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June 15, 2021

Jun 15 12:08

Footage shows cops doing NOTHING after innocent people are shot during Atlanta drive-by because mayor has banned police pursuits: Residents of affluent Buckhead say its a warzone and demand to secede

This is the moment cops appear to do nothing amid a drive-by shooting in Atlanta as residents of the wealthy Buckhead area say it's a 'warzone' and demand to secede.

Jun 15 12:04

Twitter now censoring all criticism of Critical Race Theory in latest “thought police” crackdown to protect the racist, bigoted Left

Rachel Bovard, Senior Director of Policy for the Conservative Partnership Institute, explained that Twitter silenced CRA for merely sharing a toolkit that parents can use to try to combat the use of CRT at their children’s public schools.

Jun 15 11:54

Developing: The Same Suspicious SQL Software Discovered in Michigan Dominion Voting Machines Was Just Found in Pennsylvania Dominion Voting Machines

A recent election assessment conducted in Pennsylvania’s Fulton County and published in February 2021, found the existence of the Microsoft SQL database on the Dominion Voting Machines in the county.

According to the Fulton County report, the analysts found “no valid reason” for the software to be installed on the system. They also reported that Dominion failed to fill out the appropriate forms regarding the software.

This is the same software Michigan Attorney Matthew Deperno’s expert found on the Dominion machines as was demonstrated in Michigan.

The software allows anyone with privileges to simply change values in the database directly in order to change the outcome of the election leaving no trace whatsoever. The Dominion system looks to the database for the values and uses whatever is there. It is outside of the logs or other election-related auditing record one would look for.

Jun 15 11:53

First Autopsy of COVID Vaccinated Patient Finds Every Organ of Body Infested with Spike Proteins

The first-ever postmortem study of a patient vaccinated against COVID-19 has revealed that viral RNA was found in every organ of the patient’s body, meaning that the vaccine is either ineffective or the coronavirus actually spreads faster in vaccinated individuals.

The scientific report out of Germany published by the International Journal of Infectious Diseases in June examined the autopsy of an 86-year-old man who had received a single dose of the SARS-CoV-2 vaccine but died 4 weeks later after becoming infected with the virus by a nearby patient at a hospital.

From the “First case of postmortem study in a patient vaccinated against SARS-CoV-2“:

Jun 15 11:52

He aint wrong (Picture)

Jun 15 11:52

Democrat proposes one-time 5% 'patriot tax' on Americans making more than $100M - where Jeff Bezos would have to pay $9.7B, Elon Musk $7.7B and Mark Zuckerberg $6.3B

The very richest Americans could be hit with bills for billions of dollars under plans being developed for a wealth tax by Democratic Rep. Tom Suozzi, it emerged on Monday, which would see Amazon founder Jeff Bezos face paying almost ten billion dollars on his enormous wealth.

Jun 15 11:51

Arizona AG Warns Biden DOJ To Stay Out Of State’s Election Audit

Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich fired off a letter to the Biden Department of Justice (DOJ) warning them that the state “will not tolerate” any effort to interfere in the ongoing Maricopa County election audit.

The Arizona state senate has been conducting a so-called audit which critics have defined as ‘partisan‘ or ‘fraudulent,’ warning that it should not be considered a legitimate effort.

U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland delivered a speech last week regarding ‘voting rights,’ where he referenced “abnormal” methods being used in some audits.

Jun 15 11:50

Houston TV Reporter Ivory Hecker SUSPENDED Effective Immediately Following Her On-Air Announcement

Jun 15 11:50

REVEALED: 'Airbnb has secretive 'black box' team paying out $50 million a year to keep disaster stays out of press and gives staff blank checks to help rape victims and clean-up dismembered human remains'

Airbnb has a secretive team to keep disaster stays out of the press and gives staff blank checks to help rape victims and pay to clean up dismembered human remains, according to a report.

Jun 15 11:49

INSANE: Oregon Democrats decriminalize homelessness across entire state, allowing them to crash in nearly ALL public spaces

If Virginia is for lovers, then Oregon is for homeless people. And if you happen to live there and aren’t a lunatic, it’s way past time for you to get out. -- The state’s majority Democrats just passed legislation decriminalizing homelessness in most public spaces and for nearly every reason, meaning that people will now be able to camp out literally anywhere they choose — public, taxpayer-supported parks, city streets, sidewalks, and in front of businesses. And there is nothing anyone who opposes this reckless insanity can do about it.

Jun 15 11:49

Save manuals! (Picture)

Jun 15 11:48

Mike Pompeo says 'weak' Biden is 'timid and underprepared' to confront Putin at the Geneva summit and slams him for 'abandoning all leverage' Trump built against Russia

Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Tuesday that President Joe Biden is showing up with a 'self-dealt weak hand' as he meets Russian President Vladimir Putin Wednesday for the first time as president in Geneva, Switzerland.

Jun 15 11:35

Moderna has patents from March 28 2019 on beta Sars Coronavirus

Jun 15 11:35

YouTube will not allow me to mention a famous American anthropologist of the twentieth century

Webmaster's Commentary: 

There was a producer with the same last name on the original Star Trek TV series. Is he now a YouTube un-person?

Jun 15 11:33

Why Was the US Department of Defense Funding Bioweapons Research at Wuhan?

Late Friday the British publication DailyMail reported that the United States Department of Defense provided $39 million in grant funding to “EcoHealth Alliance” as part of the aggregated grant funding received by EcoHealth Alliance to conduct various types of “gain of function” virus research – a type of research in which scientists engineer viruses to make them more transmissible or lethal and which can be used to create bioweapons.

EcoHealth Alliance used a large amount of its funding to support research projects on the subject at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, led by Chinese “bat virus” expert Dr. Shi Zenglhi — the “Bat Lady.”

