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"Don’t you see that the whole aim of Newspeak is to narrow the range of thought? In the end we shall make thoughtcrime literally impossible, because there will be no words in which to express it." -- George Orwell, 1984

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For much of the past year (and certainly at the time, more than a year ago, when the so-called experts, central bankers and macrotourists were still yapping about "transitory inflation" and other things they were wrong about and do not understand), we were warning that at some point the Fed will realize that it is simply impossible to contain supply-driven inflation through stubborn rate hikes which instead would lead to a dire alternative - millions in mass layoffs and newly unemployed workers and will revise its 2% inflation target higher, a move which will send every risk asset - from high-beta trash and meme stonks, to blue-chip icons, to bitcoin and cryptos limit up.

To remind readers of this coming phase shift, we most recently warned in June that "at some point Fed will concede it has no control over supply. That's when we will start getting leaks of raising the inflation target"...

Posted on: Sep 10 07:43

The financial war between Russia with China’s tacit backing on one side, and America and her NATO allies on the other has escalated rapidly. It appears that President Putin was thinking several steps ahead when he launched Russia’s attack on Ukraine.

We have seen sanctions fail.

We have seen Russia achieve record export surpluses. We have seen the rouble become the strongest currency on the foreign exchanges. 

We are seeing the west enter a new round of European monetary inflation to pay everyone’s energy bills. The euro, yen, and sterling are already collapsing — the dollar will be next. From Putin’s point of view, so far, so good.

Russia has progressed her power over Asian nations, including populous India and Iran. She has persuaded Middle Eastern oil and gas producers that their future lies with Asian markets, and not Europe. She is subsidising Asia’s industrial revolution with discounted energy. Thanks to the west’s sanctions, Russia is on its way to confirming Halford Mackinder’s predictions made over a century ago, that Russia is the true geopolitical centre of the world.

Posted on: Sep 10 07:42

The Pentagon needs to rapidly increase munitions purchases if they want to be prepared for a shooting war with Russia and/or China after depleting stockpiles due to large transfers to Ukraine. 

Since the start of the war, the US has transferred 806,000 shells of 155mm howitzers and 108,000 shells for 105mm guns, according to the Defense Department figures. That's nearly one million shells in six months, and the figure does not factor in missiles and other precision-guided rockets.

As of June, Ukrainian forces fired about 6,000 shells per day at Russian forces. Artillery in warfare is very important, but there's no way Ukraine can manufacture such shells at scale, so the US is quickly burning through its ammunition stockpile. 

Posted on: Sep 10 07:42

A legal expert has warned that the country risks descending into “anarchy” amid escalating criticism of federal law enforcement bodies in the wake of the FBI raid at Mar-a-Lago.

Attorney General nominee Merrick Garland is sworn-in during his confirmation hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee in the Hart Senate Office Building on Feb. 22, 2021. (Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

Facing heated allegations of bias, the Department of Justice (DOJ) on Aug. 30 banned political activity of all non-career, political appointees at agency.

We must do all we can to maintain public trust and ensure that politics—both in fact and appearance—does not compromise or affect the integrity of our work,” Garland wrote in a memo to DOJ employees announcing the ban against going to political events before the mid-term elections.

The ban came as public distrust of federal law enforcement agencies have trended to low levels, with 53 percent of voters agreeing with a statement that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is “Joe Biden’s Gestapo,” according to a survey by pollster Rasmussen conducted on Aug. 15 and 16.

The survey of 1,000 U.S. likely voters also showed that 44 percent of those polled now view the FBI less favorably after the agency conducted a raid on Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home and club last month over documents the government alleges Trump doesn’t have permission to hold.

Overall, only 36 percent of likely voters disagree with the description of the FBI as a “Gestapo” that benefits President Joe Biden.

The DOJ ban also came a few days before Biden took to the TV airwaves with rhetoric attacking Trump-supporting Republicans.

Posted on: Sep 10 07:41

In a recent response to the FBI's recovering of classified documents from Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago residence, South Carolina senator Lindsey Graham predicted “riots in the streets” if the former president is indicted over his retention of the materials after leaving the White House.

As Statista's Martin Armstrong notes, there have been rumblings of warning signs from some observers for some time that the U.S. could get dragged into a civil war if it continues on its route of growing political and social division - concerns only amplified in the wake of the January 6 storming of the Capitol.

