"Any ruler who decides to start a war has made the conscious decision to send a million of his own people to their deaths, for his own profit." -- Michael Rivero

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Baby boomers are finding themselves homeless in ever-increasing numbers, according to a new report, with rising rent prices and soaring medical bills forcing seniors from their homes and onto the streets.

Analysts at the Department of Housing and Urban Development told The Wall Street Journal the fastest-growing segment of the homeless population is people aged over 65.

For the first time this year, the agency will reveal the number people of over 65 in their annual count of the homeless, which is released in late December.

Hot spots for senior homelessness include Miami, Denver and Columbus, Ohio - cities on the cusp of what one called a 'silver tsunami.' Many of those who find themselves homeless can't even use shelters, as they are too frail to climb up onto a top bunk that may be the only bed available to them. 

'The fact that we are seeing elderly homelessness is something that we have not seen since the Great Depression,' said Dennis Culhane, a University of Pennsylvania social policy professor.

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Soaring crime in the nation's capital is leaving residents rattled, with locals driving small distances to avoid walking and others now too fearful to step outside even during the day. 

Homicides and robberies are up 29 and 67 per cent from the same time period last year, with murders approaching levels not seen in two decades - while other big cities such as New York, Chicago, Philadelphia and Baltimore are seeing declines.

Neighboring Baltimore could end the year with under 300 killings for the first time since the riots over Freddie Gray's death in police custody in 2015.

Yet in Washington DC, one 58-year-old lobbyist told The Washington Post that he stopped walking in his neighborhood after he and his husband were attacked near Dupont Circle, and then had a bottle thrown at them outside Whole Foods. He and his husband left the city last month after 30 years, relocating to Maryland.

'I've always thought I could outrun any criminal in the past,' he said. 'I can't anymore. I'm a sitting duck.'

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A medicine used by millions of Americans for a stuffy nose does not work, a Food and Drug Administration panel ruled today.

Phenylephrine is the most common active compound in over-the-counter drugs like Benadryl Allergy Plus Congestion, Sudafed PE, and Tylenol Cold and Flu Severe Day & Night.

But an FDA panel said after a two-day review that the oral decongestant ‘is not effective’ at standard or even high doses compared to a placebo.

Their ruling is not binding but strongly suggests the agency could soon heed their advice and pull its approval, forcing companies to pull or reformulate their products. 

The ingredient is protected under the FDA’s Generally Recognized as Safe and Effective (GRASE) designation, but a reversal of its approval could mean manufacturers including Bayer and Johnson and Johnson might need to reformulate.

Webmaster addition: So how did this get approved in the first place?!?

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French regulators on Tuesday ordered Apple to halt sales of the iPhone 12 for emitting too much electromagnetic radiation, and to fix existing handsets.

The French agency that regulates radio frequencies, the ANFR, said testing found that the model emits more electromagnetic waves susceptible to be absorbed by the body than permitted.

The ANFR said it "ordered Apple to remove the iPhone 12 from the French market from September 12 due to the model exceeding the limit" for electromagnetic absorption by the body.

It said accredited labs had found absorption of electromagnetic energy by the body at 5.74 watts per kilogram during tests simulating when the phone was being held in the hand or kept in a pocket.

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House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has fired the starting gun on a monumental battle that could lead to Joe Biden becoming the first U.S. President removed from office - but there is still a long way for Republicans to go. 

By launching a formal impeachment inquiry McCarthy has increased the chance of Biden, his son Hunter and their associates, being dragged before Congress to answer questions about allegations of corrupt foreign business dealings.

The Bidens could now have their bank records, mortgage details, emails, text messages and mobile phones subpoenaed, along with anything else Congress wants to see.  

Such impeachment inquiries into a president have been extremely rare throughout U.S. history.

Webmaster addition: The Senate is still under control of the Democrats and they will not vote to remove Biden.

