"In 1960, the USSR accused the U.S. of running an aerial spying program over its territory. Our government denied it to the American people, only admitting it when confronted with the captured U-2 pilot Gary Powers. Americans were genuinely shocked that their government would lie to them. Today the lying has become so routine that people are no longer shocked. There can be no true democracy when government manipulates the people with spin, hype, propaganda, phony 'leaks,' and outright lies." -- Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

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Working people in America are growing tired of watching their taxes disappear into the pet projects of liberal politicians. People across the country are struggling to make ends meet on a daily basis even though they work hard at their jobs.

The jobs of the working class seem tougher every time liberals announce a new plan to help people who aren’t paying their fair share. Some people who aren’t working often appear to be getting more help than what the taxpayers are receiving.

California has been a hotbed of failed liberal projects that claim they will solve the ills of society by spending more taxpayers’ hard-earned money. Liberal politicians have decided that homeless people need better accommodations and taxpayers need to foot the bill.

From The Daily Wire:
Taxpayers are funding a new high-rise building in Los Angeles where homeless people will enjoy skyline views, a cafe, a gym, and an art studio, not to mention the free rent.

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Democrats have screamed for years alleging corruption among their political opponents. They try to convince the public that anyone who disagrees with them is doing something wrong or outright illegal.

The problem with all these claims is that critics say they should look in the mirror before accusing others. Liberal politicians have been exposed more and more for their conduct that reveals how they manipulate the people they pledged to serve.

National headlines have gripped a small town in Illinois after the mayor there was labeled the “worst mayor in America.” The Democrat darling is facing new accusations that she targeted civil servants trying to do their job of helping residents in the city.

From Fox News:
Tiffany Henyard, the scandal-ridden Democratic mayor of Dolton, Illinois, who has been engulfed in controversy in recent months, is now facing a new headache involving allegations of her “targeting” the town’s own park district.

FOX 32 Chicago reported Tuesday that the Dolton Park District is sounding the alarm about $2,000 worth of citations it has received from the Village of Dolton over allegedly doing work without a permit. Two of the four tickets were issued for installing new playground equipment with the other two for spreading new mulch on the playgrounds.

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Joe Biden and his fellow liberal politicians have taken credit for anything positive related to the U.S. economy. They claim all is well with the economy and people are better off than before he took office.

However, Biden and his team have failed to look at what the average American faces day-to-day with inflation that hit historic levels. People have suffered with daily living costs where they must choose food over rent and gas for their car to get to their job where wages have fallen.

Biden and the liberals’ ivory tower sentiment toward the people may be hit with the “crash of a lifetime” sooner rather than later. The “everything” bubble has yet to burst, and it may be bigger than the Great Recession, according to Harry Dent, financial author and economist.

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Los Angeles City Council members reportedly removed “no U-turn” signs from a gay neighborhood over concerns that they would be viewed as “homophobic,” and X — formerly Twitter — exploded with reactions to the move.

According to a Los Angeles NBC News affiliate, the signs that were removed had been put up in 1997 after locals complained about gay men “cruising” in the residential areas near popular gay bars while looking for dates. Several “no cruising” signs were also put up around the same time, and were taken down after a Silver Lake Neighborhood Council vote in 2011.

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California Governor Gavin Newsom was called out this week by border reporters after he went to the U.S.-Mexico border and claimed that he has deployed resources to deal with President Joe Biden’s border crisis.

The stunt comes as estimates suggest that more than 10 million illegal aliens have entered the U.S. under the administration due to its open border policies.

“We’re back down here at the border,” Newsom said in a video posted to X. “Now we’re just down here with the National Guard meeting with Customs agents, as well as Border Patrol, talking about our partnerships. We have 390 National Guardsmen and women that have been working particularly as relates it relates to fentanyl here in the State of California.”

Newsom blamed Biden’s border crisis on the Republican Party, claiming that Republicans were depriving officials of the resources that they need to solve the problem even though Republicans have noted that many of the proposals put forth by Democrats will actually make the problem worse.