While the Daily Mail report is fairly exhaustive, I think it is important to note that RedState, led by my colleague Scott Hounsell, was asking questions about US government funding gain-of-function research at the Wuhan lab back in February.

Jun 15 11:32

Fairfax Board Member Rails Against The Dangers Of "Excessive Individualism"

There has been a great deal of controversy over the graduation address of Fairfax County school board member Abrar Omeish to the Justice High School in Falls Church on June 7th.

In her remarks to the graduates, Omeish praised a teacher who made social activism part of her class and warned the graduates that they are going into a world filled with racism and white supremacy.

However, what really struck an admittedly libertarian chord with me was the third danger that she warned about: “excessive individualism.”

Like free speech, individualism is now being presented as a danger rather than a strength in our society.

Omeish is a strong speaker who impressively moved between English, Spanish, and Arabic in her address. However, many parents objected in Fairfax (where I live) to the content of the remarks. She labeled those who do not agree with the activism agenda as effectively opposing anti-racism values:

Jun 15 11:30

Mother unloads on school board over young children being taught about masturbation, anal sex, transgenderism

A furious mother in Bloomington, Illinois, recently spoke out against the implementation of educational standards that force children to learn about masturbation, anal sex, and transgender ideology before their teenage years.

What are the details?

Becky Swan, a District 87 parent and alum, passionately voiced her opposition to the sexualization of young children at a school board meeting last week, according to WRPW, a conservative radio station in central Illinois.

Swan's statement came in response to a new bill, S.B. 0818, which mandates that schools teaching sex education in the state must comply with the National Sex Education Standards. The bill has passed both chambers of the Illinois legislature and now awaits signing by Democratic Gov. J.B. Pritzker.

Jun 15 11:29

Confounding Its Critics: The Supreme Court Issues A Line Of Inconveniently Non-Ideological Opinions

The Supreme Court this week continued to disappoint congressional Democrats and activists with a long line of embarrassingly unanimous, nonideological rulings. After all, the court is supposedly (to use President Biden’s words) “out of whack” due to its irreconcilable ideological divisions. Indeed, the court is allegedly so dysfunctionally divided that many, including Democratic leaders, have called for sweeping changes — from packing the court with new justices to changing its voting rules or even creating an alternative court.

That is why these weeks have so frustrated those who insist the court is a hopeless case of rigid ideologues. While next week could well bring some welcomed ideological divisions, the court is not making it easy on its critics.

Jun 15 11:29

Major Mall Operator Washington Prime Group Files For Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

Late Sunday evening, Washington Prime Group Inc., a mall owner with more than 100 shopping centers nationwide, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, citing the virus pandemic paralyzed their business, according to a company press release.

According to documents filed in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of Texas, the Ohio-based mall operator was spun off from the largest mall operator, Simon Property Group, in 2014. The bankrupted company currently has 102 malls and strip centers across the country.

Jun 15 11:28

Biden lands in Geneva for his five-hour Putin summit: White House LOWERS expectations for meeting at Swiss villa where pair will talk with just two top diplomats and translators (and there'll be no food)

President Joe Bien landed in Geneva Tuesday hours before he is set to hold summit talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin amid tight security and deep fissures in the U.S.-Russia relationship.

Jun 15 11:28

Watch: Fox Host Wallace Attempts To Shift Blame To Trump Over Wuhan Lab-Leak

During an interview with former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, Fox News host Chris Wallace attempted to excuse the inaction of the Biden administration over the Wuhan lab leak by suggesting Trump and Pompeo did nothing for a year.

“You also criticized President [Joe] Biden for not pushing hard enough on China to look for the origins of the coronavirus,” Wallace charged, adding “But I want to again go back to your administration and the record there.”

Wallace continued, “President Trump and his team, including you, had almost a year after the COVID-19 first came on the scene to really press Beijing on what the origins were when the evidence was much fresher… What did President Trump and his administration, including the secretary of state, do to press China harder to get the evidence on where the COVID-19 virus came from because we still don’t know?”

Jun 15 11:27

G-7 Gives Japan Its Blessing For Moving Ahead With Tokyo Olympics

The head of the 20202 (2021) Summer Olympics recently acknowledged by both Japan and the IOC ware s reluctant to cancel the Olympics: At this point, too much time and money has already been invested, and even without legions of international travelers looking to spend money on souvenirs, meals and hotels, there's still too much money at stake. Not to mention the damage to Japan's national pride, particularly at a time when demographic decline has diminished its influence in the region, as its arch-rival China rises.

With the Olympics Games set to begin in roughly five weeks, Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga managed to secure support from President Joe Biden and the other G-7 leaders for the hosting of the Tokyo Games next month, what Bloomberg described as a major boost for the Japanese government's decision to move ahead with the Games.

Jun 15 11:26

FEMA and FCC Plan Nationwide Emergency Alert Test for Aug. 11 Test Messages Will be Sent to TVs and Radios Along with Select Cell Phones That Have Opted-in to Receive Test Messages

WASHINGTON – FEMA, in coordination with the Federal Communications Commission, will conduct a nationwide test of the Emergency Alert System (EAS) and Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA) this summer.

The national test will consist of two portions, testing WEA and EAS capabilities. Both tests will begin at 2:20 p.m. ET on Wednesday, Aug. 11.

The Wireless Emergency Alert portion of the test will be directed only to consumer cell phones where the subscriber has opted-in to receive test messages. This will be the second nationwide WEA test, but the first nationwide WEA test on a consumer opt-in basis. The test message will display in either English or in Spanish, depending on the language settings of the wireless handset.

The Emergency Alert System portion of the test will be sent to radios and televisions. This will be the sixth nationwide EAS test.

