“Experience teaches us to be most on our guard to protect liberty when the government’s purposes are beneficent.”

- Supreme Court Justice Louis D. Brandeis

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If the government pretends the national debt isn’t a problem, does the problem go away? No, it doesn’t – it just grows until there’s absolutely nowhere safe from it…

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A group of several dozen migrants joined liberal Democrat politicians in New York City on Thursday to protest for even more government benefits for “newcomers.”

The New York Immigration Coalition joined a group of elected Democrat officials on the steps of City Hall to demand more money from the city budget to be dedicated to migrants, according to Caribbean Life.

The activists demanded an array of higher spending, including an additional $109 million for free legal services for immigrants, $5 million for language services, $25 million in support for two city programs for illegal aliens, and an end to policies that evict migrants from shelters after a prescribed time.

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Can anyone name one thing AOC has done for her district? Just one? No? Didn’t think so.

So while AOC could never pull a crowd like Trump does, especially in the Bronx, some voters have a message for her that might give her a slight feel of reality.

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US President Joe Biden is likely to skip the Ukrainian Peace Summit to be held in Switzerland in June this year, as he is scheduled to be in California at the same time for a presidential campaign fundraiser, Bloomberg reports.

The peace summit is to be held in Switzerland on June 15-16, directly after G7 leaders meet in Italy, some of whom will travel to Switzerland for the summit.

However, neither President Biden nor Vice President Harris will be among them, sources familiar with the situation said.

After the G7, Biden plans to fly to Los Angeles to take part in a June 15 fundraising event hosted by well-known TV personality Jimmy Kimmel, which will be attended not only by movie stars, but also by former President Barack Obama. A similar event last year raised over $15 million for Biden’s campaign war chest.

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Renowned American attorney Tom Renz has testified before the Ohio Senate with explosive allegations against the medical industry and federal government health officials.

According to Renz, hospitals and doctors were “incentivized” to “murder” their patients to create the illusion that COVID-19 was a significant threat to public health.

During his testimony, Renz revealed that hospitals received more money from the government for every patient that tested positive for Covid.

They received additional funding for treating patients for Covid and even more when the virus was listed as the cause of their death.

Renz notes that this system encouraged hospitals to inflate Covid numbers and even “murder” patients.

“If you go to the hospital and you get a positive Covid test, then the hospital gets more money,” Renz told lawmakers during the hearing.

“If you get put on remdesivir, the hospital gets more money.

“If you get put on a vent, the hospital gets more money.”

“Instead of saying, ‘You get more money when this patient’s healthy,’ we said, ‘You get more money when they die.’”

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On Friday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “America’s Newsroom,” U.S. Fleet Forces Command Commander Admiral Daryl Caudle stated that attempted penetrations of military bases by foreign nationals “is happening more and more. This is something we see probably two or three times a week, where we’re stopping these folks at the gate” in the Navy alone and the nationals come from all different nations and many times have passports and papers.

Caudle said, “This thing of our military bases getting penetrated by foreign nationals is happening more and more. This is something we see probably two or three times a week, where we’re stopping these folks at the gate.”

Co-host Bill Hemmer then cut in to say, “A week?”

Caudle responded, “A week, at least. And this is just Navy alone, where we’re seeing folks trying to come in.”

Caudle added, “A lot of times they have passports, they have papers, yes. But they’re in no way, shape, or form authorized to be on our base, and it’s really hard for us to tell the underlying motive for these type of cases.”

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It dawned on Canada Free Press when Canada Free Press savvy IT guy went looking for a suitable graphic to illustrate Neill Arnhar’s latest magnificent column that we wanted to post.

Instead of finding a graphic, we found a Google revelation.

It was something CFP calls a magnificent discovery because it revealed that Social media giant Google is nothing more than a major, government-supporting PR company—masquerading as the world’s largest Internet Search Engine.

Since as far back as 2015, Google has stripped us (and uncountable others) of about 90% of our search results (traffic generated by search engine results).

We have known for some time that looking for news and research on the Web using the Google PR Machine always turns up with the same lame results: CNN, BBC, Toronto Star, etc.—never anything even remotely considered Conservative results, which are ALWAYS far down on the search list, requiring a long time, sometimes hours.

So CFP continues to search for ways to ‘trick’ Google to produce non-left- results—more honest results—but even that is getting more difficult as Google ramps up its PR Campaign.

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Yemen's Houthis launched attacks on three ships in the Red Sea, Mediterranean Sea and Arabian Sea, the Iran-aligned group said on Friday, although the manager of the ship allegedly attacked in the Mediterranean said there was no sign of such an incident.

