Trump the “Peace Candidate”: Contemplating War During Pandemic against Two Global Competitors. Nuclear Weapons “Tests” against China and Russia | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED X-Frame-Options: DENY X-Frame-Options: SAMEORIGIN

Trump the “Peace Candidate”: Contemplating War During Pandemic against Two Global Competitors. Nuclear Weapons “Tests” against China and Russia

The Pentagon and national security agencies directed by the White House have also been discussing the viability of engaging in war with those same two global competitors Russia and China, either individually or even simultaneously. Yes, it is true that many countries wargame certain scenarios that are unlikely ever to occur, but there is nevertheless a certain consistency in the bellicosity that comes like an endless stream out of the Trump White House.

Relations with both Moscow and Beijing are the worst they have been since the end of the Cold War. A recent interview with U.S. Special Representative for Syria James Jeffrey revealed that American troops are staying in Syria not to confront ISIS but rather in hopes that Russia will be drawn into a “quagmire.” Meanwhile the U.S. government’s repeated attempts to demonize China for the coronavirus suggest that tension with that country will increase considerably as U.S. elections draw nearer. Both China and Russia have already been accused of planning to interfere in November’s presidential polling.

The Administration policy of intimidation and threats directed against foreign nations over their domestic and international policies has borne bitter fruit, but no one seems capable of halting the slide led by Secretary of State Pompeo and the president into an autocracy that depends on expressions and demonstrations of military power for its survival. Washington recently rejected global calls to suspend all sanctions and aggressive actions while the world struggles with coronavirus. It was the only country to do so, leading to derision from friend and foe alike and emphasizing the isolation of the Trump leadership on the world stage.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I marginally supported President Trump over Hillary Clinton in 2016, because he did talk about ending the no-win wars in which the US government had enmeshed its military for years on end, with no resolution in sight.

And I am very supportive of his work to get US troops out of Afghanistan.

But that being said, I loathe it, that he believes that a "male member measuring contest" between himself, President Xi of China, and President Putin of Russia, through an atomic test, is an answer to US security right now, because it is not.

Worse still, such an act by the US may well be quite liable to start a nuclear arms race which could make the potential use of, let's say, a "tactical nuclear weapon" more "acceptible" to the American public, because they don't understand the utter devastation the use of such a weapon can wreak.

And that damage may be utterly unrecoverable.