Nov 21 08:48

All roads lead to war: NATO, arms merchants celebrate symbiosis

NATO Supreme Allied Commander Transformation Gen. Philippe Lavigne opened the NATO-Industry Forum (NIF) in Rome, Italy, today. The event is sponsored by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, and co-organised with NATO’s Assistant Secretary General for Defence Investment Mr. Camille Grand.

“ACT [Allied Command Transformation, based in Norfolk, Virginia], and NATO as a whole, needs industry to help it maintain this new defence and security ecosystem,” said Gen. Lavigne during his opening remarks. “ACT, and other NATO stakeholders responsible for capability development, are therefore a part of one shared community with industry.”

Nov 21 08:47

Defense minister: Ukraine will definitely become NATO member

Ukraine should continue to implement reforms that will sooner or later ensure its accession to NATO, despite the fact that the Alliance so far has no political consensus on our country membership.

“The decision on Ukraine’s accession to NATO can only be made by consensus of the Allies, and it will be a political decision," Minister of Defense of Ukraine Oleksiy Reznikov said during his visit to Washington on Friday, an Ukrinform correspondent reports.

According to him, such a political decision is not on the agenda of the Allies so far.

“But it does not mean that we should forget about the provisions of the Constitution of Ukraine, that our goal and task is to join NATO – and not just for the sake of the security component. NATO is not only a military alliance, it is an issue of development of democracy, economy, humanitarian issues,” Reznikov stressed.

Nov 21 08:47

Ukraine, United States agree on defensive assistance for protection in the air and at sea

Ukraine has applied for specific security and defense assistance from the United States and this issue was discussed during the visit of Minister of Defense of Ukraine Oleksiy Reznikov to the United States.

"Yes, we discussed it [the issue of additional assistance to Ukraine]. We first analyzed the threats in more detail, and then discussed our additional needs and opportunities to address them," Reznikov said on Friday following the main meetings during his visit, answering questions from Ukrinform.

As the minister explained, a professional assessment of Ukraine's real defense needs is primarily conducted at the expert level, then it is agreed upon with the military, and then specific requests and proposals are formed.

"That is, the key idea of ??the relations is not to take what they are ready to give us, but to take what we really need," the defense minister said.

Nov 21 08:46

Lithuanian military establishes forward base near Belarus border

Lithuania’s Armed Forces have established a forward operating base in Druskininkai near the country's border with Belarus, the military said in a press release on Friday.

“Forward Operating Base (FOB) is usually established near the place of operations, where troops train and rest and where missions are plannedThe troops also depart for missions from the base,” the military said.

The base was established to house the additional troops that have been drafted in to help the border guards amid what Vilnius says is an orchestrated campaign by Belarus, which has used irregular migration to pressure the European Union.

Related: Belarus took all migrants away from border in Kuznica area,- Poland
Due to the migration crisis on the EU's external borders with Belarus, Lithuania imposed a one-month state of emergency in the border area from the north on November 10.

Meanwhile, over 200 people who had previously crossed the Lithuanian-Belarusian border illegally have left Lithuania.

Nov 21 08:44

Russia-NATO war over Ukraine is becoming increasingly unavoidable

Russian President Vladimir Putin has warned that the West isn’t taking his country’s “red lines” seriously and the US and its allies could be about to sleepwalk into a dangerous conflict with the world’s largest nuclear power.

Red lines are about deterrence. The purpose of drawing them in the first place is to communicate crucial security interests and the severe consequences that would ensue if they were undermined. In essence, Moscow’s ultimatums are intended to stop the West from making a dangerous miscalculation.

Nov 20 08:45

Putin Lashes Out At Western Powers For Taking Russia's "Red Lines" Too Lightly

Earlier this week, Russian President Vladimir Putin said Western powers are taking Moscow’s "red lines" too lightly.

"We’re constantly voicing our concerns about this, talking about red lines, but we understand our partners — how shall I put it mildly — have a very superficial attitude to all our warnings and talk of red lines," Putin said in a foreign policy speech.

Nov 20 08:28

NATO Chief Outrages Kremlin In Speech Linking "Nuclear Sharing" & "Our Eastern Allies"

On Friday NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg gave a key speech on Europe's nuclear defense posture before a security conference in Germany. His comments are subject of multiple Russian state media reports, particularly as his suggestion that US-supplied nuclear warheads could be positioned on the military bloc's eastern frontier are driving outrage among Kremlin officials.

Highlighting threats from both China and Russia during his German Atlantic Association 'NATO Talk' Conference 2021, Stoltenberg especially highlighted Russia's "aggressive actions" and that "it interferes in other countries' affairs." With this in mind, he spelled out: "Our aim is a world free of nuclear weapons, but as long as others have them, NATO must have them too."

Nov 20 07:27

Live Updates: Putin, Lukashenko Voice Concern Over Poland's 'Brutal' Actions on Border

Since July, Lithuania, Latvia, and Poland have reported an increase in the number of illegal migrants arriving on their borders with Belarus and accused Minsk of encouraging refugees to cross into the EU.

The situation on the Belarus-Poland border remains tense, as migrants gathering in Belarus tried to get into the EU earlier this week. The refugees were dispersed by polish border guards using water cannons and tear gas as they tried to cross the fence and enter the country.

Nov 20 07:26

Polish Defence Minister Reports Continued Attempts by Migrants to Storm Border Overnight

Migrants continued trying to storm the Belarusian-Polish border overnight into Saturday, Polish Defence Minister Mariusz Blaszczak said.

"There were attacks on the Polish border. Now, migrants use slightly different methods. Smaller groups of people try to force the border in multiple spots", Blaszczak told the Polish radio station RMF FM, noting that the last night was "no different from previous days and nights".

Nov 20 07:25

How Ukraine's plan to trap Russian mercenary soldiers backfired

More than a year ago, Belarusian security forces detained 33 Russian mercenary fighters, almost all captured as part of a spectacular raid on a spa hotel outside the capital of Minsk, broadcast on the country's primetime news.

Initially, the authoritarian leader Aleksander Lukashenko, then facing a serious challenge from the opposition in presidential elections, accused Russia of sending the soldiers of fortune to, in essence, topple him. The Kremlin rejected the accusation, and subsequently Moscow and Minsk quickly settled the issue: Lukashenko dropped his bizarre claim, and the mercenaries were returned to Russia.

For once, even the Western media displayed some caution. Often the first to point the finger at purported Russian meddling, even the New York Times and Washington Post – hardened veterans of America’s “Russiagate” disinformation campaign – noted that independent observers were not convinced by the Belarusian leader’s accusations.

Nov 20 07:19

‘Hostile’ US persecution of Russian diaspora uncovered by diplomats

The Russian Embassy in the US has condemned "hostile actions" towards and "persecution" of the Russian diaspora in the country, after a major immigrant organization suspended its activities, citing FBI harassment of its members.

The statement came from the Russian mission on Friday, a day after the Russian Community Council of the USA (RCC) said it would "temporarily" suspend all of its work. The embassy harshly criticized the actions of the US authorities towards the community members, demanding that "the persecution of the Russian diaspora representatives be immediately stopped."

"We are outraged by the hostile actions of the United States against our compatriots taken under the pretext of suspicion over the work in the United States without registration as foreign agents," the embassy said in a statement.

Nov 20 06:53

“The U.S. Empire is the Largest Empire The World has Ever Known”: The Russia-China-Iran Alliance

NATO, the U.S. Government, and all other “neoconservatives” (adherents to Cecil Rhodes’s 1877 plan for a global U.S. empire that would be run, behind the scenes, by the UK’s aristocracy) have been treating Russia, China, and Iran, as being their enemies. In consequence of this: Russia, China, and Iran, have increasingly been coordinating their international policies, so as to assist each other in withstanding (defending themselves against) the neoconservative efforts that are designed to conquer them, and to add them to the existing U.S. empire.

Nov 20 06:52

UK Announces Deal to Sell Warships to Kiev, Raising Tensions in Black Sea

Tensions on the rise in the Black Sea. London recently announced that it will be selling warships to Ukraine. The vessels would be allocated in the Black Sea region. The possible deal belies a previous announcement by the British government that it would not sell arms to Ukraine and increases regional frictions between Ukraine, NATO, and Russia. The presence of modern and equipped Western ships in that area will generate a new escalation of instability, unnecessarily undermining international peace.

