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A senior Hezbollah official says the Lebanese resistance movement is fully prepared for any possible scenario, stressing that much greater surprises than the ones that have stunned the Zionists so far are in store in case the Tel Aviv regime opts to launch a new war on Lebanon.

“What Hezbollah has already exhibited in the course of the battle in support of Gaza and in defense of Lebanon is simply representative of a fraction of its military capabilities,” Hezbollah Deputy Secretary General Sheikh Naim Qassem said on Monday.

“Hezbollah has huge surprises for the Zionist enemy. The enemy cannot bet on the factor of time; because we have enough strength to continue the battle. This is the battle out of which we will ultimately emerge victorious,” he added.

He further noted that the outstanding capabilities of the Axis of Resistance have enabled it to take control of the struggle, establish new equations and force the Tel Aviv regime to agree to its equations.

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In March 2024, U.S. President Joe Biden announced in his State of the Union address that the U.S. would be building a temporary “floating pier” on the Gaza shoreline to deliver humanitarian aid to the starving population in Gaza. “No U.S. boots will be on the ground,” he promised.

Since then, however, critics have raised concerns that the pier is not only being used for “humanitarian” purposes but is being employed for military activities that aid in the ongoing Israeli genocide in Gaza.

An intelligence source from within the resistance in Gaza, who spoke to Mondoweiss under conditions of anonymity, says there are mounting signs the U.S. pier could also be used to forcibly displace Palestinians. This would provide an alternative to the original Israeli plan of forcing Palestinians into the Sinai, which was rejected by Egypt early on in the war.

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by Tyler Durden

The US prison population consists of around 1.2 million inmates.

Looking at data from USAFacts obtained from the U.S. Census Bureau’s Annual Survey of State and Local Government Finances, which was most recently updated in June 2023, we can analyze which states have the highest and lowest expenditures of their taxpayer dollars per prisoner.

Differences in Prison Spending Vary Widely Across States

As Bruno Venditti notes via Visual Capitalist, over $80 billion is spent annually on prisons in the United States.

A large part of this is used to pay over 4,000 vendors that serve the criminal legal system, including healthcare providers and food suppliers.

At the state level, most of the budget goes for day-to-day operations, including officer salaries.

In high-wage states such as California, New Jersey, and Massachusetts, officers receive double the salaries compared to those in lower-wage states like Mississippi, Missouri, and Kentucky.

As a result, spending can vary from just under $23,000 per prisoner in Arkansas to $307,468 in Massachusetts.

States With the Highest Incarceration Rates

Southern U.S. states have the highest imprisonment rates according to 2022 data, with Mississippi at 859 people per 100,000, Louisiana at 775, and Arkansas at 743.

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Judicial Watch announced today it filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit against the U.S. Department of Homeland Security for all records about Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) agents welding open “flood gates” in the border wall in Arizona(Judicial Watch v. U.S. Department of Homeland Security (No. 1:24-cv-00742)). 

In the lawsuit Judicial Watch cites an August 22, 2023, report by the New York Post in which the U.S. Border Patrol admits it was responsible for a decision to weld open more than 100 “flood gates” in the wall at the U.S. southern border in Arizona, allowing access points for illegal aliens to unlawfully enter the U.S.

Judicial Watch filed the lawsuit after the Department of Homeland Security failed to comply with an August 28, 2023, FOIA request for:

All documents and communications from August 25, 2022 to August 25, 2023, relating to welding open 114 flood gates in the border wall in Arizona.

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Authored by Denes Albert via ReMix News,

Arguably Germany’s most famous currently serving mayor, Tübingen’s Boris Palmer, has attributed the success of the Alternative for Germany (AfD) party among young voters to the consequences of mass migration, which have transformed the school.

“They experience what irregular migration means on a daily basis,” Palmer wrote on Facebook on Monday.

“Above all, the young men who have arrived alone are changing the living environment of young people. In the park, in the club, on the street, on the bus, at the train station, in the schoolyard,” he added.

