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"All vets are mentally ill in some way and government should prevent them from owning firearms." -- Diane Feinstein



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October 27, 2021

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Oct 27 08:09

“Republicans Are Opposed to These Vaccine Mandates – This is Government Overreach at Its Worst” – Rep. Elise Stefanik BLASTS Democrats Over Unconstitutional and Wreckless Mandates (VIDEO)

House Intelligence Committee member Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY) joined Harris Faulkner on The Faulkner Focus on Tuesday.

Stefanik stressed to Harris Faulkner that this republic was based on freedoms and “Republicans are going to stand up for those freedoms!”

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Oct 27 08:09

Marine Veteran Hero Who Stopped a Robbery Receives Valor Award...Shows Up Wearing “Let’s go Brandon” T-Shirt and MAGA Hat

A Marine veteran who stopped a robbery in progress showed up to receive his valor award wearing a “Let’s go Brandon!” t-shirt and a MAGA hat.

Oct 27 08:08

Federal suit by Chicago workers challenges vaccine mandates

More than 130 City of Chicago employees are suing the city and the governor and say the city and the state’s vaccine mandates are unconstitutional.

They want the mandate immediately rescinded.

In a federal lawsuit and motion for temporary restraining order filed late last week, the workers argue vaccine immunity is comparable to infection immunity. They said since so many of them already had Covid, they shouldn’t be required to get a vaccine.

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Oct 27 08:05

Illinois Nurses Win Temporary Restraining Order Against Vaccine Mandate

A judge in Illinois granted a temporary restraining order to nurses who sued Riverside Healthcare over the hospital’s vaccine mandate.

On October 13, six nurses sued Riverside Healthcare claiming the Health Care Right of Conscience Act gives them the right to refuse the vaccine. The nurses were denied religious exemption and were told if they did not get vaccinated by October 31, they’d face termination.

Kankakee County Judge Nancy Nicholson granted the temporary restraining order until November 19, at which point she will hold a hearing on a motion for a preliminary injunction requested by the nurses.

Oct 27 08:05

Survey Shows Jewish College Students Most Likely To Oppose Free Speech And Condone Violence To Silence Opinions They Don’t Like

A just-released survey from the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education of over 37,000 students at 159 colleges showed that Jewish students — just like their Bolshevik ancestors and cousins — were far more likely than other students to censor, shut down, and silence — using violence if “necessary” — anyone whose opinion they don’t like:

The data show that one-third of all students think trying to disrupt and shout down speakers when they visit campuses is sometimes or always acceptable. Among Jewish students surveyed, 40% reported feeling this way. As for blocking other students from attending a campus speech and hearing potentially controversial ideas, 13% of students surveyed, and 18% of Jewish students, think this is sometimes or always acceptable. Two-thirds of Jewish students — compared to just about half of students nationally — answered that blocking other students from attending a campus speech is justifiable.

Oct 27 08:04

Anti-Defamation League Pressures PayPal To Cut Off Services To Anyone Who Criticizes Jews Or Israel

The Anti-Defamation League has “joined with” PayPal to research how “extremists” use financial platforms to fund activity that may oppose Jewish supremacy and support for the state of Israel:

The partnership will focus on “uncovering and disrupting the financial pipelines that support extremist and hate movements” by targeting “actors and networks spreading and profiting from all forms of hate and bigotry,” according to an ADL news release published Monday morning.

Their findings will be “shared broadly across the financial industry and with policymakers and law enforcement,” according to the release.

The ADL’s Center on Extremism will be one of multiple partner organizations in the effort for PayPal, a San Jose company that has become one of the world’s largest online payment platforms. The news release also mentions the League of United Latin American Citizens.

Oct 27 08:03

Jews ‘Shocked’ To Discover Irish Politicians Believe Jews Control Media & Israel Orchestrated 9/11 Attacks

A new report — compiled by a Jewish supremacist organization — reveals how Jews are “shocked” to find that many senior Irish politicians know far too much about the hidden Jewish hand in orchestrating world affairs:

The 200-page dossier on antisemitism in Irish public life reveals how Chris Andrews, a Sinn Fein TD (member of the Irish parliament), liked a comment on his Facebook page in 2018 that called Israelis “murdering Zionist bastards” and seemed to suggest that Hitler may “not have been too far wrong”.

