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There is tremendous popular pressure on Moscow to retaliate against the US over Sunday’s ATACMS missile strike on a beach near Sevastopol, former US Congressman Ron Paul has said.

Five civilians were killed and over 150 injured by cluster munitions from a US-supplied missile launched by Ukrainian forces. Among the dead were at least two children. 

Paul, a retired lawmaker from Texas, described the strike as “a Ukrainian and American attack on Russia” on Monday’s Ron Paul Liberty Report. He added that some kind of escalation was inevitable after the US supplied long-range missiles to Ukraine and gave Kiev permission to use them for strikes deep inside Russia.

“What’s Russia going to do about this?” Paul asked. “Are they going to twiddle their thumbs and walk away? They might – for a day or two – ponder it, but there will be something that they’re going to do.”

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Over the past three years, millions of migrants have come pouring into this country looking for a better life.  They were promised that things would be so much better once they got here, but for so many of them that has turned out to be not true at all.  There just aren’t enough resources to care for the vast number of migrants that are arriving, and as a result many quickly find themselves homeless.  It is a tragedy of monumental proportions, and it is getting worse with each passing day.
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"The strike took place in Odessa, at the site of the Krayan heavy crane factory. The plant had a warehouse with new missiles supplied by Western countries. The strike was carried out around eight in the morning, Odessa residents reported a powerful blast and a plume of black smoke," Lebedev said.

He also provided photographic and video evidence of a large, dark column of smoke.

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The Russian Aerospace Forces struck a major logistics center of the Ukrainian Armed Forces over the past 24 hours, where Western-supplied missiles were stored, the Russian Ministry of Defense reported on Monday.

"Operational-tactical aviation, unmanned aerial vehicles, missile troops, and artillery units of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation have targeted a large logistics hub of the Ukrainian Armed Forces,” the statement said.

“This center was used for the accumulation, storage, and redistribution of weapons, including missile systems provided by Western countries to the Kiev regime,” it added. “Additionally, we have targeted concentrations of enemy personnel and military equipment in 112 areas."

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Needless to say, conducting planetary defense exercises against wandering asteroids is probably a good idea, and I don't think anyone - Mssrs. Putin, Medvedev, Xi, Modi, or Scholz included - would object to it:

NASA’s preventative doomsday approach reached new heights with a test simulating a hypothetical asteroid set to hit Earth in 2038, according to a report released this week.

The simulation was the fifth installment of the Planetary Defense Interagency Tabletop Exercise, wherein NASA, the U.S. government and international representatives attempted to plan for an asteroid that had a 72% chance of hitting Earth in 14 years’ time.

Oh... wait... except the drill  was not about defending the planet from a potential asteroid impact... it appears to have been more about what to do if attempts to divert or destroy such an asteroid had failed and an impact had occurred:

“A large asteroid impact is potentially the only natural disaster humanity has the technology to predict years in advance and take action to prevent.”

Within the exercise, asteroid sizes ranged from 60 to 800 meters, with the most likely result between 100 and 320 meters.

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Countries around the world are seeking alternatives to the US dollar. IMF economists say de-dollarization is "broad-based". The Federal Reserve reluctantly admits that it is happening. Ben Norton analyzes the latest research.

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According to The Washington Post, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and other agencies had access to information from the mail of tens of thousands of private citizens.

The Post’s Drew Harwell reported Monday that the “U.S. Postal Service (USPS) has shared information from thousands of Americans’ letters and packages with law enforcement every year for the past decade.”

Harwell noted that in doing so, the USPS has been “conveying the names, addresses and other details from the outside of boxes and envelopes without requiring a court order.”

A “decade’s worth of records … in response to a congressional probe, show Postal Service officials have received more than 60,000 requests from federal agents and police officers since 2015,” Harwell added. Per these records, USPS officials “rarely say no” to the requests.