Jun 15 11:26

BREAKING NEWS: 'We can return to life as we know it': Cuomo drops ALL remaining COVID restrictions as New York state reaches 70% vaccination

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has lifted all remaining COVID restrictions and declared the pandemic over in New York after vaccinations reached 70 percent on Tuesday.

Jun 15 11:25

What else is new? (Picture)

Jun 15 11:24


Check out this video of Joe Biden trying to talk during the G7 meeting in Cornwall. I can only agree with Tammy Bruce’s observations. The man’s mental capacity is obviously inadequate to fulfill his job responsibilities. The press can avoid talking about Biden’s rapid decline, but they can’t prevent either our allies or our adversaries from noticing it.

Jun 15 11:23

'If you can go out to eat, you can come back to work': Morgan Stanley CEO wants NYC staff back in the office full time by Labor Day and anyone who does NOT could face a salary cut

Morgan Stanley CEO James Gorman has said he expects all New York City staff to return full-time to the company's Times Square home office by Labor Day - and if they don't they may face salary cuts.

Jun 15 11:13

Video: Bill Gates’ Vaccine Experiment with Indian Tribal Girls in 2009

Selected quotations from Transcript

Indian tribal girls were used as guinea pigs.

With 1.3 billion people, India is a good base for pharmaceutical companies to make a killing and also kill a lot of people in the process.

The manipulation of people by the media.

It is so terrifying what they are doing.

“We are taking things that are genetically modified organisms and injecting them into little kids arms…”, says Bill Gates

Over 490 000 children in India developed paralysis as a result of the Gates supported vaccine.

There was a parliamentary inquiry, and the Gates Foundation was excluded from India.

And Now they are back, doing their own tricks again.

Jun 15 11:13

22 Rights Groups Tell PayPal and Venmo to Shape Up Policies on Account Closures

San Francisco – Nearly two dozen rights groups, including the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), have joined together to tell PayPal and its subsidiary Venmo to shape up its policies on account freezes and closures, as its opaque practices are interfering with payment systems connected to many First-Amendment protected activities.

“Companies like PayPal and Venmo have hundreds of millions of users. Access to their services can directly impact an individual, company, or nonprofit’s ability to survive and thrive in our digital world,” said EFF International Director of Freedom of Expression Jillian York. “But while companies like Facebook and YouTube have faced substantial scrutiny for their history of account closures, financial companies like PayPal have often flown under the radar. Now, the human rights community is sending a clear message that it’s time to change.”...

Jun 15 11:12

Broken Promises, Skyrocketing Budgets, and a Fighter Not Fit for Duty – The F-35 Debacle

If we didn’t have broken promises, we’d hardly have any promises at all when it comes to the F-35! Broken promises are a hallmark of the F-35 program resulting in a high cost to the taxpayer. The program is projected to cost more than $1 trillion to the taxpayer using tax dollars or the taxpayers' credit card depending on accounting. Either way, the F-35 costs $33,000 per hour to fly, yet the contractor’s promise to get that number down to $25,000 per hour is supposed to make us feel better.

The whole F-35 project feels similar to a trip to buy a new car. When one steps into a car dealership, they immediately are descended upon by a number of salesmen who act like they are your best friend from high school making promise after promise. When one sees the sticker price and flinches, the dealer says that this is a “special, one-time” deal. That scenario ends up producing an owner of a brand-new car who feels ripped off.

Jun 15 11:11


Jun 15 11:10

Ahead Of Putin Meeting, Biden Confuses Syria With Libya 3 Times In Less Than 90 Seconds

A handful of what appears more than the usual Biden gaffes while on his Europe trip has some pundits raising yet more concerns about the 78-year old president's cognitive decline in old age. Last year on the campaign trail a series of bizarre and questionable moments of "concern" - all caught on film - were dismissed in mainstream media as pro-Trump conspiracies.

During Sunday's press conference concluding the G7 summit in Cornwall, England, Biden stumbled through a speech wherein he confused Syria for Libya three times in less than 90 seconds...

"We can work together with Russia – for example, in Libya. We should be opening up the passage to be able to go through, provide food assistance, and economic... I mean, vital assistance to a population that’s in real trouble," he said, though clearly intending to mean Syria.

Jun 15 11:10

Why Are We Not Using Ivermectin For Covid?

I’m Dr. Tess Lawrie, the Director of The Evidence-based Medicine Consultancy Ltd and CEO of EbMCsquared [Bath, UK], a newly established community interest company. I’m very happy to participate in the Truth Over Fear Covid-19 and the Great Reset Summit. I’ve trained as a medical doctor in South Africa, and now work as an independent external research consultant to organizations such as the World Health Organization. My company routinely reviews bodies of evidence and our independent scientific evidence is widely used to support medical recommendations around the world. I have no conflict of interest.

Why are we not using ivermection for Covid?

Jun 15 11:09

Forget Going Back to the Office—People Are Just Quitting Instead

More U.S. workers are quitting their jobs than at any time in at least two decades, signaling optimism among many professionals while also adding to the struggle companies face trying to keep up with the economic recovery.

The wave of resignations marks a sharp turn from the darkest days of the pandemic, when workers craved job security while weathering a national health and economic crisis. In April, the share of U.S. workers leaving jobs was 2.7%, according to the Labor Department, a jump from 1.6% a year earlier to the highest level since at least 2000.

The shift by workers into new jobs and careers is prompting employers to raise wages and offer promotions to keep hold of talent. The appetite for change by employees indicates many professionals are feeling confident about jumping ship for better prospects, despite elevated unemployment rates.

Jun 15 11:08

Jamie Dimon Says He Has JPMorgan Chase ‘Effectively Stockpiling’ Cash Because There’s a ‘Very Good Chance’ of Long-Term Inflation

A banking industry titan believes inflation will be “more than transitory” in the U.S. economy.

