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"The more you weigh, the harder you are to kidnap. Stay safe. Eat cake." -- Unknown

As the snake devours its own tail, SJW ideology reaps its karma.

The façade is crumbling because it lacks any foundation. The SJW house — built on weird, self-contradictory, incoherent academic dogma — victimizes itself with its own inertia.

Such ideologically-driven social engineering endeavors fail, on a long enough timeline, without exception. The principal cause is that they are not rooted in material reality. Nor do they justify themselves. Nor are their abstract theories sufficiently tested in real-world conditions.

The SJW phenomenon went supernova circa 2014, and is now in the process of imploding into a black hole. The star that burns twice as bright, as the expression goes, burns half as long. The quickening is palpable.

No previously untouchable protected minority – not Anne Frank nor the diverse pale-skin LGBTQ+++© sexual minorities – is immune from the SJW cannibalism.

Similar in function to the military-industrial complex, SJW ideology depends on the continual advent of new enemies to maintain its vitality.

The framing of the white heterosexual, Christian man as the devil is now passé. That horse has been beaten to death, and no longer satisfies the SJW bloodlust. The mob requires newer adversaries in the out-group to be hated at ever-greater intensities.

The absurdity accelerates towards the point that, in the near future, the only “marginalized” voice deemed worthy of consideration will be that of an ultra-intersectional BIPOC, genderqueer, non-binary, neurodivergent, disabled, non-binary transgender lesbian furry.

The woman below in blue lipstick and some sort of Kentucky Derby/Harry Potter hat with a matching doo rag (both an aesthetic win and a sure sign of mental stability) explains. White women don’t get to have opinions about the recent Roe vs. Wade overturn.

Posted on: Aug 06 07:31

Washington's use of military-biological developments in Latin American countries has become possible thanks to impunity, Chief of Russian Radiation, Chemical and Biological Protection Force Igor Kirillov said on Thursday.

"<...> Impunity has contributed to further use of military and biological weapons by Washington in Latin America, including for the elimination of undesirable political figures," Kirillov said, referring to documentary evidence of US use of biological weapons in Cuba.

In particular, Kirillov described the deliberate spread of dengue, African swine fever and economically important crop diseases on Cuban territory.

As an example, he recalled that in 1997 the Cuban government brought to the attention of the global community the fact that the US had violated the Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention (BWC). The charges were based on the testimony of a Cuban pilot who documented an American plane spraying a biological agent, palm thrips, that could harm one of Cuba's key agricultural industries.

Posted on: Aug 06 07:29

According to Lieutenant General Igor Kirillov, documents seized during Russia’s special military operation in Ukraine prove that since 2019, USAID and its key contractor, the Labyrinth Ukraine company, have been involved in the United States’ military biological program

Posted on: Aug 06 07:29

I recently witnessed the exhumation of human remains from a mass grave that contains more than 200 bodies. It was a profound and profoundly disturbing experience. Each body in this grave represents an unnecessary and unjust death, a murder, and each of these more than 200 murders can never be forgotten or forgiven.

There is a message that cries out from these bones that must be heard and understood, and acted upon by all good people in the world. Otherwise, history will repeat itself, and again, the killers and the killing will continue, and more mass graves will be filled.

After seven years of war, a war that continues to this day, these 200 bodies are being exhumed from a mass grave that the war forced them into back in the summer of 2014, during the heaviest attacks and siege by the Ukrainian “punishers” against the people of Lugansk.

In those terrible days and nights of constant shelling and ever-present danger, there was no water or electricity, no safe place to process the bodies, no chance at all for a regular funeral. Only now are conditions and resources finally available to put these peaceful and innocent civilians, along with some of their heroic defenders, to rest with a proper burial. 

All decent people must ask how mass graves (this is not the only one) came to be here, in Donbass, on the edge of Europe in the second decade of the 21st century. They must ask exactly who did this and why, not just who pulled the triggers, but even more importantly, who gave the orders, and they must demand to see justice done, to respect and understand history, and to prevent more mass graves from being filled with innocent civilians, not just here in Lugansk but throughout Europe and the world. 