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Elon Musk has issued a stark warning about the future of humanity: “If there are no humans, there’s no humanity.” Speaking on the critical issue of declining birth rates, Musk insisted that we should be “very concerned” as these rates are “accelerating in most countries.” The implications, according to Musk, are dire.

But it’s what he said next that was very telling.

“In the sort of extreme form of the environmentalist movement, people start to view humans as a plague on the surface of the earth, as a fundamentally bad thing, and with the implication that if all humans disappeared, somehow earth would be better off.” Musk described this as “The Extinctionist Movement.”

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On Wednesday, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg said, when talking about a recording of Supreme Cout Justice Samuel Alito’s wife wanting to fly a “Sacred Heart of Jesus flag,” that the pride flag is about “love and acceptance” while the other flag representing Christ is about “insurrectionist symbology.”

The comments from Buttigieg came during an appearance on CNN where he was addressing a secret recording of the justice’s wife speaking to left-wing activist Lauren Windsor at a dinner. Martha-Ann Alito told Windsor, who took the recording, that she wanted to fly a “Sacred Heart of Jesus flag” in response to a pride flag.

“I also hope that most Americans can understand the difference between a flag that symbolizes love and acceptance and signals to people who have sometimes feared for their safety that they’re going to be okay and insurrectionist symbology,” Buttigieg said.

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Authored by Pepe Escobar,

So Le Petit Roi in Paris was predictably crushed in the European polls. He has called parliamentary snap elections, dissolving the Assemblée Nationale in an act of blind, puerile revenge on French citizens, de facto attacking French institutional democracy.

That doesn’t mean much anyway, because the lineaments of “liberty, equality, fraternity” have long been usurped by a crass oligarchy.

The second round of these fresh French elections will be on July 7 – nearly coinciding with the British snap elections on July 11, and only a few days before the slow-burning urban catastrophe which will be the Olympics in Paris.

Paris salons are ablaze with intrigue on why the little Rothschild stooge with a Napoleon complex is throwing all his toys out of the pram now because he’s not getting what he wants.

After all what he really craves is to become a “War President” – together with the Cadaver in the White House, Starmer in the UK, Rutte in the Netherlands, the Toxic Medusa von der Lugen in Brussels, Tusk in Poland, without having to answer to the French people.

It’s nearly certain that Le Petit Roi will be facing the real prospect of becoming a lame duck President who needs to obey a right-wing parliament; Elysée Palace chatter already joined the circus, conveying the impression he might resign (that was later denied). Still, if Le Petit Roi runs off to war on Russia no French citizen will follow him, least of all the – pitiful – French army.

Bigger things though are in play. Following the – auspicious – game-changing messages to the Global Majority coming out of the St. Petersburg forum last week, anchored on openness and inclusiveness, the BRICS 10 meeting of Foreign Ministers in Nizhny Novgorod carried the baton early this week.

Foreign Minister Lavrov stressed three key points:

  1. “The countries of the Global South no longer want to be dependent on the double standards of the West and its whims.”
  2. “Everyone knows that the BRICS countries already serve as the locomotive of the world economy.”
  3. “We [at the BRICS FMs meeting] stressed the need for consistent efforts to create a new world order, where the equality of independent states will be the key.”

Now compare it with the shrinking G7 meeting later this week in Puglia in southern Italy: the same old song, from a “tough new warning” to Chinese banks (“Don’t do business with Russia or else!”) to vociferous threats against the China-Russia strategic partnership.

And last but not least, extra plotting to skim interest from the massive, frozen/stolen Russian assets with the intent of sending them to country 404; the Toxic Medusa itself announced that country 404 will receive €1.5 billion of the income from stolen Russian assets from the EU in July, 90% of it to buy weapons.

As for U.S. Deputy Secretary of State Kurt Campbell – the man who invented the defunct “pivot to Asia” during Harpy Hillary Clinton’s tenure in the early 2010s – he had already advanced that Washington will sanction Chinese companies and banks over Beijing’s relations with Russia’s military-industrial complex.

