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The Vatican Urges Catholics to Drop Fossil Fuel Investments

Pope Francis and the Vatican are encouraging Catholics around the world to divest from fossil fuels, emphasizing a responsibility to protect both human rights and the environment.

The Vatican recently published a 225-page manual for church leaders and workers. Its publication marked the fifth anniversary of Pope Francis’ “Laudato Si'” encyclical. A landmark papal letter called for the protection of both the environment and vulnerable people.

Officials presented the new manual, “Journeying for the Care of the Common Home,” at a press conference in the Vatican. It highlights practical ways in which Catholics can achieve the broad goals first laid out in 2015’s encyclical.

The Holy See Interdicastery Table on Integral Ecology drafted the manual. It suggests people “favor positive changes” by avoiding companies that do not satisfy certain parameters. Examples include child labor, environmental destruction, and human rights violations.