The reported attacks are the latest in a months-long campaign of Houthi strikes against regional shipping in what the group says is solidarity with Palestinians fighting Israel in the Gaza war.

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Several observers responded to a CNN report posted on social media covering former President Donald Trump’s Bronx rally by saying the correspondent appeared to have a pained expression when noting the size of the crowd.

The clip posted online featured host Anderson Cooper talking to national correspondent Kristen Holmes as he asked her about the “kind of response” Trump received.

Her response likely isn’t something that President Joe Biden’s campaign nor that of members of his party wanted to hear.

“Certainly a bigger crowd than Democrats would like to see,” Holmes said. “This is one of the bluest counties in the entire country. Trump’s campaign plans to ‘micro-target’ urban voters. The former president’s Bronx rally was filled with, well, Bronx voters.

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The gag order is dripping with irony. Smith claims that President Trump is posing a “danger” to law enforcement agents, yet the directive from Biden’s regime that they use “deadly force” is supposedly a nothing-burger.

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Something very interesting happened on “The View.” Sure, there was the moment Bill Maher had to gently explain to Joy Behar that she’d lost all credibility due to her shameless shilling for Biden. But beyond that little tidbit, Behar inadvertently revealed the distorted, bizarre mindset of a Biden voter. She knows Joe isn’t up for the job. She’s aware of his endless issues, but she’s terrified of being honest about his failures and his decrepit “cadaver-like” persona because she doesn’t want to do anything to help President Trump. So, instead of telling the truth, Joy does what nearly all Biden voters do—she buries her head in the sand and lies.

Meanwhile, this is happening in nearly every single poll. The American people aren’t buying the hooey Joy Behar is selling.

At one point during her conversation with Maher, Joy reluctantly admits that Joe may seem “old,” but she’s so knee-deep in self-induced propaganda and denial that she actually claims—with a straight face—that his mind is still sharp.

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Republican Gov. Chris Sununu is predicting that President Joe Biden's $167 billion student loan forgiveness plan is actually going to come back and bite him.

Just this week, Biden cancelled another $7.7 billion for 160,000 Americans, in a push that critics view as an attempt to 'buy votes' ahead of the 2024 election. 

But Sununu tells DailyMail.com in an exclusive sit-down interview this week that no debt is actually being wiped out. 

'We've just transferred it to somebody else. Somebody still carries that debt...and it's still to be paid by all of America.'

'The political benefit that Biden thinks he's getting out of this is just the opposite. It's hurting him politically,' Sununu went on.

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Attorneys for Hunter Biden in a filing Thursday evening outlined some of the arguments they may bring in the upcoming gun trial in Delaware, including his state of mind when he purchased a firearm in 2018.

Prosecutors have said they will present evidence – including text messages, pictures and excerpts from Biden’s autobiography – to show that he was using illegal drugs around the time they say he purchased the firearm.

The president’s son faces three charges, including making false statements on a federal form and possessing a firearm while using illegal drugs. The trial is currently set for June 3.

The filing from Biden’s attorneys Thursday highlights several issues they see with instructions for the jury proposed by prosecutors.

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Joe Biden is in Wilmington, Delaware, for yet another vacation. He did, however, take a brief sojourn from the vacation to go to West Point to deliver the commencement address. 

Biden previously gave a commencement address that got heavily criticized -- and rightly so -- for being a race-baiting mess. 

At West Point, Biden had to take a walk to get to the stage after they announced him. It was concerning to watch how he moved forward in that stilted fashion that he has, with the "Mr. Burns" empty look on his face: 

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There is no greater threat to the American people and this Republic than the long planned and highly organized American Bolshevik Revolution.  The primary purpose behind the deliberately open border invasion, which is allowing wave after wave of military-aged illegal aliens into the USA, is to man the kinetic phase of this bolshevik revolution.  And every single member of Congress knows about this greatest act of treason in U.S. history, but says and does absolutely nothing about it.  Which means that POTUS Imposter Joe Biden is being enabled every step of the way by the Congress, the Uniparty, Deep State, the entire U.S. Intelligence Community, State & Local Law Enforcement as well as the U.S. Armed Forces.

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BEWARE! The ICC arrest warrant for war criminal Netanyahu puts the entire world at great risk……


…because the genocidal regime ruling the Zionist State of Israel will do anything to both (i) distract the world’s attention from this major geopolitical development and (ii) throw the entire planetary civilization into the kinetic phase of a World War III scenario as a means of overwhelming the extraordinarily profound significance and far-reaching ramifications of the ICC’s scathing indictment alleging genocide.