Nov 20 06:38

Ukraine Must Have 2,500 Km Border Fence With Belarus and Russia, Minister Says

Ukraine should set aside money in next year's budget to build a more than 2,500 km (1,550 mile) fence on its borders with Belarus and Russia to prevent a possible influx of illegal migrants, Interior Minister Denys Monastyrskiy said on Friday.

Monastyrskiy said Ukraine planned new military exercises in the next two weeks to prepare in case migrants tried to cross the border illegally. Ukraine is wary of becoming a new flashpoint in the migrant crisis on Belarus's borders with the European Union, which Kyiv accuses Russia of instigating.

"Our key task is to restrain and stop a possible massive flow of illegal migrants," Monastyrskiy told parliament.

Nov 19 10:11

Russian fleet en route to US to help battle fuel crisis

The US is reportedly getting ready to receive a bulk shipment of diesel from energy-rich Russia as Washington strives to cool down the fuel's retail price, which has recently hit its highest level since 2014.

Some two million barrels of Russian diesel carried by four tankers are currently heading to the east coast of the US, according to data from energy cargo-tracking agency Vortexa, as quoted by Bloomberg.

The delivery, which is expected to arrive in New York and New Haven, Connecticut, as soon as next week, is reportedly the most substantial in recent years, based on data going back to 2018.

Nov 19 08:09

Enough Is Enough: Russia Cuts Ties with NATO

On October 18th, Russia announced it would formally suspend its mission with the NATO alliance, including ending official communication. This is a significant event but not totally shocking to anyone who has been paying attention to post-Soviet Russian relations with NATO.

It’s important to look at what led up to Russia deciding it had enough and that it was no longer worth having an official relationship with the western military alliance as there is a lengthy historical context to the breakdown.

NATO had just expelled eight Russian diplomats for espionage activities but provided no public evidence or details on these serious allegations. But this was just the immediate event that provided the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back.

Nov 19 07:42

Conflicts of Interest: The Pentagon Manufactures Crises It Cannot Control

On COI #189, Kyle Anzalone and Connor Freeman – writer at the Libertarian Institute – talk about increasing tensions in Eastern Europe and the Persian Gulf.

Kyle covers the refugee crisis on the border shared by Poland and Belarus. Washington and their European allies have accused Minsk of “orchestrating” the dire humanitarian situation. But the refugees are attempting to reach Europe, fleeing countries such as Yemen, Iraq, and Syria which have been largely destroyed by America’s post 9/11 wars. Kyle breaks down the news on the refugees’ mistreatment. He also reports on the European Union preparing new sanctions on Belarus. Poland is buying more American arms as well, including 300 used MRAPs and 250 Abrams tanks.

Connor details the hawks’ plans for regime change in Minsk, including the National Endowment for Democracy’s involvement in Belarus.

Nov 19 07:14

Ukraine, US and EU prepare ‘painful economic strikes’ on Russia in case of escalation, - Kuleba

Ukraine, along with Western partners, develops a comprehensive package for the containment of Russia. It includes political and diplomatic pressure, painful economic strikes in case of expansion of aggression, a list of specific needs for strengthening the Armed Forces of Ukraine, according to the Foreign Minister of Ukraine Dmytro Kuleba. He said this at the briefing.

The minister said that he had held a number of negotiations in Washington and Brussels. In particular, with NATO Secretary General by Jens Stoltenberg.

"We discussed the security situation and a joint counteraction to hybrid threats coming from Russian Federation. The Secretary General invited me to take part in a meeting of NATO Foreign Ministers on November 30 - December 1 in Riga. This is an important sign of the Alliance's faith in Ukraine as one of the two NATO partners in the wider Black Sea region," Kuleba said.

Nov 19 07:13

Frozen Deutschland

As much as with “brain dead” NATO (copyright Emmanuel Macron) no one ever lost precious assets betting on the incompetence, narrow-mindedness and cowardice of political “leaders” across the Atlanticist EU.

There are two main reasons for the latest German legalese gambit of suspending the certification of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline.

1. Retaliation, directly against Belarus and Russia, “guilty” of the disgraceful refugee drama at the Poland-Belarus border.

2. Politicking by the German Greens.

A high-ranking European energy executive told me, “this a game where Germany does not hold a winning hand. Gazprom is very professional. But imagine if Gazprom decided to deliberately slow down their deliveries of natural gas. It could go up tenfold, collapsing the entire EU. Russia has China. But Germany does not have a workable contingency plan.”

Nov 19 07:12

Germany Will ‘Freeze’ Without Russian Gas, Energy Executive Warns

Germans face a bitter winter as natural gas market prices have soared again — after the national energy regulator apparently bowed to Russophobic and environmentalist lobbies and suspended the approval process for a new heating gas pipeline.

A German energy executive has warned his country will "freeze" this winter if authorities continue to block the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline.

Brazilian journalist and global affairs pundit Pepe Escobar quoted an anonymous industry chief as his source in his latest column for the Unz Review on German energy regulator Bundesnetzagentur's decision to suspend the certification of the newly-finished pipeline.

That decision has sent gas prices soaring to levels approaching those in September and October — until assurances from Russian President Vladimir Putin that national gas firm Gazprom would honour all existing contracts calmed jitters.

Nov 19 07:05

US Lawmakers Introduce Measure to End Recognition of Putin as Russian President After 2024

The resolution claims irregularities in Russia's elections have kept Putin in power and his continuation in office beyond 2024 would be illegitimate, according to the release.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Nov 19 06:46

Kremlin Considers US Congressmen's Initiative to 'Not Recognise' Putin Unacceptable

The Kremlin considers an initiative of US Congressmen to not recognize Russian President Vladimir Putin’s rule if he runs for another term unacceptable, spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Friday.

"Of course, we saw [this resolution]. Each time it seems to us that nothing more ridiculous, nothing more aggressive, unfriendly and unconstructive from the other side of the ocean can come. And every time we are mistaken," Peskov told reporters.

The Kremlin spokesman mentioned that this is another case of the US interference in affairs of other countries.

Nov 19 06:45

Several Belarusian Officers Get Burns As Polish Border Forces Use Chemicals - Reports

Several Belarusian law enforcement officers sustained chemical burns on Wednesday when Polish security forces used special substances against migrants at the border between the countries, Belarusian media reported.

The incident happened at the Bruzgi checkpoint, according to the ONT (All-National Television) state broadcaster, which posted on its Telegram channel photos of an man who had dark red spots and blisters all over his head, neck and hands.

The Belarus 1 state TV channel demonstrated a video of medical workers treating a man with burns and a swollen eyelid.

The Belarusian Belta news agency also posted pictures of the injured man on its Telegram-channel, and reported that the chemicals used by Polish security forces cause eye irritation and chemical burns.

Nov 19 06:45

Putin: Europe is Using Migrant Crisis as Pretext to Pressure Belarus

Speaking at a collegium of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs the president touched on an array of issues, ranging from the situation with the migrant crisis at the Belarus-Poland border to NATO's drills in the proximity of Russian borders.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has alleged that western countries are using the ongoing immigration crisis at the Belarus-Poland border as a pretext for escalating tensions and exercising pressure against Belarus – Moscow's neighbour and ally.

"At the same time, they are violating their own obligations in humanitarian sphere", Putin added.

Nov 19 06:44

Russia reacts to US Congress bid to de-legitimize a future Putin presidency

Russia has hit out at a new draft resolution proposed in the US Congress, arguing Washington should refuse to recognize President Vladimir Putin as the country’s legitimate leader if he is re-elected for another term in 2024.

The proposal, published on Thursday by two members of the House of Representatives, insists that “any attempt by the president of the Russian Federation… to remain in office beyond May 7, 2024 shall warrant non-recognition on the part of the United States.”

The draft went on to quote the country’s previous constitution, prior to changes made after a nationwide vote last year, which stipulated that “one and the same person cannot occupy the office of president of the Russian Federation for more than two consecutive terms.”

Nov 19 06:25

BoJo's Solution For Europe Freezing From Gas Shortage... Start Hot War With Russia!

Europe should give up supplies of natural gas from Russia and instead defend Ukraine and Poland. That’s the plucky advice of Britain’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson who counts wartime leader Winston Churchill as one of his political heroes.