Notably, Palmer was once a Green party mayor, but as he became known more and more for his outspokenness against mass immigration and other political taboos, the party worked to eject him. Nevertheless, he remained so popular with the people of his city that they elected him as an unaffiliated mayor, which means he is running Tübingen independent of any political party.

He warned that anyone who is in contact with young people in Germany knows that they repeatedly note “their fear of migrants’ propensity for violence,” but that this view is not taken seriously or “discredited as racism.”

Palmer’s assertion is backed by the country’s own crime data from the federal interior ministry, which shows that violent crime hit record highs in 2023, with foreigners producing six out of 10 violent crimes. His point about migrant violence on trains is also backed by data as well. In regard to the school system, the deleterious effect migrants are having, including in terms of violence, is an open topic in the German media.

Furthermore, Palmer points to the “dogmas of wokeness and open borders,” which do not match the reality of young people’s lives.

As a result, “they are reorienting themselves and voting for a party that at least doesn’t dismiss their concerns as bad and wrong from the outset.”

Palmer claims that the AfD will not “solve the problem” and says that most young people are not “stupid enough” to believe the AfD can do this. However, these young people will not vote for parties that attempt to label them as racist or as part of the problem.

He said that the left is also harming the cause of climate protection, as they link the struggle against climate change to the struggle against the right, including with activists such as Luisa Neubauer.

“This is gambling away the social majorities for climate protection, even among young people,” said Palmer.

The AfD surged to become the second-largest German party in the EU parliament after Sunday’s EU elections, jumping to 16 percent of the vote. The AfD has promised to deport millions of migrants, combat migrant crime, and secure the German school system.

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by Tyler Durden

More than two years into the war in Eastern Europe, it's time to ask: What have Western sanctions against Russia actually accomplished?

Earlier this year, Russian President Vladimir Putin boasted about Russia's economic resilience and ability to withstand international sanctions. The West's attempts to cripple Moscow's crude oil revenues and cut off its access to military technology are failing. 

Putin recently remarked, "We have growth, and they have decline… They all have problems through the roof, not even comparable to our problems."

Given the context above, the West is about to broaden the scope of secondary sanctions on Russia, as reported by the Financial Times. This move will target any financial institution transacting with sanctioned Russian entities, treating them as working directly with Moscow's military-industrial base.  

The measure will widen a White House executive order that in December gave the Treasury the authority to apply secondary sanctions on foreign financial institutions if they were found to have acted for, or on behalf of, any of about 1,200 entities deemed by the US government to be part of Russia's defence sector.

After this week's change, that number will rise to more than 4,500 and will encompass almost all Russian entities that have already been sanctioned, even if this was for reasons other than direct support of the war in Ukraine. They include banks such as Sberbank and VTB, the country's largest lenders. -FT

"Secondary sanctions are intended to expand the US's ability to pursue circumvention by actors who do not have any legal nexus with the US. It means the US can, in effect, enforce its sanctions on people who aren't otherwise subject to US law," said Emily Kilcrease, a trade and sanctions expert at the Center for a New American Security think-tank.

The US aims to disrupt trade flows between Chinese institutions and Russian firms by expanding the scope of secondary sanctions. The partnership between these two nations has grown closer since the invasion of Ukraine.

Kilcrease noted, "You could see this as strengthening the legal basis under which the US could apply sanctions to Chinese banks that have assisted the Russian war effort. The Treasury will hope they take notice. But at some point you may need to actually escalate and sanction one of them."

Meanwhile, Russian commodities firms are ramping up their use of fiat-pegged digital currencies to execute cross-border transactions with Chinese counterparts. Conducting trade in stablecoins could be problematic in the West's attempt to crush Moscow. 

Claire's Observations:  How in the name of heaven will this possibly become enforceable?!?!?  Does the US have a way of "forcing" a Chinese bank to do something which is both economically unpalatable, and unfeasible?!?  Folks, that's where these "sanctions" JUST don't pass the "smell test".