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The European Union should enlarge and absorb Ukraine into its structure, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen has argued in her State of the Union address. The official claimed that the move would not necessarily require amendment of the Treaties of the European Union, the legal basis for the bloc’s existence.

In her speech in the European Parliament in Strasbourg, France on Wednesday, Von der Leyen proclaimed that the “future of Ukraine is in our Union.” She went on to stress that Brussels is faced with the historic task of “completing our Union.
The European Commission president insisted that the bloc “cannot afford to leave our fellow Europeans behind,” apparently referring to Ukrainians.

In a world where size and weight matters, it is clearly in Europe’s strategic and security interests to complete our Union,” the official concluded.

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Elon Musk’s X-Corp asked a California court on Friday to overturn a first-of-its-kind online content moderation law, arguing the measure pressures social media platforms to censor discourse viewed as problematic by state officials.

X, formerly known as Twitter, filed a lawsuit in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of California against the new law AB 587, which requires social media companies to publicly disclose moderation practices around categories the state could label as misinformation/disinformation, extremism/radicalization, and hate speech — otherwise the state could impose fines for non-compliance.

But with Musk’s pledge to restore a marketplace of ideas on his newly rebranded $44 billion social media company, X Corp. alleges California’s new law regulating certain forms of speech violates the First Amendment under the U.S. and California constitutions.

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The Democratic caucus of the Arizona House of Representatives thanked the governor of a neighboring state for an anti-gun executive order that even gun control activists denounced as unconstitutional.

“Hat tip to New Mexico,” the Arizona House Democrats wrote on X (formerly known as Twitter) Saturday, days after the state’s Democratic Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham declared “gun violence a public health emergency.”

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The Biden administration’s Department of Homeland Security (DHS) gave a $530,000 anti-terrorism grant to a far-left LGBTQ group that targets schoolchildren as young as six with gender ideology.

The grant was part of the DHS’ Targeted Violence and Terrorism Prevention (TVTP) Grant Program, which aims to provide “funding for state, local, tribal, and territorial governments, nonprofits… and institutions of higher education with funds to establish or enhance capabilities to prevent targeted violence and terrorism.”

Sexual Minority Youth Assistance League (SMYAL) describes itself on its website as an organization that “supports and empowers LGBTQ youth ages 6-24.” The Washington D.C.-based group also says that it is “committed to social change,” elaborating that it “builds, sustains, and advocates for programs, policies, and services that LGBTQ youth need as they grow into adulthood.”

However, the group is not only known for its LGBTQ activism. Writing for The Washington Stand last week, Ben Johnson stated that SMYAL also openly advocates for other far-left political positions. “The manifesto of its school-based group—which is based on the Black Panthers—calls for the ‘abolition’ of the police, the erasure of the U.S. border, and the ‘reclamation’ of all ‘stolen lands’ by Indigenous people,” he noted.

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Shortly after Democratic New York City Mayor Eric Adams complained he could not handle 10,000 migrants a month, a reporter showed him that the situation is much worse at the southern border.

“NYC Mayor Eric Adams says NYC cannot handle 10,000 migrants per month,” FOX News national correspondent Bill Melugin wrote on X (formerly known as Twitter) Monday.

“Border Patrol’s Tucson, AZ sector just had almost 11,000 in one *week*,” Melugin continued. “And that’s just one of nine sectors along the southern border. Sanctuary cities get a tiny fraction of what’s coming across border.”

The journalist cited official statistics from Chief Patrol Agent of the U.S. Border Patrol’s Tucson Sector John R. Modlin.

In addition to 10,700 apprehensions, the border patrol chief also recorded 526 Rescues, nine human smuggling events, 5 narcotics events and 5 firearms seized for the week ending September 8.

Modlin’s X bio says he is responsible for “leading 3,600 agents and professional staff.”

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Eight members of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence (Intel) publicized a letter to FBI Director Christopher Wray demanding an explanation for the “Richmond memo,” which instructed field officers to target so-called “radical traditional Catholics.” 

