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India's Ivermectin Blackout: The Secret Revealed

Although India’s Ivermectin victory over COVID may have been lost on bent-on-vaccinating-everyone Big Pharma and Big Regulators, the message seems to have gotten through to the man on the street. If Google Trends is any indicator, interest in Ivermectin is exploding, and for good reason. We are all being systematically deceived by influential organizations in the name of profits.

A daily onslaught of media propaganda bombards us with messages attempting to steer us away from the safest and most effective treatments.

Interest in Ivermectin and India is only increasing and has now reached an all-time high.

India’s conquest of COVID-19 is concealed no longer. The secret is out.


I Have…


…been using Ivermectin since around 1980 around the time it was introduced to the market. At the time it was only available as an injection. The pour on and paste came much later. I had a herd of around 200 grown cattle at the time. When I was administering the injection it was 1cc/100 SQ. I had an animal that I could not get stabilized in the chute and when I attempted to give her the shot she jumped and I injected myself with the Ivermectin and it burned like hell for days!
Next as I said it is 1ml/100 and I estimated Cow was around 1200 lbs so loaded 12ml. I gave her 6ml SQ on neck. She immediately collapsed in chute! I thought I killed her! She fell out the side and within 10 minutes she was fine.
I droned on here to let everyone know what I have dealt with for years!
If you want/need Ivermectin just msg me and I will give info on my supplier.