Posted on: Aug 06 07:27

Ukraine’s President Zelensky is spooked and having a tough time hiding it. In remarks made on August 3rd, Zelensky is complaining that Europe is dragging its feet in supplying financial support to keep Ukraine afloat:

Zelensky then made a startling admission about who is winning the war in Ukraine:

“We still cannot break the advantage of the Russian army in artillery and in manpower, and this is very felt in the battles, especially in the Donbass – Peski, Avdiivka, and other directions. It’s just hell. It can’t even be described in words.”

Webmaster addition: Going into the midterms, Biden cannot afford a second loss after Afghanistan . Look for him to shift "the war" to eithewr China or Iran!

Posted on: Aug 06 07:25

Joe Biden on Friday tested positive for Covid for the seventh day in a row.

79-year-old Joe Biden is still isolating at the White House.

Joe Biden on Friday signed two bills that will help punish people who committed fraud under the Covid relief fund programs.

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Posted on: Aug 05 20:48

Gas prices skyrocketed in the last year because of Joe Biden’s war on domestic energy.

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Posted on: Aug 05 20:48

On Friday Kamala Harris held a roundtable on abortion rights with Latina women.

During the video discussion, one participant argued for removing parental notifications for minors obtaining abortions.

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Posted on: Aug 05 20:47

Jones owns the Plaintiff’s attorney during defamation trial in Austin, Texas when asked about ‘conspiracies’ of government involvement in pedophilia… the courtroom reacts

Posted on: Aug 05 18:05

A ranking Democrat has made a prediction about President Joe Biden’s future even as she walked back — somewhat — a previous statement.

On Tuesday, Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-N.Y.) said during an NY1 three-way debate for New York’s 12th Congressional District against Rep. Jerrold Nadler and attorney Suraj Patel of Biden: “I don’t believe he’s running for re-election,” according to the New York Post.

The question was then put to Nadler, “Should President Biden run again in 2024?” And while he was less direct, he also would not commit to backing Biden, the Democratic Party’s titular leader.

“It’s too early to say,” Nadler responded. “It doesn’t serve the purposes of the Democratic Party to deal with that until after the midterms.”

On Wednesday, Maloney walked back her remarks to a degree but was just as adamant about her prediction.

Posted on: Aug 05 16:31
Posted on: Aug 05 16:30

An enraged China has halted dialogue with the US on climate change, military issues and anti-drug work in invoked the murder of George Floyd as part of their retaliation for Nancy Pelosi's 'provocative' Taiwan visit -with  diplomatic tensions reaching boiling point.

Earlier, Beijing decided to sanction House of Representatives Speaker Pelosi and her immediate family in response to her 'vicious' actions and after their military fired 11 ballistic missiles into the Taiwan Strait - with five landing in Japan's exclusion zone - and surrounded the island.

'Despite China's serious concerns and firm opposition, Pelosi insisted on visiting Taiwan, seriously interfering in China's internal affairs, undermining China's sovereignty and territorial integrity, trampling on the one-China policy, and threatening the peace and stability of the Taiwan Strait,' a foreign ministry spokesperson said in a statement.

A spokesman for the communist government then compared the United States' behavior to the slaying of George Floyd at the hands of cops in Minneapolis.

Hua Chunying wrote: 'We cannot allow the US to take itself as "world policeman" and treat other countries George Floyd whom it can bully and strangle at will.'

Posted on: Aug 05 15:30

Russia is taking Ukraine's threat to retake the southern province of Kherson seriously, shifting forces from its eastern front to prepare for an expected Ukrainian assault to reclaim lost territory in the south.

“Ukraine is likely seizing the strategic initiative and forcing Russia to reallocate forces and reprioritize efforts,” says the latest assessment from the Institute for the Study of War. “Russian forces are increasingly transferring personnel and equipment to Kherson and western Zaporizhia Oblasts at the expense of their efforts to seize Slovyansk and Siversk, which they appear to have abandoned.”

