to demand immediate divestment from companies complicit in Israeli apartheid and settler-colonialism as a part of Apartheid Off Campus’s national day of action.

The recent forced expulsions in Sheik Jarrah, the brutal attacks on Al-Aqsa mosque and the ruthless bombing of Gaza have brought students together in grief, anger and deep solidarity with Palestine. As a result, protests will be taking place on campuses of UK universities that are complicit in these human rights violations. In total, the Palestine Solidarity Campaign database calculates UK universities to be investing £455,815,954 in companies that directly or indirectly assist the violent Israeli regime of dispossession and incremental genocide of the Palestinian people.

May 28 07:06

Now it’s ‘antisemitic’ to say that Israel practices ‘apartheid’

As you are surely aware, advocates for Israel are using an apparent surge in antisemitic attacks to try to delegitimize pro-Palestine advocacy.

Part of that effort is a move to characterize the charge that Israel is practicing apartheid as antisemitic. Four pro-Israel congresspeople sent a letter to President Biden yesterday taking aim at fellow Democrats who are critical of Israel. The four — Josh Gottheimer, Elaine Luria, Dean Phillips, and Kathy Manning, all of whom are Jewish — say Israel protects Jews, so criticisms of Israel over “apartheid” or “terrorism” are “antisemitic at their core.”

May 28 07:06

Israel arrested at least 250 Palestinian citizens in the last two days

At least 250 Palestinian citizens of Israel were arrested in the last two days as justice for one who was the victim of an attempted lynching is still pending.

Israeli police have arrested at least 250 Palestinian citizens of Israel within the last two days, while activists say attacks by Jewish Israelis against the community go unpunished.

According to the Palestinian Authority's news agency Wafa, Israeli forces arrested 250 Palestinian citizens of Israel on Monday and Tuesday, in a campaign of detentions that is still ongoing.

Hassan Jabreen, the head of Adalah, a legal centre for the protection of Palestinian citizens of Israel, told local news outlet Arab 48 that the Israeli police have been "terrorising" citizens via the campaign that comes from "purely political" motivations with no legal basis.

In Wadi Ara and Kafr Manda, Israeli police arrested dozens of youths and raided homes. Arrests also took place in Negev and Umm Al-Fahm.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Please understand; for jailed Palestinians, the Israeli "normal" is:

Indefinite detention without charge, partcularly with children, to get the to sign confessions about something crazy someone in their family was alleged to have done.
Torture to make you confess to something you, or someone you know, absolutely did not do.
Signing your confession in a language you cannot read, write, or understand (Hebrew)
Yet more jail time, for somethng you absolutely did not do.

May 28 06:59

Displaced by Israeli Bombs, Gazans Camp by Rubble of Their Homes

By Nidal al-Mughrabi

GAZA (Reuters) - Tents have replaced some high-rises in the Gaza Strip town of Beit Lahiya, where heavy Israeli air strikes left several families homeless and doubtful that rebuilding will start soon.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I would almost be willing to bet, that Israel will allow as near to zero rebuilding projects happen as they think they can get away with.

May 28 06:41

Palestine’s Moment: Despite Massive Losses, Palestinians Have Altered the Course of History

The rational answer was, and remains, that only the Palestinian people will determine the nature, scope and direction of their collective action. Popular revolts are not the outcome of wishful thinking but of circumstances, the tipping point of which can only be decided by the people themselves.

May 2021 was that very tipping point. Palestinians rose in unison from Jerusalem to Gaza, to every inch of occupied Palestine, including Palestinian refugee communities throughout the Middle East and, by doing so, they also resolved an impossible political equation. The Palestinian "problem" was no longer that of the Israeli occupation of the West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem alone, but also of Israeli racism and apartheid which have targeted the Palestinian communities inside Israel. Further, it was also the crisis of leadership and the deep-seated factionalism and political corruption.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Israel had a real problem here, as it was thoroughly incapable of controlling the narrative, and the horrific reality of the day-to-day lives of Palestinians, courtesy of an apartheid theocracy, bristling with nukes, became headline news around the world.

May 28 06:32

“America First” Conservatives Declare: “Actually, We Meant Israel First”

Whenever these rote recitations are systematically rolled out — “stand with” blah blah blah, “right to defend” blah blah blah — you can bet that the person doing the reciting has barely bothered to give any original thought to the wider conflict, including the role of the United States. Rather, his or her intention is to affirm blanket approval for anything the Israeli military wants to do. These slogans are not responsive to the question of whether it’s defensible for the Israeli military to flatten entire apartment buildings in densely-packed areas using provisions furnished by US taxpayers, or decimate entire residential blocks into rubble. The “right to defend itself” mantra just glosses over all that, reducing the whole matter to a kind of meaningless nostrum.

May 28 06:26

Good News and Bad News

Possibly the best news to come out of the past week has been the announcement of a possibly Egyptian mediated cease fire between Israel and Gaza late last Thursday. The fighting killed 243 Palestinians, including 66 children, versus twelve Israelis including two children and also did major damage to schools, medical facilities and other infrastructure in Gaza. It is being widely presumed that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu pulled the plug on the “Guardians of the Walls” offensive because of concerns that Israeli Army brutality was inflicting serious damage on the hitherto favorable perception of the Jewish state in the United States. As U.S. support of Israeli initiatives for both the money and political cover that Washington provides is essential to the Netanyahu long term plan to annex nearly all of the West Bank, it would have seemed prudent to take one’s foot off the pedal until the expected next round of fighting.

May 28 06:05

Netanyahu blasts UN Human Rights Council for ‘blatant anti-Israel obsession’ after it votes to investigate Gaza conflict

The UN Human Rights Council’s decision to launch an open-ended probe of alleged Israeli abuses in the Palestinian territories mocks international law and encourages terrorists worldwide, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said.

A draft resolution calling for an investigation of Israel’s recent 11-day conflict with Gaza-based Hamas militant group and the events preceding it passed in the Council on Thursday by 24 to 9 votes, with 14 abstentions.

In a series of tweets, Netanyahu stated that the “shameful” decision by the UN body was yet another example of its “blatant anti-Israel obsession.”

May 28 06:04

Israel strips healthcare access for Palestinian activists in East Jerusalem: report

Several Palestinians in occupied East Jerusalem have lost access to healthcare after Israeli authorities "suspended" their healthcare and state welfare provisions, Haaretz reported on Thursday.

At least 11 Palestinians, including campaigners, their relatives and ex-detainees, were affected by the move.

A wife of one of the Palestinians was informed she would not be able to see the outcome of a pregnancy-related blood test.

