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"Conspiracy is usually a better explanation and closer to the truth than incompetence and fraud in most human activity." -- Mark Twain

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 President Joe Biden spoke at a memorial for the lives lost on 9/11 on Sunday, urging Americans to look toward the future and act to defend Democracy.

By: orraz
Posted on: Sep 11 12:54

In Illinois, Democrats recently passed a new law that will eliminate the cash bail system starting on January 1, 2023.  This is according to the new law aimed at reforming the state’s criminal justice system.

This will result in the automatic release on no bail while awaiting court date of those accused of certain felonies, such as “second-degree murder, aggravated battery, and arson without bail, as well as drug-induced homicide, kidnapping, burglary, robbery, intimidation, aggravated DUI, aggravated fleeing and eluding, drug offenses and threatening a public official.”

Democrat Gov. JB Pritzker signed HB 3653 THE SAFE-T (Safety, Accountability, Fairness, and Equity- Today) ACT into law in February, saying “Transforming the pretrial detention system so low-income people aren’t thrown behind bars while only the wealthy walk free, diverting low-level drug crimes into substance-treatment programs and reducing excessive stays in prison.”

Posted on: Sep 11 12:53

 Vice President Kamala Harris said Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press” that if Democrats win two more seats in the U.S. Senate, they will remove the filibuster rule to pass abortion and voting legislation.

By: orraz
Posted on: Sep 11 12:53

In another spectacular action, Laurence Fox starred in the film "My Son Hunter." A fictional explosive retelling of the scandals and lifestyle of Hunter Biden, son of President Joe Biden.

Fiction weaved into mastery exposure of political corruption, money laundering, and slush funds. The involvement of the President's son is a melodrama you might want to watch.

Hats off to Breitbart News for the courage to spin this film. The film is a satirical melodrama blended with facts to get the audience questioning the political corruption peddled.

Posted on: Sep 11 12:53

Just Human on Telegram reported noted that the DOJ picked the same corrupt judge they used to approve the raids on Rudy Giuliani and Victoria Toensing’s homes.

Judge Barbara Jones was also involved in the James O’Keefe Search Warrant Case.

As you may recall — the Stasi-FBI took all of Rudy’s electronics except for the Hunter Biden Laptop hard drive that he offered them.

Retired leftist Judge Barbara Jones, appointed by Bill Clinton, was chosen by the DOJ as their candidate for Special Master.

The FBI is the paramilitary arm of the DNC.

Posted on: Sep 11 12:52

Trump-Endorsed Congressional Nominee Eli Crane, running against radical leftist Tom O’Halleran, recently told The Gateway Pundit that our nation is descending into a “third-world banana republic” under the thumb of gun-grabbing leftists like O’Halleran and Joe Biden.

Eli Crane is a former Navy SEAL and a successful entrepreneur. His pro-America company also makes and sells pro-Trump merchandise.

“There’s never been a time to be more aggressive about protecting the Second Amendment,” said Crane.

The Gateway Pundit recently reported on Joe Biden’s vicious rhetoric against America First Patriots, where he threatened gun-owning Americans with F-15 fighter jets and suggested a violent conflict. This is the language of a genocidal maniac.

Posted on: Sep 11 12:50

Project Veritas on Wednesday released undercover audio of Democrat South Carolina State Rep and US Senate candidate Krystle Matthews trashing white people.

“My district is slightly Republican, and it’s heavily white,” Matthews told an undercover PV journalist. “I’m no stranger to white people, I’m from a mostly white town.”

She continued, “And let me tell you one thing, you oughta know who you’re dealing with, like…you gotta treat them [white people] like shit, like I mean that’s the only way they’ll respect you.”

Krystle Matthews proceeded to tell the PV journalist that she keeps white people “under her thumb” otherwise they “get out of control like kids.”

Posted on: Sep 11 12:50

The Gateway Pundit previously reported that the mayor of New York City, Eric Adams, along with other elected officials and state pension fund trustees, have requested that major credit card companies implement a weapon code for the purchase of firearms and ammunition.

Officials in New York City and the state of New York have asked American Express, MasterCard, and Visa to make a four-digit merchant category code (MCC) like the ones used for other retail categories to better identify and report suspicious behavior, such as large purchases of firearms.