All of which means ANYTHING GOES, ANYWHERE, ANYTIME, for the remainder of 2024.

Which also means that folks everywhere ought to exercise a heightened degree of situational awareness as never before.  In light of the slow-motion intensification of the Zombie Apocalypse, that’s always a good idea going forward.

When war criminal “Bibi the Butcher” Netanyahu does everything in his power to incite the daffy U.S. Congress to pushback again the ICC arrest warrant, and the House and Senate both react like a puppet on a string, things are about to get very  dicey indeed.

Webmaster addition: Keep in mind Israel's declared "Samson Option."

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On Friday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “America Reports,” Gilad Erdan, Israel’s Ambassador to the United Nations, blasted the U.N. as an enemy of “the values of America and the free world” that is used to “whitewash” the crimes of dictators and rogues and argued that unless there are fundamental reforms to the organization, the United States should give consideration to defunding the U.N.

After blasting the organization’s mourning for Iran’s Ebrahim Raisi, Erdan stated, “I think that the most important thing is to understand that the U.N. has lost all of its credibility. It is no longer an organization that truly defends human rights. And I think that unless it [goes] through fundamental changes, the American administration should really maybe consider seriously [defunding] the U.N. I’m not sure that your viewers are aware of the fact that they are paying $19 billion, almost $20 billion every year, and instead of strengthening your values, the values of America and the free world, you are weakening your values. Because today, the U.N. is being used by dictators and rogue states to whitewash their crimes. Iran was also elected recently to chair the human rights Social Forum. You can’t make these things up.”

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Although President Joe Biden has long clinched enough delegates for the Democratic presidential nomination, there remains a persistent thorn plaguing his campaign.

At the August Democratic National Convention, there will be a small contingent of uncommitted delegates, serving as a reminder that the Democratic Party remains split over the IsraelHamas war.

So far during the noncompetitive Democratic primary season, more than 682,000 people have cast an “uncommitted” vote or opted to write in a candidate.

It’s a notable showing given that the national uncommitted movement was mostly based in a handful of states, including Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, New Jersey, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, Oregon, Wisconsin, and Washington.

Other states created “Abandon Biden” or “Leave it Blank” movements with the similar goal of protest voting against Biden due to the Israel-Hamas war.

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Globalists’ war on meat is rivaled only by their war on fossil fuels. Both of these crusades have been framed as being “green,” meaning it’s what’s best for the health of the planet and its human population. Yet, the globalists’ true intentions are bubbling to the surface and include controlling the global population by controlling the food supply chain, forced economic “equality” for all sovereign nations, and regional collaborations such as the European Union.

As the World Economic Forum (WEF) declared, “In short, we need a “Great Reset of capitalism.” Since meat and fossil fuels are both central pillars in the foundations of human advancement and prosperity, it stands to reason they are leveraged as mechanisms of manipulation in this dark agenda against free market economics, individual liberties, and consumer freedom of choice.

Barely a day passes without the complicit mainstream media featuring some form of attack on animal agriculture or eating meat. The assaults on animal protein range from reports citing sloppily conducted anti-meat studies and data created by allegedly prestigious institutions, to pieces about meetings by unelected global “leaders” who plot to significantly alter – not for the better –- life as we know it in their attempts to “save’’ the planet by applying questionable “science.”

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A section of the $320 million floating pier built and erected off Gaza's coast has broken off and floated onto an Israeli beach. The Saturday mishap is the latest setback for the US humanitarian aid project, after three US troops were reported injured aboard the pier two days prior, including one critically.

The Times of Isreal's military correspondent Emanuel Fabian has reported that "An American vessel used to unload humanitarian aid from ships into the Gaza Strip via a floating pier disconnected from a small boat tugging it this morning due to stormy seas, leading it to get stuck on the coast of Ashdod, eyewitnesses say."

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While the CIA is strictly prohibited from spying on or running clandestine operations against American citizens on US soil, a bombshell new "Twitter Files" report reveals that a member of the Board of Trustees of InQtel - the CIA's mission-driving venture capital firm, along with "former" intelligence community (IC) and CIA analysts, were involved in a massive effort in 2021-2022 to take over Twitter's content management system, as Michael Shellenberger, Matt Taibbi and Alex Gutentag report over at Shellenberger's Public (subscribers can check out the extensive 6,800 word report here).

According to "thousands of pages of Twitter Files and documents," these efforts were part of a broader strategy to manage how information is disseminated and consumed on social media under the guise of combating 'misinformation' and foreign propaganda efforts - as this complex of government-linked individuals and organizations has gone to great lengths to suggest that narrative control is a national security issue.

