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The cost of panic

The implications for the future are horrific. THIS cost of panic is already being paid: the destruction of our economy, our society, and what is left of our system of government. Consider the following.

A Kentucky congressman reported that the Kentucky governor has established a toll-free phone number for people to report violators of the the lockdown in that state. No information on whether informers will be rewarded for their squealing to the state: perhaps they’ll get the scofflaw’s toilet paper? (I don’t know if this was Massie, who is now an enemy of the regime for trying to just at least do the deed (the spending bill) legally and constitutionally.)

There are already dozens of stoolie-lines run by various states. These encourage people to report poachers, unlicensed cars, trash in neighbor’s yards, and more. Are block wardens and MORE surveillance cameras just weeks away? We are already arresting people who are accused of refusing to maintain distance from others, coughing intentionally, and leaving businesses open.