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Will The Disastrous Withdrawal From Afghanistan Also Happen In Iraq?

Over the last few months, the world has been watching the disastrous US withdrawal from Afghanistan and what followed in the aftermath - the violent takeover by the Taliban and a massive U-turn on human rights for all, especially women. Over the coming months, the US will be withdrawing its remaining troops from Iraq, currently standing at around 2,500. The withdrawal may also turn ugly and that the old threats may resurface. Indeed, the UN assesses that there are approximately 10,000 Daesh fighters in Syria and Iraq combined. The UN has warned that Daesh has been using the Covid-19 crisis to re-group and consolidate power in the region once again. Once the US withdraws completely, Daesh fighters may use the limbo to try to increase its power and influence in the territories as before.

The world should not forget the atrocities perpetrated by Daesh fighters against religious minorities in Syria and Iraq in 2014 and in the years that followed. Those atrocities include murder, enslavement, deportation and forcible transfer of population, imprisonment, torture, abduction of women and children, exploitation, abuse, rape, sexual violence, sexual slavery and much more. The atrocities committed by Daesh are now recognized as crimes against humanity, war crimes and even genocide, the crime of crimes. The world cannot forget the particular wickedness of the atrocities. Video footage of beheadings, of kidnapped victims thrown from high buildings or burnt alive. These graphic images will be difficult to forget. Until this day, some 2,763 Yazidi women and children are still missing, whether in unknown location or dead.