May 30 20:47

Researchers: Vitamin D deficiency may lead to severe COVID-19 complications, death

One of the findings of the Northwestern University researchers indicated that patients from countries with high COVID-19 mortality rates, such as Italy, Spain and the U.K., often exhibited lower levels of vitamin D than patients from other countries that were not as severely affected.

In addition, patients who manifested severe vitamin D deficiency had a 17.3 percent risk of developing severe COVID-19 symptoms, compared to patients with normal vitamin D levels who only had a 14.6 percent risk.

Upon further analysis, the researchers also found a strong correlation between vitamin D deficiency and cytokine storms, a potentially fatal type of complication that usually arises when the immune system goes into overdrive.


[T]he majority of COVID-19 fatalities are actually caused by cytokine storms.

May 30 20:43

Volunteer experienced severe 103 F fever after receiving experimental coronavirus vaccine

A volunteer who participated in clinical trials for Moderna Therapeutics’ Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine says he suffered serious side effects during the testing stage. However, Ian Haydon says that he doesn’t regret it and still wants people to get the vaccine when it’s available.

Despite experiencing these side effects, Haydon remains an advocate of the vaccine. The 29-year old Seattle native had previously spoken about the vaccine on CNN and CNBC, stating that he’d even volunteer to be exposed to SARS-CoV-2 – the pathogen behind the pandemic – if researchers want to see if the vaccine is actually effective.

But Haydon also admitted to STAT News that he wanted to speak up about his negative experiences as a counterbalance to the desperation that some feel to push a vaccine to market regardless of the consequences.

May 30 14:47

Things made me feel alive when I was hit with cancer

Watch now to know the things that helped me stay alive in the weirdest and hardest times

May 30 07:20

Were Conditions for High Death Rates at Care Homes Created on Purpose?

During the COVID-19 pandemic, people in care homes have been dying in droves.

Why is this happening? Is it simply because older adults are very vulnerable to SARS-CoV-2 and therefore it’s not unexpected that many would succumb?

Or do care homes deserve the lion’s share of the blame, such as by paying so poorly that many workers have to split their time between several facilities, spreading the virus in the process?

Alternatively, could medical experts and government bureaucrats, with the full knowledge of at least the top tier of government officials, have created conditions shortly after the pandemic struck that contribute to the high death tolls while engendering virtually no public backlash against themselves?

This article shows that the third hypothesis is highly plausible. The people who created the conditions may be unaware of, or oblivious to, their implications. But it’s also possible that at least some of them know exactly what they’re doing.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

As Mike will tell you, I am the industrial-strength "Polyanna" in this little family of two. That being said, and although I would like the answers to the questions asked here, be a simple, "HELL, no!!", what the author is proposing may well be very plausible.

Not all nursing homes, or assisted living places are the same, and I understand that because I have family members still in lock-down in two assisted living facilities, which are moving heaven and earth not to get even one guest ill with this horrific bug.

May 30 05:37

"It Felt Like An Earthquake": SpaceX Prototype Starship Blows Up In Massive Explosion Day Ahead Of Manned Launch

In a horribly spectacular failure with the added bad timing of coming almost exactly 24 hours ahead of SpaceX and NASA's rescheduled attempt to make history by launching two astronauts into Earth's orbit as part of work on the Commercial Crew program, set for 3:22 pm ET Saturday weather permitting, the Raptor engine in SpaceX's Starship SN4 prototype blew up on its test stand in Boca Chica, Texas.

“SpaceX just experienced the biggest explosion yet at its Texas site, where it’s testing prototypes for a Mars rocket,” The Atlantic's Marina Koren reported Friday afternoon.

"A resident who lives nearby — just 2 miles away — said it felt like an earthquake," she added. Koren noted that at this point it doesn't appear anyone in the surrounding community was hurt in the massive blast which shook the area for miles.

May 29 21:45

I’ve signed death certificates during Covid-19. Here’s why you can’t trust any of the statistics on the number of victims

By Malcolm Kendrick, doctor and author who works as a GP in the National Health Service in England.


Then, along comes Covid-19, and many of the rules – such as they were – went straight out the window. At one point, it was even suggested that relatives could fill in death certificates, if no-one else was available. Though I am not sure this ever happened.

What were we now supposed to do? If an elderly person died in a care home, or at home, did they die of Covid-19? Well, frankly, who knows? Especially if they didn’t have a test for Covid-19 – which for several weeks was not even allowed. Only patients entering hospital were deemed worthy of a test. No-one else.

What advice was given? It varied throughout the country, and from coroner to coroner – and from day to day. Was every person in a care home now to be diagnosed as dying of the coronavirus ? Well, that was certainly the advice given in several parts of the UK.

May 29 21:02

Vitamin D appears to play role in COVID-19 mortality rates

After studying global data from the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, researchers have discovered a strong correlation between severe vitamin D deficiency and mortality rates.

Led by Northwestern University, the research team conducted a statistical analysis of data from hospitals and clinics across China, France, Germany, Italy, Iran, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland, the United Kingdom (UK) and the United States.