Addressing a City of London banquet this week, Johnson warned Germany, France, Italy and other European governments:

“We hope that our friends [in Europe] may recognize that a choice is shortly coming between mainlining ever more Russian hydrocarbons in giant new pipelines and sticking up for Ukraine and championing the cause of peace and stability.”

Note the pejorative use of the word “mainlining” which implies Europe’s trade with Russia for gas is a sordid addiction, rather than a mutual commercial partnership.

Johnson also pointed to British troops being deployed to Poland helping that country construct barbed-wire barriers for halting the flow of refugees from Belarus as an example of “defending Europe”.

Nov 19 06:08

EU Says No to Negotiations With Belarus’ Lukashenko After He Offers Talks

EU said it wouldn’t negotiate with Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko over the migrant crisis on Belarus’ borders with Poland and some Baltic states that has raised tensions in the region.

Lukashenko offered to negotiate with the EU over the crisis in a phone call with German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Wednesday, but the idea was quickly shot down by the EU.

“There is no question of negotiating with the Lukashenko regime,” European Commission spokesman Eric Mamer told reporters on Thursday, making it clear that the EU is not interested in diplomacy.

Since the August 2020 election in Belarus, which the US and EU claimed was fraudulent, the EU hasn’t recognized Lukashenko as president and has been ramping up the pressure on the country with sanctions.

Nov 18 14:13

NATO Increases Military Flights Along Belarus Border As Putin Blames EU For Migrant Crisis

Previously we noted that despite tiny NATO-member Estonia not actually sharing a border with Belarus, its government ordered snap military drills and the erecting of additional barbed-wire along its border with Russia in a message of solidarity with Poland amid the migrant standoff.

Fresh EU sanctions on Minsk, coupled with persisting clashes at the Belarus-Poland border, mean that things could easily escalate to a military conflict between the two countries, and into a broader NATO-Russia-Belarus standoff, given Moscow is Lukashenko's closest ally. Alarmingly, on Thursday the Belarusian government cited a noticeable uptick in NATO aircraft activity "along the state border of Belarus".

Nov 18 13:47

Frozen Deutschland. Suspending Nord Stream 2? “A Perfect Storm of Russian Aggression”

A “perfect storm of Russian aggression during the coming winter months” is all but inevitable. Watch it on your screens while you properly freeze.

As much as with “brain dead” NATO (copyright Emmanuel Macron) no one ever lost precious assets betting on the incompetence, narrow-mindedness and cowardice of political “leaders” across the Atlanticist EU.

There are two main reasons for the latest German legalese gambit of suspending the certification of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline.

1. Retaliation, directly against Belarus and Russia, “guilty” of the disgraceful refugee drama at the Poland-Belarus border.

2. Politicking by the German Greens.

A high-ranking European energy executive told me,

Nov 18 12:23

Britain is stepping up military activity near Russia’s borders — Foreign Ministry

The framework agreement between Ukraine and Britain on naval partnership proves once again that London is stepping up military activity near Russia’s borders, Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova told a news briefing on Wednesday.

"We regard this as another evidence of Britain’s growing military activity in countries neighboring on Russia, in particular, in Ukraine," she said.

Zakharova stressed that there were no facts to prove allegations Russia was building up tensions in Europe, while the agreement in question was certainly a factor for instability and destabilization.

"Whereas before the point at issue was London’s assistance in training Ukrainian military personnel within the framework of operation ORBITAL, now it is correct to say that interaction has been spread to the naval sphere and weapons supplies," Zakharova said.

Nov 18 07:39

Press review: US jets flock to Russia’s south and Poland-Belarus crisis hurting business

The US Air Force has stepped its presence near Russia's southern borders. Four reconnaissance planes, including an American U-2, were seen there in a 24-hour period. According to Izvestia’s military sources, NATO jets are gathering information on the situation in Crimea. Experts say that it is possible that the United States wants to "encourage" the Ukrainian government to act in the country’s southeast.

The Russian Defense Ministry said that three US Air Force and NATO member jets were spotted over the Black Sea in 24 hours. Another reconnaissance aircraft was pinpointed over the territory of Ukraine.

Washington is pressuring Russia like never before, former Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ordzhonikidze told Izvestia.

Nov 17 14:24

Russia obliged to defend Armenia in case of war with Azerbaijan – Yerevan

After a series of firefights and fatalities reported on the country’s border with Azerbaijan, Armenia has said it expects Russia to step in and help prevent a return to all-out conflict that threatens the Moscow-backed ceasefire.

The secretary of the national security council, Armen Grigoryan, claimed that Azerbaijani forces had entered Armenian territory “as an act of aggression” on Wednesday. “In 1997, Armenia and Russia agreed to mutually help each other in such cases,” he said. “In this regard, we turned to Moscow.”

When asked to explain what kind of assistance Yerevan is requesting, the official said that it hopes to arrive at a resolution through diplomatic channels. If this is not possible, however, “then it is necessary to solve the problem by military means.”

Nov 17 14:12

Belarus: Lukashenko agrees to EU talks on ending migrant standoff

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko agreed Wednesday that the crisis on the Belarus-Poland border needs to be solved by dialogue between EU and Belarusian representatives, Belarus' state-run Belta news agency reported.

In their second phone call this week, the Belarusian leader and Merkel "agreed that the problem as a whole will be brought up to the level of Belarus and the EU," Belta reported, adding that officials "from both sides will immediately start negotiations."

Merkel's spokesman, Steffen Seibert, said that during the call the chancellor stressed the need for humanitarian aid and repatriation facilities to be organized by the UN and EU to help the affected people.

Nov 17 08:23

Watch Chilling Footage of Poland’s ‘Sanctions-Worthy’ Use of Water Cannons Against Freezing Migrants

The crisis on the border between Belarus and Poland took a turn for the worse on Tuesday, with Polish border forces using water cannons against thousands of migrants concentrated on the frontier. The crisis began in July, and escalated last week after thousands of people looking to make their way into the European Union amassed in the border area.

Chilling footage of Polish border guards indiscriminately spraying migrants and refugees concentrated along the border with water cannons have appeared online as temperatures in the area edge close to freezing.

Nov 17 08:18

Russian Military Publishes First Video From Successful Anti-Satellite Missile Test

Earlier in the day, the Defence Ministry confirmed that Russia had successfully conducted an anti-satellite test on Monday, hitting a long-defunct Soviet satellite floating lifelessly in orbit. The military dismissed claims made by US officials that the test creates thousands of pieces of debris “threatening the interests of all nations.”

The Russian Ministry of Defence published a video Tuesday modeling the orbit of the destroyed Tselina-D satellite compared to that of the International Space Station, showing that at no point did the debris from the satellite threaten the safety of the station.

The one minute, 49 second clip started off by showing the orbit of the ISS relative to the satellite bits, going on to point out that fragments from the spacecraft ascended over 40 km above the ISS’s low Earth orbit route. The video also showed that even at its theoretical closest point, the debris did not come anywhere near the station as it flew past.

Nov 17 08:17

US Says Routinely Operates in Sync With Allies After Jets Seen Over Poland-Belarus Border

US military routinely operates all types of aircraft in Europe, US Air Forces in Europe – Air Forces in Africa said on Tuesday, commenting on media reports of American reconnaissance planes flying over the Polish-Belarusian border.

"The US Air Force routinely operates all types of aircraft throughout the region and all operations are conducted in full coordination with our allies and partners," a spokesperson said. "The combined training and US security cooperation engagements with Poland demonstrate our shared commitment to maintaining a safe and secure Europe and help ensure a credible defensive posture that is ready and prepared to support operations anywhere on the globe."

The US Air Force conducts routine exercises with Poland and has a rotational force presence, the spokesperson added.

Nov 17 08:14

Belarus Claims Poland Used Special Means With Toxic Chemicals Against Migrants on Border

The Polish security forces used special equipment containing toxic chemicals on the Belarusian border against migrants trying to break into Poland, Igor Malyk, deputy head of the radiation, chemical and biological protection and ecology department of the General Staff of the Belarusian Armed Forces, said on Tuesday.

"Today we have witnessed how the Polish security forces used special means containing toxic irritating chemicals against refugees, including women and children, on the Belarusian-Polish border," Malyk said, as quoted by state-run agency Belta.

