Jan 13 06:51

Russia Holds More Gold Than Dollars For First Time In History

According to a Central Bank of Russia report published this week and analyzed by Bloomberg, gold made up 23% of the Central Bank of Russia’s reserves as of the end of June. The bank’s share of dollar assets dropped to 22%. In 2018, more than 40% of Russian reserves were in dollars.

Russia’s gold holdings eclipsed its dollar reserves last year despite a halt in gold purchases. This was partly due to an increase in the value of its gold holdings with the rise in gold prices, and partly a function of the central bank’s continued efforts to shed dollar assets.

Jan 11 07:34

Czechs Finish Gas Pipeline That Connects Them to Nord Stream 2

The Czech Republic has put a new gas pipeline, which is connected to the EUGAL pipeline – a terrestrial extension of Nord Stream 2, into operation. This was reported by Deutsche Welle with reference to the statement of the Praga-based operating company Net4Gas.

The 150-kilometer pipeline begins on the Czech border with German Saxony and ends in the west of the country at a gas distribution center next to the border with German Bavaria.

Its construction began back in 2017 and its overall cost was 540 million euros. The EUGAL highway runs from the Baltic coast through Germany to the Czech Republic and on to Austria.

Jan 11 07:19

Capitol Hill violence was not a ‘victory’ for Putin: In reality, Russia fears consequences of ongoing US political instability

Despite the fact that neither Vladimir Putin nor any other senior Moscow official has ever publicly stated such a goal, it is nowadays almost a given in Western discourse that Russia is hell-bent on creating chaos in the world.

We constantly hear that ‘the Kremlin’ wants to destroy the international order, undermine democracy, and destabilize the West.

Add to this the obsession with Russia that has gripped a large part of the political left in America since 2016, and it was no surprise this week that a connection was found between Russia and the riot in Washington DC which led to the temporary occupation of the Capitol building.

Jan 10 09:05

Ukrainian Demonstrators Demand Jews Apologize And Repent For Communism And The Holodomor Genocide

The Jerusalem Post is reporting that after Israel’s ambassador to Ukraine condemned the honoring of alleged Nazi “collaborators” in the former Soviet republic, dozens of people rallied outside the Israeli Embassy in Kyiv demanding that Jews apologize and repent for their role in orchestrating the 1930s genocide during which over 10 million Ukrainians were murdered:

The far-right activists called on Israel and the Jews to assume responsibility specifically for Holodomor, a famine that killed millions of Ukrainians in the 1930s and is widely believed to have been caused by the government of Joseph Stalin, then the leader of the Soviet Union.

“Israel deliberately spreads anti-Semitism in Ukraine,” one protester, a white supremacist activist named Vladislav Goranin, said during a speech at the rally. He said Jews and Israel must “repent for genocide” on Ukrainians.

Jan 08 11:51

When Yeltsin “Stormed” the Russian Parliament Building With Army Tanks the Empire Cheered Him On

What a difference 19 years or so makes. The coverage of the recent anti-government rallies in Moscow in the Western press has been extensive and hugely positive. News piece after news piece put the rally organizers’ attendance estimate in the headline, remembered to point out that participants had braved extreme weather to attend, and humanized the protesters by reporting on their white ribbon symbol, their chants, placards, their demands and backgrounds. Many also generously labeled the protests “the largest since the collapse of the Soviet Union”.

Jan 08 07:31

Russia Unironically Chastises US As "Not Up To Modern Democratic Standards"

Russia has joined the ranks of foreign governments expressing official "concern" for the stability of the US political system after Wednesday's Capitol chaos.

Russia’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova told reporters Thursday that the whole episode and surreal images coming out of DC lays bare fault lines in American democracy, according to Russian media.

Akin to Chinese state media, now busy having a field day over calling out Washington's hypocrisy and 'double standards', Zakharova mocked the "archaic" American electoral system and underscored the fragility of the United States.

"The electoral system in the US is archaic and does not meet modern democratic standards, creating opportunities for numerous violations, and American media has become an instrument of political struggle,” she said. Zakharova expressed Russia's desire that "the friendly American people will experience this dramatic moment in their own history with dignity."

Jan 08 06:48

Insane Russian Super Burst Gun Firing Off 10,000 Rounds Per Minute – Sounds Like A Damn A-10 Warthog

Jan 07 07:22

New US Navy Strategy Calls to Confront Russia and China in the Arctic

On Tuesday, the US Navy released a report titled “A Strategic Blueprint for the Arctic” that calls for a regular US Navy and Marine Corps presence in the northern waters to counter Russia and China.

The strategy fits in with the US military’s focus away from counterterrorism in the Middle East towards so-called “great power competition” with Russia and China, as outlined by the 2018 National Defense Strategy. The document says melting sea ice will create more navigable waters in the Arctic and “create new challenges and opportunities off our northern shores.”

“Without sustained American naval presence and partnerships in the Arctic Region, peace and prosperity will be increasingly challenged by Russia and China, whose interests and values differ dramatically from ours,” the strategy reads.

Jan 07 07:02

Turks Fear Russian Advance On Syria’s Al-Bab

The Turkish Army has been increasing its military presence in Greater Idlib despite the recent withdrawal of observation posts, which had been encircled by the Syrian Army.

Recently, the Turkish military deployed major reinforcements to Mount al-Zawiya. Turkish military convoys deployed to the area included battle tanks and BMC Kirpi armoured vehicles. Mount al-Zawiya is controlled by al-Qaeda-affiliated Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham together with its supposedly ‘moderate counterparts’ from the Turkish-created National Front for Liberation. Turkey has been reinforcing its troops in the Mount al-Zawiya region for the last two months. It has also established several permanent positions in the area.

Jan 07 05:55

Russiagate Democrats blame PUTIN for crowd that stormed US Capitol protesting ‘stolen’ US election

Having spent four years insisting Russia ‘hacked’ the US election for President Donald Trump, some prominent Democrats are now blaming Moscow for Americans who stormed the US Capitol protesting the 2020 results.

As thousands of Trump supporters gathered in Washington, DC on Wednesday for a 'Stop the Steal' rally and Congress met to certify the Electoral College votes that would make Democrat Joe Biden the next US president, a group of protesters stormed the Capitol and interrupted the lawmakers.

So naturally, former President Barack Obama’s adviser Ben Rhodes declared it was a day “Putin had waited for” since the Cold War. Other blue-checkmark activists echoed the sentiment.

Jan 06 08:57

Crackdown on Big Tech censorship…from PUTIN

Putin Signs Law Enabling Sanctions On US Social Media Giants That ‘Label’ & Restrict Russian Content

Jan 06 06:38

Putin, Merkel Discuss Possibility for Joint Production of COVID-19 Vaccines, Kremlin Confirms

Russian President Vladimir Putin and German Chancellor Angela Merkel have discussed cooperation in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, putting an emphasis on possible prospects of joint production of vaccines against the virus, the Kremlin said on Tuesday.

"The issues regarding the cooperation in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic have been discussed with an emphasis on possible prospects of joint production of vaccines. It was agreed that the dialogue on this topic will be continued between the health ministries and other specialized agencies of the two countries," the press release said.

Jan 05 11:15


To professional analysts, it has long been clear that the “Russiagate” saga – including the “Russian hacking” claims, the Trump-Russia collusion claims, as well as the “Skripal poisoning incident” and the more recent “Navalny poisoning incident” – has been a US and NATO psychological operation aimed at containing a resurgent Russia and a somewhat unpredictable US President.

Several aspects of the “Russian hacking” psychological operation had already been uncovered by independent researchers like Stephen McIntyre, “Adam Carter” and “The Forensicator”. In early November, however, British researcher David J. Blake essentially solved the “Russian hacking” psyop, down to the operational level, as described in his new book “Loaded for Guccifer 2.0”.