“Russian forces are also redeploying military equipment — artillery and aviation in particular — to Crimea from elsewhere in Ukraine,” according to the Washington-based think tank. “Ukraine’s preparations for the counteroffensive in Kherson and the initial operations in that counteroffensive combined with the dramatic weakening of Russian forces generally appear to be allowing Ukraine to begin actively shaping the course of the war for the first time.”

Posted on: Aug 05 15:29

On August 5, the Department of Defense denied D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser's request for the National Guard to help her with the thousands of illegal aliens that Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has bused into the city since April.

Kelly Bulliner Holly, the executive secretary of the DOD, responded to Bowser's July 19 letter to the office of Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin, writing: "After careful consideration the Department has concluded it cannot fulfill your request."

Posted on: Aug 05 15:29

FBI Director Christopher Wray admitted Thursday the FBI agent in-charge of the Washington, D.C., field office is the same agent who was in charge of the Detroit field office when the FBI allegedly uncovered a plot to kidnap Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D).

What are the details?

During a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) pressed Wray over whether the same FBI agent who was in charge during the Whitmer incident is now in charge of the Jan. 6 investigations.

The alleged plot by far-right militia members to kidnap Whitmer has tarnished the FBI because many of the defendants essentially accuse the FBI of entrapment. To date, none of the defendants in the case have been convicted of any crime. Some have been acquitted at trial, while others are awaiting a new trial after a mistrial.

Posted on: Aug 05 15:29

A group of Chinese companies are investigating why a commodities storage site in northern China is holding only one third of the copper concentrate they were financing, according to people familiar with the situation.

Traders from more than a dozen mostly state-owned firms gathered in Qinhuangdao city this week after becoming aware of the missing material following concerns into the borrower’s finances, said the people, who asked not to be identified as they aren’t authorized to speak publicly.

The group has a total claim on 300,000 tons of concentrate worth about 5 billion yuan ($740 million), but there’s only 100,000 tons at the depot, the people said. That puts the dollar value of the missing material at about $490 million.

Posted on: Aug 05 15:27

The defamation trial of right-wing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones made headlines this week, as the former Infowars host had to testify under oath about the lies he spread after the tragic 2012 attack at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut.

Among this week's revelations from the Travis County Courthouse in Austin, Texas: Infowars, which airs on radio and online and also hawked merchandise, once raked in a whopping $800,000 in gross revenue in a single day.

As Jones' finances draw scrutiny in light of Thursday's $4.1 million jury verdict for compensatory damages — with punitive damages yet to be assessed and two more trials yet to come — another notorious Infowars figure is having money issues of his own.

Florida man Wolfgang Halbig, who teamed up with Jones following the 2012 massacre to spread outlandish theories about the shooting and baselessly allege that the victims' families had constructed an elaborate hoax, filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection on March 30 in Florida's Middle District.

Posted on: Aug 05 15:27

Palestinian Islamic Jihad leader Ziyad Al-Nakhala said on Friday that his group would target Tel Aviv with missiles “in the coming hours.” Earlier, an Israeli airstrike killed a senior commander of the militant organization.

“Metropolitan Tel Aviv will be one of the targets of the resistance missiles, and the coming hours will prove to the enemy that all the resistance forces are one and we will fight them as one man,” Al-Nakhala said in remarks reported by Palestine’s Quds News Network.

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) have meanwhile deployed Iron Dome missile defense batteries near the cities of Beersheba, Tel Aviv, and Jerusalem. Flights have been diverted from Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv and bomb shelters in the city have been made ready, the Times of Israel reported.

Posted on: Aug 05 15:24

Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz gave the green light on Friday to call up some 25,000 military reservists, should they be required. Israel is on a state of high alert, with Palestinian militants promising revenge for the killing of one of their top commanders in an Israeli airstrike.

