Jan 30 08:33

Iranian Lawmakers Push Bill to Formalise Anti-Israel ‘Axis of Resistance’ Military Alliance

The ‘Axis of Resistance’, also known as the ‘Resistance Front’, is a loose political alliance that includes Iran, Syria, Iraq’s Popular Mobilization Forces militias, and the Lebanese political and militant group Hezbollah. In recent years, these forces have cooperated in combatting a host of terrorist threats including Daesh (ISIS)* and al-Qaeda.*

Iranian lawmakers have proposed a motion to formally establish a military alliance among Resistance Front countries and groups, Abolfazl Aboutorabi, a senior MP from Esfahan province, has told Tasnim.

The bill, dubbed the "Defence and Security Treaty of the Resistance Group," is said to have been signed by 34 lawmakers, and to have been submitted for review to the National Security and Foreign Policy Commission and for consideration in a public session of parliament.

Jan 30 08:16

Yemeni families seek justice for 34 deaths in US drone strikes

Two Yemeni families have filed a petition against the US government over the “unlawful” killing of 34 relatives, including 17 children, in American attacks.

The Yemeni families lost their relatives and property between 2013 and 2018 in six drone airstrikes and a special operations raid conducted by American forces, said human rights group Reprieve, which submitted the petition to the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights on behalf of the affected families.

“It is averred that the seven attacks at issue have resulted in the unlawful killing of at least 48 people, including 17 children, and in the serious injury of at least seven others, as well as the destruction of their personal property and livelihoods,” said the petition cited by AFP on Thursday.

The petition showed that of those killed 34 were members of the al-Ameri and al-Taisy families, who are requesting the commission to pressure the US government on taking immediate measures to stop further harm.

Jan 30 08:10

Dubai and Tel Aviv plan to dismantle the UNRWA

In August last year, the United Arab Emirates and the Israeli regime decided to normalize - or as critics put it - to publicize their relations. Since then, many bilateral agreements in various areas such as technology, media, and tourism have been made.

Whereas these deals have been announced with much fanfare, Dubai and Tel Aviv are reportedly in cahoots with each other over issues they prefer to keep secret.

One of them is the elimination of UNRWA, or the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees.

Jan 29 13:37

The ‘humanitarian’ left still ignores the lessons of Iraq, Libya and Syria to cheer on more war

Jonathan Cook says some leftwing "cheerleaders" have not learned the lessons of the West's catastrophic military interventions in the Arab world and are now partaking in Western belligerence towards China and Russia, to the benefit of the ruling elites in London and Washington, and arms manufacturers. >>

Jan 28 09:53

Joe Biden's Saudi Weapons Freeze Leaves 'Pariah' Mohammed bin Salman in the Cold

President Joe Biden's temporary freeze on American weapon sales to Saudi Arabia signals that Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman will not have the free run of the White House he enjoyed under former President Donald Trump.

Biden was clear in his criticism of the crown prince—colloquially known as MBS, the heir to his father King Salman and holder of much of the power behind the throne—on the campaign trail, and vowed to hold the "pariah" kingdom to account for its raft of human rights abuses at home and abroad.

New Secretary of State Antony Blinken said Wednesday that the Biden administration is now reviewing weapons sales to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates agreed by Trump. The review, he told reporters, aims "to make sure that what is being considered is something that advances our strategic objectives and advances our foreign policy."

Jan 28 06:38

Biden Sends B-52 Bomber Over Persian Gulf After Missile Fired On Riyadh

On Wednesday The Wall Street Journal revealed that the Biden administration for the first time sent a B-52 bomber in a long range flight from the US to the Persian Gulf on Tuesday.

It's the first such "warning" message to Iran under the Biden White House, in continuation of similar recent moves by Trump, and the sixth such B-52 operation over the Persian Gulf in only a few months. WSJ reports:

The B-52H Stratofortress, a long range heavy bomber, flew from Barksdale Air Force Base in Louisiana on Tuesday and was expected to make a continuous flight across Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and down the eastern Saudi coastline near the United Arab Emirates and Qatar before returning to the U.S., a senior military official said.

Jan 27 13:07


The situation in the Middle East is slowly, but steadily moving towards critical mass.

An advent of ISIS is being observed in central Syria where the terrorists have carried out over 40 attacks on various targets since the start of the year. Most recently, on January 24, ISIS cells ambushed a bus carrying Syrian Army troops on the Homs-Deir Ezzor highway. 3 soldiers were killed and at least 10 others were injured. Pro-government sources say that the ISIS units came from the area of al-Tanf.

Jan 25 14:07

The unfinished businessof the Arab Spring

Ten years ago, much of the Arab world erupted in jubilant revolt against the dictatorial regimes whose corruption, cruelty and mismanagement had mired the Middle East in poverty and backwardness for decades.

Ten years on, the hopes awakened by the protests have vanished — but the underlying conditions that drove the unrest are as acute as ever.

Autocrats rule with an even tighter grip. Wars unleashed by leaders whose control was threatened have killed hundreds of thousands of people. The rise of the Islamic State amid the resulting wreckage ravaged large parts of Syria and Iraq and drew the United States into another costly Middle East war.

Millions of people were driven from their homes to become refugees, many converging on the shores of Europe and beyond. The influx fueled a tide of nativism and anti-immigrant sentiment that brought populist leaders to power in Europe and the United States, as fears of terrorism eclipsed concerns for human rights as a Western priority.

Jan 25 08:48

Saudi Airstrikes Kill 34 Houthis in Central Yemen

Officials are reporting that Saudi airstrikes against a Houthi convoy in the central Maarib Province killed at least 34 fighters, and destroyed three military vehicles which were attempting to transport them to the front line.

Maarib is a long-contested territory, one of several routes through which the Saudis tried to advance on the capital. As with other attempts the fighting has stalemated, and the situation is unresolved.

Houthis reported the death toll to the press. The Houthi-run media also confirmed the strike, but did not provide details on the death toll. The Saudis have not reported directly on the matter.

Also unclear is if there were any civilian deaths, though airstrikes on a highway hitting multiple vehicles suggests some other incidental vehicles might well have been in the line of fire.

Jan 25 08:47

Yemen Crisis Linked to Weapons Maker Raytheon’s Influence on US Foreign Policy

Since 2015, the U.S.-backed Saudi-led bombing and blockade of Yemen has killed tens of thousands of people and devastated the country, creating what the United Nations calls the worst humanitarian crisis in the world. Half the country’s people are on the brink of famine, the country has the world’s worst cholera outbreak in recorded history, and now Yemen has one of the very worst COVID death rates in the world: It kills 1 in 4 people who test positive.

Jan 23 08:24

US Backs Al-Qaeda in Yemen while Dubbing Its Houthi Enemies ‘Terrorists’

The United States government has designated the main enemy of al-Qaeda in Yemen, the Houthi movement, as a terrorist organization, after spending years backing al-Qaeda in the country.

Like the US-led wars on Syria, Libya, former Yugoslavia, and 1980s Afghanistan, Yemen represents an example of an armed conflict where Washington has supported al-Qaeda and similar Salafi-jihadist extremists in order to foment regime change and extend its hegemony.

Since March 2015, the United States has helped oversee a catastrophic war on Yemen, the poorest country in the Middle East, aiding Saudi Arabia as it launched tens of thousands of air strikes on its southern neighbor, bombing the impoverished nation into rubble — and unleashing the largest humanitarian crisis on Earth.