Jan 04 09:29

Russia to test 15,000mph missile that can beat any defence and destroy Texas

Jan 01 07:48

The Hillary-Ukraine Connection

“Blue Star Strategies CEO Tramontano pitched that she could give Lutsenko, the Ukrainian Prosecutor General, access to high levels of the Clinton campaign,” Tom Fitton stated Friday.

An ongoing Judicial Watch investigation into the Biden family’s dealings in Ukraine has produced bombshell revelations about the Clinton campaign and Burisma – exposing the so-called “Kyiv – Washington gravy train,” as State Department official George Kent termed it in 2016. According to Judicial Watch’s findings, Burisma’s lobbying firm, Blue Star Strategies sought to offer its services to then-Ukrainian Prosecutor General, Yuriy Lutsenko, in “giving him access to high levels of the Clinton campaign,” Fitton explained.

“You’ve got the top prosecutor in Ukraine that could put Burisma in jail, getting an offer of free help from Burisma’s lobbying firm and and help to contact and deal with potentially the incoming president [Hillary Clinton]”

Dec 31 07:36

Russia is developing world’s first Covid-19 antidote, preclinical studies show drug effectiveness of more than 99%

Russia's Federal Medical and Biological Agency (FMBA) has announced the development of a drug to fight against Covid-19, which would become the world's first direct-acting antiviral antidote if clinical trials are successful.
According to Veronika Skvortsova, the head of FMBA, studies thus far have shown it is more than 99% effective.

“This is the first etiotropic drug that directly affects the virus. In fact, this is an antidote for coronavirus infection,” she informed Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin on Wednesday, noting that preclinical studies have been completed, which have shown the remedy to be “completely safe” and “highly efficient.”

Etiotropic means that the treatment is directed against the cause of a disease.

Dec 31 06:55

Turkey Takes Command of NATO Task Force as It Confirms Russia Arms Deal

NATO’s Very High Readiness Joint Task Force (VJTF) will be led by Turkey in 2021, the military bloc said on Wednesday. The news came on the same day Turkey confirmed it will snub NATO-ally U.S. and pursue major arms deals with Russia.

The quick-deployment unit of 6,400 personnel was previously the responsibility from Poland and the new command will begin on Jan. 1, a NATO statement said.

UPI reports the VJTF places soldiers on standby status and ready to deploy, with leadership rotated annually among NATO members, with the majority of the force’s personnel comprised of units from the lead country.

The approximately 4,200 troops of Turkey’s 66th Mechanized Infantry Brigade Command, and about 2,200 more from Albania, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Spain, Britain and the United States, will serve in the unit.

Dec 30 10:22

Months after Twitter shadow-bans RT, Putin signs law to fine & block social media giants that censor Russian media sources

Russian President Vladimir Putin has approved new legislation that could see foreign social media companies punished for discriminating against the country’s media outlets. This year, RT and Sputnik have been censored on Twitter.

The bill explicitly forbids censorship based on reasons such as nationality, language, and origin, as well as “in connection with the introduction of political or economic sanctions against Russia.”

Once found guilty, a foreign network, such as YouTube or Facebook, could be subject to sanctions in the form of fines, the slowing down of traffic, or even a complete block.

Dec 30 10:00

Ukraine Press Conference Explicitly Ties Hunter & Joe Biden To Corruption

A video from a press conference in Ukraine is going viral. It is the follow-up to a video press conference that Ukraine released over a year ago, in which Members of the Ukraine Parliament demanded that President Zelensky and President Trump investigate billions of dollars of corruption in Ukraine that is tied to the U.S. The newly released video is meant to provide documentary and eyewitness information about the corruption – and the Biden family figures prominently in the story.

The video is long – over an hour – and not all of it involves the Biden family. This post quotes those portions of the press conference that address Biden family corruption. The gist of it is that, while Democrats obsess about Trump’s purported criminality, despite the absence of any evidence, their chosen standard-bearer is extraordinarily corrupt.

Dec 29 07:58

Russia 'is researching how to weaponise deadly Ebola virus as part of a catastrophic doomsday project', experts fear

Experts fear Russia could weaponise the deadly Ebola virus as part of a catastrophic biological weapons project.

Dec 29 07:42

Russia Issues Alexei Navalny An Ultimatum: Return Now Or Face Prison

The Kremlin just upped the ante amid soaring tensions with Germany and the EU over the Alexei Navalny affair, on Monday giving the allegedly poisoned Russian dissident an ultimatum: return to Russia right away for face prison.

Reuters details that "Russia's prison service on Monday gave Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny a last minute ultimatum: Fly back from Germany at once and report at a Moscow office early on Tuesday morning, or be jailed if you return after that deadline."

Russian officials have repeatedly condemned Berlin's refusal to allow Russian investigators access to either any of the evidence or Navalny himself, following Germany's prior conclusion that Russian intelligence tried to assassinate him using Soviet-made Novichok nerve agent in August.

Dec 29 07:38

Joe Biden Calls For ‘Modernizing’ US Defenses to Face Russia and China

In a speech on Monday, Joe Biden stressed the need for “modernizing” US defense capabilities in the face of threats from China and Russia. Biden also addressed the recently discovered hack of the software company SolarWinds that affected several government agencies.

Biden said he spoke with a member of his transition team about the “different strategic challenges we’re gonna face from both Russia and China and the reforms we must make to put ourselves in the strongest possible position to meet those challenges.” He said those reforms include “modernizing our defense priorities to better deter aggression in the future.”

“We have to be able to innovate, to reimagine our defenses against growing threats in new realms like cyberspace,” Biden said. “We’re still learning about the extent of the SolarWinds hack and the vulnerabilities that have been exposed. As I said last week, this attack constitutes a grave risk to our national security.”

Dec 29 07:20

Russia says reinforcing Syrian area where Turkey-backed fighters have clashed with Kurdish forces

Russia said late on Sunday it had sent more military police to an area in northern Syria where fighters backed by Turkey have clashed with Kurdish forces near a strategic highway patrolled by Russian and Turkish troops.

The deployment comes ahead of talks in Russia on Tuesday between Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and his Turkish counterpart, Mevlut Cavusoglu. They are expected to focus in part on Syria, where Turkey backs rebels opposed to President Bashar al-Assad, while Russia supports Assad’s forces.

Battles between Turkish-backed fighters and Kurdish forces erupted this month near the town of Ain Issa, which sits on the M4 highway that links major Syrian cities.

Dec 29 06:59

Video Links Biden to Ukrainian Corruption – Burisma Indictment Reveals Ex-President Yanukovich Illegally Obtained $7.4 Billion Laundered Thru Fund “Close to US Democratic Party”

As we reported at the time the head of Burisma Holdings was indicted in November 2019 in Ukraine.

Ukrainian Prosecutor General indicted Burisma owner Nikolai Zlochevsky.

The claim alleges that Hunter Biden and his partners received $16.5 million for their ‘services’

Dec 29 06:44

Lavrov: Russia, Turkey to Continue Expanding Defence Industry Cooperation Despite US Sanctions

On Monday, the US House of Representatives overrode Donald Trump's veto on the 2021 National Defence Authorisation Act (NDAA), a massive defence spending bill which includes within it sanctions against Turkey over its purchase of the S-400, an advanced Russian mobile air defence system.

Moscow and Ankara will continue to expand cooperation in the defence sector despite the threat of US sanctions, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has said.

"We also confirmed our mutual focus on the development of military industry cooperation. We appreciate, as President Vladimir Putin has repeatedly noted, the principled disposition of our Turkish colleagues to continue cooperation in this area, despite the continuing illegitimate pressure from Washington, which openly lobbies the interests of American manufacturers using illegitimate, non-market methods", Lavrov said, speaking to reporters following talks with his Turkish counterpart, Mevlut Cavusoglu, in Sochi on Tuesday.