The report, compiled by investigative journalist David Collier, also features Mick Wallace, an Independent Irish MEP who in 2018 shared an article from a right-wing website that suggested Jews control the media. The piece posted by Mr Wallace blamed Israel for the attack on the Twin Towers and described Jewishness as a “tribal sociopathy”.

Oct 27 08:03

Press Sec. Stuns Reporters, Admits Plan to Ignore & Crush States' Rights | DM CLIPS | Rubin Report

Oct 27 08:02

Fauci is Screwed: Puppygate Footage Emerges of Dogs Tormented in Taxpayer-Funded Labs, Including ‘Inside One of Fauci’s Own Labs’

Dr. Anthony Fauci is now under heavy fire for agonizing conditions that were recently revealed for dogs used for research under his agency’s grants or at his own laboratories. But Fauci, who has been the director of the National Institute for Allergies and Infectious Diseases since 1984, has been granting billions in taxpayer funds for cruel, abusive, and often unnecessary animal experimentats for years.

The White Coat Waste Project, the nonprofit organization that first pointed out that U.S. taxpayers were being used to fund the Wuhan Institute of Virology, recently revealed dogs were tormented with NIAID-disbursed taxpayer money for experiments conducted under dubious bioethical conditions and with lax oversight.

Oct 27 08:01

After Biden Shut Down U.S. Energy, Jen Psaki Blames Lack Of “Supply” As Contributing To Rising Gas Prices [Video]

Do they hear themselves? It’s hard to believe, but during the White House briefing, Jen Psaki claimed lack of “supply” contributes to rising gas prices. This is a self-inflicted wound by the Biden regime after shutting down U.S. energy sources, so we are now energy-dependent. This comes after the Trump administration worked so hard to be energy independent.

Oct 27 08:01

Let's Go Brandon - Bryson Gray (MUSIC VIDEO) [Ft. @Tyson James & Chandler Crump]

Oct 27 08:01

Video Emerges of Terry McAuliffe in 2019: ‘Diversity, Inclusion’ are ‘as Important as’ Math and English in Schools

The final nail in the coffin has emerged for Democrat Terry McAuliffe in the race for governor of Virginia. Clinton crony McAuliffe has been losing ground due to the self-inflicted wound calling for parents to have no voice in educating their children.

Oct 27 08:01

Eight Wise Doctors and Hopeful Common Sense on Covid

Some items remain clear in the combined judgement of this panel:

The gene-based ‘vaccines,’ narrowly focusing just on the spike protein, are causing variants, as well as damage to recipients. It is the spike protein that causes the damage in those sick with the ‘virus’. Choosing the spike protein molecule for the vaccine was a flat-out error.

The nature of ‘Covid’ is not a pulmonary problem per se, but an inflammatory and thrombotic problem, repeated by the action of the vaccine. (As some other doctors have astutely observed, they get us going in with ‘Covid’, which turned out to be ‘mild’, and if that fails, they surely get more of us with the ‘vaccine’.) Urso says that people who die of Covid do so because of inflammation / thrombosis, not the ‘virus’. These two features were already separately treatable.

The vaccine has caused more damage in 8 months than any other medical product left on the market for a comparable amount of time.

The vaccinated are getting sick.

Oct 27 08:00

France’s Gendarmes & Military Are Starting to Speak Out

ER: here is our translation of the letter in the image below:

I am among you, discreet, because I am under a duty to remain silent.

Know that we also are fighting! We are several thousand gendarmes who do not want these experimental products, imposed on the military on July 29.

Since October 15, those who refuse will be punished with 10 days of stoppage minimum, followed by a disciplinary transfer, with no concern for our families, partners and children at school.

The month of October is already a month of mourning!

