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Starving Afghan Parents Forced To Sell Children To Survive  

A humanitarian crisis is quickly unfolding in Afghanistan as the country fell under Taliban rule about one month ago. The conditions are so disturbing that Afghan parents are selling their children to survive, according to WSJ.

Saleha, a 40-year-old mother of six in western Afghanistan, makes 70 cents per day cleaning homes and has incurred an insurmountable debt of around $550.

"If life continues to be this awful, I will kill my children and myself," Saleha told WSJ. "I don't even know what we will eat tonight."

She told the Journal her husband doesn't have any work, and the only way out of debt is to sell her 3-year-old daughter to her local lender.

"I will try to find money to save my daughter's life," her husband said.

Khalid Ahmad, the lender, told WSJ he would settle the debt for the young girl:

"I also don't have money. They haven't paid me back," he said. "So there is no option but taking the daughter."