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Washington’s Bizarre and Dangerous Ukraine Obsession

A strange and potentially catastrophic development in U.S. foreign policy has been the elevation of Ukraine to the status of a vital American interest. Ukraine was not even an independent country until the end of 1991; before then, it was merely a component of the Czarist Russian Empire and the Soviet Union. America got along just fine ignoring Ukraine and its affairs. There has been no formal treaty, or even a meaningful congressional and public debate, to make Ukraine a crucial US ally, yet that is how Washington now views that country.

Indeed, protecting Ukraine and promoting its interests has become a veritable obsession with the foreign policy blob. And woe be to anyone who dares question the logic or wisdom of that course. When I published an article in the National Interest pointing out Ukraine’s acute deficiencies as both a security partner and as a supposed democratic model, it drew the wrath of the Atlantic Council, the leader of Ukraine’s de facto lobby in the United States. One article appearing on the Atlantic Council’s website predictably resorted to evidence-free, drive-by smears that I was serving as a willing agent of Russian disinformation.