Nov 16 10:59

WINNING: Florida Now Has the LOWEST Rate of New Covid Cases Per Capita in The Nation – State Has Remained Open With No Mandates, No Masks, and Almost No Restrictions

Florida has officially become the nation’s leader in getting the Covid-19 crisis under control – and the best part of it all, they validated their strategy of ignoring the ‘expert advice’ of the tyrannical public health regime in the process.

According to the most recent data that was published by the CDC, Florida now owns the LOWEST rate of new Covid-19 cases in the nation on a per capita basis. The state checks in well below several other democrat havens, including ones that employ the most restrictive mandates (California, New York), and also the states with the highest vaccination rates in the country (Vermont, Rhode Island).

Nov 16 10:57

Pentagon Says It Can Overrule Oklahoma Guard on Vaccinations

The Pentagon weighed in Monday on Oklahoma's decision to defy a mandate that National Guard troops get COVID-19 vaccinations, saying Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin has the final authority despite the state's announcement.

The new Oklahoma National Guard adjutant general, Brig. Gen. Thomas Mancino, issued a memo last week notifying troops they would not be required to take the COVID vaccine after he was appointed by Gov. Kevin Stitt, a Republican who earlier requested Austin to give his state a reprieve from the vaccine mandate.

Austin's vaccine mandate constitutes a lawful military order, and the secretary can enforce it even when Guard members are under the authority of the Oklahoma governor, or what's called Title 32 status, Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said Monday.

Nov 16 10:50

Why Biden's Vaccine Mandate Hasn't Delivered The Promised Results

The conflict over covid vaccines is coming to a climax. The Biden administration released its vaccine mandate. Enterprises with more than one hundred employees will be required to demonstrate that all employees either are fully vaccinated or both wear masks and are tested on a weekly basis. Texas has already challenged the constitutional basis for the mandate and the initial federal court ruling has blocked the mandate. The final court outcome of this case is uncertain.

Nov 16 10:44

The vaccinated are DROPPING DEAD in plain view as Fauci and the media admit total vax FAILURE… while pimping more booster shots for the gullible

It’s now official: Tony Fauci has admitted that vaccines aren’t working and that vaccinated people of every age are getting sick and dying. His exact quote from a New York Times podcast on Nov. 12th, as reported by Yahoo News:

They are seeing a waning of immunity not only against infection but against hospitalization and to some extent death, which is starting to now involve all age groups. It isn’t just the elderly…

It’s waning to the point that you’re seeing more and more people getting breakthrough infections, and more and more of those people who are getting breakthrough infections are winding up in the hospital.

This is after months of claiming vaccines had “95% effectiveness” and that they were so safe and effective, everyone should be jabbed multiple times. Suddenly that false narrative has collapsed, along with a growing list of soccer players and young sports professionals who are literally dying on sports fields across the globe.

Nov 16 10:37

COVID Jab Is Far More Dangerous Than Advertised

October 26, 2021, Global Research published an interview with Dr. Peter McCullough, in which he reviews and explains the findings of a September 2021 study published in the journal Toxicology Reports, which states:1

“A novel best-case scenario cost-benefit analysis showed very conservatively that there are five times the number of deaths attributable to each inoculation vs those attributable to COVID-19 in the most vulnerable 65+ demographic.

The risk of death from COVID-19 decreases drastically as age decreases, and the longer-term effects of the inoculations on lower age groups will increase their risk-benefit ratio, perhaps substantially.”

Nov 16 10:36

Insider Medical Source Reveals That Fauci and the CHICOMS Have Introduced a New Form of AIDS to the Public

As many have suspected for quite some times, the release of the corona virus was deliberate and came with a distinct and clear poliical purpose. Some of the agenda will be revealed in the summary I will construct with a disease and immunology experty who has had enough of "deadly science."

I have been in contact with a medical researcher is highly competent in the area of infectious diseases and all related aspects of a virus. I will present the following as a quote from my source, however, the interview was telephonic and I took notes, therefore, in the interest of complete transparency, the following must be considred to be a summarization of what was presented to me as this anonymous source would not allow himself to be recorded. Admittedly, qualitative based research would suggest that this process of reporting a summarization of data might be considred to a little less accurate than an actual transcript or recording of the conversation I had with this aspect.

Nov 16 10:30

Comprehensive Study Could Find Just 25 Under-18 Covid Deaths in Entire England (Population: 56 Million)

A comprehensive analysis of hospital admissions and reported deaths across England suggests that COVID-19 carries a lower risk of dying or requiring intensive care among children and young people than was previously thought.

In a series of preprints published on medRxiv1–3, a team of researchers picked through all hospital admissions and deaths reported for people younger than 18 in England. The studies found that COVID-19 caused 25 deaths in that age group between March 2020 and February 2021.

About half of those deaths were in individuals with an underlying complex disability with high health-care needs, such as tube feeding or assistance with breathing.

Nov 16 10:29

New VAERS analysis reveals hundreds of serious adverse events that the CDC and FDA never told us about

new VAERS data analysis performed by our friend Albert Benavides (aka WelcomeTheEagle88), we found hundreds of serious adverse events that were completely missed by the CDC that should have been mentioned in the informed consent document that are given to patients. And we found over 200 symptoms that occur at a higher relative rate than myocarditis (relative to all previous vaccines over the last 5 years). All together, there were over 4,000 VAERS adverse event codes that were elevated by these vaccines by a factor of 10 or more over baseline that the CDC should have warned people about.

As of November 1, 2021, there have been more adverse events reported for the COVID vaccines than for all 70+ vaccines combined since they started tracking adverse events 30 years ago. That’s a stunning statistic, nobody can deny it, but nobody in the mainstream medical community (or mainstream media) seems to care much. It’s not even worth noting in passing. Wow.

Here’s what the evidence shows:

Nov 16 10:28

Mysterious Object Glimpsed Decades Ago Might Have Actually Been Planet Nine

It's one of the most intriguing questions about the Solar System from the last five years: Is there a large planet, lurking out in the cold dark reaches, on an orbit so wide it could take 20,000 years to complete?

The answer has proven elusive, but a new study reveals what could be traces of the mysterious hypothetical object's existence.

Astronomer Michael Rowan-Robinson of Imperial College London in the UK conducted an analysis of data collected by the Infrared Astronomical Satellite (IRAS) in 1983, and found a trio of point sources that just might be Planet Nine.

This, Rowan-Robinson concludes in his preprint paper, is actually fairly unlikely to be a real detection, but the possibility does mean that it could be used to model where the planet might be now in order to conduct a more targeted search, in the quest to confirm or rule out its existence.

Nov 16 09:45

Researchers uncover software flaws leaving medical devices vulnerable to hackers

Researchers say they have found more than a dozen vulnerabilities in software used in medical devices and machinery used in other industries that, if exploited by a hacker, could cause critical equipment such as patient monitors to crash.