Dec 29 06:42

While giving Americans $600, Congress sets aside $600 MILLION to fight Russia & China

The omnibus spending bill US President Donald Trump eventually agreed to sign gives Americans a pittance, but over $600 million to “counter the influence” of Russia and China and “promote democracy” in Europe and Asia.
The 5,593-page legislation bundled the coronavirus “stimulus” with general 2021 spending. It faced heavy criticism from across the US political spectrum last week, for funding all sorts of pet projects while giving Americans only a $600 individual payment. That’s half of what they got in April, and the only direct assistance to mitigate the economic damage of state-imposed lockdowns.

Dec 28 10:46

No allergic reactions from Sputnik V vaccine recorded — developer

No severe allergic reactions to the Russian vaccine Sputnik V have been documented during clinical trials or after the vaccine was released into civil circulation, Alexander Gintsburg, Director of the Gamaleya National Research Center (which developed Sputnik V), said in a televised interview with Rossiya’24 news channel on Friday.

"No allergenic reactions to the Sputnik V vaccine were documented during clinical trials - Phases One, Two and Three - as well as during its civil circulation," he said commenting on the reports about allergic reactions developed by seven Americans after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine produced by the US company Pfizer.

Gintsburg added that about 700,000 Russians had been vaccinated with Sputnik V.

Dec 28 08:09

Russia's Sniper Rifles Are Downright Scary

Here's What You Need To Remember: The SVDK's 9.3mm cartridge was originally intended to hunt big game - but it works just fine against body armor, too.

The Russian involvement in Syria and Ukraine has provided a wealth of experience to the Russian military. One of the hallmarks of these engagements is the continued use of sniper tactics. As a result, the modern Russian sniper has evolved far beyond the relatively primitive technology used during the Cold War. Most notably, significant attention has been given to sniper systems that have the ability to penetrate body armor. There are currently three sniper systems in current use by the Russian military that pose a significant threat to American troops wearing body armor. Taken together, these systems cover all possible ranges in an engagement: the SVDK, various .338 Lapua systems and the ASVK.

Dec 28 07:20

Increased NATO activity near Russian borders may one day lead to a ‘serious incident’, top Moscow defense official says

Moscow has warned that increasing Western military activity near Russian borders may ultimately have dangerous consequences. This year has seen more NATO vessels and planes coming close to the country's territory.

Speaking to government newspaper Rossiyskaya Gazeta, Russia's Deputy Minister of Defense Alexander Fomin recalled some recent close calls, and accused the US and its allies of also using "aggressive rhetoric."

"In 2020, the activity of the air and naval forces [of NATO] has increased significantly, and situations that can lead to serious incidents are increasingly emerging," Fomin said, "These actions were openly provocative. The incidents were avoided only thanks to the high level of professional training of Russian pilots and sailors."

Dec 28 07:16

Russia vows retaliatory moves if US deploys missiles in Europe

Russia’s Deputy Defense Minister Alexander Fomin has criticized US refusal to extend the New START arms control treaty as well as its plans to deploy missiles in Europe, vowing to take “proportionate retaliatory measures.”

"Russia invited the United States to prolong the New START (Measures for the Further Reduction and Limitation of Strategic Offensive Arms) and simultaneously get down to joint work to draft a new agreement that would take into account all factors influencing strategic stability,” Fomin said in an interview with local daily Rossiiskaya Gazeta on Sunday.

“In the light of the current political situation in the United States, we do not rule out that the US stance on this issue may change," Fomin added, while insisting that the American side has different priorities, for which reason it has shown little interest in extending the treaty that will expire on February 5, 2021.

Dec 27 08:48

With Biden's New Threats, the Russia Discourse is More Reckless and Dangerous Than Ever

To justify Hillary Clinton’s 2016 loss to Donald Trump, leading Democrats and their key media allies for years competed with one another to depict what they called “Russia’s interference in our elections” in the most apocalyptic terms possible. They fanatically rejected the view of the Russian Federation repeatedly expressed by President Obama — that it is a weak regional power with an economy smaller than Italy’s capable of only threatening its neighbors but not the U.S. — and instead cast Moscow as a grave, even existential, threat to U.S. democracy, with its actions tantamount to the worst security breaches in U.S. history.

Dec 24 07:17

Russia Sends More Troops to Central Africa Republic Amid Rebel Offensive

Rwanda and Russia have sent troops and supplies to the Central African Republic to help counter a surge in violence by rebel groups ahead of Sunday’s election, officials and a security source in Bangui said.

Security forces and U.N. peacekeepers have been battling rebels who have occupied towns and roads outside the capital.

Dec 23 09:40

Russian and Chinese bombers fly joint patrol over Pacific

Russian and Chinese bombers flew a joint patrol mission over the Western Pacific Tuesday in a show of increasingly close military ties between Moscow and Beijing.

The Russian military said that a pair of its Tu-95 strategic bombers and four Chinese H-6K bombers flew over the Sea of Japan and the East China Sea.

The Russian Defense Ministry said in a statement that the joint mission was intended to “develop and deepen the comprehensive Russia-China partnership, further increase the level of cooperation between the two militaries, expand their ability for joint action and strengthen strategic stability.”

The ministry added that the patrol flight “wasn't directed against any third countries.”

Dec 23 07:01

Your Schoolbooks Lied to You: What Happened After the Bolshevik Revolution

"Russia, overwhelmingly populated by Russians, had been governed for centuries by a Russian ruling elite. Then, heavily Jewish revolutionaries, drawn from a group amounting to just 4% of the population had taken advantage of military defeat and unsettled political conditions to seize control of the country, butchering those previous elites or forcing them to desperately flee abroad as penniless refugees."

Dec 22 07:49

Attorney General Barr Says Russia ‘Appears’ to Be Behind Hack

Attorney General William Barr said on Monday that Russia “appears” to be behind a hack that targeted the software company SolarWinds and affected several US government agencies.

Barr was the second Trump administration official to pin the blame on Moscow, after Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. President Trump downplayed the idea of Russian involvement and shifted the blame to China in a tweet on Saturday. Breaking from Trump, Barr said he agrees with Pompeo’s claim.

“From the information I have, I agree with Secretary Pompeo’s assessment, it certainly appears to be the Russians but I’m not going to discuss it beyond that,” he said at a news conference. Barr contradicting the president is no surprise, as the attorney general is stepping down from his position later this week.

Dec 22 07:49

Biden’s Chief of Staff Says Response to Hack Will Go Beyond Sanctions

The incoming White House chief of staff for Joe Biden said on Sunday that the next administration’s response to a recently discovered cyberattack that targeted several government agencies will be more than “just sanctions.”

“In terms of the measures that a Biden administration would take in response to an attack like this — I want to be very clear — it’s not just sanctions,” Ron Klain told CBS. “It’s also steps and things we could do to degrade the capacity of foreign actors to repeat this sort of attack.”

Since the hack on the software company SolarWinds was first reported, many in the media and in Congress were quick to blame Russia. Despite a lack of evidence that Moscow was involved, the Biden administration is reportedly mulling ways to retaliate against Russia. Sources told Reuters that options being considered are financial penalties and hacks on Russia’s infrastructure.

Dec 22 07:45

US Publishes List of Chinese and Russian Firms With Alleged Military Ties

On Monday, the US Commerce Department published a list of Chinese and Russian companies, claiming the firms have military ties. The list will restrict the sale of US goods and technology to the firms by requiring US exporters to obtain a license.

The list includes 58 Chinese companies and 45 Russian companies. The list is the latest move by the Trump administration that targets Chinese companies. Last week, the US added over 60 Chinese firms to a similar list that also restricts US exports under the guise of national security. Last week’s move included China’s top chipmaker, SMIC.

The Trump administration is enacting a series of hardline policies against Beijing in its final days. Some believe the actions are intended to box in the incoming Biden administration. If Joe Biden reverses the moves, he would appear soft on China.

Dec 21 12:41

US House Intelligence Panel Chief Slams Trump For Blaming China Instead of Russia for Massive Hack

Several lawmakers on both sides of the aisle previously reiterated accusations levelled by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who claimed that it was "pretty clear" that Russia was behind the cyberattack on several government institutions. However, Trump appeared to disagree with him, suggesting that China might be the culprit.

