"The simple step of a courageous individual is not to take part in the lie." -- Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

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Dr. Shawn Smallwood is an ecologist who has been working as a consultant for a wide range of clients, including wind energy companies, for 25 years. 

In the course of his work, he’s raised concerns that the renewable industry is undercounting the number of birds killed by wind turbines. As a result of his refusal to back down on the concerns, he said, the industry has shunned him. 

“The industry pretty much hates me, and I don’t really have a forum to address them anymore,” Smallwood told Just the News

Ten years after the rural backlash that forced David Cameron to ban onshore wind developments, Ed Miliband is planning to resume the rollout of wind farms across the English countryside.
Northvolt, Europe’s largest climate tech startup, is considering delaying or scaling back its expansion in Germany, Canada and Sweden. This comes after shareholder BMW pulled a billion-dollar battery order, concerns over worker safety and its most recent losses reached into the billions.
The drive towards Net Zero is fuelled by the climate change myth. A myth propagated by small vocal teams of easily led enthusiasts. We in the West are encouraged by the lunatics to condemn fossil fuels; no one is allowed to mention that 84% of global energy comes from fossil fuels. Without oil and gas, we would have to survive on 16% of the energy we use now. Oh, and you can’t make fertiliser or fly planes with solar power or ugly, bird-crunching windmills. It’s absurd. Without fossil fuels, like it or not we will be dragged back to the 19th century

Joe Biden on Tuesday received an operational briefing and delivered remarks on extreme weather at the Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency in DC.

Of course, Joe Biden was in a state of confusion as he shuffled in for his briefing.

Biden announced a “White House summer on extreme heat.”

“Later this summer my administration will convene the first-ever White House summer on extreme heat bringing together state, local, tribal and territorial leaders and international partners who are protecting communities and workers from extreme weather,” Biden said.

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The EPA, under Biden’s leadership, has been trying to enforce stricter environmental regulations. Many believe these rules overstep federal authority, infringing on states’ rights and burdening industries. The Supreme Court recently stepped in to address one such regulation, which aimed to tackle air pollution crossing state lines.

Comparing mid-20th century aerial photographs with contemporary satellite images reveals that, of 709 islands across the Pacific and Indian Oceans, nearly 89 per cent have either expanded or remained stable in recent decades. Only 11 per cent display signs of contraction.