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The Wall Street Journal and other media have announced that the Supreme Court decided on Monday to hear the Biden Administration’s challenge to Tennessee’s law prohibiting “gender transition care.”

According to The Wall Street Journal article, the Department of Justice contended that the Tennessee law infringes on the Constitution’s equal protection clause. It argued that the law discriminates by prohibiting medical treatments exclusively if they’re for gender dysphoria while allowing the same treatments for other conditions, such as precocious puberty.

A federal appeals court in Cincinnati dismissed that argument, with Chief Judge Jeffrey Sutton of the Sixth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals writing, “The unsettled, developing, in truth still experimental, nature of treatments in this area surely permits more than one policy approach, and the Constitution does not favor one over the other.”

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1099 New York Avenue, NW: This iconic trophy office building, located just four blocks from the White House, was recently sold for $95 million. It’s a 180,878-square-foot, 11-story building with floor-to-ceiling windows, average floor plates of 17,500 square feet, and a below-grade parking garage. The property is 95% leased to eight tenants, with an average remaining lease term of nine years. 1750 H Street NW: A 10-story office building situated three blocks from the White House was acquired by State Farm Life Insurance at a foreclosure auction. They paid $17.6 million for the 123,000-square-foot property.
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The Iron Dome sure did cost US taxpayers a lot of money.

Interestingly, it also appears to be totally worthless.

It can’t even stop Hamas, let alone Hezbollah, let alone Iran.

Was this money all just embezzled? Or is this the real Iron Dome?

Total US spending on the Iron Dome is allegedly only $2.6 billion. It seems to have been a lot more money than that. But paying a foreign country $2.6 billion for a missile defense system that doesn’t work seems really irresponsible, even if that is the full amount.

Why was the US paying for Israeli defense in the first place?

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The McDonald’s at San Francisco’s Stonestown Galleria has closed its doors after 30 years in business. The franchisee owner, Scott Roderick, cited two main reasons for the closure: Rent and Property Taxes: The landlord was unwilling to negotiate a long-term and sensible rent for the Stonestown location. Additionally, the property taxes and shared tenant mall fees were the highest paid for a single location within the company. California’s Minimum Wage: The state’s new minimum wage for fast-food workers, which went into effect on April 1, posed a strain for the business. While the law aimed to acknowledge that many fast-food workers are adults supporting their families, franchise owners have expressed challenges due to increased labor costs during California’s slowing economy.
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Many Germans are not happy with their country’s support for Ukraine in its conflict with Russia, which is causing ratings for the center-left Social Democratic Party (SPD) to plummet in many regions, Chancellor Olaf Scholz has acknowledged.

In an interview with the ARD broadcaster on Sunday, Scholz, whose party recently suffered a major setback in the European parliamentary elections, commented on the fact that the SPD had as little as 7% support in some parts of eastern Germany, which has traditionally been more positively predisposed toward Russia. 

“Something is going on there,” the chancellor said, adding that there is “no way around it.” 

He acknowledged that the poor support for the SPD stemmed, among other things, from the fact that “many people do not agree with the support for Ukraine and the sanctions against Russia. This is also reflected in the election results,” Scholz stated. “There is no alternative to changing that.” 

Webmaster addition: The only ones happy about Ukraine aid are the defense contractors and everyone on the kickback list!

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Were the National Rifle Association (NRA) truly a racist organization, they’d be engaging in minority outreach marksmanship lessons across the nation on a weekly basis. As it is, another black mass shooting happened in a formerly safe major US city (Montgomery, Alabama), once populated by a majority of white people who left when black crime became untenable to live near.

More than 350 spent rounds were found at the scene of the violent outburst by blacks, and not one death.

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Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has called for Ursula von der Leyen to be replaced as president of the European Commission, describing the five years of her tenure as the “worst” in the history of the EU.

He told reporters from the German media group Funke on Sunday that the EU’s green transition had gone against the economic and industrial interests of the bloc, while its migration package had also proven entirely unsuccessful.

