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Your new iPhone 13 doesn't belong to you

Think that the new iPhone 13 you've just paid hundreds of dollars for is yours?

It isn't.

5G support is one reason to buy a phone and be confident keeping it for two or three years.

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In fact, it's quite disturbing the lengths that Apple has gone to in order to retain control over your iPhone.

It's become so bad that you can't swap genuine parts from one iPhone with parts out of another iPhone.

Here is 'Right to Repair" advocate Hugh Jeffreys taking a look at the iPhone 13. In fact, to film this video, Jeffreys took two iPhone 13 handsets and expertly took them apart to see how easy -- or hard -- it is to swap parts and repair them.

It's hard. In fact, Apple has made it such that if you break the display and don't get it repaired by Apple (or an Apple Authorized Repair Center), then you lose a bunch of features.