The chairman of the House Committee on Intelligence, Democrat Adam Schiff, has blasted President Donald Trump in an interview with MSNBC over POTUS’ alleged downplaying of Russia's supposed role in the recent cyberattacks on the US government and pointing the finger at China instead.

"It [is] just uniformly destructive and deceitful, and injurious [...] to our national security", Schiff said, commenting the president's earlier tweets on the matter.

Dec 21 08:27

US Deep State Preempts Reset In Relations With Russia

The flurry of U.S. media claims this week about alleged Russian cyber-attacks on government departments came just as Joe Biden was officially declared President-elect. As usual, there is no evidence to back up the sensational claims, but the objective seems to be to ensure that the incoming Biden administration maintains, or adopts a more, hostile policy towards Russia.

The timing of all this is hardly coincidence. On Monday this week, the Electoral College in the United States cast its votes to confirm Biden’s election to the White House. The Democrat contender had already won the popular vote by a decisive margin against incumbent Republican President Donald Trump. Almost six weeks of controversy since the November 3 election day – due to Trump’s tenuous claims of voter fraud – were laid to rest this week when the Electoral College confirmed Biden as president-elect. He is due to be inaugurated as the 46th occupant of the White House on January 20.

Dec 21 06:38

UK defence chief says he wants to beat Russia & China ‘at their own game’ with focus on ‘?yber escalation’ below war threshold

The UK needs to “beat” Russia and China “at their own game”, General Sir Nick Carter, Britain’s defence chief, told the Times newspaper after outlining an ‘up-to-date’ strategy that appears to be rooted in Cold War mentality.

Cyber attacks, asymmetric conflicts and digital surveillance – the list of “threats” and “challenges” posed to the UK and its allies by an assertive Russia and China appears to be long, at least in the mind of the British top brass. General Sir Nick Carter defined Moscow as an “acute threat” and called China a “chronic challenge” in an interview with the Times.

Dec 20 06:29

Trump lashes out at media for blaming ‘Russia, Russia, Russia’ for hacking, says it ‘may be China’

President Donald Trump has broken with the media and his own Secretary of State, brushing aside allegations that Russia was behind a massive computer hack. Trump instead claimed that the real culprit could be Beijing.
“The Cyber Hack is far greater in the Fake News Media than in actuality,” Trump tweeted on Saturday, adding that “everything is well under control.”

Dec 19 08:02

Russia HACKED OUR MINDS, proclaims WaPo-CNN pundit in projection-laden rant

The alleged hack of US government computers, for which the US media blame Russia without evidence, served as a pretext for Fareed Zakaria to first declare that it’s all President Donald Trump’s fault, then go full Russiagate.

“Russia hasn’t just hacked our computer systems. It’s hacked our minds,” the Washington Post columnist and CNN host argued on Friday, blithely unaware of the irony. For if the article is a reflection of Zakaria’s mind, then it definitely has been hacked – by Russiagate, anyway.

Dec 18 10:01

Russia Flies First New Post-Soviet Passenger Airliner With Domestic Engines

Russia flew a new passenger airliner with domestically-built engines for the first time since the Soviet era on Tuesday, the start of what it hopes will be a revival of a civil aviation industry to challenge Boeing and Airbus.

The medium-range MC-21 plane took off from a Siberian airfield powered by Russian-built PD-14 turbo-fan engines. The plane first flew in May, 2017, but with U.S.-made engines.

The MC-21 is built by Irkut Corporation, part of United Aircraft Corporation (UAC), and the engines are built by United Engine Corporation, all of which are majority owned by Rostec, Russia’s state aerospace and defence conglomerate.

UAC said the plane carried out a range of flight tests in a maiden voyage that lasted one hour and 25 minutes.

Dec 18 08:24

Who is provoking who? US Navy says Russia ‘threat to peace’ as Moscow switches on system designed to spot NAVAL INVASIONS

Relations between Russia and NATO are in choppy waters with two Western capitals accusing Moscow of threatening ‘global peace.' But will the bloc's plans to send more warships to the Black Sea help pull things back from the brink?

On Thursday, the US Navy’s new strategy document pointed the finger at “increasingly aggressive” Russia along with China as “the two most significant threats to this era of global peace and prosperity.” It gave a stark warning about Russia’s growing technological capabilities, including “nuclear and advanced missile systems” and “state-of-the-art air defenses.”

Dec 18 08:15

Senators Liken Hack to Russian Invasion Despite Lack of Proof Moscow Was Involved

Despite the lack of evidence that Russia was behind a massive hack that appears to have targeted several US government agencies, US senators are calling for retaliation against Moscow, even likening the cyberattack to an invasion.

“This is virtually a declaration of war by Russia on the United States and we should take that seriously,” Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) said in an interview with CNN on Wednesday. On Thursday, Durbin called for a response against Moscow on the Senate floor, describing the hack as a “virtual invasion.”

“No, I’m not calling for an invasion myself or all-out war. I don’t want to see that happen, but it’s no longer a buddy-buddy arrangement between the United States and Vladimir Putin,” he said on Thursday. “When adversaries such as Russia torment us, tempt us, breach the security of our nation, we need to respond in kind.”

Dec 18 07:00

Back to a sci-fi classic: Russian space scientists float idea of using RAILGUNS to launch satellites into orbit

Russian space scientists have suggested revisiting the idea of non-conventional space launchers – namely, railguns – to launch objects into space, arguing that modern materials and technologies may have made it possible.

The idea was floated by scientists at the leading research institute of Russia’s Roscosmos space agency in a new article published this week. The article explores the use of other space launchers besides chemical rocketry, which has long been the primary method of lifting off our planet.

“In our opinion, it is advisable from time to time to re-evaluate the old ideas of access to near-Earth space from the point of view of modern technological capabilities. One of these ideas is the creation of ground-based systems for dynamic mass acceleration,” the article reads, as quoted by RIA Novosti.

Dec 17 13:36

Space Command Says Russia Just Tested Another Anti-Satellite Missile, Blasts "Hostile Act"

It appears the US Space Force already has some justification for its existence as Russia has this week test-fired a new anti-satellite missile, according to US officials.

Chief of the Space Command, Army Gen. James Dickinson, condemned what he called Russia's making space a "warfighting domain" by its provocative actions in statements issued Wednesday, a day after the Russian test. While details of the alleged test were not immediately given or confirmed by the Russian side or in state media, US Space Command described it as a ground-launched "direct-ascent" missile, as opposed to one fired from orbit.

"Russia has made space a warfighting domain by testing space-based and ground-based weapons intended to target and destroy satellites," Gen. Dickinson said. "This fact is inconsistent with Moscow’s public claims that Russia seeks to prevent conflict in space."

Dec 16 11:14


Over the past weeks, the Syrian Army and its allies have intensified their operations against ISIS cells hiding in the Homs-Deir Ezzor desert.

According to pro-government sources, during the past few days, Syrian government forces and Iranian-backed militias carried out a series of raids to the south of the Palmyra-Deir Ezzor highway and southeast of al-Mayadin. Pro-militant media outlets clam that over 10 Syrian soldiers and 15 ISIS members died in these clashes.

The Russian Aerospace Forces also resumed their strikes on ISIS targets in the desert region. Pro-opposition sources say that the Russians delivered over 100 airstrikes. Indeed, the intensity of this campaign demonstrates that the regularly resurfacing ISIS cells, which actively exploit the state of chaos on the Syrian-Iraqi border, pose a notable security threat.

Dec 16 07:23

Moscow Condemns US Sanctions on Turkey Over Russian Missile Purchases

Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on Monday condemned US sanctions against Turkey over the purchase of Russia’s S-400 air defense missiles as “illegitimate.”

