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"To remove the animosities which have arisen during the late war ... considering our (NYS) loses, the debts we have incurred and our former friendship, it is reasonable that you make to us such a cession of your lands as will aid us in repairing and discharging the same." -- Gov. George Clinton to Haudenosaunee chiefs, 1784



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Sep 22 11:57

Australian study finds drugs already in use to treat other diseases could be used to alleviate the symptoms of Alzheimer's

New findings from a Queensland medical research center has found existing medications can be used to treat Alzheimer's.

Sep 22 11:55

Son of Brazil President Jair Bolsonaro brands Bill de Blasio a 'Marxist' on Tucker Carlson after the mayor told him not to go to the UN because he is unvaccinated and claims left wingers 'want to control everything'

The son of Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro slammed ‘Marxist’ Mayor Bill de Blasio for forcing his unvaccinated father to eat pizza on a Manhattan sidewalk while his father is in town for the United Nations General Assembly.

Sep 22 11:54

Funeral truck telling people 'don't get vaccinated' circles North Carolina stadium during football game in pro-vaccination stunt

A funeral truck circled a football stadium in Charlotte during Sunday's Panthers v. Saints game with a simple message: 'Don't get vaccinated.'

Sep 22 11:52

'What's Up With All These Federal Takeovers?': Thune Accuses Dems Of Pushing 'Radical' Legislation

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Sep 22 11:50

One Giant Step For Sin City? Developers Plan 735ft-High Vegas Resort In Shape Of The MOON That Has 4,000 Hotel Rooms, A Lagoon And Its Very Own 'Lunar Colony'

Is a giant moon set to touch down in Las Vegas? Apparently, there's one in the pipeline.

Sep 22 11:50

New Covid Outbreak in Kentucky Nursing home 20 out of 46 were fully vaccinated (twice)

Sep 22 11:49

How humans lost their tails: New study isolates single genetic mutation responsible for loss of tails in our ancestors and fellow Great Apes 20 million years ago

Humanity's ancestors have all had tails, but researchers may have identified the genetic mutation responsible for humans and certain primates losing the appendage, a new study suggests.

Sep 22 11:48

Taliban asks to address world leaders at UN General Assembly after Afghanistan takeover

The Taliban has asked to speak to world leaders at the United Nations General Assembly in New York this week.

Sep 22 11:39

How the CDC used the movie ‘Contagion’ to exploit the anthrax plot and increase their staff and budgets

Newly released documents have revealed the extent of the CDC’s role in the 2011 film, and how they milked the positive publicity. But they also beg the question why they weren’t more prepared for a real pandemic, like Covid.

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is one of the fastest-growing federal agencies of recent decades. In 1987, their budget was $590 million but by 2020 it had ballooned to over $8 billion, leading journalist Eric Boehm to observe, “If the agency had grown with inflation since 1987, it would have a budget of about $1.3 billion today. Total federal spending, meanwhile, has grown from a hair over $1 trillion in 1987 to $4.4 trillion last year—which means that the CDC's budget has grown faster [than] the government’s overall spending.”

Sep 22 11:39

Instagram, the Internet's Cool Mom, Leaves Up Videos Encouraging Kids to Steal From School

Like an aging water park, Facebook owes its continued existence to occasionally throwing in a new wave pool (Instagram) and then spending most of the rest of its days sipping a cold one and paying the settlements on the injury lawsuits, safe in the knowledge that it’s the only game in town. Now that a formidable rival is threatening to put it out of business, it must ask itself: what does TikTok have that I don’t? We ripped off literally everything, but they’ve still got the kids—hey, what about those kids cracking skulls in the parking lot?

Welcome to KrunkTown, aka Reels, aka the future of Facebook.

Sep 22 11:38

The porn industry turns to K Street to fight Trump-fueled internet regulations

The porn industry needs protection. From Congress, that is.

A trade organization for the adult entertainment industry has hired a D.C. lobbying firm to build its relationships with lawmakers and to advocate on behalf of key policies that affect the industry. Most notably it is trying to beat back major changes to Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act — a shield for internet platforms that safeguards them from liability for what their users post. The provision has become a flashpoint for conservatives after former President Donald Trump seized on the issue as a means of firing back at the platforms that have policed his posts.