The researchers noted that patients from countries with high COVID-19 mortality rates, such as Italy, Spain and the UK, had lower levels of vitamin D compared to patients in countries that were not as severely affected.


“Our analysis shows that it might be as high as cutting the mortality rate in half,” Backman said. “It will not prevent a patient from contracting the virus, but it may reduce complications and prevent death in those who are infected.”

May 29 11:31

India backs hydroxychloroquine for coronavirus prevention

India's top biomedical research body on Tuesday (May 26) backed the use of the anti-malarial hydroxychloroquine as a preventive against coronavirus, after the WHO suspended clinical trials of the drug over safety concerns.

May 29 09:33

How Scientists Influenced Monkeys’ Decisions Using Ultrasound in Their Brains

A few years ago, in a pitch black room at Stanford University, a monkey sat silently in his custom-made chair, utterly bewildered.

It wasn’t because of the head brace, which held his head completely still. It wasn’t the LCD screen blasting bright light in his face. It wasn’t even the abstract shapes that randomly popped up on the screen; he knew if he picked them wisely with his gaze he’d get a sip of deliciously sweet juice. What puzzled him was that sometimes he just couldn’t make the correct decision. He’d look at the wrong target, knowing it was wrong, but still stare at it like a puppet. It was as if someone was playing with his brain.

In this case, the monkey was right. A team of scientists was pulsing imperceptible ultrasound waves through his skull into frontal parts of his brain, and tacitly controlling which object he looked at. The monkey no longer had a choice.

If that’s possible with rhesus macaque monkeys, could we be next?

May 29 09:19

Prestigious medical journal urges outpatient use of hydroxychloroquine regimen for COVID-19

A prestigious medical journal is criticizing news media coverage of hydroxychlorioquine in the battle against coronavirus, saying there is evidence the anti-malarial drug combined with the antibiotic azithromycin helps in the early stages of outpatient treatment.

"These medications need to be widely available and promoted immediately for physicians to prescribe," the American Journal of Epidemiology reported in an article published this week that pushed back against claims the regimen has been dangerous or ineffective in all cases.

May 29 06:28

JAMA Bombshell: "universal masking may lead to more transmission of Covid-19"

A new article published in The New England Journal of Medicine points out that the main benefit of masks is that it eases anxiety of some people, which JAMA points out "may not be strictly logical." Here are some key excerpts from the New JAMA article: "We know that wearing a mask outside health care facilities offers little, if any, protection from infection. Focusing on universal masking alone may, paradoxically, lead to more transmission of Covid-19 if it diverts attention from implementing more fundamental infection-control measures...fear and anxiety are better countered with data and education than with a marginally beneficial mask, particularly in light of the worldwide mask shortage, but it is difficult to get clinicians to hear this message in the heat of the current crisis.

May 29 05:46

JAMA Bombshell: "Universal masking may lead to more transmission of Covid-19

A new article published in The New England Journal of Medicine points out that the main benefit of masks is that it eases anxiety of some people, which JAMA points out "may not be strictly logical." Here are some key excerpts from the JAMA article: "We know that wearing a mask outside health care facilities offers little, if any, protection from infection. Focusing on universal masking alone may, paradoxically, lead to more transmission of Covid-19 if it diverts attention from implementing more fundamental infection-control measures...fear and anxiety are better countered with data and education than with a marginally beneficial mask, particularly in light of the worldwide mask shortage, but it is difficult to get clinicians to hear this message in the heat of the current crisis

May 29 05:09

Study Prompting W.H.O. to Halt Hydroxychloroquine Trials Questioned

Organization (W.H.O.) to halt clinical trials of the drug hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) as a treatment for the infection caused by the Chinese coronavirus has been called into question.

Physicians and researchers are raising concerns about the study, published in the Lancet, that stem from the fact that the source of some of the data for the study could not be determined.

May 28 15:05

Ventura County CA Health Officer Explains Why He Won't Issue A Facemask Order (Video)

1. There is no incontrovertible, compelling or even a preponderance of evidence to support an Order to wear a cloth mask in the community setting at this time. 2. I am supportive of cashiers and customers wearing cloth masks inside a grocery store or any essential business where social distancing is difficult to maintain. Supporting evidence is not strong enough to issue an Order to mandate the use of cloth masks at this time;

May 28 12:45

'Thousands' Of Dutch COVID-19 Survivors Likely Have Permanent Lung Damage According To Top Pulmonologist

COVID-19 may be far less deadly than originally projected - and asymptomatic cases may be even more common than first suspected, but for those who have caught it and come down with symptoms, the disease can result in lasting symptoms, including shortness of breath, lethargy, recurrent fevers, headaches, itchiness and other mystery problems that aren't going away.

To that end, a top pulmonologist in the Netherlands says that thousands of Dutch residents who have recovered from COVID-19 may be left with permanent lung damage, resulting in decreased lung capacity and difficulty absorbing oxygen.

May 28 11:46

COVID19: A Controlled Study

By Colleen Huber, NMD


The COVID19 era is characterized among other things by lockdowns in countries around the world and in US states, imposed by their governments, attempting to limit movement, activities and commerce of individuals and businesses, for the stated goal of limiting COVID19 incidence and mortality.