The research, shared exclusively with CNN, points to the challenges that hospitals and other facilities have had in keeping sensitive software updated as the resource-absorbing coronavirus pandemic continues. It's also an example of how federal agencies are working more closely with researchers to investigate cybersecurity flaws that could affect patient safety.

Nearly 4,000 devices made by a range of vendors in the health care, government and retail sectors are running the vulnerable software, according to cybersecurity firms Forescout Technologies and Medigate, which discovered the issue.

Nov 16 09:32

Thousands of heart patients could die needlessly after being forced to wait up to TWO YEARS for life-saving scans - with 65,000 people delayed at least six weeks as Covid cripples NHS

This 'distressing' waiting list is 20 times longer than the pre-pandemic list of 3,238 patients, analysis by the British Heart Foundation (BHF) shows.

Nov 16 08:42

Public Health Scotland data shows 89% of COVID deaths over the past month occurred in the fully vaccinated

The latest data from Public Health Scotland revealed that a whopping 89 percent of all alleged Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) deaths over the past month were actually vaccine-caused deaths.

The same data also showed that 77 percent of hospitalizations and 65 percent of alleged cases where a person tested positive also occurred in people who took the jab.

Back in September, it was also reported that 80 percent of all COVID deaths in the country were actually fully vaccinated deaths.

Nov 16 08:39

Mandatory Vaccination & The Failure Of Modern Constitutional Law

Stare Decisis is an old Latin phrase meaning “Let wrong decisions of the Court stand.” The term is more commonly spoken of today as the common-law doctrine of precedent.

During the COVID-19 crisis, Jacobson v. Massachusetts became the fountainhead for pandemic jurisprudence. Courts relied on this 1905 precedent to resolve disputes about religious freedom, abortion, gun rights, voting rights, the right to travel, and many other contexts. But Justice John Marshall Harlan’s decision was meant to be very narrow. It upheld the state’s power to impose a nominal fine on an unvaccinated person. No more, no less. Yet, judges now follow a variant of Jacobson that is far removed from the Lochner-era decision. And the Supreme Court is largely to blame for these errors.

Nov 16 08:35

SHOCKER: Virginia pharmacy staff suspected of purposely injecting over 100 children with adult version of Covid-19 clot shot

What’s next? Will Covid-injected children start collapsing on sports fields from heart attacks like young athletes already are, especially since pharmacies are haphazardly injecting children with adult doses that are three times as potent? State officials busted staff at a Virginia pharmacy in Loudon County (about an hour from the Washington DC beltway) for administering the WRONG Covid vaccines to kids age 5 to 11 years old.

The children were supposed to get the heavily diluted kid’s version that was “approved” by the FDA, instead they’ve got billions of prions in their vascular systems permanently, and no good can come from this. Was it an accident, to inject over 100 kids like this? Evidence screams no. Let’s take a closer look.

Nov 16 08:20


Even though 99% of the University of California Berkely’s football team has been fully “vaccinated,” 44 team members have now tested positive for COVID-19.

Let’s start with the simple math. College football teams have a minimum of 85 players and can have up to 105 players. If they have a maximum of 105 players, then 42% of the fully vaccinated team have had a “rare” breakthrough infection.

What Is the True Vaccine Breakthrough Rate? The CDC Doesn’t Want You to Know

But they are still trying to spin this to make the vaccine look like it worked. Since so many of the cases were among vaccinated players, many of whom were asymptomatic, according to Cal officials. If it is true that 99% of this team is “vaccinated,” that means just one player is not.

But some of the players were symptomatic, meaning they got a cold, and therefore, the whole team was tested.

Nov 16 08:20


You would assume that if the CDC was going to crush the civil and individual rights of those with natural immunity by having them expelled from school, fired from their jobs, separated from the military, and worse, the CDC would have proof of at least one instance of an unvaccinated, naturally immune individual transmitting the COVID-19 virus to another individual. If you thought this, you would be wrong.

My firm, on behalf of ICAN, asked the CDC for precisely this proof (see below). ICAN wanted to see proof of any instance in which someone who previously had COVID-19 became reinfected with and transmitted the virus to someone else. The CDC’s incredible response is that it does not have a single document reflecting that this has ever occurred. Not one. (See below.)

Nov 16 08:19


Since 2019, more than 320 toxic substances have been detected in U.S. drinking water systems, according to a new analysis by the Environmental Working Group (EWG), a nonprofit environmental advocacy organization.

Those harmful chemicals are linked to cancer, adverse birth and reproduction outcomes, impaired brain development, and a revolving door of other deleterious health impacts.

The findings, part of the 2021 update to EWG’s national Tap Water Database, underpin the call for more rigorous federal drinking water standards and the urgency to improve water infrastructure.

Nov 16 08:09


The media is looking for absolutely anything (other than the obvious) to blame for the sudden surge in heart attacks, myocarditis, pericarditis and assorted heart diseases throughout the West.

The US media is blaming "broken heart syndrome"...

Nov 16 07:16

Seventeen-year-old Washington female dies from heart attack weeks after receiving second Pfizer vaccination

A 17-year-old female from Washington died from cardiac arrest 36 days after having received her second Pfizer vaccination. She becomes the third person found in the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) to possibly have died from a COVID-19 vaccine. According to information in the report, she had recovered from a symptomatic but not severe case of COVID-19 in August.

The report indicates she got her first vaccination on Sept. 3 and her second vaccination shot on Sept. 15. She showed up in the emergency department of the hospital Oct. 23 with chest pain and difficulty breathing for the previous 48 hours. She was feeling “completely well” prior to the onset of the symptoms.

Nov 16 07:06


We’ve reached the period in NHL history where the league will postpone games for a fully vaccinated hockey roster. Ottawa Sun columnist Bruce Garrioch reported Monday that the Ottawa Senators will have games this week against the Devils, Predators and Rangers postponed because the team has 10 players in COVID protocol.

Garrioch noted in a weekend report on the Senators COVID issues that before a recent three-city trip to “COVID-19 hotspots” of Dallas, Chicago and St. Paul, Minn., team GM Pierre Dorion made “a point of going to the dressing room to speak with the group before the Senators went on that trip. He told them the best bet was to proceed with caution while on the road and to stay with teammates as much as possible.”

It’s unclear how many of the 10 players are showing COVID symptoms or if they’re asymptomatic.

Nov 16 06:45

Director-General of the WHO confirms Vaccine Passports are discriminatory, Children should not be given the Covid-19 Vaccine, and the Jabs are useless at preventing infection and spread of Covid-19

Footage has emerged of the Director-General of the World Health Organization speaking with the President of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, in which he clearly states that the WHO does not recommend Vaccine Passports as they would be discriminatory, the purpose of the Covid-19 injection is not to prevent infection and transmission of Covid-19 as it is incapable of doing so, and that the WHO does not recommend children should be given the experimental jab.

Nov 16 06:44

Covid Vaccines are Epic Failure: Does not protect, kills more

Data show higher vaccination rates do not translate into lower COVID-19 case rates.