October 4, a 17 year old at a military high school died of a stroke during sports practice

October 7, gendarme Gaetan Binet, 27 years old, died of a heart attack during sports

October 13, gendarme Andrea Lombard, 21 years old, died of a stroke. She was part of the French gendarmes’ rugby team.

A lot of coincidence! Too much coincidence!

Oct 27 07:59


Oct 27 07:58

Protests erupt across Seattle over vaccine mandates for city workers

Seattle was the scene of a slew of protests last week as Governor Jay Inslee’s vaccine mandate went into effect at midnight on October 18. As all city and state workers who had not yet received their first shot were fired, people took to the streets of the progressive city to express their opposition to the mandate.

A rally hosted by March For Freedom Washington at Seattle City Hall was attended by law enforcement officers, teachers, bus drivers, nurses and firefighters, many of whom spoke out on their reasons for not getting the jab.

Many cited concerns about the potentially deadly side effects of the vaccine, while others took a stand because they want the freedom to make their own medical choices and are concerned about the precedent the mandate is setting.

The rally was not just attended by those who were unwilling to take on the risks of the vaccine; many of their vaccinated colleagues showed up to express their support.

Oct 27 07:58

Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey Warned About the 2020 Election Night Steal – Now He’s Warning about Hyperinflation

Oct 27 07:57

Video: Former ICE Director Says Biden Should Be Impeached Over ‘Intentionally Unsecured’ Border

Former acting ICE director Tom Homan blasted Joe Biden Tuesday, accusing he and his administration of “intentionally” allowing the southern border to become insecure, saying it is being done “by design”.

Appearing on Fox News, Homan declared that within days America has gone from “the most secure border we ever had” under President Trump to chaos under Biden.

“We had illegal immigration down 81 percent, most secure border in my entire career of 35 years. Most secure border in my lifetime,” Homan urged.

He continued, “And we have a president that came in within days unsecured the border, and we got a secretary of Homeland Security that’s helping him do that. It’s unbelievable what they have done.”

“He intentionally unsecured the border,” Homan charged, adding “That is the most unpresidential thing I’ve ever heard. Him and the secretary should both be impeached.”

Oct 27 07:57

CDC greenlights FOURTH Covid vaccine jab for ‘immunocompromised’ Americans as definitions blur for ‘booster & fully vaccinated’

The CDC has approved a fourth Covid-19 vaccine shot for adults with compromised immune systems, allowing for yet another dose amid concerns of waning immunity, as some pharma firms even hint at yearly boosters for all Americans.

Those who are “moderately and severely immunocompromised” may receive a total of four vaccine doses, including an initial two-shot inoculation, one additional dose, followed by yet another booster, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said in an updated guidance on Tuesday.

The immunocompromised were the first to receive authorization for vaccine boosters back in August, with US health agencies subsequently approving additional doses for people in other high-risk categories, such as those aged 65 and older and adults more likely to be exposed to the virus.

Oct 27 07:52

Over 100 Palestinians wounded after Israeli extremists march through Jerusalem

Oct 27 07:48

NEW: Arizona AG Mark Brnovich Sends Out Letter: “States Can And Should Take Every Opportunity To Reassure All Citizens That Their Vote Counts”

Yesterday, Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich released a letter to U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland standing up for election integrity and state sovereignty.

All evidence from the Arizona audit investigation has been presented to the Arizona Attorney General’s office and we have still seen no action.

Oct 27 07:47

‘I Said What I Said’: Chapelle Refuses To Apologize To Triggered Trans Activists

Comedian Dave Chappelle responded to the controversy around his Netflix special “The Closer,” claiming the outrage has “nothing to do with” the LGBTQ community, but is instead about “corporate interests, and what I can say and what I cannot say.”

In the new stand-up video shared Monday, Chappelle told the transgender community he’s “more than willing to give you an audience” but noted that he’s “not bending to anyone’s demands.”

“It’s been said in the press that I was invited to speak to the transgender employees of Netflix and I refused. That is not true—If they had invited me, I would have accepted it, although I am confused about what we would be speaking about,” Chappelle said. “I said what I said, and boy, I heard what you said. My God, how could I not?”

