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Why is Egypt intensifying its military drills?

After a busy November full of military drills, not least of which took place at sea, Egypt is continuing its training efforts into December and throughout 2021, sending a message about its global reach and capabilities.

“The increased number of drills shows that the Egyptian armed forces has the capabilities to conduct all these exercises at the same time,” according to Ahmad Eliba, a defense expert at the Egyptian Center for Strategic Studies. The exercises also show off Egypt’s strategic deterrence capabilities and weapons systems, he added.

Egypt intensified its military drills in November, but the country has been regularly participating in training events for some time now. In July 2019, it carried out the Eagle Salute maneuvers with the navies of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and the United States. In September 2019, it participated in the Red Wave drill with the Royal Saudi Navy and the forces of some other countries bordering the Red Sea. And earlier this year, it was joined by the Royal Saudi Navy for the maritime exercise Morgan-16. Egypt is expected to join these three events during their 2021 versions.