Jan 22 08:28

About Suffering: A Massacre of the Innocents in Yemen

In 1565, Pieter Bruegel the Elder created "The Massacre of the Innocents," a provocative masterpiece of religious art. The painting reworks a biblical narrative about King Herod’s order to slaughter all newborn boys in Bethlehem for fear that a messiah had been born there. Bruegel’s painting situates the atrocity in a contemporary setting, a 16th Century Flemish village under attack by heavily armed soldiers. Depicting multiple episodes of gruesome brutality, Bruegel conveys the terror and grief inflicted on trapped villagers who cannot protect their children. Uncomfortable with the images of child slaughter, the Holy Roman Emperor Rudolph II, after acquiring the painting, ordered another reworking. The slaughtered babies were painted over with images such as bundles of food or small animals, making the scene appear to be one of plunder rather than massacre.

Jan 22 08:26

Saudis Reject Claims of Summer Civilian Casualties in Yemen Attacks

Early in the Saudi-led invasion of Yemen, it was decided, mostly by the Saudis, that reports of civilian casualties could be internally investigated, again mostly by the Saudis. That’s what they’ve done since.

Typical of the program, officials reported on their inquiry into incidents this summer in which Saudi warplanes killed a number of Yemeni children in Jawf Province, and also attacked a water truck.

Declaring all the matters “refuted,” the reports seemed to rest on the strategy of just reiterating official reports of what happened, declaring now that this is what happened so alternate reports with casualties must be wrong.

Jan 21 11:29

Blinken: Biden Will End US Involvement in Yemen War in ‘Short Order’

President Biden’s secretary of state-nominee, Antony Blinken, said on Tuesday that the Biden administration will work quickly to end US involvement in the war in Yemen.

“The President-elect has made clear that we will end our support for the military campaign led by Saudi Arabia in Yemen, and I think we will work on that in very short order,” Blinken said during his Senate confirmation hearing.

Blinken also said during the hearings that the Biden administration will “immediately” review the Trump administration’s designation of Yemen’s Houthis as a foreign terrorist organization. Calls are growing for President Biden to reverse the designation, and the UN and aid groups are warning of the mass starvation it will cause.

Jan 19 04:07

First Lady Melania Trump Delivers Farewell Message: ‘Be Passionate In Everything You Do’

Melania Trump recounted many of her experiences as first lady and encouraged that people to be “passionate” but to “always remember that violence is never the answer and will never be justified.”TRANSCRIPT:

Jan 19 02:11

Dubai, party haven amid pandemic, faces its biggest surge

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates -- Masks off the minute you step inside. Bars packed and pulsing like it’s 2019. Social media stars waving bottles of champagne. DJs spinning party tunes through multi-hour brunches.

Since becoming one of the world's first destinations to open up for tourism, Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates, has promoted itself as the ideal pandemic vacation spot. It cannot afford otherwise, analysts say, as the virus shakes the foundations of the city-state's economy.

With its cavernous malls, frenetic construction and legions of foreign workers, Dubai was built on the promise of globalization, drawing largely from the aviation, hospitality and retail sectors — all hard hit by the virus.

Jan 18 09:26

Heavy Fighting in Hodeidah; Yemen claims dozens of Houthi casualties

Heavy fighting erupted Saturday in the southern part of the vital Yemeni port city of Hodeidah. The government claimed the Houthis launched an offensive and were pushed back out of the area. They claimed dozens of Houthi casualties were inflicted.

Hodeidah is materially the only port through which aid flows into northern Yemen, which is why the UN has gone to great efforts trying to keep a ceasefire more or less in place, fearing mass starvation if fighting damages or otherwise shuts the port.

For the most part it has worked, and Hodeidah hasn’t been the site of too many major battles. When they do flare up, however, as now, the fear is that they could rapidly get out of control.

Jan 18 09:16

Trump Administration Commits Another War Crime in Yemen

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo spent his final days in office committing political terrorism, planting foreign policy landmines to hinder incoming President Joe Biden. One of his cruelest actions was to charge the Yemeni Houthis with being a terrorist organization.

He cited missile attacks on civilian targets in Saudi Arabia. That is a war crime, not terrorism. Remember American and British terror bombing of Germany and Japan?

Jan 13 07:23

FYI Trump's Latest Yemen Move Is Far Worse Than The Capitol Riot

While the Capitol riot is being hysterically compared to Pearl Harbor and Kristallnacht by the political/media class, the Trump administration has done something far, far worse that is receiving far, far less attention.

The US State Department has officially announced its intention to designate Yemen's Houthis as a terrorist group, as many had previously warned. Humanitarian organizations have been condemning the move as it will make it more difficult to provide aid to a population that is already being brutalized by the worst mass atrocity in the entire world, a Saudi-led atrocity which could not occur without the help of the western power alliance.

Jan 11 07:33

Pompeo says US will designate Houthis as terrorist group in bid to undermine ‘Iranian interference’ in Yemen

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has announced that he intends to designate the Houthi movement as a foreign terrorist organization, while acknowledging that the move will create hurdles for delivering aid to war-torn Yemen.

In a statement released on Sunday, Pompeo said the State Department will also label three Houthi leaders, Abdul Malik al-Houthi, Abd al-Khaliq Badr al-Din al-Houthi, and Abdullah Yahya al Hakim, as “Specially Designated Global Terrorists.” The designations will take effect on January 19.

The move will give the US additional tools to confront the “terrorist activity” carried out by the Iran-backed group, Pompeo explained. He accused the Houthis of orchestrating cross-border attacks that have threatened civilian populations, infrastructure and commercial shipping in the region.

Jan 11 07:19

REMINDER: Houthis Were a US Intelligence-Sharing Partner Right Up Until Saudi Invasion

The U.S. has formed ties with Houthi rebels who seized control of Yemen’s capital, White House officials and rebel commanders said, in the clearest indication of a shift in the U.S. approach there as it seeks to maintain its fight against a key branch of al Qaeda.

American officials are communicating with Houthi fighters, largely through intermediaries, the officials and commanders have disclosed, to promote a stable political transition as the Houthis gain more power and to ensure Washington can continue its campaign of drone strikes against leaders of the group al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, officials said.

“We have to take pains not to end up inflaming the situation by inadvertently firing on Houthi fighters,” a senior U.S. official said. “They’re not our military objective. It’s AQAP and we have to stay focused on that.”

Jan 10 09:34

Israeli Jews defending apartheid

Lawrence Davidson highlights how Israeli racism and apartheid, which emanate from Israel's founding ideology, Zionism, has culminated in the ultimate apartheid law, the "Nation-State" Law, which "confirms in law a process that condemns non-Jews to a legal no-man’s-land".>>

Jan 06 07:49

How the Gulf crisis spurred Qatar to expand its military

Qatar has embarked on one of the most ambitious armament programmes seen in the Middle East in recent times. Its armed forces are growing exponentially as its air force increases in size from 12 to 96 fighter jets, with more on the way. Its army and navy have seen rapid expansion as Qatar spends billions of dollars in order to protect itself.

Qatar, with its large expatriate population, has traditionally been focused on internal security but the sharp downturn in relations with its large and well-armed neighbours forced it to re-evaluate its military.

Jan 05 11:13

“An Israeli Blitzkrieg” Signs Point to Imminent Israeli Military Action in Yemen

Saudi Arabia has rung in the new year in a familiar way, with an airstrike targeting a large gathering of civilians at a wedding ceremony in Yemen. On new year’s night, at least five civilians were killed when Saudi-backed militants launched artillery rounds at a wedding ceremony in the populated al-Hawk area in the strategic port city of Hodeida.