In this paper, I examine CDC data regarding the COVID19 deaths in US states that did not have lockdowns (the control group), herein “free states,” compared to neighboring states that did have lockdowns (the experimental group), herein “locked states.” I examined neighboring states that share long borders, rather than touching at only corners or short segments, and then I examine neighboring states, free vs lockdown, that have similar population density...

May 28 08:50

Even mild coronavirus illness leads to antibodies: French study raises hope of immunity for Covid-19 patients who escaped severe symptoms

Researchers analysed the blood of 160 medics who all had a mild form of Covid-19 and had not needed hospital care.

They found 99.4 per cent of the group had antibodies to the virus 13 days after their symptoms, which signals they have some form of protection against it.

May 28 07:55

Physician Warns: "Continuing pointless lockdowns will only cause needless suffering and death. It needs to stop now."

Dr. David Lang, M.D. of Wisconsin recently posted a very good opinion piece on Facebook in the Reopen California group. he also addresses the issue of masks

May 28 07:55

Physician Warns: "Continuing pointless lockdowns will only cause needless suffering and death. It needs to stop now."

Dr. David Lang, M.D. of Wisconsin recently posted a very good opinion piece on Facebook in the Reopen California group. he also addresses the issue of masks

May 28 06:26

15 Largest Things / Living Things on Earth

From dinosaurs to large flying birds, the world was once ruled by large creatures. Luckily, some of them are still with us today, and their sheer size never fail to captivate us.

May 28 05:37

Husband and wife are executed by firing squad after trying to flee North Korea amid country's coronavirus quarantine

A couple in their 50s were executed by firing squad at the North Korea border
They tried to flee from the Ryanggang province into China earlier this month
Their 14-year-old nephew was with them but escaped death due to his age
Locals claimed the husband and wife were returning the boy to his parents

May 28 05:25

Heartbreaking video shows toddler playing next to his mother's body after she collapsed and died on a packed train taking her to her home village amid India's coronavirus lockdown

Arbina Khatoon, 35, collapsed and died on train in northern India on Wednesday
She was a migrant worker who had lost her job amid the country's lockdown
The Indian government has been charting special trains to take the migrants back to their home villages, often thousands of miles away
Nine migrants including a two-year-old child have died on the trains this week

May 27 18:59

CDC Confirms Extremely Low COVID-19 Death Rate

The CDC just came out with a report that should be earth-shattering to the narrative of the political class, yet it will go into the thick pile of vital data and information about the virus that is not getting out to the public. For the first time, the CDC has attempted to offer a real estimate of the overall death rate for COVID-19, and under its most likely scenario, the number is 0.26%. Officials estimate a 0.4% fatality rate among those who are symptomatic and project a 35% rate of asymptomatic cases among those infected, which drops the overall infection fatality rate (IFR) to just 0.26% — almost exactly where Stanford researchers pegged it a month ago.


Until now, we have been ridiculed for thinking the death rate was that low, as opposed to the 3.4% estimate of the World Health Organization, which helped drive the panic and the lockdowns. Now the CDC is agreeing to the lower rate in plain ink.

May 27 16:41

Odds of Death: A Numbers Game

I was pondering the odds of dying from Covid19, so I divided the US population by the (supposed) number of US Covid deaths to date. It turns out 1 in 3281 die from Covid, thus indicating the following are considerably more deadly:

Heart disease: 1 in 6
Cancer: 1 in 7
Stroke: 1 in 28
Accidental poisoning by toxic substances: 1 in 130
Falls: 1 in 171
Car accident: 1 in 303
Assault by firearms: 1 in 306
Motorcycle accident: 1 in 770
Accidental drowning: 1 in 1,123
Exposure to smoke/fire: 1 in 1,177

It strikes me that the corporate media is making much ado about nothing.

Also, more than 2700 children are born in the US every day. There are only 3 days where the Covid death rate has exceeded this

Why do we need a "new normal"?

May 27 13:37

Covid-19 & Blood Clots, Cayenne, Cocoa, Pink Salt, and More

Covid19 binds to and smothers ACE2 which is needed to convert angiotensin 2 to 1,7, which as a result causes all kinds of blood vessel endothelial damage and thrombosis, mainly ROS and increased von Willebrand clotting factors. The tiny blood vessels in the lungs, kidneys, heart and even brain can get clots, and oxygen goes down. Here I talk about various treatments that counteract this and helped me during my recovery stage of the infection.

May 27 12:17


Webmaster's Commentary: 

Good luck to the Dragon and her crew, including the thousands of SpaceX employees who through sheer force of will have brought us to this moment.

May 27 11:57

French Intelligence Warned Of 'Catastrophic Leak' From Wuhan Lab

Eleven years before the joint construction of the Wuhan Institute of Virology, French intelligence services warned Paris that China's reputation for poor bio-security could lead to a 'catastrophic leak,' according to the Daily Mail.

In 2004, the EU's chief brexit negotiator, Michael Barnier, ignored those warnings - signing off on the lab's construction when he was the French foreign minister.