The letter gives Director Wray until September 29 to report the steps he has taken to ensure unconstitutional processes like the memo will never happen again. As reported by CatholicVote:

The FBI director “may have lied under oath” about the Bureau’s infamous January memo against so-called “radical traditional” Catholics. New evidence shows the contents of the memo did not originate solely with the Richmond, VA field office, but were part of an effort that spanned the FBI offices of Portland and Los Angeles.

All Republican senators on the Intel Committee signed the letter: Marco Rubio, R-FL, James Risch, R-ID, Susan M. Collins, R-ME, Tom Cotton, R-AK, John Cornyn, R-TX, Jerry Moran, R-KS, James Lankford, R-OK, and M. Michael Mounds, R-SD. 

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House Speaker Kevin McCarthy on Tuesday said House Republicans have "uncovered serious and credible allegations into President Biden's conduct" that will serve as the basis of an impeachment inquiry. 

"Today, I am directing our House committees to open a formal impeachment inquiry into President Joe," McCarthy announced in a statement at the Capitol Tuesday. "This logical next step will give our committees the full power to gather all the facts and answers for the American public." 

The speaker said House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer, R-Ky., will lead the inquiry in coordination with House Oversight Committee Chairman Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, and Ways & Means Committee Chairman Jason Smith, R-Mo.

Webmaster addition: McCarthy is only doing this because he was facing loss of the speakership.

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Kim also called North Korea’s relations with Russia “the first priority.” 

The leaders met at a remote Siberian rocket launch facility for a summit that underscores how their interests are aligning in the face of their countries' separate, intensifying confrontations with the United States.

Putin in his opening remarks welcomed Kim to Russia and said he was glad to see him. Putin listed economic cooperation, humanitarian issues and the “situation in the region” among the agenda items for their talks.

The two men began their meeting at the Vostochny cosmodrome with a tour of a Soyuz-2 space rocket launch facility, at which Kim peppered a Russian space official with questions about the rockets.

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Up here, in a remote mountain village, a scene of unbearable pain.

A man with sunken, exhausted eyes, walks through the rubble and destruction following the earthquake in Morocco, cradling his small dead son, wrapped in a red blanket.

He walks towards an area of wasteland just to the side of the road, which is already full of freshly dug mounds and rudimentary markers.

A grave is being dug for the boy. It is not quite finished. He waits, holding his child.

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The Central Intelligence Agency offered to pay off analysts in order to bury their findings that COVID-19 most likely leaked from a lab in Wuhan, China, new whistleblower testimony to Congress alleges.

A senior-level CIA officer told House committee leaders that his agency tried to pay off six analysts who found SARS-CoV-2 likely originated in a Wuhan lab if they changed their position and said the virus jumped from animals to humans, according to a letter sent Tuesday to CIA Director William Burns.

Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Pandemic Chairman Brad Wenstrup (R-Ohio) and Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence Chairman Mike Turner (R-Ohio) requested all documents, communications and pay info from the CIA’s COVID Discovery Team by Sept. 26.

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The US Air Force is stripping away tracts of jungle in Micronesia to make room for new airfields, a senior commander said, noting the move is part of plans to bolster American forces in the Indo-Pacific.

Speaking to reporters at an event hosted by the Air and Space Forces Association, Pacific Air Forces Commander General Kenneth Wilsbach described efforts to refurbish defunct US air bases – including a World War II-era installation on Tinian, a small island near Guam.

“We're going to be clearing out the jungle [on Tinian, and] we're going to be resurfacing some of the surfaces there so that we will have a fairly large and very functional Agile Combat Employment base, an additional base to be able to operate from and we have several other projects like that around the region that we'll be getting after,” Wilsbach said on Monday.

To accomplish that goal, the Air Force has requested additional funding from lawmakers in its 2024 budget proposal, the general added, saying the new bases would be part of a “hub-and-spoke” network across Asia intended to “deter” Beijing.