By now, the impression that a civil war could be brewing has spread to the general public, and as a new Gallup poll indicates, to a large extent.

Infographic: Is a U.S. Civil War on the Horizon? | Statista

You will find more infographics at Statista

When looking at all adult U.S. citizens responding to the survey, 43 percent said they think that a civil war is at least somewhat likely in their country in the coming decade.

Posted on: Sep 10 07:40

In celebration of New York’s new gun control law taking effect on September 1, Democratic Gov. Kathy Hochul claimed: “This whole concept that a good guy with a gun will stop the bad guys with a gun, it doesn’t hold up. And the data bears this out, so that theory is over.”

At the same press conference, New York City Mayor Eric Adams warned that more concealed carry permits might lead to an increase in violence at Times Square, even though Times Square remains a gun-free zone for permit holders.

This is a typical response from Democrats. After each mass public shooting, Democratic elected officials push for more gun control. They ignore examples, even those that generated significant public attention, in which armed bystanders saved many lives. They also disregard a grim aspect of such crimes: Most mass shooters want to commit suicide in a way that will gain the most media coverage. The more people they kill, the more coverage they will get.

The shooters may be callous and crazy, but they are rational enough to realize that they can kill more people if their victims are defenseless.

Like so many other mass public shooters, the Buffalo shooter wrote in his manifesto: “Areas where CCW permits are low may also be good areas of attack.” The national media refuses to report other explicit statements by attackers. Nor do they report the fact that 94% of mass public shootings occur in places where civilians are banned from having guns.

Surveys show that criminologists and economists had the same top four preferred policies for stopping mass public shootings. On a 1-to-10 scale, American criminologists rated the following policies most highly: Allow K-12 teachers to carry concealed handguns (6.0), allow military personnel to carry on military bases (5.6), encourage the elimination of gun-free zones (5.3), and relax federal regulations that pressure companies to create gun-free zones (5.0).

Posted on: Sep 10 07:39

Just when it seems like we can’t possibly go any lower, we always manage to top ourselves.  In the old days, every once in a while I would come across a story that would make me shake my head in disbelief because it was just so absurd.  Now it is happening on a daily basis.  In this article I am going to share some examples with you.  I realize that some of these things are difficult to believe, but all of them are true.  Our country really is coming apart at the seams right in front of our eyes, and the pace of our national decline only seems to be accelerating.  If we are not able to turn our cultural decay around, eventually we will not have a country at all.

Let me start with a new law which will go into effect in Illinois on January 1st.

From that point forward, those guilty of second-degree murder, kidnapping, burglary and arson will always be released without having to post any bail at all

When a new Illinois law takes effect next year, it will do away with the cash bail system in the state, meaning suspects charged with felonies, including second-degree murder, aggravated battery, and arson, will be released without bail.

The Counter Signal reports the Safety, Accountability, Fairness and Equity-Today Act, also called the SAFE-T Act, would end cash bail and includes 12 non-detainable offenses, second-degree murder, aggravated battery, and arson without bail, as well as drug-induced homicide, kidnapping, burglary, robbery, intimidation, aggravated DUI, aggravated fleeing and eluding, drug offenses and threatening a public official.

When the law takes effect on Jan. 1, 2023, criminals charged with the crimes mentioned above will be released without bail.

How many hardened criminals do you think will actually show up for their trials?

I am sure that there will be a few.

Posted on: Sep 10 07:38

Your humble author, as promised, is involved in litigation to extract records from the federal government. It’s easy to talk about current events. The more difficult part is suing federal agencies for documentation of their wrongdoing.

This involves initiating FOIA requests, which are rarely answered quickly or completely. Out of our 75+ FOIA requests from this past year, only one was answered quickly and fully. A small miracle.

That was where we obtained CDC e-mails disclosing how they changed the definition of “vaccine” because of the efficacy problems with the Pfizer and Moderna mRNA vaccines. It’s a must-read if you haven’t seen it already (even if it got us wrongly flagged on the Carnegie Mellon University COVID-19 “misinformation” watchlist):

Related: CDC Emails: Our Definition Of Vaccine is "Problematic"

Then there are the records we must fight for.