“The past five years have been perhaps the worst five years in the history of the EU. The successes of the European Commission and the Brussels elite are weak,” Orban said. The EU needs efficient leadership and there are “plenty” of talented politicians “capable of doing this job,” the Hungarian prime minister said. He claimed that the results of the recent European Parliament elections had also shown that people want change in Brussels.

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Let’s be frank. David Petraeus never misses an opportunity to promote himself as a modern-day MacArthur, a genius in the art of war whose 2007 military campaign in Iraq is the gold-standard for aspiring strategists seeking to profit off the travesties of armed conflict.

It should come as no surprise then that the former general and CIA director weighed in recently with a didactic primer for Israeli civilian and military leaders overseeing one of the worst war-related calamities of the 21st century. Follow my counsel, Petraeus submits, and you too shall succeed, as did I, in turning around a failing war.

Last week Petraeus co-authored an opinion piece in Foreign Affairs with Harvard Kennedy School professor Meghan L. O’Sullivan and Richard Fontaine, the CEO of the Center for a New American Security. But make no mistake,this was no serious analysis of the ongoing Israeli conflict, rather a chance for the general himself to highlight his personal “successes” in Iraq and demonstrate their universal lessons to any conflict in the Middle East.

In reality, what Petraeus and his co-authors penned was an example of why a lessons-based approach to history is wrongheaded at best and dangerous at worst. It also highlights how, nearly 15 years after U.S. troops departed Iraq, the retired general still aspires to both control and revise the narrative over America’s disastrous intervention in Middle Eastern affairs.

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What do all these stories have in common? They are all written by prominent members of arms industry-sponsored think tanks (although these affiliations are rarely mentioned in corporate media).

Think tanks are organizations of “experts” that work to influence public opinion and government policy on all manner of issues. They produce reports, talk to the media, write articles, and lobby politicians. They are usually funded by the rich and powerful, and this has become a crucial way in which the 1% launder their ideas and outlooks into public consciousness. Big corporations pay these groups to advocate for positions that will increase their influence and power. And when it comes to foreign policy, it is no different.

It is in weapons companies’ direct interest that we go to war. When we do, they make billions in profit. So it is a no-brainer for these groups to spend a few million dollars every year funding think tanks that will push a pro-war message in Washington and into our media. And they are having a profound effect.

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In case you needed a preview of what to expect during this week's presidential election debate - hosted by CNN - we present the following...

Just seconds after Trump 2024 National Press Secretary Karoline Leavitt began to discuss CNN's historical bias against her candidate - most specifically that of debate moderator Jake Tapper's history of anti-Trump lies - CNN anchor Kasie Hunt "ma'am'd" her and immediately cut her mic and ended the interview...

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Researchers at Fudan University in China analyzed blood samples of 1,076 participants, finding 65 percent of contained Polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS). The team found that forever chemicals in the bloodstream are making their way into the placenta, umbilical cord and breast milk to contaminate fetuses during and after pregnancy.
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Butch Wilmore and Suni Williams were initially scheduled for a nine-day stay, which was pushed back twice this month and now sits at an undetermined date. The extended stay is to allow more time for review of technical issues encountered by the capsule as it traveled to the ISS, which included thruster failures and leaking valves, Boeing said in a statement. DailyMail.com spoke with several experts who said that NASA could be forced to launch a rescue mission, and could tap Elon Musk's SpaceX to carry it out.
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Diplomatic and media delegations toured Beirut’s Rafic Hariri International Airport on Monday, one day after UK newspaper The Telegraph released a report claiming that Hezbollah had hidden weapons inside the facility

Lebanon’s Information Minister Ziad al-Makari, Foreign Minister Abdullah Bou Habib, Tourism Minister Walid Nassar, and other officials attended the airport tour. Several ambassadors and media correspondents, including one from The Cradle, were also present. 

