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Facility for ‘Quarantine Objectors’ in Germany Ready for Inmates

Today is the official start, but so far the rooms have not been used. Until Friday afternoon it was not foreseeable that the districts would already make use of the accommodation, said a spokeswoman for the district assembly. In the building on the grounds of the Moltsfelde juvenile detention center in Neumünster, there is space for up to six quarantine objectors. The cells are each twelve square meters in size and the facility is closed from the outside. The operator is the Segeberg district and makes them available to the other districts and independent cities.

Housing is a last resort

A court ultimately has to decide on an accommodation ordered by the health department. According to the Infection Protection Act, it comes as a last resort. This means that someone must visibly refuse to adhere to the conditions, violations must be proven and a so-called threat approach must have been unsuccessful. The accommodation rooms are simple, but each have an individual wet room, according to the district council. Those who are accommodated there are allowed to bring a cell phone or laptop with them – but they are not allowed to leave the room.

12 to 15 employees are employed on fee contracts. More than 30 former police and correctional officers had volunteered.