Jul 31 06:47


This is nothing new, but for some strange reason, the political puppets need you all to wear a mask. Jim Murren, the head of Nevada’s coronavirus task force says it is “not your right to not wear a mask.”

This lacks logic on all fronts. It’s still difficult to figure out why they are so desperate to get as many people as possible in face masks unless this isn’t about logic at all, but control. Murren, who heads the Nevada COVID-19 Response, Relief, and Recovery Task Force, made the comments at the Las Vegas Global Economic Alliance’s Las Vegas Perspective event on Tuesday.

It surprising that people aren’t just returning to their lives and ignoring these tyrants. Just how much enslavement will it take to get Americans to wake up? The masks are not for your good, and they never were.

Jul 31 06:46

Rep. Louie Gohmert: "I'll Use Zinc, Erythromycin, & Hydroxychloroquine" To Fight COVID-19

“My doctor and I are all in,” Rep. Louie Gohmert, R-Texas, told “Hannity” Wednesday while on quarantine from having contacted coronavirus.

“And I got a text just before I came on from a dear friend, [a] doctor, who just found out he had it, and he said he started a HCQ [hydroxychloroquine] regimen, too.”

“So zinc, erythromycin, and hydroxychloroquine,” Gohmert added, “and that will start just in the next day or two.”

Gohmert explained that he found out he had coronavirus only when he was tested when he got invited to join President Trump on a trip to West Texas.

Jul 31 06:12

Racist leftists attack, mock Dr. Stella Immanuel over passion to protect human lives

After bravely taking a stand for health freedom at the recent “White Coat Summit” put on by America’s Frontline Doctors in Washington, D.C., Dr. Stella Immanuel, a black woman from West Africa, is enduring an endless barrage of abuse from leftists, which are relentlessly mocking both her ethnic heritage and her Christian faith.

Headlines such as, “Trump’s New COVID Doctor Says Sex With Demons Makes You Sick,” compliments of the far-left The Daily Beast, are running rampant. And white liberals everywhere are sharing these headlines on social media, and openly making fun of Dr. Immanuel for her deliverance ministry.

Jul 30 15:32

Obama Tells Packed Crowds At John Lewis' Funeral That Mail-In Ballots Needed 'So People Don't Get Sick'

Former president Barack Obama told packed crowds taking part in little social distancing at Rep John Lewis' funeral on Thursday that mail-in ballots are needed "so people don't get sick."

Jul 30 15:30

Dutch Government Won't Advise Public to Wear Masks

While Dr Anthony Fauci on Wednesday told Americans to consider wearing goggles as well as cloth masks, the Dutch government on the same day decided against advising the public to wear masks because they haven't been "proven" to be effective.

Jul 30 15:26

Fauci: People Should Start Wearing Goggles If They Want 'Perfect Protection Of Mucosal Surfaces'

Dr Anthony Fauci told ABC News on Wednesday that people should start wearing goggles if they've got them.

Jul 30 12:36

Economic Nightmare: Nearly 50 Percent Of All The Jobs Lost During The COVID-19 Pandemic “May Be Gone Permanently”

When millions of Americans were losing their jobs at the beginning of this pandemic, we were told not to worry because the lockdowns were just temporary and virtually all of those workers would be going back to their old jobs once the lockdowns ended. Well, now we are finding out that was not even close to true. Over the last 18 weeks, more than 52 million Americans have filed new claims for unemployment benefits, and a very large percentage of them are dealing with a permanent job loss. In fact, one brand new survey discovered that 47 percent of all unemployed workers now believe that their “job loss is likely to be permanent”. The following comes from a USA Today article entitled “Almost half of all jobs lost during pandemic may be gone permanently”…

Jul 30 12:28


The gist of the story is that Curiosity has been detecting sudden bursts of methane erupting from small areas on the surface of Mars. These methane bursts are not explainable by geological processes, which tend to result in methane flowing steadily from large areas. But colonies of bacteria just under the surface would generate methane, which would accumulate until there was enough pressure for a "burp" to pop up through the overhead dust. Curiosity is going to perform more tests to try to confirm biological activity, and when they do, we can count on the present day NASA management to claim credit for what will truly be an Earth-shaking discovery.


Life was proven to exist on Mars back in 1976, during the Viking Missions, but for political reasons, ignored. Here is the story.

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WRH Exclusive
Jul 30 10:20

Medical Board Ends Investigation Into Covid Whistleblowing Doc - The HighWire

Minnesota Senator Scott Jensen, a family physician in his own right, made waves early on during the Covid crisis by alerting the public about new guidance from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). At the time, Sen. Jensen told FOX News host Laura Ingraham that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines for doctors to certify whether a patient has died of coronavirus are a “mess” and predicted that some fatalities initially reported to be COVID-19-related would be reclassified.

Jul 30 09:37

CDC Director Compares Rate of Suicides to COVID-19 Deaths

Micaela Burrow|Posted: Jul 28, 2020 3:15 PM
Center for Disease Control Director Robert Redfield said in a Buck Institute webinar that suicides and drug overdoses have surpassed the death rate for COVID-19 among high school students. Redfield argued that lockdowns and lack of public schooling constituted a disproportionally negative impact on young peoples’ mental health.

Jul 30 08:59

Newsweek op-ed written by Yale professor blasts fake news media, leftist politicians for rejecting hydroxychloroquine

The left-wing media is insistent that any scientist, doctor, or medical professional who supports the use of hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) as a remedy for the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) is guilty of pushing unproven quackery. But is Dr. Harvey A. Risch, M.D., Ph.D., a renowned epidemiologist from Yale University who says HCQ is effective, really a quack?

An op-ed written by Dr. Risch that amazingly appeared in Newsweek makes a solid case for the use of HCQ in the treatment of the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19). And with more than 300 peer-reviewed published studies under his belt, Dr. Risch would seem to know a thing or two about credible science.

