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An idea on freedom

Couldn't agree more with the text on either side of the clip. I'm not at all religious personally but otherwise I agree with the guy. Sit back and watch it all go to poop or stand up for your rights, "The power is yours" as what 'Captain Planet' used to say lol... Showing my age.

I do believe that if a business wants you to wear a mask in their establishment you should respect their rules though, if you don't want to then you should go elsewhere. The lockdowns are just killing small businesses everywhere and big business and even other countries are getting bailouts repeatedly with your money... When you're giving countries money for gender studies but barely supporting your own because Democrats won't sign off on anything at all unless they get what they want... Meanwhile the Democrat states are the ones locking their citizens down... Seen from the outside(Australia) it's madness to me. Our lockdowns have been draconian here as well, we're just lucky to be on our own continent and surrounded by water with a much smaller population.