"The thoughtless use of such means can lead to irreversible consequences for human health, damaging respiratory and visual systems," he added.

Nov 17 07:03

This Is Russia's Biggest Move Yet To Take Control Of The European Gas Market

A deal finalized last week to develop Iran’s multi-trillion dollar new gas discovery, the Chalous field, will see Russian companies hold the major share in it, followed by Chinese companies, and only then Iranian ones, sources close to the deal exclusively told This is despite Chalous’s position unequivocally within the Iranian sector of the Caspian Sea, over which the Islamic Republic has complete sovereignty. Billions of dollars in additional capital investment are scheduled to come from financial institutions in Germany, Austria, and Italy, as the indications are that the size of Chalous’s gas reserves are even greater now than initially thought. According to one of the senior Russian officials involved in negotiating the deal: “This is the final act of securing control over the European energy market.”

Nov 17 07:01

"Turn The Board Over" - Sukhoi Su-75 Checkmate Debuts At Dubai Airshow

The brand-new fifth-generation fighter jet, the Sukhoi Su-75 Checkmate, was unveiled at the Dubai Airshow on Sunday for the first time outside Russia.

Military delegations worldwide visited the invitation-only Checkmate pavilion to gaze upon the inexpensive stealth fighter that costs just a fraction of the US Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II. The new plane will fly in 2023 and be slated for deliveries in 2026. It's estimated the stealth jet will cost between $20-30 million, compared with the F-35's $80 million-plus.

Nov 17 06:29

CIA Director William Burns Goes to Moscow

The recent unprecedented surprise two-day visit by the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) William Burns to Moscow for talks with his counterparts has triggered considerable discussion within retired spook circles in and around Washington. Even among active CIA employees the preparations for the trip were tightly held with few advisers briefed on the agenda that had been prepared for the meetings, which were clearly initiated at Langley’s request. Burns met with Russian Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev as well as Russian Foreign Intelligence Service Director Sergei Naryshkin last Tuesday. President Vladimir Putin was briefed on the meetings on the following day.

Nov 17 06:27

Country That Set Off H-Bomb in Space Calls Russian Shootdown of Own Satellite ‘Reckless’

After a successful test of an anti-satellite missile (ASAT) on Monday, Russia has been bombarded with accusations of recklessness and of creating new dangers for humans and equipment in space. However, the primary accuser, Washington, DC, has a decades-long history of blowing things up in space with little regard for the consequences.

On Monday, a direct-ascent missile fired from Plesetsk Cosmodrome in northern Russia shot down a long-dead Tselina-D radio-surveillance satellite put in orbit by the Soviet Union decades ago. The intercept, which took place over the Arctic Ocean, was timed so as to minimize the risk posed to other man-made objects in space, including the International Space Station, which sits on a different orbit dozens of miles higher.

Despite the precautions, senior figures in the US and other NATO allies have accused Moscow of being “reckless,” claiming the debris field of more than 1,500 pieces “now threaten the interests of all nations.”

Nov 17 06:26

Poland-Belarus Migrant Crisis

Tensions on the Belarusian-Polish border flared up in November as Middle Eastern and African refugees started arriving in Belarus to cross into the EU. Warsaw claims Belarus orchestrated the crisis, while Minsk blames the Western military ops for the growing migrant flow.

Nov 17 06:14

Belarus announces ‘temporary’ closure of oil pipeline to EU

Belarus has announced “unscheduled repairs” are needed on a branch of the ‘Friendship’ pipeline carrying oil supplies from Russia through the country to a number of EU states, insisting that maintenance work will take three days.

In a statement issued on Wednesday, Russian energy export giant Transneft said supplies could face short-term disruption. Spokesman Igor Demin told journalists he had been informed the impromptu repair work should be finished by the weekend. The pipeline connects oil fields in Central Russia to consumers in Poland, Hungary, Czechia and Germany.

The Belarusian operator, Gomeltransneft Druzhba, reportedly began work on Tuesday evening, with supplies set to decrease. However, officials say, monthly export volumes shouldn’t be affected, and Demin insisted Transneft hopes to ensure its delivery quotas are met.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Lukashenko is sending a message. Plus, he is goading Putin to do something.

Nov 17 05:55

Belarus border crisis isn’t a war, but it could become one

he dramatic and deadly standoff between Belarus and Poland and the EU has left thousands of refugees trapped in the middle. Warsaw has declared that the crisis on its borders is part of a “special operation” conducted by Minsk.

Yet, the Polish claims are made harder to verify because of the media blackout imposed on its side of the border, based on a legally dubious state of emergency. Moreover, Warsaw’s credibility is suffering from officials’ habit of making unfounded, sensationalist statements, including blaming the current crisis on Russia. They also clearly order or allow Polish forces to practice illegal pushbacks, as the UN High Commissioner for Refugees has pointed out.

Nov 16 13:29

Belarus, Russia Charge Poland With "Escalating" Border Crisis For Firing Water Cannons At Migrants

More stunning footage has come from the militarized Belarus-Poland border on Tuesday, as mostly Middle Eastern migrant throngs on the Belarussian side hurled projectiles toward Polish border police. They are also rushing various sections of the border fence in hopes of breaching it and entering the EU, with hopes of eventually making it to places like Germany.

The Polish side, which includes military troops, in turn unleashed water cannons on the migrants, in a somewhat unprecedented turn of events which observers have warned could turn into armed confrontation - given accusations that Belarussian agents are provoking the crisis.

Nov 16 10:47

Putin tells Macron US leading 'provocative' exercises in Black Sea

Russian President Vladimir Putin told French counterpart Emmanuel Macron on Monday that "provocative" US-led exercises in the Black Sea were "increasing tensions" between Moscow and NATO, the Kremlin said.

Both leaders expressed "dissatisfaction" with what Moscow called a "worsening" situation in eastern Ukraine, the Kremlin statement said.

Putin "drew attention to the provocative nature of the large scale exercises led by the United States and its allies in the Black Sea which are increasing tensions between Russia and NATO," the Kremlin said.

Putin's comments came after Western countries raised alarm over Russian military activities near Ukraine.

Nov 16 10:44

NATO Demands Russia Explain ‘Large and Unusual Concentration’ of Forces near Ukraine

Jens Stoltenberg, Secretary General of NATO, on Monday demanded honest answers from Moscow about the “large and unusual concentration” of Russian forces massing along the Ukrainian border.

“Any further provocation or aggressive actions by Russia would be of serious concern. We call on Russia to be transparent about its military activities,” Stoltenberg said at a press conference in Brussels with Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba.

Nov 16 08:08

NATO Says It ‘Stands With Ukraine’ Amid Russia Tensions

On Monday, NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said the military alliance “stands with Ukraine” amid tensions with Russia over an alleged Russian troop build-up near the border with Ukraine.

Earlier this month, Ukraine denied media reports that said Russia was building up troops in the region. Now, Ukraine claims there are about 100,000 Russian troops in Western Russia. It’s not clear if the number is accurate or if the military build-up has anything to do with Ukraine.

For their part, Russia insists its military movement inside its own borders is not meant as a threat to anyone and points to increasing US and NATO activity in the Black Sea as the source of tensions in the region.

Stoltenberg delivered the warning to Russia during a press conference in Brussels alongside Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba. Ukraine is not a NATO member but is considered a prospective one and has stepped up cooperation with the alliance since the 2014 US-backed coup in Kyiv.

Nov 16 07:28

UAE bans some Mideast travelers from flights to Belarus

The United Arab Emirates has banned travelers from several Middle Eastern countries from boarding flights to Belarus, cutting off one of the last major air routes for would-be migrants to a nation on the European Union’s eastern border.

The decision reported by travel agencies in Iraq Monday and the Belarus carrier appeared to be in response to diplomatic pressure to stem the tide of migrants that have made their way to Belarus, resulting in a humanitarian crisis with thousands of people stranded on the Belarus-Polish border in freezing weather. At least nine have died.

The development came as the European Union on Monday ratcheted up pressure on Belarus by agreeing to slap sanctions on airlines accused of helping President Alexander Lukashenko wage a “hybrid attack” against the bloc using migrants.

Nov 16 07:27

What’s Putin’s gain in the Belarus migrant crisis?