In his piece, Dr. Risch explains that HCQ has, in fact, been scientifically shown “to be highly effective, especially when given in combination with the antibiotics azithromycin or doxycycline and the nutritional supplement zinc.”

Jul 30 07:16

Mystery of origin of Stonehenge's giant stones finally solved

The mystery of the origin of giant sarsen stones at Stonehenge has been solved. A team of archaeologists succeeded in decoding the decades old mystery by using a missing piece of the site which was returned after 60 years.
Accoridng to archaeologists, the mysterious stones were brought to an area 15 miles (25km) north of the site near Marlborough. Talking to BBC, English Heritage's Susan Greaney said the discovery was "a real thrill".

Jul 30 05:45


Environmental lawyer Robert F. Kennedy Jr. warned Americans on Thursday to be cautious about any new coronavirus vaccine, pointing out that key parts of testing are being skipped.

“The Moderna vaccine, which is the lead candidate, skipped the animal testing altogether,” Kennedy said during an online debate on mandatory vaccinations with renowned Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz. The debate was aired by Valuetainment and moderated by Patrick Bet-David.

Kennedy is part of a political family, being the son of Senator Robert F. Kennedy and the nephew of President John F. Kennedy. Both were murdered in the 1960s.

Another aspect of testing was equally unsatisfying, Kennedy said. The Moderna vaccine was tested “on 45 people. They had a high-dose group of 15 people, a medium-dose group of 15 people, and a low growth group of 15 people.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Will I take such a vaccine willingly?!?

The short answer is, "HELL, no!!!!"

This is not about health; it is about obscene profits, and who ultimately profits from the deployment of such a vaccine which has been allowed to skip the most normal of protocols.

Jul 30 05:26

Heavy monsoon rains flood Pakistan's largest city

Heavy rains flood Karachi as the annual monsoon downpour hits the region, swamping streets in Pakistan's largest city.

Jul 30 02:52

Are squid teeth the secret to building ‘self-healing’ robots? The Army thinks so

Scientists working with the Army are employing a natural self-healing process using squid teeth in ways that could allow future engineers to manufacture self-fixing parts in soldier clothing, prosthetic legs, personal protective equipment and even robot parts.

The polymer they’ve been able to reproduce is based on a natural protein in the ring teeth of a squid that repairs itself when damaged.

Stephanie McElhinny, program manager at the Army Research Office, told Army Times that while applications for soldiers are still a few years away, what they’ve been able to do is already showing real promise.

Jul 29 23:23

The Biggest Fraud Ever, Part 1: The Hocus "Science" Behind Lockdowns

Authored by Barry Norris via Argonaut Capital,

Fraud (from 14th century Latin) n – deceit, trickery, intentional perversion of truth in order to induce another to part with something of value or to surrender legal rights: and art of deceiving or misrepresenting; imposter, cheat, one who is not who that person pretends to be: something that is not what it appears to be

Hoax (probable contraction of hocus, circa 1796) n - an act intended to trick or dupe: something accepted or established by fraud or fabrication; v – to trick into believing or accepting as genuine something false and often preposterous

Swindle (from Old English, coined circa 1782, “to vanish”) v – to take money or property by fraud or deceit.

- “Great Hoaxes, Swindles, Scandals, Cons, Stings and Scams” Joyce Madison, 1992

Frauds often have powerful counter-narratives.

Jul 29 19:36

American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS) Sues the FDA to End Its Arbitrary Restrictions on Hydroxychloroquine

By Association of American Physicians and Surgeon
Global Research, July 29, 2020

Today, June 2, 2020, the Association of American Physicians & Surgeons (AAPS) filed a lawsuit, AAPS v. FDA, against the Food and Drug Administration to end its arbitrary interference with the use of hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), which President Trump and other world leaders have taken as a prophylaxis against COVID-19.


July 20, 2020 Update:

June 22, 2020 Update:

PDF of complaint:

Jul 29 15:59

The Key to Defeating COVID-19 Already Exists. We Need to Start Using It | Opinion - Newsweek

ON 7/23/20 AT 7:00 AM EDT
As professor of epidemiology at Yale School of Public Health, I have authored over 300 peer-reviewed publications and currently hold senior positions on the editorial boards of several leading journals. I am usually accustomed to advocating for positions within the mainstream of medicine, so have been flummoxed to find that, in the midst of a crisis, I am fighting for a treatment that the data fully support but which, for reasons having nothing to do with a correct understanding of the science, has been pushed to the sidelines. As a result, tens of thousands of patients with COVID-19 are dying unnecessarily. Fortunately, the situation can be reversed easily and quickly.

Jul 29 15:39

Return to the red planet: NASA prepares to launch alien-hunting Mars rover Perseverance tomorrow which will dig up Martian samples and launch the first helicopter on Mars

NASA is set to launch an SUV-sized rover to Mars on Thursday, July 30 with the hopes of answering one question – is there life on the planet?

The Perseverance rover will take flight aboard a United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket at 7:50am ET from Cape Canaveral, Florida and is scheduled to arrive on the Red Planet in February 2021.

The descend to Mars has been described as 'seven minutes of terror,' but if the rover makes a successful landing it will travel to Jerzo Crater - a region scientist speculate was home to a lake 3.5 billion years ago.

Jul 29 10:47

Lockdown-free Sweden is seeing a 'very positive' downward trend in cases, country's coronavirus expert reveals as he dismisses wearing masks on public transport as 'pointless'

Anders Tegnell said the number of seriously sick patients was 'close to zero' with the curve of new virus cases also bending downwards.

Tegnell is also continuing to play down the effectiveness of face masks - saying there is 'no point' wearing them on public transport.

Sweden recorded only 1,716 new cases last week, down from 9,094 just a month earlier, and deaths have also been on the decline.