May 27 11:57

Yemeni gravediggers overwhelmed amid spike in virus deaths

At a cemetery in Yemen’s largest southern city, dozens of fresh graves were a testament to a spike in deaths amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The cemetery workers who bury them don’t know what killed the newly deceased. But there’s no denying that there's been an increasing number of people getting sick in the port city of Aden — likely from the coronavirus.

Many are buried with few precautions and only a small number of attendees. Workers wear masks or cover their faces with a cloth.

May 27 11:14

"Like It Was Designed To Infect Humans": COVID-19 'Cell Culture' Theory Gains Steam

A scientific study which found COVID-19 may have been a "cell-culture" uniquely adapted for transmission to humans (more so than any other animal - including bats), is gaining steam.

May 27 11:05


Doctors at a hospital in California say they have recorded more deaths from suicide than coronavirus, with a year’s worth of suicides and suicide attempts being recorded in a 4 week period.

“Doctors at John Muir Medical Center in Walnut Creek say they have seen more deaths by suicide during this quarantine period than deaths from the COVID-19 virus,” reports ABC 7.

Dr. Mike deBoisblanc, the head of trauma at the hospital, said that he’d never seen suicide at this rate and that the numbers were “unprecedented.” He now says its time to fully end the lockdown.

“I think, originally, this (the shelter-in-place order) was put in place to flatten the curve and to make sure hospitals have the resources to take care of COVID patients.We have the current resources to do that and our other community health is suffering,” said Dr. deBoisblanc.

A veteran nurse who has been at the hospital for 33 years also sounded the alarm bell.

May 27 10:54

New Jersey lowers Covid-19 death toll at long-term care facilities by 1,400

New Jersey on Tuesday lowered the number of reported coronavirus-related deaths at the state’s long-term care facilities by about 1,400, after health officials determined those residents had not received a lab-confirmed diagnosis for Covid-19 before they died.

The state will now report only lab-confirmed Covid-19 deaths occurring at long-term care facilities. As of Tuesday, that number was 4,295, down from nearly 5,700 on Monday.

May 27 02:10

Poll: A Quarter Of Americans Are Uninterested in Getting Coronavirus Vaccine

Around a quarter of American adults (some 52 million out of 210 million adults) have little to no interest in taking a coronavirus vaccine with most saying they're nervous about the vaccines being rushed and do not trust the people creating the vaccines, according to a new Reuters/Ipsos poll.

May 26 18:54

Vaccine Expert Testifies to Congress That Coronavirus Vaccine Killed 2 Children

Dr. Peter Hotez Addressing House Science, Space, and Technology Committee Hearing on Coronavirus, March 5, 2020 : "When I say scientific challenge, one of the things we are not hearing a lot about is potential safety problems of coronavirus vaccines. This was first found in the 1960s with respiratory interstitial virus vaccines done in Washington with the NIH and Children's National Medical Center. Some of those kids who got the vaccine did worse and I believe there were two deaths. What happens with certain types of respiratory virus vaccine, to get immunized and when you are exposed to the virus you get this paradoxical enhancement phenomenon. We don't entirely understand the basis of it, that we recognize there's a real problem with certain respiratory virus vaccines. That killed the program for decades and now the Gates foundation is taking it up again, but then we start developing coronavirus vaccines.

May 26 16:22

Mandated Vaccinations, Get Ready To Say "NO!"

"This video clearly explains how to protect yourself from any attempted forced vaccination program."

Informative video with links at [ts]

May 26 15:38

MSNBC Reporter Humiliated After Trying to Shame Wisconsinites For Not Wearing Masks

MSNBC reporter Cal Perry bashed Wisconsinites for not wearing masks during a live broadcast on Memorial Day only to be forced to hang his head in shame after a bystander pointed out his cameraman and half his crew were not wearing them either.

May 26 09:21

Face masks are too dangerous for children under two and make it too difficult for them to breathe, Japanese experts warn

The Japan Paediatric Association has advised parents not to place masks on infants under two - despite Japan's coronavirus guidelines urging every individual to wear a mask.

In a leaflet issued to the Japanese public the medical body warned that infants could experience an increased burden on their lungs due to the covering of their mouths, reports CNN.

They added that the masks also obstruct the child's face, making it more difficult for parents to notice changes in expression or the colour to the face which could indicate breathing issues.

May 26 07:46

SpaceX, NASA and other space agencies could be charged a yearly-fee of up to $235,000 for every satellite they launch to try and clamp down on debris in orbit

Researchers from the University of Colorado Boulder say an international agreement would be needed in order to charge operators 'orbital use fees' for every satellite.

The amount charged would increase each year to 2040 up to $235,000, according to the team, who say the orbit becomes clearer each year, reducing the risk costs.

The team say that by charging an annual fee for every satellite in orbit, companies would have an incentive to remove them when they are no longer needed.

About 20,000 objects, including satellites and space debris are crowding low-Earth orbit and a collision between objects could generate thousands of small pieces.