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Federal prosecutors revealed text messages on Monday showing Hunter Biden attempting to meet a drug dealer the day before he allegedly lied about his drug use while purchasing a firearm. The texts, sent to a contact identified as “Q,” were presented as evidence during his ongoing trial. The messages suggest Hunter was trying to arrange a meeting to buy drugs just before purchasing a .38-caliber gun.

The texts show Hunter Biden, 54, coordinating with “Q” on October 11th, 2018, writing, “Meet me 7/11 at 3.” The day before, he messaged, “Can you meet me @ 7/11 now?” but “Q,” also known as “Jr,” was unavailable. It remains unclear if they met before Hunter visited Starquest Shooters & Survival Supply on October 12th.

According to the Daily Mail, “Q” was identified as Eladio Otero Jr., who pleaded guilty in June 2023 to using a communication device to support a drug conspiracy. Otero received a sentence of one year of supervised release and fifteen months in jail.

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A federal jury in Delaware today found Hunter Biden guilty of three felonies based on his purchase of a revolver from a Wilmington gun shop in October 2018. That outcome is not surprising, since Biden had publicly admitted that he was a regular crack cocaine user around the time of the transaction. But Biden can still challenge the verdict by arguing that his prosecution violated the Second Amendment—a claim that pits him against his own father.

The central charge against the president's son was a violation of 18 USC 922(g)(3), which makes it a felony for an "unlawful user" of a "controlled substance" to receive or possess a firearm. The two other charges, also felonies, involved Biden's misrepresentation of himself as a legal gun buyer. Biden faces combined maximum penalties of up to 25 years in prison, although his actual sentence is apt to be much shorter, assuming he is incarcerated at all.

In his 2021 memoir Beautiful Things, Biden described a crack addiction that extended from the spring of 2018 into 2019, featuring several "bullshit attempt[s] to get well." His defense hinged on the improbable and legally iffy suggestion that he bought and possessed the gun during a brief window when he was sober and did not view himself as an illegal drug user or addict.

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by Tyler Durden

Last week, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene took a detour from grilling Anthony Fauci over COVID-19, to confront him with photos of beagles who had been subjected to animal testing experiments widely reported to be funded by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) under the National Institutes of Health (NIH), following a 2021 investigation series by the group White Coat Waste Project.

"We should be recommending you to be prosecuted," Greene told Fauci. "We should be writing a criminal referral because you should be prosecuted for crimes against humanity. You belong in prison," she continued, adding "That man does not deserve to have a license. As a matter of fact, it should be revoked and he belongs in prison."


This opened up a can of worms which includes a response from White Coat Waste, and triggered the Washington Post's Glenn Kessler to do a deep dive into 'Beaglegage' in an effort to debunk Greene.

When we first saw Greene hold up the photo, we figured this would be easy to debunk — another in a string of misleading attacks against Fauci, who became the public face of the government’s response to the pandemic. -Washington Post

Only to discover that the NIH appears to have lied about funding the experiment, which involved beagles between 6 and 8 months old obtained from the kennels of the Pasteur Institute of Tunis. In the study, the beagles were sedated and then exposed to hundreds of sand flies that had been deprived of food for 24 hours. This exposure took place as part of research into zoonotic visceral leishmaniasis (ZVL), a disease carried by sand flies that can affect dogs and humans.

Claire's Observations:  I haven't been able to believe anything the government has said to its people since the JFK assassination.  I am no "tin foil hat deplorable":  I am a Dean's Scholar graduate of my college, (which required a 3.7 5 GPA or better) so I completely understand how responsibility; moral ethics, and  logic have to be the foundation for credibility and trust between We the People and is government.  

That trust.... is now pretty much gone, courtesy of its evisceration by various "flavors" of administrations which have endlessly  lied about why this government was doing what it was doing, when the simple answer was "follow the money."  