Developments taking place across the Middle East are driving the reality home in Yemen that 2021 is unlikely to bring about an end to Saudi Arabia’s nearly six-year-long war on their country. Signs of escalation are beginning to surface gradually in the Yemeni interior and along the Red Sea in the wake of the wave of normalization between the Gulf states and Tel Aviv.

Jan 05 11:05

Israel tourists stealing from Dubai hotels, report says

Israeli tourists visiting the United Arab Emirates (UAE) have been stealing items from hotel rooms in Dubai, Israeli daily Yedioth Ahronoth reported.

"I have been visiting the UAE for many years and doing business there," stated an Israeli businessman. "Last month I arrived at the hotel I was staying in and was terrified when I saw in the hotel lobby, Israelis are being searched for stolen items from the rooms."

Complaints of Israeli tourists stealing from hotels comes a month after the first commercial passenger flight from Israel to the UAE to off, as part of a new regular service.

Moreover, a manager of a hotel overlooking the world's tallest building the Burj Khalifa, said: "We host hundreds of tourists from all countries of the world, some of them create problems, but we have not seen items stolen before."

"Recently we have seen Israeli tourists come to the hotel and pile up all their bags, stealing towels, tea and coffee bags, and even lamps."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Tacky. Very tacky!

Jan 05 11:04

Israeli 'sex tourism' is the fruit of normalisation with the UAE

It is hard to believe the testimonies of Israeli tourists returning from the UAE, in which they describe Dubai as the Las Vegas of the Middle East. This is specifically in terms of the spread of prostitution and the sex trade that does not befit an Arab Muslim country.

Reports from Israel suggest that 8,000 Israelis travelled to Dubai to celebrate the New Year. They apparently took hashish and marijuana with them to the UAE, despite its strict drug laws, with up to 20 years imprisonment and sometimes execution for convicted drug smugglers.

One Israeli who admitted to smuggling drugs into Dubai told Israel's Channel 12 that he was not worried about being arrested. "All we did was smuggle some hashish and marijuana to celebrate [New Year's Eve] and get high," he explained. "It isn't cocaine, they are light drugs. I don't believe that we'll get in trouble. A death sentence for a few hundred grams in our suitcases? We only smoke in our hotel room."

Jan 02 07:32

Israeli Military Preparing For ‘Iran-Backed’ Attacks From Iraq and Yemen

According to a report in Israeli media, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) is preparing for a possible strike from “Iran-backed militias” in Iraq and Yemen. The IDF reportedly held talks last week about possible attacks from Iraqi militias and the Houthis in Yemen.

Since Iranian scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh was killed in an apparent Israeli plot, both Israel and the US have been overblowing the threat of possible Iranian retaliation. Israel, like the US, likes to conflate any Shia group in the Middle East with Iran, despite the many different factions and sects.

For example, the Houthis are a Zaydi Shia group and practice a different form of Shiism than the mullahs in Iran. The Houthis are also an entirely homegrown movement and are not the Iranian proxy the US and its allies portray them to be. Zaydi Shia Imams ruled the area of north Yemen the Houthis now control for over 1,000 years until 1962.

Dec 31 08:04

Trump copied Obama's failure in Yemen

President Trump campaigned against Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden, but he often seemed to govern against former President Barack Obama, touting differences between the two administrations long after Obama’s departure and blaming Obama’s past record for present problems (including some it is chronologically impossible for Obama to have caused).

Yet there is one point, at least, on which Trump has not only refrained from dismantling Obama’s legacy but actually entrenched it further: U.S. involvement in Yemen’s civil war.

This war began in late 2014 between Yemen’s Iran-linked Houthi rebels and its internationally recognized government in Sanaa. A Saudi- and United Arab Emirates-led coalition intervened several months later — the war is now widely regarded as a proxy fight between Saudi Arabia and Iran — and the United States backed the coalition from the start.

Dec 31 08:00

Pompeo and State Department face legal action over $23bn UAE arms sale

An American NGO has filed a lawsuit against the State Department and its head, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, over a $23bn arms sale to the United Arab Emirates that the organisation claims was rushed through without meeting proper legal requirements.

The New York Center for Foreign Policy Affairs (NYCFPA) filed the suit in the US District Court for the District of Columbia on Wednesday, on the grounds that the sale violates the US Arms Export Control Act (ACEA).

NYCFPA accuses the State Department of "rushing through" the transaction, which includes the sale of killer drones and F-35 jets, without regard to American interests or stability in the region.

Dec 30 10:22

Second explosion heard near presidential palace in Yemen’s Aden after deadly blast at airport where unity govt arrived – reports

Local news have reported yet another explosion in Yemen, this time near the presidential palace, to which the new cabinet fled following the blast at the Aden airport.

Yemen’s new government has been transferred to the palace right after an explosion disrupted their arrival to the Aden airport earlier today. It occurred as the officials were arriving to Aden from Riyadh, where cabinet members had a swearing in a ceremony that followed prolonged coalition talks brokered by the Saudis.

The destructive explosion at the airport resulted in more than 20 people being killed, and at least 60 injured, according to Salem Al-Shabhi, a senior health official who spoke to The Independent.

Dec 30 06:58

Blasts hit Yemen’s Aden airport as new unity government arrives

Loud blasts and gunfire were heard at Aden’s airport shortly after a plane carrying the newly formed Yemeni government arrived from Saudi Arabia on Wednesday, witnesses said.

The cabinet members, including Prime Minister Maeen Abdulmalik, were transferred safely to the city’s presidential palace, the witnesses and Saudi media said.

Dec 29 07:47

Biden Meddles With Donald Trump's Middle East Legacy At His Peril

The incoming Biden administration has indicated that one of its top priorities will be to adopt a new approach in Washington's dealings with the Middle East. In particular it wants to revive the flawed nuclear deal with Iran as well as re-establish a dialogue with the Palestinian leadership, which imposed a three-year boycott on the Trump administration.

Yet, while the new Biden team, the majority of whom are relics from the Obama administration, are keen to assert a new policy agenda for the region, they also need to take care that, in so doing, they do not squander the impressive legacy US President Donald Trump has built up in the region.

Dec 28 06:47

Israel and UAE 'collaborating to eliminate UNRWA': report

Israel and the United Arab Emirates are working together to eliminate the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian Refugees (UNRWA), the French newspaper Le Monde has reported.

UNRWA was established in 1949 to provide relief and development services to Palestinian refugees expelled by Israeli forces from their homeland during the 1948 Arab-Israeli war. It is the only UN agency dedicated to helping refugees from a specific conflict.

Le Monde correspondent Benjamin Barthe tweeted that UAE officials were working to 'gradually eliminate' UNRWA
Israel has long demanded that UNRWA be dissolved, because the agency's existence draws continued attention to the displacement and hardship of Palestinian refugees.

Dec 28 06:27

New Yemen gov’t sworn in after Saudi-brokered power-sharing deal

Yemen’s President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi has sworn in a new government that was formed thanks to a power-sharing deal brokered by Saudi Arabia last year.

The 24-member cabinet, announced last week, was sworn in during a ceremony held on Saturday in the Saudi capital, Riyadh, where Hadi is living.

Dec 23 09:03


The last weeks of 2020 brought little joy to the Saudi-led coalition, which has slowly been losing its remaining positions in central Yemen.

On December 21, the Ansar Allah movement (more widely known as the Houthis) announced that its forces had shot down a Chinese-made CH4 unmanned combat aerial vehicle operated by the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen. The incident took place in the province of Marib.

The CH4 was conducting strikes in support of pro-Saudi-forces, which are on retreat under pressure from the Houthis and their local allies. As of December 22, the Houthis continue their advance towards the provincial capital. The most intense clashes have been taking place near Raghwan and Madghal. Yemeni forces are also shelling the Tadawin Camp, which is located north of the city.