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Recently, Huawei’s Mate 60 smartphone rolled out to great acclaim with no advertising campaign or advance notice. On August 30, Reuters reported that the company’s stock rallied due to the surprise hit of the phone with what is being described as unusually high specs, including satellite call capabilities and super-high speeds. 

The company, however, has not commented on its technical specifications. It did not specify whether the phone is 5G enabled, though users have confirmed that it is. It merely stated that it had made breakthroughs in satellite communications, which has also been demonstrated. But the major question is about the phone’s chipsets. With a sweeping US sanctions campaign having cut off China’s access to foreign-made chip technology, the US government said it would be looking into the key question: How did China pull this off?

The South China Morning Post, for instance, has grappled with Huawei’s hush-up over the phone’s obviously powerful chipset. One theory is that China’s domestic Semiconductor International Manufacturing Corp (SMIC), which declined to comment, provided the tech. All things being equal, this seems to be the most likely case and a Bloomberg teardown appears to confirm this. 

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Americans are grappling with a third consecutive year of falling incomes, due to surging inflation

Median household incomes have slumped to $74,580 in 2022, down 2.3 from the 2021 estimate of $76,330, representing a 4.7 percent drop since their peak in 2019.

The Census Bureau's latest report reveals the ongoing economic challenges faced by American households since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, exacerbated by a four-decade high in inflation last summer due to supply chain disruptions and energy price spikes driven by the Ukraine conflict. 

However, there is hope on the horizon. Experts are predicting things may start to look different in the upcoming year, as reported by the Wall Street Journal.

Posted on: Sep 13 06:48

President Joe Biden faces an impeachment vote over his alleged ties to his son Hunter's business dealings – many of which have been uncovered by DailyMail.com.

Emails, texts, photos and documents unearthed by this publication have added to a still-growing body of evidence suggesting that Joe may have been improperly involved in Hunter's shady foreign deals, including when he was Vice President.

That evidence has now prompted House Speaker Kevin McCarthy to call a Thursday meeting of top Republicans to plan a vote on impeaching the President.

Impeachment could give GOP investigators more powers to obtain bank statements and other documents to root out any possible financial links Joe had with his son.

It could also see Hunter hauled in front of Congress to testify under oath.

In the past two years, DailyMail.com has revealed whistleblower allegations that Joe was acting as a 'chairman of the board' in his son's Latin American online gambling firm; that he shared bills with Hunter; discussed his son's business dealings with an alleged Chinese spy; collected up to $5.2 million in unexplained income; met with 15 of Hunter's business associates; and was named in multiple emails as a partner in the First Son's schemes.

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Fox host Jesse Watters invited sex offender and former Democratic Congressman Anthony Weiner on his show to defend President Joe Biden, after the conservative commentator said Biden's only way out of impeachment is to resign.

Weiner, a former US representative and convicted sex offender, who now hosts a talk show with former New York City Mayoral candidate Curtis Sliwa, debated Biden's presidency with Watters.

'I think Joe Biden is not a great spokesperson for anything,' Weiner said. 'He's old, period. However, he's going to be running against a guy who literally tried to overturn the election, who is probably going to be in court or indicted or in jail... it's a choice and I think most Americans, if there's a rematch are going to choose Joe Biden.'

The discussion came after Watters talked about the possible impeachment of Biden for his connection to his son, Hunter's, business dealings.  On Tuesday, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy announced a formal impeachment inquiry against the president. 

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Russian President Vladimir Putin has suggested that the former head of the state-funded Rusnano corporation, Anatoly Chubais, may have relocated to Israel due to fears of legal consequences over financial irregularities.

Speaking at the Eastern Economic Forum in Vladivostok on Tuesday, Putin said he had been shown a photo of Chubais, “where he is no longer Anatoly Borisovich, but Moysha Israelievich, living somewhere over there.”

“What is he doing this for, I don’t understand. Why did he flee?” the president asked rhetorically.