May 25 21:12

The Remdesivir Study Is Finally Out: Drug Only Helped Those On Oxygen, Finds Mortality Too High For Standalone Treatment

According to a pivotal study published in the New England Journal of Medicine late on Friday, Remdesivir, which was authorized to treat Covid-19 in a group of 1063 adults and children (split into two groups, one receiving placebo instead of remdesivir) who need i) supplemental oxygen, ii) a ventilator or iii) extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO), only significantly helped those on supplemental oxygen.

May 25 09:45

Birch Tree Medicine and BigPharma

Chaga is a medicinal derived from the great northern arc of birch forests, with centuries of use, allegedly anti-degenerative-disease and bing bing, anti-viral. We're unlikely to hear a word about it in the televised scuffles about which drug, cheap with decades of data, or new ones, profiteer-priced.

When the dragon disease reports reached relatives in the PNW, they sent Chaga across, before everything was shut down--roads barricaded, apartment doors welded shut, no flights from there to anywhere within the dragon. It being Lunar New Year, and traditionally the major travel time, big go-ahead was given to international destinations.

A doctor of dragon medicine in the quarantined industrial city, prescribed Chaga. His patients did not get sick, did not die, according to anecdotal report. You may note that words no longer permitted by techie arbiters of Free Speech are missing, in order to sidestep slap-down. Good thing I have sufficient vocabulary to draw on.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

In these days of enforced (and soon to be very enforced vaccinations, particularly for Covid-19, in which the US military appears to be getting ready to be involved), it is comforting to know that there are still some natural resources which may be of help. I have not tried this myself, but the person who forwarded it to me has a near-encyclopedic understanding of natural ways of assisting the human immune system.

Here are some other bits of information about this, which may also be useful.

Nine potential health benefits of chaga mushrooms

The Health Benefits of Chaga Mushrooms

Your Top 7 Questions about Chaga Mushrooms Answered

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center:Chaga Mushroom

LIFE - Chaga Health Benefits: 7 Reasons To Consume This Mushroom

Chaga Mushroom: The Immune-Boosting Superfood

May 25 07:23

"Nothing Can Justify This Destruction Of People's Lives"

spiked: You have described the global response to coronavirus as hysteria. Can you explain that?

Yoram Lass: It is the first epidemic in history which is accompanied by another epidemic – the virus of the social networks. These new media have brainwashed entire populations. What you get is fear and anxiety, and an inability to look at real data. And therefore you have all the ingredients for monstrous hysteria.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

It is pretty easy to see, that single country with a lock-down mechanism, is using that lock-down mechanism to justify ever-more Dystopian restrictions on the freedoms of its citizens.

May 25 07:03


By Katitza Rodriguez and Seth Schoen

Time and again, governments have used crises to expand their power, and often their intrusion into citizens’ lives. The COVID-19 pandemic has seen this pattern play out on a huge scale. From deploying drones or ankle monitors to enforce quarantine orders to proposals to use face recognition or thermal imaging cameras for monitoring public spaces, governments around the world have been adopting intrusive measures in their quest to contain the pandemic.

May 25 06:54


On Friday, Donald Trump announced his appointment of Moncef Slaoui, a former executive with vaccine manufacturer GlaxoSmithKline, to lead “Operation Warp Speed”, Trump’s plan to fast track the development of vaccines for COVID-19. Slaoui will serve in a volunteer position, assisted by Army Gen. Gustave Perna, the commander of United States Army Materiel Command.

According to the Trump administration, Operation Warp Speed program is focusing on four vaccines, with the hopes of testing and producing 100 million doses by October 2020, 200 million by December, and 300 million doses by January. At Friday’s press conference, Slaoui said he believes the goal of vaccines by January 2021 is a “credible goal”. Secretary of Defense Mark Esper was more adamant, stating that, “winning matters and we will deliver, by the end of this year, a vaccine”.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

(Sigh) it appears that the guy who, previous to the last election swore to the American voters that he would "drain the swamp" in DC, is surfing in the wake of its pond scum.

Bill Gates has blood on his hands from previous medical trials gone horrifically south, and if President Trump is aligning with one of his minions, in this case, it doesn't at all look good for any kind of vaccine freedom whatsoever.

And there is an article from May of last year, with which you should familiarize yourself: HRSA Vaccine Compensation

The article goes on to state: "How many petitions have been awarded compensation?
According to the CDC, from 2006 to 2017 over 3.4 billion doses of covered vaccines were distributed in
the U.S. For petitions filed in this time period, 6,293 petitions were adjudicated by the Court, and of
those 4,311 were compensated. This means for every 1 million doses of vaccine that were distributed,
approximately 1 individual was compensated.
Since 1988, over 20,629 petitions have been filed with the VICP. Over that 30-year time period, 17,875
petitions have been adjudicated, with 6,551 of those determined to be compensable, while 11,324 were
dismissed. Total compensation paid over the life of the program is approximately $4.1 billion.

And remember; all the proof for these cases, rests entirely on the shoulders of the plaintiffs. $4.1 billion is a hell of a lot of money to have had to pay out on allegedly "safe" vaccines.