They were shown the main cargo centers, a site storing imported goods, and several locations in the vicinity of the airport. 

"The British Department of Transport is an official body concerned with transport. It visited Beirut Airport six months ago and viewed all its corners. It would have been more effective for this newspaper to rely on the Authority as a source in its article and not to unknown people and unknown parties," Lebanese Transport Minister Ali Hamieh said during a press conference after the tour. 

He also reiterated what he said a day earlier, on Sunday, about consultations being held with Lebanon’s prime minister and legal teams to file a lawsuit against The Telegraph, adding: "What is happening is a psychological war against Lebanon... we have proven that the article is ridiculous."

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Two major incidents in the last week suggest we might be about to see a change in the narrative surrounding the Russian war in Ukraine.

First we saw Piers Morgan interviewing economist and former US diplomat Prof. Jeffrey Sachs.

Sachs is noted for his eloquent and historically literate takes on the history of NATO and Russia and his persistent warning on the danger of World War III, all of which he repeated during an interview where Morgan’s essentially just let Sachs talk:

Why? The people who run Morgan’s show know exactly what Sachs was going to say – not least because he said it all in an 3 hour interview with Tucker Carlson last month – so why did they invite him on?

Guests on high profile programs like that are vetted to the max, and if they might say something the producers don’t want their audience to hear they don’t get invited on.

Taboo opinions are simply never given a platform, it is the first and most effective form of censorship.

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I guess this scientist watched Star Trek Voyager https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ex_Post_Facto_(Star_Trek:_Voyager)
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Israeli troops are poised to shift toward the country’s border with Lebanon to confront Hezbollah as the fighting against Hamas in the Gaza Strip winds down, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has revealed.

Speaking on Sunday in his first Israeli television interview since the war with Hamas started last October, Netanyahu said major combat operations in the Palestinian enclave are nearly over. “It doesn’t mean that the war is about to end, but the war in its intense phase is about to end in Rafah,” he added. “This is true. We will continue mowing the grass all the time.”

With many of the troops in Gaza being freed up, the prime minister said, Israeli units will “face north.” The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) will be redeployed to the border region, where exchanges of rocket fire with Hezbollah have intensified in recent weeks. Israeli residents of the region have been evacuated since the war with Hamas began over eight months ago.

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Joe Biden’s campaign was hit with a deadly blow after Special Counsel Robert Hur’s report. Hur refused to recommend Biden be prosecuted but did more damage by saying he was a confused old man with a poor memory.

The White House tried to slander the DOJ official while the media played interference.

Congress wanted the audio recordings of these interviews. The DOJ refused, accusing House Republicans of doing the very thing Democrats do every day: using criminal cases to push their partisan agenda. House Republicans hit AG Garland with a heavy charge. And now, one Republican is taking it further.

From Fox News:
Rep. Anna Paulina Luna, R-Fla., is planning to force a vote on directing the House Sergeant-at-Arms to arrest Attorney General Merrick Garland sometime this week.

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Critics have frequently pointed out Biden’s failures while in office. Joe promised to “build back better” in 2020. But today, most Americans believe we are worse off than we were four years ago. Biden is responsible for a massive illegal immigration crisis, rampant crime, and two wars overseas.

And Donald Trump is not going to let voters forget it.

During a recent speech, he highlighted Biden’s biggest failure. Thanks to Joe, millions of Americans are suffering. While the media has tried to blame other factors, most know Biden’s decisions brought us here. And Trump had a brilliant visual to prove it.

From Washington Examiner:
Former President Donald Trump hit President Joe Biden‘s economic policy failures by explaining inflation seen under the Biden administration with a miniature Tit-Tac container…

“Inflation, this is what it does to you. This is Tic-Tacs now,” Trump said, holding the prop and receiving laughter from the crowd. “That’s what inflation has done. I’m glad everybody in this room has good eyes. But I will end the Biden inflation nightmare.”

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