The COVID shots are an epic failure. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports having more than 30,000 spontaneous reports of either hospitalizations and/or deaths among the fully vaccinated; data from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services show 300,000 vaccinated CMS recipients have been hospitalized with breakthrough infections; 60% of seniors over age 65 hospitalized for COVID-19 have been vaccinated, writes Dr. Joseph Mercola, osteopathic physician, best-selling author and recipient of multiple awards in the field of natural health.

Nov 16 06:40

Papers Please: Police Begin Checking Vaccine Passports to Enforce Austria’s Dystopian Lockdown For The Unvaccinated – (Video)

On Sunday, Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg announced that the Austrian government was implementing a nationwide lockdown for unvaccinated individuals that would restrict anyone who has not taken the jab from leaving their homes for almost any reason.

Over 2 million Austrians were affected by the mandate, which kicked in at midnight last night. If any of them are caught outside their homes – for pretty much anything other than going to work or grocery shopping – they will face heavy fines of up to 3,600 Euros for each violation, which is equivalent to about $4,100.

Austria is the first country in the world that imposed a lockdown solely upon individuals who have not taken the experimental Covid-19 vaccine.

Nov 15 21:51

Dr Fauci FINALLY Admits Truth About Covid Jabs Then Gives A Warning To Vaccinated

Dr. Anthony Fauci finally admitted the truth about the Covid-19 vaccines on Friday when he said that they did not work as advertised.

He then warned fully jabbed Americans that they were in danger due to the vaccines waning immunity.

Nov 15 17:31

“Unconscionable”: Despite Outcry Over Lead Poisoning, New Asphalt Plant Approved in Flint, Michigan

By Kenny Stancil

Less than a week after a federal judge approved a $626 million settlement for thousands of lead poisoning victims in Flint, Michigan, state officials on Monday rubber-stamped an air permit for a new asphalt plant in the city despite strong opposition from residents and advocates, who denounced the decision as another manifestation of environmental injustice.

According to Earthjustice, “The Ajax asphalt plant will be located in Genesee Township, less than 1,600 feet from public housing in a low-income Black neighborhood in Flint that is already overwhelmed by high levels of air toxics, particulate matter from the concentration of industrial activity. Nearby facilities include Genesee Power Station, Universal Coating, Inc. Ace-Saginaw Paving Company, Buckeye Terminals, Superior Metals, RJ Industrial Recycling, and many others.”...

Nov 15 14:54

In-Depth: Pfizer Whistleblower Sinks Vaccine Trial Integrity

Yet again, mainstream media have completely ignored what should have been front-page news. According to a whistleblower who worked on Pfizer’s Phase 3 COVID jab trial in the fall of 2020, data were falsified, patients were unblinded, the company hired poorly trained people to administer the injections, and follow-up on reported side effects lagged way behind.

What makes the media’s silence all the more remarkable is that this revelation was published in The British Medical Journal. Paul Thacker, investigative journalist for The BMJ, writes in his November 2, 2021, report:1

“Revelations of poor practices at a contract research company helping to carry out Pfizer’s pivotal covid-19 vaccine trial raise questions about data integrity and regulatory oversight …

Nov 15 13:18

SPACE WARS Russia ‘conducts anti-satellite weapons test forcing ISS crew to take shelter from debris,’ Space Command reveals

RUSSIA has reportedly conducted an anti-satellite weapon's test, forcing the crew of the International Space Station to take shelter from debris, Space Command revealed on Monday.

Two US officials have claimed a major Russian anti-satellite weapons test occurred over the weekend, however, those reports remain unconfirmed, according to CNN.

Nov 15 12:17

Things to Consider Before You Buy Wireless Wearables for Yourself or Loved Ones

By B.N. Frank

Wireless wearables (activity trackers/watches, earbuds, hearing aids, rings, VR headsets, etc.) have been associated with cyberattacks, fires, explosions, overheating and various health issues.

Nevertheless, companies keep making and marketing them because it’s not illegal and because people keep buying them...

Nov 15 10:22

COVID-related plastics pollute the world’s oceans, study reveals

The Nanjing University and University of California San Diego (UC San Diego)-led research team looked at the amount of waste generated between the beginning of the pandemic in 2020 and August 2021. The researchers found that 193 countries generated over 9.3 million tons of COVID-specific plastic wastes, 28,550 tons of which ended up in the world’s oceans. These numbers were based on a model that calculated how the pandemic could impact the amount of plastic released into the ocean and where it would go from there.

Nov 15 09:38

Bayer executive: mRNA shots are ‘gene therapy’ marketed as ‘vaccines’ to gain public trust

The president of Bayer’s Pharmaceuticals Division told international “experts” during a globalist health conference that the mRNA COVID-19 shots are indeed “cell and gene therapy” marketed as “vaccines” to be palatable to the public.

Stefan Oelrich, president of Bayer’s Pharmaceuticals Division, made these comments at this year’s World Health Summit, which took place in Berlin from October 24-26 and hosted 6,000 people from 120 countries. Oelrich told his fellow international “experts” from academia, politics, and the private sector that the novel mRNA COVID “vaccines” are actually “cell and gene therapy” that would have otherwise been rejected by the public if not for a “pandemic” and favorable marketing.

Nov 15 09:38


Michael “Mike” Anthony Granata February 21, 1965 – November 1, 2021

Michael, a longtime resident of Gilroy, passed away on November 1, 2021. Never a kinder more gentle man did I know than my husband, Michael.

For those who knew Mike, you know that he was a good and honest man. He was kind, considerate, and always polite.

Mike was adamant that people know what happened to him that caused his early and unexpected death. Message from Mike:

Nov 15 09:34

Fifth Circuit Reaffirms Order Halting OSHA From Enforcing Vax Mandate

The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals reaffirmed its “stay” order against OSHA on Friday. Last week, OSHA finally issued its Emergency Temporary Standard (ETS) ordering businesses with more than 100 employees either to, in Judge Kurt Englehardt’s (a Trump appointee) words: “take their shots, take their tests, or hit the road.”

The day after OSHA issued its ETS, the Fifth Circuit shut it down, finding “cause to believe there were grave statutory and constitutional issues with the Mandate.” On Friday, the court reaffirmed its stay order against OSHA and explained why.

First of all, OSHA declined to issue an ETS back in June 2020, declaring that it was “not necessary” to “protect working people from occupational exposure to infectious disease, including COVID-19.” Now, surprisingly, OSHA has reversed itself.

Second, wrote Englehardt, “in its fifty-year history, OSHA has issued just ten ETSs. Six were challenged in court; only one survived.”

Nov 15 09:24

Vaccine Researcher Admits ‘Big Mistake,’ Says Spike Protein Is Dangerous ‘Toxin’

‘Terrifying’ new research finds vaccine spike protein unexpectedly in bloodstream. The protein is linked to blood clots, heart and brain damage, and potential risks to nursing babies and fertility.

