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"Everything went strictly ‘by the book,’ using means that were permitted by the constitution. At first there were ‘emergency decrees’ by the president of the Reich, and later a bill was passed by a two-thirds majority of the Reichstag giving the government unlimited legislative powers, perfectly in accordance with the rules for changing the constitution." -- Sebastian Haffner, Defying Hitler (paperback, Kindle, audiobook)

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 Filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza and billionaire entrepreneur (and self-proclaimed “Chief Twit”) Elon Musk offered an explanation on Tuesday for why leftists weren’t being allowed back on Twitter — or if they were, why no one was talking about it.

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Posted on: Nov 23 09:58

Authoritarian State: Area 51 Blogger Speaks Out After His Home Is Raided By Feds

The owner of a significant Area 51 website says that the Feds raided his home and that anyone could be next.

Joerg Arnu owns a website called, which is themed around the mysterious Area 51 site. He told Fox News Digital on Saturday about his experience with the federal agents and stated:

"What I learned is truly incredible and, in my opinion, a much bigger story than the raid of my homes. What was done to my girlfriend and me, two unarmed, innocent, cooperating senior citizens, is totally within the law. Truly incredible!"

Arnu says that 15 to 20 federal agents visited his home by raiding those homes. He and his girlfriend own two homes in the Nevada area, and he says that agents busted through the doors before pulling the couple outside and detaining them while the homes were searched. He says that the agents treated him and his girlfriend very disrespectfully.

Posted on: Nov 23 09:58
Texas Governor Greg Abbott has sent the state’s national guard to protect the southern border.
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Posted on: Nov 23 09:58
A mass shooting at a Walmart in Chesapeake, Virginia Tuesday night has caused “multiple fatalities and injuries’. The shooter is reportedly dead.
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Posted on: Nov 23 09:57

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has sent the state’s national guard to protect the southern border.

This is technically supposed to be the job of the federal government, but Biden simply refuses to do it.

The people of Texas are lucky that Abbott is willing to step up to the plate.

Townhall reports:

Texas National Guard Takes ‘Unprecedented’ Steps to Protect Border

Days after Texas Gov. Greg Abbott declared an invasion over surging illegal immigration numbers, the Texas National Guard is deploying tank-like armored vehicles along the U.S.-Mexico border.

Posted on: Nov 23 09:57

The National Hockey League has slapped down a fan over their response to a tweet about a hockey tournament made up entirely of transgender and non-binary players.

The league tweeted pictures from a 'Team Trans Draft' tournament in Wisconsin

Despite the NHL stating the tournament was 'comprised entirely of transgender and nonbinary players', one user responded: 'So, men playing on a woman's [sic] team?'

A reply from the NHL Twitter account said: 'Trans women are women. Trans men are men. Nonbinary identity is real.'

The response prompted thousands of responses from people both in support of, and against, the NHL's position. The tweet comes amid fierce ongoing discussion about the participation of trans athletes in sport.

The tournament was held through Saturday and Sunday and was hosted by Team Trans Ice Hockey, which describes itself as 'the first-ever ice hockey team made up entirely of transgender athletes'.

A Facebook page said six teams competed in the inaugural event. Some conservative commentators mocked the NHL for promoting the event and its follow-up tweet.

Posted on: Nov 23 09:56

Don Surber wrote a great post this week that included this simple, yet illuminating, line.

What the heck am I, Don Surber, getting in this relationship? I vote Republican and they act against my political interest.

Don was onto something.

Back in 2021, after the shocking election results from November when Democrats who were soundly defeated on Election Day, locked the doors on the counting rooms and continued to drive truckloads of mysterious ballots into the counting centers. Only when they took the lead in each battleground state did they call the election for basement dummy Joe Biden.

The GOP fled the scene.

Then on January 6, 2021, when a million conservative voters joined President Donald Trump at the Ellipse in Washington DC, the GOP skipped town again.