Speaking Monday at a Morgan Stanley virtual conference (via CNBC and Bloomberg), JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon says inflation could well be long-term

“We have a lot of cash and capability and we’re going to be very patient, because I think you have a very good chance inflation will be more than transitory,” Dimon said.

The JPMorgan Chase head added that his bank has been essentially hoarding cash as it waits for interest rates to go up.

“If you look at our balance sheet, we have $500 billion in cash, we’ve actually been effectively stockpiling more and more cash waiting for opportunities to invest at higher rates,” Dimon said. “I do expect to see higher rates and more inflation, and we’re prepared for that.”

Jun 15 11:08

Got guillotine? (Picture)

Jun 15 11:07

First on CNN: FBI warns lawmakers that QAnon 'digital soldiers' may become more violent

The FBI has warned lawmakers that online QAnon conspiracy theorists may carry out more acts of violence as they move from serving as "digital soldiers" to taking action in the real world following the January 6 US Capitol attack.

The shift is fueled by a belief among some of the conspiracy's more militant followers that they "can no longer 'trust the plan" set forth by its mysterious standard-bearer, known simply as "Q," according to an unclassified FBI threat assessment on QAnon sent to lawmakers last week, which was obtained by CNN.

But the report suggests the failure of QAnon predictions to materialize has not led to followers abandoning the conspiracy. Instead, there's a belief that individuals need to take greater control of the direction of the movement than before.

Jun 15 11:05

'Drink water!' Anti-fizzy drink fanatic Cristiano Ronaldo pointedly REMOVES Euro 2020 official sponsor's Coca-Cola bottles in front of him at press conference

Cristiano Ronaldo was in no mood to pander to sponsors as he removed two bottles of Coca-Cola placed in front of him at a Euro 2020 press conference last night.

Jun 15 11:04

Justice Department to tighten rules on seizing Congress data

The Justice Department will tighten its rules around obtaining records from members of Congress, Attorney General Merrick Garland said Monday, amid revelations the department under former President Donald Trump had secretly seized records from Democrats and members of the media.

“Consistent with our commitment to the rule of law,” Garland said in a statement, “we must ensure that full weight is accorded to separation-of-powers concerns moving forward.”

Garland’s statement came as a Justice Department official said the top national security official, John Demers, planned to leave by the end of next week. Demers, who was sworn in a few weeks after the subpoena for the Democrats’ records, is one of the few Trump appointees who has remained in the Biden administration.

Jun 15 11:03

Ridiculous (Picture)

Jun 15 11:03

"Non-vaxxers" in America, be ready to LOSE YOUR PHONE connection when the vaccine SS police start cracking the whip

Inch by inch, the Democrats want all Americans to lose their rights, lose their health, lose their wealth and then lose their life. It all started with a fear-mongering flu campaign, then the control tripping began, and all in the name of "health and safety." You're living in a Black Mirror episode, as you experience the Chinese Communist Party infiltrate America and your livelihood. It started with the fearful scamdemic. Then you were told to wear a Covid mask for a few weeks, maybe months. Then all small businesses and schools were "virtually" shut down (pun intended). Next comes the blood-clotting vaccinations. Then vaccine passports, and now, get ready for your smart device to get SHUT DOWN from the satellite feed because you haven't gotten inoculated with the world's most deadly syringe ever. The Covid vaccines have killed more than 5,000 humans, possibly many more, and maimed countless sheeple who lined up for a vaccine that causes blood clots, heart inflammation and death.

Jun 15 11:01

J&J CEO says people will need annual covid vaccines to maintain "immunity"

The head of Johnson & Johnson (J&J) is now claiming that the only way his company's "vaccine" for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) will remain effective is if people get it annually like a flu shot. CEO Alex Gorsky stated to the media this week that at least for the next "several years," annual Chinese Virus injections from J&J will need to be maintained in order to keep people "safe," otherwise they might start testing "positive" again. These so-called "booster shots," he says, are the only way to help maintain "herd immunity" until scientists and politicians are able to develop new injections for the many disease "variants" that the mainstream media claims are spreading every day. "We could be looking at this tagging along with the flu shot, likely over the next several years," Gorsky is quoted as saying. It is apparently not enough that the current batch of Chinese Flu shot recipients are having their skin peel off post-injection.

Jun 15 11:01

US government spends extra $3 billion on vaccine hesitancy propaganda ads – as vaccine deaths surpass 5,000

The U.S. government has spent billions of dollars into the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine and its related programs. Divided by the number of citizens in the country, the government has allocated more than $130 to each person just so they get vaccinated. However, no amount of money can conceal the fact that there have been more than 5,000 deaths related to the COVID-19 vaccines reported to the government. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) maintains a record of adverse events related to vaccines. It updates the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) on a weekly basis, with new reports released every Friday. According to VAERS data between Dec. 14 of last year and May 28 of this year, the number of vaccine-related deaths reached 5,165. This current figure was the result of 759 fatalities being added to the system over the previous week. The data also showed a total of 25,359 serious injuries reported – an increase of 3,822 compared to the week prior.

Jun 15 11:00

Despite Biden Administration Claiming Afghan War Is Over, Air Force Admits It Will Never End

Of course, it won’t end because those controlling the US’ representatives don’t want it to end. There’s lot of money in war. Still, while Biden tells the people what they want to hear about a 2 decade war in Afghanistan that we aren’t winning and never were intended to win, the US Air Force seems to be saying the opposite is true.

Jun 15 11:00

Elon Musk announces he is selling his last home a little more than a year after vowing to 'rid himself of all possessions'

A little more than a year since his vow last May to sell nearly all of his possessions, and 'own no house,' billionaire CEO Elon Musk appears to be nearing his goal, announcing Monday that he plans to sell his last remaining home.