False flags and perfect symmetry

By several metrics, Europe is about to implode/explode not with a bang but an agonizing whimper anytime within the next few months. It’s crucial to remember that the snap elections in France and Britain will also coincide with the NATO summit on July 11 – where Russophobia-fueled warmongering will reach paroxysm.

Among possible scenarios, some kind of false flag to be squarely blamed on Russia should be expected. It could be a Franz Ferdinand moment; a Gulf of Tonkin moment; or even a USS Maine before the American-Spanish war moment.

The fact remains that the only way these “leaders” across NATOstan plus their lowly MI6 agent in a green sweaty T-shirt in Kiev will survive is by manufacturing a casus belli.

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As madness grips Western puppet leaders aggressively provoking Putin into a Third World War, in a directly related parallel process, violence in recent weeks targeting politicians on both sides of the left vs. right spectrum, has spiked exponentially in both Europe and beyond during this historical year holding the most national elections ever. This presentation chronicles both politicians’ violent assaults and assassinations and explores underlying dynamics plausibly giving rise for their surging recurrence.

With so much geopolitical volatility unfolding daily on two regional warfronts in Europe’s Ukraine and Middle East’s Gaza, both dangerously threatening to expand into a wider West vs. East world war, in conjunction with so much riding on the shifting political landscape around the globe, we’re seeing a current spike in violence directed against politicians in Europe like never before.

On the first day of last weekend’s European Union’s parliamentary election, on the Friday night of June 7th in Copenhagen, Danish prime minister since 2019 Mette Frederiksen was attacked by a 39-year old Polish national. She was taken to the hospital after sustaining a whiplash injury and released later that same evening. Danish Prosecutor Taruh Sekeroglu told the media that the attacker was arrested, taken into custody, and after appearing in court, was remanded with incarceration at least until June 20th. The Danish government quickly ruled out possibility that this seemingly random, unprovoked attack has anything to do with the current wave of political violence. Nonetheless, it marked the second head of state and fourth European politician within a month targeted by violent acts of aggression.

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This week, I have received emails from Connecticut bar members over a message posted by President Maggie Castinado, President-Elect James T. (Tim) Shearin, and Vice President Emily A. Gianquinto warning them about criticizing the prosecutions of former President Donald Trump. The message from the bar leadership is chilling for those lawyers who view cases like the one in Manhattan as a raw political prosecution. While the letter does not outright state that such criticism will be considered unethical conduct, it states that the criticism has “no place in the public discourse” and calls on members to speak publicly in support of the integrity of these legal proceedings.

The statement begins by warning members that “words matter” but then leaves the ramifications for bar members dangling on how it might matter to them. They simply note that some comments will be viewed as “cross[ing] the line from criticism to dangerous rhetoric.”

According to the Connecticut Bar, it is now considered reckless and unprofessional to make analogies to show trials or to question the integrity of the legal system or the judges in such cases.

For example, criticizing Judge Juan Merchan for refusing to recuse from the case is considered beyond the pale. Many lawyers believe that his political contributions to Biden and his daughter’s major role as a Democratic fundraiser and activist should have prompted Merchan to remove himself (and any appearance of a conflict). I have been more critical of his rulings, which I believe were both biased and wrong.

Yet, the Bar is warning lawyers that such comments can cross the line. The letter assures members that they are free to criticize but warn that attacking the ethics of a judge or the motivations behind these cases is dangerous and could spark violence.

I have previously denounced overheated rhetoric and share the concern over how such rage rhetoric can encourage violence. After the verdict, I immediately encouraged people not to yield to their anger, but to trust our legal system. I believe that the verdict in New York may ultimately be overturned. I also noted that I do not blame the jury but rather the judge and the prosecutors for an unfounded and unfair trial.

