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German election chaos in Berlin — what happens now?

It's likely that the election chaos in Berlin will have legal consequences

Chaotic scenes and embarrassing irregularities at Berlin's ballot stations during last month's general election have shaken confidence in Germany's election system, while providing ammunition for those who question the German capital's efficiency. On Thursday, October 14, final election results will be published, giving the green light for what are expected to be several legal challenges.

Berlin held elections at federal, state and local council levels on September 26, as well as a referendum on socializing major housing companies. In confusing circumstances, many voters in the German capital waited for hours at voting stations as election volunteers ran out of ballot papers, or ballot papers were delivered to the wrong districts.

The trouble had been predictable, given the simultaneous elections (voters often spent several minutes in their booths sifting through five different ballot papers), and yet voting stations seemed unprepared, forced into ad hoc measures to ease the impasse. Extra booths were set up, while new ballots were sent for from other voting stations — only for couriers to find their paths blocked by the international marathon that Berlin authorities allowed to go ahead on election day.