As soon as the Houthis secure the northern flank of the road towards Marib, they are likely to start an advance on the city itself.

Dec 22 13:39

O Little Town of Bethlehem… What would Christ say about His birthplace today?

O Little Town of Bethlehem… What would Christ say about His birthplace today? Stuart Littlewood voices the hope that the lockdown in force in the UK would prompt Britons to think about the people of Bethlehem "smouldering under the brutal lifetime-long lockdown imposed by Israel’s military? And from which there’s no escape, no respite?">>

Dec 17 13:18

Israel: Shopping for Friends in the Middle East

The assassination of Iranian nuclear scientist, Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, was in the words of former CIA director, John Brennan, an "act of state-sponsored terrorism and a flagrant violation of international law." This is one of many such acts carried out by Mossad, Israel’s national intelligence agency. It is yet another example of Israel’s malign behavior in the Middle East since its establishment in Palestine in the early 1900s.

Israel’s acts of terrorism against the Palestinians during their 53-year long illegal occupation of the West Bank and blockade of the Gaza Strip have received immunity in Washington and little scrutiny in the mainstream media.

From its earliest days, Zionist leaders grappled with how they would create a Jewish state on land where Palestinian Arabs were the majority population.

Dec 16 06:52

Israel Floats Possibility Of Deploying Joint Missile Systems To Persian Gulf

On Tuesday, a senior Israeli official expressed his country’s readiness to cooperate in the future in the field of missile defense with Gulf states which lie close to Iran. "Israel could be open to future cooperation on missile defense with Gulf Arab states that share its concerns about Iran, a senior Israeli official said on Tuesday," Reuters reports.

Moshe Patil, head of the Israeli Defense Ministry’s Missile Defense Organization, said that the time is not yet ripe to move forward with any of these agreements, and that Washington’s approval will be required as long as the development or financing of Israeli systems is done with American technology.

Dec 15 11:08

International law vs eternal recurrence: The US and Israel

Lawrence Davidson: "If Biden wants to promote a safer, more humane world under the rule of law, he should turn his attention to the assassin and not the assassinated; to the saboteur and not those sabotaged; to Israel, and… his own nation’s Middle East foreign policy…">>

Dec 15 08:38

Yemen Separatists Start Withdrawing From Aden in Power-Sharing Deal

As a power-sharing deal between the Yemeni government and the STC separatists advances, STC forces are moving out of Aden, the interim capital of the government-controlled part of the country.

Before the deal, government and STC fighters often fought over territory across South Yemen. The STC fighters will now be sent toward the front line in the Dale Province to fight the Houthis.

The power-sharing agreement between the two sides has been on hold for many months, and this may indicate new optimism that the deal might last, if the STC is willing to give up strategic territory.

Dec 15 06:44

UN's FAO: Five million Yemenis will likely be 'living just one step away from famine' next year

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) has warned that 5 million people in war-ravaged Yemen “will likely be living just one step away from famine" in the upcoming year.

The UN agency said in a brief statement posted on its official Twitter account on Sunday that more than half of Yemen's overall population could head further into hunger in 2021.

The statement added that an estimated 50,000 people will be living in famine-like conditions in the conflict-plagued Arab country throughout next year.

Dec 14 11:42

Anti-Semitism claims mask a reign of political and cultural terror across Europe

Jonathan Cook says Zionists and their supporters in the West are weaponising "anti-Semitism" to damage the reputation of Israel’s critics and deprive Muslims of the right to take offence at gratuitous insults of Islam while giving Jews every right to take offence at criticism of Israel.>>

Dec 14 07:11

After Israel deal, US adopts map of Morocco that includes Western Sahara

The United States adopted Saturday a “new official” map of Morocco that includes the disputed territory of Western Sahara, the ambassador to Rabat said.

“This map is a tangible representation of President Trump’s bold proclamation two days ago — recognizing Morocco’s sovereignty over Western Sahara,” US Ambassador David Fischer said, according to a statement seen by AFP.

Dec 14 06:54

The Trump Administration’s Abrahamic Sell-Out: Subordinating American Interests to the Saudis, Emiratis, and Israelis

President Donald Trump inexplicably took his first foreign trip to Saudi Arabia, an absolute monarchy with neither religious nor political freedom. On that trip in March 2017 he began to subcontract U.S. Mideast policy to a trio of self-serving regional leaders.

Trump’s Mideast policy catered to this malign troika (along with American munitions makers), showering its members with weapons, aid, and support. Their wish was the president’s command, irrespective of US interests. Indeed, visiting US officials played the role of docile and obedient servants, genuflecting on arrival. So complete was the administration’s subservience to the desires of its nominal allies that some critics posited possible financial corruption, perhaps promised post-presidential investments.

Dec 14 06:52

Trump said to offer $700 million to 9/11 victims to salvage Israel-Sudan deal

The Trump administration reportedly offered victims of the 9/11 terror attacks some $700 million to drop their claims against Sudan as part of an effort to save an agreement that would see the African country normalize ties with Israel in exchange for a removal of Sudan from the US’s list of state sponsors of terrorism.

Lawyers for the 9/11 claimants asked for $4 billion, a price the administration and Senate Republicans rejected, according to an ABC News report on Friday citing sources familiar with the negotiations. The talks are ongoing, ABC News said.

Dec 09 07:50

US massacring Yemeni people to keep own arms manufacturers running, advance Israeli plots: Houthi

A member of Yemen’s Supreme Political Council says the United States is killing Yemeni civilians en masse in order to keep production at its major arms manufacturing corporations running, lower its rate of unemployment, pay off its debts and advance the Israeli regime’s plots in the region.

“Yemenis are getting killed on a daily basis by the US-Saudi-Emirati coalition of aggression and their allies. They wake up to the sounds of US-made bomb explosions, are subjected to toxic gases, witness the aftermath of mass killings and remember women, children and the elderly who die as a result,” al-Masirah television network quoted Mohammed Ali al-Houthi as saying in a tweet.

He added, “This attests to the fact that the US is not just a mere source of concern, but rather the main culprit behind the mass murder of Yemeni people.”

Dec 08 07:41

Britain Sent Saudi Arabia Thousands of Spare Parts for Warplanes Amid Arms Embargo

Saudi planes bombing Yemen received 2,323 spare parts from the UK military last year, according to the government’s annual report into strategic export controls, which was published four months later than usual due to the coronavirus.

The long-awaited report shows that supplies to Saudi Arabia’s air force and navy continued despite a court order in June 2019 banning new export licences for use in Yemen.

Tornado spare parts were exempt from the arms embargo because they were covered by licences issued prior to the court ruling. The equipment was diverted from the Royal Air Force (RAF), which stopped flying its own Tornado fleet in March 2019.

Saudi Arabia continues to use Tornados on combat operations in Yemen, having purchased the planes from BAE Systems in the 1980s and 1990s under the notoriously corrupt Al-Yamamah series of arms deals.

Dec 08 07:33

Yemen ‘on edge of precipice’ as UNICEF launches aid appeal

Yemen is “on the edge of a precipice” after years of civil war, a senior U.N. official has warned on Monday, with millions of children suffering from malnutrition and facing the risk of famine.

Ted Chaiban sounded the alarm about the worsening humanitarian situation as the United Nations Children’s Fund launched an appeal for a record $2.5 billion in emergency funds from global donors.

As UNICEF’s director for the Middle East and North Africa, Chaiban oversees an effort to assist children and families in a region hit hard by conflict, natural disaster and the coronavirus crisis. With some 39 million children in need of assistance, the Middle East alone accounts for 40% of the agency’s $6 billion global appeal.