New research shows that the coronavirus spike protein from COVID-19 vaccination unexpectedly enters the bloodstream, which is a plausible explanation for thousands of reported side-effects from blood clots and heart disease to brain damage and reproductive issues, a Canadian cancer vaccine researcher said last week.

“We made a big mistake. We didn’t realize it until now,” said Byram Bridle, a viral immunologist and associate professor at University of Guelph, Ontario, in an interview with Alex Pierson last Thursday, in which he warned listeners that his message was “scary.”

Nov 15 09:24

Australia could vaccinate under-12s by January

Australian children under the age of 12 could be vaccinated against Covid-19 by early January should there be no setbacks, Health Minister Greg Hunt has revealed, as vaccination of children aged 12 to 15 exceeds 70%.
Hunt told ABC’s Insiders program on Sunday that children under 12 are expected to be vaccinated from “the first part of January” and “hopefully early January.” He added that the matter was “in the hands of the medical experts,” who “operate independently,” and that they were “going as quickly as possible.”

Unvaccinated will have ‘miserable, very lonely life,’ top Australian doc warnsREAD MORE: Unvaccinated will have ‘miserable, very lonely life,’ top Australian doc warns
Though plans to vaccinate children against Covid-19 have sparked fierce debate worldwide, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) cleared the use of Pfizer’s vaccine for children aged 5 to 11 this month.

Nov 15 09:10

The Biden admin is losing its unwinnable war on COVID, so they’re scapegoating ‘unvaccinated’ Americans

On Thursday, our newfound Dear Leader, Joe Biden, gave one of the most tyrannical speeches in American history. For 30 minutes, he declared that the federal government would be imposing one totalitarian action after another, entirely dismissing our Constitutional system in the process of announcing his edicts.

(Article by Jordan Schachtel republished from

(Here’s the clip of the speech, if you so choose to watch this monstrosity)

Nov 15 08:57

Bill Gates has major shares in both Pfizer and Moderna but he is also a Primary Funder of the UK Medicine Regulator, and this is the reason Children are now dying

Deaths among children in the UK are currently significantly higher than the five-year-average since they were offered the Covid-19 injection, and now an investigation strongly suggests they are being given this injection thanks to a certain Mr Bill Gates.

Because the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is a primary funder of the UK’s Medicine & Healthcare products Regulatory Agency, and the Foundation also owns major shares in both Pfizer, BioNTech, and Moderna, suggesting the vaccination of children against Covid-19 has absolutely nothing to do with health, but everything to do with money, corruption, and power.

Nov 15 08:55

Norway Study Finds ZERO Vaccine Effectiveness Against Death for Covid Hospital Patients

A new pre-print study from Norway looking at differences in outcomes between vaccinated and unvaccinated hospital patients has found that being vaccinated makes zero difference to the risk of dying once hospitalised for COVID-19.

“There was no difference in the adjusted odds of in-hospital death between vaccinated and unvaccinated patients in any age group,” the researchers write. They also observed no difference between vaccinated and unvaccinated in the length of hospital stay for patients not admitted to ICU. These findings are adjusted for age and other risk factors so are not simply due to the vaccinated being older or at higher risk (though, as always, the validity of the adjustments may be questioned). The findings also only include patients admitted primarily due to Covid, so aren’t confounded by patients admitted for other reasons who also tested positive at some point.

Nov 15 08:53

Covid-19 testing company faces privacy probe over plan to sell swabs carrying customer DNA

A large Covid-19 testing company in the UK is being investigated by the country’s privacy watchdog over plans to sell swabs containing customers’ DNA for medical research.

Cignpost Diagnostics, a government-approved testing provider, has delivered up to three million tests at a cost of between £35 ($64) and £120 ($220) each since it was founded in June last year, The Sunday Times reported.

Cignpost, which trades as Express Test, said it intended to analyse the samples to “learn more about human health”, develop drugs and products or to sell information to third parties, according to company documents.

UK data protection laws require explicit informed consent for such sensitive information to be used.

Nov 15 08:45

Florida lawmakers to meet in special session over vaccine mandates

Florida lawmakers will meet in a special legislative session Monday, called by Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis with the goal of thwarting coronavirus vaccine mandates.

Nov 15 08:43

Pfizer’s Clinical Trial Data Strongly Indicates Their Covid-19 Jab Causes The Recipient To Develop AIDS (Just Like Brazilian President Warned)

I have discovered some extremely concerning findings in the Pfizer Phase I-II-III clinical trial data. The Sepsis death rate in the 21,926 double vaccinated group of the Pfizer Phase III Clinical trial was twenty-one times higher than normal, and the Cardiovascular death rate was two times higher than normal.

This strongly indicates that the Pfizer Covid-19 injection does in fact cause a new form of ‘acquired immunodeficiency syndrome’, as has been suggested by a mountain of data available from the UK Health Security Agency, because sepsis is caused by failure of the immune system.

Nov 15 08:16

Taiwan halts rollout of second Pfizer dose for teens due to widespread heart problems

So many young people are developing myocarditis and other associated heart problems from the first Pfizer Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine dose that the government of Taiwan has halted administration of the second dose.

Unlike the United States which cares only about money, all human life be damned, Taiwan decided that it is simply too risky to continue injecting teenagers with Fauci Flu shots. And the country is not even considering injecting children under the age of 12 with the poison.

Until this issue with the second dose is officially settled, Taiwanese health officials have indicated that children aged five to 11 will not even be considered as candidates for the injections.

Nov 15 08:14

NARRATIVE COLLAPSE: CDC admits there is no record of an unvaccinated person spreading COVID after recovering

An attorney filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request that returned a document from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) admitting that there is no record of a single unvaccinated person ever spreading the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) after recovering from an alleged infection with it.

Elizabeth Brehm from Siri & Glimstad received a letter back from the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) indicating that it was unable to procure “Documents reflecting any documented case of an individual who: (1) never received a COVID-19 vaccine; (2) was infected with COVID-19 once, recovered, and then later became infected again; and (3) transmitted SARS-CoV-2 to another person when reinfected.”

“A search of our records failed to reveal any documents pertaining to your request,” the letter went on to state.

Nov 15 08:05

VAERS COVID Vaccine Data Show Surge in Reports of Serious Injuries, as 5-Year-Olds Start Getting Shots

VAERS data released today by the CDC included a total of 875,653 reports of adverse events from all age groups following COVID vaccines, including 18,461 deaths and 135,400 serious injuries between Dec. 14, 2020, and Nov. 5, 2021.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released new data today showing a total of 875,653 adverse events following COVID vaccines were reported between Dec. 14, 2020, and Nov. 5, 2021, to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS). VAERS is the primary government-funded system for reporting adverse vaccine reactions in the U.S.

The data included a total of 18,461 reports of deaths — an increase of 383 over the previous week, and 135,400 reports of serious injuries, including deaths, during the same time period — up 7,943 compared with the previous week.