Ronna McDaniel and the GOP elites went to their winter retreat at the Ritz Carlton on Amelia Island in Florida.

Posted on: Nov 23 09:55

Elon Musk has mostly championed free speech since taking over Twitter. There are a still a number of conservatives who remain banned, including The Gateway Pundit, while he has ignored leftists supporting violence on the platform.

The case of Antifa ‘journalist” Vishal Singh is a particularly acute example. Independent journalist Andy Ngo documented multiple cases of Singh celebrating and calling for violent actions on Twitter.  His latest post called for deadly violence against Republicans and Libs of Tiktok:

Singh previously celebrated assaults on actual journalists and demanded assaults against law enforcement.  Examples below:

No one should find Singh’s advocacy surprising. Antifa is a domestic terrorist organization which has carried out multiple assaults on right-wing groups, law enforcement, and journalists for several years.  There were even members of the group at the Capitol Hill riot on January 6th, 2021.

Posted on: Nov 23 09:54

The financial collapse of multibillion-dollar FTX is sending waves through the cryptocurrency industry.  As the list of people responsible grows, one individual on the list should be the former CEO’s father, Joe Bankman. 

FTX is now in bankruptcy and its top 50 creditors alone are owed over $3 billion from the entity.  We’ve reported on the peculiar circumstances surrounding these creditors and the court’s efforts to date to hide the identities of these creditors.

As the list of creditors increases, there is much blame to throw around.  One individual whose name should be on the list is Joe Bankman, the father of the former CEO of FTX, Sam Bankman-Fried.

In an interview online, Joe Bankman, the father of FTX’s CEO, brags about being the legal mastermind of sorts behind FTX.

Posted on: Nov 23 09:53

Nine people are facing charges in Gwinnett County in connection with a sex trafficking, racketeering and criminal gang activity case in which four women — including one minor — were trafficked, and the Georgia Attorney General’s Office said eight of the suspects are in custody.

And, one of the suspects was indicted last month on a trafficking of persons for sexual servitude charge related to the investigation that has yielded new charges and more suspects.

Posted on: Nov 23 09:43

The Biden regime on Tuesday announced they're sending another $4.5 billion in US aid to Ukraine, despite President Zelensky attempting to con America and NATO into WW3 last week by bombing Poland and blaming Russia for the strike.


The United States, through the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and in coordination with the U.S. Department of the Treasury and the Department of State, is providing an additional $4.5 billion in direct budgetary support to the Government of Ukraine. The funding, which will help alleviate the acute budget deficit caused by Putin’s brutal war of aggression, was made possible with generous bipartisan support from Congress. The Government of Ukraine will receive the funding in two tranches before the end of 2022.

[...] Once these additional funds are fully disbursed, the U.S. government will have provided $13 billion in direct budgetary support to the Government of Ukraine.

Webmaster addition: Yep! Zelensky is using Hunter Biden's dealing in Ukraine to blackmail Joe Biden!

Posted on: Nov 23 09:40

Webmaster addition: Reposted for your holiday viewing pleasure!

Posted on: Nov 23 09:38

Something quite amazing has just happened.  Following the terrorist attack in Ankara which killed 34 people and injured another 125, Turkish authorities first declared that they will not accept US condolences.  Then the Turks launched a military operation against “Kurdish terrorists in northern Syria“.  Turkey then claimed to have neutralized 184 terrorists.

What is not mentioned in those articles is that the target of the Turkish strike was the US-run center for the training and education of PKK militants in Rojava.  There are rumors that the Turks gave the US enough warning time to evacuate most of its personnel.

Does that sound familiar?

If it does, it is because it is very similar to what the Iranians did when they hit US bases in Iraq following the murder of General Solemani in a US drone strike.

If the above is true, and rumors are very much “if” and cannot be considered as proven fact, then that means that a NATO member state (Turkey) just attacked a US base and, like Iran, got away with it: the “The Finest Fighting Force in the History of the World” just got whacked hard and humiliated for a second time and could do absolutely nothing to defend itself or even save face.