'The curves go down, and the curves over the seriously ill begin to be very close to zero. As a whole, it is very positive,' Tegnell said.

Jul 29 09:57

'I Hope You All Die!' Unhinged Masked Woman Wishes Death On Un-Masked Children At Walmart

An unhinged masked woman at a Walmart in Georgia was filmed screaming at a mother and telling her children she "hopes" they "all die" because they weren't wearing masks.

Jul 29 07:44

Congressional Testimony: Two Children Dead in Earlier Corona Vaccine Trials


“When I say scientific challenge, one of the things we are not hearing a lot about is potential safety problems of coronavirus vaccines. This was first found in the 1960s with respiratory interstitial virus vaccines done in Washington with the NIH and Children’s National Medical Center. Some of those kids who got the vaccine did worse and I believe there were two deaths. What happens with certain types of respiratory virus vaccine, to get immunized and when you are exposed to the virus you get this paradoxical enhancement phenomenon. We don’t entirely understand the basis of it, that we recognize there’s a real problem with certain respiratory virus vaccines. That killed the program for decades and now the Gates foundation is taking it up again, but then we start developing coronavirus vaccines. We noticed laboratory animals that they started to show some of the same pathology that resembled what it happened years earlier. This is going to be problematic…”

Jul 29 07:37

The people with hidden immunity against Covid-19

Several studies have shown that people infected with Covid-19 tend to have T cells that can target the virus, regardless of whether they have experienced symptoms. So far, so normal. But scientists have also recently discovered that some people can test negative for antibodies against Covid-19 and positive for T cells that can identify the virus. This has led to suspicions that some level of immunity against the disease might be twice as common as was previously thought.

Most bizarrely of all, when researchers tested blood samples taken years before the pandemic started, they found T cells which were specifically tailored to detect proteins on the surface of Covid-19. This suggests that some people already had a pre-existing degree of resistance against the virus before it ever infected a human. And it appears to be surprisingly prevalent: 40-60% of unexposed individuals had these cells.

Jul 29 07:20


Motorcycle accidents ruled Covid deaths? In the rush to paint Florida as the epicenter of the “second wave” of the coronavirus outbreak, government officials and their allies in the mainstream media have stooped to ridiculous depths to maximize the death count. A television station this weekend looked into two highly unusual Covid deaths among victims in their 20s, and when they asked about co-morbidities they were told one victim had none, because his Covid death came in the form of a fatal motorcycle accident.

Sadly, this is not an isolated incident. In fact the “spike” that has dominated the mainstream for the last couple of weeks is full of examples of such trickery.

Washington state last week revised its Covid death numbers downward when it was revealed that anyone who passed away for any reason whatsoever who also had coronavirus was listed as a “Covid-19 death” even if the cause of death had nothing to do with Covid-19.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

For those of you who do not know, Ron Paul was a medical doctor, before becoming a Congressional Representative in Congress; an Obstetrician to be precise, so he does have the medical background necessary to ask these questions, and they are important questions to have asked, and intelligently answered.

Jul 29 06:25

Sweden Defeated The Coronavirus Without A Lockdown - Now Its Companies Are Reaping The Benefits

Progressive critics of the Trump Administration's response to the coronavirus pandemic like to point to Sweden and portray the Nordic country's decision to forego lockdowns as a travesty motivated by greed. Such reductive, black-and-white interpretations are inevitably the result of a childlike analysis where every hero needs to have a hero and a villain. But although Sweden's COVID-19 czar has admitted that he would have changed certain elements of the country's response if he could go back in time, the country's decision to skip lockdowns, and keep the country relatively open, has paid off - even if Sweden does have a significantly higher mortality rate than its neighbors (though still lower than all of the worst-hit western European countries).

Sweden's death-to-infection ratio is relatively high, a reflection of a series of early outbreaks in managed-care homes that led to widespread fatalities among their elderly and vulnerable residents.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So one has to ask; how much of the lockdown in this country was scientific, and how much was political, in order to drive the maximum pain to the into the US economy, and it's people, ahead of November's Presidential elections?!?

Jul 29 05:51

When It Comes To Masks, There Is No "Settled Science"

As the “fifteen days to slow the spread” continues to extend indefinitely, the issue of mask mandates has become increasingly contentious.

The debate has been exacerbated by the inconsistency of the recommendations of authorities (political, scientific, and imaginary). Early in the pandemic, both the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO) advised against the use of masks, except by those who are particularly vulnerable (the elderly and immunocompromised) and their caretakers.

Jul 29 05:46

Scientists revive microbes from 100 million years ago

Scientists have successfully revived microbes that had lain dormant at the bottom of the sea since the age of the dinosaurs, allowing the organisms to eat and even multiply after eons in the deep.

Their research sheds light on the remarkable survival power of some of Earth's most primitive species, which can exist for tens of millions of years with barely any oxygen or food before springing back to life in the lab.

Jul 29 05:36

Scientists Goofed and Accidentally Created a New Kind of Fish

In a wild turn of events, a new kind of fish has been born in a lab entirely by accident. The “sturddlefish” is a hybrid between a Russian sturgeon (Acipenser gueldenstaedtii) and an American paddlefish and came into existence by accident.

Jul 29 05:27

Music lessons do NOT help children's other areas of study like reading and maths, research suggests

This will strike a wrong note with parents who splurge on piano or violin lessons for their children.

New research suggests that music lessons do not help children improve their other cognitive skills such as reading and maths.

A review of 54 scientific studies involving 7,000 children says learning an instrument provides no boost in other areas of study.

Jul 29 05:11

Virtual Opening Ceremony for World's Largest Experimental Fusion Reactor Kicks Off in France

The ITER demonstration reactor is being built next to the Cadarache research centre in southern France jointly by the European Union, Russia, China, India, Japan, South Korea, and the United States.