Nov 15 08:05

Scientific Study — Covid Spike Protein DRAMATICALLY Impairs Cell DNA Damage Repair…

Jefferey Jaxen and Del Bigtree discuss the study and its ramifications. This is an important video. The damage can occur from the Vaccine as well as from Covid itself. So if you’ve had the CCP virus, pay close attention.

Nov 15 07:16

All Of A Sudden The CDC Has Stopped Talking About Herd Immunity

In case you haven't noticed, the CDC no longer looks as concerned with herd immunity as it once did.

In what should come as no surprise to anyone watching the Covid related narrative closely (or those who have been watching the herd immunity narrative from the get-go), the CDC has "set aside herd immunity as a national goal," according to a new report from the LA Times.

What used to be a relatively simple concept has now turned into something "very complicated", according to Dr. Jefferson Jones, a medical officer on the CDC’s COVID-19 Epidemiology Task Force.

“Thinking that we’ll be able to achieve some kind of threshold where there’ll be no more transmission of infections may not be possible,” he said to a panel that advises the CDC last week.

While Jones says vaccines are effective against Covid, "even if vaccination were universal, the coronavirus would probably continue to spread," the report says.

Nov 15 07:06

Obama-Appointed Judge Temporarily Blocks Tennessee Law Banning Mask Mandates in Schools

A federal judge Sunday night temporarily blocked a new Tennessee law banning mask mandates in schools.

Governor Bill Lee on Friday signed a new sweeping Covid bill into law banning mask mandates in schools.

Nov 15 07:04

RFK Jr. Completely DISMANTLES the “Covid Misinformation” Narrative – “It’s a Euphemism For Any Statement That Departs From Official Government Policy” – “They Are Engineering Destruction of Democracy Worldwide”

Earlier this week, Democrat Robert F. Kennedy Jr. spoke out against authoritarian covid measures at a protest in Switzerland. He spoke alongside a panel of local leaders and called for citizens to resist mandates as thousands gathered outside the building, standing together for their freedom.

Switzerland is set to hold a public vote at the end of this month to decide whether the government’s newly proposed Covid laws can go into effect. If they are enacted, then Switzerland would adopt many of the restrictions that have been imposed throughout the EU, even though the country has navigated through the pandemic very successfully with limited mandates to this point.

Nov 15 07:03

Austrian Chancellor Orders Nationwide Lockdown for Unvaccinated People

A couple of weeks ago Austrian Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg threatened to impose new lockdown restrictions on unvaccinated people.

“The pandemic is not yet in the rearview mirror,” Schallenberg said. “We are about to stumble into a pandemic of the unvaccinated.”

On Sunday Schallenberg announced he is placing millions of unvaccinated people on lockdown.

“We must raise the vaccination rate. It is shamefully low,” Schallenberg told a news conference.

Nov 15 06:53

New York City Investigates Claims That Hundreds Of Firefighters And Sanitation Workers Used FAKE Vaccine Cards To Evade Mayor De Blasio's Mandate

Officials in New York City are investigating allegations that hundreds of firefighters and sanitation workers used forged vaccination cards to evade Mayor Bill de Blasio's COVID vaccine mandate.

At least 50 DSNY workers have been suspended for providing fake vaccine records, and FDNY officials are investigating the theft of blank vaccine cards from department vaccination sites, according to the New York Post.

Nov 15 06:50

Biden Clown Car To Hit Brick Wall Doing 120

900,000 American children ages 5 to 11 have already been injected with Pfizer’s mRNA nucleoside which produces spike proteins in its experimental subjects. Another 700,000 children have appointments to be vaxxed. The dosage is one-third the size of a Pfizer booster shot for adults. And the second dose is given 3 weeks later, not 30 days as with adults. This means 1.6 million children will have received their second covid jab before Christmas.

American Emergency rooms are already filled with double vaccinated adult and teenage patients with all sorts of complaints which the hospitals are denying had anything to do with their vaccinations.

The Pfizer shot for children also includes tromethamine which is normally given to heart attack patients. And this jab will be given into the muscle in the arms of children and not into the bloodstream of adults. This difference between blood and muscle injections could be problematic.

Nov 14 19:55

Media Blitz: Surge in Heart Disease Due to 'Climate Change,' 'Broken Heart Syndrome,' 'Pandemic Anxiety'

The media is looking for absolutely anything (other than the obvious) to blame for the sudden surge in heart attacks, myocarditis, pericarditis and assorted heart diseases throughout the West.

Nov 14 17:02

Fauci Pivots, Admits Vaxxed Showing 'Waning Immunity' Against Covid Hospitalizations And Death

White House chief medical advisor Dr Anthony Fauci pivoted once again on Friday and finally admitted the vaxxed are experiencing "waning immunity" against covid hospitalizations and death.

During an interview with the New York Times on Friday, Fauci made it absolutely clear he's just following the policies of Israel, which handed him a $1 million "prize" earlier this year for "speaking truth to power."

"If you look at Israel, which has always been a month to a month and a half ahead of us in the dynamics of the outbreak in their vaccine response and every other element, they are seeing a waning of immunity not only against infection but against hospitalizations and to some extent, death which involved all age groups, not just the elderly," Fauci said.

Nov 14 11:55

Geraldo Rivera Says ‘You Have NO Rights When It Comes To The Vaccine’

Fox News correspondent Geraldo Rivera told viewers that that they have no rights when it comes to the covid vaccine.

Rivera’s comments were made during a discussion hosts Sean Hannity and Dan Bongino about Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers and the backlash he endured after lying about his vaccine status.

Nov 14 09:34

WATCH: Jordan Peterson Brilliantly Exposes The Big LIE About Vaccines

Canadian psychologist and author Jordan Peterson appeared on The Rubin Report with Dave Rubin to talk about the Big Lie that getting vaccinated–like “15 days to flatten the curve” before it–would mean getting back to normal.

Nov 14 08:35

VAERS: At least 160,000 Americans have likely died from covid vaccines

If you extrapolate it out based on what we currently know about underreporting, the latest data from VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) suggests that upwards of 160,000 Americans may have died so far from Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccines.”

Since last December when the injections were first released as part of “Operation Warp Speed,” there have been 16,310 officially reported deaths from Chinese Virus shots logged into VAERS. Since as little as one percent of vaccine injuries ever get reported to VAERS, the true number could be as high as 1.631 million U.S. deaths.

A more conservative estimate might use a factor of 10, which would point to around 163,100 U.S. deaths. Whichever figure is correct, we at least know that there are far more people dying from Chinese Virus injections than the government is letting on, and people need to know about it so they can make an informed decision about whether or not to join the statistics.

Nov 14 08:35

Western governments have proven their complicity in the destruction of their own peoples

Why do people with no legislative power—employers such as the Nazis at Ochsner Health System in Louisiana, school boards, university administrators, restaurant managers and owners, airlines, any employer, governors, mayors, hospitals—think they have the power to violate the Nuremberg laws and coerce patients, students, employees and their spouses, and everyone else to accept injections with a substance that has by far the worst record in vaccine history of association with death and serious lifelong health injury? Indeed, the record of the Covid “vaccine” is worse than all previous vaccines added together.