“This is, of course, another manifestation of an arrogant attitude towards international law, a manifestation of illegitimate, unilateral coercive measures that the United States has been using for many years, already decades, left and right,” Lavrov said according to Russian news agencies.

“And, of course, this does not add, I think, to the credibility of the United States in the international arena as a responsible participant… including in the field of military-technology cooperation,” Lavrov added.

Dec 16 06:38

Joe Biden Warned In 2015 That Son Hunter's New Employer And Burisma Boss Was Corrupt

In today's episode of 'Things that should have come out during the impeachment,' just-released diplomatic memos reveal that Vice President Joe Biden's office was warned in 2015 that the Ukrainian oligarch who hired his son, Hunter, was deemed corrupt - and that the US Justice Department had gathered evidence to support that conclusion, according to Just The News.

Dec 16 06:38

US Media Outlets Claim Russia is Behind Massive Hack Without Evidence

According to reports, multiple US government agencies were targeted by a hack that penetrated network-management software of the tech firm SolarWinds, whose clients include hundreds of US corporations and many government agencies. The hack was first discovered by the cybersecurity firm FireEye.

Anonymous sources were quick to pin the hack on their favorite suspect — Russia. On Monday, The Washington Post published a story that cited anonymous “people familiar with the intrusion” who pinned the blame on Russian intelligence. What started as conjecture from unnamed sources turned into fact in a story published by the Post just hours later.

Dec 16 06:37

Joe Biden Confronts Russia: The Problem of Diplomacy Without Compromise

One of the unequivocal losers in the election of Joe Biden as president would appear to be Russia. Although President Donald Trump offered Moscow little more than rhetoric, while acquiescing to a succession of congressional and bureaucratic attacks, chances of conflict little increased.

In contrast, Biden appears seriously deluded about the potential threat and determined to create a dangerous confrontation. When candidate Biden was interviewed by 60 Minutes, he minimized the problem of China while insisting that "the biggest threat to America right now in terms of breaking up our – our security and our alliances is Russia."

Dec 15 13:48

Soyuz-2.1b rocket with cargo of 36 UK satellites installed on Vostochny launch pad

The lift-off, currently scheduled for 12:26:26 UTC (7:26:26 AM EDT) will be Russia’s first fully commercial spacecraft launch from the Vostochny Cosmodrome.

Soyuz is carrying a batch of 36 UK satellites which should become a part of an ambitious project to create a global high-speed satellite internet network.

The UK OneWeb’s company plans to create a low-orbit constellation of 648 satellites, providing high speed and reliable internet connection even to the most remote areas of the world.

This would make Russia one of OneWeb’s potentially loyal customers, as so many of its territory east of the Urals have no internet access.

Dec 15 11:19

Biden's office warned in 2015 that Ukrainian oligarch who hired son Hunter was deemed corrupt

Vice President Joe Biden's office was warned in 2015 that the Obama State Department believed the Ukrainian gas oligarch whose firm hired Hunter Biden was corrupt and that some of the evidence supporting that conclusion had been gathered by the U.S. Justice Department, newly released diplomatic memos show.

Then-U.S. Ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt in Kiev alerted Biden's top advisers to the concerns about Burisma Holdings founder Mykola Zlochevsky shortly before the vice president visited with Ukrainian officials in December 2015.

"I assume all have the DoJ background on Zlochevsky," Pyatt wrote in an email to top Biden advisers in the White House. "The short unclas version (in non lawyer language) is that US and UK were cooperating on a case to seize his corrupt assets overseas (which had passed through the US)."

Dec 15 08:30

ICC prosecutor pushes for full investigation into Ukraine war crimes

A prosecutor for the International Criminal Court (ICC) on Friday pushed for a full investigation into a "broad range" of war crimes committed in Ukraine since 2014.

A six-year preliminary probe looked into allegations of war crimes during the pro-European Union protests in 2013-14, the Russian annexation of Crimea, and the conflict in eastern Ukraine.

"My office has concluded that there is a reasonable basis at this time to believe that a broad range of conduct constituting war crimes and crimes against humanity within the jurisdiction of the court have been committed in the context of the situation in Ukraine," said chief prosecutor Fatou Bensouda in a statement.

Ukraine is not a member of the ICC, but has accepted the court's jurisdiction into the conflicts of Crimea and eastern Ukraine.

Dec 15 08:08

Communism Is a Convenient Fifth Column for Justifying the Expansion of the National Security State

The tendency of the American establishment to treat communists like international criminals is borne of a desire to fiercely police them. Through genocidal sanctions and covert agendas to exclude them from the diplomatic order, Washington wilfully, knowingly deprives communist countries of basic western privileges, ratifying an international caste system.

The US treats the representatives of experiments in socialism in the same way it treats terrorists, denying them humane, reasonable treatment. The global dictatorship of US capitalism represents a return to the dark ages, with the “extreme centre” – advocating war abroad and austerity at home – exerting the same power over public thinking as the centralised power of the church.

Dec 15 07:48

Europe’s Anti-Russia Sanctions Result in Extensive Economic Losses and Growing Tensions with Russia

New data out this week indicates that the European Union has suffered aggregate economic losses amounting to over €120 billion due to its policy of imposing sanctions against Russia. That’s according to figures released by the Dusseldorf Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Yet European leaders at an EU summit this week again called for the extension of sanctions on Russia, which will roll on into the middle of next year and probably beyond that date. This lockstep action by the bloc is only leading to more tensions with Russia and taking a political direction to nowhere except more conflict. Those EU sanctions were first imposed in July 2014 over dubious allegations of Russia’s malign involvement in the Ukrainian conflict. Moscow has rightfully reciprocated with counter-sanctions on European exports of agriculture and other goods.

Dec 15 07:00

Bellingcat's Navalny ‘Poisoning’ Report Created to Destroy Russia's Nord Stream 2, Observers Say

Bellingcat, CNN, Der Spiegel, and The Insider claim that they have unearthed a “long-running FSB operation" to track Russian opposition blogger Alexei Navalny. It allegedly involves chemical weapons experts linked to the development of Novichok-type nerve agents. International observers have questioned the timing of the report, and its main target.

The timing of the media campaign promoting the Navalny poisoning narrative is "perfect as usual," says British political analyst Marcus Godwyn. He highlights that Bellingcat's report was released ahead of the US electoral vote, scheduled for 14 December, apparently serving as a "reminder to all Americans and especially those pulling the strings of power that they can never let their guard down when it comes to 'evil, scheming Russia'".

Dec 15 06:47

Phase III trial reveals 91.4% efficacy for Russia’s Sputnik V Covid-19 vaccine, with jab '100% effective' against severe cases

Following a large scale trial, Russia's pioneering Sputnik V vaccine has proven to be 91.4 percent effective overall against Covid-19, its creator said on Monday, as the country embarks on a national mass vaccination program.

In a statement, Moscow's Gamaleya Institute and Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF), which funded the vaccine’s development, cited data received from volunteers 21 days after they were inoculated with the first dose of the jab. The results confirmed a 91.4 percent efficacy rate overall and showed that it is “100 percent” effective against severe cases of the virus.

In practice this means that while some of the formula's recipients may still become infected, their cases will be mild.

Dec 14 10:07

Belarus incarcerates anti-Lukashenko protesters en masse

Gennadiy Kasyan leafed through the letters that his sister, Natalia Hershe, had sent him from prison. "She ends every letter with the words 'We believe! We can! We will win!'" he said. It is the motto of the opposition in Belarus.

"I am well," she wrote in one letter. "What looks like a catastrophe to begin with could turn out later to be a big, big opportunity," she added.

In her letter, Hershe makes no mention of the fact that the overcrowded cell she spent her first weeks in in the Okrestina detention center had no mattresses or running water. Kasyan found these things out from another former detainee: the national basketball player Yelena Leuchanka, who spent several days with Hershe and other protesters in a cell.