A lot of people, particularly those invested in our military industrial complex, made a killing (literally and figuratively) with all the wars and military actions in which the US government have been involved, from Vietnam forward to this day. 

The "wars on disease", which have in the case of Covid, and the Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex's response to it, generated worse problems in many people who took the MRNA shots and boosters, than the original disease might have created.   

The combination of intubation, coupled with sedatives, when elderly people came into ERs, and were (allegedly) diagnosed with the disease, most likely killed many of them.

The point was creating both panic and profit. Pharmaceutical companies then made a killing (again, literally and figuratively), with the shots, even though many at key executive levels  knew there were massive problems, but suppressed the negative data, in fact by somehow magically having such data  literally "disappear" the VAERS data base.

One of the results of the Bush Regime's alleged "War On Terror" (read:  the war against oil-producing countries which is on going) was the Homeland Security Act, which forbids individuals from suing Pharmaceutical companies for any harm they may have encountered during a normal office visit for a vaccination. 

However, as in the case of the Texas Attorney general, Paxton against Pfizer for lying about the long term efficacy of their MRNA jabs, I am just slightly hopeful that things may change in favor of American consumers, although I am not holding my breath.  https://www.texasattorneygeneral.gov/news/releases/attorney-general-ken-paxton-sues-pfizer-misrepresenting-covid-19-vaccine-efficacy-and-conspiring

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A few days ago, Dr. Phil sat down with Donald Trump for a lengthy interview that’s since gone viral.

While there were several important moments in their conversation, Dave Rubin is particularly interested in the segment where Dr. Phil broached the subject of revenge with the former president.

Many would argue that Trump, who is often viewed as a political prisoner, is justified in seeking revenge on those who have made him the most targeted man in our nation’s history. But is this what’s best for America?

According to Trump, no.

Webmaster addition: I am glad Trump is toning down the revenge talk. That just makes the Democrats more desperate and desperate people do desperate things!

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Hunter Biden’s guilty verdict is a “distraction from the real crimes of the Biden Crime Family,” Trump campaign national press secretary Karoline Leavitt said in a statement following the conviction.

Biden family members and Biden business-linked entities received more than $15 million from individuals in Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Romania, and China, according to the House impeachment inquiry.

“Crooked Joe Biden’s reign over the Biden Family Criminal Empire is all coming to an end on November 5th, and never again will a Biden sell government access for personal profit,” Leavitt said.

A Delaware jury on Tuesday found Hunter guilty on all three gun charges after only several hours of deliberating.

Testimony from several witnesses during the trial said Hunter used drugs in 2018, the timeframe that he worked on foreign business deals with his family.

One of the biggest deals came when Biden’s family members accepted money from CEFC China Energy Co, an organization with close ties to the CCP. The House Oversight Committee revealed in 2023 that CEFC controlled State Energy HK Limited, a company linked to $1.3 million collective payments to the Biden family members.

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In a speech Tuesday afternoon to activists at a gun control event, President Biden asked, “Who in God’s name needs a magazine that holds 200 shells?”

He asked this question during a speech given just hours after his son, Hunter, was convicted on three gun charges.


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As predicted for years and on the back of the Wood Stoves ban and burning your own ‘wet’ wood ban. Here it is. Any chicken or outdoor bird MUST be registered by October the 1st.

Failure to register will result in investigation and possible fines/jail.

There is no cost at the moment, however this will come. They will slowly increase the cost of keeping chickens so that people simply cant afford to keep them. They then become reliant on the system and become tied to the technocracy hell that the WEF are moulding for us.

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Four campaign workers in Connecticut on Tuesday were charged with mishandling absentee ballots in a 2019 Democratic mayoral primary, including one of the city's council members, and a Democratic Party official.

The four campaign workers, who took part in handling absentee ballots during the election in Bridgeport, Connecticut, were each charged with unlawful possession of absentee ballots, along with various other election law violations. The 2019 primary saw incumbent Mayor Joe Ganim, beat state Sen. Marilyn Moore by just 270 votes, according to the Associated Press.