Jun 15 10:58

How Do You Make a Robot Walk on Mars? It’s a Steep Challenge

FROM THE SOJOURNER rover, which landed on Mars in 1997, to Perseverance, which touched down in February, the robots of the Red Planet share a defining feature: wheels. Rolling is far more stable and energy efficient than walking, which even robots on Earth still struggle to master. After all, NASA would hate for its very expensive Martian explorer to topple over and flail around like a turtle on its back.

The problem with wheels, though, is that they limit where rovers can go: To explore complicated Martian terra like steep hills, you need the kinds of legs that evolution gave animals on Earth. So a team of scientists from ETH Zurich in Switzerland and the Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research in Germany have been playing around with a small quadrupedal robot called SpaceBok, designed to mimic an antelope known as a springbok.

Jun 15 10:57

Activists Hold ‘Flag March’ in East Jerusalem to Celebrate Capture of City in ‘Six-Day War’

A flag-waving procession, led by right-wing activists, is taking place just two days after new Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett took office.

Sputnik is live from East Jerusalem, Israel, where a number of Israeli groups are marching in a flag-waving procession to commemorate the capture of East Jerusalem in the 1967 Arab-Israeli war.

Meanwhile, Palestinian factions and Hamas have dubbed the event a ‘provocation’ and called for a so-called ‘Day of Rage’ in Gaza and the Israeli-controlled West Bank.

A march was set to take place on 10 May, but then was re-routed to avoid the walled Old City's Muslim Quarter amid an escalation between the Israeli government and Hamas.

The activists previously reached an agreement with the police that the march will start from Ha-Nevi’im street (Street of the Prophets) and then head to the Damascus Gate, where participants will dance with Israeli flags.

Jun 15 10:57

How Biden's Effort to Weaponise Human Rights Against Russia May Backfire on Washington

While Joe Biden has vowed to "press" Moscow on human rights issues in Geneva, he may be given a dose of his own medicine one day given Washington's record of human rights abuses both at home and abroad, according to economist and author Dr. Paul Craig Roberts.

President Joe Biden has vowed to bring up human rights issues during an upcoming meeting with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin on 16 June in Geneva. Commenting on the American president's remarks, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov noted on 31 May that Russia views no topics as taboo and is ready to discuss issues including the prosecution of Americans charged with orchestrating the January 6 riots and the human rights of US opposition activists.

Not Everything in the US Garden is Rosy

Jun 15 10:56

Costliest Weapon in US History: F-35 Facing Scrutiny Again But Somehow it's Russia & China's 'Fault'

While clouds are gathering on the F-35's horizon, some American media suggests that it's not because of high costs, development problems and unaccomplished mission capable rates, but because Russia and China are trying to undermine the promising project.

John Venable, a senior research fellow for defense policy at the conservative Heritage Foundation, believes that Moscow and Beijing "would like nothing better than for the United States to curtail its buy of the F-35" because "there is not an allied or adversary platform in production that can come close to competing with the F-35."

"So just how could the Russians, Chinese or even a competitor company accomplish such dastardly work? Proxies perhaps? Sounds like the movie Conspiracy Theory, right?" Venable remarks, suggesting that the countries are waging a "disinformation campaign" against the F-35 by using facts which "critics of the F-35 have latched onto… to make their case."

Jun 15 10:53

Republicans introduce measure to censure AOC & other ‘squad’ members for ‘inciting anti-Semitic attacks’ in US

Three Republican lawmakers are seeking to censure and condemn Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-New York) and fellow members of her liberal ‘squad’ for their controversial comments about Israel and Palestine.

In the resolution seeking to censure the lawmakers, introduced by Reps. Michael Waltz (R-Florida), Jim Banks (R-Indiana) and Claudia Tenney (R-New York) on Monday, multiple incidents were cited of members of the unofficial ‘squad’ of liberal lawmakers – Reps. Ayanna Pressley (D-Massachusetts), Rashida Tlaib (D-Michigan), Ilhan Omar (D-Minnesota), and Ocasio-Cortez – “defending” terrorist organizations and helping to “incite” anti-Semitic violence.

Jun 15 10:52

Netanyahu’s ousting means no change for Palestinians, even though they are part of the reason for his political demise

Dragged down kicking and screaming, Israel’s longest serving PM has been ousted. While many Israelis are celebrating, the same can’t be said about the Palestinians whom the establishment are desperately attempting to sideline.

Replacing Likud Party leader Benjamin Netanyahu is his former right-wing ally Naftali Bennett, who will serve as prime minister of Israel for two years, preceding his coalition partner Yair Lapid, who will serve for the latter period of the new “change” coalition’s reign.

Despite attempts from the new Israeli government to focus almost purely on the economy and on uniting Israel, it was clear from the outset that foreign policy issues and the Palestinian question were not going away anytime soon. Yet, no coherent plan for the dealing with the Palestinian citizens of Israel, as well as Palestinians in the occupied territories, has been presented.

Jun 15 10:51

Hot topics put on back burner as G7 is sucked into interminable Brexit row and summit descends into simmering row over sausages

Tempers flare over Brexit and a beach barbecue dominates the sidelines, as UK officials target the ‘offensive’ EU while the rest of the world mulls how to outspend China’s Belt and Road Initiative and save the planet.

Many onlookers expected the G7 summit in Carbis Bay, Cornwall to be a big reset for the West. A chance to show that, after the tumultuous period of Brexit, Trump and the devastating coronavirus pandemic, the leaders of the biggest democracies on the planet had put all that behind them and were ready to take on the climate, vaccines for the world and an increasingly troublesome China.