Dec 14 08:37

John Kerry’s Think Tank Calls for War With Russia Over Climate Change

Recently-appointed Special Presidential Envoy for Climate John Kerry has announced his intention of dealing with the pressing issue of global warming as a national security concern. “America will soon have a government that treats the climate crisis as the urgent national security threat it is,” the 76-year-old former Secretary of State wrote. “I am proud to partner with the President-elect, our allies, and the young leaders of the climate movement to take on this crisis.”

Dec 14 08:36


Russia is using augmented reality technologies on the production line for its Su-57 fifth-generation fighter jet, according to videos that recently surfaced online.

The videos were allegedly filmed in March 2020 at the United Aircraft Corporation’s Komsomolsk-on-Amur Aviation Plant and show a first person look through an augmented reality headset providing workers with interactive features during the Su-57 assembling.

The system works with QR codes that are being attached to Su-57 parts and allow specialists to work with the combination of real-world and virtual objects.

The leaked videos with the augmented reality technology show the previously unrevealed level of the sophistication in the production of Russian fighter jets.

Dec 14 07:59

Palestinian Authority expects 4 million doses of Russian vaccine in coming weeks

Palestinian Authority senior health official Osama al-Najjar announced on Saturday that four million doses of the Russian coronavirus vaccine would be delivered in the coming weeks, as Palestinians witnessed the highest daily death toll as a result of COVID-19 since the start of the pandemic.

“Four million doses of the Russian coronavirus vaccine are expected to arrive soon…by the end of the year or the start of 2021, we will begin to inoculate those most at risk [for the coronavirus],” al-Najjar said in an interview with Voice of Palestine Radio on Saturday morning.

Dec 14 07:57

Russia successfully tests hypersonic Zircon missile, flying EIGHT TIMES the speed of sound to hit ground-based target (VIDEO)

The Russian Navy has successfully tested the anti-ship hypersonic Zircon missile, firing it from a frigate in the White Sea. The new weapon has been called a game-changer that could radically shift the naval balance of power.

In a video published by the Ministry of Defense on Friday, a Zircon can be seen being launched from the Admiral Gorshkov, a modern warship commissioned in 2018. Aiming at the Chizha training ground, a shooting range in Arkhangelsk Region, it successfully flew the required 350km.

Dec 14 07:14

More than 130 anti-Lukashenko protesters detained in Belarus - rights group

Police in Belarus detained 135 demonstrators at a Sunday march, the Belarusian rights group Viasna-96 (Spring-96) said, as weekly protests demanding the resignation of veteran President Alexander Lukashenko continued.

Belarus, a country of 9.5 million that Russia sees as a security buffer against NATO, has been rocked by mass protests since an Aug. 9 presidential election that Lukashenko said he won. His opponents say the vote was rigged.

More than 120 marches took place in the Belarus capital Minsk and other cities on Sunday, with numbers at each ranging from dozens to several hundred, according to local news outlet Nasha Niva. Police regularly arrest participants, issuing numbers of detainees on Mondays.

Dec 14 07:13

Nagorno-Karabakh: Russian army reports cease-fire breach

Several people were killed in an apparent attack by Azerbaijani forces at a military base in the restive Nagorno-Karabakh region, the German Press Agency (dpa) reported on Saturday, citing local officials.

Separatist officials in Nagorno-Karabakh said the Azerbaijani military launched an attack late Friday that left three local ethnic Armenian servicemen injured. The attack comes just over a month after fighting ceased in the region.

The Russian defense ministry, which has deployed peacekeepers to Nagorno-Karabakh to monitor the peace accord, also reported a violation of the cease-fire.

"One case of cease-fire violation was reported on December 11 in the Hadrut district," it said in a statement.

Dec 14 06:55

Nord Stream 2 Work Resumes Despite U.S. Efforts To Stop It

The construction of Russia’s controversial Nord Stream 2 natural gas pipeline, which has been halted for a year, is set to resume in German waters Friday.

The move to complete the final section of the project will stretch already fraught diplomatic relations with the U.S. as lawmakers in Washington aim to tighten sanctions.

The vessel Fortuna is starting to lay two parallel underwater pipeline sections from Nord Stream 2, the German Waterways and Shipping Authority Stralsund said. Fortuna will lay a 2.6-kilometer (1.6-mile) section of the pipeline in German waters at depths of less than 30 meters, according to the company building the project.

Dec 14 06:33

Germany Looks To Protect Russia-Led Nord Stream 2 From US Sanctions

The German state where the controversial Russia-led natural gas pipeline Nord Stream 2 is planned to land has proposed the creation of a state-protected foundation that would hold the assets of Nord Stream in a bid to protect the project from U.S. sanctions, Bloomberg reported on Friday, citing a proposal of the provincial government of Mecklenburg–West Pomerania.

The proposal is to hold the Nord Stream 2 assets inside a foundation whose official purpose will be to protect the environment, according to the document Bloomberg has seen.

The United States, several European countries, including the Baltic states and Poland, as well as the European Union (EU), have expressed concern about Russia using gas sales and its gas monopoly Gazprom as a political tool.

Germany, for its part, is looking at the economic benefits of the Nord Stream 2 project.

Dec 13 06:40

Russia makes defensive missiles combat ready in Far East as tensions rise after last week's border incursion by US Navy

Moscow has ordered an advanced air-defense system to be readied for action on the remote Kuril Islands in the Sea of Japan, just days after claiming to have intercepted a US warship that sailed into Russian waters in the region.

Colonel-General Gennady Zhidko, the regional commander of the Air Defense Forces, personally inspected the S-300V4 missile launcher, and praised its operators' "training to act upon detection of any violation of the air borders of the Russian Federation in the Kuril Islands."

The news comes only a week after the country's navy reportedly threatened to ram the USS 'John McCain', a US destroyer, which it says was detected two kilometers inside Russian waters off the coast of the Far Eastern capital Vladivostok.

Dec 13 06:36

WATCH: Russian cutting-edge nuclear sub fires barrage of FOUR intercontinental ballistic missiles

One of Russia’s state-of-the-art Borei class nuclear-powered submarines, Vladimir Monomakh, has test-fired a salvo of four intercontinental ballistic missiles for the first time ever, as part of a recent military drill.
Stunning footage released by the Russian Defense Ministry on Saturday demonstrates the moment sailors on the K-551 Vladimir Monomakh submarine man their battle stations before launching a devastating payload of RSM-56 Bulava (‘Mace’) ballistic missiles towards their target some 5,000 kilometers away.

Dec 11 06:16

In Russia, Mom, Dad, or Grandparents Get 3-Year Maternity Leave

We probably all know the two types of grandmas. The grandma who told you stories, did crafts with you, sang songs to you and held you, and the grandma who whirled in once a year, gave you an expensive (often useless) present, told you that you were getting tall and then dashed off, back to her flashy lifestyle. But do grandmas actually have the choice of whether to be full-time grandmas or seventy-year-old career women?

In Russia, they definitely do. By Russian law, maternity leave can actually be taken by any of the family members. Whether father, mother, grandmother, or grandfather, one member of the family can take a three-year leave from work. For a year and a half, the person on childcare leave receives 40% of their average salary. In the duration of the three-year-leave, the employer is obligated to retain the workplace of the person on child-care leave.

Dec 11 06:16

Beware the Green Menace! As RT turns 15, WATCH defenders of democracy warn about ‘weapon of mass communication’

Citizen! If exposed to the weapon of mass communication also known as RT, quickly seek shelter and decontaminate your mind by consuming only the approved mainstream news. Billions of views over 15 years on air is far too many!

As Moscow’s malignant media machine turns 15, its danger to our democracy and cherished values of conformity and cancel culture has never been greater! Beware of the RT Bear, as the posters in our appropriately produced civil defense video caution all proper-thinking people.

Dec 11 06:15

The end of Ostpolitik: Dream of Europe ‘whole & free’ over as Russian-German friendship fades & Moscow pivots to Asia

This Monday marked 50 years since one of the 20th century’s most iconic moments, when German Chancellor Willy Brandt fell to his knees in Warsaw, emotionally apologizing for the horrors the Nazis had unleashed on Eastern Europe.