As thousands of migrants are stranded in subzero temperatures on the forested border between Belarus and Poland, few doubt that Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko deliberately stoked the crisis to enrage the European Union.

But what is the Kremlin’s role in the crisis?

And how independent is it in trying to de-escalate the crisis between Belarus, its oldest ally, and the EU, its largest trading partner whose thirst for Russia’s oil and gas largely keeps the Kremlin afloat economically?

“Lukashenko does it all with the Kremlin’s blessing. He’s like a cornered rat, and Moscow is his only protector,” Pyotr Lysevich, a Belarusian graphic designer who fled to neighbouring Ukraine following last year’s opposition protests against Lukashenko’s sixth presidential victory, told Al Jazeera.

Nov 16 07:26

Macron, Putin discuss deescalating Belarus border tensions

French President Emmanuel Macron and Russian leader Vladimir Putin talked on the phone Monday about the need for de-escalating the tensions around the growing migrant pressure on the European Union’s borders with Belarus, Marcon’s office said.

In the almost two-hour talk, they also agreed upon the “need for a humanitarian effort for the migrants” but did not announce any concrete steps, according to the Elysee statement.

The EU says Moscow has a role in building the migration pressure and could actively help in easing it.

Nov 16 07:23

Ukraine tells EU leaders: Prepare for war with Russia

Paris and Berlin must brace themselves for a potential outbreak of fighting between Russia and Ukraine, Kiev’s foreign minister has warned amid unsubstantiated rumors Moscow is building up its military forces at the shared border.

Dmitry Kuleba sounded the alarm on Monday during a meeting with his Western counterparts, saying that the West would have to avoid being tied up in bureaucracy in the event of a conflict. “If Russia starts acting, you simply won’t have time physically to coordinate, to go through all the bureaucratic procedures, to coordinate decisions,” he said.

“So please do the preparatory work now, because if the military scenario happens, there will simply be no time,” he urged his French and German counterparts, Jean-Yves Le Drian and Heiko Maas.

Ukraine gives its view on alleged Russian military buildup near borderREAD MORE: Ukraine gives its view on alleged Russian military buildup near border

Nov 16 07:12

Situation at Belarus-Poland Border as Migrant Crisis Deepens

Thousands of migrants have amassed on the Belarusian-Polish border over the past few weeks hoping to further transit to Poland.

Live from the Belarus-Poland border, where Middle Eastern migrants have been camped out for more than a week.

On the border of Belarus and Poland, the situation has aggravated in recent weeks due to the accumulation of several thousand migrants who hope to enter the EU.
The Polish authorities have strengthened border security, pulled in the military and thwarted attempts by illegal immigrants to enter the country, blaming Minsk for the migration crisis.

Nov 16 07:11

US Preparing Follow-Up Sanctions on Belarus After EU Restrictions - State Dept.

The United States is preparing follow-up sanctions after recent EU restrictions to hold Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko accountable for the migrant crisis, US State Department spokesperson Ned Price said on Monday.

Earlier on Monday, EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell announced that the EU foreign ministers agreed to expand the score of sanctions against Belarus and the document will be finalized in the coming days.

"I understand that the EU has announced a new sanctions authority that could apply to the situation in Belarus. We, too, are preparing follow up sanctions in close coordination with EU and other partners that will continue to hold the Lukashenko regime accountable," Price told reporters.

Nov 16 07:10

USS Porter Destroyer Begins Transition From Black Sea to Mediterranean Sea - US Navy

Guided-missile destroyer USS Porter began its transition from the Black Sea to the Mediterranean Sea on Tuesday, the sixth fleet of the US navy said.

"Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer USS Porter (DDG 78) began its scheduled southbound transit from the Black Sea to the Mediterranean Sea after conducting maritime operations and exercises alongside @NATO allies and partners, Nov. 16, 2021," the fleet tweeted.

The US Sixth Fleet announced in November that its flagship Mount Whitney was heading to the Black Sea to conduct operations with NATO allies and partners. Earlier, Mount Whitney along with US destroyer Porter entered the Georgian port of Batumi.

Nov 16 07:08

Russia's Defence Minister Confirms Russia Succesfully Tested Anti-Satellite System

Earlier in the day, the Russian Defence Ministry said that Russia has successfully conducted a test on 15 November, hitting an inoperative Russian satellite, Tselina-D.
Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu confirmed that Russia had successfully tested an anti-satellite system.

“We have really successfully tested a promising system. It has hit an old satellite precisely,” Shoigu said, answering journalists' questions during a working trip to the troops of the Western Military District in the Voronezh region.

Nov 16 07:06

CIA Director Burns Goes to Moscow

The recent unprecedented surprise two-day visit by the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) William Burns to Moscow for talks with his counterparts has triggered considerable discussion within retired spook circles in and around Washington. Even among active CIA employees the preparations for the trip were tightly held with few advisers briefed on the agenda that had been prepared for the meetings, which were clearly initiated at Langley’s request. Burns met with Russian Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev as well as Russian Foreign Intelligence Service Director Sergei Naryshkin last Tuesday. President Vladimir Putin was briefed on the meetings on the following day.

Nov 15 13:54

BEX ALERT - Russia is plotting to 'shatter Europe' with Belarus migrant crisis and troop build-up near Ukraine, Kiev says, as NATO warns against 'aggressive actions' and pro-Putin TV channel says Black Sea tensions are at 'boiling point'

Vladimir Putin is plotting to 'shatter Europe' using the Belarus migrant crisis and a build-up of troops on the border of Ukraine, Kiev has warned.

Dmytro Kuleba, the country's foreign minister, today warned the two events are not separate but part of a single Kremlin strategy to weaken and fracture alliances which bind Europe together and counter-balance Putin's power.

Speaking after meetings in Brussels with NATO chief Jens Stoltenburg and EU foreign ministers, Mr Kubela said: 'When we see migrants used as a weapon, when we see disinformation used as a weapon, when we see gas used as a weapon, and soldiers and their guns … these are not separate elements.'

Nov 15 13:24

'Checkmate': Russia unveils new warplane… with no pilot

Russia's state development corporation has announced it is working on an advanced new unmanned military jet that can soar above the clouds and cloak itself from enemy defenses, while being controlled from the safety of the ground.

In a flashy teaser released on Monday, Rostec and Russia's publicly owned aerospace giant UAC showed off renderings of the fifth-generation Sukhoi Su-75, codenamed 'Checkmate.' A variant of the stealth jet, they confirmed, will be made available without a cockpit. Instead, its onboard computer will allow it to fly autonomously, eliminating the risk of trained pilots being captured or killed.

"A professional doesn't need a hammer – a professional needs a scalpel," a military officer in the video declares. "This is not just another aircraft of the fifth generation – this is the Checkmate."

Nov 15 13:19

EU Approves New Sanctions On Belarus As Latvia Starts Military Drills Near Border

European Union foreign ministers are expected to approve measures to widen sanctions on Belarus, including the targeting of national airlines and even travel agents identified as facilitating the mass transit of Middle East asylum seekers toward EU borders. The fresh sanctions come days after President Alexander Lukashenko threatened to cut off natural gas supplies which run through Belarus to Europe - a threat which Russia immediately distanced itself from.

Poland's Defense Ministry on Monday decried that "More and more groups of migrants are being brought to the Kuznica border crossing by Belarusian forces," which appeared to be confirmed in the latest videos widely circulating on social media. Deputy Interior Minister Maciej Wasik said there are currently "thousands of migrants" at the crossing, with officials still warning about the prospect of armed confrontation. On this note, some newly emerged videos appear to show shots fired at the border...

Nov 15 08:42

EXCLUSIVE: Poland is braced for major attack by 'weaponised' migrants from Belarus TONIGHT: New column of desperate Middle East refugees is headed to border after some were ARMED by dictator's troops

Poland is braced for a major assault by migrants on its frontier with Belarus tonight after receiving intelligence of a huge build up of enemy troops.

Polish Border Force guards claim their Belarusian counterparts are issuing the thousands of stranded migrants with instructions, equipment and weapons to force their way into the EU.

The attack is believed to be planned for frontier at Kuznica, one of two main crossing points from Poland to Belarus.