Posted on: Nov 23 09:37
ccused Colorado Springs gay bar mass shooter 22-year-old Anderson Lee Aldrich is non-binary, uses they/them pronouns and is addressed by Mx. according to a Tuesday night court filing by his attorney. The mass shooting at Club Q killed five and injured 17 people. Aldrich has been charged with five counts of first degree murder and ‘bias motivated crime.’
By: orraz
Posted on: Nov 23 09:31
Elon Musk has mostly championed free speech since taking over Twitter. There are a still a number of conservatives who remain banned, including The Gateway Pundit, while he has ignored leftists supporting violence on the platform.
By: orraz
Posted on: Nov 23 09:31

RED ALERT: New WHO pandemic treaty in final stages, would overrule the US Constitution and unleash medical dictatorship, warns Dr. Francis Boyle

Today we bring you a truly bombshell interview and critical story about the WHO’s new pandemic treaty which is specifically written to overrule the United States Constitution and all domestic laws in every nation, worldwide. How do we know this? Because treaty expert Dr. Francis Boyle studied the proposed treaty language and lays it all out in today’s hard-hitting interview (see below). He’s the author of the Biological Weapons Anti-Terrorism Act of 1989, and an expert in reading and writing treaties. And today, he issues his strongest warning yet made public.

Dr. Boyle is the author of a recent book entitled, “Resisting Medical Tyranny,” and in today’s interview, he openly warns that this new WHO treaty — dubbed “WHO CA+” — is designed to unleash a global medical dictatorship that would overrule your local doctors, hospitals and clinics, forcing them to follow WHO directives on things like masks, quarantines, social distancing and economic lockdowns.

Posted on: Nov 23 09:30

The public defenders for the suspect in the mass shooting at a Colorado Springs LGBTQ nightclub said in a Tuesday night court filing obtained by a New York Times reporter that their client is nonbinary and uses they/them pronouns.

The big picture: The suspect, Anderson Lee Aldrich, 22, is facing multiple murder and hate crime charges over the shooting at Club Q last weekend that killed five people, per Max D'Onofrio, a city spokesperson.

  • Aldrich was injured during the shooting but released from a local hospital and "booked into the El Paso County Jail," earlier on Tuesday, per the Denver Post.

What we're watching: Aldrich was due to make their first court appearance via video link from jail Wednesday, according to the Denver Post.

Posted on: Nov 23 09:29

Jen Psaki

A federal judge ruled on Monday that former White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki must comply with an investigation that seeks to uncover the federal government’s collusion with Big Tech to suppress Covid-related posts they deemed “misinformation.”

Writing for the Western District of Louisiana District Court, Judge Terry A. Doughty denied a request by Psaki to quash a subpoena seeking her deposition in a lawsuit filed by Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt and Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry. In his reasoning, Doughty said that “[p]reparing for and giving a deposition is part of the normal process for every person subpoenaed for a deposition” and that despite Psaki’s contention, it is “not an undue burden.”

Psaki’s request for the Louisiana court to “stay the deposition pending appeal” was also denied, with Doughty reasoning that Psaki and federal defendants did not make a “strong showing” for why their case would likely succeed. (A stay is when a court takes action to halt a judicial proceeding or the actions of a party.)

Posted on: Nov 23 09:28

House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy called on Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas to resign Tuesday afternoon after the speaker-elect led a GOP congressional delegation to tour the southern border.

“His actions have produced the greatest wave of illegal immigration in recorded history,” McCarthy said, issuing a seething indictment of the seemingly absent Homeland Security secretary engaged in a “dereliction of duty.”

According to an analysis of Customs and Border Protection (CBP) data from the conservative Heritage Foundation, federal law enforcement has recorded more than 4 million apprehensions, “more than the previous four fiscal years combined.” October’s border arrests alone were the third highest in American history, with more than 230,000 arrests reported by CBP. Illicit substances continue to flood American communities nationwide after pouring through the open border. Cocaine seizures spiked 104 percent last month, and fentanyl seizures remained on the rise.

