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Investigate CDC: Time to Convene a Federal Grand Jury

Two revelations were dropped last week that scream for two things: (1) A federal grand jury must be convened with the target being the CDC and, (2) State Attorney General’s do the same thing except the target is PCR manufacturers, promoters and specific individuals in the WHO.

First. My column last week, International Class Action Lawsuits Against Corona PCR Test Manufacturers, was/is an effort to make known proposed legal action against manufacturers of the PCR tests used around the world to detect COVID-19. If you missed that column it will be helpful to read it and watch the featured video.

The proposed action in the video above focuses on tort lawsuits and eventual classification as class-action lawsuits. A dear friend of mine who is a constitutional lawyer raised the issue of a grand jury. I believe that would be state Attorney General’s convening a grand jury to go after PCR manufacturers and other defendants for fraud. Or, individuals or groups of doctors, perhaps.