Sep 22 11:37

The Treasury Department's lucrative revolving door

A lot of government agencies can propel their public-sector employees into high-paying private-sector gigs. Sitting squarely at the top of the list is the Treasury Department.

Why it matters: Treasury has almost unlimited financial power.

Treasury secretaries seen as being friendly to Wall Street — think Robert Rubin, Larry Summers or Tim Geithner — invariably exit to multimillion-dollar salaries in the financial sector. Steven Mnuchin has managed to do even better for himself.

Driving the news: Mnuchin has raised $2.5 billion so far for a private equity fund, including from Saudi Arabia, a country toward whom he was notably friendly while in office. If the fund is structured with a standard 2% management fee, that’s $50 million per year right there for Mnuchin and his colleagues, before they make a single penny from investment returns.

Sep 22 11:37

Facebook tested secret project, approved by Mark Zuckerberg, that pushed positive spin about company to combat bad press – reports

Facebook reportedly conducted a secret campaign to push more positive content about the platform – some written internally – via its users’ ‘News Feeds’ in a bid to counter the effects of negative media coverage on its reputation.

The social media giant’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg apparently personally approved the initiative – dubbed ‘Project Amplify’ – in August, despite Facebook executives being shocked by the idea when it was proposed at a meeting in January, according to the New York Times.

Sep 22 11:36

'Steel barrier' of HUNDREDS of state trooper SUVs line the border in 'unprecedented' move to stem the tide of Haitian migrants after Biden made mockery of pledge to send them home by RELEASING thousands into America

Texas Governor Greg Abbot has been forced to use 'unprecedented' methods to prevent more Haitian migrants from entering U.S. by creating a 'steel barrier' of hundreds of vehicles at the border.

Sep 22 11:34

EXCLUSIVE: Asian hostess attacked by three black women over 'N-word insult' at Carmine's had only been working there 'for a few days and hasn't returned': Management 'tells staff customers showed fake vaccination cards' as they release footage of incident

The Asian hostess who was attacked by three black women at Carmine's had only been working at the famed New York City restaurant for a few days, a staffer revealed

Sep 22 11:34

'I do regret having dinners with Jeffrey... but he's dead now, so...': Bill Gates looks VERY uncomfortable as he squirms his way through interview about his friendship with pedophile Epstein

The Microsoft founder, 65, first met Epstein at his Manhattan townhouse in 2011 after the financier had been convicted of soliciting sex from a minor in 2008.

Sep 22 11:30

Biden Practically Tells UN That America Is No Longer A Superpower - (2 Videos)

The United States is moving into a “new era of relentless diplomacy,” President Biden announced Tuesday throughout the opening of the UN General Assembly, notwithstanding several glaring diplomatic errors by his administration in recent weeks.

In the days leading up to the UNGA, the Biden administration has been forced to respond to Congress for the chaotic troop departure from Afghanistan, as well as diplomatic frustration from France over the nuclear-powered submarine deal with the United Kingdom and Australia.

“Simply put, we stand, in my view, at an inflection point in history. And I’m here to share with you how the United States intends to work with partners and allies to answer these questions, and the commitment of my new administration to help lead the world toward a more peaceful, prosperous future for all people.”

Sep 22 11:29

Biden Under Fire For Not Disclosing True Number Of Afghan Evacuees

Lawmakers on Tuesday aired frustration over a lack of data disclosed by the Biden administration, which has boasted of evacuating more than 124,000 people from Afghanistan but hasn't provided a precise breakdown of the different categories of those who fled the country amid and after the U.S. withdrawal.

Sen. James Lankford (R-Okla.), talking with Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, stressed a gap between the 60,000 people who have been taken into the U.S. and the total number evacuated.

Sep 22 11:27

The Day The Media Turned On Biden: Psaki Grilled By 'Once Friendly' CBS

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki was shocked Tuesday after CBS anchor Gayle King slammed recent "very bad behavior" by the U.S. internationally.

King said on "CBS Mornings" that "there's a lot of incoming" at the White House these days, given a recent spate of negative headlines at home and away for the Biden administration. After Psaki spoke of President Joe Biden's Tuesday address before the United Nations General Assembly as forward-looking, King added that Biden couldn't "ignore what has happened before."