Posted on: Sep 11 12:49

 Vice President Kamala Harris said Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press” that the U.S.-Mexico border is “secure,” but our immigration system is broken.

By: orraz
Posted on: Sep 11 12:47

 As the U.S. paused Sunday to mark the 21st anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks, the Iran Fars news agency claimed Muslim Americans suffer daily from the ramifications of Islamophobia sparked by the terrorists’ deadly work on the World Trade Center in New York.

By: orraz
Posted on: Sep 11 12:46

North Korea has adopted a new doctrine that would see the country "automatically and immediately" use nuclear weapons in the event it felt that its Chairman Kim Jong Un had died as the result of assassination. 

The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) adopted its new "Policy on Nuclear Forces" on Thursday. The new nuclear posture addressed a number of situations, but the most concerning one for international officials focused on what would happen in the event that "command and control" over the nuclear force were in danger because of an "attack." 

"In case the command and control system over the state nuclear forces is placed in danger owing to an attack by hostile forces, a nuclear strike shall be launched automatically and immediately to destroy the hostile forces including the starting point of provocation and the command according to the operation plan decided in advance," the policy said, according KCNA Watch. 

Posted on: Sep 11 12:44

Is your doctor competent? For years, whites and Asians have had to be a lot better qualified than blacks or Hispanics to get into medical school. You have every reason to be suspicious of a “doctor of color.” But now the entire medical profession is going through a form of mass insanity that casts doubt on all doctors.

But let’s start with qualifications. Here are data for doctors who are just starting to practice now.

The figures are in three groups according to qualifications. The bars on the left were the chances of getting into medical school with a low MCAT score – that’s the Medical College Acceptance Text – of 24 to 26 and a GPA of only 3.2 to 3.39. Asians – the light blue bar – had only a 6 percent chance of being admitted, and whites, in gray, had an 8 percent chance. But Hispanics with low scores and grades – the dark blue bar – had a 31 percent chance and blacks had a 56 percent chance of getting in. Look at the results for the better qualified applicants. Being black or Hispanic is a huge advantage.

This has been the case for decades, but a thick new form of madness has spread over medicine: an anti-racism rampage that has several goals. Turn more blacks and Hispanics into doctors, no matter what. Make sure everyone in medicine is battling “structural racism” and “white supremacy” every moment of the day. Blame society – and especially white doctors – for the bad health of “people of color.” “Center” treatment of non-whites, which means treat them better. And, of course, persecute anyone who opposes this craziness.

Posted on: Sep 11 12:44

When i first arrived in South Africa, in 2009, it still felt as if a storm had just swept through. For most of the 20th century, the country was the world’s most fastidiously organized white-supremacist state. And then, in one election, in 1994, it became the first modern nation where people of color who’d been dispossessed for centuries would make the laws, run the economy, write the news, decide what history to teach—and wield political dominance over a substantial white minority. Unlike in other postcolonial African countries, white South Africans—about 15 percent of the population—were suddenly governed by the people whom they and their forebears had oppressed.

Over the decade I lived in South Africa, I became fascinated by this white minority, particularly its members who considered themselves progressive. They reminded me of my liberal peers in America, who had an apparently self-assured enthusiasm about the coming of a so-called majority-minority nation. As with white South Africans who had celebrated the end of apartheid, their enthusiasm often belied, just beneath the surface, a striking degree of fear, bewilderment, disillusionment, and dread.

Posted on: Sep 11 12:42

Brian Cassella/Chicago Tribune via AP, Pool

Five years ago, almost to the day, 5 black cadets at the Air Force Academy Preparatory School found race-tainted graffiti written on their doors. One cadet found the “N” word written outside his room. “Go home n______”. He told his mother and his mother told the world via social media.

The Air Force Academy’s Superintendent quickly assembled both campuses and delivered a speech that was fiery and direct. He told the assembled cadets and staff, and the world via YouTube, that if this is what type of racism is in your heart, “then get out”. He ordered the cadets to get their phones out to video his message. The speech caused visceral reactions and was praised by Joe Biden, John McCain, and just about every politician in America.

But, it was all unnecessary. It was based on a lie.