Majed al-Jouba, the woman's husband, related that this was due to her being "blocked on the computer system." Haaretz reported that the policy of "blocking" was put in place five days before.

May 28 06:04

Paramedics targeted by Israeli forces while tending to injured protesters

Palestinians in the West Bank are heading to the Israeli checkpoints that cut off their towns to demand justice for fellow Palestinians under Israeli attack in Jerusalem and Gaza.

Protesters face live ammunition and rubber-coated bullets, while ambulance staff treating the wounded are also targeted.

Middle East Eye reporter Faten Elwan reveals the situation on the ground.

May 28 06:03

Palestinians speak out about torture in PA prison

Palestinian journalist Sami al-Sai had been ordered released from the custody of the Palestinian intelligence services in Tulkarem in February, but just as he was about to leave, he was rearrested and transferred to Jericho prison.

There, he underwent 15 days of interrogation and torture, he told Al Jazeera.

May 28 06:03

In wake of Gaza conflict, Palestinian Authority cracks down on West Bank activists

The Palestinian Authority (PA) has increased its political arrests in the occupied West Bank in recent weeks, as Palestinians across the occupied territories and Israel have protested against Israel’s planned eviction of residents of Sheikh Jarrah in occupied East Jerusalem and the Israeli bombardment of the besieged Gaza Strip.

The campaign of arrests reached its peak on 22 May, shortly after Israel and Hamas (the Palestinian movement governing Gaza) reached a ceasefire agreement after 11 days of deadly violence.

PA forces have arrested at least 14 Palestinians over their participation in demonstrations or social media posts since the start of May, according to the Ramallah-based Lawyers for Justice group. Others have also been summoned for interrogation, although the total figure remains unclear.

May 28 06:02

Sheikh Jarrah shooting of Palestinian girl caught on CCTV

Israeli police fired rubber-coated bullets into the back of a 16-year-old girl as she stood outside her home in Sheikh Jarrah, and then threw a stun grenade into the house.

The incident happened on 18 May, but new CCTV footage shows the moment of the shooting.

May 28 05:41

Most Americans oppose unrestricted aid to Israel: Poll

Most Americans and a significant majority of Democrats oppose unrestricted military aid to Israel if it continues to expand settlements in the occupied West Bank, a new poll shows.

The study, released by the Arab American Institute (AAI) on Thursday, underscored a clear partisan divide over Israel-Palestine, with Republicans showing more support for Israeli policies across multiple questions.

Fifty-one percent of overall respondents agreed with the statement: "The United States should not provide unrestricted financial and military assistance to the Israeli government if it continues to violate US policy on settlement expansion in the West Bank."

That support rises to 62 percent amongst Democrats and 75 percent from respondents who identify ideologically as liberal.

May 28 05:39

Saudi media outlets acting as Israeli propaganda platforms

Last year, during the holy month of Ramadan, in an unprecedented, move Saudi Arabia aired a TV series called "Um Haroun", starring Jewish characters. Fans praised the show, for highlighting the history of Jewish communities in the Persian Gulf, but critics blasted it as a barefaced attempt to reshape Arab views of Israel to pave the way for formal relations, or what many in the Arab world call “normalization.”

This year, during the month of Ramadan, something more serious happened to reinforce the pro-Israeli tendency of leading Arab media outlets in Saudi Arabia, above all others, the Al Arabia Media Company.

May 28 05:39

After humiliation in Gaza, Israel threatens Lebanon with war

Israel’s minister of military affairs Benny Gantz has threatened Lebanon with military strikes in the event of an attack from the north, saying raids on Lebanon would include bigger and more significant targets than those hit during the recent onslaught on the Gaza Strip.

“If an attack comes from the north, Lebanon will tremble… the houses in which weapons and terrorist operatives are being hidden will become rubble. Our list of targets for Lebanon is bigger and more significant than the one for Gaza, and the bill is ready to be settled if necessary,” Gantz said in a speech on Wednesday.

The remarks came after Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, the secretary-general of the Lebanese Hezbollah resistance movement, warned Israel that any aggression on holy sites in the occupied Jerusalem al-Quds would lead to a regional war and the destruction of the regime in Tel Aviv.

May 28 05:38

Kuwait parliament passes legislations on boycott of Israel, banning normalization of ties

Kuwait’s National Assembly has strongly condemned the latest Israeli military’s acts of aggression against Palestinians across the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem al-Quds besides its bloody military onslaught on the besieged Gaza Strip, and unanimously approved legislations that outlaw any deals or normalization of ties with the Tel Aviv regime.

During a special parliamentary session held on Thursday to discuss the latest Israeli attacks in Palestinian territories, Kuwaiti legislators expressed their country’s strong position towards the Palestinian cause, as well as its unswerving support and solidarity with the Palestinian nation until they establish an independent sovereign state with East Jerusalem al-Quds as its capital.

May 28 05:38

Foreign Ministry spokesman: US, UK spin Vienna talks on JCPOA to appease Israeli regime

Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Saeed Khatibzadeh says Washington and London spin the goals of the ongoing Vienna talks to revive the 2015 Iran nuclear deal in order to appease the Israeli regime, which is the sworn enemy of the agreement.

“To appease the sworn enemy of JCPOA, UK/US FMs spin goals of #ViennaTalks. Disappointing!” Khatibzadeh wrote in a tweet on Thursday, referring to the nuclear deal by its official acronym.

The Joint Comprehensive Action (JCPOA) was signed in July 2015 between Iran and six world powers, including the US, Britain, France, Germany, Russia and China. It was abandoned in May 2018 by the former administration in the US, in a move strongly supported by the Tel Aviv regime.

The Vienna talks, which began in early April, are aimed at bringing the US back into the deal, under a new administration that has promised to rejoin the deal and repeal Washington’s hostile “maximum pressure” policy against Tehran.

May 28 05:37

Antony Blinken ‘warns Israeli leaders evicting Palestinians from East Jerusalem could spark war’

The US secretary of state has reportedly warned Israeli leaders that evicting Palestinian families from their homes in East Jerusalem could lead to “conflict and war” amid a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas.

Antony Blinken, who visited Jerusalem earlier this week, told American media actions that could “spark another round of violence” had to be avoided.

His comments come after an 11-day war between Israel and Hamas, the Gaza Strip’s militant rulers, which left more than 250 people dead.

Most of the victims were killed in Gaza, where 66 children died in the explosion of violence earlier this month. Twelve people - including two children - died in Israel.