Oct 27 07:47

Breaking: FDA Panel Endorses Pfizer Shots for 5- to 11-Year-Olds, Experts Say Vaccine for Kids Is ‘Unnecessary, Premature and Will Do More Harm Than Good’

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) advisory committee today endorsed Pfizer’s COVID vaccine for children ages 5 to 11, despite strong objections raised during the meeting by multiple scientists and physicians.

The vote passed with 17 supporting it and one abstention.

Before the shots can be rolled out, the FDA will have to formally authorize the vaccine, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) must also weigh in with its own recommendations — but the Biden administration’s announcement last week that it has already ordered 68 million doses of the pediatric vaccine suggests Pfizer’s request will sail through.

During today’s meeting, the Vaccines and Related Biological Products Committee (VRBPAC) heard evidence from Pfizer and regulators, and listened to concerns from numerous experts.

Oct 27 07:46

70 Percent of COVID-19 Deaths Both in Sweden and UK in September Were “Fully Vaccinated”

Government data revealed that in September, 70% of COVID-19 deaths both in Sweden and the UK were “fully vaccinated” individuals.

Swedish Public Health Agency reported that 70% of Covid 19 deaths involved “fully vaccinated” individuals between Sept. 1 and Sept. 24, according to Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet. The country recorded about 130 fatal Covid cases during that period.

Oct 27 07:41

Joe Biden is lying about spending bill: Gingrich

Oct 27 07:40

The Rising Great Divide

Oct 27 07:33

“Tell Biden we are coming”...Thousands of Illegals Use QR Code on Facebook to Join Caravan While ‘Border Czar’ Harris Plans Trip to Paris

Fox News reporter Griff Jenkins is following the caravan of thousands coming to America’s border. He reports the caravan is very organized as people can sign up using a QR code on Facebook. It’s being reported that smugglers are making millions every day bringing people from all over the globe to try and cross the US border.

Oct 27 07:31

Two states just terminated National School Boards... cites NSBA's letter to Biden as the reason.

Oct 27 07:31

Small Decline In BIS Gold Swaps

Oct 27 07:27

Buffalo Wrangling Kristi Noem Takes on her Critics, Exposes the Biden Agenda, and Celebrates the American West

Oct 27 07:26

We Cracked the Redactions in the Ghislaine Maxwell Deposition

On Thursday morning, a federal court released a 2016 deposition given by Ghislaine Maxwell, the 58-year-old British woman charged by the federal government with enticing underage girls to have sex with Jeffrey Epstein. That deposition, which Maxwell has fought to withhold, was given as part of a defamation suit brought by Virginia Roberts Giuffre, who alleges that she was lured to become Epstein’s sex slave. That defamation suit was settled in 2017. Epstein died by suicide in 2019.

In the deposition, Maxwell was pressed to answer questions about the many famous men in Epstein’s orbit, among them Bill Clinton, Alan Dershowitz, and Prince Andrew. In the document that was released on Thursday, those names and others appear under black bars. According to the Miami Herald, which sued for this and other documents to be released, the deposition was released only after “days of wrangling over redactions.”

Oct 27 07:24

Test Scores by Ethnicity in Canada

So Northeast Asian students with parents born in Canada have a 116 composite score and black students with parents born in Canada have an 89 composite?

White kids whose parents were born in Canada have a 106 composite. (The gaps are slightly smaller for average scores than for composite scores.)

This 27 point gap between Northeast Asians and blacks must be due to Canada’s history of slavery, Confederate statues, Jim Crow, lynching, the burning down of the black Wall Street in Tulsa, Ontario, and redlining.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I assume that last sentence is meant as satire.

Oct 27 07:22

Watch: Biden Gets Lets Go Brandon Greetings In His Hometown

People chanted curses at President Joe Biden's motorcade as it drove through his hometown of Scranton, Pennsylvania, last week.

"F*** Joe Biden" could be detected among the roadside gathering in a video posted to TikTok.

"Welcome to Scranton, PA. Joe," the video's caption reads.