One of the cadets who “found” the “racist slurs” was the one who wrote them. The cadet was black. He was dismissed. The speech accusing a mystery racist got over a million views while the cadet’s dismissal and the hoax quickly faded from memory. It was fake, but that wasn’t the Academy’s takeaway. The Academy claimed that it had a positive impact because it drew focus on racism.

The online message about the fake “racism” remains up five years later. If one read that message today one would assume that an actual racist event happened.

Claims of racism/bigotry that turn into hoaxes seem far more common than actual racism. In fact, when I hear or see a claim of racism, I am generally dubious and jaded. Show me the “receipts,” and then I’ll believe it. Maybe. From fake nooses in Oakland and a NASCAR garage to fake graffiti on cars to fake racism at universities to Jussie Smollett being “attacked” by MAGA white guys carrying bleach and a noose in a winter vortex at 2 AM. All of these events were reflexively believed by those who want to assume the worst in America. They were all hoaxes. Smollett’s fake racism was so obviously a hoax that his last name has become a verb. “Smolletting” is synonymous with race hoaxing.

Posted on: Sep 11 12:42

Self-confessed Crips gang member Reginald Williams, 18, was arrested on Friday by Memphis police for issuing terroristic threats to kill white people on Facebook Live in the wake of 19-year-old Ezekiel Kelly's mass shooting.

"Reginald Williams, 18, has been charged with the Commission of Act of Terrorism, Civil Rights Intimidation, Disorderly Conduct, and Harassment," Memphis Police announced Friday evening. "Williams has five prior arrests."

Posted on: Sep 11 12:40

Gang shootings have escalated and spread across Sweden in recent years, with authorities struggling to contain the war-like violence that now tops voters’ concerns ahead of Sunday’s general election.

‘This is my son, Marley, when he was 19 years old’, Maritha Ogilvie tells AFP, holding a framed photo of a smiling young man, one of many that adorn the walls of her Stockholm apartment.

‘He was shot in the head sitting in a car with a friend’, says the 51-year-old

The killing, on March 24, 2015 in Varby gard, a disadvantaged concrete suburb southwest of Stockholm, has never been resolved and the case was closed 10 months later.

Murders like these are usually settlings of scores between rival gangs often controlled by immigrant clans, according to police, and increasingly taking place in public places in broad daylight.

The violence is primarily attributed to battles over the drug and weapons market and personal vendettas.

Posted on: Sep 11 12:40

The European Union is backing off its sharply divisive plan to implement a price cap on Russian gas, according to Reuters. There were major concerns leading up to an emergency meeting of EU energy ministers in Brussels on Friday, but the overriding fear was Moscow would respond by cutting all gas exports to the continent. This comes ahead of winter with energy prices already soaring as a result of the Washington-led sanctions campaign intended to isolate and cripple Russia’s economy. The campaign has backfired with the ruble rallying against the dollar and mounting inflation plaguing the United States and Europe.

The G7 recently announced a plan to impose a maximum price on Russian oil by early December. This policy has been pushed heavily by US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen. Analysts have warned it could see Moscow cut production in response, possibly raising global oil prices to a "stratospheric" $380 per barrel. The Kremlin responded to the G7’s announcement by indefinitely closing the Nord Stream 1 pipeline which brings natural gas from Russia to Germany. Moscow said it would cut exports to any country attempting to implement the restrictions. Natural gas prices in Europe are already ten times what they were last year.

Webmaster addition: Europe has reached the breaking point!

Posted on: Sep 11 12:39

Leonard Glenn Francis, a Malaysian wheeler-dealer who got his moniker for his impressive girth, delivered the Navy the worst corruption scandal in its long history. His Singapore -based firm, Glenn Defense Marine Asia, got rich off supplying the Navy's Pacific Fleet with repair and support services. This is a tenebrous line of work, but Fat Leonard took it to new levels starting in 2004 by recruiting Navy personnel, including high-ranking officers, to steer business his way.

Aided by corrupt American sailors who were happy to sell the Malaysian conman secrets, particularly about ship deployments in the Western Pacific, Fat Leonard found his niche. In return, the sailors got cash, booze, gifts, sex with prostitutes, and anything they wanted. Honest sailors filed complaints, but the brass looked the other way since Fat Leonard got the job done. "He was a crook, but he was our crook," explained one of the officers caught up in the scandal.