May 28 05:37

Amnesty International says Silwan evictions example of Israel’s forced displacement policy

Amnesty International has sharply criticized the planned eviction of several dozen Palestinian families from their homes in the occupied East Jerusalem al-Quds neighborhood of Silwan as "another illustration of Israel’s criminal policy of forced displacement of Palestinians.”

Deputy Director for the Middle East and North Africa in the London-based organization, Saleh Higazi, said the Israeli regime is "fanning the flames of the latest upsurge in violence and perpetuating the same systematic human rights violations against Palestinians" by continuing to pursue the Jerusalem al-Quds District Court’s decision on a pending appeal against the ordered eviction.

He argued that the measure follows massive outcry over planned expulsions from Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in occupied East Jerusalem al-Quds, where protests against the decision led to Israeli violence against Palestinians and the 11-day war on the Gaza Strip.

May 28 05:36

From Here On, Palestine Calls the Shots

From rocks to rockets. This is now the recorded evolution of the armed Palestinian Resistance. From throwing Intifada rocks that barely scratched occupation tanks, to lobbing rockets that can now reach anywhere in Israel: this is presently the undeniable status of the Palestinian Resistance. Hard, therefore, not to deduce that some impressive progress has been achieved by the armed Palestinian Resistance in Gaza, despite Gaza being under a severe land, sea and air siege. Right under the very noses of the bulky Israeli military and its lauded hi-tech Intel, the Palestinian Resistance has managed to arm itself in a significant way – and indeed, it continues to improve its arsenal, undetected. Of course, Israel’s weaponry remains by far more superior to that of the Palestinians, but this superiority in arms became meaningless during the recent ‘Sword of Jerusalem’ combat: a small war that found the Israeli forces unilaterally withdrawing from the battlefield after only some ten days.

May 28 05:22

Everyone is wrong about Israel-Palestine – here’s how the pursuit of huge gas reserves and money is fuelling the conflict

There are trillions of tonnes of recoverable gas lying underneath the disputed waters off Gaza, Israel, Syria and Lebanon. And the Israelis want to make sure they alone control and profit from it.

Few topics rile people up on both sides of the political aisle more than the Israel-Palestine question. It is without doubt one of the most – if not the most – explosively divisive issues on the planet.

For example, when I have criticised Saudi Arabia’s criminal bombardment of Yemen, I have never once even contemplated fearing a backlash of people accusing me of being anti-Islamic or labelling me an Islamophobe. (Sure, Saudi nationals critical of its government’s actions may have to avoid entering into their local Saudi consulate upon invitation, but that’s for a different reason.)

May 28 05:16

'Tension, Conflict and War': US State Department Cautions Israel Against Sheikh Jarrah Evictions

Earlier this week, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken declared "a two-state solution" would be necessary for "Israel's future as a Jewish and democratic state," as well as "give the Palestinians the state they're entitled to." That same day, Blinken pledged to rebuild US-Palestinian relations by reopening a mission for Palestinians in Jerusalem.

Blinken cautioned Israeli officials against tentative evictions of Palestinian families in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood, according to a Thursday report published by Axios.

During his visits to Jerusalem and Ramallah, the US Secretary of State reportedly warned officials that future unrest around the holy site of Temple Mount could lead to renewed "tension, conflict and war."

May 27 16:21

Joe Biden's Press Secretary Allegedly Worked For Israeli Spy Firm

A Tuesday report from The Electronic Intifada claims that Joe Biden's press secretary, Jen Psaki, worked for an Israeli spy firm.

The outlet claims that Pskai worked for AnyVision, an Israeli spy firm that allegedly conducted surveillance on Palestinians under Israeli occupation.

The publication pointed to financial documents that purportedly show that Psaki earned at least $5,000 from the company in the role of a "crisis communications consultant."

According to The Electronic Intifada, Pasaki worked for the firm sometime after she left Barack Obama's administration in 2017 and before she joined Biden's White House.

AnyVision Was Allegedly Providing Facial Recognition Technology To Israel
As reported by Haaretz, AnyVision aided the Israeli army in the West Bank by providing it with facial recognition technology to monitor checkpoints that thousands of Palestinians passed through daily.

May 27 07:31

Jewish House Democrats Urge Biden to Appoint Ambassador to Combat Antisemitism, Condemn House Colleagues’ Comments

Jewish House Democrats sent a letter urging President Joe Biden to appoint a “United States Ambassador-at-Large to Monitor and Combat Anti-Semitism” and condemning the comments made by their House colleagues.

Rep. Josh Gottheimer (D-NJ), Rep. Elaine Luria (D-VA), and Kathy Manning (D-NC) all signed onto the letter, first obtained by Punchbowl News, saying they are “deeply disturbed by the recent surge of antisemitic incidents in the United States.”

The group of Democrats said they believe there needs to be a united front in order to “combat rising antisemitism in this country.” The Democrats explained, surge in the last few weeks all over the United States, “including attacks on Jewish Americans in New York, California, and Florida.”

May 27 07:01

Dozens of Jewish Israelis Attacking an Arab Were Caught on Camera. Only Six Were Arrested

Their faces can be seen clearly. What they’re doing is also clear. Seemingly, the people involved could easily be identified. Yet two weeks after Said Moussa was attacked and badly injured on the Bat Yam promenade, only six arrests have been made – two following the report in Haaretz. Only three indictments have been served so far.

Warning: Contains graphic footage that may be hard to watch

May 27 06:48

WITNESS: Israel is provoking Hamas, putting ceasefire at risk

The ceasefire between Hamas and Israel took effect at 2:00 am May 21. Israel claims that no demands were attached to the mutual agreement to the cessation of hostilities; Hamas asserts that the ceasefire included terms: that Israel would “lift their hands off” the Al Aqsa Mosque and the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood of Jerusalem.

Whether or not the demands are real, Israel’s actions in Al Aqsa and Sheikh Jarrah were the spark that ignited the recent hostilities. Hamas issued an ultimatum, demanding that Israel withdraw its forces from both locations, and began firing on Tel Aviv when Israel did not comply.

The durability of the ceasefire may well depend on Israel’s behavior at these two flashpoints – as Israel well knows (in fact, Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar said as much today).

May 27 06:18

Amazon employees urge Jeff Bezos to cut ties with Israeli military

Employees at Amazon have urged the e-commerce giant to sever all ties with the Israeli military, just a day after Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google signed a $1.2bn deal with Israel, Middle East Eye can reveal.