"We’re still getting hammered for how the withdrawal from Afghanistan happened," King said. "Everybody knows, many people believe it was time. It’s just the way that it was done … That’s not a good look. You look at what’s happening with immigration. You look at France now saying that they’ve been betrayed by the United States. So I get that we have to look forward. But what are we doing to justify or explain what appears to be very bad behavior on our part?"

Sep 22 11:27

Dems In Trouble As AOC Progressives Blackmail Pelosi On Spending Bill

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) tried to reassure moderate members of her conference late Monday that they would not be required to pass a spending bill with a higher price tag than any legislation the Senate approves.

In a so-called “Dear Colleague” letter, Pelosi told her fellow Democrats that while she hoped the bill that comes to the floor will call for $3.5 trillion in spending, in accordance with the budget framework passed by the House last month, “[w]e must be prepared for adjustments”.

Pelosi has held off on bringing a $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill previously passed by the Senate up for a vote while congressional Democrats and the White House try to beat out the details of the larger proposal — which they hope to force through both chambers without Republican help through the parliamentary maneuver of reconciliation.

Sep 22 11:26

Be the Free Guy: Social-Proof Conformity Crumbles with Simple Action by One Person

A famous conformity experiment developed by Solomon Asch in the 1950s, provides stunning evidence of our willingness to follow the crowd — despite the evidence of our own eyes. Social proof, a powerful force in molding behavior, has become a political tool, amplified by social media, mainstream media and academia. But there's a simple remedy also revealed in the Asch conformity experiments that requires action by only one person — you.

Sep 22 11:25

Texas 'Steel Wall' of Cars Blocks Migrants at Border

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has taken "unprecedented" measures to deter thousands of migrants from crossing into the state by parking Texas National Guard and Texas Department of Public Safety vehicles along the U.S.-Mexico border near the Del Rio International Bridge.

"We put hundreds of Texas Department of Public Safety cars and created a steel wall — a steel wall of DPS vehicles — that prevented anybody from crossing that dam that you’ve seen people walk across," Abbott told Fox News Tuesday. "We effectively ... regained control of the border."

Thousands of migrants are living in makeshift huts and sleeping in the dirt under the bridge, waiting for their turn to be processed by U.S. immigration authorities. Abbott has blamed President Joe Biden for the situation, saying the federal government is not doing enough to secure the country's southern border.

Sep 22 11:24

How Can You Be Content With a Counterfactual Explanation of an Orchestrated “Pandemic”?

Here is a collection of articles from Global Research documenting the Covid Deception that has been fostered on the Western World. The deception that is being forced on people is so counterfactual that it is difficult to avoid the question whether a very dark agenda is in play. Our insouciance and inaction are allowing the net of deception to close us in and prevent our resistance.

Sep 22 11:24

Furious row over leaked WhatsApp messages from Equalities Minister Kemi Badenoch saying she doesn't 'care about colonialism' in Africa because it was only old elites who lost out

Kemi Badenoch was at the centre of a colonialism row today after WhatsApp messages in which she said she didn't 'care' about its impact on Africa were leaked.

The Equalities Minister said that those who lost out most when European states controlled Africa were 'old elites' rather than the regular people, in messages handed to Vice News.

Sep 22 11:23

Eco-zealots make a mockery of Priti by pitching up OUTSIDE her window: SAME M25 mob defy threats to jail them as they sit on the road outside Home Office and burn their bail release papers (but police STILL aren't arresting them)

Eco-zealots from Insulate Britain have thwarted an injunction that could see them chucked in jail by descending on the Home Office.

Activists blocked off a road, lit a fire and burned manuscripts in the central London street - which dodges the court order that only covers the M25.

Sep 22 11:22

America's new Space Force unveils uniforms for its 'Guardians' which bear an uncanny resemblance to those worn in 'Battlestar Galactica' - months after being mocked for its 'Star Trek' logo

The US Space Force unveiled a new prototype for its dress uniform on Tuesday, which was immediately compared to outfits worn by soldiers in Battlestar Galactica, Star Wars, Star Trek and other sci-fi classics.

