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The Hawks Are Encircling Iran…Again

Washington and Tel Aviv’s threats against Iran are rapidly proliferating. The Israelis reportedly just approved a $1.5 billion budget for a possible military attack on Iran. Israel’s Air Force is currently training “intensely” to attack Iran’s nuclear facilities. Under Joe Biden’s watch, the Iranian people continue to be crushed under the same cruel “maximum pressure” sanctions imposed by the Donald Trump administration. In fact, on multiple occasions, Biden has imposed new sanctions on Iran. The ceaseless economic warfare is justified by the lie that Iran was or is seeking nuclear weapons as well as the ever present ancillary alarmism that this would imperil Israel.

Apartheid Israel has maintained nuclear weapons for decades, numbering perhaps hundreds. Worryingly, Americans aware of the Israeli nuclear arsenal are significantly outnumbered by their fellow citizens who believe Iran possesses (nonexistent) nukes. Washington and Tel Aviv have a long tradition of cynically pretending Israel does not have these weapons. The corporate press makes no efforts to rectify this crisis of ignorance. The Israelis exploit this public relations luxury by warning that Iran acquiring a bomb is a unique evil that would lead to a “nuclear arms race” in the Middle East.