Every person issuing a mandate is an incipient Nazi or many times worse. They have no such authority; yet the murderous fools expect not to suffer the fate of Nazi officials, doctors, and judges who did far less.

Where did they get such an unrealistic expectation?

Nov 14 08:34

CDC Finally, Quietly, Begrudgingly Releases Natural Immunity Numbers and Now We Know Why They Waited

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has one overarching agenda right now. It’s the same agenda across the entirety of the Biden-Harris regime. It’s an agenda shared by mainstream media, Big Tech, academia, the healthcare industry, and anyone else who is beholden to Big Pharma. That agenda is singular in focus and requires suppression of any information that may act as a roadblock to their evil plans.

The agenda, of course, is to vaccinate every man, woman, and child in the United States. Nothing, especially the truth, will be allowed to stand in their way.

Nov 14 07:55

Cynthia McKinney tweet: RFK Jr - "Tony Fauci basically created this template that he then used ..."

"Tony Fauci basically created this template that he then used over the next 45 years, to develop toxic drug after toxic drug. He killed early treatment, and killed any protocol that competed with his pharmaceutical enterprise. A lot of people have died." Robert Kennedy, Jr.

Nov 13 15:01

Texas Covid Patient Denied Medical Treatment For Being White

A Texas man has been denied monoclonal antibody treatment for covid because he is white.

Harrison Hill Smith, the host of American Journal, revealed the shocking race-based medical rationing scheme in a series of posts Saturday on Twitter.

"If I were black or Hispanic then I'd be able to qualify?" Smith asked a black female medical worker.

"That's right... yup," the medical worker responded.

"I'm being denied medical service because of my race?" Smith said.

"That's the criteria," she said.

Nov 13 08:42

Pfizer modifies formulation of its COVID jab for 5 to 11-year old kids, adds ingredient used to stabilize heart attacks

This week, American parents witnessed the U.S. government give the full go-ahead for the Pfizer mRNA COVID shot for kids aged 5 to 11. The public has been told that this injection has been specially formulated for children and contains a “lower dose” – just 10 micrograms of the ingredients compared to 30 micrograms for people aged 12 and up.

But these COVID shots for under-12 kids contain ingredients that have nothing to do with “preventing” COVID – including one substance frequently used in people who have had heart attacks. So, could this be an attempt by Big Pharma to prophylactically mitigate jab-related cardiac arrest in innocent young children?

Pfizer adds NEW ingredient to COVID shot for kids aged 5-11 that is commonly used to manage severe electrolyte imbalances following heart attacks

Nov 12 19:52

Australian Gov’t Vows To Make Sure Unvaccinated Are ‘Miserable’ And ‘Lonely’ For Life

If there’s anything that should frighten the sh*t out of you, it’s your own government publicly stating that they will make your life a living hell if you don’t inject a foreign substance in to your body. In Australia, this is exactly what is happening.

The lives of unvaccinated citizens in Australia will be made “miserable” and “lonely” by the Australian government, a health official has warned.

Nov 12 19:34

Doctor Who Said He ‘Won’t Cry at Funeral’ For Unvaccinated Patients Dies After Getting Booster Shot

A 52-year-old cardiologist who callously boasted that he wouldn’t cry at the funeral of unvaccinated patients has died in his sleep.. just two weeks after getting his COVID booster shot.

Over the summer Dr. Sohrab Lutchmedial attacked “selfish” people who refused to take the jab.

“For those that won’t get the shot for selfish reasons – whatever – I won’t cry at their funeral,” Dr. Lutchmedial tweeted in July.

Nov 12 11:58


Nov 12 11:57


Nov 12 11:27

Why can’t anyone explain how these 14 kids died after getting vaccinated?

On July 16, 2021, the CDC looked into the deaths of 14 kids in VAERS who died after vaccination. Their deaths are still unexplained to this day. If it wasn’t the vaccine, what killed those kids?

In July, 2021, the CDC published an analysis of 14 kids aged 12-17 who died after being vaccinated. They listed the causes of death as: pulmonary embolism (two), intracranial hemorrhage (two), etc. and then changed the topic. No discussion. No nothing. The message they attempted to send was: “there is nothing to see here folks, move along.”

Wow. No analysis at all. Just move on. And not one peep from the mainstream medical community complaining about them completely glossing over these deaths. Stunning.

Nov 12 11:11

Brazilian President tells WHO Director “People are Dying” After COVID Shots – Pleads with WHO to Publicly NOT Recommend it for Children

A video shot from a cell phone has surfaced of what appears to be an impromptu meeting between Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro and Tedros Adhanom, the director of the World Health Organization, during the recent G20 Summit in Rome.

Present along with Bolsonaro was Brazilian Health Minister Marcelo Queiroga, and a translator who translated from Portuguese to English, as President Bolsonaro is asking his questions to Tedros Adhanom in Portuguese, while Adhanom replies in English.

The audio is difficult to hear, but someone has made a 2-minute clip with English subtitles, which we have uploaded to our Bitchute and Rumble channels.

In the clip, President Bolsonaro is complaining to Tedros Adhanom that the lockdowns have destroyed the economy and that people are having a hard time feeding themselves.

Tedros Adhanom replied that he didn’t think we needed more lockdowns.

Nov 12 11:10

Vaccinated People Are Dying of All Causes 6-1 Over Unvaccinated

he last 7 Public Health England / UK Health Security Agency ‘Vaccine Surveillance’ report figures on Covid-19 cases show that double vaccinated 40-79 year-olds have now lost 50% of their immune system capability and are consistently losing a further 5% every week (between 3.9% and 8.8%).

Projections, therefore, suggest that 40-79 year-olds will have zero Covid / Viral defense at best, or a form of vaccine-mediated acquired immunodeficiency syndrome at worst, by Christmas and all double vaccinated people over 30 will have completely lost that part of their immune system which deals with Covid-19 within the next 13 weeks.

Then we have this chart which shows the comparison of cases of vaccinated and unvaccinated. Look at the last two columns for the 30 and over. It appears that the vaccinated are catching Delta at a greater rate than the unvaccinated by week 41.

Nov 12 11:09

Why Bill Gates Is Pivoting on Existing Covid Vaccines

In a surprising interview, Bill Gates said the following: “We didn’t have vaccines that block transmission. We got vaccines that help you with your health, but they only slightly reduce the transmission. We need new ways of doing vaccines.”

It’s odd how he speaks of medicines as if they are like software. Try it out, observe how it works. When you find a problem, put the technicians to work. Every new iteration is an experiment. Free to try until you finally buy. Surely over time, we’ll find the answer to the problem of blocking or blotting out pathogens.

Nov 12 10:50

Russia set to make Covid-19 vaccination QR codes compulsory for use of public transport

The Russian authorities are drafting a bill to require the presentation of a QR code confirming vaccination against Covid-19 before using long-distance public transport or entering cafes and shops, it was revealed on Thursday.