Dec 06 08:34

Envoy: UAE Would ‘Reluctantly’ Find Weapons Elsewhere If US Does Not Supply

With the Senate preparing to vote on a series of resolutions that seek to block a massive $23 billion weapons sale to the UAE, Abu Dhabi’s ambassador to the US said the UAE would seek weapons elsewhere if need be.

“We would rather have the best US-equipment or we will reluctantly find it from other sources, even if less capable,” UAE envoy Yousef al-Otaiba said on Thursday. Al-Otaiba made an argument President Trump frequently makes about arms sales to Gulf states. The envoy said the sale would “support tens of thousands of US jobs.”

Al-Otaiba also argued that the deal would help the UAE share the burden of defense in the region. “It is about advancing a more stable and secure Middle East. It enables the UAE to take on more of the regional burden for collective security, freeing US assets for other global challenges — a bipartisan US priority,” he said.

Dec 05 07:22

George Galloway: Britain’s £1bn in “aid” to Yemen as it sells bombs to Saudi is the very definition of blood money

Does the British government’s cynicism know no end? Confirming multi-million pound aid packages for war-torn Yemen while facilitating attacks by the Saudis is treachery of the highest standard.

The British Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab’s announcement of a further £14 million in “aid” to famine-wracked, cholera-swept, devastated Yemen is surely the perfect example of ‘blood money’. The new tranche takes the total aid from the UK to the war-torn country since 2015 to over £1 billion – and £214 million of that has been in 2020 alone.

That nearly £5 billion-worth of UK weapons sales to Saudi Arabia have been made in the very same time period is a second dot that the government is hoping you don’t join. Because, of course, most of those weapons have been used against Yemen, the poorest country in the Middle East, by Saudi Arabia, the richest country in the Middle East.

Dec 05 07:10

UN, international aid agencies warn US against plan to blacklist Yemen’s Ansarullah

The United Nations and international aid agencies have warned the United States against its plan to label Yemen’s popular Houthi Ansarullah movement as a foreign terrorist organization, raising concerns that such a move would prevent life-saving aid reaching the war-wracked country and would derail a related $700 million aid program.

David Beasley, executive director of the UN's World Food Programme (WFP), told the Washington Post daily newspaper earlier this week that the designation could hamper aid deliveries.

Beasley’s warning came after he had a meeting with US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, where he expressed “grave concerns” about the blacklisting of Ansarullah.

Dec 04 07:57

Almost half of Yemen’s population experiencing high levels of food insecurity: UN

The United Nations has warned that malnutrition in conflict-hit Yemen has reached record levels, saying almost half of the population is experiencing high levels of food insecurity, as time is running out to prevent mass starvation.

The World Food Programme (WFP) warned on Thursday that the number of people facing the second highest level of food insecurity in Yemen is set to increase from 3.6 million people to 5 million in the first half of 2021.

“Pockets of famine-like conditions have already returned for the first time in two years,” WFP said in a statement, adding, “The number of people experiencing this degree of catastrophic food insecurity could nearly triple from 16,500 currently to 47,000 people between January and June 2021.”

Dec 04 07:54

‘A child dies every 10 minutes’ in war-torn Yemen: Health Ministry

Yemeni officials have raised the alarm about a worsening humanitarian crisis as a result of the Saudi-led war and blockade against the impoverished Arab country, saying that “a child dies every 10 minutes” in Yemen.

The Yemeni Health Ministry issued the warning on Tuesday and said shortfalls in aid funding were exacerbating the humanitarian situation in Yemen.

According to the United Nations, acute malnutrition rates among Yemeni children under five are the highest ever recorded.

Last month, the world body warned that Yemen is in imminent danger of the worst famine the world has witnessed in decades.

Dec 04 07:53

WHO stops financial support for some 10,000 healthcare workers in Yemen due to lack of funding

The World Health Organization (WHO) says it has been forced to stop financial support for about 10,000 healthcare workers across war-ravaged Yemen because of a lack of funding.

“Due to an unprecedented financial gap, WHO & health partners have been unable to continue their financial support to the health care workforce in Yemen. Up to 10K health workers are affected,” WHO's Yemen office said in a post published on its Twitter page.

“More funds are needed now more than ever to enable the continuation of this support,” it added.

Dec 03 08:33

UN Appeals to Trump Administration Over Houthi Terror Designation

On Tuesday, the head of the UN’s World Food Program (WFP) met with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to appeal to the administration to reconsider its decision to designate Yemen’s Houthis as a terror group. Sources told The Washington Post that the designation could come as early as this week.

WFP chief David Beasley said he expressed his “grave concerns” to Pompeo about the potential impact the designation could have on civilians who are reliant on aid to survive. About 70 percent of Yemen’s population lives in Houthi-controlled areas. If the Houthis are added to the US terror list, it will hobble the international charities that deliver aid to those areas.

The US is also considering halting a $700 million aid program for Yemen. Earlier this year, the US made significant cuts to aid going into Houthi-controlled areas. Due to the US-backed Saudi-led siege on Yemen that has been ongoing since 2015, Yemenis are facing severe food shortages, malnutrition, and widespread disease.

Dec 03 07:54

UN Says 233,000 Yemenis Dead After 6 Years Of Saudi-US Coalition Bombing

A grim milestone in the "forgotten war" which has close US involvement: six years after the Saudi coalition began bombing Yemen to prevent a full Houthi rebel takeover of the country, the United Nations has issued an updated official tally of the death toll.

The UN now says an estimated 233,000 people have died as a result of the over half-decade long conflict. Most of the deaths are believed to be from 'indirect causes' such as collapse of societal infrastructure, disease, and lack of food and resources.

"The war had already caused an estimated 233,000 deaths, including 131,000 from indirect causes such as lack of food, health services and infrastructure," the UN's top humanitarian office said early this week. This leaves a staggering over 100,000 direct combat deaths - likely most from aerial bombing.

Dec 02 07:53

Joe Biden’s Throwback Team Threatens American Security and Middle East Stability

Joe Biden made clear he wants to put the old gang back together when he announced his prospective national security team this past week including the likes of John Kerry, Tony Blinken and Jake Sullivan. They represent the worst instincts and outcomes of the Obama Administration’s foreign policy of promoting endless wars while undermining allies and placating adversaries that the Trump Administration had to clean up. How do I know? I served as the Senior White House Advisor at the U.S. Department of State in the Trump administration, cleaning up the mess that the Obama-Biden administration left behind.

Dec 02 07:31

Saudi employs ‘deception’ to evade responsibility for Yemen catastrophe

Yemen’s Foreign Minister Hisham Sharaf Abdullah says Saudi Arabia has been desperately attempting to evade responsibility for an unfolding catastrophe against the backdrop of its campaign of death and destruction against Yemen.

Abdullah said in a statement on Monday that authorities in Riyadh must be held accountable for causing the worst humanitarian crisis in recent history.

The minister also accused the Saudi regime of playing a game of deception and hindering any effort sponsored by the United Nations on achieving a humanitarian ceasefire.

Elsewhere in his remarks, the Yemeni minister called on the international community to pressure the Saudi-led coalition into ending its onslaught and blockade on the Yemeni people.

Dec 02 07:30

‘A child dies every 10 minutes’ in war-torn Yemen: Health Ministry

Yemeni officials have raised the alarm about a worsening humanitarian crisis as a result of the Saudi-led war and blockade against the impoverished Arab country, saying that “a child dies every 10 minutes” in Yemen.