Posted on: Sep 10 07:34

Members of the left-wing Australian Greens party have called for the country to “move forward” and embrace becoming a Republic—to sever Australia’s links with the Crown—just hours after news of the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

Greens leader Adam Bandt wrote on Twitter, “Rest In Peace Queen Elizabeth II. Our thoughts are with her family and all who loved her.”

“Now Australia must move forward. We need Treaty with First Nations people, and we need to become a Republic.”

It is unclear what a “Treaty with First Nations” would entail.

Posted on: Sep 10 07:33

A few days ago, China’s State Council announced more stimulus policies. The new measures included an additional 300 billion yuan ($44 billion) in quotas for infrastructure spending and investments by banks. This was in addition to the 300 billion yuan announced at June-end. However, the only real question regarding the stimuli is looking at everything happening with steel and iron ore prices: will it help? Most initial reports suggest that the move may give impetus to steel and iron ore off-take, both of which are in a months-long slump. However, other reports believe these new stimulus actions might not achieve their goals. More specifically, they won’t generate a renewed interest in construction activity in China. As a result, there won’t be much (if any) of a positive impact on the steel sector.

Posted on: Sep 10 07:31

The evolving landscape of lithium batteries is creating both contradictions and infrastructure hurdles that, according to some, need to be addressed sooner rather than later. A critical component of this is waste management.

Charging sign for electric vehicles (EVs). (paulbr75/pixabay)

More than 6 million electric vehicle (EV) battery packs will end up as scrap between now and 2030, and the recycling and reuse industries are racing to keep up. Some researchers project that recycling alone will be an over $12 billion industry by 2025.

U.S. President Joe Biden wants to make America a key player in the EV battery industry with a $3.1 billion spending package for automobile production to transition away from fossil fuels.

Much of this dream is pinned on a dusty stretch of soil in the Nevada high desert called Thacker Pass. It serves as the lynchpin in Biden’s push for increased domestic lithium production and more EV batteries. That’s because Thacker Pass is the largest hard rock lithium reserve in the United States.

Currently, China dominates the world’s EV battery production, with more than 80 percent of all units developed there.

Webmaster addition: "But at least it's not oil and gas polluting the planet!" -- The Climate Nazis

Posted on: Sep 10 07:30

A Senate bill is raising fears among some for its potential to enable Big Tech and mainstream media outlets to collude against smaller and independent media outlets.

The bill, dubbed the Journalism Competition and Protection Act (JCPA)would supersede some existing antitrust laws and allow media companies to band together to negotiate with Big Tech platforms like Facebook, Google, and Twitter.

Specifically, the JCPA says:

“A news content creator may not be held liable under the antitrust laws for engaging in negotiations with any other news content creator during the 4-year period beginning on the date of enactment of this Act to collectively withhold content from, or negotiate with, an online content distributor regarding the terms on which the news content of the news content creator may be distributed by the online content distributor.”

Posted on: Sep 10 07:29

While tropical activity in the Atlantic Basin remains remarkably underwhelming this hurricane season, with no named storms in August, though several now but have no trajectories for US landfall, a tropical storm crawling up the coast of Baja California, Mexico, is set to dump a substantial amount of moisture across the bone-dry southwestern US.

The cold waters in the Pacific Ocean in Southern California usually degrade big storms from the south, but it looks like parts of Tropical Storm Kay will reach the San Diego-Tijuana region by Friday. 

Posted on: Sep 10 07:28

Russia’s gas giant Gazprom is set to rake in 85% higher revenues this year, to around $100 billion, as natural gas prices surged following the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the significant cut to Russian pipeline gas exports to Europe, an analyst told the Financial Times on Friday.

By choking supply to Europe, Gazprom has driven natural gas prices three times higher than last year’s price, which more than offsets the lower volumes Russia is sending to Europe, Ron Smith, an oil and gas analyst at BCS Global Markets, told FT.

“You can make a solid case that Gazprom will earn more from supplying less gas,” according to the analyst.

After having gradually cut flows via the key route to Germany all summer, blaming gas turbine repair issues, Gazprom said last week that the Nord Stream gas pipeline would remain closed indefinitely. The Kremlin blamed on Monday the Western sanctions for this situation.  

Webmaster addition: Another brilliant anti-Russia plan that failed!