The letter, signed by 600 employees, and delivered to Jeff Bezos, Andy Jassy and the executive team on Tuesday, urges Amazon "to commit to review and sever business contracts and corporate donations with companies, organizations, and/or governments that are active or complicit in human rights violations, such as the Israeli Defense Forces."

The letter, sent to MEE by an employee and signatory to the letter, says that given that Amazon employs Palestinians in Tel Aviv, Haifa offices and around the world, "ignoring the suffering faced by Palestinians and their families at home erases our Palestinian coworkers."

May 27 06:17

Netanyahu slams France for ‘insolent’ claim Israel at risk of apartheid

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday denounced French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian for saying earlier this week that Israel is at risk of “long-lasting apartheid” if a Palestinian state is not established.

Le Drian, whose remarks made him one of the first senior French officials to use the term “apartheid” in reference to Israel, was referring to Palestinians but also to violent riots by Arab Israelis that erupted in multiple cities and towns amid the recent fighting with terror groups in Gaza.

Speaking at an event in Tel Aviv, Netanyahu expressed “a strong protest against the French government and the outrageous comments of the French foreign minister on television.”

May 27 06:17

Big Tech censors Palestinian advocacy around the world, while fostering surge in Jewish extremism in Israel

In a video widely shared on Twitter, Muna El-Kurd talks about the critical role social media plays in amassing international solidarity for the Palestinian cause.

“We feel social media is the only way left to get attention. Every post, tweet, video makes a difference. This is how we reach out to the masses of decent people and governments around the world” Muna El-Kurd said.

El-Kurd’s words were never more evident than on May 18 when Palestinians in the occupied territories, major Israeli cities, and diaspora communities around the world rallied together for a ‘general strike day’ to protest Israel’s rocket fire barrage of the Gaza strip that killed over 250 Palestinians sequestered in the coastal enclave. Protests in the UK, across Europe, and the US rallied thousands of demonstrators again on Saturday.

May 27 06:16

Palestinian President Abbas says ceasefire must include ban on Israeli raids on Al-Aqsa

Israel and Hamas' recent ceasefire must include a ban on provocative Israeli raids on the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas told Egyptian and Jordanian officials on Tuesday.

Abbas made the demands during meetings with Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry and Jordanian Foreign Minister Ayman Safadi in Ramallah.

"The ceasefire must include an end to [Israeli] attacks and invasions," Abbas' office told The Times of Israel.

The statement echoed the PA president's comments to Safadi on Tuesday, in which he said that the truce must include "stopping attacks and incursions by extremist settlers, backed by the Israeli occupation forces, on Al-Aqsa Mosque and on our people in the West Bank".

May 27 05:55

Meet the outspoken Rabbi who says Israel is a monster that should be removed from the map

Neturei Karta is a Jewish group whose controversial solution to the bloodshed in Gaza is to bring about the end of the Israeli state. spoke to Rabbi Yisroel Dovid Weiss, who explained why they think this is necessary.
It’s not often you encounter a Rabbi with a Palestinian flag pinned to their jacket. But then Neturei Karta are anything but conventional.

They are a religious group of Haredi Jews whose name in Aramaic means ‘Protectors of the City’. The city in question is Jerusalem and the group is founded on their refusal to accept or recognise the state of Israel. Confused?

One of their main figures, Rabbi Weiss, explained their position to RT. He said, “Zionism is the transformation of Judaism, from religion, from subservience to God, into a material concept of nationalism. This is unacceptable to the ones who want to serve God. In order to create this nationalism, they are removing God from the equation.

May 27 05:54

Jerusalem: Israeli court postpones decision on Silwan evictions amid crackdown on protest

Israeli police cracked down on a demonstration against the forced displacement of Palestinian families from the Batn al-Hawa neighbourhood of Silwan, East Jerusalem, early on Wednesday, as the Jerusalem District Court heard an appeal in their eviction cases.

Seven Palestinian families from the neighbourhood were ordered to leave their homes in 2020. Two of them, the Najah and the Kayed al-Rajabi families, submitted their appeal to the Jerusalem court early on Wednesday.

The court heard the appeal and decided to postpone its final verdict.

Outside, residents of Silwan, a small town south of Jerusalem’s Old City, gathered alongside dozens of supporters to denounce the eviction orders.

May 26 15:02

Indiana Governor Traveling to Israel During 'Hour of Need'

Indiana's governor is traveling to Israel in the wake of the cease-fire to the 11-day war between Israel and Gaza's militant Hamas rulers.

Gov. Eric Holcomb's office announced Tuesday morning he would be in Israel Tuesday and Wednesday at the invitation of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The Republican governor said in a statement that he stands in support of Israel "during such an hour of need."

The governor's office says Holcomb will return to Indiana on Thursday and that the trip is being paid for by a nonprofit group whose directors include his 2016 and 2020 campaign managers.

May 26 12:29

Israel Admits Iron Dome Battery Shot Down One Of Its Own Drones During Gaza Fighting

The Israel Defense Forces, or IDF, has confirmed that an Iron Dome battery accidentally shot down an Israeli Skylark drone during a recent conflict with Palestinian militants in the Gaza Strip. The downing of the Elbit Skylark unmanned aircraft has reportedly caused great concern among Israeli officials, who are worried about what it might mean for future operations where significant numbers of friendly and hostile drones, and potentially manned aircraft, are likely to be zipping around above the battlefield in relatively close proximity.

May 26 10:33

Jerusalem is ready to explode - the world can't say it wasn't warned

Barely a month has passed since Jared Kushner, former US President Donald Trump's son-in-law and Middle East envoy, declared the Arab-Israeli conflict over.

Writing in the Wall Street Journal, Kushner declared that "the political earthquake" unleashed by the latest wave of Arab normalisations with Israel wasn’t over. Indeed, Kushner enthused, more than 130,000 Israelis had already visited Dubai since Trump hosted the signing of the Abraham Accords last September.

New friendly relations were flowering between Jews and Arabs. Just wait for the direct flights between Morocco and Israel. Saudi Arabia would soon be next. "We are witnessing the last vestiges of what has been known as the Arab-Israeli conflict," Kushner wrote triumphantly.

May 26 10:32

The U.S. Must Stop Being an Apologist for the Netanyahu Government

“Israel has the right to defend itself.”

These are the words we hear from both Democratic and Republican administrations whenever the government of Israel, with its enormous military power, responds to rocket attacks from Gaza.

Let’s be clear. No one is arguing that Israel, or any government, does not have the right to self-defense or to protect its people. So why are these words repeated year after year, war after war? And why is the question almost never asked: “What are the rights of the Palestinian people?”