Sep 22 11:17

The Washington Post Turns On Biden: White House Bureau Chief Slams Biden For Shutting Down Questions From Reporters And Praises Boris Johnson For His 'Respect For A Free Press'

The Washington Post's White House bureau chief Ashley Parker is the latest journalist to slam the Biden administration for shutting down questions from American reporters during the president's meeting Tuesday with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Sep 22 11:15

Thousands storm streets of New York City to protest covid medical fascism

Sep 22 11:10

United Airlines sued by employees over ‘draconian’ vaccine policy

Sep 22 11:05

Trump sues his niece Mary and the New York Times for $100M over 'insidious plot to smuggle his confidential and highly-sensitive records' out of attorney's office for story about his tax history

Donald Trump on Tuesday sued his niece Mary and The New York Times over their reporting on his tax affairs, accusing them of 'an insidious plot' to obtain confidential records, and is seeking an excess of $100 million in damages.

The former president filed his case against Mary, the paper and three of its reporters.

Sep 22 11:02

Biden dents Boris's hopes of a transatlantic free trade deal: President warns it needs to be 'worked through' leaving Boris Johnson with booby-prize option of joining US-Mexico-Canada pact

Joe Biden has dented Boris Johnson's hopes of a transatlantic trade deal, warning that it will need to be 'worked through' and leaving the British PM with the booby prize option of joining the US-Mexico-Canada (USMCA) pact.

Sep 22 11:01

Wholesome progress (Picture)

Sep 22 11:01

'What A F****** A******': Biden Swore When He Saw Trump Had Set-Up A Giant Screen To Practice His GOLF In The White House

President Joe Biden dismissed his predecessor as a 'f**king a**hole' upon seeing the 'toys' he left behind when Biden first moved into the White House in January 2021, according to new Trump book 'Peril' released on Tuesday.

Sep 22 11:01

Boris Johnson praises ‘vital’ US democracy as he meets Pelosi who shows him photo of her father watching Churchill addressing Congress in 1941 and trying to persuade US to join WWII

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson continued his U.S. tour on Wednesday with meetings with American lawmakers in the U.S. Capitol building where he praised democracy as 'vital' to the world.

Sep 22 11:00

MO Senate Candidate Eric Greitens Tells the War Room He WILL NOT Back Mitch McConnell as GOP Senate Leader When Elected

US Senate Candidate Eric Greitens joined Steve Bannon on The War Room on Tuesday morning. Greitens announced that once elected to the US Senate he would vote against Sen. Mitch McConnell as GOP Senate Leader.

Sep 22 10:59

Biden Finally Admits Border Out of Control, Says “We Will Get It Under Control”

Joe Biden finally admitted what has been clear since the day he took office last January and started dismantling President Trump’s border and immigration policies–that the U.S. southern border is out of control.

Sep 22 10:57

Scott Gottlieb — ‘Six feet rule was completely made up’…

Sep 22 10:32

Moment GOP candidate for Nevada Lieutenant Governor is dragged out of meeting and shoved through a metal detector while protesting county commission's decision to declare COVID-19 misinformation a public health crisis

A GOP candidate for Nevada Lieutenant Governor was violently dragged out of a Las Vegas local government meeting and thrown through a metal detector by security after being kicked out of a COVID-19 meeting.

Cell phone footage shows the moment Mack Miller was thrown out of the Clark County Commission Office's meeting.

The committee declared in a 5-2 decision that spreading COVID-19 misinformation is a public health crisis.

Protesters at the meeting claim that this is a violation of their First Amendment rights and is pushing only one side of the agenda.

Sep 22 10:29

'Donnez-moi un break': Boris Johnson breaks into 'franglais' to tell Emmanuel Macron to 'get a grip' over the AUKUS defence pact to provide nuclear-powered submarines for Australia

Boris Johnson today told Emmanuel Macron to 'get a grip' over the new AUKUS defence pact and to 'give me a break' as he dismissed French anger about the deal.

Sep 22 10:28

Money Is A Way To Happiness (Picture)

Sep 22 10:28

DC Finally Accepts That Hunter Laptop Is His: New Book On The Bidens By Politico Admits Mail And Others Were Right All Along

A new book on President Joe Biden is verifying that at least some of the information found on a laptop allegedly belonging to Hunter Biden is real - months after incriminating emails regarding Hunter's dealings with Ukraine were examined in a n investigation.