Sputnik is live from Saint Paul Lez Durance, France as French President Emmanuel Macron and government leaders from six other nations and the EU are holding an opening ceremony for the first-ever International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER).

The launch of the reactor and the production of the first plasma there is expected to take place in 2025.

A total of 35 countries took part in the ITER project. The EU as host of the ITER reactor, contributed 45 percent of the cost of construction, with other countries, including Russia, each contributing 9 percent.

Jul 29 05:08

Gates Funding Genetically Altered Mosquitoes

Oxford-based genetic engineering firm Oxitec has announced a partnership with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to develop a new strain of mosquitoes to combat the spread of malaria. However, while the Gates Foundation has focused on the Mosquito, there has been a covert engineering project to develop a mosquito that spreads vaccine instead of disease. This has already been achieved (see Science Magazine).

There are those who have simply embarked upon genetically altering the world in which we live without and consideration for the long-term consequences. Australia learned its lesson of what happens when you mess with Mother Nature. There were two species of beetles that were decimating sugar cane crops. The beetle’s larvae were eating the roots of the sugar cane and stunting, if not killing, the plants. The anticipated solution was to import the cane toad in 1935.

Jul 29 05:05

Doctor who cured 350 coronavirus patients with 100% success rate speaks out passionately in Washington D.C.

Dr. Stella Immanuel of the Rehoboth Medical Center in Houston, Texas went viral in a matter of hours after appearing live at the “White Coat Summit” in Washington, D.C. in front of the Supreme Court of the United States. Dr. Immanuel gave a hopeful, passionate speech about curing coronavirus patients with 100 percent effectiveness.

The event was led by an organization called America’s Frontline Doctors, a group founded by Dr. Simone Gold, a board-certified physician and attorney. The group of medical doctors came together and presented a message of hope and addressed a “massive disinformation campaign” about the coronavirus — disinformation that is suppressing immune system modulating cures, treatment, and prevention.

Jul 28 14:28

Over 600,000 people sign petition to investigate Bill Gates Foundation for “crimes against humanity and medical malpractice”

More than 600,000 people have signed a petition on the White House’s website requesting that Bill Gates Foundation be investigated for “crimes against humanity and medical malpractice.” The petition, which was launched on April 10, has garnered six times the number of signatures needed in order to get an official response from the White House.

Jul 28 13:46


Banned by the usual suspects on the usual platforms.

Frontline Doctors Whitecoat Summit - (Long Version)
American doctors are holding a “White Coat Summit” on Capitol Hill Monday to address what they call “a massive disinformation campaign” surrounding the Chinese coronavirus to which “American life has fallen casualty.”'
Full Story:

Jul 28 10:28

Twitter Locks Trump Jr Account For Posting Press Conference By Pro-Hydroxychloroquine Doctors

Twitter locked the account of Donald Trump Jr. for approximately 12 hours, after the president's son posted a viral video of doctors touting Hydroxychloroquine to treat COVID-19.

BREAKING: @Twitter & @jack have suspended @DonaldJTrumpJr for posting a viral video of medical doctors talking about Hydroxychloroquine.

Big Tech is the biggest threat to free expression in America today & they're continuing to engage in open election interference - full stop.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Looks like Twitter is having a "Twitrum" (a twitter tantrum) over anything which doesn't advance vaccines, and the zigabucks the pharmaceutical houses will be making when such a vaccine becomes mandatory, no matter what the side effects are.

Jul 28 09:59


Technocrats are raising the bar on sticking needles into your body, saying that a single vaccine won’t be enough. Rather, you will need multiple doses over a short period of time to deliver immunity. ? TN Editor

Bill Gates has warned that multiple doses of any coronavirus vaccine could be necessary as he slammed Donald Trump’s handling of the pandemic.

Microsoft billionaire Gates said “serious mistakes” have been made by the White House as he predicted schools could be closed until fall 2021.

Speaking during an interview with Norah O’Donnell on CBS News, Gates said he had faith in the development of a coronavirus vaccine.

However, he warned it could take an “unbelievably big number” of doses to beat the virus.

He said: “None of the vaccines at this point appear like they’ll work with a single dose.

“That was the hope at the very beginning.”

Jul 28 09:56


On January 12, Professor Kwok Yung Yuen diagnosed a family with the coronavirus in Shenzhen, 700 miles from Wuhan. Only some of the family members had been to the city where the COVID-19 outbreak originated, so Yuen knew immediately that he was seeing evidence of human-to-human transmission of the new coronavirus.

He immediately alerted the authorities in Beijing.

But it took eight days for Beijing to warn the world that the coronavirus, which has now killed almost 650,000 people and infected over 16 million, could be spread through human-to-human transmission.

Yuen, who spoke to the BBC show Panorama for an episode due to be broadcast later on Monday, was helping to investigate the outbreak in Wuhan in early January after other whistleblower doctors had attempted to raise the alarm in late December.

Yuen told the BBC he believes local officials covered up the scale of the initial outbreak by destroying physical evidence and delaying the response to clinical findings.

Jul 28 09:40

NASA will soon try to fly a helicopter over Mars: "It really is like the Wright brothers' moment"

With eight successful Mars landings, NASA is upping the ante with the spacecraft Perseverance. Set for liftoff this week, the newest rover is taking a helicopter along for an otherworldly test flight.

The 4-pound helicopter, Ingenuity, will travel to Mars clutching the rover's belly and, a few months after touchdown, attempt to fly solo. Once dropping onto the Martian surface, Ingenuity will start out like a baby bird, rising 10 feet into the planet's extremely thin atmosphere and flying forward up to 6 feet. With each attempt, it will try to go a little higher and farther.

Jul 28 09:38

Another Expert Confirms Trump Was Right: Hydroxychloroquine Saves Lives, 'Propaganda War' Is Killing People

As the number of deaths from COVID-19 rises, the debate over the effectiveness of the anti-malaria drug hydroxychloroquine has also persisted.