According to the country’s Covid-19 Operational HQ, the proposal is being worked on in cooperation with “the relevant agencies” and will later be submitted as a bill to be voted on in Parliament.

Aside from post-vaccination, QR codes are also generated when someone can prove that they recently tested positive for the virus or had a recent negative PCR test.

Nov 12 10:48

‘It was scary’: Vaccinated NFL star rushed to emergency room after Covid-19 scare

Minnesota Vikings offensive lineman Dakota Dozier, who is vaccinated, was rushed to the emergency room after experiencing breathing difficulties after contracting Covid-19, team officials have confirmed.

Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer announced during a Wednesday press conference that a player with the team had developed complications related to a Covid-19 infection, with subsequent reporting revealing the star in question was the 30-year-old Dozier, who was placed on the team's Covid-19 reserve list shortly afterwards.

"One of our players that was vaccinated, he had to go to the ER last night because of Covid. It's serious stuff," said Zimmer, adding that the player was still receiving treatment in hospital.

Nov 12 10:47

Eric Clapton Tells Robert F. Kennedy Jr. - This Has Gotta Stop

On "The Defender Show," Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. talked with musician Eric Clapton about the backlash he experienced after going public with his COVID vaccine injury.
Eric Clapton, one of the most influential musicians of his time, is also now one of Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.'s heroes.

On CHD.TV's "The Defender Show," Kennedy and Clapton discussed the musician's severe adverse reaction to the second dose of AstraZeneca's COVID vaccine. The injury left Clapton permanently disabled, he said.

Clapton told Kennedy how he came upon "the rabbit hole" of vaccine information, and described what happened when he went public with his vaccine injury. He also shared why being sober helped him cope with the entire ordeal.

When Kennedy asked, "How did you walk into this buzz saw?" Clapton replied:

Nov 12 10:40

Austria ‘days away’ from imposing lockdown for unvaccinated

The Austrian government is set to impose strict stay-at-home orders for the country’s 3.1 million residents not fully vaccinated against Covid-19, Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg said, citing a “shamefully low” inoculation rate.

During a Thursday press conference, the chancellor told reporters the new lockdown would come as part of a pandemic response plan implemented in September, which uses intensive care bed capacity as its major metric. The measures take effect once 30% of ICU beds become occupied by Covid patients; they are currently at around 20% and quickly rising, Reuters reported.

“According to the incremental plan, we actually have just days until we have to introduce the lockdown for unvaccinated people,” Schallenberg said, adding that the restrictions mean “one cannot leave one's home unless one is going to work, shopping (for essentials), stretching one's legs – namely exactly what we all had to suffer through in 2020.”

Nov 12 10:39

Some Employers Are Denying Death Benefits For Unvaccinated Workers

Nov 12 10:28

Four new astronauts through the hatch! SpaceX's Crew Dragon capsule safely arrives at the ISS following a 21 hour journey from Earth

Almost a full day after launching from Earth, SpaceX's Crew Dragon capsule has safely docked with the International Space Station.

Four astronauts - three from NASA and one from the European Space Agency - have officially entered the ISS, after climbing through the hatch.

This brings the total number of crewmembers

Nov 12 10:28

VAX FAIL: Covid cases soar in Germany despite 67% “vaccine” compliance

The World Health Organization (WHO) says it is really worried about the latest wave of the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) to emerge in mostly-“vaccinated” Germany.

The United Nations arm expressed “grave concern,” to quote mainstream news reports, about how quickly the latest variants of the Chinese Virus are supposedly spreading across Europe, including in Germany which just saw its largest daily increase in “cases” since the start of the plandemic.

“We are, once again, at the epicentre,” announced WHO Europe director Hans Kluge at a press conference.

Even though nearly 67 percent of Germany is now “fully vaccinated” for the Fauci Flu, Kluge estimates that “another half a million” people will die from “covid” by February.

This is according to “one reliable projection,” he said, mostly leaving it at that.

Europe’s most populous country, Germany saw 34,000 new cases of Chinese Germs in one single day, which the Robert Koch Institute health agency claims is an all-time high.

Nov 12 10:27

Florida Republicans push vaccine exemptions, school mask lawsuits

The Florida House and Senate on Monday rolled out proposals for a special legislative session next week that will focus on opposing COVID-19 vaccine and mask mandates.

A series of bills were released as Gov. Ron DeSantis reiterated what he sees as the need for the session, which will start Nov. 15. DeSantis appeared with House Speaker Chris Sprowls, R-Palm Harbor, and Senate President Wilton Simpson, R-Trilby, at Bahrs Aluminum and Construction in Zephyrhills.

"We have got to stop trying to browbeat people," DeSantis said. "From the very beginning, we’ve said, let’s not put people down, let’s lift people up. That’s what we are going to be doing, and we are going to be saving a lot of jobs in the state of Florida."

Nov 12 09:59

The Myocarditis/Pericarditis Pandemic – Who Has to Die before You Believe?

As the “official” VAERS Vaccine Body Count (the US only) works its way to 20,000, one of the questions is, who has to die before you believe? The other is, when can we declare the sudden global rise in cases of Myocarditis a pandemic?

The problem has become more pronounced as the number of athletes getting sick or dropping dead from the vaccine rises. A curve that no one in the supposed leadership ranks seems the least bit interested in flattening. They don’t even want to talk about it.

We’ve been talking about it.

Nov 12 09:55

UK: Vaxxed Dying at a 6-Times Higher Rate than Unvaxxed; US Vaxxed have 18% Higher Death Rate

Dr. Mercola analyzed a CDC study and wrote that recent data from the UK Office of National Statistics that revealed people who have been double jabbed against COVID-19 are dying from all causes at a rate six times higher than unvaccinated people! In the US, the number of Americans who died between January 2021 and August 2021 is 18% higher than the average death rate between 2015 and 2019. These numbers appear to show COVID vaccines have contributed to a higher death rate.

Investigative journalist Alex Berenson analyzed a CDC study and found that there were more vaccinated patients hospitalized for COVID-like illness than those with natural immunity even when early vaccination rates were in the single digits, and a greater number of vaccinated patients tested positive for breakthrough infection than patients with natural immunity. He said that the CDC manipulated the statistics.

Nov 12 09:10

35,924 people died within 21 days of having a Covid-19 Vaccine in England during the first 8 months of 2021 according to ONS data

Official Office for National Statistics data has inadvertently revealed that 35,924 people have died within twenty-one days of having a Covid-19 vaccine in England during the first 8 months of 2021.

Nov 12 08:51

Hubble's advanced camera is back working again but the rest of the 30-year old space telescope is still in safe mode more than two weeks after it malfunctioned

The telescope's Advanced Camera for Surveys (ACS) instrument is operational, NASA said on Monday.

The ACS instrument started working again on November 7 and since then, it is taking science observations of space.

ACS was the first instrument to recover because it is the least impacted by lost messages, NASA explained.