Sep 22 10:26

Brazil's fully vaccinated health minister who tested positive for COVID-19 gave protesters the middle finger as he departed UN after meeting with UK PM Boris Johnson

Brazil's Minister of Health, who tested positive for COVID-19 while attending a United Nations conference in New York City, was seen on video giving protesters the middle finger after meeting with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and staying at the same hotel as Joe Biden.

Sep 22 10:25

EXCLUSIVE: Maricopa County Supervisor Steve Chucri on 2020 Election in Leaked Recording: “I Think It Was Done Through DEAD PEOPLE Voting. I Think IT WAS MULTIFACETED – BALLOT HARVESTING” (AUDIO)

Maricopa County Supervisor Steve Chucri has been busted in leaked audio recordings where he tells the truth about the Maricopa County 2020 election.

Sep 22 10:24

Did you Know? (Picture)

Sep 22 10:24

Chaotic Scene in Oval Office as UK PM Boris Johnson Takes Questions While Biden’s Handlers Shout Down Reporters (VIDEO)

Joe Biden participated in a bilateral meeting with UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Tuesday in the Oval Office.

Sep 22 10:22

La Palma eruption enters 'new explosive phase' as scientists change their minds to warn lava might NEVER reach the sea - increasing the destruction on land with 320 homes already burned up and the bill topping £340million

La Palma's erupting volcano has entered a 'new explosive phase' with more ash and smoke being thrown into the air amid warnings that the lava flow might never reach the sea - increasing its destructive force on land.

Volcanologists on the Spanish island said there is more 'explosive activity' around the crater today, blanketing nearby neighbourhoods with ash, which comes after the force of the eruption reached unprecedented heights overnight - with chunks of lava being thrown up to 1,300 ft in the air.

Sep 22 10:19

'Don't try to find me. I have finally escaped my master's clutches': Missing Brian Laundrie's cryptic Pinterest posts are revealed as Florida police resume manhunt

Gabby Petito's missing boyfriend Brian Laundrie shared cryptic messages on Pinterest before his girlfriend's death was declared a homicide.

exmarketplace 1
Sep 22 10:17

Thousands Attend at “Mandate Free Maui” Against Tyrannical Governance Imposed in the State of Hawaii

Thousands of participants in Maui, Hawaii came together on Saturday to participate in the “Mandate FREE Maui” March and Rally calling for an end to all COVID mandates.

Sep 22 09:44

New Audit Reveals NASA Paid Boeing $2 Billion More Than SpaceX for Same ISS Mission

In 2014, NASA awarded two multi-billion-dollar contracts to Boeing and SpaceX, commissioning them to each build a spaceship system that can transport U.S. astronauts to the International Space Station (ISS), in a move to end the space agency’s sole reliance on Russian Soyuz vehicles for this mission.

The two companies are essentially building the same project for NASA, but for dramatically different prices. The contracts, awarded under NASA’s Commercial Crew Program (CCP), are valued at $4.3 billion for Boeing and $2.5 billion for SpaceX. But the preferential treatment doesn’t stop there. On top of Boeing’s already higher contract amount, NASA agreed to pay the company nearly $300 million extra, a new audit by the space agency’s Office of the Inspector General (OIG) has found.

Sep 22 09:32


Sep 22 09:28

Just One In Five Americans Favors Overturning Roe V Wade, New Poll Claims, Amid Push For Abortion Restrictions In Several States

Americans around the country have little desire for the Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade, with just 20 percent of respondents calling for the reversal of the landmark 1973 decision in a recent poll.

Sep 22 09:28

New fissure opens as La Palma volcano continues to erupt, destroying homes & EVAPORATING swimming pools (VIDEOS)

A new volcanic fissure has emerged on the Spanish Canary Island of La Palma, producing more lava and prompting evacuations. While there have been no deaths or injuries, the ongoing eruption has caused widespread destruction.

The fissure opened overnight following an earthquake with a magnitude of 4.1, the Canary Islands’ volcanology institute, Involcan, said. The new fissure has produced more lava, forcing an additional 500 people to evacuate.