According to the report, the effort also involved;

  • a long-time IC contractor and senior Department of Defense R&D official who spent years developing technologies to detect whistleblowers (“insider threats”) like Edward Snowden and Wikileaks’ leakers;
  • the proposed head of the DHS’ aborted Disinformation Governance Board, Nina Jankowicz, who aided US military and NATO “hybrid war” operations in Europe;
  • Jim Baker, who, as FBI General Counsel, helped start the Russiagate hoax, and, as Twitter’s Deputy General Counsel, urged Twitter executives to censor The New York Post story about Hunter Biden.
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Two Chechens with no personal identification - and who were in no US national databases, otherwise illegal aliens that likely invaded the nation through the southern border, were 'taking photos' - or possibly surveilling - outside the home of an elite US Army special forces colonel near Fort Liberty, formerly Fort Bragg, in North Carolina.

Fox News reports the colonel confronted the men, one of which was using a "telephoto lens" and taking "photos of his children" outside his home on the evening of May 3, and that's the moment when an altercation broke out, with the special forces operator shooting and killing one of the Chechens. 

The FBI told Fox News, "Our law enforcement partners at the Moore County Sheriff's Office contacted the FBI after a shooting death in Carthage. A special agent met with investigators and provided a linguist to assist with a language barrier for interviews."

Local Sheriff Ronnie Fields said, "The caller indicated that an individual was observed taking photographs on the property and had become aggressive towards a resident outside their home…. The deceased was found approximately 250 yards from the roadway, along a powerline on the residential property."

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A leading meteorologist is warning that the anti-carbon agenda of the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) “Net Zero” policies will destroy the Earth’s current climate in just a few years time.

A bombshell new study has shown that globalist efforts to reduce carbon dioxide are about to trigger a breakdown in the atmosphere, causing the planet to plunge into a cold period.

The warning was issued by Professor David Dilley, a former meteorologist for the NOAA National Weather Service.

Dilley is also a paleoclimatologist and the CEO and founder of the weather cycle technology company Global Weather Oscillations.

Webmaster addition: CO2 is not a toxin. It's plant food! 

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On Thursday Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree which paves the way for the government to conduct legal seizure of any US assets in Russia, including property and real estate.

This in retaliation and in order to compensate for any Russian assets that are taken by the US, at a moment Washington is forging ahead with a joint plan with the EU to generate profits for Ukraine and its defense, utilizing frozen Russian assets.

However, this new initiative by the Kremlin is reportedly only being prepared in the instance that the US and Europe outright steals (or fully seizes) the currently frozen funds.

In preparation for initiating the retaliatory measure, the government has moved many of the assets of foreign investors to special accounts from which funds cannot be moved outside of Russia without direct Kremlin approval.

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The NATO-Russia proxy war in Ukraine has become a testing ground for a new generation of military technology for high-intensity warfare, with the split-second ability to jam an enemy drone, disorient a precision artillery munition or pinpoint a hidden enemy position using radio-electronic means often becoming the difference between life and death.

Ukraine’s stocks of American-made Ground-Launched Small Diameter Bomb (GLSDB) munitions are being jammed by Russian electronic warfare equipment, three informed sources familiar with the ‘problem’ told Reuters.

The Boeing/Saab Group-developed GLSDB is a ground-launched variant of Boeing’s GBU-39 Small Diameter Bomb – a 129 kg glide munition with a 93 kg fragmentation warhead and a 150 km range designed for strikes against heavily entrenched targets. The GLSDB can be fired from M270 and M142 HIMARS precision multiple launch rocket installations - which the United States began delivering to Ukraine in mid-2022, and which Russian forces initially had difficulties locating due to the systems’ rapid shoot-and-scoot [the ability to come out of cover, quickly fire and go back into hiding] capabilities.

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Authored by Mike Shedlock via MishTalk.com,

Many high-tech US weapons systems in Ukraine are now useless due to jamming signals by Russia.

Useless Weapons

Please consider Russian Jamming Leaves Some High-Tech U.S. Weapons Ineffective in Ukraine

Russia’s jamming of the guidance systems of modern Western weapons, including Excalibur GPS-guided artillery shells and the High Mobility Artillery Rocket System, or HIMARS, which can fire some U.S.-made rockets with a range of up to 50 miles, has eroded Ukraine’s ability to defend its territory and has left officials in Kyiv urgently seeking help from the Pentagon to obtain upgrades from arms manufacturers.