In an op-ed published by Newsweek, Yale Epidemiology Professor Dr. Harvey Risch wrote that hydroxychloroquine is "highly effective, especially when given in combination with the antibiotics azithromycin or doxycycline and the nutritional supplement zinc."

Risch said the drug works against the virus when taken early before it multiplies throughout the body. He said some physicians who prescribed hydroxychloroquine to patients are now being scrutinized for their actions.

Jul 28 09:35

Miniature moon tech wins big with NASA challenge

In April, NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) issued a public challenge, named "Honey I Shrunk the NASA Payload," after the hit movie "Honey, I Shrunk the Kids," from 1989. The public challenge called for people to design instruments that could one day be tiny payloads for future missions to the moon. And on July 14, JPL announced the miniature winners.

Jul 28 09:34

Kennedy Jr. Warns Parents About Danger of Using Largely Untested COVID Vaccines on Kids

Environmental lawyer Robert F. Kennedy Jr. warned Americans on Thursday to be cautious about any new coronavirus vaccine, pointing out that key parts of testing are being skipped.

“The Moderna vaccine, which is the lead candidate, skipped the animal testing altogether,” Kennedy said during an online debate on mandatory vaccinations with renowned Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz. The debate was aired by Valuetainment and moderated by Patrick Bet-David.

Kennedy is part of a political family, being the son of Senator Robert F. Kennedy and the nephew of President John F. Kennedy. Both were murdered in the 1960s.

Another aspect of testing was equally unsatisfying, Kennedy said. The Moderna vaccine was tested “on 45 people. They had a high-dose group of 15 people, a medium-dose group of 15 people, and a low growth group of 15 people.”

Jul 28 08:08

Hydroxychloroquine Is 'the Key to Defeating COVID-19', Says Yale Epidemiologist

Harvey Risch, professor of epidemiology at Yale School of Public Health, says that hydroxychloroquine is “the key to defeating COVID-19” in a Newsweek op-ed published this past week.

“I am usually accustomed to advocating for positions within the mainstream of medicine, so have been flummoxed to find that, in the midst of a crisis, I am fighting for a treatment that the data fully support but which, for reasons having nothing to do with a correct understanding of the science, has been pushed to the sidelines,” Risch wrote. “As a result, tens of thousands of patients with COVID-19 are dying unnecessarily. Fortunately, the situation can be reversed easily and quickly.”

And it can be reversed by the same medication that has become unnecessarily politicized by the media and the Democratic Party over the past several months.

Jul 28 06:21

"It Reeks Of Orwell" - The COVID Coup (& How To Unlock Ourselves)

Authored by Angelo Codevilla via

Establishing any infectious disease’s true lethality is characteristically straightforward: test a large sample of the population proportionately representative of location, age, sex, race, socioeconomic categories. Follow up with the subjects a month later to add up the rate of infections and learn the results thereof. Period. Today, we still lack this definitive, direct knowledge of COVID’s true lethality because bureaucrats have prevented widespread testing for the purpose of firmly establishing the one figure that matters most. That is because that figure’s absence allows them to continue fearmongering.

Jul 28 05:11

Consistent Inaccuracies in COVID-19 Testing and Reporting — Dr. Joseph Mercola

The only consistent thing about COVID-19 testing and reporting so far is their inconsistency. Head-scratching “errors” have plagued us from the get-go, and it sure doesn’t seem to be getting any better. I guess it just goes to show that even with access to incredible data-crunching technology, human ineptitude will ensure no one becomes the wiser. -- The only rational reason for any of the government interventions is to continue to erode your personal freedoms and civil liberties and transfer wealth to those in control. It’s all fearmongering based on a combination of wildly manipulated data and flawed tests. Hopefully, local and federal leaders will wisen up and start issuing saner guidance sooner rather than later.

Jul 28 04:31


Donald Trump, now championing face masks as “patriotic” has also been helping promote the official coronavirus narrative. He now areas with the mainstream media, that the pandemic “probably, unfortunately,” get worse before it gets better.

Remember when Trump said the churches would be open and full on Easter, which was back in April? Well, he seems to be now aligning with the mainstream media’s fear-mongering and promotion of mask-wearing. “We’re asking everybody that when are you are not able to socially distance, wear a mask,” Trump said, a day after tweeting a picture of himself wearing one. “Whether you like the mask or not, they have an impact,” he said.

He is also backing a vaccine, and with the military’s help, will roll it out. He says that’s the priority.

Jul 28 04:26

Boris Johnson calls anti-vaxxers 'nuts' as masks rule goes into effect in England

Face masks are now required for anyone entering shops and other public spaces in England, as UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson promoted a flu immunization program by saying those opposed to vaccines are "nuts."

Jul 28 04:11

Mike Rowe Explains That "Reality" Is Going To Win Against COVID Fearmongering

Mike Rowe became famous as the “Dirty Jobs” jobs guy on the Discovery Channel show that ran from 2005 to 2012. He’s now got a show called Somebody’s Gotta Do It, and he’s recently been filming episodes for that show.

Over the years, Rowe has impressed people, not only with his willingness to try his hand at dangerous and dirty jobs, but for his good sense of humor and his admirable pragmatism. That was on display when he explained that the virus will not stop him from working on his television show. He believes the virus will do what it’s going to do and, therefore, he refuses to give in to panic or stop living.

Jul 28 04:03

Sweden: the One Chart That Matters

While the Covid-19 epidemic continues to drag on in the United States, it’s largely over in Sweden where fatalities have dropped to no more than 2 deaths per day for the last week. Sweden has been harshly criticized in the media for not imposing draconian lockdowns like the United States and the other European countries. Instead, Sweden implemented a policy that was both conventional and sensible. They recommended that people maintain a safe distance between each other and they banned gatherings of 50 people or more. They also asked their elderly citizens to isolate themselves and to avoid interacting with other people as much as possible. Other than that, Swedes were encouraged to work, exercise and get on with their lives as they would normally even though the world was still in the throes of a global pandemic.