Among those charged are Bridgeport Democratic Town Committee Vice Chairperson Wanda Geter-Pataky, City Council Member Alfredo Castillo, and campaign workers Nilsa Heredia and Josephine Edmonds.

The 2019 election scandal predated an even more controversial election, which occurred in the city last year. The 2023 scandal resulted in a judge ordering a redo of the mayoral election, which Ganim won the primary in January, and the general election in February. 

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Rolling Stone has sparked controversy by attacking Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito for his Christian faith and his belief in limited government. The magazine’s latest article centers on Alito’s comments made during a Supreme Court Historical Society event, where liberal filmmaker Lauren Windsor posed as a conservative to bait him into making controversial statements.

Windsor falsely presented herself as a “religious conservative” and told Alito that she doubted there could be any negotiation with the left to reduce polarization. Alito agreed, noting, “There are differences on fundamental things that really can’t be compromised.” Despite the innocuous nature of this statement, Rolling Stone used it to paint Alito as a divisive figure.

In response to Windsor’s comments about the importance of godliness in America, Alito agreed, which Rolling Stone portrayed as scandalous. The magazine’s reaction suggests a broader hostility towards public figures expressing Christian beliefs and supporting foundational American principles.

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From all appearances, Trump is enjoying an upswing right now. Despite a guilty verdict from a New York jury, signs point to Trump gaining more and more support. He claimed to have raised around $400 million since the conviction. And polls show him with a solid lead over Biden, despite the media calling him a “convicted felon.”

Trump is now free to host his legendary campaigns. He recently held a rally in a major blue city in a critical swing state. And it seems he wowed voters, as was expected.

Now, CNN is commenting on how this state will break in November. Defying all odds, they are saying Trump could very well win a state Biden took in 2020. They also made it very clear why Biden is losing so badly there.

From Daily Caller:
CNN panelists broke down why Nevada will likely “land in Trump’s column” Monday on “CNN This Morning.” …

CNN host Kasie Hunt and CNN panelists Lulu Garcia Navarro and Jonah Goldberg admitted that Trump is poised to win the state that Biden secured by 2.4 points in 2020…

Webmaster addition:


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The Australian Senate has just launched a major inquiry into the nation’s soaring numbers of excess deaths among the widely vaccinated population.

The country has suffered staggering losses since the mass vaccination program was launched in 2021.

Australia led the world in tyrannical lockdowns and vaccine mandates during, and after, the pandemic.

The nation has one of the highest rates of Covid mRNA vaccination in the world.

Over the past three years, however, the country has been battling the worst level of excess mortality since World War II.

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The US Navy dispatched ships and aircraft to track Russian warships that sailed just 25 miles off the South Florida coast yesterday en route to Cuba.

Vladimir Putin's most modern frigate Admiral Gorshkov, a hypersonic missile carrier, was accompanying nuclear submarine Kazan and two other naval vessels in the Atlantic for drills involving the use of high precision weapons, Russia's defence ministry said yesterday.

All four vessels arrive in Havana today ahead of a series of extensive aerial and naval exercises, according to the ministry - the first of their kind in five years in the Caribbean. 

But their proximity to American shores prompted US Northern Command (NORTHCOM) to deploy three destroyers - USS Truxtun, USS Donald Cook and USS Delbert D. Black - and a submarine reconnaissance aircraft to keep tabs on the Russian vessels. 

Webmaster addition: The Donald Cook was the ship embarrassed by a Russian electronic warfare ship in the Black Sea some years back.

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A GOP Congressman has warned that a 'devastating' terror attack is likely to occur unless the Biden Administration tackles the migrant crisis.

Homeland Security chairman Mark Green slammed the President for allowing people with 'terrorist ties' and 'major criminal connections' to 'roam free' across the country.