The success rate for the U.S.-designed Excalibur shells, for example, fell sharply over a period of months — to less than 10 percent hitting their targets — before Ukraine’s military abandoned them last year, according to the confidential Ukrainian assessments.

Six months ago, after Ukrainians reported the problem, Washington simply stopped providing Excalibur shells because of the high failure rate, the Ukrainian officials said, speaking on the condition of anonymity to discuss a sensitive security matter. In other cases, such as aircraft-dropped bombs called JDAMs, the manufacturer provided a patch and Ukraine continues to use them.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine created a modern testing ground for Western arms that had never been used against a foe with Moscow’s ability to jam GPS navigation.

But even before the United States ceased deliveries, Ukrainian artillerymen had largely stopped using Excalibur, the assessments said, because the shells are harder to use compared with standard howitzer rounds, requiring time-consuming special calculations and programming. Now they are shunned altogether, military personnel in the field said.

Claire's Observations:  Forgive me, but under what conditions were these weapons field-tested?!? 

Raytheon and BAE systems are the responsible" parent entities" for these missiles, costing $100,000 per missile.  

The leadership of both companies,  which signed off on these weapons as "good enough" to face Russian jamming with impunity, should be tried for treason, convicted,  and cooling their heels in a non-club Fed prison for the rest of their miserable lives.  That SHOULD send the message to the rest of the military/industrial heads of corporations, that their weapons must work excellently in spite of any jamming by hostile countries.... or else.

Please understand; I hate war.  But if our military is fighting a war, they should have the best of the best, period, end of discussion!!!  They do NOT deserve crap, which fails miserably in the field, as the Excalibur so has publicly done.

Webmaster addition: Russia is decades ahead of the west in electronic warfare. Remember the incident with USS Donald Cook a few years back? A single Russian warplane was able to completely paralyze the Arliegh Burke, no less than 12 times!

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Western-peddled fears of an alleged potential threat posed to NATO by Moscow have become the norm amid the alliance’s relentless expansion closer to Russia’s borders and hiked up military spending benefiting the military-industrial complex.

NATO is increasingly crying wolf over an archipelago in the Baltic Sea as part of its Russian threat propaganda.

The Åland Islands have been dubbed the “Achilles' heel” of the alliance’s newest member — Finland — Bloomberg reported.

The self-governing, demilitarised Swedish-speaking region of Finland sits at the crossroads of major trade routes worth an estimated $160 billion annually. Key energy and communication infrastructure, undersea electricity and internet cables are located in the area.

But what has NATO stymied is the fact that “Russia is tasked with enforcing an accord that has banned any military presence on its shores for over a century,” the news site pointed out.

Now the Nordic country is a NATO member, warmongering hawks see the archipelago as a huge blind spot, “giving Moscow an open field should it ever decide to invade.”

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The Russian military possesses perhaps the most comprehensive, multilayered and multi-domain electronic warfare capabilities in the world, using an array of short, medium, long and ultra-long range systems to effect throughout the course of the proxy war with NATO in Ukraine.

The Russian military continues to ramp up its ability to disrupt the Starlink internet capabilities Ukraine’s troops use to coordinate their forces, collect intel and launch drone attacks on Russian frontline positions, causing mass “outages” in the Kharkov area of the front and playing a role in the rapid pace of Russia’s recent advances.

That’s according to Ukrainian officials, soldiers and electronic warfare specialists queried by the New York Times to find out why Russia’s EW operations had slowed frontline troops’ ability to communicate using Starlink internet to a crawl, forcing troops to resort to simple text messages.

NYT warned that if Russia’s massed efforts to disrupt Starlink “continue to succeed, it could mark a tactical shift in the conflict, highlighting Ukraine’s vulnerability and dependence on the service provided by Mr. Musk’s company,” while raising “broader questions about Starlink’s reliability against a technically sophisticated adversary.”

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Most people rarely think about where their electricity comes from—until it’s not there. Long-term power outages remain relatively infrequent. But with aging infrastructure, ever-worsening extreme weather events, and geopolitical instability increasing, long-term blackouts are becoming more common. When a long-term power outage does hit, it can create havoc. 

The last few years have shown that even long-reliable electrical grids can experience catastrophic problems—leaving many thousands of homes without power for hours and sometimes even days. With global climate change worsening, power outages are poised to become a much more common event in our daily lives.

But just because blackouts are becoming more frequent doesn’t mean you can’t protect yourself. Preparation is critical to surviving a long-term power outage. 

Webmaster addition: This is because the power grid, like the rest of our infrastructure, is neglected and decaying!

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