Sep 22 09:27

Pediatricians Remove Info on Mask Risks, Dangers for Kids

Throughout 2020 and 2021, ever since the declared COVID-19 pandemic, government officials consistently have been inconsistent in their assessments and recommendations for public health. In August 2021, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) joined the ranks when they endorsed the CDC’s recommendation for masking.1

Since they did not want to be seen holding inconsistent positions, they removed years of information from their website that explained the importance of facial cues to early brain and child development. The removal of the content culminated August 12, 2021, with the fourth in a series of tweets, in which they said:2

“Babies and young children study faces, so you may worry that having masked caregivers would harm children’s language development. There are no studies to support this concern. Young children will use other clues like gestures and tone of voice.”

Sep 22 09:25

Plot Twist: After Lying Down for 18 Months Australia Erupts in Some of the World’s Most Spirited Anti-COVID Cult Protests

Australia, welcome back among the living.

The protests aren’t even that large. The energy on display isn’t even the result of how many are attending, but who they are spearheaded by — construction workers.

The protests were preceded by threats that anyone who does not vaccinate will be “locked out of the economy”.

Builders account for one-sixth of all workplace deaths in Australia. (Needless to say the remainder falls on farmers, fishermen and forklift drivers — not cops, professors and “public health” parasites.)

To work a job that actually carries risk to life and limb and to then have it shut down by middle-class wankers because there is a flu about… And to then be threatened by the same Zoom classes (many of them fed by your taxpayer dollar) that — unless you take part in the demented virtue-signaling rituals they do — you and your family will starve is quite something. It’s cheeky, insufferably so.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Not too long ago, pundits were saying the US would follow Australia's lead in a medical dictatorship. Now that the Australians are rioting, I am starting to think they were correct!

Sep 22 09:24

BREAKING: China Evergrande said to be in talks with firms including NIO, XPeng to sell EV unit

Chinese property developer Evergrande Group is currently in talks with several companies, including NIO, XPeng Motors and Xiaomi, to sell its electric vehicle business, chinastarmarket.cn reported Thursday.

As of now, the results of the talks have not been finalized. However, Xiaomi will still choose to build its own car, and the address will be officially disclosed next week at the earliest, the report said.

NIO, XPeng and Xiaomi have not yet responded to the information, the report said.

Sep 22 09:24

Hacker group Anonymous dumps 150 gigabytes of data including names, passwords and home addresses of far-right website administrators in what experts are calling the 'Panama Papers of hate groups'

Hacker group Anonymous has released a massive trove of names, passwords and addresses of far-right website administrators, that experts are calling the 'Panama Papers of hate groups'.

Sep 22 09:22

EXCLUSIVE: Maricopa County Supervisor Steve Chucri In Leaked Recording on Fellow Supervisor: Hickman “Just Didn’t Have The Guts” – LIED To Stonewall A REAL Audit (AUDIO)

Leaked audit recordings recovered by The Gateway Pundit reveal the truth about the Maricopa County post-election audit.

Sep 22 09:22

Remember Gary Webb..(Picture)

Sep 22 09:21

The SEC vs. Ripple Case Is Now Making Waves and Getting the Attention It Deserves

The SEC vs. Ripple case is gaining more attention. The SEC’s actions in this cryptocurrency case are beginning to raise eyebrows.

Sep 22 09:19

Covid variant that originated in Japan has been identified at Kentucky nursing home where it has infected 45 residents as experts warn it may spread more quickly and be vaccine resistant

A Covid variant first identified in Japan was spotted at a Kentucky nursing home where 45 residents caught Covid.

Sep 22 09:17

Serial Liar DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas tells Senator Johnson – The Border Is Closed (VIDEO)

Department of Homeland Security Director Mayorkas and FBI Director Chris Wray testified before the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee on Tuesday.

Sep 22 09:17

American Airlines CEO Says Biden Admin Should Not Require Proof of Covid Vaccination for Domestic Travel (VIDEO)

American Airlines CEO Doug Parker on Tuesday said the Biden Administration should not require proof of Covid vaccination for domestic travel.

Sep 22 09:16

Dr. Fauci Says He Supports Vaccine Mandates For Children (VIDEO)

Dr. Fauci on Monday said he supports vaccine mandates for children as the FDA works to fast-track its approval of the Pfizer jab for kids ages 5 to 11.

Sep 22 09:08

Let's be real (Video)