Jul 28 04:00

Illinois Media & The State Should Immediately Update Their Message On Hydroxychloroquine

It’s about the most current scientific evidence that hydroxychloroquine, also known as HCQ, is safe and effective for many COVID-19 victims when used with the right combination of other drugs, particularly for high-risk patients who are treated early.

His conclusion:

For the sake of high-risk patients, for the sake of our parents and grandparents, for the sake of the unemployed, for our economy and for our polity, especially those disproportionately affected, we must start treating immediately.

Jul 28 03:58

Next Time You're Called A "Crank" Or "Flat Earther" On Concerns About A 'Rushed' Coronavirus Vaccine, Show Them This

We detailed earlier that a number of US universities will enforce mandatory COVID-19 tests for all students wishing to return to campus through the Fall semester — with some lately announcing that this will be at a rate of two nasal swabs per week — which is a policy, no doubt uncomfortable for those having to endure such "routine" swabs, also appearing among companies for on-site personnel.

And in many parts of the country, cities and counties currently have mask laws requiring them in all public spaces. Given that over the past months the race has been on to develop and fast-track a coronavirus vaccine, the logical next step will be that students and employees provide proof they've received the vaccine before returning to work or school. Naturally, the idea of fast-tracking this process also amid a deeply politically charged climate has people concerned. And they should be, if Bill Gates' latest appearance on CBS is any indicator of where things stand.

Jul 28 03:52

On the correlation between solar activity and large earthquakes worldwide

Large earthquakes occurring worldwide have long been recognized to be non Poisson distributed, so involving some large scale correlation mechanism, which could be internal or external to the Earth. Till now, no statistically significant correlation of the global seismicity with one of the possible mechanisms has been demonstrated yet. In this paper, we analyze 20 years of proton density and velocity data, as recorded by the SOHO satellite, and the worldwide seismicity in the corresponding period, as reported by the ISC-GEM catalogue. We found clear correlation between proton density and the occurrence of large earthquakes (M?>?5.6), with a time shift of one day. The significance of such correlation is very high, with probability to be wrong lower than 10–5. The correlation increases with the magnitude threshold of the seismic catalogue.

Jul 28 03:44

Magma recharging beneath the Weishan volcano of the intraplate Wudalianchi volcanic field, China

A team of geophysicists warned that Wei Mountain in northeast China could be "recharging" for an eruption after two huge magma chambers were discovered under the volcano, which last erupted more than half a million years ago.

The researchers said they discovered two vast magma chambers under Wei in the Wudalianchi volcanic field in Heilongjiang, near the border with North Korea and Russia. The models indicate the chambers dwarf the volcano, which is about 100 m (330 feet) tall and 5 km (3 miles) wide.

The volcano's last eruption was more than 500 000 years ago and was already considered extinct, making the discovery a surprise to the geophysicists.

The researchers have been more focused on Changbai or Paektu Mountain, whose explosion in 946 A.D., was one of the strongest volcanic events in history. But the volcanic fields of Wei and Changbai "would be linked to some degree," the study noted.

Jul 28 03:44

PROTECTING AMERICANS : FDA Now Warning About 87 Hand Sanitizers – Some Already Recalled

The FDA is supposed to protect Americans from harmful products. They have an embarrassingly bad track record and have even been blamed by experts for significantly contributing to the Opioid Crisis.

Jul 28 03:44

Deep recurring earthquakes detected beneath dormant Mauna Kea volcano, Hawaii

USGS seismologists have detected deep long-period earthquakes beneath the dormant Mauna Kea volcano in Hawaii at depths of about 20 to 25 km (12 to 15 miles) occurring with surprising regularity every 7 to 12 minutes. While low-frequency earthquakes are not unusual, there are no other instances of this kind of repetition anywhere in the world. Essentially, more than one million quakes were recorded from 1999 to 2018. Adding together the energy release of the tremors gives a total that is equivalent to an M3.0 earthquake under Mauna Kea every day.

Several years ago, USGS seismologists tried a new method to detect seismicity at Kilauea Volcano, and out of curiosity, they looked at the rest of the island to see what else they might discover. To their surprise, the scientists found deep earthquakes beneath Mauna Kea-- a volcano that has not erupted in over 4 500 years.

Jul 27 19:24

Sweden: the One Chart That Matters

Sweden has been harshly criticized in the media for not imposing draconian lockdowns like the United States and the other European countries. Instead, Sweden implemented a policy that was both conventional and sensible. They recommended that people maintain a safe distance between each other and they banned gatherings of 50 people or more. They also asked their elderly citizens to isolate themselves and to avoid interacting with other people as much as possible. Other than that, Swedes were encouraged to work, exercise and get on with their lives as they would normally even though the world was still in the throes of a global pandemic.

The secret of Sweden’s success is that its experts settled on a strategy that was realistic, sustainable and science-based.

Jul 27 17:36

A NEW STUDY On Vitamin D

The immune system has two lines of defence. The first is the innate arm response. It provides front line soldiers which seek out and eliminate invaders upon contact. The adaptive arm response is the second line of defence. It takes 7 to 10 days to manufacture heavy duty antibodies to eliminate invaders missed by the innate response.

The innate response has one fundamental requirement - vitamin D.

If the body has sufficient vitamin D then the innate response effectively tackles viruses, and it triggers the adaptive response to create anti-inflammatory antibodies which mop up missed viruses.

If the body is deficient in vitamin D then the innate response is compromised, and the adaptive response is triggered to create pro-inflammatory antibodies which have to deal with more than 6 days of viral load.

Are symptomatic viral infections a result of vitamin D deficiency?