And why do we seem to take notice of the violence in Israel and Palestine only when rockets are falling on Israel?

In this moment of crisis, the United States should be urging an immediate cease-fire. We should also understand that, while Hamas firing rockets into Israeli communities is absolutely unacceptable, today’s conflict did not begin with those rockets.

May 26 10:28

F-35s Bombing Gaza

Israel has already received twenty-seven F-35s from the US, and last February decided to buy no longer fifty F-35s but seventy-five. To this end the government has decreed a further allocation of 9 billion dollars: 7 were granted by a US to Israel free military “aid” of 28 billion, 2 were granted as a loan by the US Citibank.

While Israeli F-35 pilots were being trained by the U.S. Air Force in Arizona and Israel, the US Army Engineers built in Israel special hardened hangars for the F-35s, suitable for both fighters’ maximum protection on the ground, and their rapid take-off on attack. At the same time, the Israeli military industries (Israel Aerospace and Elbit Systems) in close coordination with Lockheed Martin enhance the fighter renamed “Adir” (Powerful): above all its ability to penetrate enemy defenses and its range of action which was nearly doubled.

May 26 08:45

Pilots Tell Israeli News Channel They Flattened Gaza Buildings To "Vent Frustration"

According to a report in Israel's prominent Channel 12 news outlet, multiple Israeli pilots which were engaged in bombing operations over Gaza during this month's eleven days of fighting voiced that they often leveled entire buildings to "vent frustration".

May 26 07:55

Netanyahu blasts Iran deal in front of Biden's secretary of state

Many analysts have pointed to President Biden's effort to reenter the Iran nuclear deal as one of a number of policy moves that precipitated the 11 days of attacks on Israeli civilians by Hamas with rockets financed by Tehran.

If there was any doubt that Israel opposes the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action with the Islamic regime, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu put it to rest Tuesday in the presence of Biden's secretary of state.

May 26 07:25

America’s ‘Deal of the Century’ in Flames After Israel Pounds Gaza

It only took a year for Trump’s “deal of the century” to fall apart for the fraud that it always was. The Arab and Muslim world are enraged by the crimes against humanity committed by Israel against Palestinians in nearly two weeks of violence.

A ceasefire has halted the bloodshed – for now – but the damage to America’s image of peace broker is permanent.

Former U.S. President Donald Trump bent over backward to please Israel. So much for all his bluster about “America First”. More like “Israel First”. Trump recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and gave a green light to continue the annexation of Palestinian land.

May 26 07:24

Israel carries out the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians and robs them of their homes, yet it pretends it’s the victim

The Israelis are seeking to reframe their occupation of Palestine as something else, in order to hide their inhumane oppression. What's happening in Gaza is not a ‘war’ nor a ‘conflict’, but a brutal military colonization.

Israel launched its latest offensive against the Gaza strip on May 10, bombing the Palestinian enclave by land and air. For several weeks prior, tensions had swelled in occupied Palestine, as Israeli forces cracked down on Palestinian protesters. At the Damascus Gate in Jerusalem, protests began against restrictions that Israel imposed on gatherings during the Holy Month of Ramadan. Meanwhile, Palestinians also marched against Israel’s plans to evict families living in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood, and the protests became intertwined.

May 26 07:24

On Eve of Blinken Visit, Netanyahu Hints Israel May Take ‘Independent’ Action Against Iran

Ahead of Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s maiden visit to Israel, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday hinted Israel could take military action against Iran’s nuclear sites without U.S. approval.

Addressing top brass from the Mossad at a ceremony welcoming the new chief of the spy agency, David Barnea, Netanyahu said: “The first task of each one of you is to prevent Iran from arming itself with nuclear weapons,”

May 26 07:18

UK students punished for defending Palestine

As millions of people have vented anger at the Israeli regime crimes against the Palestinians over the past few weeks, an astonishing anti-Palestine trend has hit British schools. Teachers up and down the UK are being condemned after attempting to punish Muslim students who express solidarity with Palestinians over the past few weeks, ever since Israel’s regime began its indiscriminate attacks on Palestinians starting last Ramadan.

Examples include Rochdale’s Oulder Hill Community School; where a teacher accused a young teenager of having “racist views” for wearing a Palestine flag face mask.

In Leeds, the Head Teacher at Allerton Grange School was forced to apologize after claiming the Palestinian flag was a symbol of anti-Semitism.

And in Manchester, Pars Wood High School defended its decision to suspend a student for chanting “free Palestine” in class, while another student is being investigated for cutting down an Israeli flag at Birkshire’s Maiden Erlegh School.

May 26 07:17

Nasrallah warns attack on Jerusalem al-Quds means regional war, Israel’s destruction

The secretary general of the Lebanese Hezbollah resistance movement has warned Israel that any aggression on holy sites in the occupied Jerusalem al-Quds would lead to a regional war and destruction of the Tel Aviv regime.

Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah made the remarks in a televised speech on Tuesday, in his first address after the victory of Palestinian resistance groups in their fight against Israel during the regime’s latest war in the besieged Gaza Strip.

"Gaza surprised both friends and foes, to be honest," Nasrallah said. "And so, Israel misjudged the impact of its moves until matters reached a point when resistance in Gaza would have to carry out its threats."

Hailing the “steadfastness” of Palestinian resistance groups, Nasrallah said Israeli officials and military must reconsider their assessments based on what happened in the Gaza Strip and beware of the consequences of their aggression.

May 26 07:16

US ‘consulting’ Israel about Iran nuclear deal

The US has been seeking the advice of the Israeli regime — the sole nuclear arms possessor in the Middle East — about whether it should return to a historic nuclear deal with Iran and others.

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken made the remark during a press conference with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in the Israeli-occupied Jerusalem al-Quds on Tuesday.

The United States is “consulting closely with Israel as we did today on the ongoing negotiations in Vienna around a potential return to the Iran nuclear agreement,” Blinken said, according to Reuters.

Washington left the accord, officially known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), in 2015 amid strong instigation on the part of Tel Aviv and some regional states.

May 26 07:16

Israel-Palestine: Activists in UK shut down second Israeli arms factory in a week

At 4.30am on Tuesday, activists from the Palestine Action group scaled and occupied the roof of a factory run by Israeli arms maker Elbit Systems, in the British town of Tamworth, Staffordshire, forcing the site to close.

Elbit’s "Elite KL" site in Tamworth manufactures computer systems, hardware and essential components for Israel's Merkava 4 battle tank, which has been used by Israeli forces in Gaza.