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Reuters cited how the app published a story on Dec. 24, 2023 about an alleged shooting in the city of Bridgeton in New Jersey. However, the Bridgeton Police Department (BPD) took to Facebook on Dec. 27 to debunk the story, writing that no such shooting took place and that the article written using AI was "entirely false." "Nothing even similar to this story occurred on or around Christmas, or even in recent memory for the area [NewsBreak] described," the BPD wrote. "It seems this 'news' outlet's AI writes fiction they have no problem publishing to readers."
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by Tyler Durden
Saturday, Jun 15, 2024 - 06:15 PM

A 'reparations panel' for Alameda County, whose largest city is Oakland, has demanded $5 million to come up with a plan for reparations over racism, and say it will take them two years to do it.

Alameda County Supervisor Nate Miley speaks during a community celebration of Alameda County Supervisor Wilma Chan and her legacy at the Oakland Museum of California in Oakland, Calif., on Wednesday, Dec. 7, 2021. (Ray Chavez/Bay Area News Group)

According to NPR affiliate KQED, the 15-member commission was assembled in March of 2023 to 'study anti-black racism' and come up with a plan to compensate allegedly harmed residents. We should note, the commission was supposed to have completed its work by this July. Instead, as KQED notes, "it has hardly started." (plus the $5 million thing)

Nate Miley, president of the Board of Supervisors and author of the resolution that created the Reparations Commission, blamed the pandemic and a months-long recall process of Alameda County District Attorney Pamela Price, which is set for a vote this November.

"I didn’t think it would take as long to get people appointed," Miley told the outlet. "We do want to have a sense of urgency, and that’s why I was kind of looking at a year and a half, but maybe I might have been a bit ambitious."

The committee was the combination of two resolutions by the Board of Supervisors from 2011 and 2020. The first apologized for slavery and racial segregation, while the second vowed to examine the role that Alameda county played in perpetuating discrimination against black residents, and then come up with a plan to show them the money.

Claire's Observations:  Given  the budget deficit, as documented above, it will be interesting to see how and when this actually evolves for the Black citizens of Oakland.   And please remember;  California was NEVER a slave state!!

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"Plant-based ultra-processed foods do not seem to have protective health effects and are linked to poor health outcomes..."
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Everybody knows it but nobody is giving it any serious consideration: the entire market is being driven by Nvidia, Apple and even GameStop. And when one, if not all three of these names starts to experience some selling, they are likely taking the whole market with it.
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"The vessel has been abandoned and is drifting in the vicinity of the last reported position 14°20'00" N 041°56'00" E."
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The most senior medical oncologist in Japan recently slammed the COVID-19 mRNA shots as “the work of evil” that has caused “essentially murder.”

In an interview published April 19, Dr. Masanori Fukushima, who spearheaded the first cancer outpatient clinic at Kyoto University and launched the first course in pharmacoepidemiology there, listed a slew of problems with the COVID mRNA jabs, evidencing what he called an evil “abuse of science.”

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The chirp of cicadas in the tree-lined streets of Evanston is almost deafening. Billions of the insects have been making their periodic emergence from underground dormancy, on a scale not seen for centuries. With the ground strewn with dead bugs, and gardeners rushing to put protective netting around their plants and trees, locals have dubbed it ‘The Cicada-geddon’.

And yet this quiet university town – an affluent suburb of Chicago on the shores of Lake Michigan – now has another interloper that its ultra-liberal citizens deeply resent.

Three years after Evanston proudly became the first local government in the US to start paying reparations to its black citizens – in this case technically to atone for decades of ‘institutional racism’ in local housing – it is being sued in a federal court for exhibiting exactly the sort of prejudice it decries.

A conservative activist group, Judicial Watch, has filed a legal challenge to Evanston’s controversial $20 million (£15.7million) programme, claiming that it discriminates against non-black people – including whites, Hispanics and Asians – as they are ineligible for the $25,000 (£19,600) handouts.

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Authored by Darlene McCormick Sanchez via The Epoch Times 

Fears of attacks on the homeland and foreign espionage stemming from the border crisis are growing in light of illegal immigrants breaching military bases as well as those with suspected terrorist ties.