Jul 27 12:24

BBC Fact Checking Investigated - Vernon Coleman

International best-selling author, Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA, shows how and why he believes BBC fact checkers are wrong about mask wearing, and provides evidence proving that masks can be dangerous. He also explains how and when British citizens do not have to pay the BBC licence fee.
For more unbiased information about other important issues, please visit The transcripts of the videos that YouTube banned are also on the website (click on the 'Health' button and see top of page).
Thank you for all your encouragement and support.
Please feel free to share this video.

Jul 27 10:15

Vitamin D helps the body fight coronavirus, major Israeli study claims

Vitamin D levels of less than 20 nanograms per milliliter of blood are considered inadequate.

Frenkel-Morgenstern said that people in her sample who tested negative were, on average, within the adequate range, showing a mean vitamin D count of 21 nanograms per milliliter. Those who tested positive were, on average, under the adequate level, with a mean vitamin D count of 19 nanograms per milliliter.

People who went on to be hospitalized after their test had a lower mean vitamin D count: 17 nanograms per milliliter.

Jul 27 08:52

Fast-tracked covid-19 vaccine alters human DNA, turns people into genetically modified property

A new kind of DNA-altering technology, mRNA vaccination, is being fast tracked through clinical studies. Once injected, this nanotechnology is intended to modify the recipient’s DNA, turning the person into a genetically modified organism. A person’s DNA will literally become a unique cell line that can be patented by corporations. Once injected, human cell lines will become patent-able property owned by the biotechnology companies. This is the ultimate form of human slavery, and it is currently being mandated through fear and coercion.

Jul 27 08:27

Magic mushrooms should be made legal in the same way as cannabis so they can be used to treat depression, leading doctors say

Magic mushrooms should be rescheduled in Britain to treat depression, top doctors have said.

Leading experts have called for a change in the law to allow 'shrooms' to be used in a similar way as medicinal cannabis.

But they said recreational use would remain illegal, with Brits caught in possession of the Class A drug facing a jail-term of up to seven years.

Scientific studies have repeatedly shown psilocybin — the psychoactive chemical in magic mushrooms — has promise in boosting mental health, fighting off depression and helping PTSD sufferers.

Jul 27 08:17

100s sickened as salmonella outbreak hits 23 US states

Outbreak of salmonella across 23 US states has sickened hundreds of people, resulting in an investigation by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Oregon has so far reported the most cases of salmonella, 51, with a total of 212 people infected across the states as of July 23.

"This outbreak is rapidly growing in size. A specific food item, grocery store, or restaurant chain has not been identified as the source of infections," the CDC said Friday.

Jul 27 08:15

China rockets to Mars: Tianwen-1 launches on seven-month journey to the Red Planet in space race with US - three days after the UAE's first mission

Tianwen-1 launched aboard a Long March 5 from the southern island of Hainan
It will arrive at Mars in February 2021 after a 7-month, 34-million-mile journey
The mission includes a Mars orbiter, lander and rover that will study Martian soil
It follows the launch of the UAE's successful Mars orbiter on Monday (July 20)
It comes ahead of NASA's scheduled launch of the Perseverance rover on July 30

Jul 26 16:23

Does wearing a mask cause diagnostic tests to read false-positive for COVID?

A person wearing a mask is breathing in his own germs all day long. He breathes them out, as he should, but then he breathes them back in.

It seems evident that this unnatural process would increase the number and variety of germs circulating and replicating in his body; even creating active infection.

Along with this, a decrease in oxygen intake, which occurs when a mask is worn, would allow certain germs to multiply in the body—germs which would otherwise be routinely wiped out or diminished in the presence of an oxygen-rich environment.

Here’s the key: Both the PCR and antibody tests are known for registering false-positive results, since they cross-react with germs which have nothing to do with the reason for the test.

If wearing a mask increases the number and variety of germs replicating in the body, and also increases the chance of developing an active infection…then the likelihood of a false-positive PCR or antibody test is increased.

Jul 26 15:47

Robots Are Being Used In Hospitals To Detect And Fight CV

By Aaron Kesel

Robots are now also taking over healthcare jobs worldwide as its safer for a droid to help disinfect a hospital or help a covid patient than a human who risks getting infected by the still yet mysterious virus...

Jul 26 05:07

The Coverup of the Contaminated Blood Supply and Vaccines

The late Alan Stang pointed out in one of his books that one man whose name could not be revealed, had been high up in the medical establishment, and after retirement gave a very secretive interview to one whom he could trust. He stated that if he had children that could not avoid being vaccinated, he would move to another country where vaccination was not compulsory. He also stated that there was no doubt in his mind vaccines being given to infants as well as other young children were definitely the cause of autism.

He went on to reveal why he could not risk going public with what he knew because of the power and money behind these vaccines. If he went public with the information, this power would come down on him in such a way that would affect not only his retirement, but very possibly his life.

Jul 26 02:32

Wedded bliss... don't bank on it! Married couples are no happier than single or divorced people, 40-year study of 7,500 individuals shows

Married couples aren't any happier than those who are divorced or single, a study spanning 40 years has shown.

Jul 25 15:43

Jeff & David Icke - His New Book ‘The Answer’ And The CV PsyOp - Jeff Rense

Please visit for news and information you'll rarely see in the MSM! For free listening to Jeff's live programs, go to This Jeff Rense Program Hour Is from 07-24-20 with Guest David Icke. Over 20,000 hours of programs with over 15,000 guests are available 24/7 in our Archives! Go here for easy, quick sign-up instructions

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Study Finds That Full Lockdowns Did Not Reduce Coronavirus Mortality Rate

A study published Tuesday in The Lancet medical journal found that full lockdowns, border closures and high rates of coronavirus testing are not associated with a statistically significant reduction in the total number of critical cases or the virus’s overall mortality rate.