Elbit is Israel’s largest arms manufacturer, and has 10 sites across the UK, including factories and offices.

A spokesperson for Palestine Action said: “For the sake of the protection of life and human rights, direct-action against Elbit Systems is a moral duty.”

Activists sprayed red paint across the front of the factory, which, according to the group, was used “to symbolise the bloodshed by Elbit's weapons in Palestine and across the world”.

May 26 07:15

Israel-Palestine: Armed settler raids in West Bank raise fears of heightened violence

Two-year-old Sanad knows little about what happened to his father, Nidal Safadi. Other, he says, than that he is in heaven.

On 14 May, Israeli settlers killed Safadi, a 30-year-old Palestinian man from the village of Urif on the southern outskirts of Nablus city. In addition to Sanad, he left behind two daughters: one-year-old Ruqayya and five-year-old Maryam.

On the same day, Awad Harb, a 27-year-old Palestinian from the village of Iskaka in the northern occupied West Bank, was killed in similar conditions by an Israeli settler. His daughter, five-month-old Hoor, will likewise be forced to grow up without her father by her side.

Israeli settler attacks have been escalating - both in frequency and ferocity - since 2014. However, residents and observers say that over the past few months, and particularly since the recent Palestinian protests since mid-April, the Israeli army has been using settlers as a tool to further repress Palestinians.

May 26 06:50

Despite massive losses, the Palestinians have altered the course of history

The "Palestinian Revolt of 2021" will go down in history as one of the most influential events to have shaped collective thinking irreversibly in and around Palestine. Only two other events can be compared with what has just transpired: the revolt of 1936 and the 1987 First Intifada.

The general strike and rebellion of 1936-39 were momentous events because they represented the first unmistakable expression of collective Palestinian political agency. Despite their isolation and humble resistance tools, the Palestinian people rose across Palestine to challenge the combination of British and Zionist colonialism.

The Intifada of 1987 was also historic. It was the unprecedented sustainable collective action that unified the occupied West Bank and Gaza after the Israeli occupation of what remained of historic Palestine in 1967. That legendary popular revolt, though costly in blood and sacrifices, allowed Palestinians to regain the political initiative and, once more, to speak as one.

May 26 06:49

Stop comparing Israel to Apartheid South Africa; it is worse

It is common these days to compare the institutional racism in Israel, and its occupation of Palestine, to Apartheid South Africa. Up to a point, it's a reasonable comparison. Up to a point. For all its horrors and brutality, the apartheid regime in South Africa never used fighter jets and artillery to bomb the oppressed people living in the townships. Israel has, and continues to do so.

Indeed, this has now become almost routine, and thus "acceptable" to the international community, allowing Israel to act with impunity. The effects are appalling.

According to the Minister of Housing and Public Works in Gaza, Naji Sarhan, 1,800 housing units were completely destroyed by Israel during its latest onslaught against civilians in the blockaded territory, including five residential tower blocks in the middle of Gaza City, a densely-populated area. Almost 17,000 more homes were partially damaged and more than 120,000 Palestinians were thus forcibly displaced from their homes.

May 26 06:49

Alongside Blinken, Netanyahu Says US Should Not Return to Iran Deal

During a joint press conference with US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the US shouldn’t return to the Iran nuclear deal, known as the JCPOA.

“I can tell you that I hope that the United States will not go back to the old JCPOA because we believe that that deal paves the way for Iran to have an arsenal of nuclear weapons with international legitimacy,” Netanyahu said in Jerusalem on Tuesday.

Israeli officials claim the JCPOA is a path to a nuclear-armed Iran because it has an expiration date. But after the JCPOA, the Iranians would still be bound by the Non-Proliferation Treaty, which Israel refuses to sign due to its secret nuclear weapons program.

May 26 06:47

Israel Starts Preparations For A New Segregated Road On Palestinian Lands In Salfit

Israel has started the digging and preparing for a new segregated road on lands owned by Palestinians from Iskaka and Yasuf village, east of Salfit in central West Bank.

Fawzi Lami, the mayor of Iskaka, said the army bulldozed large areas of Palestinian lands in the southeastern part of the village, known as as-Serb, close to the illegal Nofei Nehmia illegal colony.

He added that the planned segregated road would be 1200 meters long and 6 meters wide.

The official stated that this means Israel would be isolating 100 Dunams of Palestinian lands behind the road and would lead to their illegal annexation.

May 26 06:47

Israeli settlers storm Al-Aqsa for third day in a row

Israeli forces and settlers stormed Al-Aqsa Mosque for the third day in a row on Tuesday morning, as arrests of Palestinian activists took place across the occupied West Bank.

According to Palestinian sources in occupied East Jerusalem, Israeli settlers stormed the courtyards of Al-Aqsa Mosque, with the protection of Israeli police.

Israeli forces guards were filmed harassing teenage boys in the neighbourhood of Silwan, apparently carrying out random ID checks.

Silwan is a neighbourhood south of Al-Aqsa Mosque and is one of the East Jerusalem suburbs that are at risk of the displacement of Palestinian residents.

In Hebron, settlers attacked the houses of two separate families and uprooted 35 olive trees and a yield of summer crops, according to local reports.

May 26 06:43

Palestine: Hamas Defeats Israel

Just like in 2006, when both Ehud Olmert and George Bush declared that the “invincible IDF” had, yet again, achieved a “glorious victory” and the entire Middle-East almost died laughing hearing this ridiculous claim, today both the US and Israeli propaganda machine have declared another “glorious” victory for the “Jewish state of Israel” cum “sole democracy in the Middle-East”. And, just like in 2006, everybody in the region (and in Zone B) knows that the truth is that the Zionist entity suffered a huge, humiliated, defeat. Let’s try to unpack this.

May 24 12:01

Federal Court Strikes Down Georgia's Anti-BDS Law Forcing Americans to Pledge Allegiance to Israel

Filmmaker Abby Martin secured a major victory for free speech on Monday after a federal court ruled that her First Amendment rights were violated when she was blocked from speaking at Georgia Southern University in 2016 for refusing to "sign a contractual pledge to not boycott Israel" in compliance with Georgia's anti-Boycott, Divest and Sanctions law.

May 24 11:51

VICE Interviews American-Israeli Settler Jacob Fauci Of "If I Don't Steal It Someone Else Is Going To" Fame

VICE has managed to snag an interview with Jacob Fauci, a Jewish New Yorker from Long Island who went viral for telling a Palestinian woman complaining about him stealing her home that "If I don't steal it someone else is going to steal it."