By 2009, concerns reached NCIS, which put one of its top investigators on the case. John Beliveau had recently been named NCIS Agent of the Year. But Fat Leonard promptly recruited Beliveau into his criminal enterprise, including payment with Lady Gaga tickets, thus making NCIS work for him, not the other way around. That bought Fat Leonard time, but everything came crashing down in late 2013. No longer could Navy leadership look the other way as the scam took in hundreds of millions of Pentagon dollars (Fat Leonard's company delivered $200 million in services to the Navy in 2011 alone). Fat Leonard agreed to a plea deal in January 2015 with the Department of Justice, admitting to conspiracy to commit bribery, bribery, and conspiracy to defraud the United States, facing up to 25 years in prison in exchange for implicating three dozen Navy officials in his scheme.

Posted on: Sep 11 12:31

Visa caved to the demands of New York Democrats and gun control groups and will recategorize gun purchases in a way that allows them to be flagged.

On August 28, 2022, Breitbart News noted Gabby Giffords’ gun control group, Giffords, was urging major credit companies to flag gun and ammo purchases via a new sales categorization.

Giffords posted a tweet which said, “The shooters in at least 5 mass shootings have stockpiled guns & ammo using credit cards and killed 145 people. Visa, Mastercard, and American Express have the power to flag suspicious purchases and save lives. Call on them to act.”

On August 30 Breitbart News noted Democrat New York lawmakers were urging major credit card companies to create a new firearms-specific category code which would in effect flag gun purchases in the state and around the country.

Posted on: Sep 11 12:29

Strained by the consequences of the ongoing conflict between NATO and Russia over Ukraine, France may be destroying all prospects for peace in Yemen, in a bid to secure energy resource from the United Arab Emirates.

Considered to be home to the worst humanitarian crisis in modern history, according to the United Nations, earlier this year, its people saw glimmers of hope towards ending its seven-year long war. A ceasefire truce, which has largely held since April, has been viewed as the first step towards reaching a UN-mediated solution for peace between the Ansarallah government in Sanaa and the Saudi-led coalition forces which claim to represent the internationally backed Yemeni government in exile.

According to UN estimates, the total number of people killed in Yemen’s war already reached 377,000 by the beginning of 2022. The civilian death rate is said to have doubled, according to the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC), since the controversial withdrawal of UN human rights monitors last October.

Although Saudi coalition forces and Ansarallah, popularly referred to in Western media as the “Iran-backed Houthi rebels,” have managed to keep fighting to a minimum during the past months, another major player in the south of Yemen has recently decided to go on the offensive. The Southern Transitional Council (STC), often called Yemen’s southern separatists, are backed by the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and declared the start of a new military operation in the Abyan province “to cleanse it of terrorist organisations.” This follows territorial gains by the STC, in neighboring Shawba province, against the Muslim Brotherhood aligned Islah Party and others. The offensives launched by the UAE-backed STC have been regarded as a major challenge to UN efforts to end the conflict in Yemen, as well as having imperiled the Saudi initiative, which it calls the ‘Yemen Presidential Council,’ aimed at solidifying the legitimacy of the alternative Yemeni leadership in exile.

Posted on: Sep 11 12:27

 In Illinois, Democrats recently passed a new law that will eliminate the cash bail system starting on January 1, 2023.  This is according to the new law aimed at reforming the state’s criminal justice system.

By: orraz
Posted on: Sep 11 09:46

Joe Biden’s corrupt Justice Department subpoenaed former Trump advisor Stephen Miller as part of the grand jury investigation into Trump’s Save America PAC, the New York Times reported late Friday evening.

By: orraz
Posted on: Sep 11 08:37

The Taliban terrorist regime lost a UH-60A Blackhawk Helicopter today.

By: orraz
Posted on: Sep 11 08:32

Animal Rebellion, a group of animal and climate activists, has been causing major disruption to a number of dairy distribution facilities across the UK. This has included blocking and occupying sites as well as damaging milk trucks.

By: orraz
Posted on: Sep 11 08:32

Earlier this month, Brown University’s Costs of War project updated its rolling analysis of the number of people killed in direct violence due to the post-9/11 ‘War on Terror’.