Several "Let's Go Brandon" rap songs have gone viral recently, citing a now-popular incident where a reporter mistook chants of "F*** Joe Biden " in a crowd of NASCAR fans cheering for racer Brandon Brown.

Oct 27 07:22

Biden “Whisper-Shouts” Again In Awkward Speech Full of Gaffes and Lies [Video]

Joe Biden is in New Jersey promoting his Build Back Better boondoggle. He made an appearance at a pre-school and then delivered a speech that was full of gaffes and lies.

Oct 27 07:22

McCain-Trump: The New Hatfield-McCoy?

On Fox News Channel's "MediaBuzz", Meghan McCain announced that her family and the Trump family were in a "blood feud."

When asked about former President Donald Trump's announcement calling the former "View" co-host a "bully" and a "lowlife," McCain stated, "My first reaction is thanks for the publicity."

Oct 27 07:21

Biden To Nominate A RINO For Election Fraud Monitoring

The Biden administration is expected to appoint Kim Wyman, a Republican Secretary of State who opposed former President Donald Trump's claims of election fraud, to head the Department of Homeland Security's efforts to protect future elections from foreign and domestic interference, multiple people familiar with the subject revealed to CNN.

The move would put Wyman in a leading role, working with election officials across the country at a time when many members of her party have questioned the integrity of elections.

Oct 27 07:21

Loudoun County Forces Parents To Sign NDA-Style Form To View CRT-Inspired Curriculum

Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS) is requiring parents to sign a form comparable to a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to view a portion of the district’s new curriculum inspired by critical race theory, according to documents reviewed by the Daily Caller.

As part of LCPS’ broader equity agenda, the district spent approximately $7,700 to become a “licensed user” of Second Step Programs, a branch of the left-leaning non-profit organization Committee for Children. According to a copy of the NDA-style form reviewed by the Daily Caller, “eligible parents” at LCPS must sign the document to view the Second Step curriculum.

Curriculum presentations can only be given in person and parents cannot broadcast, download, photograph, or record “in any manner whatsoever.” Downloadable files of part of the curriculum are available on LCPS’ website, per Second Step’s copyright policy.

Oct 27 07:20

Teen-Trans RAPIST Found Guilty

The teenager charged with sexually assaulting a ninth-grade girl in a Loudoun County, Virginia, high school was found guilty on all charges.

The victim was assaulted in a women's restroom at Stone Bridge High School by a male wearing a skirt. A judge found the evidence sufficient to convict but will hold on to the punishment until the convicted teenager is tried for another alleged assault at a different high school.

Oct 27 07:19

Hostage families to Biden: 'Bring our fellow Americans home'

Relatives of more than two dozen American hostages and wrongful detainees held overseas told President Joe Biden in a letter on Monday that they questioned his administration's commitment to bringing their loved ones home.

In the letter, obtained by The Associated Press, the family members complained that the administration seemed to be getting “bogged down in burdensome processes or policy debates that keep our loved ones from coming home and keep us uninformed of what you can and cannot do to help us.”

“We need to be shown that the promises of your administration to prioritize the return of our family members are not empty. Now is the time for action. Now we need you to bring our fellow Americans home,” the letter states.

Oct 27 07:19

‘Stop F*cking Talking’: Some House Democrats Oppose Radical Wealth Tax

Oct 27 07:19

US Army not ready to ‘fight tonight,’ internal survey suggests, as Pentagon insists everything is fine

Only one in seven respondents in a recent US Army survey said they’d be ready to deploy and fight immediately, with generals far more confident of readiness than warrant officers. The army downplayed the figures, however.

Some 5,400 soldiers and civilians were asked if their unit was ready to deploy, fight and win anywhere in the world. Only 14% said 'Yes, immediately.' Another 13% said they would need more time, such as a week (3%) or a month (4%), according to a report by Foreign Policy on Tuesday.

There was a noticeable gap between generals, 40% of whom were confident of immediate deployment, and warrant officers, where that number was just under 20%.