He suggested Chubais’ reason for leaving revolved around an alleged “huge financial hole” at Rusnano, the company he headed for 12 years. Putin noted that there are currently no criminal cases related to alleged financial irregularities, but that perhaps Chubais was concerned that some could emerge.

The businessman “clearly didn’t excel at the helm of a big company that was created to foster nanotechnology, at least from an economic [and] financial perspective,” Putin said.

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It may look like something out of the classic science-fiction series Thunderbirds.

But this spaceship-like flying vehicle could well be an ambulance of the future.

That's because it has been designed to speed to emergencies at 288mph (250 knots), with the target of arriving at the scene within just eight minutes.

Although it is currently just a concept, the JA1 Pulse will be built to carry emergency equipment and one trained medical professional to remote and difficult to access areas of the countryside.

The crew member will be both the pilot and first responder.

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State Representative Alex Kolodin (R-Scottsdale), chair of the Arizona House Ad Hoc Committee on Oversight, Accountability, and Big Tech, held the first of a series of hearings last week investigating the impact of Big Tech’s election interference. The first half of the four-hour long session featured testimony by Harvard-educated academic Dr. Robert Epstein, who discovered how Google influences election results. The second half consisted of testimony by First Amendment attorney James Kerwin of the Mountain States Legal Foundation, who discussed where the law is in regard to officials pressuring big tech about posts. He reviewed what then-Secretary of State Katie Hobbs’ office emailed to big tech during the last election, and suggested legislation the Arizona Legislature could propose to curtail the officials.

Kolodin said during the hearing, “It is not acceptable for the government to censor free speech simply because it acts through the private sector.” He warned that the country is in the beginning of a nascent police state … nascent totalitarian society … I go to grassroots meetings where people are afraid to speak … afraid they will be arrested.”

Kolodin said some presenters invited to speak at the hearing dropped out due to fear.

Epstein, whose speech was titled “The Impact of Big Tech’s Election Interference and How we Can Stop it,” admitted he voted for Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton, not Donald Trump, said Google is the “biggest mind control engine that’s ever been invented.” He said that while “they have the power, it’s not illegal. It should be.” He said the government hasn’t done anything to stop Google.

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Gibson’s campaign has refused to issue a clear response to the scandal. The Democrat claims the story represents “an illegal invasion of my privacy designed to humiliate me and my family.” It is unclear what laws are allegedly being broken. She has even tried to accuse Republicans of committing a “sex crime” by the Washington Post reporting this story.

Webmaster addition: There is no privacy on the internet, especially when you are naked! However, it is worth recalling that an Italian porn star, Cicciolina, was elected to Parliament in 1987!

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Americans were stunned to learn that the DOJ tried to shut down an IRS investigation into Hunter Biden. We knew that Hunter was facing charges, due to tax crime accusations. Whistleblowers, however, revealed the investigation was shut down after Biden’s DOJ pressured the IRS to go easy on him.

These whistleblowers bravely testified before Congress. They revealed the IRS was prevented from investigating where Hunter got his money. Republicans concluded this was an attempt to hide evidence of the Joe-Hunter Biden bribery ring. But now, it seems the family did more to try to stop the truth from coming out. And Republicans are fuming.

From Fox News:

House Republicans sent a letter to Attorney General Merrick Garland on Tuesday accusing Hunter’s Biden legal team of engaging in a “brazen effort to intimidate and harass” the two Internal Revenue Service whistleblowers in the Hunter Biden tax probe…

The letter accused Biden’s lawyers of having “slandered” the whistleblowers as “disgruntled” and of “urging” the Department of Justice to prosecute them.

This is unbelievable. Two whistleblowers risked their careers and reputations to testify under oath before Congress. Now, Republicans are claiming Hunter Biden’s legal team tried to retaliate against these men, even urging the DOJ to prosecute them.

Posted on: Sep 13 06:36

Once upon a time, Joe Biden claimed that Chinese communists were “not bad guys.” For years, Biden has been an ally to the Chinese Communist Party. He negotiated with the country while vice president; at the same time, his son received a billion-dollar investment from China.