May 24 09:33

Israeli settlers storm al-Aqsa Mosque under protection of Israeli security forces

May 24 09:32

Rightwing violence grips israel

May 24 08:44

'Abolish Israel': Thousands of pro-Palestine protesters hit the streets of New York to demand US stops funding Israel as fragile ceasefire with Gaza holds

Thousands of demonstrators are taking to the streets in New York City holding 'Abolish Israel' signs to show their support for Palestinians, with protests also planned in other US cities following intense demonstrations around the world.

The 'Rally to Defend Palestine' on Saturday afternoon in the Sunnyside neighborhood of Queens was organized by the New York group Within Our Lifetime (WOL).

It comes after nearly two weeks of violent conflict between Israel and Palestinian militant groups left at least 250 people dead, most of them Palestinians, and as the residents of Gaza survey the damage after heavy Israeli bombardment.

May 24 08:39


Joe Biden has agreed to arm Israel to the teeth and replenish their Iron Dome missile supply as "Israel has the right to defend itself" but indicated the people of Gaza will only get US aid if they give up their right to defend themselves and accept being conquered.

"The United States fully supports Israel's right to defend itself against indiscriminate rocket attacks from Hamas and other Gaza-based terrorist groups that have taken the lives of innocent civilians in Israel," Biden said in a speech from the White House on Thursday.

"The Prime Minister also shared with me his appreciation for the Iron Dome system, which our nations developed together and which has saved the lives of countless Israeli citizens, both Arab and Jew," he continued. "I assured him of my full support to replenish Israel's Iron Dome system to ensure its defenses and security in the future."

May 24 08:32


May 24 08:27

Understanding Israel’s Latest Attack on Gaza – and Who Benefits

“Both sides need to de-escalate.”

“No one benefits from this. ”

You’ll hear a lot of statements like that from pundits, elected officials, government spokespeople, and mainstream media anytime there’s violence in Israel-Palestine.

In the last few days, Israeli war planes, armed drones, and artillery mounted on tanks have killed more than 119 Palestinians in the besieged and blockaded Gaza Strip. Thirty-one of them were children. Rocket fire from Gaza left eight Israelis, including one child dead.

It’s easy to say no one benefits. But it’s not true.

Binyamin Netanyahu, Israel’s prime minister, has a whole lot to gain from this assault – among other things, it may keep him out of jail.

May 24 08:27

Netanyahu: Future Gaza Rocket Fire Will Be Met With ‘Whole New Level of Force’

As the fragile ceasefire between Israel and Hamas held on Friday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu threatened that any future rocket fire out of Gaza would be met with “a whole new level of force.”

“If Hamas thinks we will tolerate a ‘drizzle’ of rockets, it is mistaken,” Netanyahu said. “We will respond with a whole new level of force to every instance of aggression against the Gaza-envelope communities or anywhere else in Israel.” The “Gaza-envelope” refers to areas of Israel that are in range of the crude rockets that are fired from Gaza.

The 11-day Israeli bombing campaign in Gaza killed at least 248 Palestinians, including 66 children. In Israel, at least 12 people were killed by rockets fired out of Gaza, including two children. Netanyahu touted the onslaught as an “exceptional success.”

May 24 08:26

Biden Says There’s Been ‘No Shift’ in His Commitment to Israel

President Biden offered a forceful defense of the state of Israel on Friday on the heels of Israel’s brutal 11-day bombing campaign in Gaza that killed over 200 Palestinians, including over 60 children.

Some progressive Democrats are calling for the US to cut off arms sales or leverage military aid to Israel due to its treatment of Palestinians. But Biden insisted his view has not changed. “There is no shift in my commitment to the security of Israel. Period. No shift, not at all,” he said at a press conference with South Korean President Moon Jae-in.

Biden also said that a two-state solution is the “only answer” to the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians. “We still need a two-state solution. It is the only answer. The only answer,” he said.

May 24 08:24

Israeli Airstrikes Destroyed Water Supplies of 20% of Gaza Residents (VIDEO)

Israeli forces have deliberately targeted two water pipelines in the Al-Saftawi area cutting supplies to 20 percent of the residents of Gaza City, the municipality said in a statement on Thursday.

“The Israeli airstrikes on Al-Saftawi area last night damaged two main water pipelines feeding the northwestern residential areas,” the statement said.

“The Municipality of Gaza regrettably confirms that the bombing of these two water pipelines, one of which serves more than 200,000 citizens, leaves them with no water supply and aggravating the water crisis that the city suffers due to the deliberate targeting of its infrastructure,” the statement said.

The municipality of Gaza has begun inspecting the destruction and creating temporary solutions to reduce the water crisis caused by the destruction.

May 24 08:08

'She was too vocal': Outrage grows over AP journalist fired for pro-Palestine views

The Associated Press news agency has faced fierce criticism from journalists and academics for sacking a newly graduated news associate over her pro-Palestinian activism while at university.

Emily Wilder, a Jewish American who graduated from Stanford University last year, started her position at AP on 3 May. Just 16 days later, she was fired.

Wilder was told that her dismissal, announced in an AP staff memo that has been widely shared online, was over a violation of the company's social media policy.

May 24 08:07

Israel-Palestine: Google says it has 'no plans' to update blurry maps of Gaza

Google has said it has no plans to update low-resolution imagery of Israel, the occupied Palestinian territories and the besieged Gaza Strip, despite a US law that banned the use of high-quality images being lifted last year.

Prior to agreeing to a ceasefire early on Friday, Israel bombed Gaza for 11 days, killing at least 248 Palestinians, including 66 children, 39 women and 17 elderly men.

The air strikes damaged schools, power lines, water, sanitation and sewage systems for hundreds of thousands of people in a territory that has been under blockade by Israel and Egypt for more than a decade.

Conflict researchers told Middle East Eye it would be difficult to understand the true damage caused by Israeli air strikes due to many open source mapping tools - including Google, Apple, and Bing - which have failed to update their maps with high-resolution imagery.

May 24 08:07

Physicians in Gaza recount airstrikes on clinics, medical staff

After 11 days of intense fighting between Israel and Palestinian armed groups, primarily Hamas, a fragile ceasefire that took hold Thursday evening is still in place Friday afternoon. With a brief reprieve from hostilities, Palestinians immediately began repairs to the main in Gaza COVID-19 testing and vaccination site that were damaged by Israeli airstrikes on the ministry of health medical complex earlier in the week.

The ministry of health in Gaza announced today that it had reopened the main COVID-19 lab and could continue processing new coronavirus tests. Additionally, a small lab opened yesterday by the border with Egypt in order to run the COVID-19 test for exiting Palestinians.

