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India Is Intensifying Its U.S. Backed Hybrid War on China

Whether it’s India’s latest clashes with China along the Line of Actual Control (LAC), its selective embrace of “economic nationalism” to “poach” foreign companies from the People’s Republic, or its forthcoming leadership of the World Health Assembly (WHA) where it might very well take Washington’s side in demanding an investigation into Beijing’s response to World War C, India is indisputably intensifying its American-backed Hybrid War on China as a sign of loyalty to its new ally.

BRICS Is Broken

Gone are the “good ‘ole days” of BRICS bonhomie when the Alt-Media Community used to sing the praises of this nascent trade bloc and portray it as a game-changing development in International Relations. Although promising on paper, BRICS was always destined to be disappointing due to the irreparable differences between India and China that were either downplayed or outright ignored by this organization’s loudest advocates. The author has been consistently warning for over the past four years that “India Is Now An American Ally” after it clinched the Logistics Exchange Memorandum Of Agreement (LEMOA) with the US to allow the latter to use its military infrastructure on a case-by-case “logistical” bases. Since then, India has fully submitted to the Pentagon’s “Indo-Pacific” strategy of empowering the South Asian state as a “counterweight” China, with even Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov loudly warning his country’s strategic partner of the pitfalls of this scenario as recently as early January of this year while speaking at a conference in their country.