The Yemeni Health Ministry issued the warning on Tuesday and said shortfalls in aid funding were exacerbating the humanitarian situation in Yemen.

According to the United Nations, acute malnutrition rates among Yemeni children under five are the highest ever recorded.

Last month, the world body warned that Yemen is in imminent danger of the worst famine the world has witnessed in decades.

Dec 02 07:03

UN Urges Yemen Ceasefire, Says 233,000 Killed in Six-Year War

Six years into the Saudi-led invasion of Yemen, the UN is reporting that 233,000 people have been killed, calling this unacceptable and demanding both sides work on an immediate ceasefire to the conflict.

Though a lot of people have been killed directly in the war, UN figures show the majority of the deaths were from “indirect causes,” which is to say lack of food and medicine, diseases and lack of other general infrastructure.

That’s not a surprise. The UN’s own tracking of food insecurity shows the country going from bad to worse, and the absolute worst part, the populous northwest, is simply “not analysed” because things are so bad they can’t really function.

Dec 01 07:58

EXCLUSIVE: Iran tells MBZ it will hit UAE in response to a US attack

Tehran “directly” contacted Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed last weekend, threatening the United Arab Emirates in the event of any US attack on Iran, a top-level UAE source told Middle East Eye.

The Iranians are on high alert following the assassination on Friday of Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, the architect of Iran’s military nuclear programme, east of Tehran.

Though Fakhrizadeh’s killing has been claimed off the record by Israeli intelligence sources to the New York Times, Iran has feared attacks by the United States too, believing outgoing president Donald Trump could lash out before his term ends on 20 January.

Dec 01 07:09

Demystifying Myths of the Six-Day War

The war that Israel initiated in June of 1967 became the stuff of myths and legends on many levels. Now, after fifty one years it may be time to unravel and demystify what took place during those fateful six days in June. There is the myth of the existential threat which called for Israel to engage in a preemptive strike which started the war, then there is the myth of the greatness of the Israeli army and its remarkable abilities, and there is a claim which one can argue is also a myth, that it was this war that changed the face of the Middle East forever. Then, there is an even greater myth and that is that Palestine was occupied as a result of the 1967 war. That the West Bank and The Gaza Strip, which are no more than two small parts of Palestine artificially created when Israel was established, are The Occupied Palestinian territories, as opposed to two areas within occupied Palestine.

Dec 01 06:37

Tony Blinken Replaces Mike Pompeo

I for one am getting really excited by the staff that Honest Joe Biden is pulling together for the White House. When I first heard the name Tony Blinken during the Obama kleptocracy I assumed that he was one of those Ivy League lawyer types that proliferate in Washington, likely affiliated with the firm of Winken, Blinken and Nod, which we all know to be in partnership with Dewey, Cheatem and Howe. But I was wrong. He actually was affiliated to a much bigger fraternity, which one might call Zionists in government. You know, those nice well educated, always polite Jewish boys and sometimes girls who have self-designated as foreign policy experts and who work their way up through the various levels of power that might lead to the most coveted positions at the top in the state department and national security apparatus.

Nov 30 07:57

Yemenis Are Being Starved to Death

The U.N. Secretary-General warned last week that Yemen faces the worst famine in decades:

Like most modern famines, the famine in Yemen is entirely man-made. It is the result of the Saudi coalition’s military intervention and economic war against the country. The U.S. has been supporting the Saudi coalition in these policies for more than five and a half years. Yemen suffers from the world’s worst humanitarian crisis because of the predictable and predicted consequences of waging a senseless war in this country, and the US shares culpability for the enormous harm done to innocent civilians from the Saudi coalition’s bombing and blockade. The humanitarian crisis has worsened this year as international donations have dried up and the Trump administration has suspended aid funding to the part of Yemen where most of the people live in a destructive bid to pressure the Houthis.

Nov 30 07:03

Yemen: Deployment of UK troops to Saudi Arabia won't change situation

A member of Yemen's Supreme Political Council has reacted to reports on the secret deployment of British troops to Saudi Arabia, saying the move will not change the situation on the ground.

On Saturday, British daily The Independent revealed that UK troops had been sent to defend oil fields in Saudi Arabia without the knowledge of parliament or the public.

Speaking to the Doha-based Al Jazeera broadcaster on Saturday, Mohammad al-Bakhiti said Britain and the United States are basically members of the Saudi-led coalition of aggressors against Yemen.

“The deployment of UK forces in Saudi Arabia does not change anything,” he added.

Nov 29 09:18

Yemeni children as young as seven being recruited by KSA to kill or be killed

Already a poor country, Yemen goes through hell every day; poverty has been exasperated by drought, famine, disease, embargo and war. The Saudi-led campaign has opened a Pandora’s Box for the Yemeni people, including children.

A Yemeni child in red identifies himself on a hill, facing his enemy on the other hill. Blood, bombs, bullets and bodies; these are two drawings by former child soldiers recruited by the Saudi-led coalition, which show what’s going on inside their minds. It clearly shows that their childhood has been stolen. But they are not alone.

In 2019, UNICEF reported that there are more than 2,700 cases of children enlisted in combat in Yemen pointing out that “this could just be a tip of the iceberg.”

Nov 28 08:06

Saudi-Led Coalition Bombs Multiple Targets in Yemen

The US-backed Saudi-led coalition bombed several targets inside Yemen on Friday. According to AFP, airstrikes targeted Houthi camps in Yemen’s capital Sanaa, the city of Amran, which is just north of Sanaa, and the western port city of Hodeidah.

According to Iran’s Press TV, one civilian was killed in the strikes, and another four were wounded in Sanaa. Yemen’s Ministry of Health said most of the airstrikes targeted residential areas, a common tactic for the Saudi-led coalition.

The airstrikes came after the Houthis launched a missile that hit a Saudi oil facility in Jeddah. Most media outlets framed the Saudi strikes as retaliation, but the Houthis and Yemen have been under a US-backed Saudi-led siege since 2015.

Nov 28 07:51

Palestine and the Middle East: “Trump Will Leave this Region with Toxic Legacy When Departing White House”

When he departs the White House on January 20, Donald Trump will leave this region with a toxic legacy. First and foremost, his ongoing campaign to delegitimise the Palestinian people and encourage Israel to continue colonising their homeland has had disastrous consequences for both Palestine and countries further afield.

Nov 26 02:18

Video: Iran swaps Israel’s spy for three nationals jailed abroad

"...Kylie Moore-Gilbert was freed from Tehran’s Evin prison on Wednesday morning after serving about two years of her 10-year jail term.

She was swapped for an Iranian businessman and two other nationals incarcerated abroad on delusional accusations, Iranian news agencies reported.

The three Iranians were detained for attempting to circumvent illegal sanctions against the Islamic Republic, the reports said.

Footage from the prisoner swap was aired on Iran’s state television on Wednesday.

IRNA news agency reported that Moore-Gilbert had passed a two-year special training course for her spying mission.

During the course, she became fluent in Persian and was prepared to perform espionage activities inside Iran..."

Nov 25 07:30

Saudi cabinet says Houthi attacks target backbone of global economy, security of its supplies: SPA

Saudi Arabian’s cabinet said on Tuesday that Houthi attacks committed against vital installations target the backbone of the global economy and the security of its supplies, state news agency (SPA) reported.

On Monday, a fire broke out in a fuel tank at a petroleum products distribution station in the Saudi city of Jeddah as a result of a Houthi attack, SPA had reported.

The cabinet also stressed the importance of facing up to “such sabotage and terrorist acts and the parties behind them.”