It was one of the milestones of the Neue Ostpolitik – Bonn’s policy aimed at normalizing relations with the USSR and its East European satellites. On the day of this anniversary, German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas wrote the following: “Unlike Brandt, we no longer have to go via Moscow to talk to our eastern neighbors nowadays. Many partners in Eastern and Central Europe now view Russia very critically – and German foreign policy must take our neighbors’ concerns seriously. In addition to offers of dialogue, clear German positions vis-à-vis Moscow are therefore important for maintaining trust in Eastern Europe.”

Dec 10 13:01

Russian state media are calling for Trump - or 'Trumpusha' - to get asylum in their country when he leaves the White House so he can save himself from prosecution

Russian state-media outlets are calling on President Donald Trump to seek asylum in Moscow to dodge potential prosecution in the US when he leaves office, The Daily Beast reported.

Trump and his businesses are facing multiple investigations by prosecutors in New York and Washington, DC, and he has vocalized his concern at the prospect of being indicted. Olga Skabeeva, the host on the state-owned Russia 1 network, said on December 3 that asylum could solve Trump's problems.

Igor Korotchenko, a member of the Defense Ministry's public council, added: "But let him not simply arrive to Rostov or elsewhere, but also transfer his capital here and finally build his famous Trump City somewhere in our New Moscow." Dmitry Kiselyov, one of Russia's most prominent Kremlin-aligned TV hosts, said Sunday that the only way Trump can save himself is with a self-pardon.

Dec 10 12:48

Russian state-media outlets are calling on President Donald Trump to seek asylum in Moscow to dodge potential prosecution in the US when he leaves office, The Daily Beast reported. Trump and his businesses are facing multiple investigations by prosecutors

Russian state-media outlets are calling on President Donald Trump to seek asylum in Moscow to dodge potential prosecution in the US when he leaves office, The Daily Beast reported. Trump and his businesses are facing multiple investigations by prosecutors in New York and Washington, DC, and he has vocalized his concern at the prospect of being indicted. Olga Skabeeva, the host on the state-owned Russia 1 network, said on December 3 that asylum could solve Trump's problems. Igor Korotchenko, a member of the Defense Ministry's public council, added: "But let him not simply arrive to Rostov or elsewhere, but also transfer his capital here and finally build his famous Trump City somewhere in our New Moscow." Dmitry Kiselyov, one of Russia's most prominent Kremlin-aligned TV hosts, said Sunday that the only way Trump can save himself is with a self-pardon.

Dec 09 07:25

Russia’s top long-range attack drones

Russia is accelerating the development of multiple long-range attack UAVs to compete with the US and China who are ahead in the combat drone race.

Army Technology lists the top five of Russia’s long-range attack drones under development, based on their technical specifications.

Dec 08 07:42

Threat of More Illegal US Sanctions on Russia’s Nord Stream 2 Pipeline

The US under both right wings of the one-party state is waging a long war on Russia by other means — and all other nations unwilling to bow and scape to its imperial demands.

US aggression includes endless smashing of Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen, and at times Iraq.

US war by other means rages endlessly against China, Russia, Iran, North Korea, Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua, Somalia, and all the above-named countries.

Thats how the scourge of imperial lawlessness operates.

Dec 08 07:08

Embarrassment as Russia's super-secret nuclear ‘doomsday plane’ targeted by thieves during routine maintenance, equipment ‘stolen’

Police in southern Russia are investigating after the cargo hatch of a highly secret Ilyushin Il-80 ‘doomsday plane’ was found to be open, and electronic equipment reportedly stolen. The contents of the aircraft are classified.
The Il-80, which was undergoing maintenance in the city of Taganrog, is one of Russia’s most mysterious military jets, known for its ability to survive a nuclear attack. Developed during the Soviet Eva, it was created in case the country’s top leadership needed to evacuate by air. Its sensitive nature means that nobody quite knows what’s onboard the plane – except, perhaps, the thieves who managed to get on board.

According to a source cited by news agency Interfax, the plane was robbed of 39 units of electronic equipment and five radio station boards at the end of last week. The claim was also backed up by TV channel REN, which revealed that law enforcement officers found fingerprints on the cargo hatch and traces of the culprits’ shoes.

Dec 08 06:25

NDAA Targets Russia to Germany Natural Gas Pipeline

Lobbyists representing Ukraine's energy sector in Washington are happy to see sanctions targeting Nord Stream 2 in NDAA

The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) unveiled last week includes an amendment that targets the Nord Stream 2, a natural gas pipeline that will run from Russia to Germany. The pipeline has long been in the crosshairs of Washington.

The original Nord Stream consists of two lines that run from Vyborg, Russia, to Lubmin, Germany, near Greifswald. The Nord Stream 2 project would add two more lines and significantly increase the amount of gas moving between the two countries. The project is estimated to be worth $11 billion and is about 90 percent complete.

Dec 08 06:23

From the Forever Wars to the Cataclysmic Wars

You may have noticed those U.S. aircraft carrier task forces repeatedly entering the South China Sea to challenge Beijing or the increased arms sales to Taiwan and the special visits high Trump administration officials have paid to that island (another way to challenge the Chinese leadership). I’ll bet, though, that you didn’t notice when the USS John S. McCain slipped into Peter the Great Bay in the Sea of Japan. That “freedom of navigation” float-a-thon that purposely crossed Russia’s claimed maritime border there was ended only when a Russian warship, the Admiral Vinogradov, challenged the Navy destroyer. Or, for that matter, did you notice that American special ops guys, usually associated with the never-ending U.S. war on terror, were firing M142 High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems (transported to Romania from a U.S. air base in Germany) 25 miles into the Black Sea as another kind of challenge to the Russians?

Dec 07 13:32

‘World’s best tank’: Russian troops can look forward to 1st deliveries of ‘revolutionary’ T-14 Armata next year, developer says

The Russian army will begin receiving deliveries of the next-generation T-14 Armata battle tank in 2021 according to Sergey Chemezov, the head of defense conglomerate Rostec, who says it’s the most advanced on the planet.

“Serial deliveries of the T-14 Armata tank will begin in 2021,” Chemezov announced. “This is, undoubtedly, the world’s best tank today. In the future, this vehicle will become the main battle tank in the Russian Army.”

The T-14 has already been praised by foreign countries, with a UK military intelligence report in 2016 calling it “the most revolutionary step change in tank design in the last half-century.”

Dec 06 07:25

Sorry Sergey, you’re Shinzo now! US tells 20,000 Russian islanders from disputed Kurils that it considers them to be Japanese

Russian citizens of the disputed Kuril Islands are, according to US officials, actually Japanese – a result of the US’ policy of insisting much of the archipelago, governed by Moscow since World War II, rightly belongs to Tokyo.

Japanese newspaper Hokkaido Shimbun reported on Friday that Russians born on the islands of Habomai, Shikotan, Kunashir and Iturup are, for the purposes of drawing up green cards, considered Japanese by the US immigration authorities. The islands are, however, governed by Moscow and their 20,000 residents include people of Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian and Tartar descent, as well as an indigenous Ainu population.

Dec 05 07:33

Germany Reveals There’s a Russian Pipelayer Ship in Its Waters That Will Help Complete Nord Stream 2

On Thursday, six days after Nord Stream 2 AG announced that it would resume construction of the pipeline, US lawmakers unveiled the 2021 National Defense Authorization Act, targeting the mammoth energy project with new sanctions. President Trump, however, has threatened to veto the 2021 NDAA over an unrelated matter.

Germany’s Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency has revealed that the Fortuna – a Russian-flagged pipelaying crane vessel, will be engaged in pipelaying activity in German waters.

In a navigational warning on its website, the agency states that the Fortuna will be working in the southern Baltic Sea off Ruegen, a large German island situated in the country’s northeast. The warning is in effect from December 5 to 31.