Oct 27 07:18

Mexican cartels paying American teens $1,000+ to traffic illegal immigrants, says Sheriff; recruiting through TikTok

Mexican drug cartels are reportedly paying American teenagers $1,000 for every illegal immigrant they traffic from the US-Mexico border to Houston, Texas, according to a local sheriff. The cartels are even using the social media app TikTok to find the teen recruits.

According to Fox Business, Jackson County Sheriff A.J. Louderback gave host Maria Bartiromo exclusive photos that showed an overturned pickup truck that was allegedly driven by one of the teens, who was attempting to transport 13 illegal immigrants to Houston before the accident.

Oct 27 07:12

Actor On ‘Rush’ Set Says Alec Baldwin KNEW Real Guns Were Being Used Because Cameras Were Protected By Bullet Proof Shields

An actor who worked on the ‘Rush’ set earlier this month told TMZ that the cameras used in filming gun scenes were protected by some kind of shield, and that he felt the one of the scenes he was in was “life-threatening” because real weapons were being used:

Oct 27 07:06

House Intelligence Committee Has Called For Dr. Fauci’s Arrest — You Are Going DOWN Dr. Death!

The ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee, Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA), has called for the immediate arrest and prosecution of Dr. Anthony Fauci.

Rep. Nunes joins a growing list of Congressmen and women who are calling for Fauci to be brought to justice for committing crimes against humanity.

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) has finally admitted to funding controversial gain-of-function virus research in Wuhan, China.

Oct 27 07:05

White People Are an Endangered Species

Today throughout the Western world the only expression permitted to white people is expression of their guilt. Their function is limited to working tirelessly to elevate their racial and cultural enemies. While people everywhere are organized in an act of self-genocide.

And this despite endless warnings. Half a century ago in 1972 Wilmot Robertson showed in his book, The Dispossessed Majority, that majority white expression in art, literature, and culture was so thoroughly banned that the ban is enforced with pre-censorship by white writers and artists themselves.

Oct 27 07:04

This year’s Thanksgiving feast will wallop the wallet

Thanksgiving 2021 could be the most expensive meal in the history of the holiday.

Caroline Hoffman is already stashing canned pumpkin in the kitchen of her Chicago apartment when she finds some for under a dollar. She recently spent almost $2 more for the vanilla she’ll need to bake pumpkin bread and other desserts for the various Friendsgiving celebrations she’s been invited to.

Matthew McClure paid 20% more this month than he did last year for the 25 pasture-raised turkeys he plans to roast at the Hive, the Bentonville, Arkansas, restaurant where he is the executive chef. And Norman Brown, director of sweet-potato sales for Wada Farms in Raleigh, North Carolina, is paying truckers nearly twice as much as usual to haul the crop to other parts of the country.

“I never seen anything like it, and I’ve been running sweet potatoes for 38 or 39 years,” Brown said. “I don’t know what the answer is, but in the end it’s all going to get passed on to the consumer.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Oct 27 07:03

Medical Bombshell: Pfizer Vax Attacks Human Blood Creating Clots Under Microscope

Highly respected medical doctor and inventor, Richard Fleming, has released a 32-minute detailed presentation documenting his shocking findings. In late 2020, before the Pfizer shot had even been rolled out, top scientists and experts around the world warned the Pfizer and Moderna shots posed extreme risk of causing blood clots, myocarditis and other cardiovascular problems. One year later, Pfizer and Moderna have been forced to issue warnings confirming their controversial MRNA vaccines can indeed cause a long list of problems not just limited to the cardiovascular system. Now, research scientist, Dr. Richard Fleming, has has tested the Covid-19 Pfizer vaccine on fresh human blood samples in-vitro and made a string of nightmare discoveries confirming the medical community’s findings. To find out more about this ground-breaking research, visit Fleming-Method.com

Oct 27 07:02

This State Will DEFUND Education In The Name Of The Vaxx Mandate

Washington state has threatened to terminate the funding for a school district following the school board's vote not to fire their teachers who did not comply with Democrat Governor Jay Inslee's vaccine mandate for K-12 educators.