Nov 25 07:05

Saudi Aramco acknowledges major damage from Yemeni attack

Saudi Arabia's state oil company Saudi Aramco says a Yemeni missile attack that targeted its distribution facility in the city of Jeddah on Monday caused major damage.

Abdullah al-Ghamdi, the manager of the North Jeddah Bulk Plant, told reporters during a tour of the facility on Tuesday that one of the 13 tanks used for diesel oil, gasoline, and jet fuel at the facility had been damaged and was out of service.

"This tank, as you see, is hit from the top side... there is major damage to the roof itself, it's a big hole that is almost two meters by two meters," he said.

Ghamdi added that the attack triggered an explosion and fire, "but it was controlled." He said the Monday attack had caused no casualties.

Nov 25 06:46

The Yemen “Civil War” Arms Bonanza. Mammoth Weapons Sales to UAE, Saudi Arabia and Israel

“Making billions from arms exports which fuel the conflict while providing a small fraction of that in aid to Yemen is both immoral and incoherent.” So thundered Oxfam’s Yemen Country Director, Muhsin Siddiquey after consulting figures from the Stockholm Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) showing that members of the G20 have exported over $17 billion worth of arms to Saudi Arabia since the Kingdom entered the conflict in Yemen. “The world’s wealthiest nations cannot continue to put profits above the Yemeni people.”

Nov 25 06:20

Saudi Arabia Receives Dangerous Gifts From Houthi-Iranian Alliance

The Yemeni Houthis have fired their new cruise missile, the Quds-2, at a Saudi Aramco oil company distribution station in the kingdom’s city of Jeddah, the group’s media news wing announced early on November 23. A spokesperson for the Armed Forces of the Houthi-led government, Yahya Sarea, said foreign companies and residents in Saudi Arabia should stay away from the military and oil infrastructure of Saudi Arabia as “operations will continue”. He emphasized that the missile precisely hit its target causing notable damage.

Nov 23 08:16

White House to name rabbi with ties to Israeli right to Mideast development post

The Trump administration has chosen the first leader for a US investment fund aimed at advancing Israeli-Arab peace: a right-wing rabbi who once raised funds for an Israeli political group so extreme that even prominent pro-Israel leaders have cut off ties.

Rabbi Aryeh Lightstone, a senior adviser to David Friedman, the US ambassador to Israel, will head the Abraham Fund, sources told the Jewish Telegraphic Agency.

Nov 23 07:45

America’s Limited Wars – Are They Good for Israel?

When is a war not a war? Apparently in the minds of some folks in Washington if it is a “single strike” or a “limited attack” it is really okay, with or without the consent of Congress as required by Article 1, Section 8, of the Constitution of the United States. The Founders had wanted to take away from the chief executive the ability to go to war, a power which the kings in Europe had abused, but the current rulers of America have chosen to ignore the wisdom of the framers of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. They have done so by wordsmithing what they are doing and somehow attacking another country has become generally regarded as not really war at all, just a reminder to bad guys of what Washington might be capable of if it really gets angry.

Nov 22 08:25

Message to Iran: B-52 bombers deployed to Middle East

The U.S. military deployed B-52 bombers to the Middle East Saturday, just days after the Trump administration announced a partial withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan and Iraq.

U.S. Central Command said the U.S. Air Force B-52H “Stratofortress” aircrews conducted the mission on "short notice" to "deter aggression and reassure U.S. partners and allies."

“The ability to quickly move forces into, out of and around the theater to seize, retain and exploit the initiative is key to deterring potential aggression," said Lt. Gen. Greg Guillot, 9th Air Force commander.

"These missions help bomber aircrews gain familiarity with the region’s airspace and command, and control functions and allow them to integrate with the theater’s U.S. and partner air assets, increasing the combined force’s overall readiness.”

Nov 20 11:05

Ending Our ‘Shell Game’ Foreign Policy In The Middle East

Almost two years since the president declared that U.S. forces would be leaving Syria, American troops are still in that country illegally on a mission that has nothing to do with U.S. security. According to outgoing Syria envoy James Jeffrey, U.S. officials have been playing a “shell game” with troops numbers to conceal how many American forces remained there, and he said that there are a “lot more” than 200 troops operating in Syria now.

Nov 20 10:58

Feature: Yemeni children suffer malnutrition for lack of humanitarian aid amid war, blockade

"The war and blockade have doubled the suffering of people in Yemen. Everyone in Yemen, including the medical staff, is affected," said Hammoud Al-Nusiri, a pediatrician at the Al-Sabeen Hospital in Sanaa, Yemen's capital.

Working at the malnutrition ward of the hospital, Al-Nusiri treats children suffering acute malnutrition. This is one of the last few public wards specializing in malnutrition treatment in Yemen as the country's entire system of health service is on the brink of collapse.

"There's a lack of medicines and other medical supplies. We also face a shortage of diesel which provides energy for all hospital equipment," said the doctor.

The malnutrition rate among Yemeni children has soared to the highest level ever recorded.

Nov 20 08:40

Will The UAE Withdraw From OPEC?

OPEC has suffered immensely under the pandemic and subsequent oil demand loss, and its job could now become significantly more challenging as members mull the pros of staying with the group against the con of performing the dutiful and painful task of curbing production. And the UAE is said to be doing just that. Meanwhile, oil prices have really failed to rebound to the level that most OPEC members need them to, intensifying the predicament that most OPEC members find themselves in.

Most of OPEC’s members have budgets that rely heavily on oil income - oil income that has been reduced by the falling oil prices, and then again by their required production cuts in an effort to rebalance the oversupplied market and hold prices at acceptable levels And although OPEC would mostly deny that the latter is their goal, there is little distinction there.

On Friday, rumors surfaced that the UAE was contemplating the pros and cons of their OPEC membership.

Nov 18 08:14

Saudis Offer Yemen Ceasefire If Houthis Accept Buffer Zone

Saudi Arabia is continuing to try to sort out some progress on peace in Yemen, and is now offering to endorse a UN-backed ceasefire if the Houthis agree to a buffer zone at the Yemen-Saudi border.

Yemen and the Saudis have fought along the border for years, and it’s not surprising that the Saudis would want to at least preclude more such fighting as part of the peace process. They may need to hurry, however.

That’s because the Trump Administration is reportedly planning to declare the Houthis “terrorists” for nominally having ties with Iran, and once they do so, it will virtually forbid further peace talks going forward.

Nov 17 12:39

Will America still be Israel’s bitch? Or will Biden-Harris resist shaming the West?

Stuart Littlewood says while Joe Biden's and Kamala Harris's victory in the US presidential elections may offer a glimmer of hope for Palestinians, despite the two being self-declared Zionists, the Palestinians remain divided and Britain and the EU remain in Israel’s stranglehold. >>

Nov 16 07:00

In F-35 sale to UAE, Senate seeks State Dept. guarantee for US technology and Israel

Senate appropriators are calling on the State Department to certify that a pending sale of F-35 Joint Strike Fighters to the United Arab Emirates would not threaten Israel’s military edge or make U.S. military systems vulnerable to Russia and China.

The bipartisan legislation, introduced Nov. 10 by the GOP-led Senate Appropriations Committee, represents another potential hurdle for the U.S. sale of up to 50 F-35s worth $10.4 billion, 18 MQ-9Bs worth $2.97 billion, and $10 billion worth of air-to-air and air-to-ground munitions. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced the package the same day the legislation was introduced.

Nov 16 05:57

As America Distracted By Counting Votes, Fighting Fraud, Africa, Mideast On Brink Of War

Two airports in Ethiopia’s Amhara state were targeted in the strikes late Friday. One, the Gondar airport, was hit and took damage. The second missile missed its target, the Bahir Dar airport, though there was still some damage.