Posted on: Sep 10 07:25

New York Governor Kathy Hochul (D) on Friday declared a polio emergency.

By: orraz
Posted on: Sep 09 20:47

Joe Biden on Friday traveled to New Albany, Ohio for the groundbreaking ceremony for a new intel semi-conductor factory complex.

By: orraz
Posted on: Sep 09 20:47

Brigham Young University said there is no evidence to corroborate allegations of racial slurs directed toward a black Duke volleyball player during last week’s BYU-Duke match.

By: orraz
Posted on: Sep 09 20:46

Kamala Harris on Friday visited NASA’s Johnson’s Space Center in Houston and spoke with astronauts.

By: orraz
Posted on: Sep 09 20:46

The executive secretary of the Louisiana State Board of Private Security Examiners was arrested during an alleged drug deal involving methamphetamine and fentanyl at a fast food restaurant in southeastern Louisiana this week, according to the Livingston Parish Sheriff's Office. 

Bridgette Hull, 37, was arrested and charged with two counts of possession with intent to distribute schedule II drugs, fentanyl and methamphetamine, as well as one count of possession with intent to distribute a schedule I drug and possession of a firearm with a controlled dangerous substance. 

Bridgette Hull, 37, lost her job as the executive secretary of the Louisiana State Board of Private Security Examiners after being arrested during an alleged drug deal on Tuesday. 

Posted on: Sep 09 15:57

An alleged bank robber with a penchant for large black sunglasses is being sought in connection with a series of heists. 

The FBI said the unidentified suspect known as the "Big Shades Bandit" wore the over sized shades during his first known robbery on June 29 inside a First Convenience Bank.

He robbed another First Convenience Bank on Aug. 13 and struck again on Tuesday.

Houston authorities are searching for the "Big Shades Bandit" who robbed at least three banks since June. 

Houston authorities are searching for the "Big Shades Bandit" who robbed at least three banks since June.  (Houston Police Department)

Posted on: Sep 09 15:56

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin L. Bragg, Jr., and New York Attorney General Letitia James today announced the indictment of Steve Bannon, 68, and WEBUILDTHEWALL, INC., a Florida-based not-for-profit corporation, for a year-long fundraising scheme that netted more than $15 million from thousands of donors across the country based on false promises, and for laundering the proceeds of that scheme in order to advance and conceal the fraud. Both defendants are charged in a New York State Supreme Court indictment with two counts of Money Laundering in the Second Degree, two counts of Conspiracy in the Fourth Degree, one count of Scheme to Defraud in the First Degree, and one count of Conspiracy in the Fifth Degree.

“It is a crime to turn a profit by lying to donors, and in New York, you will be held accountable,” said District Attorney Bragg. “As alleged, Stephen Bannon acted as the architect of a multi-million dollar scheme to defraud thousands of donors across the country – including hundreds of Manhattan residents. Each and every day, my Office works to ensure that when New Yorkers hand over money, they know where it’s going and who it’s going to – without any smokescreens or false promises. I thank Attorney General James for her partnership, as well as the numerous attorneys, investigators, analysts, and so many more from both my Office and the Attorney General’s Office who have worked so diligently to bring today’s indictment.”

Posted on: Sep 09 15:43

My Son Hunter screenwriter Brian Godwa told the UK Daily Mail that his script for the newly released film drew as much as possible from the actual public record.

“I drew dialogue from actual incidents or documents, transcripts or emails reported in the media as the base language of Hunter and Joe’s characters, many of them actual quoted lines,” Godwa said. “And many of them were taken from Hunter’s actual emails from his laptop. I drew from Hunter’s eulogy for his brother Beau for his own description of his relationship in the movie.”

Godwa spoke with the Daily Mail at private screening for My Son Hunter in Los Angeles last week, which the newspaper reported “was a hit” with the crowd of conservatives, producers, and influencers who gave the film a rousing standing ovation.

Posted on: Sep 09 15:42

Today, Greenpeace blocked the LNG tanker Coral Energy from unloading Russian natural gas at a Finnish state-owned terminal, Gasum, in Nynashamn on Sweden’s east coast.

The environmental campaigning network called on the Swedish government to immediately stop the import of Russian LNG.