Nov 15 08:07

Hundreds of migrants break through Belarusian border fence as Polish guards rush to stop them in latest frontier flashpoint: EU to sanction defiant Lukashenko who vows 'we will defend ourselves'

Hundreds of migrants have broken through a Belarusian border fence with Polish guards rushing to stop them in the latest flashpoint on the tense frontier.

Videos taken near the Kuznica border crossing point on Monday showed hundreds of people - the majority of whom appeared to be young men - pushing their way through a broken fence towards a smaller barbed wire barricade where polish border police in riot uniforms confronted them.

More footage showed a Polish helicopter hovering overhead as dozens of soldiers joined police in keeping the migrants back, who appeared to be staging a sit-down protest on the Polish side of the crossing.

Nov 15 08:03

Today Russia Is More Free Than the "Free World"

Americans and the people of Great Britain, Europe, Canada, and Australia have heard for decades that they live in “the free world.” This world contrasted to the Soviet world where civil liberty was replaced with internal passports, with punishments for criticizing authorities and disagreeing with the narrative, and with mandates issued by a dictator instead of laws from elected representatives.

It is ironic that today it is the Western World that has the characteristics that were assigned to life under Soviet Rule–internal Covid passports, censorship for speaking truth, and now, today (Nov 14, 2021), the Chancellor of Austria, a “free country,” ordered one-third of Austrian citizens under home arrest. They are lock-downed beginning tomorrow (Monday).

Nov 15 08:01

EU to slap new sanctions on Belarus, airlines over escalating border crisis

The European Union will step up sanctions against Belarus, which on Monday denounced as "absurd" Western accusations that it was driving a migrant crisis that has left up to 4,000 people stranded in freezing forests on its border with Poland.

EU foreign ministers are meeting in Brussels to agree on further measures pressuring Belarus, where veteran leader Alexander Lukashenko cracked down on protesters challenging as fraudulent a presidential vote in which he had claimed victory.

Nov 15 07:35

Live Updates: Kremlin Slams US Claim That Poland-Belarus Crisis Designed as Distraction From Ukraine

The situation at the border between Poland and Belarus has escalated over the past few weeks as thousands of migrants have been stranded on the Belarusian side, trying to enter the EU nation.

Poland, Latvia, and Lithuania have accused Belarus of facilitating the movement of migrants to the EU to get back at Brussels for sanctions and urged for more preventive measures against Minsk. Belarus rejects the accusations and maintains that it is unable to tackle the influx of migrants under the weight of Western sanctions.

On Sunday, Borrell held a telephone conversation with Belarusian Foreign Minister Vladimir Makei discussing the issue. The Belarusian side reiterated its readiness for mutually respectful dialogue with the EU and emphasised that sanctions are counter-productive.

Nov 15 07:33

Two Russian Citizens in Poland Accused of Organizing Illegal Migration Route

Two Russian citizens in Poland are accused of organizing an illegal migration route, the Polish prosecutor’s office said on Monday.

"The prosecutor of the Silesian Department for Organized Crime and Corruption of the General Prosecutor's Office in Katowice has sent another indictment in the case of the activities of an international organized criminal group that organized illegal border crossing by citizens of the Middle East. The accused are two citizens of Russia and a citizen of Ukraine," the office said in a statement.

The Russian Embassy in Poland has not received official notification from the Polish authorities regarding the accusations that Russian citizens have been facilitating illegal migration.

Within the past few weeks, thousands of migrants including women and children willing to enter the EU have arrived at the Polish-Belarusian border. Poland boosted border guard and deployed the military to the border region.

Nov 15 07:31

NATO boss comments on whether Ukraine will join US-led bloc

NATO member states are yet to reach a consensus on Ukraine’s possible accession to the organization, despite Kiev’s determination to be admitted into the American-led bloc, its Secretary-General revealed in an interview on Sunday.
Speaking to Axios’ Jonathan Swan, Jens Stoltenberg explained that his organization has strengthened its partnership with Kiev, but the group is not ready to accept Ukraine as a member.

“To be a NATO member, you need to meet the NATO standards,” Stoltenberg said. “We help them with organizing fighting corruption, but 30 allies have to agree, and we do not have a consensus agreement in NATO now on inviting Ukraine into becoming a full member.”

NATO’s reluctance to admit Ukraine into transatlantic alliance is sign that Russia is ‘increasing its clout,’ Zelensky complainsREAD MORE: NATO’s reluctance to admit Ukraine into transatlantic alliance is sign that Russia is ‘increasing its clout,’ Zelensky complains

Nov 15 07:23

US Nuclear Unit In Germany Reactivates With "Dark Eagle" Hypersonic Missiles

Much attention lately has been focused on a series of Chinese hypersonic weapons tests. Let's now shift our attention to the US and Russia, where the Pentagon has reactivated a nuclear unit, based in Mainz-Kastel, western Germany, that will soon be able to launch 4,000 mph hypersonic weapons aimed at Moscow, according to The Sun.

For the first time in decades, the 56th Artillery Command is armed with "Dark Eagle" long-range hypersonic missiles that can strike Moscow in 21 minutes and 30 seconds. The last time the command was fully operational was in 1991, right before the Soviet Union collapsed.

"From a blank piece of paper in March 2019, we, along with our industry partners and joint services, delivered this hardware in just over two years. Now, Soldiers can begin training," Lt. Gen. L. Neil Thurgood said in a statement.

Nov 15 07:22

Belarus Leader Asks Russia To Station Nuclear-Capable Missiles Near Poland & Ukraine

With Belarus' longtime strongman ruler Alexander Lukashenko in the international spotlight over this past week as tensions soar with Poland over the migrant border crisis, he's been touting his close relationship with Putin while also threatening to shut off the Yamal natural gas pipeline to Europe - something which Putin warned against in fresh statements this weekend.

The threat to shut off energy supplies to Europe is something the Kremlin has distanced itself from, given especially it puts Russia in an awkward position at a moment the Nord Stream 2 pipeline is in the last hurdles of German regulatory approval. The Belarus matter can now be use by critics of NS2 to further their argument that Russia is being handed too much geopolitical and resource leverage over Europe's energy independence. The fight over the Russia-to-Germany pipeline is not over.

Nov 15 07:13

Does Biden Administration Want War With Russia?

Biden administration diplomats are wandering Europe warning about a potential invasion of Ukraine. It makes one wonder if the Biden crowd – it is unclear who, if anyone, is in charge of the administration these days – is hoping for a fight over Ukraine. Perhaps "a splendid little war," as the Spanish-American War was called, would provide a patriotic bump in public approval.

Nov 15 06:52

Hundreds of UK troops reportedly ready to deploy at Ukraine border

Hundreds of British special force troops are ready to deploy to the Ukranian border at a moment’s notice, amid rising tensions and fears of a possible Russian invasion in the region, according to reports.

The UK’s Special Air Service and Parachute Regiment are prepared to enter the region with medics, engineers, signalers, and hundred of paratroopers, The Mirror reported.

“The high readiness element of the brigade was told it may need to deploy at very short notice, a source told The Mirror.

“Between 400 and 600 troops are ready. Their equipment is packed and they are ready to fly to Ukraine and either land or parachute in. They have trained for both eventualities.”

The military move comes after the European Union accused Belarus, which borders both the Ukraine and Poland, of manufacturing a humanitarian crisis by urging migrants to illegally cross into the EU via Poland.

Nov 14 08:37

UK tabloid cheers US hypersonic nukes in Germany, shows mushroom cloud over Moscow

UK papers are hyping the revival of a Cold War-era US artillery unit in Germany, supposed to be armed with ‘Dark Eagle’ hypersonic missiles that will be able reach Moscow in mere minutes, once they are developed.

‘Dark Eagle has landed’ proclaimed The Sun on Wednesday, originally reporting that the new US missiles could “blitz Russia” in just six minutes – before revising that to “21 minutes and 30 seconds” – along with a graphic showing Moscow being vaporized in a mushroom cloud.

Nov 14 08:19

Syrian Man Dies As Belarusian Agents Accused Of Handing Out Weapons To Migrants Battling Polish Border Police

Belarus has confirmed that some 2,000 Middle East migrants are currently camped at the EU border crossing near northeast Poland, which has emerged as the main crisis point involving clashes with Polish border police and attempts to dismantle the security fence.