Posted on: Nov 23 09:28

The financial collapse of multibillion-dollar FTX is sending waves through the cryptocurrency industry.  As the list of people responsible grows, one individual on the list should be the former CEO’s father, Joe Bankman. 

By: orraz
Posted on: Nov 23 09:27

They Know Its Wrong: Liberal Publication SLAMS Biden For This Corrupt Decision

The Washington Post is not pleased with a recent move by the Biden Administration to grant immunity to Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

The administration decided it would shield Salman from any potential lawsuit he might face due to actions taken in the killing of Jamal Khashoggi.

Khashoggi had been a reporter for the Washington Post before he was brutally murdered in Saudi Arabia at the behest of the government there.

The publisher and CEO of the Washington Post released the following statement about the action by the administration: "In granting legal immunity to Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, President Biden is failing to uphold America's most cherished values," He followed it up with this comment: "He is granting a license to kill to one of the world's most egregious human-rights abusers who is responsible for the cold-blooded murder of Jamal Khashoggi, a Washington Post columnist."

Webmaster addition: Biden did that in exchange for Saudi Arabia increasing oil output. I am shocked to find myself in agreement!

Posted on: Nov 23 09:26

Disconnected From Reality: Rhode Island Committee Member Says Using "Wrong Pronouns" Is An Act Of Violence

An elected official in Rhode Island has shared a viewpoint that won't be one that most people hold in common.

The individual states that they believe using the wrong pronouns to describe an individual is "an act of violence." How they could believe such an absurd thing is hard to imagine, but some people are willing to go along with something like that.

Jennifer Lima, a school committee member in Rhode Island, said she is for bringing "anti-racist" policies into the school district. Everyone would be for that, of course, but Lima seems to have a very different definition of what is discriminatory than most people do. For example, Lima feels that it is necessary to say that using the wrong pronouns to describe a person is an act of violence in her book.

Posted on: Nov 23 09:25

An investigation has been completed against 30 foreign NGOs and other structures from 16 unfriendly countries, they are proposed to be considered undesirable in the Russian Federation, said Vasily Piskarev, head of the State Duma commission to investigate the facts of foreign interference in Russia's internal affairs.

"The State Duma Commission to investigate the facts of foreign interference in the internal affairs of Russia has completed an investigation against 30 non-governmental organizations, civil structures and public associations from 16 unfriendly countries. It is proposed to recognize their activities as undesirable, and some as extremist," Piskarev said at a meeting of the commission on Wednesday.

He said that we are talking about organizations from Australia, Austria, the USA, Hungary, Denmark, Spain, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Germany, Montenegro, the Czech Republic and Sweden.

"All these structures are controlled by the governments of NATO countries and are aimed at undermining our country from within," the head of the committee said.

Posted on: Nov 23 09:19

European countries have destabilized the global LNG market and lowered global energy security, the Russian gas holding Gazprom said on Tuesday.

"The global LNG industry experienced dramatic changes on account of rising demand in Europe, which led to market destabilization and the rise in gas prices. In 2022, a significant European premium relatively to Asian prices was observed for the first time over the long period. Certain suppliers in such conditions breached their commitments under long-term contracts and redirected LNG carriers to Europe, thereby provoking crisis situations in certain countries of the Asia-Pacific Region," Gazprom said.

Record high gas prices across the globe did not result in an increase in final investment decisions on new LNG facilities, the gas holding said. "The volume of LNG projects with final investment decisions made in 2022 corresponds to the average annual figure over the last decade," Gazprom noted. The US failed to promptly scale up shale gas production in the favorable environment of this year, the company added.