However, the study, which was based on data from the 50 countries with the most reported cases as of May 1, noted that lockdowns and border closures are likely associated with better overall health outcomes, as the measures helped drive down the rate of the virus’s transmission and reduce the load on hospital systems.

Jul 24 12:43

Going nuclear: NASA's Perseverance Mars rover gets its power source for July 30 launch

NASA's Perseverance Mars rover is ready to roll on the surface of the Red Planet now that its nuclear power source has been installed.

That update came via Tory Bruno, head of United Launch Alliance, which is responsible for launching Perseverance on its way next Thursday (July 30). The installation is a vital step toward liftoff for the rover, which will rely on the power system, called a Multi-Mission Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generator (MMRTG), to keep its instruments running and to stay warm during the cold Martian nights and winters.

Jul 24 12:36

This New Face Mask Is As Effective As an N95

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has recommended wearing a cloth face covering since April. And even though cloth masks can help slow the spread of the coronavirus, the CDC has also repeatedly told citizens to hold off on buying up medical-grade N95 surgical masks so those on the frontlines can have access to them. But now, there's a new face mask that's as effective as an N95, which can help relieve supply issues while keeping wearers just as safe, CNBC reports.

The updated PPE, which was developed by engineers and researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston, are silicon-based masks called Injection Molded Autoclavable, Scalable, Conformable—or iMASC, for short. The easily-sanitized devices use small filtration holes covered with N95 fabric, drastically reducing the amount of material needed to provide protection.

Jul 24 10:41


For several years now, the police and other authorities in China have been collecting across the country DNA samples from millions of men and boys who aren’t suspected of having committed any crime.

Jul 24 07:59

Consuming alliums like onions and garlic found to lower colorectal cancer risk by 79 percent

In a recent study published in the Asia-Pacific Journal of Clinical Oncology, Chinese researchers found that eating high amounts of allium vegetables corresponded to a 79 percent reduction in colorectal cancer risk.

According to senior author Zhi Li from The First Hospital of China Medical University, their findings highlight a trend: The greater the amount of alliums consumed, the better the protection against colorectal cancer.

Jul 24 03:59

Never-before-seen bacteria kills 60,000 fish in California

Bulging eyes, erratic swimming, darkened skin and a swollen abdomen.

These are the symptoms of a mysterious new bacterial infection killing tens of thousands of fish in California right now, reports the Daily Press in Victorville.

A bacteria identified as Lactococcus garvieae, which had never been found in the state until April, has caused a mass outbreak of disease killing up to 60,000 fish at the Mojave River Hatchery in San Bernardino County.

Jul 24 03:58

Record 1,100 dead dolphins wash up on French coast

Dead dolphins are washing up on France's Atlantic coast in such high numbers that local populations of the mammals are at risk, marine biologists say.

The overwhelming majority drowned in the nets of fishing trawlers. Post mortems often show fractures, broken tails and flippers and deep incisions cut into their skin by the nets. Some have been mutilated as fishermen release their bodies.

"We're reaching mortality rates that threaten the survival of the dolphin population in the Bay of Gascony," said Morgane Perri, a marine biologist in Brittany, western France.

Jul 23 20:06

FDA Recalls 75 Hand Sanitizer Brands for Being Potentially Toxic and Deadly (List Included)

By B.N. Frank

It wasn’t even 2 weeks ago that the “Better Late than Never” Food and Drug Administration (FDA) expanded their warnings from 9 potentially toxic and deadly hand sanitizers to 14 brands. Now they are saying it’s more like 75...

Jul 23 16:06

Breakthrough: Tuesday 4:20 PM, Vienna, America is given a COVID cure, Will it be withheld?

What is being asserted here?

This information held here is a roadmap to rid the United States of COVID 19 in months, not years, perhaps even weeks. The success of this method using GANS technology is 95%.

Key areas of Iran are now successfully treating COVID 19. These proprietary technologies have been offered to the US free of charge. The photos below are Keshe based treatment facilities and distribution in Iran:

Jul 23 15:19

THE COVID-19 EXIT STRATEGY - #COVEXIT #COVID #HerdImmunity - The HighWire with Del Bigtree


MN State Senator Under Fire; Covid Collapse in the U.S.?; Have you Herd? A Messy Message from Del; Biostatistician, Knut Wittkowski Has an Exit Strategy

#COVEXIT #COVID-19 #HerdImmunity #ExitStrategy #DelGetsMessy

Jul 23 09:44

DEADLY COVER UP: Fauci Approved Hydroxychloroquine 15 Years Ago to Cure Coronaviruses; “Nobody Needed to Die”

Dr. Anthony Fauci, whose “expert” advice to President Trump has resulted in the complete shutdown of the greatest economic engine in world history, has known since 2005 that chloroquine is an effective inhibitor of coronaviruses.

How did he know this? Because of research done by the National Institutes of Health, of which he is the director. In connection with the SARS outbreak – caused by a coronavirus dubbed SARS- CoV – the NIH researched chloroquine and concluded that it was effective at stopping the SARS coronavirus in its tracks. The COVID-19 bug is likewise a coronavirus, labeled SARS-CoV-2.

Jul 23 09:39

Mars as you've never seen it before: Incredible images captured from the Martian surface by NASA rovers are remastered in stunning ultra high definition by space fans

Images of Mars captured by various NASA rovers as they trundle along the surface of the Red Planet have been remastered and 'upscaled' by a team of space fans.

British YouTubers ElderFox Documentaries have taken thousands of pictures and converted them into ultra high definition for a 'world first' view of the Red Planet.

The team describe their documentary as 'the most lifelike experience of being on Mars' and since being uploaded on July 17 it has had over 2.3 million views.

They put the images together into a ten minute video that takes the viewer on a journey through the eyes of the NASA Spirit, Curiosity and Opportunity rovers.