"This obsession with the slavery of the Antebellum South, again, it is something that happened in the past. No White person alive today in the United States of America has ever owned a slave. No Black person alive today in the United States of America has ever had to pick cotton.

But the reality is, we are all (White or Black, Brown, Red, Peach Taupe Mauve, Plaid) slaves anyway to the "Infernal" Revenue Service, to the Federal Reserve, to the IMF, to the military industrial complex, to the Medical Industrial complex.  We do not have the freedom to be independent. 

We are forced to buy and to use certain products, to surrender our money for things we don't really want, and that really is an ideal definition of slavery: that your work product is taken away from you and you get nothing in return that you want.

But this obsession with the slavery of the Antebellum South is being fanned up to divide the American people against each other so that we don't unite together against the slavery that is happening in front of us now today. 

You think about that for a while." -- Michael Rivero

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He does not know how to hold a gun. He does not know how to shoulder the stock. He does not know how to properly use the scope to acquire a sight picture ... and even worse the OPTIC IS ON BACKWARD AND THE COVERS LOOK TO BE ON!!

He also does not know that the vertical foregrip placement makes zero sense. He does not know to keep his elbow down while shooting.

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An amount of land equivalent to the Isle of Wight has been added to the shorelines of 13,000 islands around the world in just the last 20 years. This fascinating fact of a 369.67 square kilometre increase has recently been discovered by a group of Chinese scientists analysing both surface and satellite records. Overall, land was lost during the 1990s, but the scientists found that in the study period of three decades to 2020 there was a net increase of 157.21 km2. The study observed considerable natural variation in both erosion and accretion. Of course, the findings blow holes in the poster scare run by alarmists suggesting that rising sea levels caused by humans using hydrocarbons will condemn many islands to disappear shortly beneath rising sea levels. By means of such flimsy scare tactics, as we have seen in many other cases, desperate attempts are made to terrify global populations to accept the insanity of the Net Zero collectivisation.

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The popular kids snack Lunchables contains relatively high levels of lead and sodium, a consumer watchdog group warned Tuesday.

Consumer Reports (CR), a consumer advocacy group, said it tested 12 store-bought versions of Lunchables — which are made by Kraft Heinz — along with similar lunch and snack kits and found “relatively high levels of lead and cadmium” in the Lunchables kits.

Cadmium is a chemical element linked to negative effects on the kidney and the skeletal and respiratory systems and is classified as a human carcinogen, according to the World Health Organization.

There is not a safe level of lead for children, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention notes.

The sodium levels in the kits ranged from 460 to 740 milligrams per serving, nearly a quarter to half of a child’s daily recommended limit for sodium, CR said.

All but one of the kits contained harmful phthalates — chemicals found in plastic that can be linked to reproductive issues, diabetes and some cancers.

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On Tuesday, a mob of anti-Israel rioters stormed the Senate cafeteria, demanding more aid to Gaza. Approximately 50 of the rioters were arrested.

As Fox News reports, the rioters stormed through the Dirksen Senate Office Building, shouting “Senate can’t eat until Gaza eats,” “Children are starving in Gaza,” and “People are dying in Gaza.” Many of the rioters carried Palestinian flags and had pink paint on their hands representing blood. Some of the rioters wore hijabs and other Islamic clothing.

The U.S. Capitol Police confirmed in a statement that the 50 or so rioters who were arrested were charged with “Crowding, Obstructing, or Incommoding” in a Senate building, reaffirming that “it is illegal to demonstrate inside any of the Congressional Buildings.”

Webmaster addition: This feels staged.

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