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Canada Indigenous groups demand probe after police kill woman

Moore, 26, was shot dead on Thursday by a police officer in Edmundston, in the eastern province of New Brunswick. A relative had called police to check Moore's health.

Edmundston police said the woman had threatened the officer with a knife. According to the family, the officer fired five times to subdue her.

Moore's "tragic killing ... during a wellness check has vividly shown all Canadians that Indigenous peoples in Canada continue to face a very different set of circumstances when interacting with the policing and justice systems in Canada", said CPA National Chief Robert Bertrand.

'Should never happen'
While officials have opened a probe into Moore's death, the national chief of the Assembly of First Nations (AFN), Perry Bellegarde, said the shooting must be investigated by an impartial third party to determine why lethal force was used and whether race was a factor in the officer's response.

"How does a call for help turn into a call for the coroner? This should never happen," Bellegarde said.

"We need to find out whether race played any role in the police response and whether a less extreme use of force should have been used. This young First Nations mother and daughter did not need to die."

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Apparently, Canada is no stranger to indigenous people getting treated badly.




Some years back, I learned of a book (possibly from this website) titled LOVE AND DEATH IN THE VALLEY, by Kevin Annett, which documents the many murders and other atrocities committed by various religious organizations through the forced boarding schools they operated in Canada.

Having Canadian ancestry as well as U.S., this saddened me to know that both countries have pursued genocidal policies regarding American Indians for many years.

Whenever I read of atrocities committed against the Palestinian people, I realize that our two countries in North America have a long history of the same evil actions.


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