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Birch Tree Medicine and BigPharma

Chaga is a medicinal derived from the great northern arc of birch forests, with centuries of use, allegedly anti-degenerative-disease and bing bing, anti-viral. We're unlikely to hear a word about it in the televised scuffles about which drug, cheap with decades of data, or new ones, profiteer-priced.

When the dragon disease reports reached relatives in the PNW, they sent Chaga across, before everything was shut down--roads barricaded, apartment doors welded shut, no flights from there to anywhere within the dragon. It being Lunar New Year, and traditionally the major travel time, big go-ahead was given to international destinations.

A doctor of dragon medicine in the quarantined industrial city, prescribed Chaga. His patients did not get sick, did not die, according to anecdotal report. You may note that words no longer permitted by techie arbiters of Free Speech are missing, in order to sidestep slap-down. Good thing I have sufficient vocabulary to draw on.

Chaga coffee is yummy, easy to brew and not a bad idea.
Chaga tea also makes for fine sipping..
Two reputable Chaga sources follow, which harvest as though woodlands matter:

Webmaster's Commentary: 

In these days of enforced (and soon to be very enforced vaccinations, particularly for Covid-19, in which the US military appears to be getting ready to be involved), it is comforting to know that there are still some natural resources which may be of help. I have not tried this myself, but the person who forwarded it to me has a near-encyclopedic understanding of natural ways of assisting the human immune system.

Here are some other bits of information about this, which may also be useful.

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