Gantz’ office announced the potential call-up less than an hour after Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) leader Zihad Al-Nakhala threatened to rain down missiles on the city of Tel Aviv over the “coming hours.”

Al-Nakhala issued his threat after Israeli warplanes fired a missile at an apartment building in Gaza City, killing PIJ commander Taysir al-Jabari. The strikes, dubbed ‘Operation Breaking Dawn’ by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), targeted an additional ten to 20 PIJ terrorists, and killed members of a “terrorist squad” who were “on their way to carry out an anti-tank missile and sniper attack,” the Israeli military claimed.

Posted on: Aug 05 15:23

Multiple people were injured after a vehicle drove through a ceremonial parade in Gallup, New Mexico on Thursday, according to state police.

Social media footage captured a brown SUV weaving through the annual Inter-Tribal Indian Ceremonial Parade, one of New Mexico’s longest-running events.

Two Gallup Police Department officers were among the injured and were treated for their injuries.

According to KOAT7, the driver traveled down the parade route in the wrong direction. The outlet reports two other individuals were inside the SUV.

The driver of the SUV has been taken into custody. Officers detained the two passengers while parade attendees shouted angrily and confronted the trio.

Posted on: Aug 05 14:08

 Los Angeles City Council members will consider passing an initiative Friday that could force hotels to report vacancies and house homeless individuals in empty rooms.

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A Russian court found WNBA player Brittney Griner guilty on Thursday on drug smuggling and possession charges.

She was sentenced to 9 years in a Russian prison after a month-long trial and nearly six months after the basketball player was arrested at a Russian airport with cannabis in her luggage.

On Friday, one day after she was sentenced, Russia confirmed that it is in talks to swap Griner for Viktor Bout, the notorious “Merchant of Death” arms dealer who has been imprisoned in the United States since 2010.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said: “We are ready to discuss this topic but within the framework of the channel that was agreed upon by presidents Putin and Biden. If the Americans decide to once again resort to public diplomacy, that is their business and I would even say that it is their problem.”

The Daily Mail reported that the deal to swap her for Bout was on the table, and could be completed within a “matter of weeks.”

Posted on: Aug 05 14:04

 A Manhattan man accused of slashing a woman in Times Square was apparently arrested for a violent robbery just three days before the attack, but had been released without bail.

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Posted on: Aug 05 14:00

As of Thursday morning (LT), August 4, 2022, over 540 000 residents living in the Tohoku and Hokuriku regions of Japan were ordered to evacuate as heavy rains continue falling over the Sea of Japan shoreline, triggering floods and landslides.

  • Evacuation orders are in effect in Aomori, Iwate, Yamagata, Fukushima, Niigata, Ishikawa and Fukui prefectures on August 4.
  • Several people are missing.

According to the country’s Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, the Mogami River in Nagai, Yamagata Prefecture, overflowed its banks in the early hours of Thursday, flooding homes, roads and railways.

At least two bridges have already collapsed, one in Yamagata and another in Kitakata, Fukushima Prefecture

Posted on: Aug 05 13:56

Addressing the root causes of the climate crisis is essential to solving the worsening problem of water shortages in the Colorado River Basin, said a top environmental expert at the United Nations on Tuesday, emphasizing that the aridification of the region is part of a larger global trend.

The two largest reservoirs in the U.S., Lake Powell and Lake Mead, are part of the Colorado River watershed, and are both on the precipice of reaching dangerous "dead pool" status, according to the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), with water levels dropping so low that water no longer flows downstream from the reservoirs.

"Overconsumption and the climate crisis could lead to water levels so low that downstream flows to hydroelectric plants would stop," tweeted UNEP, which would jeopardize access to electricity for millions of people in western states.

Maria Morgardo, UNEP's ecosystems officer for North America, noted that officials are expected to advise people across the region to cut water consumption, but stressed that the crisis is beyond the point of simply mitigating the effects.

Posted on: Aug 05 13:53