Hundreds of people have been killed and well over 17,000 foreigners have escaped into neighboring Sudan since Ethiopian troops started fighting local forces in the northern Tigray area 11 days ago.
The battle is the outcome of a months-long falling out amid dramatic shifts in power following Ethiopia’s Nobel Peace Prize-winning Prime Minister

Abiy Ahmed took office two years ago.

Nov 14 07:16

France to oppose US withdrawal from the Middle East during Pompeo Paris visit

French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian is set to urge the US to continue its fight against Islamist militancy in Afghanistan and Iraq, after a series of deadly terrorist attacks in France.

Le Drian will express hope that the United States reconsiders its plan to bring troops home from Afghanistan and Iraq, when Secretary of State Mike Pompeo visits Paris on Monday.

France is in the midst of a fight against radical Islam after a series of deadly terrorist attacks in the country.

In October, President Donald Trump announced his plan to withdraw all US soldiers from Afghanistan by Christmas. Although, military experts have raised concerns about whether it is possible to fulfil that mission within the timeframe due to the scale of the US involvement.

Nov 13 13:06


For the first time since the collapse of the USSR, Russia is establishing a naval base close to vital maritime supply lines.

The Russian government revealed on November 11 that Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin approved a draft agreement on creating a naval logistics base in Sudan and gave instructions to submit a proposal to the president on signing the document. The draft deal was submitted by the Defense Ministry, approved by the Foreign Ministry, the Supreme Court, the Prosecutor General’s Office and the Investigative Committee of Russia and was preliminarily agreed to by the Sudanese side.

Nov 11 06:28

In 'Game Changer' US Approves $23 Billion Sale Of F-35 Jets, MQ-9 Drones To UAE

In what's being hailed as a game-changer in the region, the United Arab Emirates will receive up to 50 F-35 advanced stealth fighter jets from the United States.

The deal also includes 18 battle-ready MQ-9B aerial drones and air-to-air and air-to-ground munitions in a deal worth nearly $24 billion, according to the AP.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced the Trump administration formally notified Congress on Tuesday following its authorization by the State Department.

Nov 06 23:54

Lebanon’s Gebran Bassil downplays US sanctions

"...The leader of Lebanon’s largest Christian bloc, the Free Patriotic Movement (FPM), Gebran Bassil, says he is not intimidated by the sanctions that the United States has imposed against him.

“Sanctions have not scared me, nor promises tempted me,” Bassil, who is the son-in-law of Lebanon’s President Michel Aoun, tweeted on Friday following the announcement of the sanctions..."

Nov 06 23:49

Lebanon’s Gebran Bassil downplays US sanctions

"...The leader of Lebanon’s largest Christian bloc, the Free Patriotic Movement (FPM), Gebran Bassil, says he is not intimidated by the sanctions that the United States has imposed against him.

“Sanctions have not scared me, nor promises tempted me,” Bassil, who is the son-in-law of Lebanon’s President Michel Aoun, tweeted on Friday following the announcement of the sanctions..."

Nov 04 06:52

Pentagon Draws Down Officers From Middle East and African Embassies

According to a report from The Wall Street Journal, the Pentagon has begun withdrawing high-ranking military officials from US embassies in Africa, the Middle East, and other posts around the world, a move necessary to shift the military’s focus more on China and Russia.

The Journal reviewed a memo from August 24th signed by Secretary of Defense Mark Esper that ordered the position of defense attaché to be downgraded in rank in eight allied countries, including the UK and Saudi Arabia. The Journal said attachés have been withdrawn altogether from several embassies in West Africa.

The defense attaché is the senior military officer representing the US at diplomatic posts. Duties of the attachés include overseeing the training of foreign militaries, arranging weapons sales, and coordinating US military forces in the country.

Nov 04 06:43

Qatar to hold first national elections in October 2021: Emir

Qatar's Emir said the Gulf State will hold an unprecedented election for its advisory Shura council in October 2021 after years of delays.

The proposed vote will be for two-thirds or 30 of the 45 members of the Shura council. The Emir would appoint the remaining 15 members.

"This is an important step towards strengthening Qatari advisory traditions and developing the legislative process with wider citizen participation," Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani said, addressing the opening of the Shura Council.

Nov 03 10:57

Suspect In Vienna Shooting Tried To Join ISIS, Was Released From Prison Early After Terrorism Charges

The suspected gunman in an attack in Vienna on Monday was an Austrian man with dual citizenship who had previously attempted to join ISIS in Syria, numerous sources reported.

Kujtim Fejzulai, 20, was shot dead by police after the beginning of the attack that left four dead 14 injured Monday evening, according to the Wall Street Journal. Fejzulai was sentenced to 22 months in prison in April 2019 after trying to join ISIS in Syria, but was released early in December, according to the Associated Press. He also had North Macedonian citizenship and was born to ethnic Albanians, the Journal reported.

Oct 29 06:53

Report: Trump Significantly Escalated Strikes and Raids in Yemen

A report from Airwars released on Wednesday reveals the extent to which the Trump administration escalated US military operations against al-Qaeda in Yemen. The report found more than 230 declared and alleged US military and CIA operations in Yemen since January 2017. Of those 230 operations, 181 were officially declared by the US.

Most of the actions were carried out in 2017, where Yemen saw a record 133 officially declared US airstrikes and raids, compared to the 150 official operations during the entire presidency’s of George W. Bush and Barack Obama combined. The monitoring group says at least 86 civilians were killed by direct US airstrikes and raids in Yemen between 2017 and 2020.

Oct 29 06:52

Satellite images suggest deaths almost doubled in Yemen's Aden during pandemic

A new study using satellite technology found that the number of deaths in Yemen's port city of Aden had almost doubled during the coronavirus pandemic, researchers said on Wednesday.

Academics at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM) analysed the burial activity of all cemeteries in the Aden governorate using high-resolution satellite images.

They calculated 2,100 excess deaths between April and September against an expected baseline of about 1,300 deaths.

Oct 29 06:51

Saudi Coalition Systematically Targets Bridges in Yemen

Since the US-backed Saudi-led coalition intervened in Yemen in 2015, the coalition has regularly targeted civilian infrastructure. A report from the Yemeni Archive published on Wednesday documented 131 instances of bridges being hit by airstrikes in Yemen between 2015 and 2019.

In several of these cases, the bridges were hit more than once or “double-tapped,” meaning the destruction was deliberate. “These are not random attacks,” Abdulrahman al-Jaloud, project director of the Yemeni Archive, told DW. “What we see is that these attacks are systematic.”

The report found over 100 civilians were killed directly by the airstrikes on the bridges. The strikes have caused millions facing extreme hunger to be blocked from medical services. “Many of these attacks block road networks between cities and ports, disrupting the transport of humanitarian aid and food supplies,” the report reads.

Oct 29 06:36

Trump in Yemen: New Airwars study shines light on opaque campaign

Despite at least 84 likely civilian deaths from US actions in Yemen under Donald Trump, public accountability peaked just 12 days into his presidency.
A new Airwars investigation into the ongoing US counterterrorism campaign in Yemen has identified at least 86 civilians likely killed by US actions during Donald Trump’s presidency – though the US military has admitted to no more than a dozen deaths.

Eroding Transparency, researched and written by Mohammed al-Jumaily and Edward Ray, examines US air and ground actions against both Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, and Islamic State in Yemen, since 2017. More than 230 declared and alleged US military and CIA actions are identified – among them 41 reported strikes in which Yemenis have alleged civilian casualties.