(Illustration by The Epoch Times, Shutterstock, Getty Images)

On June 11, news broke that eight Tajikistan nationals with possible connections to the terrorist group ISIS had been arrested in New York, Philadelphia, and Los Angeles in recent days.

Tajikistan nationals were responsible for the March 22 attack on the Crocus City Hall concert near Moscow that left more than 140 people dead and hundreds injured.

The individuals in the United States were being tracked by the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force. They were taken into custody by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) on immigration violation charges, according to wire agency reports.

The suspects crossed the U.S. southern border illegally in 2023 and were released after being vetted. The federal government’s screening process did not turn up any information that would have identified them as potential terrorists with ties to ISIS.

Rep. Pat Fallon (R-Texas), who sits on the National Security, the Border and Foreign Affairs subcommittee, said that wiretap information revealed that one of the Tajikistan suspects was discussing “bombs.”

“That’s scary. The vetting is a joke,” he said in an exclusive interview with The Epoch Times.

The incident highlights an increase in foreign nationals from adversarial nations encountered at the U.S. southern border from 180 different countries that include state sponsors of terrorism.

One of the fastest-growing groups of illegal immigrants arriving from hostile countries is China.

In the first seven months of this fiscal year, beginning October 2023, border agents have apprehended 48,500 Chinese illegal immigrants, which stands to smash the 2023 fiscal year’s record of 52,700.

At the same time, Chinese nationals and others from adversarial nations have increasingly been caught attempting to access America’s military bases.

The breaches sparked Mr. Fallon’s subcommittee to hold a classified hearing in May titled: “Intruder Alert: Assessing the CCP’s Ongoing Infiltration of U.S. Military Installations.”

Mr. Fallon described what he heard in the closed hearing as concerning.

Dozens of incidents have come to light of Chinese nationals snapping photos near military installations and critical infrastructure such as reservoirs, claiming to be tourists—even when the facilities are rural and isolated, he said

Claire's Observations;  Another wonderful "win" for By-di-Bye's alleged "immigration policy" .

 Give that man another "participation trophy" for giving nationals from countries not particularly liking us, carte blanche to destroy this country, and take jobs from born-here Americans, as the latest job report shows, YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And the question here, is not IF there will be another terror attack against this country..... but WHEN, courtesy of the groups not liking us, who are already strategically placed in the US, like the Chinese here who are taking pics of our military installations, even the very remote ones.                                             

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A community of society-shunning Americans launched a survivalist haven in the Utah desert after finding themselves alienated from the modern world.

Hundreds of people have set themselves up to live off the land under 'Operation Self-Reliance,' feeling that getting off-the-grid is the solution to a crumbling culture.

The commune was established by Philip Gleason, 74, a former general contractor who felt a calling to allow people to grow their own food, pump their own water and rely on nothing but themselves.

He admitted to Deseret News that while some choose to live there for environmental or health reasons, its intended purpose was to evade the 'craziness' of the modern world and the current political climate under the Biden administration. 

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Bill Maher predicts the Democrats will lose the election badly if they keep on the way they are going with immigration.

The comedian is relentlessly gloomy about President Joe Biden's reelection chances due to perceptions of his age and the millions crossing the border.

Maher compared last week's European Union elections, where far-right parties made huge gains, to the US Election on November 5.

Immigration wasn't the only reason for the lurch to the right, particularly in Germany, France, Spain, Poland, and Italy, but it was a major campaign point.

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Swedish fighter jets were scrambled after a Russian bomber entered Nato airspace hours before world leaders gathered for a historic peace conference over Ukraine. 

A Russian SU-24 aircraft encroached into Swedish airspace over its strategic Baltic island, Gotland, on Friday, three months after the country became a Nato member. 

The Swedish air force first warned the Russian pilot over the radio, but the bomber did not deviate from its course. 

Then two JAS-39 Gripen fighters were scrambled, which forced it to turn around, the Swedish air force said. 

Webmaster addition: Some historic peace conference, to which Russia was not invited!

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