And while those issues were addressed, what dominated the summit was the weeping sore of Brexit, the ridiculous ‘sausage wars’ that bedevil the chances of the UK and the European Union ever reaching final agreement on the British decision to leave the trading bloc.

Jun 15 10:50

Shots ring out despite Baltimore's attempted crime crackdown after businesses threatened to stop paying taxes

Bullets fired in Baltimore's Fells Point neighborhood on Saturday suggest the city's attempted crime crackdown amid a threatened tax revolt by businesses is off to a shaky start, regardless of how the gunfire might be euphemized.

Baltimore police told local media outlet WBAL Radio that they're investigating an overnight “discharging,” not shooting, in Fells Point. The discharging, as it turns out, came from a gun or guns, and the bullets damaged several vehicles. A man sitting in one of the vehicles suffered a laceration to the head, perhaps when the discharging broke a window in his car.

Jun 15 10:50

Chuck Schumer, 70, apologizes after sparking outrage by referring to mentally-disabled homeless children as 'retarded' on podcast

Chuck Schumer sparked an angry backlash by referring to mentally disabled homeless children as 'retarded'.

The Senate minority leader, who represents New York, was asked on a Sunday podcast about housing in New York City.

Schumer, 70, was discussing the complexities of social housing, and especially homeless shelters, when he used the offensive term for the mentally disabled.

Jun 15 10:49

UPDATE: New York Times FILES MOTION FOR STAY of Discovery Process in Veritas’ Defamation Case

Jun 15 10:49

The Cookie Crumbles

And so the cookie starts to crumble…

Daylight killers…

The masks begin to fall off!

“The Chinese biological laboratory in Wuhan is owned by Glaxosmithkline,
which (accidentally) owns Pfizer!” (the one who makes the vaccine against
the virus which was (accidentally) started at the Wuhan Biological Lab and
which was (accidentally) funded by Dr. Fauci, who (accidentally) promotes
the vaccine!

Jun 15 10:47

US troops forced to segregate by race and sex for ‘privilege walks,’ told they’re racist and more, Sen. Cotton says

Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) highlighted mandatory racially charged training sessions taking place within the military during a Thursday Senate hearing with President Joe Biden’s Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin.

Cotton summarized several of the complaints he had received in a whistleblower tip line he established with Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) to allow troops to report on the “woke” and racially charged training in which they are being forced to participate. Cotton noted several examples of racially charged activities, including segregation, mandatory training and reading, and superiors declaring entire branches or units racist.

“One Marine told us a military history training session was replaced with
mandatory training on police brutality, White privilege, and systemic racism,” Cotton said. “He reported that several officers are now leaving his unit citing that training.”

Jun 15 10:46

Philippines offering free cow to those who sign up for COVID vaccine

People in the Philippines are so loath to get the COVID-19 vaccine, one town is offering free cows as an incentive, a report said Monday.

Local officials in San Luis, within the Pampanga province about 50 miles north of Manila, are raffling off a cow each month to inoculated residents as a means to encourage people to get the jab, Al Jazeera reported.

“Winning a cow might not mean much in other places but here in San Luis, we’re agricultural, so it’s the ideal incentive,” Ardee Taruc, the town’s disaster mitigation officer, told the outlet.

The cows, supplied by local donors and worth about $628, could be a ticket out of extreme poverty for some residents, the outlet said. It’d be able to eat for free on an abundant supply of grass in the locale and a farmer could start a herd, use the cow to carry heavy goods and sell its milk, the outlet said.

Jun 15 10:42

Hackers Can Exploit Samsung Pre-Installed Apps to Spy On Users

Multiple critical security flaws have been disclosed in Samsung's pre-installed Android apps, which, if successfully exploited, could have allowed adversaries access to personal data without users' consent and take control of the devices.

"The impact of these bugs could have allowed an attacker to access and edit the victim's contacts, calls, SMS/MMS, install arbitrary apps with device administrator rights, or read and write arbitrary files on behalf of a system user which could change the device's settings," Sergey Toshin, founder of mobile security startup Oversecured, said in an analysis published Thursday.

Jun 15 10:40

Why Are Hordes Of Wealthy People Hitting The Escape Button And Heading To Montana?

Why have thousands upon thousands of very wealthy people suddenly felt an overwhelming urge to buy a home in Montana? At this moment, Montana is one of the hottest real estate markets in the entire country. When a desirable house is put on the market, it can often spark a wild bidding war. Of course the vast majority of the potential buyers involved in these bidding wars do not actually have any roots in Montana at all. Vast hordes of wealthy individuals from Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York and other major cities are flooding into the state, and there is only a limited amount of housing to accommodate them. As a result, home prices are being pushed to absolutely absurd levels.

In the Flathead Valley, home builders have been working incredibly hard to construct houses for the new arrivals. The following comes from a New York Post article entitled “Montana, the sold-out state New Yorkers can’t get enough of”…

Jun 15 10:40

Talk shit now. (Picture)

Jun 15 10:39

3rd grader forced to remove 'Jesus loves me' mask

Jun 15 10:39

Supreme Court tells Biden administration to decide if it should hear challenge to Harvard's affirmative action admissions policy that 'discriminated against Asian-Americans'

The Supreme Court on Monday asked President Joe Biden's administration to give its views on whether the justices should hear a challenge to Harvard University's consideration of race in undergraduate student admissions that the plaintiffs claim discriminated against Asian Americans.

Jun 15 10:39


Jun 15 10:38

Nightmare Scenario: Vaccinated Children Developing Myocarditis, a Debilitating Form of Heart Inflammation, at Alarming Rates

n a stunning new development, the CDC announced this morning that they will convene an “emergency meeting” on June 18th after an alarming number of children developed myocarditis—a condition that causes an inflammation of the heart—after they were “vaccinated”; this debilitating ailment was especially prevalent in young boys. The onset of heart inflammation in children post-injection was so prevalent that Seattle Children’s Hospital issued a guidance that instructed health providers to inquire about the “vaccination” status of patients who are admitted to the Emergency Room with complaints of chest pains.