May 25 03:44

7 Biggest Coronavirus Mysteries No One Can Explain

COVID-19 has dominated basically everything about our lives the past few months. But while it's consumed news coverage and become the main thing on our minds when we leave the house (for those of us lucky enough to go outdoors), there are still many aspects about the coronavirus that remain a mystery even to the experts. (Case in point: There's now only one way to contract COVID-19 at the grocery store, the CDC recently said.)

May 25 02:27

Sixth Name On NYT's List Of 'Coronavirus Victims' is 27-Yr-Old Man Who Was Murdered

Researchers only had to go six names in to the New York Times' long list of nearly 100,000 "coronavirus victims" to find a person who was murdered rather than killed by the virus.

May 25 01:52

Health boss weighs in on theory COVID-19 originated in a Wuhan lab and doubles down on Australia's call for independent inquiry that has sparked trade threats from China

Health Minister Greg Hunt addressed idea of coronavirus coming from a lab
He expressed the view it most likely came from animal or zoonotic transmission
Mail on Sunday revealed the coronavirus 'uniquely adapted to infect humans'

May 25 01:39

EXCLUSIVE 'Labor needs to have a long, hard look at itself': Left-wing politicians are slammed for backing China as trade tensions escalate amid fears of a 'new cold war'

China put tariffs on Australian barley and suspended meat from four suppliers
Some Labor politicians blame government for 'demonising' communist nation
Labor's agriculture spokesman Joel Fitzgibbon has criticised Coalition MPs
Today Andrew Hastie MP hit back and said Labor 'needs to take a look at itself'

May 24 11:44

Sheriffs: We Took An Oath To The Constitution, Not to Governors & Lockdowns

By Spiro Skouras

In this report, Spiro is joined by multiple Sheriffs from across the country who clearly state their position. Public safety and people’s constitutional rights are their number one priority.

May 24 01:15

Vaccine Trial Catastrophe: Moderna Vaccine has 20% ‘Serious’ Injury Rate in High Dose Group

Three of the 15 human guinea pigs in the high dose cohort (250 mcg) suffered a “serious adverse event” within 43 days of receiving Moderna’s jab.

May 23 14:17

Unsentimental Journey: Timeline Details Fading Freedoms and the Pandemic Speeding Up the Process

By B.N. Frank

It’s only natural that many theories have been floating around since the “facts” and the “stats” keep changing. Additionally, much of what is being reported doesn’t always make sense. Because of this, people are becoming more skeptical. Why wouldn’t they?

Although some of the “powers that be” continue to compare this current pandemic to the “Spanish Flu” of 100+ years ago – there seem to be many eerie similarities with the “Swine Flu” shenanigans of the 1970s.

Thanks to Children’s Health Defense for creating this timeline which provides some very unsavory details of what brought us to where we are today...

May 23 10:15

Study Shows Direct Correlation Between 5G Networks and “Coronavirus” Outbreaks

Introduction by Dee McLachlan

The first study demonstrating a relationship between “coronavirus” outbreaks and the presence of 5G networks has emerged from Spain and is by Bartomeu Payeras i Cifre. Bartomeu is a biologist specializing in microbiology and is working at the University of Barcelona. His original source study can be sourced HERE(, and is has been translated into English by Claire Edwards (on SOTN -


Comment: If correct than we can expect a 2nd wave of the 'rona'!

May 23 09:05

Britain announces 180 more coronavirus deaths including a 12-year-old child - taking official number of victims to 36,573 - but it is the lowest Saturday total since lockdown began

NHS England recorded 157 Covid deaths in its hospitals in the last 24 hours
Scotland suffered 16 in all settings, followed by Wales (six) and N. Ireland (one)
Preliminary figure - not yet confirmed - is the lowest Saturday since March 21

May 23 05:24

Blood VS swab test

May 22 19:09

SHOCK: Man Filmed Beating Elderly Was COVID-19 Patient Sent to Nursing Home, Father Claims

The African-American man who filmed himself beating old white elderly patients at the Westwood Nursing Center in Detroit was sent there as a coronavirus patient, according to his father.

May 22 13:42

Oxford University seeking more than 10,000 volunteers for advanced trials of experimental coronavirus vaccine

Oxford University has put out a call for more than 10,000 volunteers willing to be immunized with its experimental coronavirus vaccine to determine whether it could be a viable solution for the sweeping global pandemic.

May 22 12:16

The face of defiance: Trump, unmasked, at a Ford plant in Michigan

Touring a Ford plant in Michigan Thursday, President Trump wore a mask, as he should’ve. But either his vanity or arrogance or both made him shove the mask adorned with the presidential seal in his pocket when he appeared before the cameras.