He argued that 'bad actors exploiting our borders' has become the 'rule' under Biden and warned that it is 'only a matter of time' before a terrorist attacks on US soil.

His criticisms come after six Russian nationals with potential ties to ISIS were arrested in New York, Philadelphia and Los Angeles last week in a coordinated sting by law enforcement. 

Anonymous ICE officials told the New York Post that a wiretap revealed one of the suspects had been talking about bombs, prompting concern that a horrific attack like 9/11 or the Boston Marathon bombing could occur again.

Webmaster addition: That open border is a threat to our security, and Biden is keeping it open for politics!

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Unlike you-know-who, Joe Biden did not duck out of his D-Day duties last Thursday. But was he really all there? The videos suggest that he was not.

At one of the main ceremonies, the 81-year-old Commander-in-Chief attempted to sit down at the wrong moment, then changed his mind.

His wife, First Lady Jill, put her hand in front of her mouth to whisper something urgent to her ailing husband, to no avail. The Leader of the Free World stood motionless — locked in a semi-squat — for several excruciating seconds.

It was just one of several seriously senior moments throughout the day. As French president Emmanuel Macron stood about glad-handing the hero veterans, Jill led her husband off-stage by the hand. And when Joe did have a chance to sit down, he appeared to doze off.

Donald Trump's son, Donald Jnr, wasted no time in calling Biden 'an embarrassment' — and, while no decent person should mock the elderly, it's hard to disagree.

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All iPhone users have been warned not to download Apple's latest update - or risk crashing their smartphones or apps.

Developers have been testing iOS 18 beta since Monday, uncovering bugs with text notifications, battery life, photos saving and the new 'Lock and Hide an app' feature - among others.

While the beta version is meant for such trials, average users are taking risks by downloading it as their main software.

'People wanting to download iOS 18 be warned - it will be buggy, it might brick your iPhone and certain apps may not work with it,' one developer shared on X.

'Be warned - it’s a beta for a reason.'

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In April, 43-year-old Gareth Eve told the Mail about life after the shocking death of his wife Lisa Shaw, a BBC journalist. Lisa died in May 2021, aged just 44, after complications following the AstraZeneca vaccine led to blood clots on her brain.

Your response to Gareth’s article surprised us. We received dozens of letters and emails recounting experiences of ill health, or even bereavement, after having the jab developed by AstraZeneca.

The vaccine was credited with saving millions of lives. In 2022, Professor Sarah Gilbert, the scientist who co-created the vaccine, was presented with a damehood, while the pharmaceutical giant’s chief executive officer was knighted.

In April, Gareth Eve told the Mail about the shocking death of his wife Lisa Shaw. Complications following the AstraZeneca vaccine led to blood clots on her brain

Yet, in April this year, the company admitted for the first time that the jab wasn’t entirely safe; that ‘in very rare cases’ it can cause a type of blood clotting called thrombosis with thrombocytopenia syndrome (TTS) — the condition that killed Lisa.

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Twice as many children and teenagers are being diagnosed with gender dysphoria today than before the pandemic, a report suggests.

Analysts at LexisNexis — which tracks 300million patients — found the number of insurance claims for gender identity care among under-18s spiked 133 percent from 2019 to 2023.

It is part of a wider sharp increase in mental health issues among children.

Claims for care relating to eating disorders surged 108 percent in the same time, while anxiety-related claims rose 61 percent.

Overall, the report found that claims for any kind of mental health care surged 83 percent among under-18s over the period studied. 

Webmaster addition: Our social decay is driving kids insane!

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Chiquita Brands was ordered Monday by a Florida jury to pay $38.3 million to the families of eight people killed by a right-wing paramilitary group in Colombia, which the banana grower had funded for years during that country's violent civil war. 

Chiquita had previously acknowledged funding the paramilitary group, pleading guilty in 2007 after the U.S. Department of Justice charged the company with providing payments to what the agency labeled a "terrorist organization." The group, the Autodefensas Unidas de Colombia, or AUC, received payments from Chiquita from about 1997 through 2004, which the company had described as "security payments" during the country's internal conflict. 