Jun 15 10:38

How a cop coaxed a serial killer, 74, into confessing to FIVE murders of young women over years of pizza and poker - but he won't be prosecuted because he's already serving a 200-year sentence

For years, a savage murderer known as the 'Torso Killer' dribbled out confessions to a New Jersey detective, closing cold cases into the brutal deaths of five young women that dated back to the late 1960s.

Jun 15 10:38

Apple Issues Urgent Patches for 2 Zero-Day Flaws Exploited in the Wild

Both CVE-2021-30761 and CVE-2021-30762 were reported to Apple anonymously, with the Cupertino-based company stating in its advisory that it's aware of reports that the vulnerabilities "may have been actively exploited." As is usually the case, Apple didn't share any specifics on the nature of the attacks, the victims that may have been targeted, or the threat actors that may be abusing them.

One thing evident, however, is that the active exploitation attempts were directed against owners of older devices such as iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPad Air, iPad mini 2, iPad mini 3, and iPod touch (6th generation).

Jun 15 10:36

Mayor de Blasio says NYC will hold TICKER TAPE PARADE for frontline workers - as NewYork-Presbyterian hospital tells employees to get vaccine by September 1

NewYork-Presbyterian says it is requiring all of its employees to get vaccinated against COVID-19.

Jun 15 10:34

Reserve your spot in the great outdoors! National Parks including Yellowstone are making people BOOK because they are becoming so overcrowded as lockdowns are lifted

With lockdowns lifted, Americans are heading for the great outdoors but in doing so some of the country's National Park are becoming overrun with visitors.

Jun 15 10:34

Circulating away (Picture)

Jun 15 10:31

Pakistani Immigrant Family Forced to Flee Washington to Avoid State 'Transitioning Their Autistic Son Into Their Daughter'

A Muslim Pakistani immigrant father who checked-in his 16-year-old autistic son to a Seattle hospital in a "terrible state of distress" was shocked to be told that his son was transgender and ended up hiring a lawyer who advised him to nod along with the state's assessment just to get his kid back so he and his family could flee the state.

Jun 15 10:26

UK Medical Freedom Alliance Demand Devi Sridhar to Make Public Apology For Misleading Claims About Covid-19 Vaccine Safety for Children

The UK Medical Freedom Alliance (UKMFA) have sent a letter of complaint to Professor Sridhar after she made claims on BBC Newsround – misleading claims including that the Covid-19 vaccines are 100% safe, that the benefits of the vaccine to children outweigh any risks, and that children should get the jab to protect their parents.

In a statement, the UKMFA said that they decided to write the open letter because the “simplified and biased message” is “deeply irresponsible” and “amounts to propaganda". They requested that Professor Sridhar retracts their message in its entirety and issues a public apology for failing to include the important facts of the risks of children receiving the Covid-19 vaccine.

Jun 15 10:25

Legal Notice for ‘Contempt of Court’ and ‘Crimes against Humanity’ served to Dr Tedros of the WHO

The Indian Bar Association has served a legal notice for contempt of court and crimes against humanity to the director general of the World Health Organisation, Dr Tedros Adhanom Gebreyesus, and the chief scientist at the WHO, Dr Soumya Swaminathan.

The IBA, a private bar association headquartered in Mumbai, served the notice due to the WHO continuing to spread disinformation about the drug ‘Ivermectin’, despite having full knowledge of a judgement passed by the Honourable High Court of Bombay at Goa on the 29th May 2021.

Jun 15 10:18

Newly unearthed video 'proves live bats WERE kept at Wuhan lab' despite WHO investigator tweeting 'they DO NOT have live bats' as footage also shows Chinese researcher talking about 'accidents'

The Wuhan Institute of Virology did keep live bats on site despite one of the WHO's chief investigators dismissing it as a conspiracy theory, it has been claimed.

Jun 15 10:16

Follow Up on Arkansas Trooper Who Ran a Pregnant Woman into a Concrete Divider!

Jun 15 10:16

Medical professionals break silence on covid “vaccines” and the widespread harm they’re causing

Many state governments have told citizens they can’t “go back to normal” until they are injected twice with engineered spike protein software (aka “covid vaccines.”) The terms “antivax” and “vaccine hesitancy” were developed to degrade and divide people, while forfeiting the informed consent principle. People need more information, not coercion. People need an honest interpretation of these vaccine studies and their diagnostic criteria, not more fraud. The world needs more transparency on this experimental protocol and more respect for human dignity and the right of self-decision. People DO NOT need more terror, bribery, theft, isolation, discrimination, virtue signaling, censorship, propaganda, suppression of natural immune system solutions, abuse, social ostracizing, false advertising, deceit, fraud, segregation and threats. Most importantly, no one should feel that they have to physically abuse themselves to please another human being, or have basic rights.

Jun 15 10:15

Canadian PM Told Staff, ‘Kamala Will Be President By 2022’

After Joe Biden’s laughably pathetic G7 performance has world leaders telling their staff Joe-mentia is not long for the office of President.

Reports claim Biden could be out by the end of 2022.

Jun 15 10:14

Top Republicans demand CRIMINAL charges for whoever leaked files showing billionaires including Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos paid no tax

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is demanding a criminal investigation into the leaking of confidential tax information, insisting that whoever was responsible be imprisoned.