It found that just under a million people – between 897,000 and 929,000 – were killed directly due to violence across five theatres of war involving significant US and Western military involvement: Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Syria and Yemen. 

These numbers have been widely reported as proving that around one million people have been killed in post-9/11 wars. Yet, they are extremely conservative figures.

The real death toll is far, far higher – a fact that has not been properly reported in media reports.

Posted on: Sep 11 08:10

Since the beginning of the ongoing Russian special military operation in Ukraine, Washington has supplied Kiev with unprecedented amounts of funding, not least military assistance worth a total of at least $54 billion, according to the New York Times.

Republican Senator Rand Paul has lashed out at what he describes as a huge gap between Congress’ priorities and those of normal US constituents, especially when it comes to funding programs.

Speaking to Fox News, Paul argued that there’s an “enormous disconnect between those in Washington and those on the ground, like in Kentucky,” his home state which was hit by “severe” flooding in late July in which 40 people died and “hundreds of homes were lost”.

The Republican pointed to a total $54 billion dollars of funding that Washington has reportedly sent to Kiev since the beginning of Russia’s ongoing special operation to demilitarize and de-Nazify Ukraine on February 24. According to the senator, this sharply contrasts with the fact that Kentucky and much of Appalachia has struggled with serious infrastructure issues for decades.

“I was just out there,” Paul claimed. “Not one person said, ‘Can you please send more money to Ukraine?’ They said, ‘How come we’re a rich country and we’re having trouble digging our ditches, repairing our roads and all of the basic functions of government?’”

“And yet in Washington, it’s not just Democrats. You’ve got Democrats and all the Republican leadership lining up saying, ‘Please send more of our money to Ukraine,’ but I’m not hearing it at home at all,” he said.

Posted on: Sep 11 07:52

‘Queer Library’ With BDSM Material In California High School

The Capistrano school district is having some eyebrows raised and fingers pointed at it after one of the high schools in the district boasts of having a “queer library."

Within the library are materials that include over 100 books with sex imagery, information about orgies, and even details about BDSM.

A school teacher named Danielle Serio (they also go by “Flint") has created a TikTok video discussing how the queer library has books available for students and has been active for five years.

Several of the books contain graphic and descriptive material, the details of which are intentionally withheld from this story. In one of the books, “Juliet Takes a Breath” by Gabby Rivera, there are extremely graphic images of sex between two women.

Posted on: Sep 11 07:52

California is in the grips of a deadly crisis! No, not the weeks-long 100-degree-plus temperatures blanketing the state. Heat waves come and go. ADVERTISEMENT I'm talking about something far more insidious. The state is being strangled to death in the clench of a 'climate cult.' All week every Californian with a cellphone has been receiving desperate text messages pleading with them to 'turn off your appliances' and turn down their air conditioning.

Posted on: Sep 11 07:50

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky will address U.S. defense contractors later this month when he headlines the annual Future Force Capabilities Conference and Exhibition hosted by the National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA).

Zelensky is scheduled to speak at the event Sept. 21, according to the program for the event available on the NDIA’s websiteOleksii Reznikov, Ukraine’s minister of defense, is also scheduled to speak that day.

Posted on: Sep 11 07:48

US President Joe Biden has renewed the national emergency declared by former president George W. Bush in the days following the events of September 11, 2001 for another year.

The “terrorist threat” behind the attacks that killed nearly 3,000 people “continues,” Biden wrote in a Thursday memo published in the Federal Register, adding that the “powers and authorities adopted to deal with” the attacks “must continue in effect beyond September 14, 2022.”

The 9/11 emergency declaration is just one of several Biden has extended this week alone. Also on Thursday, the president prolonged a national emergency he had declared the previous year regarding sectarian violence and human rights abuses in Ethiopia, while on Tuesday he announced the renewal of an emergency declared by his predecessor Donald Trump in 2018 regarding the threat of “foreign interference in or undermining public confidence in” US elections.

Biden has declared at least six national emergencies since taking office in January 2021 and extended several more, including the Covid-19 pandemic emergency. The National Emergencies Act endows the president with over 136 powers, most of which do not require congressional approval to wield. Since its passage in 1976, more than 60 national emergencies have been declared, with only about half of them officially concluded.

Posted on: Sep 11 07:47