May 22 09:16

Donald Trump says that 'I tested positively toward negative...meaning I tested negative' for coronavirus after taking hydroxychloroquine despite FDA warning of its dangers

President Trump gave a head-spinning explanation to reporters Thursday as he tried to say that he's consistently tested negative for COVID-19
'Yeah, I tested positively toward negative, right? So I tested perfectly this morning. Meaning I tested negative,' he said as he departed the White House
Trump also said he had one more day left in his two-week dose of hydroxychloroquine, which he's using off-label
The president revealed Monday that he had started taking the anti-malaria drug, which he's often touted as a potential coronavirus cure

May 22 08:06

Donald Trump says that 'I tested positively toward negative...meaning I tested negative' for coronavirus after taking hydroxychloroquine despite FDA warning of its dangers

President Trump gave a head-spinning explanation to reporters Thursday as he tried to say that he's consistently tested negative for COVID-19
'Yeah, I tested positively toward negative, right? So I tested perfectly this morning. Meaning I tested negative,' he said as he departed the White House
Trump also said he had one more day left in his two-week dose of hydroxychloroquine, which he's using off-label
The president revealed Monday that he had started taking the anti-malaria drug, which he's often touted as a potential coronavirus cure

May 22 07:06

Many US states have seen LOWER infection rates after ending lockdowns that are are now destroying millions of livelihoods worldwide, JP Morgan study claims

A JP Morgan study suggests lockdown measures have not only resulted in economic devastation but could have also resulted in more COVID-19 deaths
Strict stay-at-home orders put in place in most states to stop the spread two months ago has so far seen nearly 39 million American lose their jobs
There are now more than 1.6 million infections in the US and over 95,000 deaths
The JP Morgan report says that restarting the US economy may not lead to a second surge in infections that health experts have feared
Report says infection rates have been falling seen since lockdown measures were lifted in parts of the country
Alabama, Wisconsin and Colorado are among those that saw lower infection rates (R rates) after lockdown measures were lifted, according to the report
The R rate is the average number of people who will become infected by one person with the virus

May 22 04:18

Donald Trump is FINALLY pictured wearing a mask during private tour of Michigan Ford plant - but refused to wear it in public and is called 'a petulant child who isn't welcome here' by state's AG

President Donald Trump was finally photographed in a mask during the private part of a tour of Ford's ventilator factory in Ypsilanti, on the outskirts of Detroit, Michigan
In public he defied Michigan's mandatory face mask policy by refusing to cover up
'I wore one in this back area. I didn’t want to give the press the pleasure of seeing it,' he told reporters
Ford company said: 'Bill Ford encouraged President Trump to wear a mask when he arrived. He wore a mask during a private viewing of three Ford GTs from over the years. 'The President later removed the mask'
Michigan requires some type of face covering in public enclosed spaces
Its attorney general Dana Nessel said: 'He is a petulant child who refuses to follow the rules. This is not a joke.'
Nessel had already threatened to take legal action against Ford Motors if the president doesn't wear a face covering

May 22 03:56

Immunity certificates to allow people who have recovered from coronavirus to be freed from social distancing rules are planned by ministers as they order 10 MILLION antibody tests to see who has had it

Hancock announced contracts for 10m antibody tests had been signed which would be given to NHS first
Health Secretary told yesterday's briefing: 'We're developing this critical science to know the impact of a positive antibody test and to develop the systems of certification to ensure people who have positive antibodies can be given assurances of what they can safely do'
The antibody tests - also known as serology tests - show who has been infected, although it is not yet clear whether the presence of antibodies to the new coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2, confers permanent immunity
Mr Hancock tried to play down the failure to get the NHS coronavirus app off the ground - pushed back further from mid-May yesterday - and instead was expansive on the new testing roll out
But the app is considered vital to the Government's 'test, track and trace' programme to end the lockdown

May 22 00:57

RN Nurse Discusses Harms of Wearing Masks for Coronavirus (Covid-19)

When you go out in public and wear this mask at all hours of day, you are breathing in your own CO2 for extended periods of time which creates an acidic state of blood.

May 22 00:16

Coronavirus or no, why do we have so many people in nursing homes?

Each day, we learn more about the dreadful toll that COVID-19 has exacted on nursing home residents. There is much to say about the inadequate staffing and lack of enforcement that predated the coronavirus and worsened its impact. But as this crisis makes us reexamine many things we long took for granted, so too should it prompt us to also ask why so many older adults are left with little choice but to reside in these facilities in the first place.

May 22 00:14

Chinese city of Wuhan bans eating and hunting of wild animals in wake of coronavirus

The hunting and eating of wild animals has been banned in the Chinese city of Wuhan as part of the nation’s latest efforts to curb the transmission of zoonotic diseases amid the coronavirus pandemic.

May 21 17:14

Detroit: 20-Yr-Old Black Supremacist Films Himself Beating Up Elderly Nursing Home Patients

A 20-year-old African-American man was arrested in Detroit on Thursday after videos he filmed of himself beating up elderly white nursing home patients went viral on social media.

May 21 15:41

Earth's magnetic field is WEAKENING between Africa and South America, causing satellites and spacecraft to malfunction

A large region of reduced magnetic intensity has been observed between Africa and South America, called the South Atlantic Anomaly, and it has formed a center of minimum intensity in just five years.

Researchers are speculating that the weakening is a sign that Earth is heading to a pole reversal, which is when the north and south poles switch places - and the last time this occurred was 780,000 years ago.

The anomaly is wreaking havoc on satellites and other spacecraft flying through the area, as many are experiencing technical malfunctions.

The discovery was made by a team at the Europe Space Agency (ESA) who pulled date from the agency's Swarm constellation, which is a cluster of satellites.