Today, the Biden administration has taken a decidedly soft stance on the foreign nation. China is responsible for human rights violations. It is the world’s biggest polluter. And it is threatening Taiwan and other Asian neighbors. Biden appears to have done little about this. And now, China released a cartoon mocking the United States–on one of the country’s darkest anniversaries.

From Breitbart:

China’s government-run propaganda outlet Global Times mocked the United States on Sunday with a political cartoon marking the 22nd anniversary of the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.

Global Times posted the cartoon on X, formerly known as Twitter, with the caption, “#US continues to export turmoil 22 years after 9/11.”

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In recent months, Democrat-run sanctuary cities have become increasingly bothered by an influx of illegal immigrants. Despite their support to house aliens and encourage their illegal entry into the country, Democrat mayors have complained that Republicans are bussing these migrants to their cities.

Recently, Mayor Adams of New York warned that this endless flood of outsiders would “destroy New York City.” His complaint earned him the title “Black Trump,” by a leftist journalist writing for MSNBC. However, Adams does not appear willing to deport any of the people overrunning his city. In fact, he is doing something very anti-Trump to accommodate these aliens. And it will put actual residents at great risk.

From The Post Millennial:

On Saturday, city officials announced that the New York Police Department’s budget would be cut, with that money re-allocated to solving the migrant crisis…

Budget Director Jacques Jiha revealed in a memo over the weekend explaining that Mayor Eric Adams, who recently said the migrant crisis could “destroy” the city, will soon “issue a directive to implement an overtime reduction initiative for our city’s four uniformed agencies.”

It appears New York might be destroyed but by Mayor Adams, not these aliens. The Democrat is issuing budget cuts to the NYPD and plans to redirect that money to fund the migrant crisis. Instead of requiring these illegal entrants to return to their countries of origin, Adams will deplete the police force of resources.

All to reward people who should not be in NYC in the first place.

Posted on: Sep 13 06:34

Americans were surprised when Joe Biden picked Kamala Harris as his running mate. And, we are still confused. Harris, a little-known senator from deeply blue California, appears to be in over her head as Joe.

She is best known for her “word salads” where she struggles to finish a complete thought. Recently, she was asked about the upcoming election. The reporter asked her a pretty straightforward question about Donald Trump and his campaign. But Kamala’s answer has stunned many Americans.

From Fox News:

Vice President Kamala Harris appeared stunned by a question from CBS host Margaret Brennan, who wondered if she was taking the possibility of another Donald Trump presidency “seriously enough.”

Harris looked taken aback, pausing before responding, “I don’t understand the question.”

Posted on: Sep 13 06:33

It is no secret that Donald Trump is facing strong headwinds going into the 2024 Election. If anyone thought it would be easy for the former president to return to office, they must have been dreaming. Democrats have ratcheted up their attempts to stop him. They have pulled out all the stops, indicting him at least four times.

It is likely they will come up with more ways to derail his campaign, as we near next year.

Many critics have claimed these indictments were meant to destroy Trump’s chances at winning the GOP nomination. After all, why would anyone vote for a man being indicted four times, by federal and state prosecutors? But it seems many Americans question indictments when they are launched by a man’s political rivals. And this new report shows that the left’s schemes are failing, big time.

From TIPP Insights:

In the latest online national poll, taken from among 509 Republican voters from Aug. 30-Sept. 1, we again asked: “If the Republican presidential primary were held today, whom would you support for the nomination?” […]

Among Republican respondents, 60% answered former President Donald Trump…

Even so, Trump’s 49-point lead on DeSantis is the highest yet. There is little doubt that if the primaries were held in the coming weeks, Trump would win in a landslide.

According to the latest I&I/TIPP poll, Trump is beating his GOP rivals with 60% of the vote. If the primary election was held today, Trump would win by a massive landslide. His closet rival, Gov. Ron DeSantis, lost one point since August and stands at 11%.

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