Jun 15 10:14

In 2020 Kansas City, Missouri (a 55% White City), 85% of Known Homicide Suspects Are Non-White

Kansas City, Missouri is 55 percent white and 30 percent black. Our friends at the Kansas City Police Department put together one of the more thorough analysis of homicide available in all the nation on yearly basis.

The 2020 Homicide Report was especially revealing, noting of 176 victims:

72 percent were black
20 percent were white
But what was astonishing about 2020, was the race of the suspects in these homicides: 123 are black, 12 are Hispanic and 25 are white.

Which means, 85 percent of known homicide suspects in 55 percent white Kansas City, Missouri in 2020 were non-white.

Jun 15 10:13

Russian Ambassador to China Affirms Strategic Partnership

Biden and Putin will meet in Geneva on June 16. Speculation has been rife that Biden will try to draw Russia away from its deepening relationship with China. This makes patent sense – even American strategists have long realized that China isn’t just a much bigger Mexico, and in fact constitutes the one threat to its global hegemony. This shift was in fact started in the late 2010s under the Trump Administration, but Russiagate as a wedge political issue made any real negotiations on the matter impossible. As someone who is certainly not “Putin’s puppet”, Biden may have greater leeway to offer a deal.

Jun 15 10:12

Is the Critical Race Theory Instigating Racism in America?

Last week, Andrew Gutmann, the father of a student at a New York City private, wrote an op-ed for The Hill, lamenting "the explosive adoption of critical race theory" throughout the United States. What's behind the problem and why does it trigger so much controversy in the country?

Critical race theory (CRT) is increasingly influencing the nation's education, according to Andrew Gutmann, a father from New York whose open letter to the Brearley School went viral last month. He refers to thousands of letters from parents expressing devastation over their kids, some as young as five years old, being taught to feel guilty solely because of their skin colour. Arguing that an "anti-racist" education stokes division in American society, Gutmann notes that it's not only conservatives raising the alarm about the CRT but also self-described Democrats and liberals.

Jun 15 10:12

How bad are global shipping snafus? Home Depot contracted its own container ship as a safeguard

Home Depot is one of the largest importers in the country. Yet with congested ports, container shortages and Covid-19 outbreaks slowing shipments, the company made a decision: It was time to get its own boat.

"We have a ship that's solely going to be ours and it's just going to go back and forth with 100% dedicated to Home Depot," President and Chief Operating Officer Ted Decker said in an interview. It marks the first time that the company has taken such a step.

Decker said the contracted ship, which will begin running next month, is just one example of the unusual measures that the company is taking as it copes with challenges that have ricocheted across the global supply chain.

Jun 15 10:11

Over 65,000 ransomware attacks expected in 2021: former Cisco CEO

U.S. companies are expected to endure over 65,000 ransomware attacks this year — and that's “a conservative number,” John Chambers, former CEO of Cisco Systems (CSCO) told Yahoo Finance Live.

With McDonald’s (MCD), JBS (JBSAY), and Colonial Pipeline Co. all recently coming under cyberattacks, Chambers does not foresee an end to the onslaught of cybersecurity threats anytime soon. He estimated that the number of ransomware attacks in 2021 could end up being as high as 100,000, with each one costing companies an average of $170,000.

In the case of Colonial, just one password was needed for hackers to compromise the entire company’s IT infrastructure. This led to Colonial and JBS paying a combined $15 million in ransom against FBI advice. (The Justice Department later recovered about $2.3 million of the cryptocurrency, about half of Colonial’s initial ransom.)

Jun 15 10:11

Anti-CRISPR proteins could help put the brakes on gene editing

CRISPR, the technology behind the 2020 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, has revolutionized the life sciences. The method offers a cheap, fast, and easy way to make edits in precise spots in genomes and could be game changing for treating genetic disorders and cancer and for other applications. But CRISPR faces safety concerns because scientists have only limited ways to control the technique.

Now researchers have found that a dazzling variety of naturally occurring proteins, known as anti-CRISPRs, could offer ways to exercise that control. These proteins could potentially be delivered after gene therapy to stave off harmful side effects or help direct therapies to the right parts of the body. Anti-CRISPRs could also play a role in efforts to spread beneficial genes through a population—to control insects, for example. And they have several advantages over other CRISPR control methods; for example, they can be genetically encoded into a cell.

Jun 15 10:10

Scientists think they can use your body to wirelessly charge electronics

Wireless charging is a smartphone feature we’ve come to take for granted and expect from every high-end handset. But wireless charging tech is only in its infancy, and what we currently refer to as wireless charging is very limited. To wirelessly recharge a battery, we need particular components installed in smartphones, watches, and headphones. We then place these gadgets on a charging mat or in a case, and we can’t use them while they recharge. Wireless charging is little more than a convenience that allows us to continually top-up the smartphone’s battery while we’re not using it.

Jun 15 10:07

Pupils must be allowed to stay in school if they say no to Covid jabs, campaigners say as 50,000 worried parents sign petition calling for schools vaccination plan to be paused

Activists say students should not be dragged out of classrooms if they decide not to have the jab until further tests are done.

They are 'extremely concerned' about any mass roll out of doses to children Professor Chris Whitty hinted at yesterday.

It comes as more than 50,000 people signed a petition against Covid vaccinations for youngsters.

Jun 15 10:05

UK's daily Covid cases rise by a quarter in a week with 7,673 more positive tests as hospitalisations soar by 46% - while deaths remain flat but creep up again in the North West amid rapid spread of Indian variant

Separate figures today revealed that England and Wales saw fewer Covid deaths in the first week of June than at any time since March 2020. Office for National Statistics data shows 52 Covid deaths occurred between May 29 and June 4, down from 69 the week before.

"The lockdown can only end when there are zero deaths for any reason over a 12 month period." - Official Drowning Street Souce

Jun 15 10:02

Do the sums (Picture)