The satellites are specifically designed to identify and measure the different magnetic signals that make up Earth's magnetic field, allow experts to spot areas that have weakened.

May 21 12:06

Gazans brace themselves for worst following discovery of more coronavirus infections

Fear is growing in the Gaza Strip following the discovery of more coronavirus infections.

Battered by a punishing blockade and three wars since 2007, the blockaded enclave is no match for the deadly virus. Hospitals and clinics are already struggling to cope with chronic illnesses due to shortages in medications.

The first cases of coronavirus infection were confirmed in the impoverished enclave on March the 22nd prompting tight restrictions by local authorities.

All those infected with COVID-19 in Gaza have been quarantined and have not mixed with the broader population.

People in Gaza fear that shortages of medical supplies could set off a rapid spread of the lethal disease.

May 21 11:27

Scientists Explain How Monkey 'Mind Control' Could Help Humans Quit Drug Addiction

The research team believes that their 'neuromodulation' technique could, after further study and development, be used to treat brain disorders and drug addiction in humans.

A group of scientists from the University of Utah and Stanford University succeeded in controlling the choice behaviours of two monkeys by targeting specific parts of their brains with ultrasound waves, according to a research paper published on Wednesday by the journal Science Advances.

The team delivered inaudible, high frequency sound waves to the brains of the two animals by means of a non-invasive instrument similar to an ultrasound wand used in medical scans.

May 21 10:20

5.8 Earthquake in Central Mediterranean Sea Region

The earthquake struck in the central area of the Mediterranean Sea, near the Greek regions of Methoni and Kalamata.

A 5.8 magnitude earthquake struck in the maritime region of the central Mediterranean Sea on Thursday, according to the European Mediterranean Seismological Centre (EMSC). The epicentre of the earthquake was located near the region of Methoni in Greece, some 439 kilometres from Athens. EMSC also cites reports of the earthquake felt in the regions of Albania.

May 21 10:17

Food supply in danger? Beekeepers lost 40% of honey bee colonies in a year

The Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) annual Honey Bee Colonies report has detailed a decline in honey bee populations following the recent budget cuts by the Trump Administration.

A nationwide survey led by the University of Maryland’s non-profit organization Bee Informed Partnership shows that beekeepers lost 40.7 percent of their honey bee colonies in just one year — from April 2018 to April 2019. Researchers caution that this trend could soon affect food crops because these pollinating insects assume a critical job in the fertilization of plants.

May 21 09:42

Australia lets woman travel to see dying sister despite coronavirus restrictions

A New Zealand woman has been reunited with her dying sister in Australia after gaining an exemption from pandemic travel restrictions on compassionate grounds.
Australia had rejected Christine Archer's request for permission to fly from New Zealand four times before her story attracted media attention.

May 21 08:05

Coronavirus cases worldwide surge past 5 million

The total number of people around the globe sickened by coronavirus surged past 5 million early Thursday.
The grim milestone comes after World Health Organization Director General-Tedros Adhanom Gherbreyesus announced Wednesday that more than 100,000 new infections had been reported to the organization in the last 24 hours alone. During a news conference in Geneva, he said it marked the “most in a single day since the outbreak began.”

May 21 06:45

Test Positive For COVID-19, End Up In A Police Database

Authored by Adam Dick via The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity,

So you are curious whether you have coronavirus? You could take a coronavirus test to find out. Well, not really find out, since the test results are not reliable. Nonetheless, you can take a test to obtain at least a Magic 8 Ball level answer of if you are or are not infected with coronavirus.

Here is some information likely unknown to many people when they are tested: The names and addresses of people who test positive are often handed over to police departments that can input or tag those names and addresses in police databases.

Kimberlee Kruesi provides the details in a Tuesday Associated Press article. She starts off her article with the following revelation:

More than 11 million people have been tested in the U.S. for COVID-19, all with the assurance that their private medical information would remain protected and undisclosed.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Kinds of puts a chill on really wanting to know, particularly if one is asymptomatic, and feeling great, doesn't it?!?

May 21 05:57

The Full Fauci Timeline: Sorting Fact From Fiction

Authored by Kelli Ballard via,

Anthony Fauci’s name has become dinner-table familiar as people discuss the doctor’s warnings, his comments, and President Donald Trump’s responses to the COVID-19 pandemic. As usual, a firm line has been drawn between the left and right sides of the aisle: Some blame the president for all the world’s problems and declare Fauci the hero in this crisis; on the flip side, the doctor is the villain and the president has been misled and misinformed.

In truth, the whole Coronavirus fiasco has been a pile of convoluted, wishy-washy, contradictory information since the beginning. The blame game won’t fix anything, but perhaps stepping back to examine a timeline of facts and figures may bring clarity to the epic snarl of today’s social-distancing America.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

And we have a companion piece, also from, with the title:

"Trust Is Being Undermined" - Harvard Medical School Prof Questions Fauci's "Shading" Vaccine Results

May 20 21:18

CDC Now Claims Coronavirus 'Does Not Spread Easily' From Contaminated Surfaces

"The virus is thought to spread mainly from person-to-person."