Amid frigid temperatures the crisis continues to escalate, with on Saturday the death of a young Syrian man being reported at the border. "Polish border authorities said Saturday that the body of a young Syrian man around 20 years old was found Friday. The man was found near Wólka Terechowska, a village in northeastern Poland," The Wall Street Journal reports. "The exact cause of death wasn’t immediately determined, they said."

Nov 14 08:18

UK's Truss Urges EU to Block Nord Stream 2, Demands Kremlin Pressure Belarus to End Migrant Crisis

Warsaw and several other states have baselessly accused Belarus of orchestrating the migrant crisis on its border with Poland. While Minsk is accused of retaliating against Brussels’ sanctions by using what has been dubbed a "hybrid weapon", Belarus stressed it has no resources to stop the migrants due to sanctions imposed by the EU.

UK Foreign Secretary Liz Truss has publicly intervened in the migrant crisis unfolding on the Poland-Belarus border, telling Russia’s President Vladimir Putin the Kremlin had a “clear responsibility” to end Minsk’s attempt to use “desperate migrants as pawns” to destabilise the region.

Writing for The Telegraph, Truss warned that the UK was prepared to act “robustly, decisively and relentlessly” in response to “malign actions, wherever they are in the world”.

Nov 14 08:16

About 50 Migrants Broke Into Polish Territory From Belarus on Saturday, Polish Police Claim

About 50 people stormed their way over to the Polish side of the border with Belarus a day earlier, with 22 of them detained, the police of the Podlaska voivodship said Sunday.
"Yesterday, before 5 pm [16:00 GMT], around 50 people broke into Poland near Starzyn. Twenty-one police officers, as well as soldiers and Border Guard officers, joined the search for migrants who crossed the border illegally. Police officers detained 22 Iraqi citizens," the police tweeted.

Nov 14 08:15

India may face US sanctions as it takes delivery of S-400 missile systems from Russia

Russia has begun supplying India with state-of-the-art S-400 mobile air defense missile systems under the terms of a contract signed in 2018. Moscow has already delivered the top-of-the-range weaponry to China and Turkey.

“The deliveries of the S-400 equipment for India have started, and are proceeding according to schedule,” the head of Russia’s Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation (FSMTC), Dmitry Shugayev, told RIA Novosti.

The value of the exports amounts to $5.4 billion.

The deal could potentially make India liable for penalties owing to the Countering America's Adversaries Through Sanctions Act (CAATSA) law. The 2017 legislation imposed sanctions on Russia in response to alleged meddling in the 2016 presidential election. Iran and North Korea were also targeted, for different stated reasons.

Nov 14 08:14

Russia stocks up as reserves rise to historic rate

Russia’s international reserves rose to an unprecedented $623.2 billion last month, setting a historic record, data released this week by the country’s Central Bank shows.
In just one week ending October 29, Russia’s international reserves increased by $1.6 billion. The growth is mainly attributed to foreign currency purchases under the current budgetary rule, the Central Bank said.

Nov 13 08:57

CIA Chief Comes to Moscow… Russia Gets the U.S. Deep State to Pay Attention

Russia is not going to tolerate any further provocations to its national security. The question now is: can the United States power elite change its belligerent behavior?

The “rare” visit to Moscow last week by CIA chief William Burns signaled a remarkable development. The U.S. political establishment seems to have had a wake-up call to hear directly from Russia’s leadership about its concerns for international peace.

On one hand that indicates how badly bilateral relations have deteriorated. On the other, however, a direct line of communication between Moscow and Washington could help clarify points of conflict and avoid escalation.

Nov 13 08:56

Belarus ARMS migrants: Troops give tear gas to desperate refugees, tear down fences and try to blind Polish soldiers with lasers in new escalation of border warfare

The bitter dispute between Warsaw and Minsk dramatically escalated last night when Belarusian troops ripped up the border fence and prevented Polish soldiers from rebuilding it.

Film footage released this morning by Poland's Border Force reveals how its troops were blinded by lasers and strobe lights as they tried to shore up the frontier.

Hours earlier Belarus forces had destroyed part of the 120 miles of barbed wire fencing that separates the east European states. Migrants were also armed with tear gas by the Belarus military to attack Polish forces once they got across the border.

Nov 13 08:55

Deadly game of cat and mouse in the skies over Europe: Video shows RAF jet intercepting Russian bomber as it heads towards British airspace as as tensions rise in Belarus amid fears of Ukraine invasion

Dramatic cockpit footage has captured the moment an RAF jet intercepted a Russian bomber as it headed towards British airspace on Friday, as tensions on the Poland-Belarus border ratcheted up and fears grew of an invasion of Ukraine.

The two nuclear-capable Russian Tu-160 'White Swan' bombers entered 'the UK area of interest,' the MoD confirmed after the incident.

The Kremlin warplanes approached Dutch airspace before being intercepted by the RAF and were seen heading north into international airspace over the North Sea at around 12.45pm, according to Mil Radar.

Nov 12 13:13

NATO says it remains vigilant over risk of escalation at Belarus borders

NATO said on Friday it is looking out for any escalation in the situation on its members' borders with Belarus, after Belarusian and Russian paratroopers staged joint drills near the Polish and Lithuanian borders.

"We will remain vigilant against the risk of further escalation and provocation by Belarus at its borders with Poland, Lithuania, and Latvia, and will continue to monitor the implications for the security of the alliance," the North Atlantic Council, representing the alliance's member states, said in a statement.

"NATO allies call on Belarus to cease these actions, to respect human rights and fundamental freedoms, and to abide by international law."

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Nov 12 13:08

Kremlin Slams US Claims About Potential Russian Invasion of Ukraine as 'Groundless'

Earlier, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken expressed concern regarding media reports claiming that Russia has been redeploying troops to the border with Ukraine. Moscow refuted these reports as part of a fake news campaign against the country.

Claims by foreign media outlets about Russia's alleged plans to "invade Ukrainian territory" are void and groundless, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov has stated. He slammed these publications for trying to escalate tensions between Russia and other countries.

Peskov further added that movements of the Russian military on the country's own territory should not cause anyone's concern and assured that Moscow threatens no one. Previously, several US media platforms reported a military buildup on Russia's side of the border with Ukraine. Moscow refuted these reports as a fake news campaign directed against the Kremlin.

Nov 12 13:07

Ukraine announces start of ‘energy war’ with Russia

Ukraine is now effectively fighting Russia in a hybrid war waged over energy imports, Kiev has claimed, alleging that Moscow is now working to choke off supplies of fuel needed to power factories and heat homes in the country

In an interview with Kiev’s 1+1 channel on Friday, Deputy Energy Minister Maxim Nemchinov announced that “today, we are in reality locked in a state of war with Russia.” According to him, the neighboring nation is “blocking imports from Kazakhstan, preventing railroad cars laden with coal from traveling to Ukraine, and reducing the order of gas transit capacity.”

The explosive claims come after Andrey Gerus, the head of the energy committee in the country’s parliament, said Russia was blocking the import of Kazakh coal by barring it from traveling on the country’s railways. However, Kazakh officials have since said the delays were down to “restrictions arising from workload of infrastructure on the Russian side.”

Nov 12 13:06

UK Deploys Troops To Poland To "Fortify Border Fence" With Belarus

UK troops are being freshly deployed in Poland to assist in strengthening the border fence at points of entry into the EU along the Belarus-Poland border, at a moment the showdown continues and as Minsk and Moscow are ramping up their rhetoric in condemning Europe's hypocrisy.

Polish defense minister Mariusz B?aszczak made the announcement Friday, saying in a written statement that British military engineers will help repair and fortify border fences which have recently been breached by Middle East migrants on the other side, reportedly with the assistance of Belarusian security forces goading them on.

Nov 12 11:05

US enters Europe's border battle: Blinken is 'looking at ways of dealing' with Lukashenko and Kamala says the 'eyes of the world' are on Belarus after Putin deployed troops and sent in bombers

Vice President Kamala Harris said the U.S. is 'very concerned' about Russian military movements amid a tense immigration crisis in Belarus – warning that the 'eyes of the world' are watching.

Harris spoke about the situation at a press conference in Paris with French President Emmanuel Macron – after Russia conducted bombing exercises with Belarusian forces and built up troops along its border with Ukraine – prompting the U.S. to assert its 'ironclad' commitment to Ukrainian security.