Friday also marks the first day in over a week when goods could enter Gaza. In the first round of shipments, UNICEF imported 11,000 doses of the Sinopharm COVID-19 vaccine, first aid kits, antibiotics, fire extinguishers and bags of blood and saline-glucose.

May 24 08:00

Israel-Palestine: How social media was used and abused

During the recent violence in Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories, social media has proven to be a double-edged sword.

A ceasefire came into effect at 2am on Friday morning, but not before a devastating escalation in which Israeli air strikes on Gaza killed at least 243 Palestinians, including 66 children, and rockets fired from the besieged Palestinian enclave killed 12 people in Israel. In the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem, 29 Palestinians were killed.

Over the past two weeks, the digital sphere has taken centre stage. It gave a space for direct, unfiltered documentation of the realities on the ground, a means for disseminating information in many different forms and formats, and a platform for amplifying messages and gestures of solidarity.

But where there has been good use, there has also been abuse.

May 24 07:59

Healthcare Workers Condemn Israel’s ‘Deliberate Dehumanization’ of Palestinians

Healthcare workers from around the world have signed a letter condemning Israel’s deliberate dehumanization and dispossession of the Palestinian people.

“Our colleagues have been killed and high precision weaponry has been used to target healthcare facilities,” they said.

The letter highlighted that Dr. Ayman Abu Al-Auf, head of internal medicine, and Dr. Moein Ahmad Abu-Al Aloul, head of neurology at Gaza’s main hospital, Al-Shifa, were killed in the same bombing raid.

May 24 07:57

Elbit protest: Pro-Palestine activists ‘shut down’ drone factory

Pro-Palestinian activists in the United Kingdom extended their demonstration against the Israeli occupation into a third day on Friday, protesting at a factory that they allege makes combat drones for the Israeli military.

Members of the Palestine Action group first scaled the roof of the factory in Leicester, a city in the English Midlands, on Wednesday.

May 24 07:57

Egypt restricts support for Palestine despite brokering Gaza truce

Over the past two weeks, Egypt's official response to the escalation of deadly violence in Israel-Palestine has sharply contrasted with its crackdown on support for the Palestinian cause at home.

The Egyptian government played a central role in the ceasefire reached early on Friday between Israel and Hamas, after 11 days of deadly hostilities, which have killed 12 people in Israel and 274 Palestinians in Gaza, the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem.

Egypt has also been vocal in demanding calm in the occupied Palestinian territories since the beginning of Israel's crackdown on the East Jerusalem neighbourhood of Sheikh Jarrah and inside the al-Aqsa Mosque earlier in May.

May 24 07:54

Man arrested in India for Facebook appeal to hoist Palestine flag

Police in India’s northern state of Uttar Pradesh have arrested a Muslim man who had appealed on social media to hoist the Palestinian flag on homes and vehicles in a show of solidarity against the Israeli offensive on Gaza.

Azamgarh district’s senior superintendent of police Sudhir Kumar Singh told Al Jazeera that they have arrested the man, identified as Yasir Akhtar, after he posted a message on his Facebook page, calling residents in his Saraimeer village to display the flag after the congregational prayers on Friday.

May 24 07:53

Palestinian Conflict Injuries Risk 'Overwhelming' Health Facilities : WHO

U.N. agencies appealed on Friday for urgent medical supplies and access to Gaza, saying thousands of Palestinian injuries risk "overwhelming" some health facilities after 11 days of violence.

A truce took hold on Friday after the heaviest fighting in years between Israel and Palestinian militants, although aid officials warned that it would take Gaza years to recover from the latest flare-up, the fourth conflict since 2008.

World Health Organization spokeswoman Margaret Harris told a virtual U.N. briefing focused on the impact of the violence in the Palestinian territories that some 8,538 injuries had been reported on top of 257 fatalities, saying they risked "overwhelming health facilities".

May 24 07:18

Jewish organisations say ‘extremist’ Tommy Robinson ‘not welcome’ at pro-Israel rallies

Controversial right-winger Tommy Robinson is no longer welcome at pro-Israel events in London, according to several leading Jewish organisations, after he was pictured at a rally with an Israeli flag and a Zionist Federation sign.

Robinson’s participation in the rally was condemned on Sunday by the Board of Deputies of British Jews, the Zionist Federation, the Jewish Leadership Council, and the Community Security Trust, just hours after Robinson took part in the event.

“Stephen Yaxley-Lennon (aka Tommy Robinson) & supporters of far-right extremist organisations like the English Defence League are not welcome at our community’s events,” declared the Board of Deputies of British Jews, adding that the “message of hate and division must be confronted and defeated.”

May 24 07:04

Israeli settlements, explained | Settlements Part I

May 24 07:00

Untold Archaeology of the Temple Mount — Rare Footage

May 24 06:58

Israel destroyed over 33 media offices in Gaza bombing

Israel's bombardment has destroyed over 33 media offices in the Gaza strip during its 11-day long offensive on the blockaded enclave, the Palestinian Journalists Syndicate said late on Friday.

"At least 33 media offices in Gaza have been destroyed, according to we have counted so far," the head of the syndicate, Nasser Abu Bakr, said in a statement.

On Friday, journalist Yousef Abu Hussein was killed in an Israeli bombing of his home in Gaza, the syndicate's statement added.

Over 170 journalists Palestinians were injured, Abu Bakr said, adding that 70 of them were wounded during the Gaza Strip bombing, and around 100 were injured following Israeli security forces' attacks on Palestinians in Jerusalem and the occupied West Bank. Most of the injuries in Gaza were from shrapnel from the shelling, while most in the West Bank came from tear gas, he added, without detailing the injuries' severity.

May 24 06:58

How an Israeli attack in Gaza led to the firing of an AP reporter

It started with an Israeli bomb smashing into the Associated Press offices in Gaza. It ended with an AP journalist fired for her pro-Palestinian activism while she was a college student.

The Israeli military has justified its May 15 attack on al-Jalaa Tower — which hosted numerous foreign press bureaus in Gaza — by claiming that the Palestinian militant group Hamas had offices in the building. The Associated Press has denied that claim, and Israel has not publicly provided evidence to support its side of the story.

But right-wing U.S. media and a disgruntled former AP employee have attempted to drum up justification for the airstrike by painting the American news agency as a partisan, pro-Hamas source. Their claims have been given airtime by mainstream journalists, putting the AP — rather than the foreign military that bombed it — on the defensive.