Dec 05 07:09

Belarus raises alarm about US, NATO military build-up in region

Belarus’ President Alexander Lukashenko says military build-ups by the United States and NATO near the western borders of his country, Russia, and a number of other states in the region is cause for “serious concern.”

“Once again, the world is on the brink of an unbridled arms race. The most dangerous phenomena are getting worse, namely a military standoff between global centers of power,” Lukashenko said in a statement at an online session of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) on Wednesday.

“We clearly see an increase in systemic events of military nature in Poland and in Baltic states,” he said.

Dec 05 06:00

Covid: Russia begins vaccinations in Moscow

Russia is starting its Covid-19 vaccination programme, with clinics in the capital Moscow inoculating those most at risk from the virus.

Its own vaccine Sputnik V, which was registered in August, is being used.

Developers say it is 95% effective and causes no major side effects, but it is still undergoing mass testing.

Thousands of people have already registered to get the first of two jabs over the weekend, but it is unclear how much Russia can manufacture.

Producers are only expected to make two million doses of the vaccine by the end of the year.

Dec 04 11:24

US Lawmakers Include Expanded Nord Stream-2 Sanctions in 2021 Defense Bill

Negotiating teams from both chambers of the US Congress said in a joint statement that they had included expanded sanctions against Russia’s Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline in the final version of the 2021 US defense spending bill.

"The House bill contained a provision (sec. 1248) that would amend subsection (a)(1) of section 7503 of the Protecting Europe's Energy Security Act of 2019 (title LXXV of Public Law 116-92) to clarify and expand sanctions relating to the construction of Nord Stream 2 or Turkstream pipeline projects. The Senate amendment contained a similar provision (sec. 6231)," the joint statement said on Thursday.

The Nord Stream 2 project aims to lay a 745-mile twin pipeline that will carry up to 1.942 trillion cubic feet of gas annually from Russia to Germany, passing through the territorial waters or exclusive economic zones of Denmark, Finland, Germany, Russia and Sweden.

Dec 04 09:37

Russian, Syrian jets swarm central Syria in powerful attack on ISIS

The Russian and Syrian air forces have increased their aerial presence in central Syria this week, as their warplanes have launched dozens of airstrikes on the Islamic State’s (ISIS/ISIL/IS/Daesh) positions inside the Hama, Al-Raqqa and Homs governorates.

According to several reports from the field, the airstrikes were led by the Russian Air Force, who unleashed over 30 strikes on the terrorist positions in the past 72 hours.

The majority of the Russian and Syrian airstrikes were concentrated on the Al-Sa’an District of Hama, which is where the Islamic State has been trying to carve out a permanent presence since the start of 2020.

Dec 04 08:24

Moscow moves to expel Soros-linked US activist as ex-president Medvedev warns foreign NGOs trying to sow discord in Russia

The Russian government is set to expel a prominent human-rights activist, with former president Dmitry Medvedev claiming there’s a co-ordinated campaign by international organizations to stoke unrest in the world’s largest state.

Vanessa Kogan, the director of the Stichting Justice Initiative project, told Britain’s Guardian newspaper that Russian authorities had notified her of the revocation of her residency permit. She will now have two weeks to leave the country, where she has lived for more than ten years. She also has two children with a Russian national.

The Stichting Justice Initiative is an NGO which, it says, provides legal support to Russians in cases of perceived human rights abuses. It has been less open about its funding in recent years, but in 2010 and 2011, it was bankrolled by the Dutch government and the Hungarian billionaire George Soros. via his ‘Open Society’ pressure group, which has been banned in Russia and declared “undesirable.”

Dec 04 08:05

NATO says 'intimidating' Russia BIGGEST threat to bloc till at least 2030 – plans to send warships to Black Sea

A bombshell report by NATO has accused Russia of threatening Western interests from the Atlantic Ocean to the Arctic, as the bloc's secretary general calls for members to escalate their presence on the country's borders.

The analysis, published on Wednesday, argued that Moscow engages in "assertive policies and aggressive action," which has "negatively impacted the security of the Euro-Atlantic area." "In the long term until 2030, Russia is likely to remain the main military threat to the North Atlantic Alliance," the authors of the report say.

It added that Moscow frequently orders "intimidatory military operations in the immediate vicinity of NATO." The comments come just two days after the head of the organization, Jens Stoltenberg, told a press conference that members need to further strengthen their presence on Russia's borders on the Crimean peninsula and the Black Sea, and spoke of a need to increase their naval presence in the region.

Dec 03 11:00

EXCLUSIVE: Ultranationalist organizations are radicalizing Ukraine’s young people, and the Kiev government is paying them for it

An RT investigation has revealed how a far-right group has used Ukrainian taxpayer funds to teach ultranationalist ideas to thousands of young people, with one opposition leader accusing the government of “brainwashing.”

Every year, at the end of the summer, more than a hundred young Ukrainians are bussed out to the leafy wilderness around the Derman-Ostrog National Park, in the Rivne region, for three days of survival skills, first aid and physical activity.

But while experiences just like this are shared by teenagers across the whole of Central and Eastern Europe, this weekend away has a darker side. Known as the Gurby-Antonivsti Games, the trip is organized by the youth wing of Ukraine’s most notorious ultranationalist group and commemorates a bloody battle that took place in those same forests in 1944, between local right-wing partisan fighters and Soviet forces pursuing the retreating army of Nazi Germany.

Dec 03 08:51

Navy Brings Back US Atlantic Fleet as Russian Threats Intensify

The Navy's fleet structure is not set up to deal with today's challenges, the service's top civilian leader told lawmakers on Wednesday.

Terrorism is no longer the biggest threat facing the U.S., Navy Secretary Kenneth Braithwaite said during a hearing on Navy and Marine Corps readiness. Threats from Russia and China are increasing, and the Navy must reorganize to address them.

"To meet the unique maritime challenges of the Atlantic theater, we will rename Fleet Forces Command as the U.S. Atlantic Fleet," Braithwaite said. "We will refocus our naval forces in this important region on their original mission -- controlling the maritime approaches to the United States and to those of our allies."

Dec 03 08:39

Leaked emails show Anders Aslund, the Atlantic Council’s Russia-basher in chief, tried to solicit funds from Russian billionaires

Internal Atlantic Council emails reveal the NATO-connected ‘think tank’ aggressively schmoozed the obscenely wealthy owners of Russia’s Alfa Bank, in order to secure a slice of their vast riches.

The communications have been released publicly as a result of the ongoing defamation case brought against Fusion GPS and its founder and chief Glenn Simpson in a Washington, DC court, by Mikhail Fridman, Petr Aven and German Khan, the owners of Alfa Bank. The three allege false allegations against them in the ‘Trump-Russia dossier’, produced for Fusion GPS by former MI6 operative Christopher Steele, damaged their reputation.

The now-notorious and utterly discredited dossier alleged they and the bank maintained a covert communications channel with Donald Trump, and moreover delivered “large amounts of illicit cash” to Vladimir Putin when he was deputy mayor of St. Petersburg in the 1990s.

Dec 02 13:45


On the face of it, an alliance between Turkey and Ukraine seems like a rather odd creation, yet one that may surprisingly durable simply because neither country has anywhere else to turn. What practically dooms them to a partnership if not an outright alliance is their unenviable geographic and geopolitical position of occupying the strange “no man’s land” between Russia, NATO, and the Middle East. It is, of course, largely a predicament of their own making. Ukraine, with considerable Western backing and encouragement but nevertheless mostly through efforts of a faction of its own oligarchy, opted out of the Russia-centered network of loose alliances, trade partnerships, and other forms of cooperation that were mutually beneficial to the two in the previous two decades. But that defection was not rewarded by the West in a way the likes of Poroshenko, Yatsenyuk, Avakov, Parubiy, and other architects of the Maidan coup expected.