'On the issue of Belarus and what is happening at the border with Poland, we are very concerned about that and closely paying attention to it,' she said.

Nov 12 10:50

Russia set to make Covid-19 vaccination QR codes compulsory for use of public transport

The Russian authorities are drafting a bill to require the presentation of a QR code confirming vaccination against Covid-19 before using long-distance public transport or entering cafes and shops, it was revealed on Thursday.

According to the country’s Covid-19 Operational HQ, the proposal is being worked on in cooperation with “the relevant agencies” and will later be submitted as a bill to be voted on in Parliament.

Aside from post-vaccination, QR codes are also generated when someone can prove that they recently tested positive for the virus or had a recent negative PCR test.

Nov 12 06:44

US Piles Black Sea Tinderbox

A basic rule of fire safety is to isolate flammable material. The United States and its NATO allies are doing the opposite in the Black Sea, piling up an incendiary situation right on Russia’s borders.

A flotilla of NATO members is currently carrying out war drills in the area. They include Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey. Sinisterly, the naval forces of Ukraine are also involved, even though it is not a member of the military alliance. The NATO-backed Kiev regime has continually accused Russia of “aggression” and plotting to invade its territory.

What gives the current NATO manoeuvres a more explosive character is the arrival of American warplanes and warships that are crucial for coordinating a large-scale military offensive. In short, this is a war-footing.

Nov 11 14:36

Latvia warns that NATO could be brought in to ‘defend’ EU’s border with Belarus

Latvia has cautioned that NATO could be called in to help protect the EU’s eastern border amid a rapidly escalating migrant crisis, with Brussels having accused Belarus of flying in refugees as part of a “hybrid war” campaign.
Speaking to local radio on Thursday, Defense Minister Artis Pabriks said that if Belarusian leader Alexander Lukashenko chooses to worsen the situation, then “I cannot rule out that even NATO could become involved, because we must defend our borders and will not open them.”

According to him, the ongoing crisis should strengthen the EU’s resolve to build fortified fences along the border with the eastern European nation. In a broadside against the European Commission, he argued that officials were reacting “very slowly” to the stand-off. “If a way to respond faster isn’t found, the people of Europe will take a much dimmer view of the future potential of the EU,” he continued.

Nov 11 12:16

Baltic States Warn Of Military Clash Over Belarus' "Deliberate Escalation" Of Migrant Crisis

Countries neighboring Belarus and Poland are warning of potential coming military confrontation between the two countries as the migrant border crisis continued escalating in the overnight hours and into Thursday.

"Migrants stranded inside Belarus threw stones and branches at Polish border guards and used tree trunks to try to break down a barbed wire fence overnight in new attempts to force their way into the EU, Warsaw authorities said on Thursday," Reuters described of the scene near the northeast Polish village of Kuznica.

Nov 11 10:58

You sanction us again? We’ll freeze you, Lukashenko warns Europe, threatening to cut gas supply.

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko threatened Thursday to cut gas supplies to Europe as the European Union weighs new sanctions on Belarusian officials and entities, in a sharp escalation of tensions over a migration crisis on the Belarusian-Polish border.

Lukashenko told Belarusian Prime Minister Roman Golovchenko that if Europe imposes new sanctions, “you must not forgive them anything.”

Warning that Belarus would not tolerate the closure of its borders, he told “the leadership of Poland, Lithuanians and other brainless figures to think before speaking.”

European leaders blame Lukashenko for orchestrating the crisis in retaliation for European sanctions. They accuse him of opening Belarusian borders to migrants, mainly from the Middle East and North Africa, who are trying to reach Europe through Belarus.

Nov 11 10:54

Migrant crisis on Belarus border could escalate into war, neighbouring countries warn as Ukraine sends 8,500 troops to its frontier and Lukashenko threatens to cut off gas to Europe

The migrant crisis at the Belarusian border could descend into all-out war, neighbouring countries warned today as Ukraine sent 8,500 reinforcements to its frontier with the Kremlin-backed state.

Tyrant Alexander Lukashenko earlier threatened to cut off Europe's gas supply after Brussels said it would slap Minsk with fresh sanctions for 'weaponising' migrants at the Polish border.

Thousands of desperate refugees from the Middle East and North Africa have been ferried to the Belarus-Poland border this week by Lukashenko's security forces, prompting Poland to deploy 15,000 troops along the line.

Belarusian soldiers have been cutting holes in the barbed wire fence and some 400 migrants, mostly from Syria and Iraq, poured across the frontier last night, a police source told MailOnline.

Nov 11 09:20

Belarus, Russia worried by NATO buildup near their borders — Minsk

Moscow and Minsk have expressed concern over NATO’s buildup near the borders of the Union State, while the alliance prefers not to pay attention to these concerns, Belarussian Foreign Minister Vladimir Makei told a news conference following a joint board meeting of the Russian and Belarusian foreign ministries.

"We paid tremendous attention to arms control and disarmament. This issue is very crucial for both foreign ministries, in particular, in the light of the worsening of previous challenges and the emergence of new ones in the field of global and regional security and the growth of destructive trends towards breaking the existing arms control and disarmament agreements. Time is ripe to recall the term detente, largely forgotten since the Soviet era," Makei said. "In this connection we are expressing concern over the continuing groundless NATO buildup on the borders of the Union State. Regrettably, our Western partners prefer to turn a deaf ear to us."

Nov 11 09:19

“Russia threat that musn’t be underestimated”: NATO holds conference on “threats on northeastern flank”

The annual Baltic Conference on Defense to be held in Tallinn on Nov. 10 will this year focus on the future of NATO and threats and challenges on the northeastern flank.

Participants in the conference include Estonian Minister of Defense Kalle Laanet, his Greek counterpart Nikolaos Panagiotopoulos, British Minister for the Armed Forces James Heappey, NATO’s Assistant Secretary General for Defense Policy and Planning Patrick Turner and commander of NATO’s Multinational Corps Northeast, Lt. Gen. Slawomir Wojciechowski.

The conference will be opened by Estonian President Alar Karis [with] representatives of NATO, the allies and cooperation partners and defense and security policy experts….

Nov 11 09:19

Russian Military Exercises in the Pacific | RT Documentary

Nov 11 09:18

Belarusian army deploys more air defense units along western, northwestern borders

The duty air defense units along the western border and the northwestern border have been reinforced, the Belarusian Defense Ministry told BelTA.

Interaction of units and assets belonging to the Belarusian-Russian joint regional air defense system was practiced on 10 November upon the Belarusian Defense Ministry's decision and with approval of the Russian Defense Ministry. Belarusian Air Force units and Russian ones took part in the drill.

Fighter jets belonging to the joint air defense system practiced interaction in the air. The patrolling of Belarus' aerial border was arranged with assistance of two Russian Tu-22M3 aircraft. Interaction with ground control posts was practiced. The Russian Tu-22M3 aircraft landed at a Russian airfield at an estimated time checkpoint.

Nov 11 09:18

Ukraine completes purge of military, defense and security sectors

Following the recent purges of Ukraine’s chief of the general staff, defense minister, Minister of Reintegration of Temporarily Occupied Territories, etc., most of which has occured since the recent visit of U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin.

The Cabinet of Ministers has dismissed Mykola Chechotkin as head of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine, appointing Serhiy Kruk as acting head of the service.

The decision to that effect was made at a government meeting on Wednesday, November 10, the government’s representative in the Verkhovna Rada, Taras Melnychuk, wrote on Telegram.

Nov 11 08:06

Poland accuses Turkey of 'synchronising' refugee crisis with Belarus and Russia

Poland criticised Turkey on Tuesday for maintaining an open corridor between Istanbul and Minsk, and helping Belarus to bring thousands of refugees to its border with Poland.

“We see that [Turkish actions] are fully synchronised with Belarus and Russia. It bothers us, we don't like it,” said Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki during an emergency parliamentary session.

Morawiecki mostly blames Belarus for Poland's refugee crisis, but says the mastermind is Moscow. But in response to a question, he also criticised Ankara for not doing enough.

“A month or two ago, Turkey seemed to want to work closely with us,” he added. “Our help in extinguishing the fire, our help in promoting the Turkish tourism industry, unfortunately turned out to be a one-way favour. And we don't like it. And we point this out to our Turkish friends.”

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