Activists from Greenpeace Nordic stopped the ship Coral Energy from unloading its cargo of Russian fossil gas at an LNG terminal in Nynäshamn, south of Stockholm, Sweden. Climbers have occupied the cranes that unload the gas from the ship. Greenpeace sailing vessel SY Witness and activists in kayaks worked to prevent the ship from docking.

Greenpeace Nordic says it demands that the Swedish government immediately stop importing Russian fossil gas.

Posted on: Sep 09 15:41

It has for months been an open secret in Washington that Biden White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain will likely be departing come the November midterm elections. 

The conventional wisdom holds that one of the members of President Joe Biden’s inner circle will take the reins from Klain. That could mean anyone from longtime Biden consigliere and former health-care-industry lobbyist Steve Ricchetti, to current White House policy guru Bruce Reed, or communications veteran Anita Dunn.

Some believe that the top candidate to succeed Klain is Biden’s chief domestic policy adviser, former Obama national security adviser Susan Rice, with whom Biden has a reportedly close personal rapport. Yet her chances may have been somewhat undermined this past May when a report in the liberal American Prospect surfaced accusing Rice of creating an “abusive and dehumanizing environment” at the White House.

Posted on: Sep 09 15:41

1,249 young healthy athletes have suffered sudden heart attacks or other serious issues since last year, disturbing new data has revealed.

Among those to have fallen ill, a staggering 847 have died.

The shocking figures were revealed by Good Sciencing, which has been tracking the deaths and serious health issues of athletes and maintaining a list.

The list shows a huge spike in major medical issues among mostly young athletes that started soaring in early 2021 and continued into this year.

Data for previous years shows only a fraction of sudden deaths and serious health complications in young athletes.

For comparison, the International Olympic Committee in Lausanne, Switzerland, studied documents from international data banks dated from 1966 to 2004.

In those 38 years of records, the documents show a total of 1,101 sudden deaths in athletes under 35 years of age.

Posted on: Sep 09 15:38

The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) on Sept. 8 urged a federal judge to stay part of her recent special master order, arguing that the government should be able to continue accessing the records marked classified that were seized from former President Donald Trump’s home last month.

Posted on: Sep 09 15:38

Kim Jong Un had declared he is ready to launch preventive nuclear strikes in a new law passed this week, state media said on Friday.

Such 'preventative' strikes could be made even in the face of conventional attacks against the isolated country, the law states.

The move effectively eliminates the possibility of denuclearisation talks, with the dictator saying the country's status as a nuclear state was now 'irreversible'.

Posted on: Sep 09 15:37

 The Dutch agriculture minister has unexpectedly resigned, telling reporters he wasn’t the right person for the job following a tumultuous summer of protests by farmers over pollution regulations.

Henk Staghouwer, who held the position for only nine months, announced his decision Monday night. He had just returned from Brussels, where he negotiated an agreement with the European Commission to scrap a Dutch exemption to manure spreading limits.

The Netherlands, along with Denmark, Ireland and the Flanders region of Belgium, had been allowed to exceed caps on how much manure farmers could return to their fields because of the country’s comparatively small land area. But Brussels wants to phase out this dispensation because the Dutch are failing to meet EU water quality standards.

The country’s lucrative agriculture sector has been in crisis since a 2019 court ruling forced the government to slash emissions of nitrogen oxide and ammonia, which livestock produce. Thousands of farmers have staged protests, blockading cities with tractors and burning hay bales along highways.

Posted on: Sep 09 15:36

Forecaster, associate professor, CEO and economist Tuomas Malinen, PhD, says that economic conditions in Europe are much worse than most people – including Europeans themselves, who are being kept in the dark by their politicians as to what is transpiring – think.

In addition to the energy crisis – several of Europe’s largest steel mills just closed down because energy prices are too high – Europe faces another major banking crisis.

It turns out that the energy sector, like many other sectors, is heavily leveraged. And as the markets teeter on the brink of collapse, energy companies risk going kaput, which is why bailouts are now being proposed as a solution – just like they were back in 2008, by the way.

“I am telling you people that the situation in #Europe is much worse than many understand,” Malinen tweeted in a four-part thread.

“We are essentially on the brink of another banking crisis, a collapse of our industrial base and households, and thus on the brink of the collapse of our economies.”

Posted on: Sep 09 15:34