The other science instruments of the are still in safe mode as the U.S. space agency attempts to figure out what caused the 'lost synchronization messages' on October 23.

Nov 12 08:28

Take Your Medicine, Little Man, or Lose Your Meal Ticket

America, wake up! The British, from whom we seceded for freedom’s sake, don’t have vaccine mandates. These particular individual rights are more protected in the UK than in the US.

This week’s Hard Truth with David Vance and ilana Mercer teases out the difference between British and American vaccine-mandate tyranny: The US loses. And, it’s not even close!

The W.H.O. has redefined what vaccines are whilst Pfizer produces a Pill less effective than Ivermectin, costs vastly more, yet works in the same way as a protease inhibitor!

Finally, global warming activist Greta Thunberg goes death metal! To this poor, singularly charmless girl we say, “Growl on Greta!”

Nov 12 08:27

The Vaccine Is Killing More People Than Covid

We know that NIH funded gain-of-function research at the University of North Carolina and then in the Wuhan China lab. We know the vaccine does not protect. We know it injects a pathogen into the body. We know the vaccine causes death and illnesses. There are known facts. Yet the campaign to coerce universal “vaccination” with a “vaccine” that is far more dangerous than Covid continues. This implies the complete total dishonesty or stupidity of the medical establishment and political leaders, or it points to the implementation of a campaign decades in the making to reduce and limit the human population.

South African Doctor Explains how an Engineered Vector (called a virus) and an Engineered Substance (called a vaccine) Were Created in order to Reduce the World Population

Nov 12 07:35

CDC Admits It Has No Record of an Unvaccinated Person Spreading Covid After Recovering From Covid

Lawyers smell blood in the water.

The CDC admitted it has no record of an unvaccinated person spreading Covid after recovering from Covid in response to an attorney’s FOIA request.

A New York attorney filed a FOIA request in September asking for “documents reflecting any documented case of an individual who (1) never received a Covid-19 vaccine; (2) was infected with Covid-19 once, recovered, and then later became infected again; and (3) transmitted SARS CoV-2 to another person when reinfected.”

The CDC responded: “A search of our records failed to reveal any documents pertaining to your request. The CDC Emergency Operation Center (EOC) conveyed that this information is not collected.”

Nov 12 07:29

U.S. Experiencing Shortages of 100+ Drugs Including Narcan And Insulin As Record Amounts of Fentanyl Flows Across Southern Border

The US is experiencing shortages of over 100 drugs ranging from Narcan to Adderall and insulin while record amounts of fentanyl flows across our southern border thanks to DHS head Alejandro Mayorkas' refusal to enforce federal immigration laws.

Nov 12 07:17

COVID-19 early treatment: real-time analysis of 1,141 studies

Analysis of 30 COVID-19 early treatments, and database of 225 other potential treatments. 66 countries have approved early treatments. Treatments do not replace vaccines and other measures. All practical, effective, and safe means should be used. Elimination is a race against viral evolution. No treatment, vaccine, or intervention is 100% available and effective for all variants. Denying efficacy increases the risk of COVID-19 becoming endemic; and increases mortality, morbidity, and collateral damage.

Nov 12 06:55

Michael Granata: 56-year-old California man dead 10 weeks after Moderna mRNA injection, warns others “don’t do it unless you want to suffer and die”

A 56-year-old engineer and business owner is dead, but refused to die in vain as he used his obituary to warn others about the evils surrounding the “vaccine” agenda.

Mr. Michael Granata received his first Moderna mRNA injection on August 17. He did not want to get the shot “for fear that [I] might die.” But his doctor continually insisted that the mRNA injections were in Mr. Granata’s best interest. So he “gave into the pressure” and almost instantly regretted it.

Mr. Granata started feeling sick just three days later. General malaise morphed into multisystem inflammatory syndrome for adults (MIS-A) and multisystem organ failure. Mainstream media and the pharmaceutical industry say that MIS-A only results from COVID-19. They also push the fallacious idea that only Black and Latino kids get MIS-C, with the “C” being the children’s version of this syndrome.

Nov 12 06:49

In Memoriam: Victims of COVID-19 "Vaccines"

Nov 12 06:43

Earth Could Face 'Internet Apocalypse' Due to 'Cannibal Solar Storms', Scientists Warn

The phenomena named by the scientists "space weather" can affect Earth in a variety of ways: from creating fascinating light shows like auroral displays, to actually causing damage to satellite infrastructure.

Earth can brace itself for solar storms "cannibalising" one another to hit the planet in the upcoming four years, scientists have estimated.

"The last several years really we've had very little activity, as is the case during solar minimum, but now we're ramping up and ramping up quite fast into the next solar cycle maximum, which we expect in 2025", Bill Murtagh, a programme coordinator at the Space Weather Prediction Center (SWPC) of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), told Space.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So when the government shuts down all "unofficial" websites, they will blame the sun!

Nov 12 06:39

Up to Approximately $113 Million of Oral TPOXX® Targeted for Delivery to the U.S. Government in the Fourth Quarter - Form 8-K

SIGA Technologies, Inc. (SIGA) (NASDAQ: SIGA), a commercial-stage pharmaceutical company, today reported financial results for the three and nine months ended September 30, 2021.

Nov 11 18:56

Government Increasingly Is Asking Citizens to Turn Each Other In. Here’s Why That’s So Dangerous.

By Hannah Cox

In the dystopian novel 1984, the government relied on the use of telescreens and informants to enforce its massive, repressive regime. And while that was fiction, events in our modern society are eerily similar to it.

There’s a troubling trend emerging: Americans are being encouraged and even incentivized to turn their fellow citizens in to the government for a myriad of reasons.

For one example, federal officials this week announced they plan to rely on informants in order to determine which companies are enforcing their new (unconstitutional) vaccine mandate. The Biden Administration has used the Labor Department’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) as a means of implementing the rule without Congressional approval. Essentially the order says that companies will be heavily fined by the agency should they not demand their employees be vaccinated. But even the administration recognizes there are limits to their ability to enforce such a rule...

Nov 11 17:34

[Video] The data: COVID VAXXX Does NOT Save Lives - The FACTS are it Takes Lives

Physician Scott Youngblood delivers powerful presentation on the cause and effect link of vaccine deaths.

Nov 11 17:24

[Video] All intensive care patients are fully vaccinated

GZA hospital, Antwerp, Belgium

Nov 11 15:45

UK Considering Banning Anyone Over 65 From Public Spaces Without Covid Booster

The UK health secretary Sajid Javid says that he cannot rule out the possibility that people over-65s who have not had a covid booster jab could be denied access to public spaces, including public transport and restaurants, at some point.

Nov 11 15:43

Bill Gates Urges World Governments To PUNISH Anyone Who Oppose Masks and Vaccines Online

Bill Gates has urged governments worldwide to issue punishments to online users who question mask and vaccine mandates.

In a new 30-minute interview with British politician Jeremy Hunt, Gates discussed “pandemic preparedness” and the current global vaccine rollout.