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Trump impeachment is ‘constitutionally flawed’ & Capitol riot was ‘pre-planned’ – lawyers

Ex-president Donald Trump’s lawyers have eviscerated the impeachment charge against him, accusing Democrats of conducting “no investigation” of the raid and claiming Capitol rioters already had plans to swarm the building.

As the former president prepares to face the Senate for his second impeachment trial, Trump’s lawyers have called out Democratic leaders for what they describe as a shameful weaponization of the January 6 Capitol raid, denouncing the proceedings as both unconstitutional and unprofessional.

The demonstrators had already planned to enter the Capitol when Trump began speaking to them in front of the White House, the lawyers’ memo, obtained by the Washington Post on Monday, reveals, adding that the FBI has confirmed the riot was planned “several days before” January 6. The document says that not only did the Capitol Police have advanced notice of the raid, but the New York Police Department, FBI, and even members of the House leadership were also aware something big was being planned for that day.