The News Tribune spoke with Katy Payne, director of communications for the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction. It announced that "…if the office determines a school district knowingly has staff on the payroll who have not provided proof of full vaccination or obtained an exemption, the state will provide notice.

Oct 27 07:01

America becomes North Korea: Re-education camps announced by the CDC, grocery stores display cardboard food printouts to hide bare shelves while Biden babbles

If you’re wondering whether America will plunge into a Venezuela-style financial collapse vs. a North Korea-style tyrannical authoritarian police state, it seems that the North Korea outcome is currently winning the race.

The CDC — Centers for Disease Creation — is now demanding that unvaccinated police and government workers be “forcibly re-educated” reports NewsPunch. It sounds like something ripped right out a soviet-era brainwashing and indoctrination plot:

CDC Director Rochelle Walensky declared that the Biden regime is planning to force unvaccinated police and government workers to take “counseling” and lessons so that they change their minds about taking the shots.

“There is a plan, should these people not want to be vaccinated, towards education and counseling to get people the information they need so that they are feeling comfortable in getting vaccinated,” Walensky declared.

Oct 27 07:00

"Lets Go Brandon:" White House Never Heard Of It

The White House claims they've "never heard" of the viral trend of the "F*ck Joe Biden" and "Let's Go Brandon" chants that are sweeping the country.

Administration officials have attempted to downplay the phenomenon. At least one Biden official alleged to be unfamiliar with the "Let's Go Brandon" chant or its expletive-filled alternative, although both are now chanted everywhere from college football stadiums to concert arenas to local bars.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

That out of touch?

Oct 27 06:56

CNN Camera Operator ARRESTED After Threatening To Murder Matt Gaetz And His Family

Eugene “Gene” Huelsman, a long time camera operator for CNN, ABC, NBC, and others, has been arrested by authorities for threatening to kill Matt Gaetz and his family:

Oct 27 06:55

Just Home-school Your Children!

Oct 27 06:54

ERs are now swamped with seriously ill patients — but many don't even have COVID

Inside the emergency department at Sparrow Hospital in Lansing, Mich., staff members are struggling to care for patients who are showing up much sicker than they've ever seen.

Tiffani Dusang, the emergency room's nursing director, practically vibrates with pent-up anxiety, looking at all the patients lying on a long line of stretchers pushed up against the beige walls of the hospital's hallways. "It's hard to watch," she says in her warm Texan twang.

NOTE: It has started. This is not going to be pretty!!!

Oct 27 06:52

Trump Goes Off On Fox News For 'Aiding & Abetting' Liberal Lies

Former President Donald Trump slammed Fox News for running commercials that are critical of him while guests and hosts say good things about him and his opinions.

"What good is it if FOX News speaks well of me when they continually allow horrible and untruthful anti-Trump commercials to be run — and plenty of them," Trump announced in a statement published through his Save America PAC.

Oct 27 06:52


This interview with Catherine covers the spectrum of the current situation we are in.

It was performed separately from the full-length documentary. We publish the full interview, ...

Oct 27 06:50

Dr. Kevin Corbett Interview | Following the Science? | Oracle Films

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Rumble("play", {"video":"vlldyh","div":"rumble_vlldyh"});

There are many elephants in the room with regards to the official narrative of Covid-19. Perhaps the biggest of all, is the uncertainty surrounding the existence of SARS-CoV-2. Many scientists know this to be true, but don’t want to go near the subject, through fear of reproach.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Oct 27 06:49

Fauci And NIH TORTURED Other Animals As Well

The National Institutes of Health has been denounced for torturing monkeys with acid, toy snakes, and rubber spiders for study after it was revealed Dr. Anthony Fauci had approved horrific funding experiments on beagles.

Watchdog the White Coat Waste Project (WCW) first blamed the NIH of carrying "bizarre psychological experiments" on monkeys back in December 2019, revealing that the experiments have cost taxpayers "nearly $100 million just since 2007" and have been "continuously funded for over 40 years."

Oct 27 06:48

Chicago to create largest ‘universal basic income’ program… free $500 a month…

Webmaster addition: In the long run, it will not be free!