Posted on: Nov 23 09:17

Major earthquakes strike Earth in last 30 hours

Major earthquakes strike Earth releaseing lots of energy in last 30 hours. Map via USGS

The world is shaking very hard right now. Within the last 30 hours:

  • A shallow earthquake killed hundreds in Indonesia M5.6 (equivalent to 3788 tons of TNT or 0.2 atomic bombs!)…
  • Two strong tremblors shook the Solomon Islands (M7.2: equivalent to 4.8 x 105 tons of TNT or 29.8 atomic bombs! followed by M6.0: equivalent to 15080 tons of TNT or 0.9 atomic bombs!).
  • Another powerful M6.2 tremor hit off the coast of Baja California (equivalent to 30089 tons of TNT or 1.9 atomic bombs!).
Posted on: Nov 23 09:16

Methane emissions from the global oil and gas industry account for only 10% of cumulative global emissions, the Russian gas holding said on Tuesday.

"Methane emissions from the global oil and gas industry stand at about 10% of the total volume. Studies demonstrate a minimal methane footprint from supplies of Gazprom’s natural gas. According to the estimates, the share of methane’s atmospheric emissions from operations of the company was just 0.2% of global emissions in 2021. This confirms the insignificance of the impact of the company's operations on the global methane balance in the atmosphere," the company said, citing a study of methane and climatic changes.

According to Gazprom, methane emissions during gas production in the US are eighteen times higher than in Russia.

Posted on: Nov 23 09:15

The Prime Minister of Estonia said that Hungary's behavior is "very alarming" as Budapest reports that inflation in Europe was caused by sanctions against Russia, and not by war

ERR informs about this with reference to the statement of the Prime Minister of Estonia Kaja Kallas in the country’s Parliament.

"Hungary's behavior is very alarming," Kallas said.

The Prime Minister of Estonia emphasized that Hungary supported the sanctions against Russia, and "as long as one thing is being talked about and another is being done, the problem is not so big."

Kallas was concerned about the promos and ads in the country.

"I am also very concerned about the way Hungary conducts advertising campaigns, they try to make it appear that all this inflation, energy prices are caused by sanctions. No, they are not caused by sanctions, they are caused by war," the prime minister emphasized.

Posted on: Nov 23 09:15

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán appeared at fan meeting with football player Balazs Dzúdzák wearing a scarf with a map of Hungary, on which parts of several EU states, Ukraine and Serbia are part of "Greater Hungary"

Hungarian publication Mandiner reports.

Orbán posted a video on Instagram of himself wearing a scarf with a map of "Greater Hungary". On the scarf, parts of Ukraine, Romania, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Austria and Slovakia "joined" the country.

Member of European Parliament Daniel Freund commented on Orbán's scandalous appearance.

"Prime Minister of Hungary is wearing a scarf with a map of Greater Hungary. How reassuring for Hungary's neighbors", he wrote.

Posted on: Nov 23 09:13

Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla declares Alex Jones an 'agent of evil'

Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla has declared that Infowars founder Alex Jones is an “agent of evil” who deserves to be silenced forever.

During an acceptance speech after receiving a “Courage Against Hate” award from the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) earlier this month, Bourla blasted disinformation “agents of evil” who he says knowingly and maliciously spread lies.


“When people use disinformation to create fear, they become agents of evil,” he said before citing “conspiracies” about the AIDS epidemic, the January 6th riot, the Covid-19 pandemic and Covid vaccines as examples of “dangerous disinformation.” reports: Ironically, Bourla himself uttered a massive lie about the January 6th protest by claiming the events that day “resulted in the death of five police officers.”

In reality, officer Brian Sicknick died of a stroke over 24 hours after the protest, officer Jeffrey Smith of the Metropolitan Police Department killed himself on January 15 and officer Howard S. Liebengood of the Capitol Police died by suicide four days after Jan. 6th.

Two Metropolitan Police Department officers who responded to the Capitol on Jan. 6 committed suicide in July, six months after January 6th.

The Pfizer CEO also told his ADL audience “there are bright spots amid this darkness” of disinformation, using the recent billion dollar verdict against Alex Jones as a positive.

Posted on: Nov 23 09:10