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Afghanistan has sold 150,000 tons (1.1 million barrels) of crude oil from the Amu Darya basin for more than $80 million over the past 10 days, with Beijing’s investment in the country beginning to bear fruit. 

On Sunday, Humayun Afghan, the spokesperson for the Taliban's Ministry of Mines and Petroleum, revealed that the group had sold 130,000 tons of crude oil for $71.6 million before it successfully put up another 20,000 tons (146,000 barrels) of crude worth $10.5 million for bidding on the same day. This marks a reversal of fortunes for one of the Middle East’s most volatile regions with the country previously importing the 50,000 barrels of oil it consumes daily from neighboring countries such as Iran and Uzbekistan.

It all began a year ago when China’s Xinjiang Central Asia Petroleum and Gas Co, or CAPEIC, signed a 25-year contract with Taliban authorities in Afghanistan. That contract requires CAPEIC to invest $150 million by the first year and a total of $540 million by 2026. So far, CAPEIC’s investment of $49 million in Afghanistan has helped boost the country's daily crude oil output to more than 1,100 metric tons (8,000 barrels per day), a volume that could increase significantly if the company is to fulfill its contract. According to a top Taliban official, CAPEIC fell short of its investment target due to inaccurate estimates of material and labor costs coupled with a three-month delay in the approval of its financial plan by Afghan authorities.

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Submitted by QTR's Fringe Finance

Last week I was interviewed by the great Chris Martenson of Peak Prosperity in a wide ranging interview that covered topics like Covid, the economy and the political future of the country.

Chris was one of the only people during the onset of Covid who was looking through the mainstream media’s narrative and was doing his own research. He has a PhD in neurotoxicology from Duke University, and an MBA from Cornell University.

Video of our full 2 hour interview is free at this link.

Martenson (Source: Real Vision)

“Without necessary guardrails and consequences the failed leadership of DC and the Fed have taken us down a paths that had a binary outcome; bad and worse,” Chris writes on his site describing our interview.

First we covered the suppression of ivermectin and other drugs during the beginning of Covid. Chris asked me about whether or not blackballing these drugs had to do with getting the vaccines to market.

I told him: “That was a conspiracy theory back in 2021: they needed to shut you up about hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin so that they could utilize the EUA.”

“Now, looking back, it's not a conspiracy theory; it's the leading cause. I mean, applying Occam's Razor 99 times out of 100, that's the answer you're going to arrive at—not that anybody on your channel doesn't already know this. You're a grown adult; you probably know to some degree the answer is pretty much always ‘follow the money.’,” I told him.

I told him about when I first heard of the ‘conspiracy theory’ turned ‘conspiracy fact': “But that was it, and I remember piecing it together in 2021. I even remember Rogan talking about it and a couple of other places where it was widely accepted that it was still the conspiracy theory. But I remember a bunch of people saying, ‘Hey, if you want to square the circle here and explain why they would be potentially suppressing ivermectin, which again, if you had done two seconds worth of research, was inconceivable—even if it worked on one out of every 500 people, you know, it would be more than what we had on the table at that point.’”

I wrote about the abhorrent suppression of ivermectin last September in this piece: The Unforgivable Ivermectin Swindle

We also discussed the ensuing collapse of the mainstream media at the hands of alternative media. I told Chris that the internet had narrowed the window between the public being told lies, and the media being held accountable for it.

“Back in the day, if you had a Gulf of Tonkin incident or an Operation Northwoods, or whatever, it would be 10 years later there would be a limited hangout. Fifteen years later, there would be a little bit more, and 20 years later, it would have kind of homogenized itself in the zeitgeist of everything, and everybody one day just kind of walks around and accepts the fact that, you know, ‘Oh, the Gulf of Tonkin was made up’,” I told Chris.

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